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tv   Lockup  MSNBC  November 8, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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america's prisons. dangerous, often deadly. there are 2 million people doing time. every day is a battle to survive and to maintain order. down, on your feet, down. >> among the nation's notorious institutions, san quentin state prison. our cameras documented life on the inside.
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this is "lockup" san quentin, extended stay. >> san quentin is home to more than 5,000 inmates, ranging from the most violent offenders in california. >> i will rob you in a minute, don't get me wrong. >> to the all too common parole violators in the system. >> if i do drugs, that's my violation. >> the overpopulated san quentin serves as the reception center. >> there is 384 inmates. i have six staff members. >> he got the drugs, the fwangs, the weapons. it can be real dangerous at times. >> i have been a pretty
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successful robber. >> level four inmates, the worst in california, are housed at san quentin while awaiting permanent transfer to other facilities. >> i used to rob stores. that in itself is a rush that you can't explain. i own the world. i can do whatever i want. i can -- it's better any ceo in the world. i can instruct you to do whatever i want to do with a pistol to you, you know. it's an a's adrian lynn you can never get from anything else. unfortunately there is a consequent. because i got a strike. my years was doubled, like up to
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521 years. i have got 11 consecutive lifetimes. >> i don't know why i am here. i can see why most of you are here. stupid. >> we never heard an inmate so will to detail his own crime, especially with an appeal pending. >> i have invaded many times. not necessarily the ones i was convicted for. people that play the same game i play, sell drugs, whatever. i go in this home. >> how did you get in? >> through the front dor. how do you get in? >> it was the house locked. >> of course. break down the door. alarm goes off. each of us take a room. it can be dangerous. you can get killed just as twel. i take a room, which happened to be a son's room. kick him, wake up.
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wakes up -- breaking away from our programming to bring you breaking news out of washington state where two mashs released from north korea have just touched down on u.s. soil. they have arrived back in the united states. you are looking at a live look at the air force base out of seattle, they are coming out right now. kenneth bae and matthew miller. as well as james clapper who went to secure their relief. he is known as a top spy who was there. we see hugs for the first time. these two americans touching do you recognize on u.s. soil after their unexpected release. just some background on these two americans here. kenneth bae is a korean american missionary with health problems serving a 15 year sentence for
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alleged anti-government activities. he was detaped in to 12 while leading a tour group. matthew todd miller was serving a jail term on charges of espionage after he allegedly ripped up his tourist visa. he wanted to experience prison life so he could investigate human rights situation. there is bae's mother. i gather that's other family members. big hugs, big smiles. the obama administration had frequently called for these two men to be freed for humanitarian reasons. what was the reason for their release? we are looking at other things.
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the twhowhite house said james clapper was not there to negotiate, just to fwri them back. it does not constitute an opening in relations with pyongyang. the opportunity came together in the past few days. not clear what exactly prompted them. it's important to note that their release comes weeks after another american, jeffrey fowler, was releaguesed as well. he was held nearly six months. he had left a bible in a nightclub in the hopes it would reach north korea's underground christian community. a huge moment for the families as they are taking mikts.
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these dwoo men twb you can imagine the ordeal that they went through after being held there will and sentenced to hard labor in north korea. suddenly their release comes and now the home and family they have known is now their reality. hoping to hear from them. we have not seen matthew todd miller come out of the plane. this is a huge moment for the other american who was held there, kenneth bae as he can walking away with family members. unexpected turn here as far as the release of these two americans who were released from north korea, arriving home in washington. we know that kenneth bae was a missionary there. he was suffering from health reasons. he needs to come back home.
