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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  October 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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developing news overnight. olympian oscar pistorius sentenced to five years for killing his girlfriend. we'll go live to south africa for the latest from the courthouse. plus, the great chuck todd is here for a midterm exam, including a debate he's moderating in new hampshire and rolling out a road trip for surprising senate fights in kentucky, kansas and more. also less than 24 hours after monica lewinsky steps into the spotlight again, bill clinton hits the campaign trail in
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illinois. how will the 2016 clinton clamber handle the blast from the past. good morning, everyone. it's two weeks until election day, tuesday, october 21st, and this is the daily rundown. we have new developments in the fight against ebola this morning. the cdc is issuing new, much tougher guidelines for health care workers nationwide. first, health care workers treating patients with ebola should get rigorous training and practice. second, no skin should be exposed. and third, all workers should be supervised by a trained monitor when putting on and taking off gear. health care workers have been pushing for this since two nurses contracted ebola in dallas. >> guidelines provide increased safety. they provide a consensus on better protecting health care workers. >> the cdc can't enforce this legally.
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but none of the health care workers who follow the guidelines have contracted the virus. we learned late yesterday emery university released an ebola patient they were caring for since september 9th. he was infecteded in west africa and is now free of the virus. that leaves three americans being treated for ebola. and nbc freelance photographer. doctors say he is doing well and may be able to go home in just a few days. really good news there. mukpo has been tweeting thanks to hospital staff and says he's still not sure exactly how he contracted the disease while working in liberia. and new video from the hot zone. military says it's flown 90 air lift missions. opened airfield and is distributing supplies in liberia. more than half of west africa's 4,a 500 ebola deaths have happened in liberia.
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sarah is joining us live from dallas with an update on people still in isolation there. what is the latest on the ground, sarah? >> well, good morning, kristen. we actually had 44 people roll off that monitor list yesterday. it was a brief moment of celebration in what has been a tense and at times scary situation here. included in that group were eight students. four of whom surprised district officials by showing up to school yesterday. still, they have been preparing for them. the students were welcomed back with open arms. now also included, thomas eric duncan's fiancee who described the day as bittersweet. focused on the watch list of 120 people who have contact with duncan after he was admitted to the hospital. they will all roll off on november 7th. nurses at the hospital staged a show of support yesterday at a press conference and made a
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promise to the community. >> we know we need to reaffirm the public's trust in us. but we're skk the community to stay with us today. we will reaffirm your trust. just know that our hospital is staf. we have the greatest group and team of nurses in the world. >> about 25 health care worker have taken the hospital up on the offer to stay in the hospital until the monitoring period is up. out of concern if they were to become symptom atic, they could expose more. back to you. >> sarah, thank you for your reporting, as always. the ebola threat is happening at a time when politics have stalled president obama's pick for surgeon general, leaving some critics to question if a
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ite house coordinator or czar is necessary joining me now is dr. richard kacarmen. >> if there were a surgeon general in place, would we need a czar? should this be a political appointment subject to approval from congress? >> i think we need leadership to unify all the portions of the health and human services and government that are working on this ebola issue. if we had an appropriate surgeon general, someone who not only is a physician scientist but somebody who has the knowledge and experience in management that's what we really need to provide output and keep the disease out of the country that we're challenged with right now. >> and just to be clear, do you think the president would need to appoint a czar?
