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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  November 7, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PST

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it's why old people are sad. historical context. all eyes on pennsylvania avenue today. president obama set to meet with congressional leaders will will they manage to find common ground? will bourbon really show up. first we set the clocks back and now an arctic blast. frigid temperatures hitting the north next week. matthew mcconaughey shares his experience in what it's like shooting the biggest block buster. plus, lewis make the anne hathaway rush? this is way too early. ♪ somebody was blushing there. welcome to way too early.
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wait until you see the piece that lewis has it's great on the red carpet for the premier. i want to start it president obama set to meet with bipartisan delegation of congressional leadership. the first time since democrats handed over the senate in the midterm elections on wednesday presumptive majority leader mitch mcconnell spoke. speaker boehner was more direct even promises to repeal obamacare. >> common grounds will be hard but it will be harder if the president isn't willing to work with us. yesterday we heard him say he may double down on his go alone approach. i've told the president before. he needs to put politics aside and rebuild trust. if he acts on his own -- when you play with matches you take the risk of burning yourself. he's going burn himself if he continues to go down this path.
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>> the two were said to get along but not close personally. and the final split in the senate is still not decided as votes are still uncounted in alaska. the democrats are pulling remaining tv ad buys from louisiana. that's where senator mary landrieu is only beginning her runoff against bill cassidy. there's obvious frustration while nancy pelosi will likely remain minority leader there calls for a broader coalition even new blood. she called it a terrible year but the press turn out, not the message, was the root of the problem. on the republican side top conservatives mocked democratic turn out operations and the ground game. leaders argued democrats shouldn't have sidelined pr president obama as much as he did. he could have helped turn out the key base. northboupresident obama sen letter to the supreme leader about the threat of isis.
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the president told the countries have shared interest in fighting the militants there and according to the "wall street journal" which first reported the letter president obama said any partnership would be tied to iran reaching a deal by november 24th deadline. it is at least the fourth time president obama has written iran supreme leaders since taking office. israel and saudi arabia were reportedly kept in the dark. it comes adds john mccain accuses the white house of not conducting more air strikes because of the talks with iran. >> somehow we're playing footsie with the iranians in hope they will somehow have an effect on isis. the 5,000 hezbollah that came into syria and changed the balance of power on the free syrian army who was succeeding a few years ago. and this is not a strategy. this is sort of an ad hoc
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reactionary failure. meanwhile the u.s. launched a series of air strikes against the core san,. interpol said those looking to join isis and other militant groups are traveling by cruise ships to avoid airport security. we have the debate over marriage equality could be heading to the supreme court. they upheld state bans in a 2-1 decision. the cincinnati court's ruling applies to four states. the majority's decision stated it seems likely that u.s. law will i vently allow gay and lesbian couples to get married and should be decided by the voters and not the court. last month the supreme court decided not to hear a case.
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another member of s.e.a.l. team 6 has come forward claiming credit for killing bin laden. he said he decided to reveal his identity now as he name began to circulate. he was also named on a special op s website. >> i'm not telling any secrets and i'm not breaking any rules. we're going have at lot of fun. >> robert o'neal has been on the motivational speaking circuit. he identified himself in the washington post as the man who killed bin laden. another team member wrote a book in which he described it somewhat differently. with three commandos firing shots that hit bin laden. he asked us not to show his face. >> two different people telling two different stories for two different reasons. >> last week the s.e.a.l.'s top commander wrote an open letter.
