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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  May 22, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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paperweights. >> very nice. >> i learned the hypocrisy needed my break over the week d weekend, the lack of outrage on the veterans administration has been insufficient. >> if it's way to early what time is it? >> this means it would be time for "morning joe" but now it's i'm for "the daily rundown" with chuck todd. >> the president makes clear he's sticking with secretary shinseki, for now. >> and also this morning, yet another twist in the tawdry taping tale in mississippi. could it actually put a reliably republican seat in play in
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november? more of a scenario here than you might realize. plus bourbon boosting has been part of kentucky's culture. find out why leaders want to make it home for high hopes for hemp. >> this is "the daily rundown." let's get to my first reads of the morning. v.a. secretary eric shinseki returns to capitol hill today for a private meeting with dick durbin, who is headed to the v.a. hospital in phoenix, ground zero for this scandal when it comes to patient wait times and where it all first erupted. meanwhile, partisan allegations are of course starting to fly. we're going to look here at live pictures, house veterans affair committee jeff miller has threatened to subpoena three v.a. officials if they have failed to appear to answer questions.
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amade this growing pressure over allegations involving falsified wait times, the president tried to assure veterans he is on top of this scandal and is ready to address it. >> if these allegations prove to be true, it is dishonorable, disgrateful a-- disgraceful andi will not tolerate it period. >> and while standing by shinseki, there were no longer any long-term promises of job security. >> i have said to rick, and i said it to him today, i want to see, you know, what the results of these reports are and there is going to be accountability. >> today white house deputy chief of staff rob nabors meets with leaders at the phoenix
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veterans affair administrators. the top executive for the phoenix v.a. system has been directed to repay thousands she received that was, quote, due to an administrative error. in new mexico, a medical center there had alleged bookkeeping misrepresentations investigated there. some patients are assigned to doctors who never see them. >> those are doctors who are either in administration or gone. >> no longer working there? >> right. >> but they still are listed as having patients. >> yes.
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>> the statement, the albuquerque v.a. said this to nbc news, "we take all allegations and issues that could impact patient care and employee morale seriously. as a result of this information, these matters will be immediately addressed." >> candidate obama in 2007. >> building a 21st century v.a. will have an equal priority to building a 21st secretary military to fight our wars. >> but vet raspbererans groups pretty frustrated with the president right now. the american legion continues to call for shinseki's resignation
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and is upset the president didn't announce that yesterday. at an american legion hall north of miami, we talked to veterans who had mixed opinions about how the president is handling this. >> he can't control 500 veterans hospitals. i mean, how can he? >> he puts these people in office. evidently he doesn't know what's going on or he know what's going on and turns a blind eye. >> yesterday, an attempt to contain some of the political fallout. if the white house thought a late acknowledgement of the problems could buy them time, boy, were they wrong. everybody seems to be pouncing on them. republicans of course first. >> what i heard this morning from the president's remarks is a parroting. >> this is a national embarrassment and the president's response to it is an embarrass. >> the rnc piled on, releasing
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this video bashing the president's management style. >> we're not going to let up until we eliminate the back log once and for all. >> we'll keep slashing that back log so our veterans receive the benefits they've earned. >> meanwhile democrats are starting to track. just georgia congressman john bare owe and david scott became the first two democrats to call for shinseki's resignation. >> the veterans have been waiting long enough. three people in my district have died. >> and i'm disappointed with the president today. there was no urgency. plmt, mr. president, we need urgency! we need you to roll up your sleeves and get into these hospitals! >> the political heat is only
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going to get worse for the white house as just about everybody v.a. facility in the country is under some form of scrutiny in the local media. >> growing outrage this morning surrounding the scandal involving the phoenix v.a. >> workers are accused of, quote, inappropriate scheduling practices. >> charges of a coverup, and they include the v.a. hospital here in san antonio. >> the president has never been willing to sacrifice someone at the alter of washington scandal, even if it's most politically expedient. but it's not clear shinseki can win back the congress of a lot the veterans who are swing senators, desperate to find a way to stand up to obama and separate themselves. this is likely to become very easy to do on this issue. meanwhile, it is veterans who are losing out. as john dickerson writes, there