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he suffered from diabetes, heart problems as well, deteriorating vision. back and leg problems. not sure if we are going to hear from them. as you can imagine everything they have been through, they may be taking all of this in and trying to digest what they have been through and being united with family and friends here at home before they get a chance to share their ordeal. and to give thanks to the many people that have helped them as far as their return home. we have not seen the other american, matthew todd miller come out. he is a california native. we understand he is from bakersfield, california and serving a six-year jail term. after ripping up the tourist visa, north korea said that niller had wanted to experience
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prison life so he could secretly investigate north korea's human rights situation. we understand he is fairly young, as you can see. he is in his 20s. we are not sure if he has family members there. i can imagine there is a contingent of loved ones anticipating his return. a look at that aircraft that brought these two americans back to u.s. soil after their ordeal in north korea being sentenced to hard labor for all of these years. the united states have frequently called for these men to be freed, citing humanitarian issues, since bae had health problems. north korea has been on a campaign of countercharges. a move by members to refer to the state to an international
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tribunal. we believe the top spy director of intelligence james clapper is on the plane. he had traveled to north korea to secure their release. the white house saying he was not there to negotiate. this is the latest twist. the young north korean leader has shifted back and short to defiance and occasional conciliation. we know in another odd twist, the disappearance of kitchen john unwasn't seen. he was being treated for some healthy reasons. what appears to be loved ones of matthew todd miller running to him. big hugs as he comes down. we don't know who these people.
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they are family members, parents. he is fairly young. we understand he is in his 20s. so much to take in for these family members. these guys have been gone so long. miller was sentenced to a six-year jail term for charges of espionage. another big hug. we don't know if these two men will speak. if there is the opportunity for them, there is a podium and a noirk phone there. again, hand shakes from the contingent greeting them at home. so many questions. with so much intrigue coming back from the unexpected to release of these two men. matthew todd miller's family hasn't been as vocal as bae's
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family as far as efforts to get him released. they are walking with him into the hangar. for those just join asking us on msnbc we are following breaking news out of washington state. two americans have just arrived back on u.s. soil, this after a top secret mission by the top u.s. intelligence official, james clapper, who went to north korea to secure their release. we understand director clapper may be on the plane. we will find out soon enough. these two men, after being held and sentenced to hard labor in north korea have returned home. one of them, matthew todd miller. the other american who came in, kenneth bae.
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this is video moments ago when they came out. bae with a korean american missionary. he was serving a 15 year sentence for alleged anti-government activities. he was detained in 2012 while leading a tour group to a north korea economic zone. it's important to note here that this release of these two americans comes hours before the president -- before president obama starts his trip to asia. it includes talks with china about using influence tw north korea to rein in the nuclear weapons program. this comes weeks after another narn, james fowler was released. he was held nearly six months. he had left a bible in a
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nightclub. showing you video moments ago, the release of kenneth bea and matthew todd miller who are stepped off of the planes with as well. a huge moment. we want to bring in alex rosier from king tv, the local affiliate who is on the scene. any indication these men mike speak? more reaction from the family members. >> what a moment we just witnessed here. it was emotional as you can man. kenneth bae the first american to get off the plane followed by matthew miller. i understand from officials on the ground that they are going to have one member of the bae family speak. it is not expected tonight that either kenneth bae or matthew
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miller will be speaking. this is press that have gathered. they have toefld us it's about a five-minute warning they will give us. these families seeing their loved ones for many months. i imagine they are fwk to take their time and soon make their way to the podium. >> tell us a little bit about base families, since they seem to be the nor vocal ones. they said he had been operating out of china since 2006, being a missionary there. he had led more than a dozen tours in north korea. he did suffer from health issues. they would hope that north korea would understand and feedback ter that in as far as his release. >> this is a very private,
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humble family that was forced to go public to attempt to save their loved one's life. that's what they did. for the last two years they have had a public effort to release kenneth bae. they called the ordeal excruciating for their family. they are filled with joy. they said this year their thanksgiving celebration will be one they will never forget. you can imagine why. seeing that reunion noemts ago. the loved ones running out to the plane labored the united states of america. the greatest news of all is that kenneth bae is back on american soil judith. >> let's talk a little bit about the situation forwards how the
