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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 8, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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a loving, stable home. so i think those are things that that mother had to say today. >> goldie taylor, thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> thank you, lawrence. golddie joining us tonight. >> thanks, lawrence. right now on "first look." we begin with the president on iraq. >> to, i authorized two operations in iraq. targeted air strikes to protect our american personnel, and a humanitarian effort to help save thousands of iraqi civilians. >> the united states military is taking on isis head on in a race against time the israeli 72-hour cease-fire is ending. and the planet is in the midst of the largest ebola outbreak ever reported. hawaii being pummelled with torrential rains, high seas and high winds at this very moment.
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thanks for joining us. the u.s. military launched targeted rocket attacks against isis. families fleeing isis are trapped. the president says it is time to act. >> today, america is coming to help. we've begun operations to help iraqi civilians stranded on the mountain. descend the mountain and be slaughtered or stay and slowly die of thirst and hunger. forces below have called for the systematic destruction of the entire people. and i believe the united states of america cannot turn a blind eye. air drops of food and water to stop the advance. i've directed our military to take targeted strikes against convoys against if these terrorist forces threaten our personnel or authorities anywhere in iraq, including our
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embassy in baghdad. >> already in baghdad, proof nothing is at off limits. militants ransacked and burned the tomb of osama bin laden. the top american general in iraq says, quote, was must neutralize this enemy. good to see you, kelly. you know, there's a lot of risk involved in the president's decision. >> there is, betty, and that might be why president obama said he would not let the u.s. be dragged back into a war in iraq and that any air strikes would be limited. the decision announced late yesterday after the president met with his national security team as isis fighters continued to gain ground in the north. they took control of the country's largest dam yesterday. and there are unconfirmed reports they seize add check point a 30-minute drive from a city of 1 1/2 million. the kurds deny that. hundreds of thousands have been driven from their homes, including 50,000 members of a
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religious minority. there, the people trapped on the mountain without food or water for days. last night, three u.s. military cargo planes escorted by fighter jets dropped supplies to them at the request of the iraqi government. and the president said air strikes could be used to help the iraqis and kurds break the siege of that mountain top or to protect americans or u.s. facilities. but the president said there will be no boots on the ground. betty? >> that's an important message there, too. thank you. breaking news in the middle east to tell you about. the cease-fire ends and fighting returns. rockets rain down on israel and gaza this morning. israel left frustrated by it all. >> israel wanted to see the cease-fire succeed. >> live in tel aviv. okay, jim. what does this mean for the peace talks taking place in cairo? >> good morning, betty, well, it means the war is back on and the
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peace talks are on hold. they may well be dead. the israeli delegation left cairo and returned to jerusalem without a deal. hamas officials have reportedly offered to extend the cease-fire if israel lifted the blockade around gaza and released a number of militant prisoners. israel rejected that offer and dozens of rockets have been fired since then. israel after holding its fire for a while has officially begun to retaliate with, quote, force. meaning that air strikes and tanks and artillery fire will be used. the sense coming out of the talks, betty, was that israel seemed willing to discuss humanitarian issues like the opening of the border crisis for ga gazans but wouldn't bend at all on the security issues. so the israeli defense forces says it once again will strike at targets about across gaza strip and rockets are once again sounding throughout the southern region of israel. back to you.
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>> thank you, jim. things are rapidly changing, as well. a cell just downgraded to a tropical storm. a cell is 50 miles a i way i from hawaii with speeds of 70 miles per hour. meanwhile, hurricane julio is now a category 3 hurricane. let's bring in nbc's mike taibbbi. what's happening there? >> yeah, betty, that was good news. and just a few minutes ago, we heard for the first time the words from anchor man in our local affiliate, we are lucky, in that iselle is downgraded to tropical storm iselle. that doesn't mean that people haven't been confirmed and certainly means there will still be some disruption and destruction. hundreds of people have moved to shelter in the big islands. downed power lines and downed power lines on maui that have shut down a water treatment plant that involves a lot of
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people have to conserve water because the plant can no longer generate water as long as the power until the power goes on. we've talked to a meteorologist at the university of hawaii a while ago. he says here's the deal. with iselle passing by as a tropical storm and a more southern track before, the concern now is about hurricane julio, which as you said was a category 3, 115 miles an hour winds sustained 130-mile gusts tracking to the north of maui. if that changes, there could be problems, but if it doesn't, these hurricanes, the huge systems nevertheless behave like tornadoes with a restricted area of destruction. if they miss by 10 miles, 20 miles, 30 miles, the effects will be of a storm surge on the one hand, wind and rain, but not the impact of a full-grade category 3 hurricane. here on maui, not a big run on the stores, not a big area of concern expressed to us.
