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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  October 27, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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in bellevue hospital, the same hospital treating new york's dr. craig spencer. doctors are evaluating a young boy as a possible young case. >> we have a young boy that came in with his mother, and in the hospital he had no fever until early this morning when he had a low grade fever. he will be tested for ebola. because of his recent arrival from an area where ebola transmission is ongoing. >> and we just learned that doctors without borders nurse casey hickoks will be discharged after spending the week in isolation inside a plastic tent at the hospital in newark, new jersey. let's bring in nbc isorthbound - thank you both for being with
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me. sara, let's start with the new details about the little boy being evaluated right there at bellevue. >> this little boy was brought in overnight officially his mother said he had a fever. when they got hospital they said no he didn't. but then this morning he came down, yes, with a fever. and they are going to perform an ebola test on him today. he arrived in the united states from one of those three stricken countries in africa arriving here in the united states. the health commissioner saying he has a low grade fever this morning and is going to be tested a little bit later today. those results expected on the ebola test. >> and sara, the other big headline this morning is casey. she's going to be released from this tent she's been at over the weekend in new jersey. >> yes. she's been kept in this climate control tent adjacent to the hospital. she's really become the face of the pushback against these mandatory quarantines in new
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york, new jersey, illinois, and florida for the health care workers coming back from africa. now she has requested to be transported to maine she doesn't live here in new jersey. they're going to do that. they're going to use a private transportation, private plane, or car instead of putting her on public transportation or a packed fight to calm fears. she's showing no signs she hasn't shown any signs in the past 24 hours of ebola. she's going to go to maine to finish out the mandatory 21-day quarantine period. >> how concerned should we be about lsh let's talk about the child being evaluated at bellevue. how concerned are you? >> first, the first step in sort of figuring out our index of suspicious is going to be a history thorough taking. we need to find out when the child's family when he started to, you know, not act, you know, maybe act sluggish. we know by now that fever is one of the earliest most concerning
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symptoms of ebola which would raise the likelihood of him being contagious. secondly, the history of interactions while in west africa. did he come in contact with anyone who may have been infected with ebola? and, you know, if the answers to those questions are relatively unrevealing or underwhelming then our index of suspicious lowers tremendously. if on the other hand they were visiting family. i don't know the reason for the visit and what the extend of the interactions were there. that's going to inform how concerned we are about this individual. >> you know as we mentioned earlier chris christie was unapp gettic for the quarantine policy. andrew cuomo struck a middle ground. how do you strike the right pol policy? >> well, i think what happened over the weekend shows that there is some flexibility and nuance into the legislations that our local governors are enacting.
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i feel confident now that, you know, they're taking their recommendations from health care workers and public health administration officials rather than just, you know, either being politically motivated or having more of a knee jerk reaction to a perceived crisis. i think that the new plan in place to have people carry out their quarantine at home, i think, still achieves what we want than is to have the people out of the circulation but with more close monitoring rather than allowing them to do it themselves. i think it's actually struck a perfect balance. >> you know it's interesting. because, you know, you think of dr. brantly. he said he doesn't know how he got ebola and, you know, kaci coming back from an area dealing with patients. if you have a fever, what should be the reaction of the officials when someone coming in from those areas shows to be having a fever? >> as soon as you have a fever, if you were in the area of interest, you should be in
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quarantine. i think it's that simple. we know the fever is the earliest symptom that would suggest you're contagious. at that point all bets are off. you need to be in quarantine. can you be in your own home if officials are coming twice a day? i think that's appropriate. >> and sara, what is the latest on dr. craig spencer, the first ebola patient? >> well, jose, he entered what doctors are describing as the next phase of his illness, gastrointestinal symptoms on saturday. he was described as stable but serious condition. that is status continuing through the rest of the weekend. doctors yesterday said he appeared to be doing a lot better. he's talking and physically he looked better to them. and they say he tolerated a blood transfusion very well that came from nancy writebol, one of those previous ebola survivors. he said she was happy to give that donation and she's praying
