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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  August 27, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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questions. >> that's the way it should be. >> all right. if it's way too early, what time is it? >> morning joe because we have the daily run down with the great chuck todd. just how close are we to air strikes on isis in syria? new u.n. report delivers more shocking news about what's happening in that civil war. not very civil. we'll have the latest on what the u.s. thinks it can do about it. we'll also talk to fellow floridian and debbie wusaerman schulz about isis and florida politics. and the spotlight on the clash in kentucky. and what exactly does mitt romney's latest musings tell us about 2016? me thinks there's a door that is at least unlocked if not ajar. good morning from washington, it's went, august 27th, 2014, this is the daily
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rundown. three days in counting for me as host of tdr. we have a mystery guest later this hour that they swear you won't want to miss. and this is not tv bs, they wept me out of the loop. this is first about syria. flighting oemp the country in an every to collect isis targets. it may just be a matter of time before air strikes begin. and if it feels like you've seen this movie before, you have. here's how we led off the daily onedown exactly one year ago today. august 27th, 2013. secretary of state john kerry laid out an aggressive case for intervention in syria arguing that evidence of the largest chemical attack in decades sun denial. it's the latest escalation in the steady drum beat by the united states and its alleys, which is clearly a lead up to military action. well there you go. one year ago. it is as yogi bear said déjà vu
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all over again. it's a different enemy. but it's the same country, and it's the same set of questions. what exactly are we getting ourselves into? today the united nations laid out a list of atrocities taking place in the midst of this syrian civil war. the findings were horrific, public executions and amputat n amputatio amputations. bodies put on display. women lashed. children as young as ten being recruited to fight. as for president bah sheer al assad and the syrian government, they're accused of heinous war crimes. torture, assault, as well as the use of chemical weapons and barrel bombs all in defiance of international law and frankly international norms. and like it or not, the u.s. would be helping assad if it goes after isis. that's because they control syria and iraq. an area about the size of the entire united kingdom along with four million people that live in that area.
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if the u.s. decides to launch air strikes, it is hoping to do so with the full support of an international coalition, but what's it going to look like? efforts rundsway to try and enlist australia, britain, jordan, qatar, and the uae. but the u.s. insists will it will not coordinate with assad nor seek his approval. >> when it comes to the interest of the american people, the interests of the united states, we're not going to ask for permission from the syrian regime. >> in one sense, that's not surprising, president obama said that president assad lost his legit many si and needed to step down three years ago. i want to draw your attention to something josh ernest said yesterday. he used language in describes u.s. policy toward assad. here's what he said, quote, as a matter of policy, we have not recognized the assad regime as the leader of syria and no plans
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to change that policy. of course there's a big difference between assad lost his legitimacy and saying the u.s. doesn't recognize him as the leader. >> remains to be seen how it impacts strategy in syria. that said, the politics of this discussion is being altered by the fact that americans are being impacted. it's a big difference from a year ago. one american hostage, james foley has been executed. another hostage, peter theo curtis held by a different group in syria was released and reunited with his family, thankfully. but we're not hearing more about another american being held. she's a 26-year-old woman who was taken hostage by isis more than a year ago while taking part in a humanitarian mission. her name is not being releelsed. by the way, it's not just americans being victimized by isis. some joined the battle fighting for the extremists. one was killed over the weekend. a man named douglas mcarthur mccain. richard angle has been covering the developments, he joins me this morning from new york, and
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richard, this issue of americans joining the fight. i know this is primarily, you could argue more of a western european issue of these folks that have been joining the fight, but there are some americans there, we now know of one because he's been killed. how many other douglas mcarthur mccains are there? >> u.s. officials say there's between 70 and 100 that they know about. people that have cycled through syria to join isis or other similar islamic militant groups. with about a dozen, perhaps two dozen in the country at any one time. and we've been following this case of douglas mcarthur mccain, what a name, we heard that he was killed a couple of days ago. fsa, the rebels, the moderate rebels we used to report about, the people that the u.s. considered freedom fighters with hoping we're going to topple
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bashar al-assad. they killed three foreign fighters and one had an american passport in his pocket and he had about $800 in cash as well until his pocket. we were back and forth with the rebels. we identified the body, we looked at the passport, and it was this guy. and it seems that the u.s. government had also been tracking him, had been following his postings online and effectively had been waiting for him to either show up trying to to come united states or show up dead. >> you know richard, obviously the concern and you heard, you know, some hyperbole frankly from members of congress who say any american citizens that are fighting, that have american fights that are fighting on behalf of isis are only a plane ride away. is that a real threat or is it, is it a threat they know about, or is it just sort of something that well, it could happen, but is it really the aspiration of these american fighters?
