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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 26, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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a nor'easter is dumping rain and snow along parts of the east coast. making holiday a mess! look, it is pretty as a picture right now in the live look at the white house! forecasters expect the storm to bring up to a foot of snow in some areas. airlines have already cancelled nearly a thousand flights. and officials have urged drives to hit the road yesterday to get to their thanksgiving destinations. several flights to the northeast have been cancelled or delayed. and nbc meteorologist bill karins has been tracking to t i storm for days. >> it looks scary. when you see the snow flakes it's scary. you can see the shot here the famous christmas tree. it's snowing but the temperatures are three or four degrees above freezing. it might as well be rain. the pavement and everything else will be wet. when you get weather like this, the volume of people traveling,
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the airport delays are just incredib incredible. that's one of the big stories out there right now. we have three hour delays averaging right now in newark and la guardia. i'm sure a lot of flights have been cancelled. there are also one and a half hour delays in the philadelphia. you get the picture with the nor easterner place. we'll be watching the storm coming off the virginia coastline this afternoon. tonight it will be somewhere just off -- i would say man tuck et, martha's vineyard. that's when the cold air will wrap in. it's the best chance of seeing accumulating snow. right now the worst of it is in pennsylvania. they're issuing and telling people if you can stay off interstate 81 through central pennsylvania. already accumulating snow is rapidly on the road. they adopt want to get a lot of accidents and back ups there. hopefully people traveled already. they're literally telling you to stay home at this point instead of getting on the roads and getting to your thanksgiving destination. and now the roads are really
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starting to get treacherous. northern jersey and southern portions of new york. that's the next spot. anywhere around 287 or 87 north wards from new york city to the albany area we're expecting a foot of snow by about midnight. now is the time to get on the roads. if you can because it's quickly going to get worse this evening. then we'll watch temperatures go down. when you wake up thanksgiving morning, grab the shovel maine, vermont, new hampshire, we could see a foot plus of snow. i think the highest total in some eluaevated areas. big cities avoid the snow there. i dropped you down a little bit in hartford. more on the 2 to 4 inch range. you get the idea here. a lot of people have to make the tough decision. should they go out on the road now. they maybe had to work or wait
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for the kid to get done with school. i'm a trade of a lot of accidents. >> be careful with the wet, heavy snow. you have to take it carefully. thank you very much bill karins. let's get to sara dallof joining me in new york city at la guardia airport. what does it look like there? what are the boards reading and what are officials expecting later today that the weather bill is talking about. >> you're starting to see the delays definitely popg up on the board here. we're monitoring flight misery map. and right now it is putting la guardia and newark in the top three airports worldwide for delays and cancellations. obviously, not a list you want to be on but airport managers are prepared for travelers who possibly get stranded here for hours even overnight. they have food, cots, blankets, pillows everything you need to live in the airport, unfortunately, for a bit. outside right now here we're seeing rain that is increasing.
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it's getting heavierier. turning to sleet. it's going to be snow. when it happens it's going to be a real mess here. we have spoke ton travelers who have taken advantage of the airlines waiving change fees so they can beat the storm. here is what they had to say. >> we had to change our flight plans. we were able to get her on the earlier flight. i think it's working out well. i checked the arrival screen and the flight is in the air. >> fingers crossed now. >> definitely. >> why did you have to change her flight? >> we're concerned about the afternoon weather and her original flight was coming in at 3:00 this afternoon. >> there you have it. a plan a lot of travelers are following now. so far all in all about 3.5 million people expected to fly this thanksgiving weekend. some got lucky. they were able to get in ahead
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of the storm. others not so lucky. it's going to be a tough road to the table for them this year. >> it's the busiest travel day of the year. wow! thank you, sara. let's turn now to the fall out over the grand jury's decision in ferguson. as more protests erupted in cities across the country. this morning michael brown's parents are vowing to keep fighting for justice. they appeared on the "today" show this morning where they discussed the last 36 hours have been like for them. calling it, kwoetd, heartbreaking. they shared their reaction to officer darren wilson's first public comments about the case and his description of their son. >> do you feel justice has been lost to you? >> we just have to keep fighting. we're praying for a good outcome. >> what do you hope happens? >> you use some descriptive
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words that -- that the officer felt like a 5-year-old holding on to holk hogan. he had never seen anyone look as crazy as your son. >> it's like throwing salt on the injury, really. so disrespectful. >> their reaction comes as we're hearing for the first time from officer wilson about what he says happened on august 9th. sitting down with abc news he described his initial encounter with brown saying the teen tried to take his gun after a verbal exchange. wilson said, quote, he has a clear conscience about what happened. >> is there anything you could have done differently that would have prevented that killing from taking place? >> no. >> nothing? >> no. >> and you're absolutely convinced when you look through your heart and your mind that if michael brown were white it could have gone down the same way? >> yes. >> no question? >> no question. >> you have a clean conscience? >> the reason i have a clean
