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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  October 28, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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it's a whole new world. i knew i was a dork before walking into the pot shot and having no idea what anything was. but now i'm a certified dork in the state of colorado. >> thank you, rachel. i know you can't hear me with all those adoring fans. i'm just going to say thank you. well, there are new details tonight about the spacecraft that exploded on takeoff just hours ago. but first, new polls give democrats new hope in their fight for control of the united states senate. and one candidate is proud to stand on the stage tonight with president obama. >> they're going to be counting the votes in one week. >> i don't think there's many tight races.
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>> ten states are closer than five points. >> control of the senate is at stake. >> to turn the tables here on capitol hill. >> sk o, the president's final two years in office. >> the president will visit six states by sunday. >> one week from today, you get to choose a new governor. >> however, all but one of his appearances will be for democratic candidates for governor. >> kind of thread the needle here very carefully. >> put me in, coach, i'm ready to play. >> none of the candidates want to appear with the president. >> ion dick tif of a president whose arrival rating is in the low 40s. >> the democratic message does resonate more in the elkt rat. >> the folks are counting on you being cynical. cynicism didn't put anybody on the moon. cynicism has never ended a war. cynicism is a choice and hope is a better choice.
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in the crucial fight for control of the united states senate, republican scott brown is campaigning against not incumbent senator jean shaheen but president barack obama. his approval rating in new hampshire is 39%, but scott brown's rating is 48%. jean shaheen's rating is at 52%. hillary clinton will be heading to new hampshire this weekend to campaign for senator shaheen. tomorrow, she will be in iowa campaigning for ben brailey. some democrats had given up on alaska, but three polls now show senator bagich ahead or tides. that is outside the margin of error. another poll conducted last week
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showed senator begich with a ten-point lead. one candidate who is proud to have president obama join her on the campaign trail is wisconsin democratic gubernatorial candidate mary burke, who has been polling in a virtual tie with republican governor scott walker for the last six months. president obama joined burke in a rally in wisconsin tonight. >> cynicism is a choice and hope is is a better choice. hope is what gives young soldiers the courage to storm a beach. hope is what gives young people the strength to march for women's rights and civil rights and voting rights and gay rights and immigrants rights. hope is the belief that there are better days, that we can build up a middle class and give back something to our communities and hand down something better for our kids. hope is what built america. not cynicism.
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and i am telling you wisconsin, america's best days are still ahead. i believe it. mary burke believes it. now you have to believe it. go out there and vote, and go vote for mary burke. thank you. god bless you. god bless america. >> we're going to get live reports in manchester, new hampshire and des moines, iowa. we're going to go to milwaukee, wisconsin where john nichols joins me. how can this have been a tie for six months. campaigns are never tied for six months. >> well, you're right except that wisconsin has historically been a very closely divided state. al gore won this state by a few thousand votes in 2000. john kerry won it by a few thousand in 2004. and the reality is that after all that wisconsin has been through, these two candidates have essentially wrestled themes to a tie and that's one of the
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reasons why barack obama came in today. this is a turnout fight. and the question is who can enthuse and excite their base. and if you saw that video of obama tonight, he was doing a pretty good job of speaking to a very large, very enthusiastic crowd in milwaukee, wisconsin. >> john, quickly, was it a tough call for that campaign to bring barack obama in? >> i think that they -- i know that they wrestled with these questions, but at the end of the day, they recognized something in the polls. and that is while the president's approval rating is quite low in some states, there have been many polls in wisconsin this year that has shown his approval rating in the mid even higher 40s. >> thank you very much for joining us. joining us now, a correspondent for the ""boston globe" who is in manchester, new hampshire, covering that senate race. is there an issue now, an actual governing issue that is the
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primary one between these two candidates as they go to the finish line? or is it all just vote for or against president obama? >> lawrence, that's a great question. i think this has become a race where obama, as we just heard in wisconsin is going to be a make it or break it tie-on for jean shaheen. scott brown is doing his best in every turn. last week he actually told the crowd that jean shaheen votes with obama more than 100% of the time. it's got ton that fever pitch where his message is clear, a vote for shaheen is a vote for obama. meanwhile, shaheen continues to try to run a campaign. this is her home turf. she's been running campaigns here for a long time.