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we were just showing pictures of ron klain. if there were a surgeon general in place? >> well, i don't want to act like i'm second guessing the preside president. but the surgeon general has earned the right, has the management skills, has the science skills. could be helpful. it's not going to solve the problem itself. mr. klain is a knowledgeable, very well respected political operative in washington. and it appears the president has placed faith in him to organize the government's response. however, that still doesn't address the issue of why we don't have a surgeon general and the importance of a surgeon general at a time like this, who could at the least assist in getting out the message to the american public and calming them. >> a lot of people asking that question. we do have an acting surgeon general in place. we haven't heard much from this. the cdc is issuing new guidelines for how ebola
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patients should be dealt with in u.s. hospitals. why are these guidelines just coming now, and then, would this be different if we had an actual surgeon general installed at this point? >> a surgeon general can coordinate the message. they generally have a great deal of authority and authenticity by their prensz because they have been around for so many generations and the public has come to rely on them. they could certainly assist in getting out the information that is necessary for the american people to make the right decisions and to feel more comfortable that the government is in fact doing the the right thing for them. >> doctor, i just really quickly, why weren't those put in place earlier? it seems like they really dr dropped ball on that. >> it seems a lot of people have. in fact, the guidelines were old, and ones we used during the time i was surgeon general, and it looks like complaisant and
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nobody expected this to happen. >> thank you for your insights this morning. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. as we were discussing here. former biden chief of staff, ron klain. despite being appointed on friday, klain won't start until tomorrow. that combined with the fact that klain himself has no health care or medical experience has fueled more headlines questioning the bhous pick. joining ne now, my friend and colleague at the white house chris jansing. what does he need to do to put the criticism to rest that he doesn't have the proper qualifications to be the point person? >> he has to do what the white house says he's cape nlable of doing. they knew they would take heat over the fact that he doesn't have a medical background. you have all the agencies, the whole government response. they needed somebody who knows how government works in washington. somebody chief of staff to two vice presidents. he is very much an insider.
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he has relationships with a lot of members of congress. he has to gain the trust of the medical professionals leading the charge from the nih, from major hospitals around the country. and he has to prove he's not adding another layer of bureaucracy. he's not just another person who has to be recorded to. . ultimately it doesn't get much more done. he has to show he can pull that off. >> there's also discussion about the president considering asking for more money from congress. i know the deputy press secretary eric schultz was asked about this yesterday. what do we know about this? where do discussions stand at this point? >> it's under consideration. one is what do we do in west africa? for that, they will look at extra money. i think you'll see a big movement, a big press on the diplomatic front.
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it will be for them to make contributions. what are we going to do here? there have been members of congress. senator harkin from iowa, for example, talking about boosting the amount of money may be more difficult on the republican side. what we do know as we talk to health professionals is a lot of state and local health departments have been feeling the pimpbl that the amount of money has gone down. so it will be under discussion. no decisions have been made yet. >> turning to news about the passing of a person whose name was heard with presidential inaugurations, state dinners and more. oscar de la renta. the fashion designer who shapeded the wardrobes for first ladies passed away after a ten-year battle with cancer. he got his start dressing jacqueline kennedy, and his designs were embraced by many of
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the first ladies who followed him. . she wore this gown at the freedom ball. and hillary clinton donned this silver and gold dress in 1997 for her husband's second inaugural. mccain's wife cindy wore d de la re in, ta in 2008 and first lady michelle obama wore this dress just two weeks ago at a white house fashion education event. one of de la renta's final creations was clooney's wedding dress just weeks ago, just stunning. former first lady laura bush sent her condolences saying we will always remember him as the man who made women look and feel beautiful. and in a joint statement the clintons said his talent and taste elevated american fashion and his warmth and friendship will be missed. extraordinary, it learnsy was.
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including his sentence to five years in prison for killing reeva steenkamp. but he could spend only months behind bars. we'll explain why next. plus, fresh charges against the the suspect in the disappearance of virginia college student hannah graham. but first, a look ahead at today's planner. jay nixon will announce new efforts to rebuild trust within the ferguson community. and a lot of campaign trail action. more on that later in the show. we're back in three minutes. ♪ in life there are things you want to touch and some you just don't. introducing the kohler touchless toilet. ♪ to build something smarter. ♪ some come here to build something stronger. others come to build something faster...