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>> this particular guy. he couldn't vp gotten on a plane and come back to the u.s. he was known. and if he had tried to board a plane and land at jfk. i'm very convinced he would have been arrested. the danger is, what about the fighters we don't know about. i mentioned that the u.s. thinks there are between 70 and 100. well, that's a 30 discrepancy. what about these people? what about other fighters who decide they're going to become radicalized and to want join isis, but don't want to make the journey all the way to syria? and there's plenty who say you don't have to come here. we're establishing a worldwide caliphate or islamic state. don't put yourself at risk. i think isis is a real danger. i think it is a danger that we've known about for a long time. the u.s. hasn't really wanted to talk about it because the, because syria's been such a foreign policy challenge, such a foreign policy failure, i think for the united states and for a lot of countries.
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but this is, this is a problem that has become obvious that that has been well known for some time in washington. >> it's good have you stateside for a few weeks. >> i hope to be on the show with meet the press, congratulations. >> you got it the, congratulations. thank you sir, we'll have you any time you're in washington, there's always a chair for you my friend. while the international politics heat up, we can't forget about what's going on domestically. the dust is still settling in florida and arizona. dpormer governor charlie crist seemed to put questions to request to win over democratic primary voters. he won, beating nan rich by a nearly 3-1 margin. 74% for a guy who never ran before. not too bad there. incumbent governor rick scott did better. he won nearly 90% of the vote. they are set to face and a half what is likelying to the nastiest and most expensive race
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in the country. not just for governor, but for any position. out in arizona, we had a real dozy. or shall we say a deucy. doug dejesusy became the runner up for scott smith. the former mayor was endorsed by jan brewer. now faces fred duval, the democrat who ran unopposed. >> i want to congratulate fred on his big win. we now know that this guy is simply unstoppable. as long as he doesn't have an opponent. >> arizona's future can be so bright, we have something so special here, but what's missing are leaders who care less about party politics and more about building a future together and growing our economy. >> in all honesty folks, the arizona governor's race is a little too much under radar, it's going to be competitive in the fall, one to watch. now joining me the chair of the
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dnc, congresswoman schulz, good morning. >> good morning, chuck, great to be with you. and your last week. >> thank you very much. let me start with isis here before we get to politics on syria. a year ago, this week, we were debating what, what should the president do if he decides to strike should he did doing more than just consulting with congress? should he be getting authority? official authority from congress? here we are a year later, it's a different issue, some country, different set of targets, different enemy right now. but what should congresses role be what do you want it to be? >> well a year ago, on this very same topic, i publicly say theed that i thought the president had the right and was well within his authority to engage in air strikes against syria. you know simply because assad had, you know, gone after and murdered his own people with chemical weapons.
