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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  November 3, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PST

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battleground states of kentucky, georgia, and louisiana have the advantage. giving republicans a path to taking back the senate. let's start with the strategy for both parties. angela rye is principal impact strategies. thank you for being with me. >> angela, do you know the polling momentum appears to be on the republican side? what can democrats do to prevent republican take over of the senate at this hour? >> at this hour, jose, we know it's all about the ground game and democrats typically have the advantage when it comes to getting in the polls. even going back to yesterday. i know, we're mostly talking about the senate but when you look at the gubernatorial race in florida right now it looks like charl crist has a little bt of a advantage. the other thing that is important for other voters and not just democrats on the turn out piece is not be so follow
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stall quick to remember the time of republican success. the biggest challenge we have in washington now is gridlock. it can be squarely place at the feet of the republicans. this election was supposed to be about obamacare. obamacare is now a huge success so there's nothing they can do with that. we can't forget that the economy is doing far better than it was six years ago when this president enters the white house. that's because of democrat success and we can't forget that. when we go to the polls tomorrow. >> so for how can republicans seal the deal? >> well, i think that the republicans remain incredibly energized. when you start looking at the poll it's clear that the voters throughout, the electorates believe that the country is going in the wrong direction. and quite tankly 67% of the voters are basically saying they want the president to change the direction of the country. they are dissatisfied with his leadership. they are dissatisfied with the agenda. there's an angry electorate and they want change. i think they want to question
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give the republicans a chance. i think that's why the republicans will take control of the senate. >> so her say -- we need to make sure that the gridlock stops. we need to make sure that the republicans have responsible leadership they're able to lead, propose agenda that can work with president obama as well. this can't be with a divided government it's difficult but i think there is an opportunity for the republicans to come out leading strong because that's going to impact the 2016 election. >> and angela, do you think we're going to be seeing this tomorrow will have an impact on 2016? >> if so how? >> i think the elections will have an impact on 2016. i'm hopeful that the democrats are retain senate leadership. i don't believe there's any sign whatsoever based on history for the last six years that the
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republicans have any desire whatsoever to work with the president. so if the republicans were to reclaim the senate tomorrow, i think that what you'll see is a backlash in 2016. all of these polls have indicated from 2010 to 2012 to now that people get frustrated when people are not working to move an agenda forward. >> the president has not moved to work with the republicans. it is both sides. both sides gridlock comes from both sides. gridlock comes from both sides. >> let's talk about that. >> sorry -- >> the fact of the matter is that when the senate has been in the republican minority, the senators, the republican senators in the senate have said that their agenda is to essentially stop any kind of presidential -- >> well they're going to stop that. >> that's called a minority. >> they're going stop that policy. they're going to stop policies that hurt job creation. if you look at the most important issues it's job
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creation and the economy. at this point 39% -- angela, 39% -- >> let's let mercedes finish and angela. >> right now the voters are saying 39% believe that the gop will do a better job handling the economy and creating jobs. >> based on what fact? based on what fact? based on the fact they oppose -- >> based on the poll that came out. >> there's a poll that came out now. >> i'm not talking about the poll, mercedes. >> you have to look at the poll. >> i really don't. take a step back and tell me based on what fact? right now republicans oppose an increase in wages. they oppose -- >> wait, because you want to talk about polls i want to talk to you about facts. about policies. we can't separate the brand from the policy or the poll because all the poll means is you have been effective in negative advertise. >> come on, angela! >> it's true. >> angela -- let's be for real.
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>> president obama are so high in all these competitive states and quiet frankly, the voters are frustrated. they're angry. they want change. and that's why they're going to give the republicans a chance. >> they're tired. >> just a second, please. everybody is frustrated about what is going on in the country for different reasons. but, angela, let me bore down a little bit with you. if the democrats lose control of the senate, what becomes the legislative priority or does it become a countdown to hillary clinton? >> well, i think the legislative priority for the republican led senate would be impeachment. we know that. the leader would become most likely mitch mcconnell. if mcconnell is the leader he told you all when he was running and preparing for 2012 that his sole purpose was to ensure that this president would be a one-temple president. his next purpose would be to ensure that this president, leadership, legacy would be tarnished forever. that would be their objective.