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and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business. after a trial that lasted
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seven months, a judge today sentenced south african olympian oscar pistorius to five years in prison. he fatally shot his girlfriend reeva steenkamp last year. >> the following is what i consider to be a sentence that is fair. and just both to society and to the accused. count one, call homicide, the sentence imposed is the maximum imprisonment of five years. >> now that prison sentence follows his conviction for homicide. that's a charge similar to manslaughter here in the united states. he also received three years for a gun related charge, but that sentence was suspended. it was valentine's day, 2013, that he shot his gouf four times, killing her in the middle of the night at his home. some accounts say the two had been fighting earlier that
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night. pistorius pleaded not guilty to all charges, claiming he mistook steenkamp for an intruder when he shot her on his bathroom floor. known as the blade runner, pistorius became one of the biggest names on the international sport scene at the 2012 olympics when he reached the semifinals in the 400 meter sprint. we have more. thanks so much for joining me. we're hearing his attorneys are saying he might only actually spend about 10 months in prison. is that accurate, and what's the reaction to that there? >> that is accurate. he received a five-year jail term for shooting his girlfriend last year. the judge made it clear he may only have to serve one-sixth of that. that works out around ten months before he can then be considered for house arrest, staying at his
6:18 am
home on the outskirts of the city here in the city of africa. the prosecution here had been arguing for a much stiffer jail term, at least ten years of prison. the defense was saying given his vulnerability, given his disability, given his level of reforce, that he should be considered for community service. that he should have walked free from here earlier today. instead, he took a few steps into a prison van where from where he was wearing his smart suit and taken a few miles to a prison on the outskirts, he's now beguning that sentence this morning. kristen? >> we have a little bit of a delay, but i'm going to ask you one more quick question. what was the reaction from steenkamp's family? did they feel as though justice was served here? >> reporter: kristen, reeva
6:19 am
steenkamp's family made it clear they accepted the sentence today. they were satisfied with it. we expect them to make more comments wchlt spoke to one of her cousins who said she couldn't give a judgment because she felt so numb by the process of sitting through this sentencing hearing earlier this morning. but in the community, there are many people opposed to the sentence. many people say given the high levels of violence here in south africa that oscar pistorius should have been made an example of. and given the maximum sentence possible, the judge, however, said this is not a popularity contest and she wasn't listening to people in the community said. she was listening to what justy dictated. >> thank you so much for that report. we appreciate it. turning to virginia and the tb continuing investigation into the disappearance of university
6:20 am
student disappearance hannah graham. yesterday the only person charged in the disappearance, jesse matthew jr. was indicted on new charges he abducted and raped a woman in northern virginia in 2005. matthew has not entered a plea in either case. the new charges come as we wait for the medical examiner's office in charlotte oosville to identify human refeigns found over the weekend. just 12 meals for where hanna gram was last seen luke russert has been covering the case and joins me live. what is the latest on the new charges? >> well, new charges, kristen, are striking. from 2005 in fairfax city, just around the nation's capitol there, where you are in washington, d.c. mr. matthew charged with attempted murder as well as sexual assault. the woman, 26 years old at the time, drug into a wooded area.
6:21 am
they made the connection via dna connection, similar to morgan harrington. the disappearance of hannah graham. the remains found on saturday. there are speculations that they are hers. we still have no forensic testing that we know of. the most interesting thing here, kristen, is with this news about matthew in 2005, there's a lot of speculation that his lawyer has commented on saying we were very much aware of it, from law enforcement officials that possibly matthew could be linked to other missing womens cases within central virginia. or other places that he lives. so that is something to keep an eye on here. it's something that law enforcement officials are acknowledging as well as the lawyer. >> so tragic for that community. any idea when we may get the
6:22 am
forensic tests back? >> as of right now, it's a hurry up and wait situation. they are in richmond. we assume they're doing dental records investigation. the family has been notified. and there was a pair of black pants seen. and so that's what the speculation is. we haven't got the results. there's no word on when they will come, kristen. >> luke russert. thanks for your great reporting. we appreciate it. >> take care. >> isis steps up attacks on big targets in iraq. including bombings that killed dozens in baghdad. those stories and much more when we come back in three minutes. t. can we go for a test drive? oh sure, i'll be right back. thanks. leather, running boards... carmax quality certified, low, no-haggle price, 5-day money back guarantee ... that's great... and, a roof rack for the kayak! we don't have a kayak. we could get a kayak.