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release happened. the white house was clear saying james clapper, considered the top spy for the united states, who went to north korea to secure the release did not negotiate this at all. how much involvement kim jong-un had in this release. what more do we know? >> at this point they are saying center little. we don't know if director clapper was on board that plane. we asked several times if he was on the plaep. we did not get the answer. they said it it was an unusual cholesterol for the director of intelligence. this was a secret mission. he went with one goal and that it was to bring back kenneth bae and matthew miller. we haven't been told if he is on the plane or heading back to d.c. we saw matthew miller and kenneth bae back in washington
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state. >> to speak to how much of it was unexpected, the other narn released last month from ohio. he left a bible in a nightclub. his release happened and he stead this is what we have been praying for, the release of kenneth bae and matthew todd miller. he said when his release happened, he didn't realize that they were released as well. they thought they were released with him. he said this is an answer to a prayer that so many families share tonight. especially the loved ones of these two men. >> it has been an emotional time. these loved ones tonight with a very great moment, to see
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kenneth bae and matthew miller come off the plane. the families have said since the beginning they were praying for this one moment. that's the moment we just witnessed. we still don't know the exact details of twa led to this. we still don't know the exact details. tonight we hope to get more answers. if the bae family decides to speak. we hope to get answers in the next couple minutes. >> i am curious about the local comp, given that ken keth bae is from twarkt state. are there stories leading up to him being held there and his captivity, or did it come as a sfris for a lot of you? is it something communities skrb
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following sometime? >> there is interest, especially in the seattle area. lynwood washington, a few miles to the north of seattle has had a tremendous interest. that's kenneth bae's home down. his family has been good to work with the media. they have worked so very hard over the past couple of years to get their loved one home. we have done everything we could to share the details of the story, to do what we could on our end. ultimately we knew it would take something like director clapper going to north korea. an unusual trip for director clapper, but certainly a successful nigs and one everyone has wanted to see. >> i am also fascinated with the research, i understand that some of bae's family members received word from the state department that bae was already on a plane.
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they received word once he was actually on the plane. is that the case? >> that is the case. there has been so many questions tonight with the public information officers on the scene and so many questions that they don't have stwers for or questions they wouldn't answer. all we really know is that these two men had come back. we didn't know many fortunate details surrounding the trip or how this exactly happened, but they can only confirm, both matthew miller and/or kenneth bae would be on the plane. i asked if the plane is heading back to washington, d.c., tonight, to get an idea if director clapper was on board. they wouldn't answer that either. >> so many questions it only adds to the fascination and
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intrigue of how this all came together. it was kept top secret. even the family members not told until he was on a maplane heade home. the release of two americans from north korea after being held until captivity, have returned home. you see a podium there. we understand from our reporter on the ground that one of the family members may be speaking. from the video we are seeing is -- i hope you are still with me. >> yes. >> feel free to interrupt the moment somebody comes out. we will bring it to our viewers
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live. he doesn't appear -- he appears to be -- he looks okay. we know there are underlying health issues the family was concerned about. >> that's one of the big questions tonight. where is kenneth bae going to go from here. the tie bettic concern. we don't know how frail of a state he is in now. what's the next step. are they free to go back to lynwood, it he free to get medical care tonight. what's the next step. we don't know that at this point. we are hoping in the coming days we will get a better answer. his family is expected to make some type of a statement. i don't believe they will be taking questions, but it is believed that kenneth bae's family will be making some type of statements. perhaps we will get some stwers on how his health is and his
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spirits as he lands in washington. >> the family members of denneth bae, was that his mother and sister? we stau people greeting matthew todd miller as well. are those his parents? >> thoor was matthew miller's parents. we were told they would not be speaking. that may change. the millers were on each of his arms after he got off the plane. they went inside. at this point, we will see what's next, if the millers or matthew miller or kenneth bae's family had speak. >> a lot of people hearing from the president. the white house earlier that speaking out about this. the president said it is a wonderful day for them and their
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families. we are grateful for their safe return. i appreciate director clapper doing a great job on what was a challengi challenging mission. the role that director clapper played here was not one as a negotiator, but to secure their release. again, claiming this rethese did not constitute an opening of relations with pyongyang. there is no indication he met personally with north korean leader kim jong-un. it's important, as the president is traveling to asia, that will include talks with countries there, including china and how beijing can use nuns with north korea and the weapons program. kenneth bae is crea korean
