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tv   Lockup Raw  MSNBC  November 23, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> msnbc takes you behind the walls of america's most notorious prisons into a world of chaos and danger. now the scenes you've never seen. "lockup: raw." >> at kentucky state penitentiary, some inmates can apprentice in an auto body shop. at rikers island jail, a bakery churns out nearly 90,000 loaves of bread per week while teaching
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inmates how to bake. in many of the prisons profiled on "lockup," inmates have opportunities to learn skills that can help them find work on the outside. but all too many spend their time honing skills more suitable to mayhem and murder. >> i stabbed an inmate 12 times. over some dope in front of the chow hall. >> i took a knife and i stabbed him with it three or four times, until he was dead. then i butchered him with it. >> you find a piece of metal or something, file it down on the concrete. it ain't got to be sharp. just has to have a point. put your hand on it, do what you need to do. >> "lockup" crews are regularly exposed to the tools of a deadly trade. >> in every prison we film in, there's always a shank museum, a place where the authorities display all the weapons that are
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confiscated by staff. ♪ homemade weapons the inmates have made from bed springs or melted down plastic. i mean, they're truly ingenious. but they're deadly, as well. >> at california's san quentin state prison, we saw how sophisticated some inmate weaponry can be. this homemade pistol is known as a zip gun. >> this portion is filled with ground up matchheads. the two holes here, inmates insert a wick. the inmate takes a plunger, pokes shrapnel in the open end, pieces of metal, ground up zippers. when the target walks by the cell, be it an officer or an inmate, the inmate lights this, it goes down, strikes the match heads, basically acts like a firecracker and shoots the shrapnel out. >> the majority of inmate manufactured weapons or shanks
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are designed for slashing or stabbing. the ease with which lethal weapons are made is shocking. this san quentin inmate who goes by the name speedy agreed to show correctional staff and "lockup" cameras just how simple it can be. he starts by using a roll of toilet paper as a crude forge to melt plastic coffee cup lids. >> i'm making a weapon right now. melting this plastic down into a shape. what i'm doing is trying to get a wad of it to where i can -- i have something to work with. you know what i mean? what i'm doing now is molding. this is like playing with clay. what i'm doing is -- is -- i got to get it all to this way like here. then once i get it like this. i'll show you. >> i think it amazes me how fast it can be made.
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sometimes who is it used for. sometimes for us. sometimes for another inmate. >> you got to have air going to the bottom of this thing, or else it will start smoking real bad. temper it in here. let it get in the cold water because then it hardens it. makes it stronger. look it. and that is what you come out with. what you do here, you can either put a tip on it right here, sharpen it down on concrete to where you would have a piece that -- it's actually -- >> just a matter of minutes. this wouldn't even be detected in a metal detector at all. >> no. >> something to get to the yard real quick. real quick. use it, throw it, flush it, you'd have it over with. >> you could go into somebody's
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heart, pop a jugular vein, take an eyeball out. >> then clear the evidence. >> then you clear the evidence. and your work station is clean. >> there was a slashing over badger section, involved hispanics. the hispanics are now on lockdown. actually they've got the entire badger section on lockdown. >> our crew was at san quentin just hours after an inmate was slashed across the face with a shank. the attacker was identified and put in administrative segregation for questioning. but now the entire cell block is about to be searched for weapons. >> keep your eyes open. keep your ears open do your normal cell searches, handle your business, be safe. >> a large team of correctional officers will search every square inch of their cells. first, all the inmates are removed. frisked for weapons, then taken out to the yard.
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these surprise raids are usually successful in finding weapons. but present a unique challenge for "lockup" crews. >> it is action. it's real action. the only thing that you have to be careful of, you don't want to piss off the cell block. kind of run the risk of alienating the very guys you're trying to extract stories and cooperation from. so, we always hope that if there is going to be a raid, that it's towards the end of our tour at the prison. >> but tv crew concerns are the last thing on the minds of these officers. what they uncover can be the difference between life and death. >> it's an old joint. you can hide stuff anywhere. like at the i-beams up here. it's a beam, you walk under it every day. but the best place. somebody walking to the chow hall. a lot of guys know where it is,
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but they're not going to tell because they don't want to get killed or hurt for ratting. >> a short time later officer hamilton and his partner, officer mcgee, make a hit. >> i found two razors that were removed, the blades were removed from the disposable razors. these can be melted into a tooth brush handle. used as a real good slashing instruments. those are solid, very sharp razors right there. looks like my partner has found another one. the inmates who make these weapons often claim they're only for self-defense. but actions usually bear a different reality. >> take this, roll up a bunch of newspapers, even thicker than this, you got a good spear. we had a good sergeant killed here about 15 years with a spear made out of that stuff, a good, sharp point put on it. next on "lockup: raw." >> i was not exposed. >> one prison's attempt to
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for some inmates the difference between staying out of trouble or facing disciplinary action is how well they control their sexual desires. >> now you got guys in here that's 17, 18 years old, young guys, that's -- their puberty is just now coming. they're young.