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that includes fresh assaults on the mosul dam and sinjar mountain where families have been camped out for months. two dozen people were killed in bomb attacks in and around baghdad. the latest in a string of daily attacks. most of them attributed to isis and allies. in the syrian city of kobani, new images show massive explosions from u.s. air strikes targeting isis fighters. they may be losing a grip on the border city, but the defenders appear to be stronger. on monday, turkey said it would let kurdish fighters cross into syria to fight in kobani. the morn minister sads we are helping forces to enter into kobani to give support. we have no wish to see kobani fall. and the u.s. offered more health to kurdish fighters air dropping more than two dozen palettes packed with weaponings. ammunition and medical supplies.
6:27 am
>> it is a crisis moment, an emergency. where we do not want to see kobani become a horrible example of the unwillingness of people to help those with isil. >> steve clemens is washington editor at large for the atlantic. he joins us from los angeles. you had meetings about the strategy to defeat isis. what is you learning? what is the reaction to the u.s. stepping up the engagement in kobani? >> right now you're seeing two things happen. i was at the strategic dialogue sponsored by the emirates policy form there. it brought together a good number of key strategic thinkers in the region to discuss both what was unrolling with isis, and also discuss the countdown with iraq. and in this, it was fascinating
6:28 am
to hear how genuinely concerned the region really is with isis, how frustrateded they have been with turkey. watching on a hillside as kobani may fall. so turkey's recent move, which really john kerry and both the department of defense helped to negotiate. to shame turkey for not letting forces in. that's one of the biggest game changers in the region. so you have the united states trying to take proactive steps. on the other hand, a massive wave of new i sis resumption of violence across northern iraq. attacks near the mosul dam. attacks near sinjar mountain and of course baghdad. and those combined make a very muddy picture. while we may be moving the forward and solving the kobani problem, which i hope we are, just like we solved the erbil problem before, isis has a flexibility and nimbleness that
6:29 am
it can apply pressure somewhere else. and this is the first time i felt that stake holders in the arab region were far more concerned and felt they needed to do more than follow the united states lead on the issues. >> and you said turkey was ashamed into getting engaged. it leems like the u.s. as well. they weren't making kobani a strategic priority. now that has changed. why? and can it be safe? >> this is attached to delicate deals across the region. kurd stan hash dependable partner with united states in trying over many years to make the iraq equation work. and there's the sense that we have a social contract with kurd stan, separate from kobani, that we can't walk away. there are three million curds inside syria. ful many inside turkey. this is complicated.
6:30 am
we couldn't walk away from kobani without undoing a lot pof what we tried to achieve with kurdistan and others in the region. combined with the the fact that once we made the decision to drop heavy arms and other supplies, medical and humanitarian supplies, that created a political reality in turkey that he could no longer sit on the sidelines because looking as if this was a continuation of oppression inside turkey among many curds. kurds. so the dropping was an unbelievably important trigger for changing the tide in kobani. >> steve, always great to see you. thanks. >> thank you, kristen. >> up next. democrats are calling on the presidents past and present for a boost ahead of the midterms. chuck todd will break down what to watch in the final two-week stretch. and later, the private mon kau lewinsky makes a public
6:31 am
appearance that bill clinton and hillary clinton can't be too thrilled about. those details ahead. but first, the white house soup of the day. they're serving up turkey sausage lentil. perfect for a fall day. we'll be right back, everyone. stay with us. this is kathleen. setting up the perfect wedding day starts with her minor arthritis pain, and two pills. afternoon arrives and feeling good, but her knee pain returns. that's two more pills. the evening's event brings laughter, joy, and more pain. what's that, like six pills today? yeah. .i could take two aleve for all day relief. really? for my arthritis pain, i now choose aleve.