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there wouldn't be anything getting down. >> my mouth drops. when you look at the agenda clearly they'll look at tax reform agenda, they'll look at opportunities to create jobs in america. to make sure that we continue to boost our economy, to make sure this is an expansion, an economic expansion that we can continue growing. i think we're going do see a positive agenda. i think they're going to have to find ways to work with the president. >> i think we'll see a lot of veto going on from the president? >> >> we'll have to see if there is a future republican senate if they're going to start working with the president. which would be a first time. look, miracles occur. thank you both for being with me. i appreciate your time. >> thank you, jose. here in florida, it's been like in the 40s or 50s. that, for here, friends, is blizzard conditions. it's nothing compared to what people from north carolina to maine had to deal with over the weekend. we're talking about high winds,
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blowing snow. power outages. weather channel meteorologist keith carson is bangor, maine. you're standing in more than a foot of snow. something maine is used to but not this early, right? >> reporter: right. something to know about maine they're really tough. november 1st, 2nd, it's a little bit early. we're in downtown bangor, which is the down east part of maine, northern down east border, if you will. they moved the snow out of the street. they got a foot officially. what is interesting about the storm it's the clash of the two seasons. take a look at the trees behind me. they still have full foliage on them. that's kind of the anomaly. you have the trees with the leaves. you have snow on top of them, that's part of the reason we're seeing so many power outages. for maine 140,000 people without power is a pretty big percentage. the entire state only has a million people in population.
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portland, maine, didn't get hit by the storm. that's a pretty big story. the leaves you have the type of snow it is. it's a thick kind of snow. it gets driven into the trees. 50 miles per hour wind gusts recorded here yesterday afternoon. and it's hard to get snow this caked on. usually through the mortgage it will start too break off and fall off. but that hasn't happened yet. it's that thick consistency you see in the spring storms and the fall storms as well. they drive on to the tree finance looks pretty. not great as far as power outages go. they it gets stuck on everything. there's kind of a saying in new england you can get a couple of feet of snow. if it's the light stuff you can push it out of the way and it's fine. jose, speaking of the whole miami situation being cold. i literally decided to wear a jacket just so you wouldn't feel embarrassed. it's not that bad out, really. >> keith, i have to tell you. thank you. i have tell you, i have never seen the amount of fake mink coats. thank the lord their not real
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mink. here in south florida you have people wearing mink coats. men and women, covered up, they're looking at that and going i feel like you look right now. keith carson, thank you so much. always a pleasure to see you, buddy. coming up we have och more to get through on the midterm monday. the president once again interrupted by immigration activists on the campaign trail. how he responded. plus a senate race that could come down to a latino vote. check out this shot of lower manhattan this morning. one world trade officially open for business. what a great shot, huh? often enough, but thank you. thank you mom for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote
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as i said before, it's always ironic that the folks who are shouting don't understand
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that we actually support their issue. the folks that don't support the issue are the ones who are voting against dan malloy. they need to go to the other rally and focus on them. >> president obama telling a group of dreamers who interrupted him yesterday in connecticut they're at the wrong rally. but how will the frustration of dreamers who can't vote impact the latino vote with less than 24 hours to go? that vote could be key in at least six senate battleground states and another 12 races for governor. according to our next guest. joining me from new york principals at latino decisions and coauthors of "latino america" required reading for my staff and my family. matt, let's start with the colorado senate race. where it seems all the latino midterm conversations begin the latino vote is over 15%. if that 15.4% is not properly counted for, at lot of polling