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and she's a strong candidate on her own two feet. >> she has a higher approval rating than she has an actual score in the electoral version of the poll of who are you actually going to vote for. so it seems there are some poll respondents who approve of her job but have not yet decided to vote for her. >> well, and that's new hampshire for you. when it comes right down to it, you can look at every fol there is, but ultimately it's all about what happens on election day. and new hampshire voters will make their decision at the poll at election day. there's no way to predict this race. as close as it's become, it's a two-point race at this point, and i think that it could -- it could get really even closer over the weekend. we have a big debate on thursday between senator shaheen and scott brown. that's much anticipated. people are waiting for a last look here.
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and then they're going to make their decision. >> thank you very much for joining us from new hampshire tonight. joining me now is jason noble who covers the iowa state house. politics for the "des moines register." jason, you want to say all eyes are on iowa. all eyes are on alaska, new hampshire, kansas, all these states. but you have one of the most colorful candidates in the country running, joanie ernst, as she skipped the editorial board meeting with the "des moines register." what have been the ramifications of that. it's well known in the state now that she just didn't show up for it. >> well, you know, i think there's been a lot of chatter about that among the political classes. i'm not sure how much that filters down to actual voters. my newspaper did release its endorsement over the weekend and endorsed bruce brailey. i'm not sure how much that was driven by her decision to not sit down with us or not.
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>> and what was the basis of oyour paper's endorsement of the democrat? >> i think they looked at his record in congress and the issues he's talking about, raising the minimum wage, protecting social security, and their criticism of joanie ernst i think has revolved around kind of some of the issue positions that she's taken on the minimum wage, on shutting down federal department, on women's health issues. >> are you getting any voter reaction about the saturation tv advertising that's going on? not just -- this is going on in these senate campaigns all around the country, but iowa is certainly drowning in these ads. >> i think the voters are certainly tired of it or maybe a little turned off by it. but, you know, one thing about iowa is that we have a very long early voting period, and so it's probably all the more frustrating for a lot of these
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voters out here, maybe 35% to 40% of the electorate who have already cast a ballot and their tv is still dominated by these ads. >> thanks for joining us in iowa tonight. thank you. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up, a spacecraft carrying supplies for the international space station exploded six seconds after liftoff tonight. and canadian officials call the recent attacks on canadian soldiers terrorist attacks, but glen greenwald says they are acts of war. glen greenwald will join me. and in the rewrite tonight, elizabeth warren versus chris christie. new york state is jump-starting business with startup-ny. an unprecedented program that partners businesses with universities across the state. for better access to talent, cutting edge research, and state of the art facilities. and you pay no taxes for ten years. from biotech in brooklyn, to next gen energy in binghamton, to manufacturing in buffalo...
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today the president says the united states should not do anything to discourage health care workers traveling to countries dealing with the ebola crisis because american health care workers are making progress now in west africa. the president said he will meet tomorrow with doctors and public health workers who have returned
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from treating ebola patients in west africa. and with some who are about to go there. >> we want to make sure we're encouraging them and getting input from them based on the science, based on the facts, based on the experiences, about how the battle to deal with ebola are going and how our policies can support the incredible heroism that they are show popping. >> and elizabeth warren had a few things to tell chris christie today about science and ebola. ameriprise asked people a simple question: in retirement, will you have enough money to live life on your terms?
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>> and launch team, launch team, be advised, stay at your consoles. everyone in the lcc maintain your positions in your consoles. >> that was at 6:22 p.m. eastern time tonight. an unmanned spacecraft bound for the international space station exploded six seconds after liftoff from a facility in virginia. nasa confirmed there were no injuries in the explosion. this is how it looked to people watching the launch on the ground and in the air.