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and that that was an american interest and an american national security interest. now a year later, we have americans who are endangered, who have been killed like you said, different threat, but i think the president does have the authority to engage in ensuring that we protect americans, internationally and our national security interests. and you know, certainly consult with congress, which he has done and will continue to do. i think the president has the authority to engage in those strikes. >> look, the syria question has been one that's been around for over a decade about what to do about assad, 15 years ago, the concern was this was a guy that was providing sanctuary to the heads of hezbollah and hamas. thvs considered an enemy of rally. somebody, i remember bob graham, former democratic senator, he thought there was a missing country. he thought syria should have been included. one of the reasons he wasn't in
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favor of the war resolution. he thought syria was arguably a bigger threat. what, what should be done about syria? what should be, i think that this is among the questions that the president himself is trying to figure out. because once you start bombing in syria, you can't undue your involvement. >> well, i think that's what the president and his national security team are carefully evaluating. i mean we have just come through, you know, a very long period of sustained engagement in war. our nation is war weary, but, obviously we have a threat with isis that has to be contained. they have engaged in a moral depravity that seems unpreced t unprecedented all the way back, you have to look to the holocaust and other genocides to find that kind of depravity. so making sure that we can stop them, making sure that assad and
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his regime, essentially are shut down, really once and for all, that is, it's a tough -- >> can i just tell you, you're proposing almost a two front war. i mean, and i understand it, that u.n. report, i know, but i'm just saying to stop assad, stop isis, that's two separate challenges. >> no, let's not make any mistake. >> reporter: fair enough, i hear you. >> i'm not proposing war at all. i am saying that the president is right to be carefully evaluating our involvement in our engagement, and in making sure first and foremost that we use our military ability to protect american international and national security interests and to protect americans. obviously americans have clearly be endangered by this terrorist organization. that to me is the primary threat right in front of us. but clearly assad has, as you
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said, for decades, hare board terrorists -- harbored terrorists, allowed for this country to become an ink baiter for these terrorist organization and i'm sure the president and this team is factoring that into the equation. >> okay. i want to move to politics, state of florida, charlie crist. you were careful not to endorse in this democratic primary, and i know as chair of the dnc, that is an official policy. i want to set that aside. do you trust charlie crist he's going to stay a democrat, stand up for democratic values for four years, eight years if elected governor? >> i do. i trust charlie crist to be as a strong voice for working families. for being, to be a strong voice as he has said. as the people's governor. you know, chuck, going back -- >> what changed, let me ask you this, what changed? >> let me finish the answer to my question. >> yeah.
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>> sure. i've worked against him, worked with him, that's actually one of the refreshing things about charlie crist, particularly compared to jeb bush, i was in the legislature under jeb bush when he was governor. it was absolutely impossible to work with jeb bush as governor. when crist became governor, i didn't agree with him on everything, but i will tell you that i thought some of the things that he did that were against his own parties interests and that angered his own party. like, let's not forget, after the 2000 election, chuck, when we established touch screen voting screens and floridians all across the state were really uncomfortable not having a paper recei receipt, that was very sensitive subject. charlie crist's republican party opposed in the legislature, preventing us from allow a paper receipt, and charlie crist eliminated touch screen voting machines, put in the obstacle standards and made sure floridians everywhere could have confidence that when they cast
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their ballot, their vote was going to be counted. that is a corner stone of the principles when it comes to our voter expansion program and ensuring we get the vote out. that we get folks registered and when they cast their ballot, it's counted. that's just one example. there's quite a few others, saved 20,000 teachers job. e edss. he vetoed a bill. he stood up and made sure that we could get the middle class into the kind of shape that they want to be. and he's running against a republican governor who is embraced tea party principles. >> debar kauserman schulz, chair of the dnc, thanks for being on. hope my hurricanes have a better record than your gators. >> go gators. coming up next, an exclusive first look at a big time new york times magazine piece on kentucky senate clash between mitch mcconnell and allison
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the jackie robinson west little probably going to be the most expensive senate race this year, which means it could be the most expensive ever. move over michael huffington. mitch mcconnell picked an interesting strategy. he could win if he runs against the president than against allison grimes. mcconnell told jonathan martin quote, the first job is to restore the senate and i fully
6:21 am
intend to do that. last week he revealed why he's dead set of gaining control of the senate. the president needs to be challenged. and the best way to do that is through the funding process. in other words, could be setting up a big show down. mcconnell is threatening to use a republican majority to pass bills limiting theed a mrgsz or let the government veto or risk government shutdowns. when americans are fed up, the senator is portraying himself as an outsider leaving the senate to fight president obama's top priorities in his final two years. >> there's only one thing barack obama needs to keep his grip on power, he needs the usa. >> the question is, will enough kentucky voters rally around that rational. no democrat has won since 1992. really only by a few points. so far he's raised twice as much money hauling in almost $24 million as of june 30th.