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we're seeing and we're going it see a colorado surprise tomorrow because of the latino vote. >> i think so. there's a good chance of that. as you said the polling in colorado has historically not been good. in 2010 it completely missed it. in 2012 it said barack obama was losing in colorado. a lot has to do with undercounting the latino vote, not properly interviewing in english and spanish. it latino turnout is good in colorado we expect udall would get a large share and could win the raice in a surprise. >> let's talk about the georgia michelle nunn and david purdue. what is your read on georgia? >> it's one of the places we never used to think about a latino vote. part of the demographic vote and change in the united states has been places like georgia have experienced huge growth. there's over a million latinos in georgia. they make up a larger share of
7:15 am
the electorate than they used to. in a close race latino turn out could make a difference both for michelle nunn and president carter's grandson who is running for governor. >> how he is doing? >> i think he's doing well i understand the polling is within the margin of error. it's hard to predict but it's better than any democrat in some time. >> let's talk about florida. president clinton will be stomping for charlie crist later today. are the candidates focussing enough on that vote? >> that's a good question. you know, we're seeing compared to other states like georgia that gary talked about the candidates are doing more in florida. they're more used to going after the latino vote. there are two latino lieutenant governor candidates. we think it's going to be hotly contested. crist probably needs to be at 55 57% of the will tolatino votn
7:16 am
that. is he able to get out the puerto rico vote? if he can't do that, if we see a huge cuban-american turn out that's bad news for crist. >> and i'm wondering why in other states where there is a substantial latino vote democratic candidates haven't really gone after them. that's right. it's interesting thing. you see it a little bit in florida and colorado. we talked about georgia, we can talk about kansas, iowa, there are a number of places where the latino vote has been growing rapidly. we haven't seen much effort by the democratic candidates nor the republican candidates in really going door to door. doing spanish language outreaching with they're just not quite there yet like in states like florida. >> they do so at their own peril. what does the latino vote do for the senate and governor races in kansas? >> there's two close races. both the gubernatorial and sam
7:17 am
brownback seems to be in a bit of trouble. and in the senate election. latinos are now over 6% of the population of kansas. they'll make up a reasonable share of the electorate on election day. and maybe for the first time ever latinos can be influential in kansas elections. this is part of that demographic expansion i mentioned earlier. >> and republican governor of nevada a race we don't talk about much. you're thinking what is going to go there in 2014 and maybe going toward his 2016 future. >> that could be interesting. you know, sand value could be doing some hispanic outreach. >> he did terrible in 2010. he was not the candidate for latinos in 2010. he had a really bad interaction with them. but here in the last several years he's really made an effort to repair his relationship to the latino community. we'll see whether or not tomorrow it succeeded. >> he's drawn a weak democratic
7:18 am
opponent who doesn't really have any money. pay attention to the race. he could start if he could start getting in line for 2016 vp sweep stakes. >> interesting. thank you so much. your book is required reading for everyone i know. i appreciate you being on with me. >> thank you. thank you for having us. the next stop as we cover the midterm bases on msnbc will be iowa. luke russert is in the hawk eye state. the clue as to what went wrong before the break up of the rocket. we'll have a live report next. . but when we start worrying about tomorrow, we miss out on what matters today. ♪ at axa, we offer advice and help you break down your retirement goals into small, manageable steps. because when you plan for tomorrow, it helps you live for today.
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have deployed the ship's dissent device two early. richard branson called it a horrible setback but promised to keep pushing forward. >> i think that if we can find what the ntsb pointing to, if that i understand up to be the case, that is something which is easy to fix. we can make absolutely certain that, you know, it cannot be done again in the future. >> jacob is live in the mohave desert. what are investigators saying? >> what is supposed to happen is the spacecraft is carried up to 45,000 fight, separates from the mother ship, a rocket ignites and propel it is into sup orbit. deployment is supposed to happen. tails or feathers the swings on
7:23 am
