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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  May 21, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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oil sellers. so let's get that peace corp budget up to a billion and something that has the work its volunteers do every single year. that does it for "the cycle." "now" aalex wagner starts now and i'll be here to talk benghazi. the seats have been filled. let the benghazi circumstance cuss begin. it's wednesday, may 21st and this is "now." sfwhoo benghazi. benghazi. >> benghazi. >> benghazi! we need someone in the roll to defend the truth. >> can elijah cummings and the other members say, this is, in fact, not legitimate? >> make sure this does not become a committee on talking points. >> i've seen how abusive the republicans have been during this investigation.
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>> it was not necessary to pull f put our country through this partisan exercise once again. >> benghazi. >> benghazi. >> benghazi! benghazi, benghazi, benghazi and house democrats are now on board, or maybe not. >> i could have argued this either way. why give any validity to this effort but i think it is important for the american people to have a pursuit of these questions done in as fair and opened and balanced way as possible. >> just hours ago, house minority leader nancy pelosi gave a less than ringing endorsement of the house select committee on benghazi but films her five democratic seats all the same. those chairs now belong to congressman elijah cummings, a seasoned vet chen it comes to all things benghazi, voog
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suffered through the house oversight committee on the very same subject. he'll be joined by representatives adam smith, adam schiff, linda sanchez and tammy duckworth. and he'll deal directly with foreign affairs or armed services. so far, no celebratory meet your benghazi select tweets or hash tags or colorful graphic packages of the style of the gop bonanza and all those things are unlikely to materialize given the deep ambivalence on the proceedings. pelosi's announcement marked a shift from earlier when she mulled a full democratic boycott. what concessions did the gop make in exchange for democratic cooperation? not many. in fact, apparently, not any. no equal representation. no democratic subpoena power and no change in document protocol. >> we had hoped for a level of fairness and transparency and
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balance. especial live considering the subject matter. we were not able to reach a new agreement. >> in a statement today, speaker boehner's office clarified. we have offered assurances on committee procedures but no substantive changes that could hurt the investigation. in the meantime, the gop is moving full steam ahead. committee chair said he hopes to have the committee's first organizational meeting this week. who precisely will be in attendance at that meeting? just seven gop colleagues getting together and coming up with a plan for how to get their committee up and running. just seven gop colleagues getting together and coming up with a plan far a prolonged partisan drama that's highly unhighly to reveal anything. joining me is the congressman from california's 34th district and chair of the house democratic caucus. javier becerra.
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let me ask first. what happened to the democratic caucus? leader pelosi did not disguise her ambivalence about participation on this committee. what was discussion among democrats? >> we kept asking the speaker to guarantee that this was going to be a serious investigation that we were going to just try to go back and do what seven other investigations did to try to uncover anything that maybe had not been discovered but we couldn't get the guarantees and we kept trying to get the guarantees that it would be a fair and opened and balanced prosets and we got none of those guarantees and it became very clear especially given all the 23u67bd raising and the campaign contributions that are being raised off of this ben gentleman city investigation that it was turning into something different. so i believe that many democrats did not want to let this become -- not just a circus but something that would be very similar to what we saw during the mccarthy era where it turned
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ugly and no one wants to see the influence of very important democratic institution to be diminished because someone wants to raise campaign cash off a tragedy that took the lives of four americans. >> walk me through the logic. the democrats say we could want get guarantees this would be fair and balanced. this thing is a circus but we're going to participate. why not just boycott this so this american public doesn't have to watch these proceedings and there isn't even the veneer of majority si with democratic participation legitimacy with democratic participation? >> alex, that was considered. a lot of members, i think, wondered why participate in something that's clearly becoming something other than a serious condwreshl investigation. you have to you can make this a serious effort. you got to that people wouldn't abuse of this institution, this democratic institution in this
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way. but you can either e be on the playingfield or you can be on the sidelines or in the stands. and i think at the ends 069 day, the leader made the determination that it's better for us for us to try to be fighting for the truth, trying to help the american public see what really is going on and so hopefully, what goes on is a meaningful investigation, not some witch hunt that really is a way to raise campaign cash as we continue to hear the republicans say. >> one last question. we know what the republicans want out of this. what's the number one goal for democrats? >> you know, the number one goal for democrats is not to do an eighth investigation on benghazi. it's to raise the minimum wage and give women equal pay for equal work and trying to make sure we finally deem with the 2.8 billion americans that have lost their job through no fault of their own and their emergency unemployment insurance and --