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they're not panicking. >> thank you. and meteorologist here with the latest for hawaii. seems like things are improving. that's good news this morning. >> there have already been reports of power outage, structural damage and heavy flooding rainfall across the big island of hawaii. and that's just the beginning as iselle continues to close in on the big island. we expect to see hundreds of reports, thousands of reports of heavy flooding rainfall which would cause mud slides and the threats for gusty winds to cause widespread power outages. things looking quiet, beautiful end to the week in the northeast, plenty of sunshine in the big apple with high temperatures in the low 80s. kansas city, drier day, warming up to warm day in l.a. very typical for this time of year, but any of the thunderstorms locally could produce heavy rainfall, atlanta
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looking for high temperatures at around 90 degrees. while things are quiet in the mainland, not so quite in hawaii. >> yeah, it's been downgraded, that's the good news there. >> that's the good news. now for the latest in sports. preseason football has officially kicked off. the super bowl contenders met for the first time. the broncos get a little redemption with a 21-16 victory over the seahawks. >> there's deanthony thomas out of oregon and here he goes. good-bye. >> deanthony thomas with the play of the night. showing off that speed. chiefs will edge out the bengals, 41-39. now to baseball, mets take on the nationals, the game went into extra innings tied at three. but wasn't until bryce harper with the hard hit into left for a two-run walk-off. his fourth this season.
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a scary moment in miami, dan jennings is nailed in the head by a 101-mile-per-hour line drive against the pirates n. a haze, slow to get up as you see there but eventually carted off. later diagnosed with a concussion. in kentucky, round one of the pga championship is in the books. tiger may be pain-free, but struggled with his performance. bogied 2 of the first 5 holes. another injury plagues the green, though. this time defending pga champ dufner called it quits because of recurring neck injury. breaking news on the magnitude of the ebola virus worldwide. plus, investors are spooked by world events. and this accident is anything but a coke and a smile, details next. over 20 million kids everyday in our country
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all right. time to get down to business.
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geopolitical unrest in iraq, russia, ukraine and the middle east continue to concern investors. . well, after two major passenger plane incidents, malaysia airlines will be taken off the country's stock exchange and will become completely government owned. hyundai will pay a $17 million fine for delaying a report about a break defect on its genesis luxury cars. and general motors issues a third recall on suvs that can catch fire. older models, including trailblazers, gmc envoys, buick rainier and the 97x from 2006 and 2007. power window control switch can cause a short and spark a fire. stories making news this morning. new, just hours ago. >> this morning, i am declaring the current outbreak of ebola virus disease a public health emergency of international concern. >> well, there you have it.
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the world health organization makes it official. it is the largest ebola outbreak ever recorded. the w.h.o. issues a coordinated national response against the virus that's killed nearly 1,000. this just a day, though, after the health officials in the u.s. discuss the unprecedented scale of the crisis. dr. tom freeden offered hope. >> we can stop ebola. we know how to do it. it will be a long and hard fight. and the situation in nigeria is particularly concerning, but we can stop ebola. >> today, with afghanistan on the verge of political chaos, secretary of state john kerry will meet with hamid karzai. it's the second day of an unannounced trip aimed at resolving ongoing disputes about who won the presidential election back in june. kerry met with the two candidates vying to seat karzai yesterday.
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video shows a violent moment of impact. look at that in jacksonville, florida. that coca-cola truck slams into a fish market. five people, including a child were injured. netflix stock, it is surging. ceo reid hastings announced the company passed industry goliath hbo in subscriber revenue. he says they're still behind in profits and emmies but says he is, quote, honored to be in the same league. political campaign ads getting nasty already. and richard nixon tweeting? really? scrambled politics is next. @ñ
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some good news for nsa leaker edward snowden. russia just announced he can stay in their country for three more years. and snowden was like, old news, bro. i leaked that yesterday. the russian government said edward snowden can stay three more years. or as obama put it, oh, that was going to be his prison sentence anyway. doesn't matter to me. >> now here's your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. we're one step closer to finding out exactly what happened to lois lerner's e-mails. asking for a court appointed forensic expert to look for the e-mails. it's a significant victory for the embattled irs.
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alaska's republican senator lisa murkowski is demanding her counterpart take down an ad featuring the two of them. her lawyer claims the ad misleads voters about the bipartisan relationship. take a look at this part of the ad narrated by an alaskan voter. >> vote as much as 80% of the time together. i don't think we ought to break up that team. >> well, according to the hill, the camp is standing be i the ad's accuracy. the montana democratic party is looking for a new u.s. senate candidate now that senator john walsh has dropped his election bid amid accusations he plagiarized parts of his master thesis. more fallout for senator rand paul after seen getting up and walking away during an encounter in iowa this week. a candidate from south dakota is mocking the libertarian senator with a new ad. check it out. >> i'm gordon howie, running for
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u.s. senate from south dakota. i'd like to talk with you about immigration. i'm gordon howie and i approve this message, because we can't run from our immigration crisis. >> all right, then. hillary clinton is busy on a book tour as you know. but politico reports she squeezed in time to write a three-page forward. former president richard nixon passed away two decades ago, but would you believe he's actually on twitter? well, not exactly. a 33-year-old playwright has been using the underscore dick nixon with more than 8,000 followers. elizabeth warren is weighing in on the age old debate of whether women can have it all. here's her take during an interview that aired on own.