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conscience because i know i did my job right. >> meanwhile as protests are expected to continue today, authorities say it was a better night in ferguson where protests got off to a peaceful start. there was some violence with nearly four dozen arrests and the outrage continued to play out across the country with protests in major cities including los angeles, new york, miami. they shut down major highways and clashed with police. most were largely peaceful. amanda sakuma is joining us. we learned the atf is investigating a fire that was at the church in st. louis. it was attended by michael brown's fire. right now there's no evidence to suggest it was connected to the protest. they are investigating the pastor, reverend carton lee was on the past hour. let's listen to what he had to say. >> they asked me -- i think it was fire department that asked me if did i have any enemies or
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anything. i told them i'd been threatened several times. the church has been threatened. so they said okay. the atf came by yesterday. they it their investigation. >> what release you hearing on this? >> good morning, alex. i think the entire community is a bit shell shock bid the destruction we saw monday night. we're expecting anger and frustration to play out in the event there was no indictment for darren wilson, i don't think anyone was expecting for so many communities here to just burn. rev carlton is a major leader here in the community. he's been a very vocal proponent of protests. he's been out on the street with people. as you said, michael brown sr. is a part of his church, and it's -- i think, the community is really shocked to see that his church was targeted in these protests. and so there are many different communities around here -- sorry, businesses around here that were targeted on monday.
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we're still waiting to hear whether or not they will be able to rebuild. >> amanda, can i ask you about the arrest. apparently 45 people arrested last night in ferguson. what were most of the arrests for. what is the scene like there today? >> as promised, there was a heightened police presence. it was a drastic contrast to what we saw on monday night when the police were essentially holding back and letting people kind of be rowdy and let the unrest and violence carry-on. as far as last night we saw there were rowdy people in the crowd and the police would do targeted arrests. they would try to pinpoint the individuals and take them into custody. because there are many people who are throwing water bottles. they were throwing rocks at the police. at times they lit a fire next to a police cruiser. they put -- they were doing damage to property and the police eventually had to get involved. they did deploy tear gas last night. and we heard from police chief
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and that they're not going to be tolerating any type of violence anymore. >> okay. amanda in ferguson, thank you for that. on the heels of that wlets bring in our "newsnation" panel today. cornell william brooks, civil rights attorney john burris who was involved in the rodney king civil shoot and the shooting of oscar brand. and perry bacon whose latest article on the nbc news website is titled "what should obama do in the wake of ferguson." thank you very much for joining me. i want to begin by playing president obama's remarks during his visit to chicago last evening. let's take a listen. >> nothing of significance, nothing of benefit results from destructive acts. i've never seen a civil rights law or a health care bill or an immigration bill result because
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a car got burned. it happened because people vote. it happened because people mobilize. it happened because people organize. it happens because people look at the best policies to solve the problem. that's how you actually move something forward. >> mr. brooks whab what is your reaction to the president's remarks and the angry and destructive protests for calls for peaceful protests? >> the protest may be unsettling. they're not surprising. when we have african-american males being 21 more likely to die at the hands of police than white males. where we have one out of every four african-american males reporting that they've been mistreated by the police within the last month, according to gallop. this is not unsurprising. but the president is right.
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that violence does not further social justice. when we think about it this way. if dr. king is right when he said that violence is the language of the unheard. that language is often understood to be silence. the best way to be heard is through nonviolent, peaceful, persistent protests. that's why the naacp is leading in march, from ferguson, missouri, the hometown of michael brown to the hometown of the government. 100 miles seven days. we're trying to make and allow people to be heard. >> it's call adjourn any for justice, i believe. do you have any numbers you expect to participate in this march? >> we expect to begin with hundreds. this march is predicated and invokes -- which began with the death of a young man at the
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hands of the police officer. here we are almost 50 years beginning a similar march. we're calling for systemic, fundamental reform of policing. a national standard for excessive use of force. a state and federal ban against racial profiling. and a fundamental change in policing culture, strategy, and tactics across the country. young people who have done this in the past, they called upon our country in moments of conscience to change. we can do that now. >> all right. let's play a little bit more now. speaking of officers and police. of officer darren wilson's interview with abc. >> i reached out my window of my right hand to grab on to his forea forearm. i was going to try to move him and i felt the immense power he had. the way i describe it like a 5-year-old holding on to hulk hogan. that's how big this man was. he was very large. a very powerful man. you're a pretty big guy.