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>> can i interrupt you for a second? how much are democrats going to be distracted by those very important goals by this? >> 245i9s it. there are five democrats. i think there's still a chance we can get to the business that the people in america want us to take on. but at the same time, we know that the republicans are going to go out there, seven of them, and do this circus on their own. so somebody's got to be a watchdog on the so-called watchdogs and we have to make sure the watchdogs in congress doing mean meaningful oversight are there versus the attack dogs that we continue to see portrayed by the campaign fundraising notices put out by our republican colleagues. >> congressman maman haljavier thank you very much. >> congressman steel, i always ask you to put on your democratic hat. if you had been in the room and you had been nancy pelosi, would
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you have done what she has done? >> yes, i would have. like he said you need a watchdog in the people from the opposing party if you have as many problems about this process as you claim to have. when i watched nancy pelosi's talk or discussion on the subject this afternoon, flip wilson just kept repeating in my head, to paraphrase him, the devil is making he do this. there's serious questions about this that have been brought to the for in the last few weeks. we still have closure for a lot of folks and this is one way to get there which takes this a notch above and certainly more than a notch above where congressman isa had gone. >> somewhere in a lonely place
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on capitol hill, what was it. >> from the members i spoke to, they came to the conclusion that we don't want to acknowledge that this is, in fact, a kangaroo court. i heard that a lot. you need to have folkslike elijah cummings to provide cover for any high-profile people called to testify. this kwom has subpoena power for folks like houston aillary clin john kerry. if you have a pit bull like elijah cummings on the panel that not only offers the protection but has done a very good job of making republicans look stupid on the oversight committee and making him go down these rabbit holes on this occasion, he's been a machine in terms of providing sound bytes and so maich so that john
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boehner didn't want dadarrell ir this. that's the reason why this occurred. yet cummings go out there and let him make his mark and protected the -- especially hillary clinton, who could be the presumptive 2016 nominee. >> we know the republicans had a lot of folks with legal experience on their side of the committee. democrats seem to have chosen people with foreign affairs and armed services experience which gives you a sense of the message they're trying to send. as luke said, elijah cummings has done an effective job of making the republicans look too pid but republicans have done an effective job of making republicans loog stupid and no better than darrell issa. what is the number one downfall for the republicans now that the committee is launched. what do they need to look out for? >> falling into the trap of the political. from the beginning of this horrible saga, republicans have
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played the political card as opposed to the truly investigative card as we've seen in the past, serious issues like this whether it's the beirut bombings, for example. where both republicans and democrats came together around the idea of solving what happened so this has become a political play more than an investigatory play which is why the spooeker is putting sear-miessear serious-minded people on this committee. they want to avoid the old political gaffes that they have fallen into. but to luke's point, you can go into protects mode for hillary clinton and secretary kerry all day long. but you better be careful that it doesn't come off looking like you're trying to help them hide the ball. so there's a fine line for the democrats as well. even though they begrudgingly go
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to the committee to make sure they're honest in their reputation. >> they have to take apart that one e-mail, the only new piece of evidence here and parse that. at the ends of the day there was a reason hillary clinton's name was mentioned 98 times on the sunday shows and she is the organizing principal here on benghazi. give even your conversation with representatives on the hill, is there going to be a time-out made on fundraising? that seems to be the issue for the republicans. >> that was something i asked job boehner object a week or two ago and his decision then was to sort of dodge the question and not not engage upon it. right now it seems the fundraising moves forward and that's the risk for the gop that it looks very political. i can tell you from covering tray gowdy, he's serious. if you sort of see this play out to gowdy versus cummings that
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becomes a heavyweight fight which will be a very interesting thing to cover. all that being said with to your point, when you look at the evidence wa evidence, gowdy claims he has all the new stuff and there's not a lot of anything new to suggest this should go forward. a lot of them thought they were protecting hillary clinton. that's kwhief i think this is coming back again. they want to put some mud on her tires ahead of 2016. gowdy versus cummings. >> pay-per-view. >> and msnbc is more like it. luke russert and chairman steel, thank you. after the break, today, president obama addressed the growing is scandal and ch probl at the va. we'll talk about what it means for the white house next on "now." sfx: car unlock beep.