the back. what happened on friday, they said, was video and flight data shoed the co-pilot actually unlocked those tails or feathers just after separation on their way up. but then here is the question. here is the confusing part there is supposed to be a second lever that actually deploys the feathers. and nobody pulled that. so what they're saying is the evidence is showing there was some aerror on the part of the pilot. why did i had unlock them so early. there was some sort of malfunction on the plane. why did they deploy without anybody pulling and engaging that lever? so they still have a lot of investigation to do. richard branson said this morning they're looking at whether this is the actual cause. this may be it. they won't say that until they're done with everything. >> and jacob, the crash killed michael alsbury and injured pet
7:24 am
pett petter. when he's ready to talk they'll talk to him. he may be the missing piece in understand requesting the co-pilot may have done it so early and why the wings may have deployed so early adds with well. >> thank you so much. good to see you. >> dying with dignity. a sense of normalcy and a return to one world trade. let's zoom through some of today's top stories. the story has a lot of people talking today. the 29-year-old who reignited a national debate over dying with dignity has ended her own life. brittany maynard suffered from a uncurable brain cancer. she and her husband moved to oregon to take advantage of a law allowing terminally ill people to end their lives. she made a bucket list of things she wanted to accomplish and she completed them all. she died over the weekend in the arms of her loved ones. in washington state students
7:25 am
marysville pilchuck high school will try to get back to normal. classes are resuming. two others still in the hospital. grief counselors will be available for all the students. another significant opening today. more than 13 years after the 9/11 terror attacks, the world trade center is once again open for business. today publishing giant starts moving in becoming first tenant. take a look at the shot. one world trade is the country's tallest building standing at 104 stories. coming up in an update in the fight against isis. i'll tell you what the terror group has done now and what the military response may be. first, live pictures from boston, massachusetts outside city hall where the city is getting ready to say goodbye to its long time mayor. the funeral begins in about 20 minutes. right now the procession winding through the city going past some of the city's most famous
7:26 am
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new nestlé© toll house delightfulls. bake some love™ nestlé©. good food, good life. take a look at the live pictures from new york city. not a cloud in the sky. how is that? right in the middle of your screens one world trade center. 1,776 feet. today opened for business. what an extraordinary place. and now to the battle against isis. what is being called the worst bloodshed in iraq in more than four months. the sunni triable leader said his men were overrun by isis rounded up, and massacred. witnesses claim the islamic terrorist shot and killed -- listen to this, 200 men at close range along with dozen of their wives and children. state television is reporting that iraq's prime minister has
7:30 am
ordered air strikes on isis targets in response to the slaughter. let's bring in the senior fellow at the council on foreign legal conclusion -- especially brutal weekend in iraq. >> it's horrible. and the news out of iraq and syria is incredibly grim i think underlines how hard the fight is and going to be >>well, what has happened? you know, the united states has been with the coalition of people. they've been bombing these places to smith reens. what happened? >> i think we've faced this issue on the policy about which goes first, syria or iraq. is there a possible campaign that targets only isis? how do you have a campaign that already limits what it can do in terms of no troops on the ground. but strikes from the air against an opponent that is all in? and i think there has been no lack of ambition on the isis side while there has been real constant on the american and ally side. i think that is the challenge
7:31 am
you're seeing play out on the ground right now. >> the new york times is reporting that iraq backed by u.s. air power are planning a major offensive against isis this spring. why does have to take so long? >> that has always been the issue. for 18 months i've talked to sources both inside and outside the administration who have wanted to get more support to modern syrian rebels. and the question has been why does it have to take so long? but the issue is that we have washington d.c. rules for syria and iraq battle field. there's a question about who is getting the arms and who gets the support and how long is it going to take? by the way, we're well into the fourth year of this conflict and so all along there have been people who support the modern essential rebels just stay alive. that hasn't been as easy as it sounds given both the regime and isis coming after them. this syrian regime continues to drop barrel bombs on folks who are fighting.