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>> yeah. i'm above average. >> john, what is your reaction to what officer darren wilson said in his first public comments. >> i think it's basically an effort to justify his activities. his movements. and, remember, he was the aggressor mohere. he juice ed -- used his car to stop abruptly. it's effort to support and vindicate his activities. i think the only way it gets done from a policy question in the city is that the plaintiffs have to file a city lawsuit and bring forth allegations that there's a significant process taking place and challenge the witnesses that took place in this and the grand jury. you have comments that he was charged and the witness is credible. how do we know he's considerable and how do we know he's charging without real examination taking place. here is a stachlt statement you expect to support the activities he's taken. >> i want to play what dorian
8:15 am
johnson, the friend who was michael brown, told chris hayes. >> his hands were never on his waist. he had on basketball shorts. he couldn't hold anything in his waist. he didn't have a belt on. it wouldn't stay at the waist even if he had anything. it wouldn't stay at his waist. his hands were up. he never plunged at the officer or no type of manner. he was trying to explain that he didn't have a weapon and why are you shooting. >> so, john, dorian johnson was one of those that testified who decided not to indict officer wilson. the grand jury documents have shown on the testifying that michael brown raised his hands, he said give up. during the announcement the st. louis prosecutor cited one witness and said, brown, quote, started charging toward the officer. >> i will tell you having read some of the witness's statement. it's clear that the da disregarded the other testimony that was there. obviously conflicts with the statement he has with the one
8:16 am
witness. even that witness's testimony need to be called into question. he saw it from 50 to 100 yards away. any reasonable lawyer can contradict that in cross-examinings. this cop is not telling the truth about certain events when he said michael brown came at him after being shot and he put his hands in the waist and he thought he had a weapon. every young man knows you never put your hands inside a waist. he had nothing in his waist. for anyone to believe that should be called into question the credibility of the officer. that's police jargon we hear in every case. he assumed a fighting stance and grabbed at his waist. certainly the plaintiff and the family has a way to go to get this issued. >> absolutely. perry bacon, i want to play more of what the president said in chicago. here is that. >> the key now is for us to lift
8:17 am
up the best practices and work city by city, state by state, county by county all across this country because the problem is not just a ferguson problem. it is an american problem. and we've got to make sure that we are actually bringing about change. >> so, perry, what is the answer to the question you posed on the nbc news website. what should president obama do in the wake of ferguson. does it include going to ferguson to make a speech. will that happen? >> he's been asked about going to ferguson. he's been kind of noncommittal. he's been focussed on emphasizing. people should protest peacefully and there should be no violence. you've heard him talk about the sunday, monday, and tuesday. three days in a row. there are two policy ideas being talk abouted a lot. one is the idea of having officers having cameras on their body. the idea being if officers have cameras on we could see and witness what is happening and that will be a way to police that. the second idea you're going to hear about and the president
8:18 am
mentioned that to talk about how police officers are trained in some ways. to make sure they have the proper training and they know how -- members in the community. if officers interact better with community there will be less tension and maybe trained police and affect that process that way. the white house is having a summit next week. they were talking about the issues. down the line you'll hear policy proposals to address what happened in ferguson and address policing in america going forward. >> all right. thank you very much. cornell william brooks, john burris, perry bacon. thank you. cameras on cops. recent police shootings across the country are reviewing -- renewing calls to equip officers with cameras. can it restore the publics' trust with the police. police in are charging two minnesota for helping terrorists. it's been great to get to
8:19 am
meet thaempb has experienced the same thing and who has been through what you've been there. >> that was quite something there. six american ebola survivors together speaking out exclusively on the "today" show. one of the stories we're following for you on the "newsnation." you can join our conversation online. find the team on twitter@"newsnation." americans drink 48 billion bottles of water every year. that's enough plastic bottles to stretch around the earth 230 times. each brita filter can replace 300 of those. clean. clear. brita water. nothing is better.
