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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  May 20, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> it will be more after this election. >> toddlers plumpl that's "all in" for this evening. see you back here rachel maddow show late night starts right now. how have you been the last two hours. >> it is so late it is morning. for dinner i had two reese's peanut butter cups and a doughnut hole. so it will be an awesome hour. >> there's some old tacos around. if they are not congealed knock yourself out. >> and we get raided by the health department. it is election night . i really did have two peanut butter cups and a doughnut hole. so you know it will be a fup hour. i love nights like this. so voters went to the polls, i was going to say today but
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yesterday for primary races in six states. some of the most closely watched primary races in the country happen tonight. at this hour, we are still getting fresh results. for example, from all over the country. but we did get one big result, moments after the polls closed tonight. in the kentucky primary for senate, mitch mcconnell, he beat his tea party challenger so soundly they called the race less than ten minutes after the final votes were cast in kentucky. mitch mcconnell will move on the the general against a well resourced democratic challenger. more on that coming up in this hour. in pennsylvania, tom wolf won for governor. he had to defeat allison schwartz. tom is a pennsylvania businessman. he worked in the administration of a popular democratic governor named ed rendell.
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governor rendell will be with us in a few minutes to talk about tom wolf's chances against republican governor tom corbett in pennsylvania. also in pennsylvania veteran republican congressman bill schuster has survived his primary fight against the tea party challenger. he is head of the transportation committee in the house and for lack of a transportation bill, passing his committee yet this year, construction and road repair projects have been put on hold all across the country. maybe with his tea party primary challenge behind him now, bill shuster will relent and let your local pothole pavers get to before we all fall in and end up in china. mike simpson facing a primary challenge from his right. the ap just called the race in idaho for mike simpson. he has defeated his tea party challenger bryan smith. over in oregon, associated press says that monica wehby has won
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the republican primary for oregon's senate seat. she will face democrat theic senator jeff merkley in the general election in november. also we have the rarest of all political dramas in this area. a true blue hotly contested democratic primary. at this hour, incumbent congressman hank johnson appears to be fending off his challenger tom brown in his congressional district in dekalb county. he is the former sheriff of dekalb county. what makes it interesting is incumbent democratic members of congress don't get serious primary challengers in most cases but hank johnson did. we will keep an eye on this one in georgia. in one of the most important senate races in the country, it looks as if the republicans have finally figure out who will be in the runoff, if not who will be their nominee. in the georgia primary for u.s. senate, businessman david perdue punched his ticket for the
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runoff in july. so has jack kingston. jack kingston was more or less the other favorite besides mr. perdue among more main stream republicans in georgia. republicans hopes of winning the u.s. senate in november depend on the republican party keeping that senate seat in georgia. it's been vacated by sax mcchambliss that is retiring. sniet was supposed to be a give me race for georgia. heading in to tonight's voting, not one of the seven candidates on the republican side polled convincingly against the democratic nominee michelle nunn. the candidate that looks bens against her is the one who finished first, david perdue. after michelle nunn won her own primary handedly tonight she took advantage of the brawl ing still going on between her would be republican opponents.