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>> man! >> oh, wow. holy cow. holy crap! >> the rocket that exploded was supplied to nasa by contractor orbital sciences and was intended to propel a cargo ship loaded with over 5,000 pounds of supplies to the international space station. this would have been the fourth space station delivery by orbital sciences. the spacecraft was supposed to
10:17 pm
launch last night, but that flight was scrubbed due to a boat in vicinity of the launch site. joining me now on the phone is ian zaratte. he witnessed the explosion tonight. also joining me is nbc news space analyst jim oberg. a former nasa mission control operator. jim oberg, do we have any notion if yet as to the cause of this explosion? >> we can see what happened, but the investigators are saying it's best not to speculate on why. and the reason is you don't want to feed your mind, some kind of sub conscious bias when you're looking at all the data, but we can see clearly something happens six seconds into flight. the thrusting stops, the rocket settles back down, appears to explode as it hits the ground. that's all going to be checked out. but at this point, it's not just premature, but it's actually unwise to sport form lating
10:18 pm
explanations for it because it can really bias the investigation. >> ian, you were watching from one of the viewing positions that people are invited to watch this. what was that experience like when the launch started and then within seconds, seeing that explosion. >> it was very exciting, from the countdown when you can actually see all the flames coming out. and then once all the smoke came out, there's a big explosion. by that time, everybody knew something happened, something was wrong. >> and from the distance where you were, ian, was there a physical sensation to that explosion? could you feel the earth shaking? >> oh, yeah. it was probably about 15 seconds into it. and it just rippled through your body. it rippled through your body. >> jim oberg, what kind of investigation starts now and who is involved?
10:19 pm
>> well, lawrence, what we heard on the air to ground -- sorry, we heard on the intercom that the first thing is to sit in place, don't speculate, lock down all your data, keep notes don't talk to anyone, much less the press. somewhere in in people's memories, there's probably clues that there will be a way to unraffl this. they write down everything they saw, everything they felt. tomorrow, start fresh and see where it leads. >> did any of you stay? what was the reaction of the visitors there watching it after the explosion. >> it was probably a minute and a half after the actual takeoff and everybody was sitting down trying to take pictures.
10:20 pm
all of a sudden a security guy comes up and starts evacuating everybody. everybody get up and leave as soon as they could. >> what is your time line of the investigation to get at what happened here? >> we're looking at the rest of the schedule. >> in december, a supply ship was ready to have. this kind of project, there kind of hazardous endeavor needs. so they'll work on this particular system. and they have their own launch of this next rocket in the series in april. that may be delayed. they have time until then to
10:21 pm
figure out what's wrong with their system. meantime, other systems can take up the slack. >> jim, just expand on that point you made, the dynamic of having more than one entity involved in these kinds of launches actually improves the quality of information. so i think some people intuitivety might think, well, if there's one group like nasa in complete control, if there wasn't another country involved in the space station, if it was one kind of dictatorial control over the program, it might be safer. >> that's an excellent point. because you think a single leadership could get everyone marching in unison. the problem that we run into, we've seen, and i saw it when i worked in the shuttle program is
10:22 pm
a single entity enforces its own culture. and stooms it's a culture of carelessness and a culture that led to both shuttle disasters. those weren't accidents, those were consequences of bad management decisions. and if you have only a single culture involved, it can't self-judge itself. it's sloppy to have the russians involved, the japanese, the europeans, and private groups. it's sloppy, but it's -- it handles trouble, it handles unexpected contingencies a lot better. it may cost a little more to have them all involved. it does cost more. but in the end, i've become a convert to the idea that it actually works better to have a multiple group of people, whereas one system is out like this one, now down for a few months. other systems are also available with different designs, different philosophies, but they still give you the same basic supply. now crew access coming up for you soon. so it is sloppy. but it seems to work. it seems to be the best way of
10:23 pm
doing it. >> jim oberg and ian zaratte. thank you very joining me tonight on this breaking news story. coming up, glen greenwald joins me to discuss terrorism in canada. and later, ari melbur with how the new i.d. law will affect next week's election. decay. it's the opposite of evolution. the absence of improvement. and the enemy of perfection. which is why you can never stop moving forward. never stop inventing. introducing the mercedes-benz gla. a breakthrough in design, aerodynamics and engineering. because the only way to triumph over decay... is to leave it in its own dust. ♪ come from all walks of life. if you have high blood sugar, ask your doctor about farxiga.