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private partnerships, non-profits, families planning their financial futures. people like you. if you want the individual attention and expertise your financial needs deserve, this is your time. this is your private bank. two minnesota citizens are being charged for allege drink trying to travel to syria. only one is arrested. the other slipped out of the country that same month at some point. all of this revealed by the justice department yesterday when court documents were unsealed. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams is joining us.
8:23 am
>> this grows out an fbi investigation of people from the somalia-american community trying to go overseas to join up with jihadists and according to the court documents, the fbi got on to this in a somewhat unusual way. the younger of these two men abdul yew receive was 18 years old. went to the passport office in late april and the sort of things he was saying about why he wanted to go to turkey seemed vague to the passport officer who alerted the fbi. he was put under surveillance then. the fbi watched as he got cash put into a bank account. used a debit card to buy his airplane ticket. when he showed up at the airport in late may he was arrested. he lied about the purpose of his trip. at the same time, the fbi saw who was driving him around and that lead them to the second man here another somali-american
8:24 am
from the twin cities. and the fbi discovered too late he had gone overseas. he had gone to turkey. there are some suggestions that he made it to csyria. there's no confrirmation of tha. it grows out of a long and continuing investigation to figure out who might be going to syria. who is helping them. and one interesting thing here is this happened in april and may. we're learning about it now. under until conditions, that would significant that the fbi is trying to, perhaps, work out an agreement with the younger man to get his testimony in exchange to find out more about who is at the bottom of this recruitment effort. his lawyers suggested maybe there's negotiations maybe going on. >> big picture sense here. do we have an idea how many americans are believed to be fighting for sigh sis? >> well, the fbi has said they believe 150 americans have gone
8:25 am
overseas or tried to go overseas for various purposes. not just to join with isis. the number of americans fighting with isis, they believe, is no more than about a dozen. 150 have tried to go, not just to join with isis, but in symptom cases to fight with the people, in essence, on the u.s. side who are trying to topple aside. it's a variety of reasons that people have gone over there. >> okay. thank you. pete. up next can putting cameras on police officers improve relations with the commune any i'll talk with the new york city public advocate who is pushing for that. federal judges struck down same-sex marriage bans in two states. here is a look what is happening today, wednesday, november 26th. this afternoon president obama will pardon the national thanksgiving turkey in the rose garden. that turkey was raised in ohio. later today spectators in
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a new call for change after the grand jury decision in ferguson. the attorney for michael brown's parents is again calling for body cameras for police. on the "today" show this morning, benjamin krump said supporters not only to make noise but a difference. >> the past proposal for the mike brown law with video body cameras for all police officers in every american city. so we don't have to see it play out over and over again. >> with me now is latisha james. with a welcome to you, new york city certainly has a history there. there's a tremendous amount of distrust between young african-american men and the police force. tell me how body cameras would make a difference.
8:30 am
clearly the michael brown case changed the discussion. we're awaiting the grand jury decisions in two cases. one in brooklyn and one in staten island. we need to focus on reforms and changes with regard to how we police the residents of not only new york city but across this nation. this is not a new york city problem as the president indicated problem. it's not a ferguson problem. it's an american problem. we need to improve police community relations. right now it's broke. we need more substantiative and thoughtful way of addressing police community relations. one of the ideas i've been pushing for some time is equipping police officers with body cameras in the city of new york. recently it was announced we have spent almost $732 million we incured $732 million in judgments as a result of police misconduct. clearly there would be savings and help police officers and exonerate them.