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is so much phony political outrage that when something truly outrageous happens, it sometimes takes a while for it to sink in. frp time we let pollatioitician claim we're facing another watergate -- >> congresswoman, good morning to you. >> aloha, chuck. good morning. >> the iraq and afghanistan veterans for america called the president's speech yesterday a tremendous disappointment, the american legion is still upset the president hasn't fired general shinseki. where do you stand on this? >> i think all of us are extremely upset about what has occurred in phoenix and what is
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occurring across the country. i think it's important for us to make sure that we stay focused on taking real action, and i think that has to be done in a two-step way and done in order if we really want to get to the root cause of this issue and find a real solution, the first being getting to the bottom of it, conducting this investigation, understanding the depth of this problem. that must happen first. and the second step is then figuring out who is the best person to lead the charge to fight this battle and conduct this overhaul of the v. ajts and fix this. my concern really is if we fire someone, if we're fire shinseki without the follow-through, without understanding what needs to help, everyone will feel better and think they did something but veterans will still continue to suffer and we cannot allow that to happen. >> there's clearly a confidence issue right now with shinseki. and i understand where you're coming from. but this idea, i've talked to plenty of veterans groups over
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the last week, and they don't know if he is the person to restore that confidence. where are you in there? >> yeah, i can staunderstand an agree with that. that question is a very valid one. it needs to be asked and it needs to be answered. but i don't feel we can actually answer that question unless we truly understand first and foremost how deep does this problem go? >> you say we have to truly understand it. i mean, this is it, you know, we've known about problems at the v.a., the wait times issue, the back log. this is not new per se. so don't you look back and say, gees, the administration, they had all these warnings, they were given these warnings, they knew all these problems, their attempts to fix them didn't work? >> yeah and that makes me angry, chuck. i think of a lot of my brothers and sisters who are seeking care
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from the v.a. and have to wait inordinate amount of times, people facing these challenges and that's where it's important for to us say who is the best person to lead this who can actually make a change and not just do something symbolically, again, that will not really get to the root of the problem. >> so the root of the problem appears to be the system is overwhelmed. at this point -- i look at, you have combination of new rhett rans like yourself that are in the v.a. system as veterans of the war for ten years and then you have the vietnam vets who are coming of age and are going to be using the health system more in their late 60s and early 70s. is the v.a. big enough to handle this? >> in some respects i would say maybe the v.a. is too big. this is one of the challenges
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that we're dealing with, this bureaucracy, and the importance of having a strong leader at the top who is able to deal with it, make these changes, conduct this overhaul so that this organization is conducting its mission and best serving veterans. not only are you dealing with wait times, but you're also dealing with technology issues, you're dealing with a v.a. that's still not operating in the 21st century. you're dealing with not enough physicians to actually care for these veterans. there are so many different challenges and now what we've seen in phoenix with the allegations that have been made of cooking the books and these false outcomes that are really painting a very different picture than what's actually happening on the ground and that's what we need to get a grasp on is what's the reality of what's happening, not just in phoenix but across the country. >> so the v.a. is too big. what do you do? do you make it so that veterans -- you encourage them to just go into the regular health care system? >> i think we've got to look at
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this very creatively and outside the box. clearly the answer is not just throwing more money at the v.a. but actually looking systematically, how we need to change and overall this bureaucracy so it best serves the veterans and we don't have veterans ending getting lost in the system with their paperwork ending literally at the bottom of a pile. >> yesterday there were some that believed the president came out too late to talk about this, that he should have been out there a week ago, two weeks ago. what say you on this? >> i when you look at the people who have died, the people who are waiting, the disservice that has occurred here for men and women who voluntarily put their lives on the line and they come home and receive this treatment,
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there's no excuse and it's totally unacceptable. >> all right. thanks for coming on this morning. >> thank you. aloha. >>. >> paul is here. we'll take a quick break. but before we go, here's today's politics planner. later today president obama becomes the firks ever sitting president to visit the baseball hall of fame in cooperstown, new york. there's ban lot of baseball photo-ops the president has been doing lately, including going to little league games. we'll be right back. lthcare cha, if it becomes simpler... if frustration and paperwork decrease... if grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home... the gap begins to close. so let's simplify things.