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>> that's cynthia mcfadden. matt is suing his own attorney for bad legal advice. he faces bad prosecution and claims he's been forced to forfeit $4.1 million. we turn our attention to business news this friday. jobs report coming out. economists are expecting good news when the report is out later this morning. that's something investors would love to hear after a second straight day of record highs. the dow claimed more than 17,500 points hitting the 21st record close this year. the s&p reaching new heights. what do we expect for the jobs report today? >> yeah, this is going to be fascinating. part of the reason we had such strong gains yesterday we had news from the european central bank and the message was still from the europeans we are
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looking to do more on the stimulus front on the monetary side. that help eed here and in your part of the world. it makes it very interesting. the marketing looking for something over 230,000. that would be better than the 12-month average of 220,000. it's kind of perverse at the moment. if we get a very, very strong number we might see these markets wobble along that worrying that the fed might go earlier on an interest rate hike. so bear in mind we need a little bit of a goldy locks number. not too hot, not too cold you might get the bump up as we close out the week on the market. keep your eye firmly focussed on the jobs numbers as they come through later on in the afternoon. everything running into them has looked good so far. the claims number was good on thursday. so the indications are it will
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be 230,000 or better. >> that's something to look forward to. we'll look for the number later this morning to confirm it. let's talk about the development with home depot and the security breach they've been dealing and unraveling more and more information about what happened. there's a new wrinkle in this about e-mail addresses of customers. >> yeah. this just gets worse and worse. it does look now like the largest ever corporate security breach. because as you point out, we had initially the 56 million credit card details. the company saying this was all about hackers getting into a vender system and then using that as a window to access home depot's own system. but to top off the credit card details home depot telling us 53 million e-mail addresses may have been taken by the hackers as well. if you are a home depot customer, and the company has your files, i think you need to have a look at your security
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principles very carefully here. you may want to think about changing your e-mail addresses. home depot obviously very embarrassed about this and trying to do what they can to help those who may have seen their details stolen. >> it is a good idea to be proactive if you're a long time home depot customer. thank you! big news from the appeal hearing of ray rice's indefinitely suspension. espn reporting in his testimony on thursday raven's general manager said he heard ray rice telling commissioner roger goodell that he had hit his then fiancè in a hotel elevator. something we saw on the surveillance video tape. he reportedly heard this on june 16th on the disciplinary hearing. he was initially suspended for two games and later given the
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indefinite suspension. testimony seems to support the running back's contention shefed an enhanced punishment for the same infraction. the espn reports that league and union notes different in fair language in describing the event. it brings us our twitter question. do you think that ray rice's ban will be lifted? will they provide enough doubt and prove double jeopardy here. do you think it could lead to bigger problems for nfl manager and roger goodell? use the handle @waytooearly. you don't have worry about me reading the tweets. cleveland dom nats the battle of thursday night football. bubbles are endlessly entertaining for kids. this in space will captivate you. you have the story and the check on weather whenway too early
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so ally bank really has no hidden fethat's right. accounts? it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates. it's time for sports. thursday night football before the highlights extra special about last night's ohio matchup between the browns and bengals. take a look. it's 4-year-old lea. she's battling pediatric cancer. she got to see her daddy,
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cincinnati defensive line plan for the first time in american. the bengals announced a donation in lea's name to cincinnati medical center. lea may have been the only highlight for the bengals in the game. the defense was all over since bringing back andy dahlton. three interceptions and sacked twice. they ran away with this one. lea is the cutest thing we have seen in a long time. we wish her nothing but the best with her battle and recovery. now to nba action for you. the shorthanded spurs team missing six players on the bench. big bodies out of the way. howard puts up 32 points as the rockets improve to 6-0 after a 98-81 win over san antonio.