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i'm sold! a "selling machine!" ready for you alert, only at just two weeks until election day. veters in 34 states are already going to this the polls. president obama among them, casting his ballot on the first day of early voting in his hometown of chicago. the president said he is not concerned that red state democrats are not too eager to appear with him. republicans are already seizing on this clip. take a listen. >> a lot of the states that are contested this time are states that i didn't win. and so some of the candidates there, you know, it is difficult
6:35 am
for them to have me in the state because the republicans will use that to try to fan e republican turnout. the bottom line, though, these are folks who support with me. they have supported my agenda in congress. >> former president bill clinton heads to kentucky to stump for the democrat there who has embodied this year's angst about taking on the obama label. alison graims, of course. it's clinton's third campaign trip to the state this year. she was the dallas democrat to carry louisiana in '92 and '96. michelle nunn is responding to attack ads showing her with president obama and thu in ad. >> have you seen this picture? is it's the one david perdue has useded two attack me. it was taken at an event
6:36 am
honoring president bush, who i worked for as ceo of his points of light foundation. >> a sbush spokesman lasted her for using the image saying apparently they feel they can disregard the former president's wishes, which is disappointing because it's so disrespectful. hillary clinton will be back 234 colorado for that state's senator? she headlines a get out the vol rally this afternoon in aurora. udall mailed his ballot in denver yesterday. this is the first year every registered voter in colorado will receive a ballot in the mail without requesting one. fascinating. clinton raised $1.4 million for house democrats at oon event in san francisco with nancy pelosi billed as the ultimate power luncheon. first lady obama is back in the hawkeye state for bruce braley, not bailey. that's in iowa still.
6:37 am
senator al franken, former presidential candidate mike huckabee stumps for joni ernst in council bluffs, iowa. and mitt romney will being the latest to campaign for roberts. a new university poll shows orman and roberts are still in a dead heat e, 46-46. and montana senator elizabeth warren who di feeted scott brown two years ago will campaign in new hampshire against her former rival. should be good optics there. and new poll, the senate race has tightened to just three points. the democratic senator leads brown 49-46. shaheen and brown will face off in colorado tonight. moderated by chuck todd. he has more about that. take a look. >> well, here's my deal. . eight states in two weeks. i begin in new hampshire, moderating this debate between
6:38 am
jeanne shaheen and scott brown. what has been interesting about new hampshire, is as new hampshire has gone, so has the nation. 2006 and 2008 big democratic years in new hampshire and internationally. big republican year in new hampshire and nationally. a good democratic year nationally. good democratic year in new hampshire. what's it going to be in 2014? that's what tells you a lot about what's going on in the senate race. if there is a national way, we may see it in the new hampshire senate race more than any other place. the first district flipped four times in the last ten years. it's also had political whiplash. new hampshire has really been the dish of which way the political winds have been blowing. it's why i'm looking forward to going there today. then i'm meeting voters. we'll go to kansas, iowa,
6:39 am
wisconsin this week. that's our midwestern swing. and basically the battleground is the midwest and the south. and then wrap things up the following week with a southern swing. it's going to be fun. i'm looking forward to it. this has been a frustrating election cycle. let's hear from them and find out what's making them so cranky. i'll see you on the the road. >> u looking forward to watching that. it will be fantastic. and joining more for the latest on where things stand two weeks from lx day, both are doing work for some of these senate campaigns. thanks both gentlemen for being here. let's start in new hampshire since chuck is heading there. he says it's a bell weather state. how closely are you watching new hampshire? >> new hampshire is a state ouls contested in a presidential year. it's a state somewhere if p we're going to build a lasting majority in the snaut, we need
6:40 am
to be competitive in these states. so scott brown is a strong candidate. >> that matters in new hampshire. >> it does, yeah. and independents have generally been good for republicans this year. >> how closely are you watching and what does the senator need to do in this debate? this has really closed up. a lot of people are surprised. he's tightened up this race. >> i think it says a lot that new hampshire is so competitive and the republican candidate is a former senator from massachusetts. but he used to be governor. . strong track record in new hampshire. it's a state where every voter can know you as jeanne or scott brown. so her ties are important. it's tough election to be an incumbent of any party. and interesting with new