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>> i have come here to ottawa today as a friend in a time of mourning, representing a nation that is grateful each day that
10:27 pm
canada is our neighbor. clearly, anybody who walking up and n a premeditative way with a rifle and attacks somebody in uniform and purposefully goes to parliament is committing, by common sense standards, a terrorist act. >> that was secretary of state john kerry today, after the funeral for canadian army corporal nathan cirillo who was shot and killed last week at the national war memorial. in the spotlight tonight, defining terrorism. today, the head of the department of homeland security. we are taking this action as a precautionary step to safeguard u.s. government personnel and facilities and the visitors to those facilities. the reasons for this action are self-evident.
10:28 pm
the continued public calls by terrorist organizations for attacks on the homeland and elsewhere. two days before, a lone gunman who recently converted to islam killed corporal cirillo and attacked the canadian parl the. another canadian citizen who also converted to islam hit two canadian soldiers with his car, killing one of them. that man was then shot and killed by police. reacting to that attack by automobile on canadian soldiers, glen greenwald posted an article on the intercept entitled, canada at war for 13 years, shocked that a terrorist attacked its soldiers. glen greenwald wrote, in what conceivable sense can this incident be called a terrorist attack. it includes the deliberate or wholly reckless targeting of civilians with violence for political ends, but in this case, in canada, it wasn't civilians who were targeted.
10:29 pm
if one believes the government's accounts of the incident, the driver waited two hours until he saw a soldier in uniform. in other words, he seems to have deliberately avoided attacking civilians and targeted a soldier instead. a member of a military that is currently fighting a war. joining me now is journalist and writer for the intercept, glen greenwald. also joining me on set is leith alcore. there will be a little wit of a delay on the satellite between new york and rio. i wanted you to make your face for not using the word terrorist in the -- and let's confine it for a moment to that first incident involving the automobile. i know the article you wrote was written before the gunman went after the parliament. and i want to discuss the parliament case separately and see whether that fits what would be your definition of terrorism. but first, that distinction about what you saw in the
10:30 pm
automobile incident. >> the first point to make, lawrence, is if you talk to actual terrorism scholar, as opposed to people who work for companies that get lots of money from the federal government, what they'll tell you is that there really is no settled definition of the word terrorism, which is why things happened like nelson mandela being on the u.s. list of terrorism until 2007. or saddam hussein going on and off whenever we're friends with him or enemies with him. it's a mallable word that means whatever we want it to mean at any given moment. but if it means anything, it's supposed to mean the targeting of civilians. and as you just indicated in the quebec case, the driver clearly seemed to avoid vie lebs aimed at civilians and instead targeted a soldier of a military that's not only fighting in multiple wars but just joined a new war in iraq two weeks ago.
10:31 pm
if that's terrorism, then the word has no meaning. do you see that incident at one on the attack on parliament where there were civilians and noncombatants present? >> sure, although, yes, yes, of course. for that exact reason, although i think that the consensus is that the shooter was suffering from serious mental i illness. although he did make a tape saying he was doing it in protest of foreign policy as well. but a lot of times mental illness plays a roll in these cases. >> how important is it that we get this labelling correctly. is this just a semantic argument? >> i don't think it's only just a semantic argument. listen, those were indeed soldiers, but they were noncombatants at the same time. these soldiers were not brandishing arms, targeting civilians in a different country. these were crossing in a mall and they were ran over by a car.