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a day of public for the white house working to contain the fallout from allegations that the va workers manipulated records to hide long and deadly delays for veterans' care. under mounting pressure to address the crisis the president summoned va secretary for a meeting at the white house and went before the american people to promise accountability. >> if these al allegation to be true it is dishonorable and disgraceful and i will not tolerate it, period. >> with 26 va facilities under investigation, the president today dispatched his dheef of staff to capitol hill and his deputy chief of staff to phoenix where 40 veterans allegedly died
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waiting for treatment. general shinseki will head to capitol hill for more meetings tomorrow and despite calls for his resignation the president stood by the embattled secretary vowing to work with him to fix this problem. >> wooir going to fix whatever is wrong and so long as i have the privilege of serving as commander and chief i'll keep on fighting to deliver the care and benefits and the opportunities that you're familiar list deserve. that is a commitment to which i feel a sacred duty to maintain. >> indeed, that sacred duty to americans veterans is something candidate obama championed on the campaign trail back in 2007. >> there will be no daylight between us when it comes to honoring the men and women who serve and keeping faith with our veterans. this is an american issue. it is a moral obligation. this must be a beachhead for
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bringing our country together. >> veterans' care should be one of those galvanizing political bipartisan issues and among those first to go after the president, a dwight rival, john mccain, who said the president's remarks are wholly deficient addressing these problems, this administration's ineffectual response has created a crisis of confidence in our veterans' community community. as of right now perhaps the most unifying force in the va's world is the broad sense of disbelief and anger, something jon stewart channelled this week. >> the depression and the impotent rage, our government leaders are clearly suffering from pbst, post bureaucratics stress disorder. if only there was somewhere they could get treatment. well, it would froebl probably long waiting list. >> joining me is chairman of the senate veterans affairs
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committee, congressman sanders. thanks for joining me. you've been playing a critical role in all of this. are you satisfied with the white house's response? >> i think what the president said was strong and appropriate. the united states of america has a moral responsibility to make sure that every man and woman that put their lives on the line to defend this country gets the quality health care that he or she needs. the truth of the matter is and we just had a hearing on many of these issues on thursday. last thursday. all of the veterans organizations who testified said that once veterans get into the va health care system, the quality of care they're getting is good or very good. and with in fact, a lot of independent surveys indicate that va health care holds up well or better than care in the private sector. alex, the problem that we're having is that there are, it appears, waiting lists that are
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much too long in various parts of the country. and we've got to determine right now, how significant that problem is. where those waiting lists exist and determine whether or not the va needs more resources given the fact in the last three or four years we've seen some 2 million more people come into the va health care system. we have to if the va is using and allocating snare resources appropriately. do we have enough people in this community and maybe too many in that kmiechbt? we are also have to deal with the fact that there are some people who may not be doing their jooebs add kweltly who should be removed. and we have to figure out how to do that as well. >> senator, you know, i think a lot of folks are distressed with the news of these allegations. even, perhaps, more distressing is that the va has known about this for several years. "the washington post" has a headline today saying the va knew of records manipulation in the year 2010. the american legion was not
1:22 pm
happy with the house response. basically they said, words are nice but when will the va's house be cleansed. >> if the va knew about this four years ago how has more not been done? >> well that's a good question. i think the answer is that right now, we have got to hold people accountable for not taking the kind of arkction that should be done but we have to put va health care into a broader national context. and that is, we're the only country in the industrialized world that doesn't guarantee health care to all of our people. that, in terms of what goes on in hospitals, we lugs between two and 400,000 people a year because of problems within hospitals. so the point is, the va has got to do better. the point is, as a nation, we have got to do better. >> and i think that's a very fair point. one that i hope the democrats
1:23 pm
make. which is that republican-held legislatures and republican govs across the country that denied the expansion of medicaid have left 258,000 -- near 259,000 veterans out in the cold. at the same time they're preaching about better care for america's veterans. >> alex, it's not only that. look at the ryan budget. these guys in the house are ending medicare as we know it wrap trying to make it into a voucher program. massive cuts in medicaid and you're right, not expanding medicaid into many states and to many people so the point is, as a nation. our job must be to improve quality health care in my view, for all people as a right and certainly in the va as the president indicated there's a sacred responsibility. the issues we're looking at have got to be -- does the va have the lessorses they need -- resources they need and are they using the resources they have effectively and how do we
1:24 pm
created a such qualification where every veteran in the that wants to utilized the va get in there in a timely manner and get the quality care he or she deserves? >> thank you as always far your time. >> thank you. coming up, a new wave e of violence attacks those in nigeria, attacks from the jihadist group. that's next. uhhh. no, that can't happen. that's the thing, you don't know how long it has to last. everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive.. confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor can get the real answers you need. well, knowing gives you confidence. start building your confident retirement today.