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for him. >> thank you so much for being with me. by the way, we'll have a lot more on the ebola response in africa. my colleague chris januasing is there. we expect to have a live report from new jersey where kaci will be released today. now to washington state. where the second victim on friday's shooting at the high school outside of seattle has died. 14-year-old died last night after suffering a head wound during the attack. she was one of the five people shot friday when jaylen fryberg walked into the school cafeteria and opened fire with a handgun. he would ultimately turn that gun on himself. three more victims remain in the hospital this morning including two of the suspected shooters cousin. joe fryer has the latest. >> good morning, jose. late last night the hospital called a news conference
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announcing that the 14-year-old had passed away. doctors say her head injuries were too extensive. in a statement her family said that her organs will be donated. the total death toll from the shooting stands at three including the gunman. three more students remain in the hospital. two of them are in critical condition. one is in serious condition but is making improvements. the shooting happened friday morning in the cafeteria at marysvilmary marys -- he shot friends and relatives. this morning the motive remains a mystery. fryberg was a popular student. recently elected a homecoming prince. he seemed unusually negative last week, he didn't fit the profile of a school shooter. meantime classes here are cancelled today and for the rest of the week. jose? >> thank you so much. coming up on a very busy monday morning. we're going to go to hawaii
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released sunday have republicans leading in four of them. all within the margin of error
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with the exception of second degree. the north carolina senate race a dead heat? in kansas the independent has a 1-point advantage. joining me now msnbc contributor ryan grim and jackie. politics reporter for the washington post. thank you for being with me. jackie, i want to start with you and that north carolina senate race. senat kay haggen is deadlocked at 43%. hillary clinton campaigned for haggen. what is going to swing the race? >> you know, jeb bush was in town for tom till lis. they had a lot of heavy hitters in the state this weekend. and, you know, the one thing that i heard from people over and over and over again democrats and republicans was about the economy. and i noticed in the nbc poll it was also the number one thing they told your pollsters as well. i think it's that and, you know, this knew this race was going to be tight.
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kay hagan maintained a little bit more of a lead. it's going to go down to the wire. it's hard to independents in the state. i was surprised to find how many people are not decided at this point. so it's going to be really interesting. they're getting bombarded by ads and they're getting bomb boarded at the front doors. there's a turn out operations, door knocking. it's going to go down to the end. >> and ryan, let's take a look at colorado, iowa, and arkansas. the republican leading in all three slightly. how does holding such a slim lead pan out on election day. who gets the edge? >> in colorado i think the edge goes to mark udall because the wild card thrown in this time by the fact that everybody is getting a ballot mailed out to them. when you broaden the base of people who vote, it tends to lean more democratic. there is some evidence that he's polling, you know, doing slightly better than he's polling. iowa still anybody's guess. ernst has shot herself in the foot, so to speak.
7:14 am
by coming out and saying that, you know, she carries around a 9 millimeter and willing to use it. if the federal government tries to take away her rights and just after that emerged then she cancels a bunch of editorial meetings with newspapers. you know, she -- what she was trying to do, i think, was to keep her head down and coast in to election with her slight lead instead she's created this huge controversy over what she's trying to hide. why she won't meet with the editorial boards. she's kind of stumbling to the finish line here. arkansas is also still up in the air with pryor still trailing though. >> yeah. and jackie, republicans may have the edge now, even though, you know, pretty much tied right now. it may not be the case in 2016. some big news over the weekend you talked about jeb former florida governor upbush in an interview on abc this week. yesterday his son said he's more than likely to run in 2016.
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the foreigner governor spokesperson released this statement today, quote, governor bush is not yet made a decision on whether or not he'll run in 2016. he'll thoughtfully consider it following the midterm elections and make a decision late this year or in the early part of the year. does jeb bush give republicans a better chance at recapturing the white house against someone like hillary clinton? >> jeb bush's biggest challenge is going to be his primary. we talked about this, i think, in the past. getting past the republican base, particularly with his view on immigration is going to be a tough thing for jeb bush. will he present a fairley formidable challenge for hillary clinton if she decides to run? absolutely. getting through the primary is going to be tough for bush. >> he has to, among other things, if he runs, clarify exactly what or is his political views on immigration, for example, because in the past he has said one thing and then in a book said something a little bit different. but, ryan, on the 2016 front
7:16 am
christie was in iowa over the weekend. his third trip in recent months. he'll make a decision in the early part of next year. how will a jeb bush run affect his decision, do you think? >> i don't think it would. i think he's running either way. i think you can kind of read his body language. you know, as long as he thinks he has enough money to make a credible bid, there's really no reason for someone am. bishs like him not to run. there's not an impressive field of candidates on the republican side. for a lot of primary voters it might end up being the least bad option. when it comes to the quote, unquote, moderate republicans. i think a lot of primary voters will say that christie is a least bad option when compared to bush. not only do they hate his position on immigration. they hate his position on education. he's a huge common core supporter. that's become a lightning rod on the right. so if you're deciding between two, quote, unquote electable
