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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 30, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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be mad about the low gas prices. they're hurting the economy. you're amazing. just five days before voters hit the polls, we have the latest political scoop. can you say dynasty? the san francisco giants won the first worlds series in five years. chris christie took a direct approach with tough questions. >> so, listen, you want to have the conversation later, i'm happy to have it buddy. until then, sit down and shut up. >> we'll hear from the other guy, next. >> the ebola nurse determined to fight the state. good morning to you. i'm francis rivera. the san francisco giants are the world series winners again. >> here's the 0-1.
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that ball is down. and it gets past, to the wall. on the stand in the outfield. he will hold there. two out. representing a tie at one. salvador perez. the 2-2. popped up. sandoval in foul territory. >> it is done. the dynasty lives. the giants take it with a 3-2 victory. the fans went wild. their team claims the third title in five seasons. mvp and a brand-new car. he finishes with three victories and the most innings pitched in the postseason. here he is. >> i wasn't thinking how many innings i was going to go or how many pitches. i can't lie to you, i'm tired.
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>> after tonight, the party moves home to san francisco for a parade and championship rally. this morning, fear and frustration over ebola in connecticut. jitters. a 7-year-old was banned from class after a trip to nigeria. the family is suing. a quurn teen showdown. kay si hickox is ready to fight. brian, all eyes are on maine this morning. >> reporter: kaci hickox was ordered to stay in her home, but she came out fighting. she says she won't submit to house arrest. >> i don't want to hurt anyone in the public, but i don't think this is an acceptable line to be drawn. >> reporter: she vows to fight maine authorities saying it is about civil rights, not health.
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>> we have to make decisions on science. i am healthy. you can hug me. you can shake my hand. there is no way i would give you ebola. >> reporter: at the white house, president obama stood with officials fighting ebola, including dr. kent brantly. >> we need to call them what they are, american heroes. they deserve our gratitude and they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. >> reporter: u.s. troops are turning from west africa won't have a choice, mandatory 21 day quarantines. >> a policy that was discussed in great detail by the communities, by the families of our military men and women. they very much wanted a safety valve on this. >> reporter: a safety valve, still the subject of heated debate. the state department says employees returning from africa
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will not be subject to mandatory quarantine. francis? >> thank you. the midterm elections are in five days, but we might be getting an early sneak peek of the big one. in response to hillary clinton's comments that corporations and businesses don't create jobs, former florida governor, jeb bush sounded like a candidate saying this at a gop event in colorado. >> this last week, i saw something that was breathtaking, a candidate, a former secretary of state who was campaigning in massachusetts where she said don't let them tell you that businesses create jobs. they are created by businesses where people's income rise where they can earn a living. that should be the mission. >> the former governor tells msnbc backstage about his son's
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comments that he, quote, will more than likely run for president in 2016. >> he's got an opinion. he didn't talk to me. when you have kids, you will have the same frustration. you love them to death, they have their own opinions. i'll make up my mind at the end of the year. >> it's been two years since superstorm sandy struck the jersey shore. a political speech turned into a showdown. christie did what when he does and fired back. >> so, listen, you want to have the conversation later, i'm happy to have it, buddy. until that time, sit down and shut up. there's about 1,000 things i'll do tonight. going to dinner with you is 1,001. >> he is a former councilman. did he expect the tirade?