8:31 am
>> it refutes claims and would be too expensive to do. it's something that the washington post editorial board put up a piece today. it's not without the draw backs. they can't show what is happening off screen. they're talking about the cameras there that can lead to false impressions. police can manipulate camera angles or disable the devices. what happens if a police officer takes the camera off? what does it say? >> to, listen, there's a lot of red herrings. there's new technology each and every day. it's important to know we have cameras all on our streets and there are some police officers who currently have cameras mounted in their cars. these issues can be addressed as the technology changes and that we address a lot of these concerns. but we should move forward in improving police community relations. we should not be distracted by those who put forth red herrings. >> among the contradictions aclu invasion of privacy. you can drive through any
8:32 am
intersection and there will be a camera there or walk down a sidewalk. >> without a doubt. the previous issues, obviously, as an attorney and someone who defended the constitution. i recognize privacy is a concern. these are issues question resolve. but i think right now terms of cost savings. saving taxpayers $723 million in judgments and claims from police misconduct, exonerate police officers against loss claims an an objective recording of street encounters would go a long way to improving police community relations. dr. king talked about the fierce urgency of now. given all that is happening in our nation we need to move forward on reforms. >> the new york city public advocate i would like to get your reaction to the gatherings in times square. do you expect more demonstrations like this? >> last night throughout the nation in 120 cities there were protests. i'm urging that most of the
8:33 am
protests be peaceful. i recognize that protests can change things but we need organize, we need get involved in civic activities. we need to vote to ensure we engage in smart policing. we need community policing going forward. we need to talk primarily about arresting individuals for violent crimes as opposed to nonviolent crimes. you know, i witnessed recently an individual getting arrested for ridings his bicycle on a sidewalk. i believe the waste of resources in the city of new york. and that's what we should be doing. and last but not least, we should be, again, implementing non-lethal force like decadtase. and communication. communication helps in a lot of way in reducing violence and encounters on the street. >> thank you so much. happy thanksgiving. developing now a live look at the weather in philadelphia. it's a dark and gloomy picture
8:34 am
of the i 76 expressway. temperature there 35 degrees. but it feels like 26. officials will release video that left a 12-year-old boy with a fake gun dead. and the defense secretary short list. does anyone want the job? up next who could replace chuck hagel now that the frontrunner dropped out. it's today's first read. (vo) nourished. rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years.
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8:38 am
running. jack reed wasn't interesting. michelle flournoy is out of the mix. flournoy was considered to be one of the front runners for the job and would have become the first woman to hold the position. homeland security secretary jay johnson is on the short list. joining me now nbc's political editor kari dan. why was flournoy a top contender and how her dropping out complicates things. >> flournoy was considered even in the minute after hagel's resignation was announced to be the frontrunner. she was a previous defense department official. she cofounded a think tank that viewed as a training ground for future administration officials.
8:39 am
she was well respected both as a white house and on the hill among some republicans. so many republicans, in fact. one reason i think the administration may end up expanding that initial short list is because she would have had, i think, a relatively smooth conformation process based on her previous reputation and would have been the first woman and provided the administration the opportunity to make history with the pick. >> especially with the department of defense. thank you very much. and developing now we're keeping an eye on the weather on this. the busiest travel day of the year. giving you a live look at the snow falling around capitol hill. the temperature there is about 39 degrees. apparently it feels like 33. we're going to give you a life look at reagan national airport. d.c.'s airports are experiencing 64 delays right now nationwide there have been nearly a thousand cancellations all due to the weather. up next a college in crisis. >> like all of you gathered here
8:40 am
today, i'm appalled simply appalled at the information that has come forward. >> the emergency meeting held at the university of virginia to address what some say is a culture of sexual assault on campus. we have a full report coming your way. lus plus ac/dc drummer makes an appearance in court. i have a cold with terrible chest congestion. better take something. theraflu severe cold doesn't treat chest congestion. really? new alka-seltzer plus day powder rushes relief to your worst cold symptoms plus chest congestion. oh, what a relief it is. here we go! [ male announcer ]gs the little things we do... can make a big difference. every time you use dawn, you're using a brand that supports wildlife rescue efforts.
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as all fraternities at the university of virginia remain suspended. officials are struggling with how to move forward with the bombshell of the rolling stone article about gang rape. the president issued app an apology to the victim and vowed to do more to combat sexual assaults. >> good day from a rainy charlottesville, virginia. the uva campus largely clearing out today.
8:44 am
students, faculty, and administrators here are dealing with deep seated issues as the president of the fraternity council conceded during the yesterday's board meeting that sexual violation violence is a serious problem. >> emily knows firsthand about rape. she said she was sexual assaulted at the fraternity house on campus when she was a freshman. her attacker never punished. now employed bit university she councils other sexual assault survivors including jackie, whose detailed account of a gang rape published in rolling stone exposed a public crisis. >> every student needs to look in the mirror. >> yes. and decide what can i do this a reinforces a value system that that supports survivors. >> uva's storm addressed it at
8:45 am
the emergency meeting on tuesday. >> i would like to say to jackie and her parents that i'm sorry. >> weeks after charlottesville police investigated the disappearance and murder of freshman hannah graham. the university president asked the police chief to investigate jackie's case. >> there were bystanders. there were people in that room. who saw and heard what has been called shocking and horrifying and i hope there's those bystanders have the moral courage. the moral courage to come forward and help us with that investigation. >> even as protesters silently condemned the school's policies, one side of uva's founder reading sexual misconduct a jeffersonian issue. >> all of us will have failed.