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american. how much support does he have in seattle. >> a tremendous amount of support. i would say more so, just everyone in the state of twarkt has been center forward about doing everything they could to push forward. i want to lisp in briefly. we are hearing that kenneth bae's sister will be making a short statement. in a few minutes, we are told. i was saying we have an official of the state department briefing the press. he is saying that the families are together right now sharing their time. but in just a couple of minutes kenneth bae's sister will approach the podium with a
9:27 pm
statement. it's not believed we will be able to ask questions. hopefully we will get stwers on that in a short amount of time. >> what do we know about his time in north korea as a missionary and his 15 year sentence for alleged anti-government ac tufts. he was detained in 202 while leading a tour group. is there any more that we know about that? >> we really don't know a twhoel lot about what led to the arrest. strubl this is a very tough time, an emotional time. he is going to have to recover physically and mentally following a couple of years in north korea. he had been held two years after being detained on charges of using a christian youth on a
9:28 pm
mission to preach against the north korean government, as we were told. he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. eventually going to a hospital about concerns about his health. thankfully coming home back to america after two years. i imagine a long two years. >> and the questions that come up every day, what did that entail? what did hard labor entail for kenneth bae and nath u miller. what were their days like, their nights like. this excruciating wait for them. how were they told. you can imagine the questions running through their minds and everybody else's. how were they told they twob released. it is fascinating toer that kenneth bae's family members didn't hear word until they were
9:29 pm
on the plain coming back home. we appreciate your time. i will let you go. i know a member of the bae family will be speaking. kenth bae's sister. we appreciate your your perspective tonight. if you are just joining is us on ms nbc we are following breaking news. the two americans being held in north korea have been released. they are back home. you see a video from moments ago, the family of kenneth bae greeting him after his release. detained in 2012. they haven't seen him for a couple of years. this is a heartfelt reunion, a surprise reunion. his family members didn't realize what happened until saturday morning when they got
9:30 pm
word from the state department that he was on a plane, that he was released and on his way home. they have been very vocal, what they described as a private family but been forced to be vocal as far as pleading for his release. citing deteriorating health, his diabetes and his heart condition as well. they have been very vocal in trying to get him released. the miller family twb who was there to welcome back matthew miller, who is described in his 20s, he was serving a six-year jail term after he allegedly ripped up his tourist visa at poong yang and asked for asylum there. his family being without him for the past couple months. we lost our shot.
9:31 pm
there it's back. any moment now the sister of kenneth bae expected to give a statement. we know the miller family is not expected to speak at this point. right now the number one priority for them is having their loved one back with them safe and hopes that they are healthy, at least when it comes to the deteriorating health we have described for kenneth bae. a lot of questions with this release when it comes to how it happened. the owe top spy here, james clapper, he was not there to
9:32 pm
negotiate, only securing their release. when you see that door open -- being they should be coming out. again, the united states saying that this did not constitute an opening of relations with pyongyang and there is no indication that mr. clapper met personally with north korean leader kim jong-un. the obama administration, the back and forth and dynamic we have had with north korea. sometimes shifting from defiance to occasional conciliation. here we have the family of kenneth bae walking to the podium for their comments. let's listen.
9:33 pm
good evening. thank you for being here. we are finally here. my brother is home. all of our hopes and prayers for
9:34 pm
this moment have finally come true. we are so thankful. we are thankful that god never abandoned kenneth even when he was alone. we are thankful god never abandoned us even though the last years have been a journey we wouldn't wish on anybody. even when it seemed like there was no hope, here he is today. for that i am really thankful. kenneth's reason for being in north korea is because he loves people. he knows that no one chooses where they are we were and every human needs love. as he gave tours he was able to connect people from the outside world to the beauty of north korea. to us north korea seems like a strange place. don't allow that to forget the
9:35 pm
people of the country. tonight he said i am so happy to be here, but my heartaches for the people in north korea. as we celebrate tonight, as we are together, we know that there are many people in north korea locked up like kenneth was and remain apart from their families tonight. please do not forth them. we will not. these pray for them and advocate for those who continue to suffer in north korea and elsewhere. that being said, we are thankful for the mercy of leaders in north korea who relented and allowed the return of kenneth bae and matthew todd miller it's hard to believe this day is finally here. for two years unbelievable agony, and unsfeekable. we are thankful for president
9:36 pm
obama, and secretary kerry for not forgetting kenneth. he pledged their commitment to fwri him home and here he is. we want to thank james clapper. thank you for leading the envoy. we have to thank the stweedish embassy in pyongyang for their tireless efforts. they were the only source of human contact that were warm and loving and brought a slice of home to kenneth when he was locked up in a north korea labor camp. there are many others who have advocated for us. i have to give a special shout-out to many at the state department who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to advocate for us. there are many disappointments, canceled envoys.