6:41 am
hampshire, that you guys have mentioned, there are a lot of independents in new hampshire. and one thing that our wall street journal poll shows for last week is independents in general are not enthused about the election. it doesn't become just an election of the two bases. >> let's broaden this a little bit. i suspect if i ask you both who will hold onto the senate, both will say your respective parties would. i want to ask a different question. what could derail this for republicans? only tweaks left. and a lot of polls showing they have a good chance of winning back the senate. >> the president were to walk to the poed yem and say i get it. i went too far. i understand. i got the message, that could change it. but he has not done that. he's not going to. therefore we have an election over whether he went too far or not. >> on any specific issue? >> across the board. but principally obamacare. it's still the number one driver. ch despite the the best efforts
6:42 am
of the democratic candidates and the allies on the outside that spend millions of dollars. if he were to put the brake pedal on himself, that could change the the election. >> one of the big pushes for the president is to try to get out his base. particularly african-american voters. if happens, do you anticipate that happening could democrats hold onto the senate? >> i think we're looking at kansas, new hampshire, iowa, colorado, north carolina, kentucky, where the race is within the polling margin of error. i think for both parties turnout is paramount. and not to too late our own horn, in our wall street journal poll, there was a gal stipbetween republicans and democrats in terms of being enthused with republicans more interested. ch yeah. your clip. the clintons. the president, the first lady, they're going to try to close that gap. >> and let's talk about what actually happens on the fifth.
6:43 am
do you think we will know who has won? >> are potential runoffs here. louisiana, georgia. what do you anticipate? >> i think it could be not just a long night, but a long couple of weeks. i think another interesting factor is with a lot of the third party candidates. that we could see a lot of people winning who don't win with a majority. >> your take? >> i think three races. iowa, colorado, and north carolina. if republicans sweep those three races, and we feel good that we have momentum in all three races then runoffs don't matter. >> what about kansas and south? those are potential pick-ups for democrats? >> i think both races are on the right path. the republicans have really poured on the gas. we have a great ground game in south dakota. i feel fine about both places. >> thank you for being here. and up next, why police believe more victims could be tied to the indiana man suspected of killing seven women.
6:44 am
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at&t. the nation's most reliable 4g lte network. and welcome back to the "the daily rundown." an june date on a shocking story in indiana. police are continuing their investigation following the gruesome discovery of seven dead women over the weekend. authorities have charged this man, 43-year-old of gary, indiana. ful a registered sex offender with the death of 19-year-old africa hardy. she was found strangled to death in a motel 6 in the near town last friday night. according to police, after his capture, darren confessed to murdering hardy, and gave them information leading to the discovery of six more bodies. police say at least two of the victims were prostitutes and they are not ruling out the possibility that even more
6:48 am
victims possibly dating as far back as 20 years may still be found. >> his level of coop and the things he told us would indicate that other victims could surface. . >> police are expected to charge him with the six other murders. and we just found out he's expected for his first court appearance tomorrow morning. turning to pennsylvania manhunt where for the second time in less than a week a reported sighting of fugitive ere ring frein. the pocono mountain school district is closing all schools after law enforcement official reported seeing him near a post office not far from a local high school. this follows a sighting friday in the same area when a woman spotted a man with a mud covered face carrying a rifle. frein is wanted for killing a state trooper and wounding another more than five weeks ago. the search continues today. after more than a decade of ducking cameras, monica lewinsky makes a public speech addressing her infamous affair with
6:49 am
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chase. so you can. moments ago oscar de le -- the statement says in part that he died exactly as he lived with tremendous grace, great dignity, and very much on his own terms. and we want to make a quick correction here. earlier this hour we showed you this picture of first lady michelle obama wearing a dress we said was from designer oscar. it was attended by a student who attended. she later wore this dress following the education workshop. both dresses are very pretty. 16 years after the clinton impeachment cscandal monica