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switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. . you're looking at live pictures now. this is the house veterans affairs committee. it's a business meeting that's
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under way. chairman jeff miller, who had called three v.a. officials to speak to the committee who have not appeared said he did receive a series of e-mails from the v.a. early this morning but he said his patience is, quote, wearing thin and he's tired of asking for information from the v.a. and not getting it or it taking a long time. paul rieckhoff, have you changed your position on general shinseki? >> no, but i think the membership is getting more and more outraged by the day. we're going to speak to our people nationwide. it's memorial day. we're going to continue to poll our members, talk to them the events nationwide.
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they are furious at a level i've never seen in doing this work for a decade and it's getting worse by the minute. >> nobody seemed happy with with what the president said yesterday. i know you guys are not happy. what did you want to hear from him? what is the specific bullet points, a plan of action? >> he didn't say anything new, he didn't lay out a plan of action. if he had so much confidence in shinseki, why wasn't he up there? >> do you think he's using shinseki as a political shield right now? >> if he is, it's not working. the bottom line is this is bipartisan. it's been going on for years. you've played it out for the past couple of months, past couple of years. we know about the v.a. they can't supply witnesses when they're called before congress.
6:20 am
that's how bad at management is and it's been that way for years. >> nobody seems to be able to tame the bureaucracy. that's always the president's rational frustration. you don't want to just fire somebody because maybe people then get rooted in this and it was because he spoke truth to pour power and said what. yesterday pe ththey put for the bill to would allow them to fire people. they've really got to step up their game. both committee, the president,
6:21 am
everybody in congress, they can't just throw shinseki under the base loan. everyone knew this was happening. there have been gao reports and hearing after hearing after hearing. so if you're not outraged already, you haven't been paying attention. >> the president said he wants to wait for more investigations. there's been a mill of investigations it seems like and plenty of reports go the problem for years. now, this scandal has to do -- it was creating an insent of structure. how do you get rid of a problem? can you incentivize people to do that? >> what you see over and over again is the v.a. is forced do the right thing. there's no transparency, they're stone walling, they do a terrible job of p.r. there are some good programs at the vncht a. but you'd never know it. and there's also a generational
6:22 am
gap tlnd cy. >> dunk there's any way, anything general shinseki can do in the next month to restore. >> alone, it going to be to there is still not clear electronic record keeping going on between the facilities. this touches every agent circumstance the entire country. it's political poison rye now for everybody. that's what's going to happen when they go to mellial day. they're going to go into veterans how many democrats do
6:23 am
you think will join them? >> we'll see, we'll see. >> 7-5 is the split on the house benghazi select committee after weeks of internal debate, democratic house leader nancy pelosi announced yesterday that democrat would take part in the committee. pelosi appointed maryland democrat, eliia coming ex. >> up next, meet the man who trying to unseat the oldest ever member of congress. what percentage of commonwealth kentucky's congress -- first person to tweet the correct answer, the answer and more is coming up on tdr.