9:37 pm
we are we are. i can't thank them enough for the advocacy. we have to thank the washington del gaths. they are countless others who have been instrumental in our advocacy efforts, such as reverend jesse jackson and david sugarman and others who stayed tw us, support dollars us, i don't letters. we would not be here today without you. thank you. we are so happy to have him home. >> i just want to say thank you all for supporting me and
9:38 pm
standing by me during this time. it's been amazing blessing to see so many people being involved, getting me released the last two years. not only mentioning for thousands of people praying for me as well. i just want to say thank you all for supporting me, lifting me up and not forgetting me. at the same time i was not forgetting the people of north drae. thank you for supporting my family as well. it's been a tremendously difficult time for my family. there are so many people supporting them to stand strong during this time. i also want to thank president obama and all the people in the state department working tirelessly hard to get me released as well. and also i would like to thank
9:39 pm
the north korean government for allowing me to come home and be united with our family and the loved people. it's been an amazing two years. i learned a lot, i grew a lot, lost a lot of weight, in a good way. but i am standing strong because of you. thank you for being there at such a time as this. i just want to say tonight, thank you for all your support and prayer and your who have. for me and others in the stadium shoes. thank you. god bless you. how are you feeling? how is your health? >> i am recovering at this time.
9:40 pm
>> caller: a final worded from kenneth bae. he it was arrested two years ago and was surprised -- rk a surprise release, just arrived home within the last hour. sharing his words of thanks and support. saying thank you to the people who stayed with me, who have prayed for me, even thanking the north korean government. saying he learned a lot, lost some weight. he kept his sense of humor. so much to take in after being back on u.s. soil after being held in north korea. a huge day here. very center emotional for the families of kenneth bae and matthew miller after being sentenced to hard labor in north korea and their surprise release and touching down on u.s. still to moments ago. i am france he is rivera. that is our coverage on msnbc.
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originally designed to house over thousand inmates, san quentin is home to more than 5,000. the overcrowding has forced the prison to convert to living space, creating dangerous environments for inmates and officers. >> down here the dangers are
9:45 pm
pretty if. >> i am left-handed. it's a hope environment. right now i have six staff members. >> you are doing a good job. >> breaking all my rights. >> on the day on the job. >> almost all the individuals are parole violators. they were out on parole, couldn't hack it. got picked up. they send them back here. they generally do six months, undered a year. they go to another inns taugs to do the rest of their tame or pack out on parole. we house 384 individuals. we are considered the luxury suites of the reception center.
9:46 pm
we have three sets of showers. they self-segregate. we to not tell them where to go. the left is lights. the middle is blacks. the other is hispanics and others. >> we are others. this fwoi is american indian, a native american. >> different cities. but this brings us together. >> it's a show of unity. >> it's anyone's table. we are just playing a game. >> there is certain races that you can play games with right here. for white people, what is it? ami american indians and that's
9:47 pm
it. >> there is three different types of mention be mexicans. we can sit with some. don't ask me why. we can't play with the black folks. i would get beat up. you would get in a fight over it. this is more racism here than there is in, you know, in civilization. for sure. if you don't come in prejudiced, you might leave prejudiced. >> anything we take for granted on the outside is worth money. books faux for a premium. food is worth money. >> inmates will use almost anything for bartering. >> they love these ice creams.
