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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  May 23, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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what we learned today. thomas, what did you learn? >> i learned a lot today. we have to say thank to you emma goss, our intern. she has to leave today but we appreciate all the work she's done for us here. emma, thank you. >> joe, what did you learn? >> my biggest takeaway is that the las vegas option for the republican national convention, off the table. a good cause for all of us who want to kill ourselves, i would say. >> you must have known this news yesterday morning. that's why you were too broken hearted to show up on the show. >> that's correct. >> if it's way too early, "it's morning joe." stay with us. chuck todd is next on "the daily rundown." have a great memorial weekend. we'll see you on tuesday. secretary shinseki presses on as a sad scandal hangs overs v.a. this memorial day weekend. a high profile democratic
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candidate breaks with the president and even bob dole begins to express doubt about how it's all being handled. >> meantime more arrests in the mississippi mess. the new charges bring the taping scandal closer to chris mcdaniel, as his primary challenge to senator thad cochran is just over ten days away. and vladimir putin says he'll respect the outcome of ukraine's presidential vote. we'll have more on what he told cnbc just moments ago. good morning from washington, it's friday, may 23rd, 2014. get out of town friday, the start of memorial day weekend. let's get right to my first reads of the morning. and we begin with the scandal now inside the v.a. and with the nation about to kick off the memorial day weekend, the timing couldn't be worse for the obama administration. over the next three days a number of lawmakers will attend ceremonies and events that will have a lot of veterans attending. in the past those event mace
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have been pretty boiler plate but not this time. expect lawmakers to get an earful from angry vets, anger they'll likely take back to washington in the form of n until calls for secretary shinseki's resignation. more democrats have been speaking out. first it was a pair of democratic congressmen from georgia. they were joined thursday by senator mcconnell's democratic opponent, allison grimes. florida senator bill nelson came close but didn't mention shinseki by name, just saying, quote, some heads need to roll. on the other side of the aisle, the number three republican, kevin mccarthy became the highest ranking republican to call for shinseki's ouster. he said "i believe enough leadership at the department of veterans affairs is imperative."
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a bigger blow may have been dealt by form are republican bob dole, a monday who introduced shinseki at his confirmation hearing. dole has helped shinseki in the past. dole backed shinseki earlier this week but said yesterday he admitted he's now conflicted. >> i have mixed feelings because i know general shinseki. i said i think i think he should stay and particularly until the white house gets this investigative report that they're doing, until we get the facts and see what you can lay at his feet. >> interview there with "usa today." speaker boehner is not calling for shinseki's resignation yet. he said the problem is much bigger than just one man. >> this isn't about the secretary. it's about the entire system underneath him.
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and, you know, the general can leave and we can wait around for months to go through a nomination process and we get a new person, but the disaster continues. >> meanwhile the administration and its allies are in damage control mode from congressional leaders to the secretary of defense, officials are trying to focus on fixing the problem, not on changing the man in charge. shinseki himself sent out a letter to veterans saying in part you and your families deserve to have full faith in your v.a. and we intend to earn it every day. he also responded to the calls for him to step down. >> as for submitting your resignati resignation, did you offer it to the president? >> no. the president asked me to take this responsibility and gave me certain things he wanted me to accomplish. i'm doing that. >> president obama's deputy chief of staff, ron nabors
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traveled to phoenix, sort of ground zero, one of 26 now being investigated for allegedly manipulating records in order to improve that facility's performance as far as washington was concerned. a whistle lower -- blower. >> they would receive bonuses for having a lower wait time. >> new legislation passed out of committee would put bonuses on hold until the investigation itself is complete. but the v.a. isn't helping its own cause, at least in the eyes of some house lawmakers. heads of the house veterans affairs committee said thursday that the agency has been stone walling them for weeks, dragging their feet when it comes to providing e-mails and witnesses to the scandal.