7:17 am
candidates adds primary voter you might lean toward christie. if he thinks he sees a path he's going to take it. thank you so much for being with me. appreciate your time. by the way, i'll be taking your questions about the midterms and the latino vote right after the show tomorrow on twitter. look at the picture with the vote. i'll be tweeting answers over at our account show jdbmsnbc. tweet me with your questions #msnbcvote. coming up a sad note from the sports world. dominican born biebstar and his girlfriend killed in a car wreck. we learned more about the lone wolf terror attack on the canadian parliament. congressman adam schiff will join me about the taking on the isis enemy that is inspiring this type of attack. we'll head to new jersey where
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police say he lost control of his camaro he was regarded as
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one of major league's top prospectives. brazil re-elected the president for the second term. which goes back to 2003. he promised to reunite the country after the bitter election. which divided brazil along the lines s class and geography. she said she's be a better president. ukraine is counting votes today. it appears two parties will lead the country. lead by poroshenko as well as the brprime minister. the former president fled the country in february amid protests and setting off the conflict in the eastern part of ukraine. coming up we'll turn back to the ebola response and this photograph you may have missed on friday. the president of the united states hugging it out with nurse nina pham. the visit came just after we broke the news on the broadcast
7:23 am
that she was ebola free. more on the delicate balance between reaction and overreaction in second. plus, nbc's own chris jansing is in west africa. we were greeted in sierra leone by screening. my temp and ambassador power's temp both warm, she wrote. we'll be checking in with chris next. a brand new start. your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week. centurylink your link to what's next. come on! let's hide in the attic. no. in the basement.
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7:27 am
to danger her after she was evaluationed by members of the cdc and clinicians here at university hospital in newark. a place where she went on to call her mandatory quarantine inhumane. she's been here since last friday after returning from a flight from syria leon she was there working as a nurse. she was exhibiting these ebola-like symptoms. we've heard so much about. things like minor fever and things. that's when she was brought here. the timing, however, very interesting. this was the same day that new jersey governor chris christie as well as new york governor andrew cuomo announced that 21-day mandatory quarantine for from anyone coming back from the west africa countries that were stricken with the ebola crisis. she said she was held here against her will since she tested negative for any ebola-like symptoms. she actually threatened legal action. her lawyer norman segal waiting to hear back from, saying it's
7:28 am
violation of her constitutional rights. she was in an advanced tenting system here because she evened in the hospital. she was in the tent. she said she had no access to anything but her cell phone and computer. we're waiting to see if she'll come out of here in an balance and get on a private transport. she's not going to be allowed on another commercial airline. >> even though, tracy, as you said she was found to not have ebola. tests came back negative. where is she heading today? >> well, she's going back to maine. that's where she's from. again, she's going to be going on private transport. according to the state from new jersey's department of health. she's not going to be allowed on my mass transit or things like that. we're waiting to see if she comes out in an ambulance, however, remember it's all a part of the quarantine process. i reached out to university hospital. haven't heard back how she'll get out of here. >> tracy, thank you so much. good to see you this morning. and across the river in new york city, we're keeping an eye
7:29 am
on a news conference for mayor de blasio about a city wide speed limit. she's expected to field some questions on ebola. we're monitoring all of today's activities. meantime in west africa, u.n. ambassador samantha power is in the ebola hot zone on a five day, five country fact finding mission. chris jansing is traveling with the ambassador. good morning. >> good morning, jose. we got here from guinea taking a plane, a van, a water taxi, another van, arriving in sierra leone with. sheer is what she told us united states is asking international aid organizations to talk to their american employees. here is the question. if you knew you went to visit your family you might be
7:30 am
quarantined would you still be here? some of the answers are concerned for the aid organizations and the u.s. in an effort to get ebola under control. 10,000 cases now. about half of those. it's hard to keep track of numbers. maybe approaching 5,000 deaths. u.s. taking lead there's a lot of concern what progress has been made will be sent back. starting to dot things but it's not just about money. it's about getting the workers who are willing to come here and take the lead to get the epidemic under control. with that's what we'll be seeing and hearing here. and ending with a speech by ambassador power in brussels on thursday. >> thank you so much. a quick program note ebola survivor nancy writebol will join andrea michelle today to talk about the ebola crisis.