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watch. >> tonight, we send a signal to washington, that we want something different. [ applause ] we want stability. we want collaboration and problem solving. we don't yet know who the candidate on the other side will be tonight, but we know these candidates are all in a race for the extremes. they are exbracing acrimony and inflexibility and it is that kind of absolute failure to be willing to work together that is causing washington to be so dysfunctional. [ applause ] they don't believe in working together across party lines to get things done, and they are more interesting in scoring political points than they are in actually making progress. >> michelle nunn, the democratic
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nominee for u.s. senate seat in the state of georgia. on the republican side, david perdue, who finished first in the primary tonight, he tried to make himself seem as inevitable as possible, given he has another two months of primary campaigning left to go. watch. >> one thing we did do tonight is we retired three career politicians. [ cheers and applause ] and we got one more to go. we have a big battle coming up. it's a two-person race coming up. it's been easy with seven. it has been crowded and noisy but our big battle is ahead of us. we will have to work doubly hard. i could have come in number two in this race. we can't come in number two in the runoff and sure can't come in number two this fall. with your help and god's grace,
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we will put a republican, whether me or another candidate we will put another republican back in the seat and god bless you for your help and for being here tonight. thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] [ chanting ] >> what they said before it petered out there "outsider, outsider." you have to forgive them. sleepy crowd tonight the. sleepy and fast leaving after he was done. he cast himself as the outsider
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in the race from the beginning. starting with his first ad. we will have this interest ing runoff in georgia to see who the republican nominee is to try to hold on to that senate seat, which is key to the republicans holding on to control of the united states senate. if you want a little taste about what the fight will be like in georgia between now and july, this is part one. >> it's hard to believe my opponents have been in office for 63 years. i've spent my life learning to deal with large, complex situations like i found at reebok and dollar general. if these politicians had any understanding of the free enterprise system and knew how to make a difference, wouldn't they have done it already? help me change the childish behavior up there. if we want different results in washington, we have to send a different type of person to washington. i'm david perdue. i approved this message. >> you can tell that david perdue was the favorite heading to the republican primary for
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the senate race. other republicans openly campaigning against him, especially as it got closer to the day. a few days ago the congressman that got the other spot in the runoff, he answered the david perdue crying babies' ad and he answered it with his own crying baby ad which is disturbing on a lot of levels. attention getting certainly, but kind of upsetting. i think at least. this is from congressman kingston. this is what the race will be like. >> meet davy perdue. he's been distracting you with babies but he's the one that made a mess. he chewed on businesses, 8,000 jobs were lost, took a million dollar bonus and millions more from obama stimulus and perdue has no problem with obama's common core standards that nationalize schools eating away at control. something doesn't smell right because the change he wants
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stinks. i'm jack kingston and i approve this message. >> you want a no babies were harmed in the making of this advertisement disclaimer at the end of that, don't you? did they just finish up and hand her back to the parents. good luck with the whole sugar thing. any way. now the two candidates with the crying babies duelling ads they can go one on one for two months slugging it out for the nomination. this will be fun to watch. joining us is a political reporter from the atlanta journal institution. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> am i just punch drunk or is this actually going to be a fun runoff to watch? what are you expecting from perdue and kingston in. >> it will be a fun runoff to watch. the karen handel against those opponents would have been equally intriguing to watch because she had the tea party element and no holds barred
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against her opponent. there is a dicey battle between karen hand "discoverel and perd. but this will be interesting to watch. >> there were kinds of people rooting or supporting them. not much difference. should we expect them to distinguish themselves or do you think it will be tone and style? >> i think most of it will it will be rhetorical in terms of tone and style. david perdue is running as a businessman with experience, an outsider who built a business an he has support in the form of sonny perdue and jack kingston has been in congress for years. he's also -- it's hard for him to run as about outside ier because of that. he is running on his experience, as well. >> poll ing has shown, at least heading in to today, polling showed michelle nunn doing well against all of the seven republicans who jumped in to the
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primary. of course, that's hypothetical. you are asked to put her against one after the other seven of them, one after another and that's not the way it goes. do you think that head-to-head polling, democrat versus republican, is likely to change now the republicans have at least picked two? >> yes yeah, you are right. the republicans haven't started to attack her yet or focus on her whatsoever. they have been so busy battling each other. the baby ads were not the only baby ads. there were even more baby ads. we have been babying up in georgia. you will see a tone difference once republicans have their nominee. right now we have a focus on these candidates because when there are seven running and five high profile, three former congressmen there's a lot of attention that got filtered out. >> in terms of the governor's race in georgia, nathan deal is running for re-election. he has no problem holding on to the nomination for the job he