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here is what he told chris hayes. >> i expected he was going to respond the way he did. it's unfortunate. he shows little respect to the citizens of new jersey. >> he invited christie to the bar to talk. christie made it clear, he had 1,000 other things to do first. now to hawaii and the hot mess. the lava is oozing 30 feet per hour. the images from space are stunning. nasa released this new photo. we have the latest from high above. >> we are at the tip of the sphere. this is the leading edge. here in town, 40 to 50 homes are in the direct path of the lava. this home looks to be one of the lucky ones. the flow path within a few hundred yards of the house. doesn't look like the lava is moving at all. it's going from five yards an
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hour to 20 yards an hour. this is so slow moving, the lava is hardening and blackening. there's still red hot lava under it. right now, it feels like we are in a furnace. we are close to the lava. you can see the breakout. it's smokey and thick. this is what is feeding the lava flow that is heading over the town of pahoa. it's basically a bathtub full of lava. it's crusted over, but acts as insulation keeping it hot. that's like ice on a lake. under beneath are tubes funneling the lava toward civilization. >> fascinating images there. the federal aviation administration is investigating a deadly crash. mk-58 aircraft crashed on
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wednesday. the pilot, the only person on board at the time was killed in the incident. it happened as the plane was ready to land. the big question in ferguson, missouri, will there or won't there be a shake up in the police department. attorney general, eric holder, thinks there should be. >> it's clear, the need for wholesale change in that department is appropriate. >> i gave you a lot of information. >> the police chief denied rumors he will resign. for as many times, holder is lashing out at a series of leaks in the case. >> these are the kind of things i think are inappropriate. i said i'm exasperated, it's a way of saying i'm mad. whoever the sources of the leaks are need to shut up. >> forensic scientists. >> meanwhile, dr. michael biden
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who performed the autopsy on brown says he wants to testify before the grand jury. he doesn't believe the conclusion that gunshot residue was found on the unarmed teen. >> jackie, good morning to you. >> good morning. after a volatile day yesterday, the futures are pointing to a higher open on wall street. traders mulling the decision to end the massive bond buying. today, investors are waiting on jobs. we'll get earnings from starbucks, gopro and linked in. the busiest holiday shipping daymond, december 22nd. they will deliver 34 million packages that day. fedex expects that day to be monday, december 15, a week earlier. they are estimating 22 million
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shipment that is day. a firm found 56% of consumers will still shop at stores that experienced a data breach. that is good news. they have all fallen victim to the data breaches. back to you. >> thank you so much. crash test dumbies are about to get fatter. plus, the poll on the scariest jobs in america. is yours one of them? look at this victoria secret ad. why a group is fighting mad.
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welcome back to "first look." weather update for you. all eyes on the cold air heading for the eastern u.s. before halloween and the upcoming weekend. right now, over central canada, that's the cold air that is going to plunge to the south. let's track it here. the area in blue is chilly. the purple is cold air. that heads southward. as we go through halloween, it
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makes it through to the deep south. frost and freeze. it's a cold halloween for st. louis, kansas city, chicago, all through the great lakes and ohio valley. saturday morning is chilly through the deep south and then gets better as the weekend progresses. sunday is cold in new england. you avoid the snowstorm that is heading up to nova scotia. maybe maine gets clipped. winter storm watch for the mountains of north carolina. that's one of the first times i have said that. the appalachians are going to get snow. >> remember in the northeast -- >> after hurricane sandy, we had the nor'easter. >> yes, on halloween. thanks, bill. stories making news this morning, americans are getting bigger and now so are crash test dumbies. a new model that weighs 273 pounds is up from traditional crash dumbies that weigh 167
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pounds. studies found obese drivers are 80% more likely to die in a car crash. he is out of the hospital, but not necessarily out of the woods. jose canseco tweeted this video. hope i can keep my finger, but grateful it wasn't worse. he shot off his middle finger, cleaning his gun. a new poll shows americans feel being a politician is the scariest job to have. you have to keep in mind, it beats kindergarten teachers and a crime scene investigator that comes in at five. followed by animal trainer, mortician, stand-up comedian and the tenth scariest job, i can attest to this, a parent. a petition is calling on victoria's secret to call in their campaign. you can attain the body they
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promote in their slogan. a new york woman was arrested for drunk-driving twice within a matter of hours. now her booking photo is viral. she was dressed as a zombie at the time. she was pulled over because her headlights were off and driving while impaired. less than three hours later, she was pulled over, again, for swerving down the road. hillary going vogue. lindsey graham steps in and a condom shortage. scrambled politics is next. goal is to grow. gotta get greater growth. i just talked to ups. they got expert advise, special discounts, new technologies. like smart pick ups. they'll only show up when you print a label and it's automatic. we save time and money. time? money? time and money. awesome. awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome! (all) awesome! i love logistics.
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make it progresso or make it yourself time for you to buckle up for your thursday edition of scrambled politics. breaks it down. republicans are on a pair of jacks and democrats a pair of sixes. only tuesday will tell. the daily beast says it will go from cease-fire to civil war when unnamed gop told them, it will be a disaster. fund raising would dry up and become suddenly non-existent. democrats may be losing ground with millenials. touting a bond with israel from a senior official to an atlantic magazine. they called prime minister
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netanyahu insisting he had no guts. whether or not the president knows the identity of the anonymous senior official. >> i do not know if the president knows who made the comments. i would be surprised if he did. >> remember the lawsuit john boehner said he was going to file against the president? another firm is going back on the decision to pursue the case. from politico, lindsey graham white men jokes surface. he told an all male club, if i get to be president, white men and male-only clubs are going to do great in my presidency. reports that hillary clinton can once again grace the cover of "vogue" magazine are surfacing. it would be her second appearance. clinton visited the studio with the "vogue" ed tor.