7:31 am
quarantines, and her plasma donation to dr. spencer. that's today at noon eastern time. i want to bring in congressman adam schiff. democrat from california. he joins me from los angeles. good so see you. let's start with kaci hickox being released today. her story sparking a back and forth between state and federal officials about how we quarantine people. is this what you think is going to be a positive development? how do you see this? >> i do this as a positive development. i don't she she should have been quarantined that way to begin with it. i'm glad it seems new jersey and new york are walking back, i think a rationale considered policy. if we are mandatorily quarantining everyone we're going to discourage those from going over there to fight the illness. it's a step in the wrong direction. the best hope of protecting our country and protecting people around the world is to contain the epidemic where it is and
7:32 am
defeat it there. so anything that detracts from that unnecessarily doesn't make sense. and here you have somebody who had been tested and was neg for ebola and nonetheless subject to the quarantine. i'm glad she's been released. i think it was very ill considered. >> zero cases in california. are you confident the hospitals there are prepared for something like this? >> as a delegation in hospital we reached out to the hospital to make sure they have everything they need they're putting in place the right protocols. we do have the luxury, which texas didn't, of having time to get prepared. mayor de blasio yesterday in new york said the three months before they had their first partial was critical to their readiness. i'm confident that california and the health care system is taking advantage of this time, also, to prepare in case we get a case here. but i think working with the best of science, working with cdc, nih we can be ready, should
7:33 am
be ready, and can do everything we can to oversee the process to be ready. >> i want to move to isis and a pair of isis attacks. the shooting at the canadian parliament and hatchet attack. you have a lone wolf suspect carrying out the type of terror isis is encouraging them to commit. how alarmed should we be about lone wolves? >> we have to be concerned about it. i don't think we should be alarmed. the reality is we're a big, open country and some of these terrible acts will be impossible to prevent completely. then we've had the problem before. we didn't call it terrorism when it was just motivated by homicide rage. but we have to confront this. i think we are doing what we need to do in terms of our agency agencies when he. if somebody is going to be radicalized by sitting in their basement looking at the computer. there's -- it's hard to stop
7:34 am
completely. we're a big, strong resilient country. and we will cope and we will prevent as much as we can. and, you know, the new york times article i'm sure you saw it. folks who haven't seen it it's tragic to read new york times article on the treatment of isis hostages from countries that won't pay ransom. the three american men were singled out for the worst abuse. james foally was executed by isis. his parents talk to andrew mitchell. >> we feel that there needs to be international open discussion to revisit the issues. >> the other families together we're told very clearly that we should not do that. >> who told you that? state department officials? >> no. actually, it was a member of the national security council.
7:35 am
>> you know these hostages from spain released, italy, released. the other countries released. the americans killed? brits, killed. do you agree or do you think, congressman, it's time to revisit the policy of paying ransom for hostages and not public stating it. it's clear the countries in europe say they don't do it but they do. >> i don't think we should pay ransom. i say that if it were my family i would be out there trying to raise ransom to protect my family. as a nation i think it would be a poor policy. i think it would be better for us, frankly, to work with the other countries, also, to fight kidnapping and extortion by not paying into it. when we do, we merely provide the resources for these terrorist organizations to kill other people, to take other people hostage. we incentivize this practice. so i would rather see us put a full court press on other nations not to succumb to this and redouble our efforts to go
7:36 am
after the people committing the heinous crimes. i did read that story in the new york times. it was awful to consider what our fellow americans went through and tbritains went through. i think -- >> just seems like those countries that publicly say they don't deal with hostage paying and they do. it's difficult to get them to turn around. congressman, a pleasure to see you. thank you your time. and i want to go now to just a country south of our border. mexico. a country increasingly overwhelmed by corruption. the mexico state has a new governor this morning. university administrator takes over as protesters remain furious about the disappearance of 43 students a month ago. joining me now retired air force captain. good to see you. >> thank you, jose.