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the oldest man ever to serve in the house could lose his 17th bid for reelection this tuesday. congressman ralph hall led the way in the march primary for tex texas's fourth district. he says this is his last campaign after serving in congress for more than three decades, but he's not slowing down. hall's office said he traveled home to texas on all by 16 weekends during his 34 years in office. he's only the fourth person ever to represent the fourth district since its creation in 1903. the white house and fellow texan george w. bush supported hall through a tough three-way primary and then boosted his win
6:28 am
in a general election. hall has become a fixture on the energy and commercial commit, chairman emeritus on the science and space technology committee. he's aggressively trying to leverage his age and experience against opponent john ratcliff but ratcliffe is trying to use hall's age against him. >> a new day, new opportunity, new challenges, a new generation of conservative leadership. >> this is not necessarily a quintessential establishment versus tea party race, but it's turning into that. we'll find out this tuesday who prevails. but i'm joined now by the republican challenger for texas's fourth district, john ratcliffe. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, chuck. >> is ralph hall's fireable offense as far as you're concerned the fact that he's just been there too long? >> he has been there too long
6:29 am
and his record hasn't been very good. he went to congress 34 years ago, we had less than $1 trillion in debt in this country, he's helped grow that to $17 trillion? >> that's all on him? we've had quite a few presidents. there's a lot of people who have contributed to that. >> sure have been. but he's voted several times to raise the debt ceiling and voted for trillions in pork projects. i think the electorate sees that and that why he's in this runoff. >> do you think age is a farrish u here? >> sure it is. i think that's something that the voters are concerned about. it certainly certainly that we haven't focused on with respect to our campaign. i've talked about his tenure, the fact that i think that he's been there too long, but voters raise the issue of his age and that's fair for them to consider. >> you talked about that you thought he's voted a lot to
6:30 am
bring home pork, ear mark, things like that. how do you define what a member of congress's job is when you get there for the fourth district? is your job to represent the views of the fourth district or is it your job to get the fair share of federal spending into the fourth district? >> well, we don't want to grow spending. just playing this bring home more pork to your district is why we have this problem with add 17 trillion debt that's just growing. i want to help change that. i think can you do that and represent the interests of the district. people in this district want laws that are passed with the constructs and intent of the constitution. i think can you do that. >> let me ask you about immigration. of course it's always an issue. if you get elected to congress, you may be dealing with, if they don't deal with it this year, do
6:31 am
you believe there should be a path citizenship for those 11 million undoukted folks in in country? >> i don't. >> back of the line no matter what? no version, as long as sort of -- >> i don't think so, i don't. i don't think a majority of the people in my district or state believe that's a good solution. i evidence is as district attorney, i have respect for the law. to reward 11 million people for breaking the law isn't going to help this country. >> what do you do with them? >> i think you change the approach we've got with respect to enforcement. we have improve legal immigration in this country. if we change some of the laws on the books to affect those right here, rye now it not a crime to be unwill you -- by overstaying
6:32 am
their visa, then we have some folks that would leave this country voluntarily. >> first bill you want to introduce that's yours? >> constitutional amendment to balance the budget. >> we shall see. it gets a vote it seems about every congress but it doesn't seem to get the votes that you need in the u.s. senate anyway. john ratcliffi. theoff is tuesday. we'll be watching the race. stay safe on. >> hem many be booze and blue grass bands. we're back in three minutes. khe sanh midway dak to normandy medina ridge the chosin reservoir these are places history will never forget
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back to our "tdr 50" and our look at kentucky and we couldn't do this without a little bourbon, a state well known for his liquor, even though there
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are some places you still can't buy it. near little all the world's borbon is distilled and aged in the state of kentucky. early in the state's history, borbon was considered safer than drinks the local water. but a strong temperance movement sprung in the state and kentucky approved a constitutional amendment banning alcohol two months before prohibition kicked in nationwide. after it was repealed, parts of kentucky kept the ban in place and it's remained there for nearly 100 years. kentucky has 37 completely dry counties, meaning there is no retail sale of alcohol allowed period. of the other 83 counties, less than half are wet. the others allow alcohol sales only under certain circumstances. believe it or not, those counties are known as moist counties. arkansas, where about half the
6:37 am
75 counties are dry is the only state in the same neighborhood as kentucky. nevertheless, senator mitch mcconnell knows full well the importance of liquor to his state's identity. he won passage of a resolution last week recognizing the 50th anniversary of the original declaration on kentucky bourbon. >> on may 4th, congress declared borbon whiskey had achieved recognition across the world as a distinct of product of the united states and expressed the sense of congress that the united states should prohibit the immigration of any other liquor purporting to call itself bourbon. and earlier this year, the legislature passed a bill that would create a path to alcohol
6:38 am
sales in state parks, even if they're in dry counties. imagine the idea that somehow you could use booze to influence a vote. there was still a belief of that about 100 years ago. meanwhile, kentucky is moving to the political front lines of another vice, the fight over hemp, the agricultural cousin to marijuana. the state is in a fight with with the feds after the government seized a shipment of hemp seeds destined to a research project in louisville. it has renewed questions about hemp's federal classification. it's currently classified as a schedule i drug. senator paul argued that "the united states is the only industrialized nation that restricts the production of
6:39 am
industrial hemp." a poll now that nearly 7 in 10 residents oppose legalization of marijuana, even as though support legislation of growing he hemp. >> republican tom corbett said he will not appeal a judge's ruling on struck down a ban on gay marriage. >> we're on our way to 70 to 80% of the country having laws that allow for same-sex marriage.