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people and attack the nigerian government blamed on boko haram. the spokesman for the company's emergency management agency said most victims were women and children. so far the jihadist group is responsible for over 2,000 deaths this year alone in addition to last month's well-documented kidnaps of the schoolgirls. five weeks later 276 of those girls remain missing. this afternoon, president obama announced 80 personnel have been sent to neighboring chad to operate a drone assisting with that search. just ahead, what is the matter with kansas? from its refusal to embrace the affordable care act to its hard right turn on everything from guns to abortion, a whole lot is the matter with kansas. chris hayes joins me coming up next. we're moving our company to new york state.
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it was ten years ago thomas frank wondered, what's the matter with kansas but that was nothing compared to what's the matter with kansas today. to call it a sharp turn it to right would be a vast understatement. under current governor sam brownback, the state has careened off a cliff at the far rightest emg of policymaking and become effectually a laboratory for tea party ideas. they include -- the largest income tax cuts in state history. an expansion of gun rights, restrictions on abortion, sharply-reduced welfare rolls, increased voter registration scrutiny and a parg of state government bureaucracy and that's putting it all pretty diplomatically. these choices don't seem to be working out very well for
1:33 pm
kansass and their governor wkans kansasians, and the tax cuts led to state revenues plunging to 45% falling $92 million short of projections. this month, the kansas supreme court ruled the state's megger public education funding was unconstitutional and ordered the state to restore those funding cuts. and when it comes to public health, brownback's opposition has gone beyond the usual public refusal to expand medicaid to 78,000 of his state residents. last month, he signed a law ensuring that win or lose this november, any decisions relating to medicaid will be put in the hands of the solidly republican kansas legislature. which is the focus of tonight's all in america series. >> head over to kansas, the and whether of eisenhower republicans and bob dole pragmatists. not only is republican governor sam bro sam brownback, he signed a bill to prevent any future governor
1:34 pm
for expanding medicaid without going through tch legislature. >> it's immoral. >> there are so many examples and so many stories that we hear and i just can't believe that really, the citizens of kansas can ignore this. it's frightening. >> so is there anyone listening to the kansasians fighting the good fight? meet sandy parader. the state's insurance commission. >> the goal is for people to get health care and not sick care which is what i call it when you end up in an emergency room. you're in a crisis. >> the commissioner fought hard for the medicaid expansion in kansas and ultimately lost. >> i kept hoping the governor would eventually see the rationale behind getting the federal dollars. those are our tax dollars going to walk and other states that are expanding coverage. >> joining me now is the host of msnbc's "all in" my friend and colleague, chris hayes. >> hey, alex. >> this is awesome. >> thank you. >> and really important and
1:35 pm
we'll plug it forever. especially as we talk about how the country is moving, rightward or not or a backlash to some of they had policies but kansas does seem to be what bloomberg calls an acid test and these policies have failed but sam brownback is still in office and the people -- there are kansasians ew like, how did this happen? i'm frightened. >> what has happened is almost more extreme than i'd say, anywhere, even compared to north carolina. not only do you have in some ways a kind of accidental government that gets elected in 2010 because of the kind of electorate in the tea party election, right? same thing in north carolina. twitter years later, brownback does something totally unprecedented. he goes out and primaries members of his party, sitting members of the legislature and finds right wing challengers and cultivates and endorses and has them knocked off. you just don't see that. we seen ho many party affiliation tends to trump
1:36 pm
ideological affiliation. you have this government totally off the rails and sandy who is a life-long republican, statewide insurance commissioner saying, why are we turning away billions of dollars in federal money? not just for sick and poor people but for hospitals and doctors that care for them? the state medical infrastructure desperately needs the money even if you have no moral concern for the 80,000 kansass. >> not often that a mother sharpens her knife and declares she'll eat her young. what brownback has done to his own party is unpress departmented and i wonder if that has made the members of the moderate republican establishment in the state that they call kansas a kind of try f -- has this not made moderate republicans strong her their unity? >> they are. in terms of how they vote i think they'll tend to vote democrat. i think brownback has alienated