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they have a lot of tension. a lot of energy, they've been locked up since they're 15. he ain't seen a woman in two years. he ain't touched a woman in three. you see what i'm saying? when a woman comes down the hall, doesn't matter if it's a nurse, it doesn't matter. they're not concerned about that. the thing on their mind, female. man. let's do this thing. >> at the holman correctional facility in alabama, we found that inmates had their own method and slang for releasing pentup sexual text. >> the prison term for it is gunning. when you masturbate, you -- the guy pulls his wood out, sees a woman that's a mile away, seeing the top of her head. he imagines that he's having a relation -- sexual relations with her. gets off on it. >> holman's female officers are often on the receiving end of this unwanted attention. >> they masturbate, they'll curse you out, call you all types of names. when you walk on the tier, they'll try to deliberately hold
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you at their cell while the guy across masturbates. by me being a female i see it more than the male officers probably do. >> the problem is so pervasive, the regulation banning it is known prisonwide. >> rule violation number 38, which is indecent exclosure/exhibitionism. that's an inmate that's masturbating. it was really, really bad when i got here in 1998. i mean, it was horrible. >> indecent exposure is one of our major disciplinary problems. >> when warden grantt culliver arrived at holman in 2002, he instituted a zero tolerance policy for violations of rule 38. >> was a sign of disrespect. and not only disrespect to those officers because they know the environment they're coming into, but disrespectful to expose yourself even to the man standing next to you.
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>> inmate johnson, ivan black, 206812, standing behind the old jail door with have of his body showing fully exposed masturbating to officer bonds. do you understand these charges? >> yes, sir. >> do you want to plead guilty or not guilty? >> not guilty. >> during our shoot at holman, inmate ivan johnston faced a disciplinary hearing for a rule 38 charge. >> i looked up to main count this j-3 was standing with his body halfway behind the door. he was fully exposed and he was masturbating. >> i was not exposed nor was i masturbating while watching officer bonds. i stepped outside with an associate whom i was horseplaying with. i never saw miss bonds because my attention was not focused on the officer. but i wasn't disrespecting miss bonds by exposing myself or masturbating while watching her. >> johnson, however, is no stranger to rule 38. >> he's got 39 disciplinaries
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total in his file. many of those disciplinaries are for rule 38, indecent exposure. >> despite his denial, johnson is quickly found guilty of the charge. >> officer bonds has no apparent reason to lie on you about this. she got another officer to identify you. i will find you guilty of rule violation 38, i will give you 45 days disciplinary segregation. i'm through, you can go. >> solitary confinement in a 23-hour per day lockup sell is only the first half of the disciplinary action for rule 38 violators. >> on release, they have to go through the sex and love addiction anonymous class. makes a guy think about some of the behavior. it's a deviant behavior. we're trying to help guys change the deviant behavior. >> this is the regular meeting of sex and love addiction anonymous. the only qualifications for sla membership is the desire to stop with sex and love addictions. >> the inmates attending this 12-step meeting opened it up to our crew.
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>> i'm just a freaky young man, right? you know what i'm saying? >> you might see a female, come by you smelling good, you get that urge and desire that she wants you. >> i've been in 12 years without touching a woman, being around a woman. it gets to you sometimes. feel like you want to blow and go off. that ain't going to help. >> after the meeting, inmate lamar flynn tried to explain the behavior to our female producer who had been subjected to rule 38 violations by other inmates numerous times herself during the holman shoot. >> what do you do when there's a woman walking by? what do you actually do? tell me that. >> i look at them, try to undress her with my eyes and stuff. imagine what she has on, stuff like that, that she's pretty, sexy. she appear to me and stuff like that. i never got in front of a woman and exposed myself or something like that.