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currently holds. jason carter wins the democratic nomination, as well. it was just handed to him. georgia hasn't had a democratic governor in the last decade. is jason carter thought of as having a chance against nathan deal? >> he is. he is a well-financed campaign. he tapped in to his grandfather's network of supporters. there's excitement around it and polling shows he's in a close race. the governor three points ahead right now. same thing with the senate race. governor deal has not focused on carter yet. he had his own primary to win and did so handedly today. he is tracking 70% plus, a really low turnout race today. >> nerms of the national attention on georgia i think everyone expected kentucky would be a harder fight for mitch mcconnell and republicans wouldn't have trouble holding on to the saxby chambliss seat. as the national media converges
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on your beat and coverages georgia in terms of figuring out who will be controlling the senate next year, what do you think are the most important things to watch. >> watch michelle nunn's tone. she is running very much to the middle and noncontroversial proposals. yesterday, or over the weekend on msnbc she ducked questions on how she would vote for obamacare. that is playing big. republicans have seized that. they are reminding people of that every instance they can get. we need to watch her tone closely. as well as how perdue and kingston try to appeal to their main stream voters. they may or may not move more to the center now. >> greg bluesteen, it's been a fun night to watch this unfolding in georgia. thank you for helping us understand it. appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. we talked earlier tonight about the 11th district in georgia. the reason that's got some national interest, this is one
9:15 pm
of the districts that opened up in georgia because three, count them three sitting members of congress gave up their seats in the house in order to run for that senate seat, run for that sax chambliss seat. one got in to the runoff, two lost their jobs. not only did they not make the runoff to run for the senate seat but had to give up their house seats in order to be part of the primary and one of those districts is georgia's 181th. i can tell you tonight, there's going to be a runoff for this seat. the seat vacated by phil gringrey. and bob barr is a former georgia congressman. he used to represent part of what is 11th district before he was redistricted out of it. the left the republican party and ran as the libertarian party's presidential nominee in 2008 and did terribly, even
9:16 pm
worse than ralph nader did that year. he's back running on an impeach obama platform and it will be him against barry loudermilk in a republican district running in a runoff to see who will be the republican nominee for the seat. still a lot of stuff outstanding. stay with us. we're live. d someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. golive garden'svorites asignature favorites, just $10 including creamy fettuccine alfredo, and our classic lasagna. plus unlimited soup or salad and warm breadsticks. signature favorites, just $10 all week long, at olive garden. i use my citi thankyou card to get two times the points at the coffee shop. which will help me get to miami...and they'll be stuck at the cube farm. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn two times the points on dining out with no annual fee.
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republican governor this year. if you had a democratic fantasy life which you could wave a magic wand and make you the nominee against any sitting republican governor in the country, who would you pick? i know the answer. statistically speaking, fur doing the math right, the republican governor you would pick to run against would be tom corbett of pennsylvania. because he's statistically speaking the most vulnerable republican governor in the country. his approval ratings in the last three pennsylvania polls that tested him on the subject were 24% in november, 36% in february and back down to 29% in march. those are terrible, terrible, terrible approval ratings. worst in the country. if you could wave a magic wand, you would pick mr. 29%. of course there is no magic wand for deciding that. instead ouf to compete in a
9:21 pm
primary with other democrats that want the confectionery treat to run against a guy like tom corbett. to win that primary tonight in pennsylvania, businessman tom wolf decided what he would do is dominate the air waves with a lot of tv ads, 15 different s, at least, running even the most expensive media markets in that big state. >> hi. i'm tom wolf. i'm a democrat runner for gomplt i was born and raised in central pennsylvania. >> dad joined the peace corps and served two years in india sglaen bent to m.i.t. where he earned a phd. >> we got married and tom started his family bin business. >> he grew the company to the largest supplier of kitchen cabinets in america. >> we share between 20 and 30% of our profits with our employees. >> tom wolf has a ton of money. he has spent a ton of money on a
9:22 pm
huge tv ad campaign in order to win tonight's primary against four other pennsylvania democrats who wanted to also run against tom corbett for governor but tom wolf ran away with the nomination tonight. look at this. he took over 50% of the vote in a four-way field. is incumbent republican governor tom corbett as vulnerable as he looks from his numbers? does tom wolf's huge overwhelming win in the show us in addition? he did once work in the administration of former democratic governor ed rendell. joining us is ed rendell. governor, it's great to see you. thank you for being here. >> good evening, rachel. >> tom wolf, he didn't come out of nowhere but he came from behind. he came from not having a big name recognition statewide to
9:23 pm
win the democratic primary for the governor tonight with huge numbers. were the other candidates caught off guard? did he overwhelm them with money? >> first of all, he was at 5% the first poll in january. he wound up winning tonight by 41 points, 58-17 over his near eps challenger. he beat two good politicians. they made mistakes during the campaign. they let him have seven weeks of unanswered television campaigns and the ad you showed was one-minute ad and more to come. by the time that ad played two 1/2 three weeks tom wolf was in a solid position. then they decided to go negative to tear tom down. he was leading by 25 points at that point. he wound up winning by 41 points. . to wolf is every bit as good as he seems.