6:40 am
>> and the latest twist in the messy mississippi primary and why it could spell trouble for republican hopes for taking back the senate. and our soup of the day comes from kentucky's holly hill inn where they're serving white bean&bacon soup today. greater t, the bigger the difference. [sci-fi tractor beam sound] ...sucked me right in... it's beautiful. gotta admit one thing... ...can't beat the view. ♪ introducing the world's first curved ultra high definition television from samsung.
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disrupt. nato's commander said the contingent of russian troops on the border remain very large. >> turning back to politics. here's a question, what's the best path to victory, expanding your electorate, turning out your base or some combination of both. the issue is about where campaigns should invest the lion's share of their resources? turnout was around 59% in 2008, a number that turned out to be 42% in the 2010 elections and president obama said he fears turnout will be down again, something that's particularly troubling for his party. >> democrats have a congenital defect when it comes to our our politics and that is we like voting during the presidential year and during the mid terms we don't vote. and so you already have lower
6:45 am
voting totals during the mid terms and it's our folks that stay home. >> a recent article by a political scientist argued that getting the 28% to the polls have key to victory. but a chief critic says raw numbers don't tell the whole story, pointing out most voters are already democratic, in other words, more of their votes won't necessarily flip races. instead he says the key is persuading voters that are on the fence, a strategy he says can be the deferenifference in closest races.
6:46 am
joining me are the voices behind these disagreements. welcome to both of you. lynn, since you're the one that got up a little bit earlier and waited for me to come there out in l.a., just responding to mark's point, the increase in democratic turnout would have done very little to change much of the result in 2010. >> i'm certainly sympathetic to the point that mark is making and i think generally we both agree that both turnout and persuasion are important in any campaign. i think that the heart and soul of campaigns is persuasion but these turnout questions on the edges in some cases can make a difference. >> mark, we were just talking. you've got a client in kentucky and obviously the kentucky race
6:47 am
is a -- this is a red state. and yet the path to victory is massive turnout in democratic areas and then some persuasion. so i get the question in this debate is if you've got $10 to spend on turnout, do you spend 7 of those 10 on base turnout or on persuasion? >> it costs a lot more to do persuasion as it does to do turnout. as lynn argued and i say you've got to do both to win. you're going to get a slightly larger increase out of persuasion. persuasion is a more expensive process all in all, but the limits to persuasion are left. can you only go so far in increasing turnout. if you get another 2%, 3%, 4% in turnout, that's great. >> this is about why people didn't vote.