7:32 am
which include those which america is supporting. >> and the other question is -- first of all, who are the modern reb rebels. how many are they? are they willing to step forward and fight against isis? >> well, i just spoke, actually, somebody who is pretty close to some of the free syrian army forces. they said, look, we're grim and demoralized. those are the two adjective in this case use now to describe the way they're feeling. the challenge has been getting these folks vetted, getting them trained and equipped in time it makes a defense on the battle field. the battle field, as the beginn is active, and violent. you have people who aren't fully paid, prepped, equipped and trained it is a real challenge. they say we have the training. what we need is the weaponry. getting the weaponry has been a challenge. >> it's not an easy deal. what about kobani. is there any sign of improvement
7:33 am
there? >> we see the fighting continue. the fact is the kurdish forces. they've been given a real fight. that is a very grim story as well. the story is coming out of kobani about what is. hag on the civilian side are really chilling and show you the stakes of the fight. the fight is also continuing. >> thank you so much. what a horrible situation and so tough to determine there where the good guys are and how to fight back. it's so difficult. thank you so much for being with me. >> thank you. i want to go back to the campaign trail and last minute maneuvering in one of the closest watched battle grounds of the election. the race for iowa senate seat. the latest and final poll by the dmin register gives s johnny et a seven point lead. luke res earussert joins me fro
7:34 am
moines. >> thanks. ernst camp must be celebrating the numbers today? >> yeah. the des moines register poll is considered the gold standard of polling here in iowa. the fact she's up 7 is something that was a gut punch, one could say to the braley campaign on saturday night. within that poll two things stood out. braley is losing his own congressional district by about three points and also on the issue who cares about you. he also trailsernst. the braley campaign shows other polls show a closer race. that's one outline. they release new poll from quinnipiac that shows the race in a dead heat. they say have the democrats have a better ground game. all that being said talking to voters and getting a sense of things on the ground. joni ernst developed this strong narrative. she's a female veteran. 44 years old, conservative who has done a decent job in the
7:35 am
closing weeks of sort of moderating a little bit of her over extreme positions the democrats accuse her of holding. that. seems to be playing well with the electorate. the powerful personality narrative so far. >> and braley hasn't been able to kind of seize on that very well the last 24/48 hours? no. he's not really been able to launch an effective attack. it's interesting the des moines register paper said issernst is almost teflon. they would try to associate her with sarah palin and that hasn't worked out. they tried to say that she was a medicare and social security. she's lead on the two issues. they haven't been able to get an effective line of attack. the best opportunity they had was bill clinton came here on saturday and did two effects with bruce braley. he said johnny ernst talks about cutting pork but she's cutting people. that was out there and the poll dropped and then today i'll tell
7:36 am
you what we're going to talk about here. tom harkin, the senator that bruce braley wants to replace, liberal democrat he's campaigning with, he said that ernst was good looking like taylor swift. a comment which ernst said she found offensive. he said she's going to, quote, shake it off. >> i want to play what the senator said so we can comment. >> johnny ernst she's really attractive. and she sound nice. i don't care if she's as good looking as taylor swift. or as nice as mr. rogers. but if she votes like michele bachmann she's wrong for the state of iowa. >> this the last thing braley needs right now. i mean, clinton helped clearly this is not helping. >> yeah. it's a terrible unforced error.
7:37 am
this is bruce braley's day to make his closing argument. he's campaigning with tom harkin by his side the entire time. i would argue harkin is probably a tiny bit damaged goods. the comment did not sit well with i would presume a lot of women in the state. will change the race, probably not. the fact is that media toward the end we're talking about that instead of bruce braley's positions and johnny ernst positions. it's a huge gift for the close out. >> luke russert, thanks. coming up a world without political gridlock? kansas senator pat roberts said a vote for him is a vote for action. >> the people of kansas understand that a vote for me is about so much more than just me. it's about the republican majority to open up the senate to stop the obama agenda, get harry reid out to pasture.
7:38 am
we have a nice pasture that is preserved for him. and we can then really get things done. >>ly talk to a democrat and a republican about what tuesday's vote may mean for getting things down on capitol hill. of course, you have to look at the pictures, first. >> it's the sunday night scene in chicago. the windy city. daredevil nik wallenda starting at 588 fight going up an incline another 88 feet and this time blindfolded. setting new world records. the whole unbelievable stunt playing out live. talk about a balancing act. nik wallenda will join the cyclist at 3:00 p.m. eastern. by 3:00 p.m. i'll be able to put words into sentences correctly. today a little bit of an issue. s like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken.