9:24 pm
he's the perfect, quintessential nonpolitician, good businessman who served as my secretary of revenue and wouldn't take a salary, health care, a state car. he was a great secretary of revenue, increased collections dramatically and also boosted the state lottery, which all goes to senior citizens programs. he's going to be a tough candidate to beat. >> in terms of how he won, you talk about him having seven weeks of unanswered ads that his primary contenders couldn't keep up with. the way you do that is having a ton of money. will he be able to retain the financial advantage as he goes to the general against corbett? >> no. in fact, you are right, rachel. an im incumbent governor in pennsylvania has advantages including fund-raising. we are a wild west state meaning there are no limits to how much they can give. only thing that can't happen is corporate contributions but private pacs can give a half
9:25 pm
million without a problem. tom wolf will probably raise 15 or 16 but enough to be competitive. the governor has the advantage of incouple banscy. he can go around the state doing things, promoting economic development plans, giving out grants. we have never had an incumbent governor lose in pennsylvania. interestingly the corbett campaign put a lot of ads out in the spring about corbett. it didn't move the numbers one bit. the only thing they have going is a very good media consultant that will go negative. but as allison schwartz learned, tom is a difficult guy to run negative ads against. when they came at him with $2 million of negatives all it did is go through the roof. he's such a good guy it's hard for people to believe anything bad about him. >> what's going on with tom corbett's approval ratings?
9:26 pm
i remember talking to you when he was about to replace you in 2010. you said flat out even though there was a live candidate in the race you said tom corbett will win by a mile and he did. now he has the worst approval ratings in the country. what happened? >> well, he did some things that were terrible. he cut a billion dollars out of public education the first year. he's tried to make up for that over subsequent years but every school district in the state, people have been hearing from local school boards we are getting killed, we have to raise taxes because the governor under funded education, he under funded higher education, he made mistables giving a huge business tax cut of a half billion dollars and taking money away from education. our job creation has been very, very low. i think we rank 47th best in the nation in job creation according to the bureau of labor statistics. when i left as governor we were ninth in job creation. he's had tough policy decisions.
9:27 pm
he's made some mistakes but it would be a mistake to count this out. i think tom wolf will win, but it will be an interest ing election. >> former governor of pennsylvania, ed rendell, invaluable insight. thank you for being with us especially since it is so late. really appreciate it. >> my pleasure. probably the weirdest turn of events in an election campaign so far this year has happened in the great state of oregon and the results are next. stay with us. i make a lot of purchases for my business. and i get a lot in return with ink plus from chase like 60,000 bonus points when i spent $5,000 in the first 3 months after i opened my account. and i earn 5 times the rewards on internet, phone services and at office supply stores. with ink plus i can choose how to redeem my points. travel, gift cards even cash back. and my rewards points won't expire. so you can make owning business even more rewarding. ink from chase. so you can.
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voted in tonight's primary election you may have dropped off your ballot in a place that looks like this. in 1998, oregonens rote voted to make vote by mail the standard for state-wide elections. every registered voter in oregon gets a ballot sent to them in the mail and you can choose whether to fill it out and mail it in or drop it off in one of these cute ballot drop boxes, simple and easy. there were concerns in the leadup to the implementation of the new voting process in oregon. one of which the "new york times" raised in 1995. quote, so what happens, some people wonder, if a stunning revelation about a candidate comes out in the last day of the voting process? good question. we saw that exact fear manifest itself in this year's senate primary in oregon, in which the leading republican contender to
9:32 pm
run against jeff merkley she faced a handful of late-breaking, brand new stories, late-breaking personal scandals in the days before tonight's closely watched senate primary. on this past friday, four days before the primary it was "politico".com that reported that last year, leading candidate monica wehby's ex boyfriend called the cops on her and accused her of stalking him. later that day the audio from the 911 call associated with that police report was published on-line. then yesterday, monday, the day before the primary, it was the oregonian newspaper that posted another police report, this from several years earlier and from monica's ex-husband n. that police report, the soon to be ex-husband accused monica of ongoing harassment during their divorce including her hitting him the police report said.