9:48 pm
we carry a full variety, at least four or five flavors, your number? >> you want a spoon with that? >> yes, please, our work is fill the order by what he puts on this list right here. if they have got enough money, we will fill it. we will fill it up to the point they run out of money. if ice dream is on the end fortunate list and they run out of money, they don't get the ice dream. >> if you have the highest status, kind of like a credit rating, then you can spend up to $187 at the canteen. it goes down according to status. you may have been in trouble, you maufb in the lock-up. >> these are some of the things
9:49 pm
we handle. the chili cheese chips, potato chips. as you can see, there is all types of sodas. candy bars. the cook dwris are big. the ramen noodles are the biggest seller. they buy those cases at a time. that's the staple of what they make. >> i just spent all my money. >> these are some of the things we have to take off the containers of milk. things you take for granted in your home. this could be made into a slashing device. we have to remove them. >> next a "lockup" extended stay, inmates show at risk kids the realities of prison.
9:50 pm
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while serving life sentences, some level 2 inmates participate in an outreach for them. >> good morning, gentlemen. my name is that heeb. we she had you to understand that you are in san quentin. you are in a place no kid should
9:54 pm
ever be in. you should be playing in a park. you are here because of something you did. every saturday we bring in groups of kids. >> what you want to know, this is your life. you have an opportunity to leave out of this place and never come back, we try to show them this is what could happen if you keep doing what you are doing. >> where you dyes at, you are in r&r. when you decide you want to commit crimes, this is the first place you go when you get off of the bus. for you guys who like to wear news shoes, all of the good clothes, when you come here all of that is gone. this is your polo. these are your nikes.
9:55 pm
that's your few bu. this is your michael jordan gear. this is your nice 501 jeans. who speaks spanish here? can you read that? [ speaking spanish zwlnkts. >> what does that mean? >> something about sexual assault. >> they are warning you about sexual assault in prison, how to protect yourself against it. >> the deterrents that will guide these youth back to a life of contributing to society. >> this is the building we live in, north block. in this building they have small cells that are 9 x 4. that's smaller than a walk-in closet. yet two men live in those cells in that building.
9:56 pm
where you at? you in a kamg like an animal. the cages for the mofrpgies are bigger than this. what does that tell you about yourself? they got more freedom. the animals get more freedom than us. >> but you can't blame it on them. this is because of the consequences of your actions. when you do something wrong, this is where you can end up. these are the possible solutions to you committing crimes, putting you in a cage. >> the inmates -- this is why i connect with you. it's first down put hands on somebody and show the home boys
9:57 pm
i am the man. yours name? what do they say in the hood? [ speaking spanish ] don't mess with marco. you think you can whoop me, let's whoop. this is why i tell you this. that fighting, eventually it got tiring. i was fighting every single day of my life. the homeys knew, he throw down. i say i got to one up him now. then you start carrying a knife. then you start carrying a pistol. it took one day and three or four seconds for me to pull my possible toll out on somebody i could have fought, whooped them and been done with it. i put a gun on this man and shot
9:58 pm
him six times in his chest because he liked the color blue. do you want to come to prison and have to be on the yard. let's see how tall you are. this was me when i came to prison. this was me right here. how tall are you, 5'1". this is me right here when i came to prison. stand up. come on, what am i going to do? let's be real. what you going to do? what you going to do to him? you going to hurt him? what you going to do to him? honestly. this is the same thing i had to ask noise. twa am i going to do. as good as i can fight, what am i really going to do. >> inmates challenge the use to see all of the potential
9:59 pm
consequences of their actions. >> when they tell knee i won't be tried as a juvenile, when the man told me that, he stead you are a cold-blooded murderer and we want you to rot in prison. i am sentencing you to life in prison. he slammed down his lillehamm little hammer and my whom screamed. imagine how that felt. how would your mom feel? >> it took me to come to prison and realize there is more value out there in society and life than committing crime. >> with the knowledge that they may never leave san quentin, they hope never to see these boys restrained by security. >> it's not a good place to be. >> today was really, really
10:00 pm
good. i feel like i made a difference today. america's prisons, dangerous, often deadly. there are 2 million people doing time. every day is a battle to survive and to maintain order. >> down on your feet. down! >> located in the deep south, holman correctional facility where most are serving life sentences. we spent months documenting life on the inside where the prisoners have nothing but time and nothing to lose. this is "lockup: holman, extended stay."


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