7:37 am
>> what is happening in mexico? i mean, does a politician even stand a chance in the current atmosphere? a new governor will that make a difference? >> i think we're just going to see a lot more of the same. hopefully he can work with them. because there's so much publicity surrounding the disappearance of the students there will be a bigger international spotlight on what is happening. hopefully there will be a little bit more transparency. because of the prevalence of the cartels, i'm not sure that we're going to see any resolution to the tragic situation any time soon. >> it's interesting. i haven't seen a massive worldwide, you know, internet campaign where are our students. there's 43 kids that were picked up, probably by officials and disappeared. let me show you the map and show our viewers the map. one city highlighted is guerrero. the mayor is alleged to be in involve in the student's
7:38 am
disappearance. his wife and he are accused to having ties to a local drug gang. they're now fugitives. the students have disappeared. a mayor possibly involved in drug cartel work. yet nothing seems to change. even though thousands of protesters are taking to the streets holding vigils and -- how houmt tal is a break down in mexico? >> you know, it's really, really bad. and this is a story that has been going on for years, as you know. you have over 120,000 people killed as a direct result of the drug rather and the narrative has been that most of them are criminals or involved in cartel activity, and we know that's not the case anymore. now immigrants are being targeted. innocent people being targeted for a kidnapping, extortion, so the narrative has changed quite a bit. but the world doesn't seem to take notice. when it's 43, 72 people being
7:39 am
executed. that's a tragedy itself we don't know more about it. >> then they're looking for their students and in the area they find graves unmarked graves with dozens of bodies. it's not the kids. so it's just like, look, i bumped into extra bodies that i didn't know even existed here. the president has said it's a top priority to find out what happened to the kids. isn't it tragically ironic that the kids were protesting a 1968 student massacre in mexico that has never been cleared up either. is there any future? what is it that the -- i mean, is had any future for people in mexico who want to see transparency and government responsibility? >> well, the government needs to step up. there are so many people and the levels of kruchgs in mexico and all of latin america has been high for some time. the government needs to step up and say this is enough. and i'm concerned of what it's going to take for the people how many innocent people, how many protesters have to show up and have to say that, you know,
7:40 am
we're done. in is enough in order for the government to say, you know, we need to stop taking bribes. we need to top succumbing to the pressure of the cartel. >> yeah. let's hope it will change in the future. i have to tell you, the way things are going doesn't look very promising. thank you for being with me. we have a lot to talk about on the issue. i proficient your time. we're going a short break. coming up another dreamer confrontation. this time a message for hillary clinton while stomping for kay hagan in north carolina. >> we want her to take a stance. for those that live in fear of deportation that need relief. >> we'll show you how hillary clinton responded and dig in on the latino vote. also later check out his aerial footage. the lava flow creeping toward a neighborhood on the big island. a report from hawaii in seconds.
7:41 am
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zillow. now to a look at the latino vote and specifically the north carolina senate race between kay hagan and tom tillis. kay is up bug. over the weekend it was north carolina latinos who cannot vote. dreamers front and center interrupting a visit from hillary clinton. joining me here on set to talk about politics from north carolina and beyond is the executive director of the national immigration forum. what a pleasure to see you. let's talk about hillary clinton. it's not the first time she's been confronted by dreamers.
7:45 am
is this because of her lack of clarity on immigration? because in the fact of the matter she's been working with latino organizations for more than 30 years. >> the thing is whether it's hillary clinton, jeb bush, or anybody who is going to be running for president in 2016 they're going have to answer the question from latino voters where are you on immigration reform? in the short term, the question is where are you on executive action? and i think the candidate who says this is what i'm for is we'll get the credit from the voters. >> let's talk about, for example, in north carolina some 230,000 potential voters. look you look at the margin between tillis and hagan. it could make a difference. >> how many of the senate races are dead heat? they're well within the margin of error. >> take ak loo at the numbers. it's incredibly tight. >> what is happening while the six of eight senate races have less than 5 percent latino voters, all of those races practically are within the margin of error. what each candidate does and
7:46 am
says in favor of immigrations will resonate in the polls. >> this is important that we have this discussion. because it's not just latinos. we're talking about. immigration deals with a lot of people not just with hernandez and gonzalez packed names. >> what we found is whether you hold the bible, own a business, or wear a badge. you want a common sense solution to the immigration system. you want a common sense solution. you want your candidate for office to say, you know, immigrants are important to our economy. they protect our homeland, and they're the people that i go to school with and church with. it's a matter of values now as much as it is the economy. >> and all sides of it want it dealt with. >> no other issue. daca has this kind of support you show them an immigration poll that says 20i6 70% of immigration reform they say they don't believe it. >> looking beyond the midterms,
7:47 am
we expect the president to make some decision after the elections. this time hopefully before he says the end of the year. and his former opponent mitt romney, remember president obama got 71% of the latino vote last time around had some choice words -- i'm talking about romney about that over the weekend. let's listen to that. >> i think the idea he would make a decision after the election and not tell the people before the election is a very shameful thing. i think the president has responsibility to say what he wants to do. but very clear what he wants to do he knows would be very unpopular. he won't tell the people the truth until after the election. it's a cynical thing and inappropriate. >> it's interesting. i remember paysromney's policy self-deportation of people. let's not forget it was his official stated policy to solve the crisis. >> yep. >> but shameful, inappropriate. does it resonate with anyone? >> it resonates with an extreme base of the republican party.