9:33 pm
even though these revelations came out four days and one day ahead of the official primary day in oregon, respectively. there's been a unique question as to whether or not an oregon election, in particular, might be sort of immune to any late-breaking news like this because so many oregon voters already mailed in or dropped off their ballots before details emerged. when the first round of news about stalking allegations dropped on friday, may 16th, that was four days before the primary and by four days before the primary in the past three primary elections. by that point half of the ballots cast in those elections had been filled out and returned. well, that same day, friday may 16th, was the last day that voters could mail in their ballots but had until 8 p.m. to drop them off in those cute drop boxes across the state. all the results are in and monica wehby has won with 54% of
9:34 pm
the vote against jason conger. that means monica will be the republican nominee for u.s. senate in oregon and will face jeff merkley in the fall. in terms of the overall contest, now she has the nomination, there's question as to whether the news that broke in the primary process may affect her in the general election and republicans feel confident about that race. if the republican party has a particularly big year nationwide, if 2014 is a republican wave year, they think jeff merkley might be vulnerable. i have to say it would be a huge upset if the republicans are right about this since a republican has not won statewide office of any kind in oregon since the year 2002. joining us now is len bergstein. thank you for being with us tochblt appreciate your time. >> nice to be with you. thank you very much. >> let me ask you about the late-breaking revelations that
9:35 pm
were dropped by "politico".com and the oregonian. they obviously didn't affect monica wehby's ability to win tonight. any reason to think they might have had a chance had the timing been different? >> i think it could have. but by and large she han ran a good news, bad news primary. the good news was the entire campaign she managed to stay in the center, not to be pushed out of the middle where any republican in oregon has to be in order to have a chance to win. it is only at the thaend people got to see a part of her that i think would be disturbing and she will have to do damage control going in to the elect n election. it wasn't just the revelations about her and her personal life. she's done a nice job,able isly this election evening in her speech dealing with that. the fact on friday she was unable to say anything about it. couldn't comet up her voice and ran from the media and the voters. that was the thing i think gave oregonians probably some reason
9:36 pm
to question her and probably more importantly some people who thought she was a golden candidate were willing to finance a big race in oregon in the general. they may have some second thoughts whether she has what it takes. you know, she's a very clearly a blue chip candidate. she exposed a side to her that she has to control and do some damage control over the next couple of weeks. >> i've seen some of the tape from local stations in oregon as cameras are trying to follow her from the debate. and she is not answering questions and won't look at anybody and staffers are pushing them away. it reminded me of sharon angle. she couldn't handle when it got too hot and couldn't handle the questions. >> it was a disaster for her. you are right. it demonstrated her campaign didn't have enough confidence in her. she handled tonight, her victory speech she presented who she was.
9:37 pm
she tried to put it in context and apologized and hinted that she was a victim. the things if you are a national blue chip candidate that that you want to show you know how to handle this. and she found out, i think, that the politics in 2014 is just as bloody as the operating roochl. she wasn't ready for that kind of contest. >> do we know in terms of those leaks, because at this point sther anonymous leak s, do we know whodunit? police reports and eventually 911 calls? the content suggests it is somebody in the state in a position to know about this stuff? the timing feels like it must be outsiders who forgot to factor in that oregonians vote by mail and half of the votes were in by the time they sent the information to a national outfit at "politico".com on friday. any sign or suspicion about
9:38 pm
whodunit? >> there's a little story in the paper today about the fact that a democratic operative was the person who called in and asked questions of police to get information. there was a tracker at several of her, modern-day campaign tracker at some of her events and took pictures and so on and is so forth. i think the idea of breaking it on friday, whoever broke it, knew she was going to be before the city club, the one time in that period of about a week she was going to be on display where the media would be there. there would be a chance to have an embarrassing event and have it unfold in front of the media. i think that's the reason. the rest of it is modern day, dirty tricks politics. the stuff we are all used to. campaign send trackers aund around and give -- some of it is obviously journalistic, good journalism but some of it is is a story handed by a democratic operative. >> oregon political consultant
9:39 pm
len bergstein, thank you for joining us. appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you very much. mitch mcconnell you may have heard won his primary in kentucky tonight. then he said this about his opponent in the fall. >> she's a partisan's partisan who's been practicing party politics since the learned to talk. i mean, let's be honest, anyone who learned politics at the school of jerry lund gren will not be a model of partisanship. >> mitch mcconnell took a shot at a person's dad in the course of calling her a partisan. oh, night one of the next five months of this. that's next.