6:22 am
joined now martin, first interview with mcconnell and first look at his sunday new york times debut, by the way. kentucky derby as it's called. it is fascinating to watch mcconnell in this race. his biggest liability is being part of washington. but he is almost saying, you've got to have a, he's basically asking kentucky voters vote for a republican senate. don't vote for mitch mcconnell. >> that's his entire pitch. i was with him three different times in the state, and his stump message is, if you want to change washington, the way you can do that is to change the senate. here is -- >> but in kentucky, that means status quo. >> exactly right. here is the epitome of a threat, a 30 year stall word of u.s. and talking about changing washington and you know, bringing change to the status quo. there is more than a little irony there. but in mcconnell's case, he's talking about the status quo that is president obama. his campaign is entirely about
6:23 am
barack obama. it's a one note campaign. >> but this is proof then, he is seeing the same poll numbers which is mcconnell's is the same as barack obama's. that's the dirty secret. >> the only campaign route is to make it about barack obama. and the flipside is allison grimes wants to make it entirely about mitch mcconnell. >> which he gave her, i think that if he loses, we'll look to that interview he did with politico, and that statement of fact that i'm going to challenge the president. because what seems to be frustrating more americans, and i don't care if it's kentucky or california is the idea that washington doesn't work. and he's basically saying, i'm going to make sure their showdowns in washington. >> yeah. >> nas a tough -- that's a tough campaign message to have. it hands grimes more fuel. >> he was doing in the service of making this race about barack obama, but you're right. . doing so, he is helping her reinforce her message that he is
6:24 am
the guardian of gridlock. whastz is striking about mcdonnell, you are aware of this, this is odd due alty in the sense that he considers himself the outsider after all these years. i think if you look back to his youth, he came up in a state that was democratic, dominate basis democratic party that by the way is still strong down there for a southern state. and he has created this self-thought image of himself as a nixon or johnson style figure who could never get any respect by the establishment. even though he is the establishment now. in this case, he's right. he is on outsider. he is in the republican party oddly enough. this is not, mitch mcconnell -- >> liberals hate him. >> that's right. he doesn't seem to fit well in today's republican society. >> his dog's name was rocky after nelson rockefeller. look, he is somebody who started his politics support, ford over reagan in '76. in 80, howard baker before he was for reagan.
6:25 am
this is somebody who won a race for local office on a promise to give state workers collective bargaining rights. he has moved to the right over the years. >> right. >> he has not moved to the right far enough for this tea party. so he is in an odd place where liberals loathe him and right can't stand him. >> don't change message, but it is his only path to victory. >> change, but don't change me. >> it's a great piece, more needs to be done on this. we're not giving it enough time, but i pack my show, typical me. the third time the charm for mitt romney? wait until you hear what he said this time. two-time presidential candidate says it's not out of the question to run again. the's been unlocked, folks, that's next. but first today's trivia question. first sitting govern successfully run for president. first person to tweet the correct answer, the answer is coming up on tdr.
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when it comes to 2016, mitt romney seems to be opening the door for a run to the white house, if only just a crack. the reason the republican feels the issues of foreign policy could be changing romney's chances. romney gave this answer yesterday during a radio interview on the hugh hewitt show. >> we said look, i have had the chance of running, i didn't win, someone else has a better chance than i do. and that's what we believe, and that's why i'm not running. and you know, circumstances can change, but i'm just not going to let my head go there. i remember that line from dumb and dumber, where the -- >> so you're telling me i have a chance. >> yes, you remember. one out of million. >> well, you've got to the give him credit for quoting dumb and dumber there. that's a big of a contrast from
6:30 am
the answer he was giving to the same question. here's a little nontauj. >> i'm not running for president. i'm not running. and talk of a draft is kind of silly. i've answered that question a number of times, the answer is no, i'm not running for president in 2016. >> are you thinking about running for president again? >> no, i'm thinking about the people who i want to see running for president. and there's quite a group. >> well, as you heard, here are the circumstances that could be changing though. this is legit, the republican presidential favorites, jeb bush, scott walker, chris christie, at least who the establishment are looking are looking weaker. romney criticism of foreign policy which got laughed at by some in 2012 sl gaining some credence, particularly with the republican base. he's looking less naive since his campaign comments about the threat of russia and the unrest in the middle east. paul ryan is hoping that romney
6:31 am
will run again. >> well, i sure wish he would. i think he'd make a phenomenal president. he has the intellect, the honor, the character, and the temperament to be a fantastic president. i wish everybody could see the guy that i know. >> and think of it this way, if hillary clinton is projected to raise more than a billion dollars, perhaps closer to two billion, for 2016, there's just one republican right now who has ever managed to raise more than a billion dollars for a campaign, and his name is will lard, mitt romney. the surprise guest next, this one is a can't miss as opposed to yesterday's can't miss. your guess is as good as mine, we'll find out in the three minutes. that's okay. because a fresh start awaits. with exciting worlds to explore, and challenges yet unmet, new friendships to forge, and old ones to renew. it's more than a job. and they're more than just our students.