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like we sit here, talking -- >> but i'm surrounded by my camera crew when i'm doing your interview. what do you think it's like for a woman to be in that position? >> i seen you out here a couple times. i seen you, i said i know guy they going to try to masturbate off you. when i look, i see it's over with. it's over. >> i'm here to do a job. i realize this is where you guys live for now, this is your home, but it's not a comfortable place to be for a woman. >> yeah, you right. i wouldn't want it. i wouldn't want somebody doing me like that. i have a mother and sister. i think that's very not appropriate. i never had this problem before until i got here. i'll admit to you. >> admit? what are you going to admit to. >> i admit, i masturbate, like i said, i'll go to the commode, stuff like that. i never ain't going to get in front of a female like me and you, come up and do that. no. that's not me.
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>> for the officers who watch over these inmates every day, rule 38 violations are just one more thing to take in stride. >> whether male or female, when you come in, they always going to try to see how far they can push your button. they'll gun you down. i mean, they're not going to get me so out of whack where i would have to go take prozac or something. i don't play that. if i catch them, i'm going to write 'em up. i just don't play that. next on "lockup: raw." >> these offenders are the worst of the worst. >> it's aggressive, dangerous, it's violent. you know. >> in one prison's most notorious cell block, a gray-haired man provides an alternative to violence. >> they know i'm a pretty harmless guy. and it's been a very friendly kind of relationship.
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the most violent inmates at indiana state prison are housed in solitary cells in the administrative segregation unit.
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a literal prison within the prison. >> these offenders are the worst of the worst for indiana. conduct has put them over here. they did assaults, they brought drugs into the institution. they're troublemakers, the ones going around stabbing, hurting people, blackmailing people. they end up in the administrative segregation unit. >> inmates here are confined to their cells for 23 hours per day, with only one hour allotted for exercise. built up tension can sometimes explode. >> it's aggressive. it's dangerous. it's violent. you could come out on the range
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one day, a guy may have some bad news from home from his mother, he could try to take it out on you. this is the jungle of indiana state prison. >> in this noisy, hostile environment, our producers spotted an older, white-haired man serenely walking the tier, showing no father for his safety. >> what's new? you doing all right? >> how you doing? >> good. >> holy cross priest from south bend, indiana, notre dame. come out here just sort of talk to the men, if any of them want to talk to me. some are catholic, some are not. i'm retired. i'm delighted to do it. >> even though 79-year-old father thomas mcnally is required by the prison to wear a stab resistant vest, the thought of being attacked doesn't come across his mind. >> i never felt any kind of fear or tension with the men. >> when i was little kid, i'd be
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riding my bicycle, i would go by and see her. i love you, erica. i love you, erica. >> they know i'm a pretty harmless guy. it's been a very friendly kind of relationship. you know, the stories you tell about your family, i get the biggest kick out of. it's incredible. >> they're good. they're funny. >> they're all right, huh? look, i'm with you. i'll be back in a couple weeks. >> i'll be here, i promise. >> okay. we'll see you later. >> take it easy, father tom. >> the thing with the chaplain, it's an outside person coming on the unit. they like that. we want the outside people to come in here, talk to them, help them. it helps keep the violence down. >> serving 26 years for robbery, ernie johnson landed in nat-sag for assaulting an officer. >> tell me, have you taken a look at that book yet? i don't want it back unless you've finished it. >> i read it about halfway. the memory palace. >> is it okay? >> yeah, it tells about the life and times of michael ricci.
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>> i been in a couple fights. i'm generally an insolent person. i don't get along well with others. they don't like my religion. they discriminate against me because of that. >> johnson practices an obscure religion called asatru. >> before we were christians, we were asatru, believe in oden, thor. basically a medieval religion. classical. >> prison officials maintain these religions like asatru are really covers for white supremacist gangs. >> it's a problem. because you can't violate their religious freedom. >> take it easy, huh? >> all right. >> for father mcnally, the choice or legitimacy of an inmate's religion is a secondary concern. >> forget the priest bit. deal with them as a human being first, then the ministry comes along with that. you deal with them as they are,
4:26 am
as i would in a hospital or any other setting. i read a bit of it, found it fascinating. >> it's cool. i never understood the jesuits of that time period. it's nice to have somebody come in and spend some time with me. he doesn't try to force christianity down my throat. >> it's sad that this has to be where they are. knowing, as they know, they've done something pretty darn bad to get in here. >> i need all the help i can get, you know? >> god bless you. i'm just going to get out of here. i won't bother you anymore. >> at the end of the day, life in the devil's workshop can take a toll on anyone. >> when i leave, i'm tired. when i go home, i'll frequently sleep for 45 minutes. because it is a little -- the noise and everything, it's a little nerve-racking. >> see you later, ernie.
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