9:40 pm
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9:43 pm
the won by a landslide. here he is in his primary win speech. >> i'll do everything i can to repeal and replace obamacare. [ cheers and applause ] i will keep the liberal judges who are rewriting our laws from filling up our courts. [ applause ] i will hold the bureaucrats, who are waging war on our people and our way of life, to account. and kentucky, my friends, will lead america. [ cheers and applause ] >> senator mitch mcconnell still waging war on obamacare, even in kentucky where it's working really well. senator mcconnell may have easily fended off his tea party challenger tonight, the reason the race garnered a ton of
9:44 pm
attention because for the general election in kentucky in november the polls show mitch mcconnell to be tied with his democratic challenger, kentucky secretary of state allison grimes. she is from a well-known kentucky family. she's had high-profile support from people like bill clinton and here she is giving part of her victory speech. >> now mitch mcconnell wants to tell you who i am. and he has said -- he claims that kentucky will be lost if we trade in his seat for a woman kentucky woman who he believes will sit on the back bench. well with, i'm here to tell you tonight, my fellow kentuckyians. i am a not an empty dress, a rubber stamp or a cheerleader. i'm a strong kentucky woman who's an independent thinker and the decisions i make will be
9:45 pm
what's best for the people of the commonwealth of kentucky, not partisan interests. [ applause ] . >> mitch mcconnell is a 30-year veteran of the state from kentucky and nempb the state knows who he is. usually that would be a plus. but in this case the down side is yes, everybody knows who he is but residents of kentucky say they do not much like him. he has really terrible approval ratings. everyone looking at the race talks about how terrible president obama's approval ratings are in kentucky and what a challenge it will be for alison grimes. mitch mcconnell and president obama have the same approval rating in kentucky. yes, it is terrible but it is the same problem for mitch mcconnell barack obama. is the biggest challenge in his electoral career. political reporter for the --
9:46 pm
thank you for staying with us. >> thank you for having me, rachel. they were confident from the beginning but i don't think they were so confident as to expect such a big win tonight. how do they think they did it? >> well, i think the decision was made early on by senator mcconnell to answer every ad that matt bevin put out there. and they overwhelmed him. they started early. mitch mcconnell was watched as the tea party wave over picked his successor in 2010 and he started to prepare right away. every move matt bevin made, it was i think a text book example of how to define your opponent if you are mcconnell. if you are bevin, a text book example of how to play in to your opponent's efforts to define you. mcconnell's people didn't leave anything to chance. they watched too many of the
9:47 pm
senator's colleagues fall in the last two cycles and decided they would be different. >> looking ahead to the general. i want to play the clip from alison lundergan grimes in part because it seems like she knows, in some polls, a double-digit lead over mitch mcconnell against women voters. she seems to be trying to press her advantage there. do we know how that will play out in terms of the positions, the way they campaign and how much mcconnell may try to turn that around. his deficit with women voters could be fatal. >> that's right. women make up 53% of the electorate here. i thought it was interesting what you heard from the two speeches tonight. you can play the clips on a loop the next five months and throw in 75 million dollars or so and get the same result. i think what you heard from alison lundergan grimes over and over again is the same thing you heard since she got in the race, i'm a strong kentucky woman. what you heard from mitch
9:48 pm
mcconnell say, i know a lot of strong kentucky women, he talked about his wife and mother. three examples of people adversary affected by obamacare. all of them women. he recognizes it as a weakness and something he is trying to shore up. alison lundergan grimes recognizes it as a strength and a constituency she wants in her corner come november. >> when i look at the approval ratings for politicians in kentucky, it seems to me the politician with the highest approval rating of anyone is the governor, and his signature issue is the way he championed obamacare in kentucky against everyone's political expectations. do you think that mitch mcconnell will have to pivot off the obama thing? it made sense to focus that when he had a challenger on the right but is it possible he is miscalculating he can be a pure
9:49 pm