1:37 pm
them. so we'll see if it caches out. in the meantime they've done harm. not only temporarily, but because brownback mulled off this real nefarious thing, he's essentially locked this in so even if he loses it's hard to see the path forward to getting medicaid expansion in the state. keep in mind this about kansas. one of the lowest el eligibility requirements. for a family of four you have to make $8,000 or less to if be. and people that are below is 133% of the poverty line, all of those people are falling into the gap and these people with you know, you don't have the very intensely racialized
1:38 pm
politics that you may have in mississippi or big motor areas. these are white folks. largely, poor, rural white folks. people that look like the members of the republican party. >> like sam brownback. >> yeah. so there is no kind of -- i don't think there's much of a racialized obama story to tell. it's just sheer punitive cruelty. >> let me ask you one question. given that we had a big election night or last night a big primary night. i'm not convipsed. in kansas there's an existent moderate republican wing of the party. but when we talk about establishment beating the tea party it seems to me the tea party has eaten the establishment. tom tillis running against kay hey again, the tea party has won in a lot of these states. >> medicaid expansion is such a self-destructive policy in a dollars and cents term. it is so punitive and such a
1:39 pm
sort of giant middle stingtory barack obama at the expense of your state budget and hospital and people that -- that, to me, is a dividing line 37 until you see all the states opting in, the tea party is winning. >> chris hayes of "all in america" it's awesome. watch it, america. thank you as always. be sure to catch chris and his special vierz "all in" tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. 57d the white house releases a secret memo about a controversial drone strike killing american citizens overseas but they are not releasing it in the name of transparency. that's ahead. let's put some music on. woman: welcome to learning spanish in the car. passenger: you've got to be kidding me. driver: this is good. woman: vamanos. driver & passenger: vamanos. woman: gracias. driver & passenger: gracias. passenger: trece horas en el carro sin parar y no traes musica. driver: mira entra y comprame unas papitas. vo: get up to 795 miles per tank in the tdi clean diesel.
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>> in 2011 when the house authorized the killing of u.s. citizen by a cia drone strike in yemen it relied on i series of legal memos written by lawyers in the justice department and they've never been made public but yesterday the obama administration decided to disclose one of those memos. not because congress has been asking for it or because the aclu and "the new york times" have sued to gain access to it or because an appeals court ordered the white house to release it. the white house decide to release the memo for what appears to be a very specific and strategic purpose. the memo will be released from its lock box because the prince. author of it was har vooird law
1:47 pm
professor david j baron. he's an appeals court nominee one president obama wants to fill a seat on one of the most important courts in the nation and until the white house announced it would make his memo public his confirmation was possibly headed for defeat. now with the a lease of the memo it appears his fate has changed. this afternoon the senate took a procedural vote to confirm him is expected later this week but by the looks the debate is not finished by baron and the substance of his memo, the legal justification for targeted drone strikes. joining me with our two guests. noah, in terms of this memo and how optimistic we should be that you will get anything enlightening from it, where are you? bullish or bearish? >> i'll go with bear on that one. there's already been a summary
1:48 pm
released last year of this memo and several others. and that summary was unclassified and this memo was classified so you would think there's more details but by the time they get done blackening out all the important stuff there won't be much left that's revealing. >> you've been on the ground in pakistan and know well the situation in yemen. this there's a reason the white house has been oopaque about stashlgted drone strikes largely because it'sally dated and a lot would sayize fr it's not a good counterterrorism policy. >> the view in places like pakistan is that it's entirely counterproductive. whether it's someone high up in the army or you know like civilians, the government, it radicalized the region and created a prop gan ta tool for the taliban and after obama came in he increased drone strikes by like 600% and that's what's happening in yemen.