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we'll take you to washington, d.c., attorney general eric holder and epa administrator agree that mccarthy making an announcement a historic clean air act settle. it has to do with two major carmakers. hundai and kia that have agreed to pay $100 million civil fine for what has been essentially a misinformation on their car's epa and gas mileage. $100 million and the settlement is going on right now. we'll be keeping a close watch on it. it's happening right now at the department of justice. in less than 24 hours vote lers start going to the polls for the midterm elections and the results could be staggering. the upshot senate forecast in the new york times gives republicans a 69 percent chance of gaining a majority in the senate. maryland congresswoman donna edwards talks about the
7:43 am
democrat's strategy. what a pleasure to see you. thank you. >> great to see you. thank you for having me. >> it's an all hands on deck moment right now with one day to go and the difference maker could be voter turn out what are you doing to help democrats across the country? >> i've been traveling across the country. what i know as democrats we put our house candidates and incumbents in the best position to win by raising the money that we need but making sure they can get their message out. and now it really does come to voter turn out. there are probably about 20 races around this country that nobody can predict right now and it's all about getting our voters out. >> and your state has a governor's race between larry hogan and the democratic lieutenant governor anthony brown. >> let's be clear, i'm rooting for anthony brown for governor. he's going to make a great govern. this is all about turn out to make sure that the governor's race stays in democratic hands
7:44 am
in maryland. >> and i was going to tell you some of the big guns are out there. michelle obama is going to be there, new jersey governor chris christie campaigned for hogan yesterday. how do you see the impact of these big players? is it really about right now who your alliances are or more about the importance you bring to the table and what your election means for the future of your state? >> well, i think right now, i mean, the money has been spent on the ads and all of the things that go into a campaign. now it really is getting our -- making sure our voters are enthusiastic and they show up at the polls to vote for anthony brown. that's what we're doing in maryland. that's why michelle obama is going to be in our state. we're excited about that. the president was actually in maryland just a couple of weeks ago for the same thing. we got strong early vote numbers. so i'm excited about it. but what i know is around the country democrats across the country are going to be fighting like tooth and nail for our house candidate and for our incumben
7:45 am
incumbents. it's not going to be a pretty election day. but it's not going to be the disaster that all the pundits keep predicting either. >> at lot of democratic candidates have kind of avoided linking themselves with the president. do you think this has been good policy. good politics? i think it's historic. the case in midterm elections historically the president's party in power actually loses about 29 seats on average. and i don't think this midterm, frankly, is any different from others. there are places that the president has been like my home state of maryland. we love him there. we're glad he's shown up for us and in other states and in other places our candidates at the house level are really running their individual congressional districts. they're running on jobs and opportunity for the american people. raidsing the minimum wage. gaurn teening equal pay for equal work. these are the things people care about in communities. how do we create jobs by investing in infrastructure. when it comes down that the message our candidates have in
7:46 am
these house seats across the country will make a difference in the individual stricts and communities. it doesn't matter whether the president has gone to them or not. >> i still wonder and we'll have time to analyze this in the next, you know, days, weeks, and months. i'm wondering if it's smart politics to turn your back on the president regardless of what his poll numbers are in your particular state or district. senator rand paul of kentucky is a possible republican candidate for president in 2016. he's been outspoken about republicans broadening their reach to black voters. here is what he said to chuck todd on meet the press. >> do you know what i'm sensing when i show up in the big cities? they say it to me time after time being we're taken for granted. the democrats don't show up. haven't seen my congressman lately. i think there's a huge opportunity for us. not everybody said they're ready to become a republican, many people say they're glad i'm there and they want us to
7:47 am
compete for their vote. >> do you think the maryland governor's race is indicative of tougher competition for the african-american voter in a national scale? >> not at all. i think that's wishful thinking on the part of rand paul. i think it's important for republicans to appeal to black voters. especially if you talk about raising the minimum wage which anthony brown has done in maryland. how do we create jobs for the american people. that's going on in maryland and across the country. and african-american voters are no different than any other voters. we want to vote our interests. we want to vote for democrats who believe and share our values and we want to move the american public forward. i've seen this in maryland and i've seen it across the country. >> congresswoman, what a pleasure seeing you. thank you for being with me. i appreciate your time. i would like to bring in republican congresswoman diane black from tennessee. >> good morning. good to be with you, jose. >> thank you very much.