anti-obamacare candidate and expect kentucky to love that? >> a lot of states where that would be a concern. i'm not sure kentucky is one of them. i will tell you why. it is not the care part of the term he's focusing on, it's the obama part. kentucky doesn't like obamacare. we love our version of it but when you poll the two words separately you get different responses. the president is not well liked here. two years ago as the sitting president of the united states that 40% of registered democrats in kentucky voted for uncommitted. one thing we have seen with mitch mcconnell, he is well known. his numbers are somewhat epietched in stone but inching up after spending $12 million in the primary and heavy chunk on biographical ads to move the numbers up. for the most part the numbers are what they are. we heard what the broad contours will be. mitch mcconnell said my opponent
9:50 pm
is barack obama and alison lundergan grimes said no i'm not. >> sam young, political reporter for the herald leader this will be a fun watch to watch. appreciate it. >> thank you. on the other end of the news spectrum from elections is stunning news news that has nothing to do with politics out of the state of missouri. it happened in the past few minutes. we will get you up-to-date on an important story. that is up next. stay with us. , it's just like saving money on anything else that costs money. , like shoes, textiles, foreign investments, spatulas, bounty hunters, javelins... i live in a world oi am totally blind.. i've been blind since birth. i lost my sight to eye disease. i lost my sight in afghanistan. and it doesn't hold me back. but my blindness can affect my sleep patterns.
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late-breaking news in another story we have been following that has nothing to do with electoral politics. the state of missouri was poised to go through with the first execution in the country since the botched lethal injection in oklahoma three weeks ago n. that case the state tried to stop the execution after it started. we don't know if they tried to revive the man they had previously been trying to kill but the prisoner ended up diagnose of a heart attack nearly 45 minutes after the botched execution process was started. no state has executed anyone since that happened three weeks ago in oklahoma. missouri was scheduled to be the first tonight. earlier this evening, that missouri man's lawyer sought and received a late stay of exkux, the three-judge panel of the court issued a stay and found in the condemned man's favor based
9:55 pm
on medical grounds because the man has a mass of tumors in his head, neck and face. his lawyers argued and the court agreed there's no way to know how he would be affected by the drugs they would use to kill him. the state changed the planned protocol for the execution twice on account of his condition. the court cited those changes in the finding saying the state was adjusting execution protocol on the fly and the planned execution was unconstitutional and should be delayed at least. after the three-judge panel of the 8th circuit made the ruling the state of missouri appeal that decision very late tonight asking for the 8th circuit court to go back and instead have the full court hear it instead of the three-judge panel. the state asked them to review the decision. and the full 8th circuit lifted its own stay. they ruled missouri actually could go ahead with the planned
9:56 pm
execution tonight and we thought they were going to go ahead with that execution. the decision came down less than an hour around 11:30 p.m. eastern. it wasn't over. immediately following that ruling from the full 8th circuit, lawyers for the man set to die tonight in missouri made their final appeal, their last possible appeal to the highest court in the land, the united states supreme court and within the last hour the united states supreme court said, stop the execution. the united states supreme court ordered a temporary halt to that execution. it is justice alito ruling they can't go ahead with the execution. it was supposed to happen just after the stroke of midnight. but the supreme court at the very last second has halted that execution for the time being. missouri has a 24-hour window for this execution. so they have until midnight on
9:57 pm
wednesday to continue legal wrangling over this before their death warrant for this man expires. at this late hour it is unclear what is going to happen now and looks like there is not going to be an execution in five minutes and that state has not executed since what happened in oklahoma. this is the third execution that's been stopped since that botch happened in oklahoma three weeks ago. we'll bring you more on this as it develops. i don't like cleaning. i love my son, but he never cleans up. always leaves a trail of crumbs behind. you're going to have a problem with getting a wife. uh, yeah, i guess. [ laughs ] this is ridiculous. christopher glenn! [ doorbell rings ] what is that? swiffer sweep & trap. i think i can use this. it picks up everything. i like this. that's a lot of dirt. it's that easy! good job chris! i think a woman will probably come your way. [ both laugh ]
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