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they have given them until next wednesday to show up on capitol hill or face subpoena. people at the white house still believe when all the facts come out, it won't be as wide spread. many of the veterans advocacy groups least the worse about the scandal. and shinseki may never get a chance to regain his footing. joining me, retired army colonel jack jacobs. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, chuck. >> look, speaker boehner had some interesting comments in why he wasn't calling for general shinseki's resignation and that the problem is the bureaucracy itself and how you fix that. i know you've been a proponent of maybe you have to start thinking about a privatization plan with the v.a.s does it even
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need to exist. but we're a long way from that. how do you deal with rebuilding confidence at the v.a. in the short term? >> it's going to be very difficult to do and the typical way washington will deal with it is going to be done here. shinseki will eventually leave, sooner or later. he's probably going to stay there long enough for the investigation's results to be publicized. he may stay towards the end of the year and then he will be replaced by somebody else most likely and the congress will throw more money at the problem but it's not going to fix it. so over the short term, that's how they're going to fix it. the expectation is enough money out there publicly will make people happy. >> i guess the question is you think the v.a. shouldn't exist. do you really think that the private health market could handle the specialized care that some veterans need? >> well, i don't think the v.a. shouldn't exist but certainly the parallel, bizarro universe
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of v.a. medical care, the have. >> a. medical care system shouldn't exist in its current formation. we have public/private partnerships effectively called medicare and medicaid and both do a fairly decent job. you go to the doctor, the doctor takes care of you, the doctor sends a bill to the government, the government sends a check to the doctor. there is no reason why we couldn't do least that well for our veterans. >> so you would take tricare and essentially say make it medicare. >> not just tricare. i was on tricare and it was a very good system. what i'm talking about is taking care of veterans who are not on tricare, who are not from the government, instead we pay their
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co pays that says if we were to do something like that. don't forget and they say we would save $30 billion and, by the way, veterans wouldn't have to wait inordinate times in order to get an appointment. >> general, i appreciate your time and i hope you have some good plans for this memorial day weekend. thank you, sir. >> you bet. >> let's go to chairman of the national senatorial committee and i believe he was the first senator to call for general shinseki's resignation. senator, good morning to you, sir. >> chuck, good morning to you. >> let me asked a question based on what i heard from speaker en -- he said -- do you think
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he's saying we're being too quick to call for the resignation of one guy? >> i'd never called for a cabinet secretary's resignation before. what troubles me is, yes, this is a huge bureaucracy, yes, there's been challenges and difficulties at the v.a. for a long time. but as long as i've served in congress, i've worked with nine secretaries of veterans affairs department and this is the first time that it doesn't seem to me that anyone has the sense that things are getting better. when there were complaints before, it seemed like the department of veterans affairs responded. over the last several years, it's just more of a shrug shoulders and uncertain what to do next. as a consequence, many of the
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people don't get what they need. time and time again they have given up hope that the department of veterans affairs is going to be able to assist them in the way that they need. my point is, yes, there are always challenges and the department of veterans affairs is a significant bureaucracy, but the only way you can change the outcome is to have someone in charge who sees the problem and takes the lead. have i no doubt that what secretary shinseki wants to see things improve but the problem is there's no evidence. and in light of all the scandals that is now surfaced, the secretary as response is, well, we'll wait and see. the problem is there have been inspector general reports, office of medical inspector reports, gao reports, congressional investigations, many of the allegations that are being investigated currently have already been told to the
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second by independent agencies that they're true and real and nothing happened. there is no plan. that's the problem. show me the plan. >> well, let me ask you this, what about on your end of things in the veterans affairs committee? how do we fix this problem? clearly we have an issue of an increased amount of veterans that are using v.a. facilities, whether it's the aging vietnam veteran population, coupled with the new rond of veterans coming into the system because of the last two wars. so what do you propose? what do you propose to do to deal with this? >> well, chuck, here's a couple of thoughts, things we could do immediately. as you know, as our viewers know, the house of representatives overwhelmingly passed legislation to give the secretary more power at the veterans affairs.