10:32 pm
so that puts the noncombatant term there. he also did it for a political gain, which is included in the definition of terrorism. >> but on the political part, isn't all war aimed at a political outcome? isn't every participant in every war aiming for a political outcome? >>en deed, but when it's carried out or it influenced by a clandestine group or a nonconventional militia that aims at gaining that kind of political power from a conventional government, then it is an act of terrorism. >> glen, what's your reaction to that? note what he's saying. terrorism is something that only nongovernment groups can do. which means we've conveniently excluded ourselves and our allies like israeli from the definition. we target with drones and mis. s and bombs all the time people who aren't deployed. people sleeping in their homes,
10:33 pm
riding in cars with their kids. israel bombs houses of hamas police officers. this kind of warfare is extroomly common in terms of how we fight. and we also support groups around the world that target people who aren't being deployed as well. so i think it's very important to not exclude ourselves from this definition because if it is such a powerful word. >> i want to read more of what you had to write, glen. and again, i just want to stress this was before the shooting at the parliament. this was in reaction to the automobile homicide that occurred there. in canada. glen wrote, the most common functional definition of terrorism in western discourse is quite clear. at this point it means little more than violence directed at werners by muslims when not used to mean vie lents by muslims. it usually means violence the state dislikes. do you think that's a fair description of how the word is used now?
10:34 pm
>> in a way. i think if we look at a predecessor to jihadist terrorism today, something like the anarchist terrorism of the late 18th and early 19th century, emil henry who bombed a paris cafe, he committed an act of terrorism for that kind of ideology. so i think in many different way, we have to look at how iedology has involved and each has their own grievances and political gains. and it's not all the same. but terrorism generally speaking remains. there's a consensus of what terrorism actually means. >> glenn, why is it important, the use of this word, terrorist. what is it about the way john kerry used it today, or the way it's used commonly but politicians and by the news media. what is wrong with it? what is it about it that you just can't let it go?
10:35 pm
>> it's a really powerful word by dpe sine shuts off rational faculties. as you know, i've been writing about things like torture and surveillance and putting people in prison with no charges and drones and warfare. and every single time any of those policies are raised, the government has a one word answer for all of it, which is terrorism. i was in canada for the week and i saw how powerful the word is. it's intended to be fear mongering, to link things to 9/11 which was a heinous crime. and it prevents us from looking at our own actions. i mean, you should president obama alone, we've dropped bombs on seven different predominantly muslim countries. when we call these other people terrorists and make ourselves seem the victim, i think it very much creates this misleading idea that we're just the victims of violence and not the perpetrators. and often the violence we do is very similar in kind to what we call terrorism. >> leif, it also seems when you use the word terrorist, the suggestion in america is whoever you apply that to has no mission
10:36 pm
other than death. and, in fact, american politicians are saying this about the islamic state, which is actually very clear about having a mission other than death. it wants to create a new country, which is a very common rebel ambition. >> i don't think it's only death. if not death, then intimidation. and intimidation that aims at changing the policies of enemy countries. i mean, this is really one of the main purposes of this sort of terrorism, which is changing the course of american foreign policy. influencing public opinion so it can change the acts of the government. i think when we cast jumts that is kind of insensitive and say the word terrorism has generally become mallable and generally speaking kind of useless, i think that what that does is that the next time the government claims that there's a legitimate terrorist attack that
10:37 pm
we don't believe it anymore. and i think we would go too far by saying the word terrorism doesn't serve a purpose. >> all right. well, we've opened the discussion here tonight. i wish we had more time. glenn greenwald, thank you very much for joining us from rio. thank you for coming into the studio. you can read glenn's piece at the intercept. coming up, elizabeth warren has changed her answer to the big question, will you run for president? and she had a few words for chris christie today who, of course, is already running for president. that's in "the rewrite."