1:49 pm
for every al qaeda in the area, every operative it creates 60 new recruits. so it's a mess. >> noah, that's something that we've heard a lot from folks who have been on the ground. the drone strikes are counterintuitive in terms of national security agenda. i wonder, in terms of this president who is a constitutional law professor, the fact that there's -- "the new york times", the aclu, congress, judges, who are ordering more transparency around this. almost a year after the president said there would be greater transparency in and around targeted killings. how much do you think we'll see from this administration in the next three years as the president looks toward building a legacy on this issue? >> look, that's a great question. and also i want to say this whole debate kind of showing up how screwed up this war on terror has been. usually you would have a debate before hand about what you ought to do in a war. and not have the war first and
1:50 pm
have the debate afterwards which is what we're doing now and every step of the way the obama administration seams to be kicking in and dragged into it kick and screaming revealing what it does in this war on terror. for years and years, they wouldn't even admit that they were doing these dean strikes even though it was a to thisly opened secret so whether that will change much now unfortunately i don't have a lot of hope on that. >> part of me thinks is that this is the -- the bridge has been crossed and to imagine if there's a republican in office, there would be for judicious with hawkish behavior and these things have been neat, if you are, in terms of clooen if you're on the american side of things. we don't have to worry about rendition. we basically dust them and ask the questions later. it feels likes this is kind of where we're at in terms counterterrorism. there's very little chance of
1:51 pm
any administration walking it back. >> you're right. at least america is being kind of consistent on some level. if it's okay to kill innocent civilians around the world who -- it's okay to kill the terrorists, america has been so obsessed with terrorism for so long that you know, the guys in yemen and his 16-year-old son, were like, they're terrorists if they're americans, like, what ever. so i think it would be incredibly hypocritical to exclude these terrorists, these bad eggs and militants because they might be u.s. citizens who are stirring up the pot. >> and part of the problem here is, we're talking about yemen. as the war on terror was outlined these are the battle fronts we'll probably fight on. that battleground shifts. we're now conducting more targeted drone strikes in yemen than we are in the classical fronts in the car on terror. >> and drone strikes are now part of u.s. military doctrine forever. and i understand why. it's economical and we can knock out some bad guys and the
1:52 pm
collateral damage, let's not talk about that the fact that we're creating thousands of militants and a lot of civilians are dying. that's pushed to the side but they're not going away any time soon. >> let's talk about the political dynamics here and i want to play some sound from rand paul who has been a fairly consistent and ideological pure, if one can call it that on the subject of civil liberties as it pertains -- on the subject of drone strikes as it pertains to civil liberties. this is what he said this morning on the floor of the senate. >> i rise today to oppose the nomination of anyone who would argue that the president has the power to kill an american citizen, not involved in combat and without a trial. >> even if the administration releases a dozen barro nechlt memos. i cannot and will not a lifetime poimt of someone whos it is okay to kim an american citizen not involved in combat without a
1:53 pm
trial. >> noah, where does the gop -- how does the gop deal with this? >> you have these moderate establishments, sort of hawks, who say, this guy is a judicial act vims and then civil l libertarians that say we shouldn't do it. if you had a republican in power, there would be a much more pronounced cleave between the parties. i feel like he exacerbates attention between the two wings? >> i think that's right. a lot of people will oppose this guy for their own reasons and there will be other similar opposition to judicial nominees for the next couple of years. for the moment a lot of those differences are papered over. i would note, also, there was a republican president before barack obama named george w. bush and he yourselfed drone strikes a whole lot less than obama did so just because obama ramped up this program doesn't mean necessarily that a
1:54 pm
republican is going to stay with it. there can be all kinds of reasons not to. >> thank you both for your time and thoughts. >> thanks, alex. >> thank you very much. after the break, the u.s. supreme court halts an execution in missouri at the 11th hour. you anever going to guess which justice ordered that stay. that's coming up next. predicting the future is a pretty difficult thing to do. but, manufacturing in the united states means advanced technology. we learned that technology allows us to be craft oriented. no one's losing their job. there's no beer robot that has suddenly chased them out. the technology is actually creating new jobs. siemens designed and built the right tools and resources
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sam you'll alito made the stay today. the decision followed a night of legal back and forth between the lower courts as the clock ticked toward the inmate scheduled lethal injection at 12:01 this morning. buckley was convicted of raping and ex-girlfriend and killing her partner in 1996. he also suffers from a rare congenital condition, which causes weak and malformed blood vessels and tumors in his nose and throat. buckley's lawyers argued the disorder would likely cause the inmate to endure pain and suffering that would constitute a violation of the 8th amendment of the constitution which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. buckley would have been the first american to be put to death since last month's botched execution of oik inmate clayton lockette. a man who dyed of a heart attack nearly 45 minutes after his execution first began. that's all the for how. see you back here tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern.
1:59 pm
"the ed show" is coming up next. good evening welcome live in new york. i'm ready to go. let's gets to work. >> let me make it clear, we're a for-profit institution. >> this is theway to solve the problem. >> let detroit go bankrupt. >> diamond is blejing $100 million from chase over the next five years for detroit. top secret invite only. >> it'sier to demolish things than to repair or rebuild something. >> they don't have a fiscal problem. they have a cultural collapse.
2:00 pm
>> the decisions were made by people on wall street. >> detroit is the poster child by h for the deindustrialation of america. >> not only the road towards privatization, but it's the working class of this country. >> does indict become an example of other cities on the brink? the. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. pay close attention to what happens when conservatives, not just republicans but conservatives when they get power. let's take a close look at detroit tonight. you know, the city that arguably, saved this country in world war ii, the industrial age was grown and flourished out of detroit. you know the old stories about henry ford. he wanted to pay his people enough so they could buy the product. well, we start tonight with detroit. and the city that is going to produce a little bit ne