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threatening young men that a vote for republican congressman cori gardner could result in a condemn shortage. >> if cory gardner gets his way, you better stock up on condoms. just say no to cory gardner, now. >> that's your thursday dish of scrambled politics and the condom hoarding that may happen. i'm joined by bob franken. good thursday morning to you. >> good morning. i was racking my brain. is there anything appropriate i can say about that ad? the answer is absolutely not. >> that is telling when bob franken has nothing to say. i'm sure you have lots to say. i don't know if you are keeping track of chris christie being chris christie. you have the latest incident here in that, you know, superstorm sandy two years later
2:22 am
and of course the sit down and shut up comment. let's consider this. bridgegate aside, ebola quarantine aside, are people over the chris christie being chris christie, people that may see him like he's going to, you know, surface in 2016 or does it add to the christie charm we love or hate. >> charm is your word but you live in new york, maybe you have more of a tolerance for that thing. he will never win the mr. congeniality award. too often, you see him display that new jersey charm, as you put it. it is something that is probably a flaw in his appeal nationwide. the republicans are casting about for anybody, and he's in the mix. i think, after awhile, a lot of people are going to think he's a bully. >> do you think the bulliness of
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it will overshadow his effectiveness as a leader. >> many question his effectiveness as a leader, but your personality, how you present yourself is something people put stock in at least out of new jersey. >> i will avoid the new jersey turnpike for awhile. >> there you go. let's talk about a look at the crystal ball we may have seen recently as far as future 2016. bush, clinton again, jeb and hrc and the back and forth with that saying corporations and businesses create jobs. he's saying, you know what? you heard what he said. they do. what is your take? >> well, first of all, hillary clinton has since said, again, she probably did not say this as well as she should. she has been having a bit of a problem. she's not in the joe biden league, but had a lot of
2:24 am
circumstances where she has said things she probably had to, quote, fine tune. the other thing is that jeb bush and hillary clinton running leave a lot of people wondering, in a nation of 300 million people could you find somebody not named bush or clinton to run for president? >> how fun would that be for you guys? >> we can take out the old stories and fill in the blanks. >> great to chat. nice to talk to you. a new take on war. the stakes are high as jimmy fallon and jake gyllenhaal take the game of war in a new direction. -money's freedom. -money's always on my mind. credit cards. -mortgage. -debt. it's complicated. it's not easy. i'm not a good budgeter. unfortunately, i'm a spender. i would love to learn more about finances. so there's questions about the world that all of us have, especially about money and finance. the goal of khan academy and better money habits and the partnership we're doing with bank of america is to give people the tools they need to empower themselves.
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time for entertainment news.
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universal is gearing up fans for the pree mere of "furious 7." it's the latest installment releasing seven seconds of behind-the-scenes looks. taylor swift is making headlines, again. she will donate proceeds from "welcome to new york" to the new york school system. very cool. jake gyllenhaal sat down with jimmy fallon to play a unique game of war. >> one, two -- sorry, i had to do it to you. it's a rule. come on. one, two, three, four. >> this one is for my family. >> it's so silly, by hysterical. >> easy, simple. >> i can't tell you how many celebrities i loved more after seeing them.
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sorry, i think you would grab that remote and switch it if we start that game. >> i'll bring the water, you bring the cards. >> i'm francis rivera, on "first look." i'm not willing to stand here and let my civil rights be violated when it's not science based. i am completely healthy. you can hug me. you can shake my hand. there is no way i could give you ebola. >> in her own words, science over the politics of fear. nurse kaci hickox speaks out after returning from west africa. hero or bully? governor chris christie and his response for a heckler on the second anniversary of superstorm sandy and then meet your world series champs. a nail biter to the end. they beat the kansas city
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royals. there you have it. this is "way too early." ♪ hey, everybody. good morning, i'm thomas roberts. welcome to "way too early." the show that still has no halloween costume picked out yet. there we go. the next 24 hours. great to have you with us as we are back from ohio. we want to begin this morning and start in maine where a showdown is looming between the state and a nurse who recently returned from sierra leone. they are trying to force kaci hickox to observe a 21-day home quarantine. police were sent to her home. she is vowing to attempt to fight the mandatory isolation. she has no symptoms


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