7:48 am
nbc's meet the press chuck todd talked to voters across the country with their frustration with both parties. >> stop bickering. >> look out for the working person. there they're career politicians. >> from the day they get elected. >> what about moderates? does that exist? >> they're so out of touch they have no idea when they're even making the laws over. >> congresswoman, no matter which way the election breaks so you overcome voters not just being tired but exhausted of politicians and the gridlock that they see in washington. what can elected fishes like yourself do to change the narrative? >> i think we have to get the message out in a much larger way to let the american people know what we've been doing in the house. we have over 380 bills sits on the desk in harry reid's office waiting to be considered to talk about. these are good bills, job-producing bills. bills that would get the economy moving and people back to work. it would make a difference in
7:49 am
individual's lives. and american people, when i asked people in the district do you know what percentage are bipartisan. they would say none or 20 or 25%? it's over 98% of the bills are actually bipartisan bills. and so it is the fact of the matter that the house is working. we are doing our job. there's a lodger jam in the senate. we have to change the complex over there to get anything done in this country. >> but then let's say that the republicans take over the senate. there's a democratic president at the white house. do you see anything possibly -- do you think the senate could actually if they do, let's say, republicans take the senate, start talking to the president and trying to get to agreements on important issues that can help all americans? >> oh, i do believe that. and the reason why i believe that or there are some bills already, like the keystone pipeline and getting rid of the medical device tax that are very bipartisan. and the senate has actually taken a vote on the medical
7:50 am
device tax and one of their amendments and it passed bipartisan. it we're able to put these good policies on the desk of both those in the house and the senate and push them over to the president, he would then really have to make a decision. the shameful part is all the good bills that are sitting there haven't made it to the president's desk. and i believe that there's an intent on that. >> congresswoman, in your state, senator lamar alexander running for re-election defeated a tea party candidate. he tea party influence on a permanent down swing? >> i think the tea party still has a place. all the groups that have deeply have a place in our testimony. that's the system of democracy is about. people will have a voice at all ends of the spectrum. i believe the tea party is alive and well but i think if the tea party sees that we republicans are able to move policies
7:51 am
forward in the house and senate and put something on the desk of the president make him make a decision on the policy they'll have more confidence we indeed govern. >> some in the tea party are saying that the way to govern in the future is through confrontation. it remains to be seen. we have to wait to see what the american people decide tomorrow. thank you for being with me. coming up a midterm monday five things. it's not just candidates on the ballot tomorrow. 147 initiatives could become state laws. we pick five we think you should know about. and here is one more shot from boston. the funeral for long time mayor thomas menino. former president bill clinton one of the dignitaries joining the city of boston for the emotional goodbye. drop 40 grandw set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it.
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i want to go back to new york city with one more extraordinary shot and the one world trade center today open for business. look at that. not one cloud in the sky. my executive producer said it's not too told ride his boiblg to work today. it's beautiful weather. plenty talk this morning about people on the ballot. there's also a lot of questions and initiatives on ballots across the country. 147 of them, according to one count. here are our five things initiatives. number one, minimum wage hikes. in illinois nonbinding question on the ballot to raise the state's minimum wage from $8.25 to $10. other states could see binding increases to $9.75. prop 47 in california could make the golden state to defelonize
7:56 am
all drug use reclassifying possession of heroin, meth, and other illegal drugs of misdemeanors. number three, question three in massachusetts to slot machines. three casinos being built in the hands of massachusetts voters. number four from casinos to booze. issue four in arkansas it's a proposal to legalize the selling, making, and transporting of intoxicating liquors across the state. right now it's legal in about half the county. number five bear baiting in maine. the maine story that has nothing to do with ebola. a vote to ban a practice in this case includes using human food like doughnuts to draw bears to a specific spot. of course, in south florida, the bait ban would include -- i don't care what animal or human
7:57 am
you are. it's a big bait. that wraps up this hour on msnbc. thank you for the privilege your time. i'll be here for you tomorrow on election day. your vote is your voice. "newsnation" with tamron hall is up next. thanks. time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. carlsbad, california owns carlsbad food tours. introducing locals and tourists to the great food around the area. she helped promote the downtown area encouraging diners to eat locally rather than at the mall. if i can impart one lesson to a new business owner, it would be one thing i've learned is my philosophy is real simple american express open forum is an on-line community, that helps our members connect and share ideas to make smart business decisions. if you mess up, fess up. be your partners best partner. we built it for our members, but it's open for everyone.
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good morning everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is "newsnation." the headlines today perhaps say it all. from the washington post a flurry of campaigning across the nation as election day nears. also, from the post the senate will go republican. and from politico final poll show it's the gop's to lose. those are so. headlines that caught our eye this morning. among the poll our nbc news poll in kentucky shows senate minority leader mcconnell surged


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