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so we want to talk about the freezing air coming our way. we want to say good morning to nbc meteorologist bill karens. in it's getting some headlines. deservedly so. let me explain we have a huge storm heading for areas in the bering sea. due west of alaska and this is actually used to be a typhoon. now it's making a transition to a big huge monster storm. remember hurricane sandy that went into a nor'easter storm? similar to that and this will happen this weekend. it will have 50 foot waves. this will be one of the huge storms. maybe record setting storms. hurricane force winds, 50 foot waves. it's not going to affect many areas on land. what the storm does is it buckles the jet streak. it's almost like a rope and shook it up-and-down. the jet steam will buckle up on the west coast and dip down in the middle of the country. that's allowing the cold, arctic
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air to plunge to the south. that's going to come in starting sunday and be with us for much of next week. the blue shows the colder air. it's pretty much covering the northern half of the country come wednesday. an example of how cold it will will be. high temperature in minneapolis around 30 degrees on tuesday. lows will be probably in the single digits or teens. it's cold. it's not record breaking cold but compared to how we've had a pretty mild fall it's going to be a big change. >> is it going to ebb and flow or get a little warmer? >> toward the middle of after this slowly moderate toward the next weekend. the one after this one. >> good. thank you, sir. coming up on morning joe. you have mail. chairman of the house intelligence committee mike rogers weighs in on the letter president obama to the supreme leader of iran. plus, talk show host and former cincinnati mayor jerry springer shares his take on the tidal wave. discovery trades the high
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earlier in the show we told you president obama is set to meet with the congressional leadership today for discussions following tuesday's midterm elections. tuesday's midterms were historic in more ways than one. all right. now you're updated on the stats. let's talk about controversy. and lewis making anne hathaway blush. we have a lot of things to talk about. >> earlier this week we showed you knick the high wire walk. eaten alive by an anaconda
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without killing himself or the snake. paul did it wearing a custom built suit. here is a part of the promo. not too graphic. >> the largest species of snake on earth. >> we're going get inside the snake. >> we're going make it appealing as possible. i got the big thing here. i might as well get a free meal. you have to go head first. >> whether it's right or wrong. it looks like good tv. he released a statement slamming the network and they go days without eating making the snake use up by energy by swoli iswal the fool. we left the -- shame on the
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discovery channel. there's no word for the discovery channel. tweeting what seemed to be a response writing, quote, so many people come out in support of snakes. this is awesome to see. i guess he's trying to turn the negative into a positive there. he also responded to nay sayers saying, quote, for those worried about animal yew cruelty, i invite you to research my work, read my book. the special is set to air next month. >> he's pro snake. he likes the idea that the people are coming to the snake's defense. eaten alive and still alive. >> and read about it. next up from director of the batman trilogy, the highly anticipated si-fi thriller hits theaters today and touted as an oscar contender. a team of explorers travel to a
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save the human race. i caught with matthew mcconaughey to find out what it was like to work with nolan on what might bebitious film. >> i have to do a personal experience. i have to say at the end of shooting mcconaughey was that enough? when i answer yes i'm happier. i had that experience through this. as big as the film is, i never felt like any of us were overwhelmed or receded behind the size of the scope. >> there would be a lot more from red carpet including interviews with nolan and anne hathaway. >> i think you made her blush. the picture on instagram. what did you say to her? >> i don't know. we were talking about the film. about what it was like working with christopher nolan. i saw the film last night. she's did an incredible job. and i look forward to everyone seeing it. >> and you and mcconaughey with face to face. u he referred to himself in the
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third person which i liked. it's an epic stare down there. >> i think he might be doing movembar. have you ever wondered what it would be like trapped inside a ste zero gravity water bubble? they are conducting an experiment on water surface tension. as you can sell from their faces, it was also an excuse to have a little bit of fun. they recorded the thing. it science shows that water without the gravity will turn into a sphere. here is more proof that bubbles are everyone's favorite thing. bubbles are one of the new toys that are inducted into the hall
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of fame. they beat out a lot of good classics like operation, slip and slide, the toy trucks sold at the hess gas stations. anyone can nominate a toy. how about jenga? >> i love that game! the college edition. thank you, sir. >> got it. he just got that. let get your response to the twitter question. we ask you whether ray rice's ban will be lifted after the raven's manager testified to rice telling goodell about the incident. christine is back. good to see you! >> i stink at reading the tweets. >> i heard that. >> stacy says unfortunately yes. i think it will be lifted. can't be punished for the same offense twice. and then brian said double deputy is a projection against prosecution twice for the same criminal act in court.
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race get over it. >> it's interesting to see how it's going unraffle. i think there's going to be more to come not only for ray rice but the management at the top. thank you. that does it forway too early. the avengers have assembled around the morning joe set. happy friday everybody! they're still after me. get to the terminal across town. are all the green lights you? no. it's called grid iq. the 4:51 is leaving at 4:51. ♪ they cut the power. it'll fix itself. power's back on. quick thinking traffic lights and self correcting power grids make the world predictable. thrillingly predictable.
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>> my attitude about all this at this point is trust. trust, but verify. >> trust but verify. where have i heard that before? >> the importance of this treaty transcends numbers. trust but verify. >> threw have it the high watermark of our new era of bipartisanship is the senate majority leader implying he is to obama as reagan was to the leader of our totalitarian nemesis, the evil empire. [ laughter ] well my feeling