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what happens today at the v.a. is whether we file a complaint, we soot the person in charge is transferred someplace else. so that legislation i offered as an amendment and it was adopted by the full committee. so there's an opportunity there. secondly, let's change the standard by which we're judging the veterans department. part of the scandal is based, as your report just said, folks who want to look good to the v.a. and therefore they're finding ways to get around requirements that a veteran be seen in a timely fashion. how about changing criteria by which we judge performance to say let's ask our veterans are you satisfied with the quality of care you're receiving and let the veterans be the judge of whether good things are happening at the pilot. and there is a pilot program as
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a result of legislation i introduced years ago, if you're a veteran that lives miles away, can you see your local physician or being admitted to your local hospital. what if we expanded that and p and also said if you can't get in to see a interest or a va hospital in a certain medical amount of time, you'd then have the tonight for the veterans department to pay for the services you get at home. >> the issue down in mississippi, if chris mcdaniel is the republican nominee, can the nrsc support his bid? >> look, i'll leave that for another day. what i would say is the scandal that's brewing there will be -- there will be a lot of news that develops out of mississippi over the next few days. i would say senator cochran is a highly respected, great representative for the state of mississippi, has represented them well and he has high
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favorable numbers in mississippi and the only way at that you can defeat someone like senator cochran in mississippi is this kind of personal aspect and -- >> i'm going to get through that in a minute. you can't guarantee they are going to support chris mcdaniel if he's the republican nominee? >> look, i don't know what the facts are about the scandal in mississippi. >> so you are not ready to say that the nrsc will support the republican nominee in mississippi if it's not thad cochran? >> well, i'm just saying that we will see what the facts are at the time we make a decision about that race. i expect senator rock ran to win his primary and i expect him to be the. >> senator, appreciate your time. >> great to be with you. >> more arrests and in twists in that tale of the tape we were just talking about. we've got the latest on the mississippi mess coming up next.
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but first, a look ahead at today's politics planner. this afternoon the president will nominate a new cabinet secretary. not for veterans affairs but for hud. his current hud secretary he wants to move over to the omb and he wants san antonio mayor you'll both have to be confirmed by the senate. and it is get out of dodge friday with more than 32 million americans set to hit the road in their cars this weekend. look, traffic and weather together on the 16s. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. dad!! i missed you. ♪ oh... daddy. chevrolet and its dealers proudly support military appreciation month. with the industry's best military purchase program, for all that have served.
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built for business. so what do a tea party activist, radio talk show host and gym teacher have in common?
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they're adding more fuel to the controversy that's flipped the mississippi gop senate primary on its head. on thursday all three were charged to connection to videotape images to senator thad cochran's wife. it brings the total to four, including blogger clayton kelly who have been arrested on this issue last week. chris mcdaniel has tried hard to distance himself from the incident and he got some help from the d.a. who said mcdaniel's team is not involved but the fact remains there's a common thread between the four who have been charged. they're all mcdaniel supporters, number one. but it goes deeper than that. mike mayfield is an active volunteer for mcdaniel's come play. >> richard sager is a gym teacher, who grew up with mcdaniel.
6:21 am
all three have been charged with conspiracy. sager faces obstruction of and now faces 20 years in jail. he said any suggestion he's involved is slander and lies. and sam hall joins me now on the phone. mr. hall, let me ask you this. this is obviously -- i just had senator jerry moran, head of the nrc, he hinted more stuff is going to come out this weekend. what do you know? >> well, i know that you were talking about the district attorney saying that they had cleared the mcdaniel campaign, and he's clarified those remarks
6:22 am
to say nobody's cleared yet that the investigation is ongoing. we know they're still looking at a couple of other things but i think probably the biggest arrests have been made right now but i think there are probably a few other connections that they're looking at. >> is there anything -- is this campaign comely just become about this? are they even having a debate about size of government issues, the whole ideological debate that they were having before last weekend? >> mcdaniel for his part really has not changed course too much. they've continued with the same message. they've gotten a little quieter, as can you imagine. for cochran's part, he's not been in the state a good bit actively campaigning over the last week or so. but messaging that you see on tv has stayed the same. he has come up with a new ad
6:23 am
that's just a little different take of an old one where he has -- he's tacked this on to the front. so he's definitely using this to his benefit. >> so this is now showing up in actual tv advertising? >> yes. >> and let me ask you this, do you think the mcdaniel folks and conservative groups supporting mcdaniel believe that cochran folks withheld this information on purpose and have been orchestrating the slow roll-out here to make it look even worse by the day as we come up to the primary? what do you make of that allegation? >> well, i think the timing is definitely good coincidence or good timing for cochran. you know, they've known about it for three weeks. they say that the campaign staff new about it first, researched it before they took it to cochran, anywhere from a few days to a week, then cochran conferred with his attorney. they said that they were checking to see which would be
6:24 am
the correct place to go, whether they would go to federal authorities, capital police or the local authorities and then they took it to the police department. so whether or not that all takes three weeks, you know, i guess that's for voters to decide. but it is -- it is good timing for cochran when it came out. >> sam hall, the it is tant general manager. a bizarre ending. >> coming up, news out of russia. plus 40 years after watergate, we're taking a new look at ni s nicks -- nixon's downfall. and first our question of the day, who was the president the last time the speaker of the was
6:25 am
a republican? the answer coming up.