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so welcome back, to the students, and to the educators. ready to teach. and ready to learn. this is charlie. his long day of doing it himself starts with back pain... and a choice. take 4 advil in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. honey, you did it! baby laughs!
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can you fix it, dad? yeah, i can fix that. (dad) i wanted a car that could handle anything. i fixed it! (dad) that's why i got a subaru legacy. (vo) symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 36 mpg. i gotta break more toys. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. well as part of my send off before i head over to meet the press, my producers have been springing mystery guests on me this week. i goat find out now who's behind door number two.
6:35 am
oh, wow. how about this? senator mccain. >> i called to congratulate you and as the person who has the most of appearances on meet the press, i'd be gladded to give you a gsh glad to give you a lot of advice and questions. i have one other suggestion, we should change the name from meet the press, to meet the world's foremost political junkie, ed guess. how about that? >> well, it's funny you say this, 69 times, here's a fun little montage that my team put together. let me throw that out there for a minute. >> well, i would not under any circumstances consider being vice president of the united states. vice president has two duties, one is to inquire daily as to the health of the president and the other is to attend the funerals of third world dictators. and neither of those do i find an enjoyable exercise. >> welcome back to meet the press. you've been busy, but it's good
6:36 am
have you back here again. >> well thank you. i noticed you mentioned nine months, i think i still have been more appearances on meet the press than anybody else. >> i think that's true. except maybe bob dole has a few more than you, but he has a few years on you. >> still time to catch up. >> john mccain, thanks. >> i haven't had so much fun since my last interrogation. >> that might be the best quote, i don't know how you top that. senator, let me ask you this, you're a long time washington guy, what do you think the role of meet the press has been and should be in washington and for america? >> i think it has been the premier, not just the oldest, but the premier sunday encounter that the american people can have with leading figures in the political world. and i would suggest that rather than try to expand it and do all kinds of different issues and subjects and kind of cute little
6:37 am
an tech dotes that we really do what you do best, and that is focus on the political dynamics that are going on in this country, which then means what are our policies, what are the dynamics, and rather than expand the scope, i think that one of the things about tim is that he had really the best minds in america, but not on every subject, but particularly on what was going on in washington, d.c. because i think that's what the original purpose of meet the press was, and of course, i have absolutely no responsibility for anything i've just said. >> you know, it's interesting, as you might expect, and you've, i've got an ton of advice unsolicited back and forth. on many things, having to do with the show, what it should be and all these things, but there is one thing that seems to keep popping up the most. america is so fed up with
6:38 am
washington, they're so tired of washington that they're not listening now to any of us who are trying to have serious conversations. what do you tell? you're a town hall guy, you talk to people, real people a lot more than many of your colleagues on capitol hill. how do you explain the washington mess and the sort of lack of engagement now where the public does feel as if they're throwing up their hands. i'm tired of it, i'm ignoring it. >> well i think they're tired of it and they're angry, but they are paying attention. they know what's going on. in my town hall meetings, people really know what's going on, which is -- which contributes to their anger. needs to be explained to them. exactly the, you asked the question that is plaguing america and politics today. why is it that we are so gridlocked in the 50u8 we had approval ratings of 70, congress had approval ratings of 70, 80%,
6:39 am
12%? i think they still pay attention, but that contributes to their anger. and i think they need to be informed. meet the press can inform them by getting, i think, some of the best minds in america to talk to them on sunday morning. that's been the role of meet the press. and so, i don't think it's a lack of interest as much as it is frankly frustration and anger. >> you know, one of the, unof my theories as to why its been so hard for this washington to come together versus the washington of the 80s and the 90s. is that we've lost ideological diversity in the two parties that, you know, they're used to be, liberal republicans, conservative republicans, and there's going to be conservatives who say hey, you're talking to one of those republicans, but there used to be liberal democrats and conservative democrats. some of them, and that's how stuff got done. bob packwood and dan would get