6:53 am
lewinsky is back. she gave her first public speech monday to an audience in philadelphia. >> my name is monica lewinsky. though i have often been advised to change it. a 22-year-old intern in the white house, and more than averagely romantic, i fell in love with my boss. in a 22-year-old sort of way. it happens. but my boss was the president of the united states. >> lewinsky said the suicide of rutgers freshman tyler clementi after his roommates used a web cam to stream his sexual encounter motivated her to speak out. she was the first person to have her reputation completely destroyed by the center. she joined twitter on monday. she already has 52,000
6:54 am
followers. this is not the first time she broken her silence. it was in a may vanity fair essay. in 1999 she wrote a tell-all book and did a sit down interview with barbara walters. it comes as an awkward time as hillary clinton ramps up preparations for presidential campaign. the editorial editor for the washington post. let's start there. you said after monica lewinsky appeared in the vanity fair article it could be a good things if are the clintons it gets out there anything the republicans might say. what do you make of the timing? >> so awkward, i think, is the answer on the timing. my point back then, which seems a long time ago, was that we were going to -- if and when. i think it's when hillary clinton runs for president we're going to have inevitable and probably necessary national conversation about bill clinton, his presidency, the down sides of his presidency and what to
6:55 am
make about monica lewinsky. the earlier we have the conversation the better off it is for hillary clinton. asked and answered we can move on. if monica lewinsky is going to speak out, the earlier the better. if she's going to continue to speak out, i might have to revise and extend that earlier column. >> this is. this is the start of the campaign. >> she has a point she wants to make which is a legitimate, important point. it if she's making it simultaneously with a hillary clinton presidential campaign, i don't think that's by any means fatal to hillary clinton presidential campaign but i don't think it's helpful either. >> i find it fascinating she's talking to me less thannials. the group of individuals who were too young to know what was going on when the scandal happened. will she resonate with them? can she remake her image? >> those are two different questions. the answer to the first, i think, is yes. even though -- i have a 17-year-old and a 19-year-old. they actually know who monica
6:56 am
lewinsky is more as a figure of history than the figure of the real world. the kids are convinced by sees examples of the consequences of bad behavior. my daughter watched a video of somebody who texted while driving and got into trouble. that really convinced her not to text and drive. this is monica lewinsky convincing them not to text and drive. whether she can rehabilitate her own image. i think she's doing as a good job as she can of making lemonade with 22-year-old lemons. that it for this edition "the daily rundown." jose has you covered. the manhunt in pennsylvania, and what is going on in hong kong. his own tribute to the dominican born designer.
6:57 am
i'm meteorologist bill karins. rain is moving through new england and it's here to stay. we're going to watch showers turn to heavier rain in boston and maine this evening. it will be rainy on this tuesday. even in south florida a little bit of rain. many areas looking at nice weather. the northeast is not one of them. his big meeting. and when alan gets all powered up, ya know what happens? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! he's a selling machine! put it there. and there, and there, and there. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only a! la quinta! to map their manufacturings at process with sticky notes and string, yeah, they were a little bit skeptical. what they do actually is rocket science.
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good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. our first focus. getting a handle on ebola in america. cdc released new guidelines designed to protect health care workers from the deadly virus. they include rigorous and repeated training and practice putting on and taking off personal equipment. workers must be supervised. it's a direct response to missteps that lead to the infection of two nurses who treated the late ebola victim thomas duncan at the dallas hospital. 44 people in the dallas area with exposure to duncan are officially off the ebola watch list. that includes eight children who were expected back in school this morning. but 120 others in texas are still being monitored including 75 hospital employees. part of that team that treated duncan. as dallas tries to put ebola behind it, a doctor who got the virus in sierra leone is free of the disease going home yesterday after six weeks of treatment at