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and that was my gift for him and me. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. russian president vladimir putin says he hopes relations with the u.s. and europe will get better after the ukrainian elections on sunday. during an economic summit this morning, putin made news when asked about the election. >> translator: we'll watch very closely what will happen. >> the u.s. and european union have threatened to ramp up sanctions on moscow if it interferes with the vote. this morning putin admitted that current economic sanctions have already taken a toll on russia's
6:29 am
economy. >> translator: yes, we felt the impact of those sanctions, we should be frank about that. these sanctions are unlawful and they make our relations worse. this destabilizes the situation in our relations with the u.s. and the e.u. >> it's a big deal that he's admitting the economic sanctions have had an impact, folks. meanwhile russian troops are amassing on ukraine's southern border. >> and speaking of russia, nbc's brian williams just returned from moscow where he had an exclusive wide ranging, long interview with the former nsa contractor edward snowden. snowden, who some call the most wanted man in the world spoke to brian for hours and revealed a lot of information we've never heard before. the interview will air during an
6:30 am
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it's been almost 40 years since an office break-in led to the resignation of a president. only a few journalists had a front row seat to richard nixon's demise. her book "washington journal, reporting watergate and richard nixon's downfall" was an attempt to look at it from 30,000 feet and years away. i'm joined by one the pioneers in journalism, elizabeth drew. >> i'm delighted to be here. >> you said your editor said to you, you were on the front lines covering this story and your
6:34 am
editor said to you write this book as if -- so that it olds up in 40 years and now here you are rereleasing it then. so what was the challenge and what was the attempt you made to make your book feel as though it had some distance? >> i didn't have to. i just wrote it. i wrote it, i was there, i was telling the story as it unfolded and it was actually my great mentor, john gardner, who said to me after william sean, the legendary editor, i said we might be changing vice presidents and presidents. this was a way out there thought. i was like that lady from delaware wear, i was a witch. i sensed things. and john gardner said this can't
6:35 am
be recaptured. write it 40 years from now. i don't know that i wrote it can any differently. it happens to hold up, which is nice. >> there's been a lot of firsthand accounts that have now been released on different parts of watergate, like we now know who deep throat is, for example. what details do you wish you had at the time that you know know a little bit? >> i don't in pa way because it unfolded. the afterword is a 10,000 word add on. i went as i read the book, oh, i can see he was really lying. when he said he just found out on may 15th about the payoff to the burglars. we thought so. >> you thought so at the time and then facts came out. >> people said things later, remember the famous, infamous
6:36 am
18 1/2 minute gap. we were all kind of, my god, somebody's erased this tape and it was a critical conversation, which we didn't know at the time. well, it all comes down to nixon actually sat at camp david and worked the keyboard and got rid of a conversation with haldeman when he returned from florida right after the break-in that was caught. that was the fourth attempt to get into watergate. people didn't know that. >> that's right. >> four attempts. they did get in over memorial day, but they messed it up. the plumbers in some way saved us. they were such stumble bums. >> when you and i have conversations about this off camera, you love to be one of the minority voices that has been more critical of nixon's redemption attempts. >> i don't know about critical, i fond out about them. it's a wild story but i'm
6:37 am
somewhat admiring. here's a man that loses the presidency, he's run out of office through his own mistakes, which he kind of knew. most people would just collapse. i mean, you know, here he is, he's at the bottom. >> he still had fire. >> determination. he prided himself, i always came back, i never quit, you're never defeated unless you quit. so this one last time when he was really at the bottom and he was very december pressed for a long time he said, now wait a minute, a i'm going to show 'em i'm going to -- he was going to get his respectability back. so he worked up this plan, it was kind of a vague plan, i believe, called wizard. everything was a plan, an operation, how to get his respectability back. and he decided to do it -- he was a pretty shrewd guy, decided to be a foreign policy guru. people don't want to hear about sewers or education even but