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10:44 pm
rewritten her answer to that question. in an interview last week, senator warren's answer to the big question was? i don't think so. if there's any lesson i've learned in the last five year, it's don't be so sure about what lies ahead. there are amazing doors that could open. changing i'm not running to i don't think so and there are amazing doors that could open did exactly what senator warren knew those amazing doors would do. create a bunch of headlines like this -- did elizabeth just change her tune on running for president? and warren cracks open door on white house run. now, even if senator warren knows tonight that she's absolutely not running for president, and she also knows that the constant conversation about her running for president and the request by many democrat dhas she run for president has
10:45 pm
its own unique political value, former new york governor mario cuomo knew this when he waited until the absolute last minute to announce he wasn't running for president in 1988 and then did it again in 1992. >> the places you would have to go to be a candidate, i'm not going. and i'm not going to be a candidate. and i'm not going to enter into the primaries. it force what is is by accident or whatever, say mario, this is your obligation, you must do it, of course i would do it. that's why i'm a politician is to try to help people. >> not saying he wasn't running for president made mario cuomo a political star. and general colin powell knew what it could do for his book sales to keep the possibility of running for president alive during his national book tour in 195. >> i don't know, i haven't decided. i never intended to be a politician.
10:46 pm
when the book tour is over, i would have to sit and reflect and see if the fire is there. i have a passion for the country. i have a passion for contributing to this country and serving the country in some way. i just don't know if politics is the best way for me. >> colin powell, a very good student of mario cuomo's not running for president game. elizabeth warren appeared on cbs this morning where she showed what a warren campaign for president might look like when she went after governor chris christie who is definitely and hopelessly running for president. >> first on the issue of ebola, governor chris christie said this morning he doesn't think his policy of involuntary quarantine is draconian. he says the cdc has been hand on this.
10:47 pm
>> well, he should bring out his scientists advising him on that. we know we want to be led by the science. that's what's going to keep people safe. science. not politics. >> today, amber vinson, the second of only two people in history to be infected with ebola while in the united states was declared ebola free at emory university hospital in atlanta, and joined her caregivers and fellow medical professionals in making that announcement. >> i want to sincerely thank the professionals who have contributed to my care here at emory health care and at texas health presbyterian hospital dallas. as a nurse and now as someone who has experienced what it's like to be cared for through a life-threatening illness, i am so appreciative and grateful for your exceptional skill, warmth and care. >> and i think the message we would like to get across is that again, this is a new virus for the american shores. this is a virus, however, which is well known, unfortunately, in africa where they have 40 years of experience in dealing with
10:48 pm
it. we know the modes of transmission. it can't be caught through casual contact or through the air. it requires exposure through blood and body fluids. as we look at measures in the united states to potentially control additional exposures that might occur, we need to keep the science in mind. >> now, if that press conference occurred in new jersey today, according to chris christie's unlawful and unscientific rules, every person on that stage would be quarantined by chris christie for the next 21 days, except the one woman on that stage who actually had ebola and was cured by the treatment of the medical professionals standing with her today and hugging her. the chris christie principle is
10:49 pm
to quarantine every doctor and nurse who treats an ebola patient. he's just doing what he thinks republican presidential primary voters want him to do and say. he couldn't care less about the science. he might understand the science, he might not. we'll never know. the wait to keep new jersey safe from ebola is to stop ebola at its source in west africa. and one of the ways to do that is to encourage medical professionals from new jersey and everywhere else in the united states to go to west africa and fight that virus, knowing that they will be welcomed back to this country as heroes and thanked for helping the people of west africa and thanked for defending the united states of america against this deadly virus. now imagine, if you will, that chris christie and elizabeth warren were presidential candidates today. these would be their sound bites today. >> looks like you're going to have to defend this in court. >> well, whatever.
10:50 pm
get in line. i've been sued lots of times before. get in line. i'm happy to take it on. >> we know that we want to be led by the science. that's what's going to people safe -- science, not politics. >> we will never have the fun of a christie versus warren presidential campaign, because chris christie will never come close to getting the republican nomination for president. but the democratic nomination for president is one of those amazing doors that could open for elizabeth warren if she ever decides to knock on that particular amazing door. ♪ [ male announcer ] over time, you've come to realize... [ starter ] ready! [ starting gun goes off ] [ male announcer ] it's less of a race... yeah! [ male announcer ] and more of a journey. keep going strong.