7:48 am
right after the election, the race will be for credit. democrats want credit to take to latino votes areers for fixing problem. the administration will likely act. but the republicans are actually meet in the seat on immigration reform in 2015. they can have credit for passing legislation or credit for working to reveal it. it's up to them. >> right now it seems chuck todd has been talking about this. the frustration that many voters feel on immigration. there is apathy and frustration as well on the issue. >> there is. the thing is that it's not an issue that is being drink at this point. over the summer when we saw a lot of talk about unaccompanied miners. you saw public opinion drop. the day after the election immigration will come back to the top of the agenda for candidates. it will be a part of the debate. >> thank you so much. it's a pleasure to see you, my
7:49 am
friend. coming up one month ago today that the mount a popular hiking destination volcano in japan blew. the death toll stands at 56. today in hawaii it's people's homes and memories that are most at risk with evacuation orders pending. we're going to take five things volcano. we'll take a crack at that when we come back. they're still after me. get to the terminal across town. are all the green lights you? no. it's called grid iq. the 4:51 is leaving at 4:51. ♪ they cut the power. it'll fix itself. power's back on. quick thinking traffic lights and self correcting power grids make the world predictable. thrillingly predictable.
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and to hawaii now where residents on the big island are on lava watch this morning. hot molten rock continues to flow at 15 to 20 yards an hour. halle jackson is on the scene about a half mile from the lava flow. >> good morning. this roadblock is about as close as anybody can get to the lava
7:53 am
flow. about half mile from where we're standing with people packing up and getting red did toy leave their homes. possibly as early as today. the lava right now is moving at about 15 yards an hour. 15 to 20 yards an hour. it would take maybe five hours to cover the length 77 a football field. even so that's the fastest it's been moving in days. heading straight toward the town here. hawaiian officials are going door to door covered by a new evacuation warning. the lava flow here triggered by a volcanic eruption at the end of june. the volcano has been active for years. typically the lava has gone south. now it's heading in the opposite direction toward homes, businesses, restaurants, and shops. alternatives to highway 130, the main route in or out of town. some folks are concerned about the possibility of isolation if and when the lava flow cuts off their access to the rest of the
7:54 am
island. jose? >> halle jackson. thank you. we'll continue to keep an eye on that situation there. meantime in what may be the hottest five things ever. here are our five things volcano. number one, back on the mainland mount saint helen. a 5.1 magnitude earthquake tr triggering the eruption. one local resident describing it as an at tom bomb. almost looked like -- going up. boiling. >> number two let's head south to klcolombia. the eruption produced only 3% of the ash but the explosion was the second deadliest in the 20th century killing an astounding
7:55 am
23,000 people. number three, a true throw back to 8079 and the multiday eruption leavining pompei at a stand still. number three, the name means smokey mountain. it's been very smokey over the years. it's the most active volcano in mexico. number five let's go to the full screen for this, please. and my producers' amusement. this is how i'm supposed to be saying a name. let me guess? eyjfj -- >> an island mountain glazer in isla island. whatever you want to call it, its eruptions in 2010 cost the airline industry more than $1 billion. it's about the money i should be
7:56 am
getting paid for saying that name on msnbc. here is a pronouncer that my staff sent me so i was supposed to read it. it doesn't matter how they separate the words. eyjafjallajokull. i screwed it up. i tried. thank you for the privilege of your time. "newsnation" with tamron hall is up next. i'll see you here tomorrow. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ susan ] my promotion allowed me to start investing for my retirement. transamerica made it easy. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow. transamerica. a woman who loves to share her passions. grandma! mary has atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat
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honey, you did it! baby laughs! with centurylink visionary cloud a brinfrastructure, and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable, secure, and agile. state the of maine sometime today today. it came down after kaci hickox threatened to file a federal lawsuit in a first person account she said she was being
8:00 am
treated like a criminal. in an interview with cnn she said she was being held in inhumane conditions despite showing no ebola systems and testing negative for the disease. she would be in her 64th hour of quarantine waking up this morning in a tent outside a hospital after being detained at newark airport. hickox said she was left alone for hours which made her flustered, causing her to register an elevated temperature but she said she was never truly ill. friday new jersey governor christie imposed the 21-day quarantine for any traveler deemed high risk. late last night clarified any new jersey resident returning from west africa and not displaying symptoms will be allowed to be quarantined inside their home. new jersey officials say it will be up to health officials in maine to determine where hickox will be placed.


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