6:38 am
foreign policy. so he milked his china trip and then he went back. he was kind of confused. he went to china, made pronouncements like he was still president. he conned bill clinton -- he actually black mailed bill clinton into consulting him. >> black mailed? >> yes. he got word to clinton that unless he consulted him before his summit meeting with yeltsin in vancouver, he would write an on-ed attacking all of bill clinton's foreign policy. so clinton had to call him. you may recall this. clinton finally had to have it but he did it at night so reporters and photographers were not around. but he was not beneath or above that. >> let me get your wisdom on this. we in the washington media try to take every scandal and give it the gate. >> that's terrible. >> is there anything that even remotely has ever come close to watergate? >> nothing. chuck, this was a constitutional
6:39 am
crisis. we didn't know if the constitution was going to survive. was the president going to be accountable to the congress in the courts? the second thing about it was you had the party in power trying to manipulate the opposition party's choice of a nomination, of a nominee. now, did they succeed? you can't prove it but they didn't want ed muskie to be the nominee. and they got the weakest candidate, which was mcgoff rn. now that's very, very serious stuff when you're the party in power. >> that's very true. you did it a little bit with an eye toward how history might treat it and then you redid it. glad to have it released and glad to be one of the first places you came. >> thank you, chuck. >> your friday 2016 update and much more. but first, the tdr soup of the day comes to us from louisville, where they're serving up chilled
6:40 am
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if you're still not sure if hillary clinton is campaigning for president, house democrats who will participate in the benghazi world should put that question to rest. congressman elionelia cummings who originally opposed joining the scandal denied the clinton camp influenced the decision and simply said that clinton can fend for herself. but some progressive groups want a primary to push clinton to the left on some populist issues, the environment and as well as immigration. this week it was former montana governor brian schweitzer, an msnbc contributor getting a wall
6:44 am
street journal page one profile. here's his reaction to it on "hardt ball." >> i can't find anyone in my family, my kid, my wife, my brothers, my sister think it's a good idea. just because you interview a guy on his ranch doesn't necessarily mean he's running for president. >> former senator jim webb said he hasn't ruled out a run, along with this -- >> well, if you look at how i ran for the senate, you know, i announced nine months to the day before the election with no money and no campaign staff. it takes me a while to decide things and i'm not going to say one way or the other. >> and the republicans seize on anyone who seem even slightly critical. bill clinton was greeted by headlines by mayor marty walsh conceding he was a clinton democrat at one point but also
6:45 am
adding there should be a race. las vegas and cincinnati pulled out of the race to be the host city. denver may make the most sense politically, but sources tell me that dallas and cleveland have put together surprisingly strong bids. at the end of the day what makes the most political sense doesn't make the best financial sense. yesterday jeb bush managed to play iowa politics without having to leave florida. he headlined a fund-raiser in miami for the governor of iowa. christie told voters, quote, i'll be down here as much as rick wants me to be. he called on the president to fire shinseki and blasted his leadership on the crisis. christie surrounded by scott walker and mike penn said he has no intention of stepping down as
6:46 am
rga chair. there is a marquette poll out, one of the better ones in wisconsin that, claims the race a tied at 46 with his democratic opponent. >> hello to all of you. jamaal, i want to start with you about whether there needs to be a race, as marty walsh says. what say you when it comes to hillary clinton and a democratic primary? >> i think the-- i think there definitely needs to be a race, as deval patrick said. there probably will be somebody on the left like a schweitzer, bernie sanders. martin o'malley should run.