6:48 am
19% of them said they were too busy, 16% were not interested, 14% cited an illness or disability and 13% didn't like the candidates. lynn, there's two types of persuasion, isn't there? there's two type of swing voters, people who swing between voting and not voting and then those who vacillate between the two parties. >> there are a couple of things we've learned over the last decade about how to get people the to the polls. the effects there -- one of the things that makes some difference what you tell people. it's going to be close, your
6:49 am
vote matters. rather than just telling them something. >> you just said "telling them something." what is that "something"? >> i want to say this loud and clear, that persuasion also works for turnout. all those ads you see trying to get candidates to come over to your side actually help people get to the polls, too. and so these things are really conpla conflated in more ways than i think people appreciate. >> mark, you're in the cross hairs when it comes to democratic campaigns. there have been something and we know the democratic breakdowns and can tell you how everything is going to go. yet if that were destiny, mark pryor wouldn't be in the senate, mary landrieu wouldn't be in the senate. is that how you look at it?
6:50 am
>> in most race, the campaigns don't matter very much. although no one has done the experiment of i'm not going to run any campaign at do that. let's just put names on the ballot and see what happens. >> the campaigns matter less than we like to think they do, but in some cases they make all of the difference in the world. in heidi's case there's at least 12% of the people in the state of north dakota that voted for heidi on the same day at the same time and that's persuasion and split-ticket voting. we used to have more in this country, and we have a lot less, but the right candidate and the right circumstances can split votes and that makes the difference between winning and losing. >> you guys are agreeing more than disagreeing. you know? come on! lynn, mark, to be continued. you guys have wrote this fun little back and forth online and i thought let's bring it on tv because why shouldn't this be on tv? >> thank you. developing news from capitol hill. 49 u.s. senators, all democrats
6:51 am
have written a letter to nfl commissioner roger goodell urging the league to change the name of the washington redskins after the racist remarks by l.a. clippers owner donald sterling. the senators write this, the despicable comments made by mr. sterling have opened up a national conversation about race relations. we believe this conversation is an opportunity for the nfl to take action to remove the racial slur from the name of one of its marquee franchises signed by 49 members of the u.s. senate. again, all democrats. what percent of kennic te's congressmen are military veterans, and ed whitfield was in the army reserve. congratulations to rob plasek. we'll be right back. o. o. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds.
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june 3rd, republican primary in mississip mississippi, betweened that cochran. the tea party has a lot riding on this contest. they need a big win after the losses this past tuesday, of course, they've become quite the opera right now, some of us just as junkies can't get enough of the race and the race has gotten nasty attracting attention about questions were raised about whether the mcdaniel campaign had any involvement or prior knowledge of a supporter or blogger who was arrested of taking video of cochran's bed-ridden, dementiaed wife. with it becoming more nasty and personal, what happens if mcdaniel wins? how does the republican party get behind him as they jump down his throat on this one? mississippi's gop establishment has gone after mcdaniel hard. >> the committee has, of course,
6:56 am
supported the incumbent and contributed the maximum allowed to support the cochran campaign and what does the party do if mcdaniel is their candidate especially after this incident and with the fact that the democrats have a semi-credible candidate waiting in the wings. with travis childers any the gop established their way in getting the candidates they won. mcdaniel winning could up end that applecart in a way that maybe we have been paying attention to. it's a soap opera in mississippi, but it has long-term consequences for november. we'll be on the story. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." coming up next is my friend chris jansing and she'll be talking to one of the five appointed to the committee on benghazi. i'm meteorologist bill
6:57 am
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7:00 am
a political sideshow. and how much of that assignment is about protectioning hillary clinton? super sized outrage. a new day of wage protests outside a big meeting of mcdonald's shareholders. more than a hundred demonstrators already arrested. is this changing the wage debate? and establishment rules. a weak tea party tuesday may have jeb bush and chris christie packing a sunny 2016 disposition as they both hit the sunshine state today. the sunshine state say that many times fast. good morning. i'm chris jansing. this morning there is new movement on a lot of fronts on the growing va hospital scandal. just moments ago the house veterans affairs committee voted unanimously to subpoena three top va officials to testify at a may 30th hearing if they don't voluntarily attend a hearing two days earlier. next hour one of president obama's closest advisers deputy chief of staff rob nabors will visit the phoenix va which is ground zero for th