6:40 am
stuff done. is that among the things that i ams us? we're too separated. they're two ha imagine nis? >> i think so, and i think obviously as far as the house is concerned, redistricting has had a significant affect. there is an occasional time, you know, bernie sanderson and i negotiated a va bill, but that was because it was a burning issue. i mean, that we had to, we had to act. there is a certain taint now and with some elements of both parties that they condemn you if you come to an agreement. and i'm always fascinated in my party, people who call themselves reagan republicans, either don't know or don't remember the fact that ronald reagan was the guy that negotiated with tip o'neil, he said if someone is with me 80% of the time, they're with me, a big tent party. and so, elections have consequences. and i believe that hopefully
6:41 am
that the pendulum can swing back. the one thing that politicians crave, it's approval. and the disapproval is really phenomenal. we republicans look at the president's disapproval rating, look at ours. you know. >> you know, you've been, i was, you get criticized, you have elements of the arizona republican party that have been beating you up for years because they say you're not conservative enough, you get out here and i'm going get here on twitter, ohio my god, you had senator mccain on, so clearly, you've had the ability to sort of to do this, and it works for you. but, is that the issue? it just doesn't work for enough swing voters don't exist or they don't reward this anymore? >> i think part of it is to try to maintain contact. i've been doing town hall meetings and i continue to do direct contact i think of significant importance. look, chuck, i'm the only you'll ever have on that's been
6:42 am
censored by the arizona party, sanctioned by vladimir putin and isis said was enemy number one crusader, that covers territory. >> that you want at the top of your buying if i these days. that those, those are badges of honor. let me ask you one more thing about money and politics. it's not a voting issue. you know that, people don't vote on this issue. i just did a little thing about why some people are really talking up mitt romney because of his ability that hillary clinton could raise $2 billion, maybe he's the only guy that could raise over a billion dollars. and you say to yourself, george w. bush and al gore spent $150 million in 2000 in the last three months of that campaign. and the word got out about their candidacies last i heard. people knew what gore was for and that election took place. a $4 billion presidential campaign, how do you stop this? >> it's going to have to take a scandal. by the by that 2008, as you
6:43 am
know, we took matching funds, which then, but. >> reporter: and barack obama did not. and he did not. and it esk lated because he, and there's no doubt and you just wonder where does it stop? >> it's going to have to be a scanned ld, and there will be a scandal. when you look through the history of american politics, there's been reform, scandal, reform, tr of course was one of the real first great reformers. there's going to be a scandal. there is too much money washing around that is unattributed, chuck, and the citizens united decision by the united states supreme court was one of the worst in history saying that corporations are people that money is speech. violation of everything that i believe certainly in the 20th century that we believed in as far as financing of campaigns or concerns. this will reverberate for years, but and there will be a scandal, then there will be reform. but in the men time, it's
6:44 am
really -- meantime it's really sad. >> senator john mccain, you are the current record holder prp i had a sit down with bob dole, and he said to me, i've said had the most appearances, john mccain passed you. well, i need to fix that. so you know, watch out. dole wants back. he wants that top spot back. >> i love him. and he's traveling around kansas -- >> he sure is. >> he's a marvelous, wonderful man, and i can't tell you how much i love and appreciate him. >> senator john mccain, you're kind to do this, you're kind with your words. i can't be so kind the next time you're on the show, you know that? >> i know. you've got that got you questions down cold. >> oh, all right. senator, good to see you sir. >> thank you. >> see you. >> jour very kind. we just learned that the american hostage who just returned home last night will make a statement at 10:00 a.m. eastern. msnbc will have live coverage of that right after my show. first the white house look
6:45 am
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6:51 am