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>> we live lives right out to the margins. >> yeah. >> very full. and we try to manage a lot. and when you have a family and you're trying to get a career going, it's a lot to make happen. but another way i see it is, you've got to be a prop solver. >> and that's your morning dish. now to a person that does have it all in talking about the hill. good morning, happy friday. >> happy friday, betty. how are you? >> i'm doing well. what's the reaction in washington to president obama's decision to launch air strikes in northern iraq to stop sunni militants? we heard that decision last night on television. are you hearing any fallout from it today? >> there is some fallout today about president obama's decision to authorize air strikes in iraq. yesterday, last night, i'm sorry, senators lindsay graham and john mccain, two republicans who had been quite -- quite, they've criticized the administration for their quote
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unquote inaction in the region and inaction with military overseas. to have said this is long overdue. and i think that the war hawks and the republican party, this is something that they would like to see continue. and something they've been urging for a long time. i've got to tell you, betty, on the flip side of that, there is some criticism in washington that this is a policy reversal from president obama and the administration. but i think that over the next couple of days, especially on the sunday shows, we're going to be seeing a lot more of the fallout continue. >> help us understand how dire the situation is with the religious minority group that the president talked about. because he really went close to calling it a potential genocide. >> you know, he did. and what's happening is you've got this group that is extremely isolated in northern iraq that is isolated on top of a mountain. and surrounded by extremists. and so they had -- according to
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the president last night we heard him say that they had said, there's no one here to help you. and last night, president obama saying that america is here to help you. and so i do think he is trying to position this as a way -- and make the case that america is going to be there to support a war that was started as we all know many years ago during the bush administration. >> but the president said he's making it clear that he has no intention of launching a ground war in iraq. all right, kevin, thank you, enjoy your friday. >> thank you, you too, thank you, betty. coming up, closing arguments from the defense in the oscar pistorius going on right now. we'll have the details just ahead. the best place to start your car search. great for frank, who's quite particular... russian jazz funk? next to swedish hip hop. when he knows what he wants... - thank you. do you have himalayan toad lilies? spotted, or speckled? speckled. yes. he has to have it. a cubist still life of rye bread... sold. it's perfect.
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leading the news from bloomberg, pistorius defense lays out final case against murder conviction. today could be the last day of the oscar pistorius trial as the lawyers present the final argument. prosecutors wrapped up closing arguments yesterday and asked that the judge reject pistorius' defense. >> no difficulty interjecting the events. not only possibly true, but the essence, the essence has been devoid of any truth. >> now, for some entertainment news. it is a super hero showdown at the box office this weekend. "guardians of the galaxy" is expected to stay on top earning an additional $44 million. but paramount's teenage mutant ninja turtles looking to earn third place.
2:28 am
and universal television is looking to star a new film involving the lonely island. looking forward to working with judd apatow. and after the release of the official trailer, "mocking jay'jay'" has released character posters. son of ironman star robert downy jr. has been formally charged with felony drug possession. arraignment at the end of august. and look who stopped by the set of "royal pains," khloe kardashian and scott will appear in september. speaking of medical cameos, lady gaga took to instagram to show she was all right for altitude sickness. mtv announces maroon 5 and beyonce will perform.
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arrested development on board for another season of the hit show. this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" with thomas roberts starts right now. today, i authorized two operations in iraq. targeted air strikes to protect our american personnel, and a humanitarian effort to help save thousands of iraqi civilians trapped on a mountain without food and water and facing almost certain death. >> president obama announces air strikes and most importantly, humanitarian aid for iraqi ref ewe refugees. the hawaiian islands. can people relax now that one of the storms have been downgraded? and he is smarter than your average bear. the best video you're going to see all week when you meet
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vinny. hide your picnic baskets. this is "way too early." hey, everybody, good morning, i'm thomas roberts, welcome to "way too early," the show that barely believed in upright walking bears, but we have been converted and so will you. you will also be bothered with the amount of bear puns i'm going to stick into 30 minutes of "way too early" programming. but we want to start off with what we know coming out of iraq. american planes are back over that country. some packed with food and water, others armed with weapons of war. it's part of a new u.s. mission there to provide aid to refugees and to strike terrorist targets should american lives come under threat. president obama authorized this operation following new advances by islamic militants. and they're poised to attack one of the biggest cities in the north, home to an american consulate and hundreds of u


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