6:47 am
if i'm marty o'malley, i am running for president. >> the reason these progressive groups want to race is because of these issues. they can't get her to say anything about keystone, they can't get her to say a lot right now about immigration. i think she will lean in more on immigration than she would on keystone. keystone, she originally approved her state department was ready provisionally. >> they need someone to the left. >> without a candidate, they don't have it. >> it's hard if you don't have somebody on the road holding her accountable, demanding she speak on x, y, see issue. but we need a name because the payoff is huge, right? brian schweitzer, he looked so torn up he had to survive a wall street journal page one story and i'm sure it was very tough for him. it's a great sort of payoff for these folks to even have their name out there. some of these folks are actually
6:48 am
serious. i mean, i think martin o'malley is going to run. >> but it's not just that but it is in the case of a jim web or schweitzer who simply want to be heard, we've heard republicans say the same thing, admit i'm saying this because i want to throw out a plan and see if i can get attention for it. >> there's no better way to get your name in the news to say what you won't say about -- to have a layover in iowa on your way to somewhere else. and then all of a sudden, programs like this, we were talking about their names. so the incentives are very clear. i think particularly on the democratic side when there's this strong inevitability of hillary clinton, for folks who know they're not really running for president. >> she can stay on the workout. if i'm her this year, she ought
6:49 am
to be spending time not just doing fund-raisers but doing real life events with people. she can stay in a little bit of a contest before the big show. >> by the way, let's -- chris christie, campaigning for somebody and there weren't many protesters. is he at least no longer a problem campaigning with chris christie? >> yeah, i think so. i think the whole bridgegate scandal is really only of interest to people who don't want to see chris christie -- >> the investigation does go on. and what has come out isn't helpful to him but nobody is paying attention. >> at this point in the political season, people aren't as tuned in. unless it's something that's going to dramaticly affect their lives and their pocket book, it's not as much of a liability. >> paul walker. it's a reminder that wisconsin
6:50 am
is still more blue than purple. >> and it's so divided. there's that great series in the paper about how divided milwaukee is. but this entire state is so and off for him, and this not a gimme election for scott walker. and some of these candidates could spend half of the time in other states across the country, but he is locked in lacrosse, milwaukee. >> many think that when walker, when all of the dust is settles, and jeb bush and chris christie, and if he wins, he will i ignite the republican party. >> if the republican party were ration rational, they would allow someone like walker to come in. >> and they would let chris christie get re-elected, they learned in the bridge state, but after that, they learned a lesson. and also, letting sand val, and
6:51 am
others get re-elected in other states. >> yes, it is interesting about walker, because the tough races would help him in 2016, and he could lose and i all over. >> yes, and it is going to keep him in the same platform, and things to talk about in wisconsin and you begin to build a case beyond that state. >> and george allen, chuck, you know what happened? >> yes, there it is, so i have heard. thank you, all. trivia time. grover cleveland was the president the last time that the speaker of the house was a kentucky congressman? there it is. grover cleveland. he is a democrat. sorry about that, i was thinking of garfield. and the winner is stephen kaus. they all have ears. and cramps end our night before it even starts? what if i eat the wrong thing? what if? what if i suddenly have to go?
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time to meet some of kentucky's rising stars and no alison grimes did not make the list due to the fact that she has a high national profile. and so state auditor adam edelman who is 39 years old and in the first term to the enter likely the governor's race in the next month and has a track record of auditing routine that is ruffling feathers and they say he is one of the best stump speakers among the statewide candidates, and he won't be outworked on the campaign trail. and the other democrat on the list is coleman eldridge, and he is expressing ideas to running for statewide office. he served as vice president of the democrats young americans in the 2012 election. and to the republicans we begin with the julie adams who s is a louisville councilwoman and
6:56 am
currently running for the state senator. they say that the moderate republican is mentioned as a statewide candidate or one of the best chances in the congressional seat in louisville opens up. finally on the list, commissioner james comber who might run for governor, and made headlines after his department filed a lawsuit against the dea over the seizure of the hemp seeds that we told you about and issue that draws support from the left and the right, and broader support than most statewide republicans, and the highest vote-getter in the 2011 election and the only republican to win statewide office that year. we well, that it is for this edition of "the daily rundown" and it is get out of dodge friday, and coming up next is chris jansing, so watch her before you get out of dodge. see you tuesday. i'm meteorologist bill karins and as we look tat the
6:57 am
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7:00 am
affairs scandal. any given sunday at the u.s. senate, and ask roger goodell to scrap the redskins' name, and they say that if the nba can act on the sterling's racism, the nfl could act on this slur, and now it faces a political penalty. holiday road as we remember the military lives lost, and millions wi s will move en mass we keep a look on the planes, trains and automobiles. i'm richard lui in for chris a jans jansing on this friday as the nation is getting ready to honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice, and in the backdrop, is the calls for the resignation of eric shinseki. and the first house leader to urge him to step aside, and spe speaker john boehner may not be far behind. >> i have not call fofrd jed