turning back to the threat of isis. lawmakers own both sides of the aisle are calling for the white house to seek congressional approval before authorizing any further military operations against isis in syria and iraq. not many are doing it. bob corker the top republican told me on the show that
6:52 am
congress needs to, quote, own any further action. democratic senator tim cain said congress should vote up or down on the issue and democratic congressman john said congress should return to washington early before the august recess ends in september 8th to deal with the situation in syria and iraq. joining me now is a leader in the house democratic caucus. assistant democratic congressman james. good morning to you, sir. >> thank you so much for having me, chuck. good morning to you. first of all, congratulations. >> thank you, sir. >> i commend you on the great achievement. it's a testimony to the fact that good guys can finish on top. >> thank you, you're kind to say that. you've been somebody i've enjoyed having on the show. very honest, answers questions. let me ask you this. john alrealarson wants to see congress get involved in this. it's not clear what the white house wants when it comes to congressional authority.
6:53 am
let's say you, you're in the leadership. what are you hearing from the rank and file? do you think the second branch of government here, arguably, some say the first branch of government if you read the constitution. should they have a say before strikes come down on syria? z>> >>. >> i think so. john larson is one of the people i have a great deal of republican for. he keeps up with these kinds of things. he's a go-to guy for me. aside from that, the fact of the matter is, i believe we have got to act, to repeal this movement called isis or isil. i think the white house, the president, if he please, would do well to come to congress, to lay out the issue, and i don't think he'll have any problems getting the congressional approval for moving against these people.
6:54 am
he would then have the cover of the protection of having come to the people's house to get it done. >> so you want the white house to ask for congressional approval. do you think the president legally has to have it? >> no, i don't think so. i think this is a continuation of the movement that have been authorized the president repel. they've got a different name, and because they're changing names doesn't mean they have changed their mission. >> you said something in june about the drones. you said it was of the instability in iraq. really, there is no border these days for isis between iraq and syria. you said, quote, i'm a great believer in drones and i think this situation cries out for it. so you think we should be drone
6:55 am
strikes should be the lead military option here that the president uses? z>> i don't know if it would bea lead but a part of it. anything that will prevent us from having to put troops on the ground, i think we ought to do. i think drones have proven to be very effective in targeting the source of problems. we ought to be using that. i don't think the american people want to see us put boots on the ground in syria or any other place, for that matter. >> let me ask you philosophically, drone strikes, when you take essentially the blood off the hands of a military power, and you don't -- and you're not -- do you worry that opens up pandora's -- it dehumanizes war too much.
6:56 am
drone strikes, obviously, have been unpopular when we used places in yemen and ungoverned parts of pakistan >>well, that may be true, but if humanizing the war means so you to put boots on the ground, you've got to fight in an area that is unfamiliar in a type of war that is unfamiliar, i don't want to dehumanize the war at the expense of innocents. i would rather much dehumanize the war and prevent it from getting out of hand. >> jim clyburn, i'm running against the clock here. one of the great gentleman of the u.s. congress. thank you so much, sir. thank you for having me. good luck. that's it for this edition of the "daily run down" coming up next jose diaz-balart.
6:57 am
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good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. we're expecting to hear live for the first time from peter theo curtis, and american writer released by an al qaeda affiliate after being held captive for 22 months in syria. he returned home to massachusetts last night. this morning he hung an american flag outside his home and in a statement said he was deeply indebted to the u.s. officials who have worked on my case. he also thanked the government of qatar who negotiated his release. that brings us to the growing threat coming from another terrorist group isis. right now the president is weighing his next steps to root out the islamic terrorist group that knows now brown i dids. he may have to do it with air strikes in syria not just iraq. u.s. surveillanceli