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10:53 pm
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10:55 pm
lack of compliant identification. a sharply disproportionate percentage of those voters are african-american or hispanic. joining me now is ari melbur, co-host of msnbc's "the cycle." you were down in texas seeing how this law is going to work. we want to go to your video of your report from there. then we'll come back and talk about it. let's look at it. >> if you came to praise god, my bible says make a joyful noise under the lord. >> it's sunday morning in southwestern dallas. douglas haynes is getting his 12,000 member congregation ready to worship. ♪ >> and ready to vote. >> when i say freedom sunday, i need you clap like you are appreciative of the fact that you have the right to vote. >> several churches across texas are headed from the pews to the
10:56 pm
polls. and invoking the 1964 freedom summer campaign for a new freedom sunday, to counter texas's new strict voter id law. >> people in this community from yo you've been doing and people you talk to, do they feel the voter i.d. laws are targeting them? >> without question. disproportionately, black, brown and poor people find themselves without the i.d. that the state now requires. even college students. there's something wrong. my gun license is okay, but not my college identification? >> just weeks before the election, a lower court threw out the voter i.d. rule by the supreme court reinstated it pending appeal. justice ginsberg said it was an unlikely constitutional poll tax and may prevent up to 600,000 registered texans from voting. this pastor of a congregation in dallas agrees. >> very few people violated the rights to vote through fraudulent behavior.
10:57 pm
it's a needless law. >> a democratic voter protection law in the state said organizers field calls all day and are ready for the new law. >> we have assembled and built this voter protection program. it is the largest, most coordinated in texas's history, to make sure that every eligible voter is going to be able to cast a ballot that counts. >> reporter: even with that help available, others say texas has made voting too hard. >> i've gone twice to get the voter i.d. card. we're out. you're going to have to wait until next week. >> reporter: there's no way to determine how many others face similar problem, and texas isn't counting. joaquin castro wants people to count the impact. >> how many were turned away because of the new retirements? >> vincent hall, said gop efforts could have the opposite effect. >> there's just something about being told you can't that makes
10:58 pm
you want to get out and do it. it's that rebel in you. >> the most shock thing for me in that is the guy who says to you he went to go get the card and he said when he went, they had run out of them. >> he went to dps, had all the right feerl materials hrk his birth certificate. he says he's been voting his whole life. he said we ran out, you need to come back. folks have the right material and are being barred from voting or getting half an answer that doesn't allow them to go to the polls. >> what's your guess about how this effects the election next week. >> i think it's very hard to say. voter turnout is early high. 19% of folks from the last midterm universe have already turned out early. and as i saw sunday, a lot of folks saying this makes them want to go out and vote. but it is also possible that in a lot of places, folks will just feel like, you know, i've heard a lot, i'm confused. i don't necessarily trust it.
10:59 pm
i'm not going to go out or they try and they are turned back. this is the most stringent and unfair voter i.d. law in the country. that's why eric holder targeted it with a voting rights lawsuit, which they won. but the supreme court said well, until we figure this whole thing out, we're going to apply it, which is very controversial. but this is the place where the case could go back all the way to the supreme court on the merits. >> is there any provision in this law for if i don't have a right i.d. for casting a provisional ballot and having some time to get that certified? >> there is a provisional ballot rule, but it requires you to come back back with the i.d. if you've already gotten it. so you have to have it in time to have it counted. so again, the idea that you have to make two, three trips or as the lower court found, folks in rural areas who don't drive have sometimes a two to three-hour trip to get this i.d. voting is not supposed to be this hard in 2014.
11:00 pm
>> ari, our man in texas. where are the cowboy boots? >> not yet. i didn't bring any back. >> thank you, ari. chris hayes is, as you know, up next. "hardball" starts right now. tonight, two title fights, christie versus obama. and hillary clinton versus elizabeth warren. let's play "hardball." ♪ ♪ good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. p.t. barnum, the guy who created the greatest show on earth, knew how to fill the tent. if you want a crowd, start a fight. he put his money where his mouth was. he had his men start brawling on street corners, when the crowd gathered, they'd hand out flyers that the circus was coming to town. meet chris christie, who knows how to start a fight, telling the president he doesn't know how to conduct his business. itching to get into the center ri