8:46 am
urgent calls for change as the campus community undergoes a painful reexamination. >> we are facing a deeply kind of terrible thing that. ed within our community and that undermines your understanding of trust here. >> at the end of yesterday's meeting the board committed itself to a zero tolerance policy at uva for sexual assault. but at this time it's unclear what it means. and how it will be enforced. alex? >> okay. thank you. we want to let you know we're learning fraternities at san diego state university have announced that all social events have been suspended in the wake of a series of on campus sexual assaults. in the latest last weekend a woman reported she was sexual assaultly at the party. campus police are investigating six other sexual assaults reported just this semester. the release of surveillance video in the police shooting of a 12-year-old boy killed holding what turned out to be a pellet gun tops our look at stories
8:47 am
around the "newsnation" today. cleveland police releasing the video. the boy's parents released a statement asking the video be released. the police department agreed. it sparked outrage nationwide. police say he refused to raise his hands and reached for what officers thought was a handgun in his waistband but turned out to be a pellet gun. all six americans who survived ebola met each other for the first time this morning appearing on "today" show. they shared their experiences. they wouldn't think twice about doing what they did. covering the story or treating ebola patients in west africa and the u.s. and would even go back. >> i want to say thank you. in is an opportunity to express my appreciation for what you did. it's amazing that you gave so much to all of us. thank you. >> he's a selfless man.
8:48 am
he's our angel and gave us a second chance at life. >> what your hearing there all of them thanks dr. kent brantly for donating his play ma to four of the others for treatment. phil rudd appearing this morning in connection with charges he allegedly threatened to kill someone. he did not enter a plea. prosecutors drop administer serious charge that he allegedly tried to hire a man. he is due in court next week. this weekend msnbc is premiering a new series. following the story was colorado-based pot barons who risk everything. here is a preview. >> welcome to colorado. >> the jungle, baby. >> land of the legal weed. and home to america's latest billion dollar industry
8:49 am
marijuana. >> this is part of history. what did the end of alcohol prohibition mean to that generation? dynasties. >> i took everything i had. 401, ira. >> i feel we're in a once in a lifetime position now. every state is looking at this. >> the demand is higher than the supply. >> we grew closer to 1,000% this year. >> i'm talking all chips in. >> i hate to bail. >> interesting. you can check out the new series "pot barons of colorado." it premiers here on msnbc. where a new law could make festivus an annual holiday. a report from massachusetts is coming up next where temperatures are in the upper 30s right now.
8:50 am
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back to our developing story this morning. and that is the nasty nor'easter that has prompted airlines to cancel nearly 1,000 flights today. this, of course, the busiest travel day of the year. hundreds more have been delayed disrupting travel for the frustrated passengers out there trying to get home for the holidays. and it's not any better out on the roads with rain, snow and high winds affecting travel for millions across the busy northeast corridor. the weather channel is in wooster, mass, with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, alex, we've been out here since about 7:00 this morning, and conditions are progressing, getting worse as we speak. it's raining right now. we're seeing that leading edge of that front coming into wooster. wooster is going to see a lot of snow today because the cold air is already setting up. temperatures above freezing. if we go out east 40 miles to boston, they're going to see the bulk of the rain. the national weather service has a winter storm warning in effect from 7:00 this morning until 7:00 thanksgiving morning tomorrow. so that means that they expect 6
8:54 am
or more inches of snow to fall in the next 6 to 12 hours. if you're traveling anywhere in the region, 290's right here, this takes you into albany, western connecticut. it takes you into western massachusetts, springfield. it's a major artery for people who travel in and out of massachusetts. try to avoid traveling between 1:00 and 8:00 tonight. that's when they expect the heaviest of the snow and sleet. for now, no major delays out of worcester, but if you're flying into boston, winds will start picking up in the afternoon. so definitely expect a turbulent ride. back to you. >> okay. thanks for that. there's a lot going on this morning. and here are some of the things we thought you should know. the environmental protection agency is announcing a new proposal to cut down on air pollution. the agency says this morning it wants to limit ground-level smog to a range of 65 to 70 parts per billion. right now it's at about 75. the epa says it would help prevent asthma, premature deaths, e.r. visits and missed
8:55 am
workdays. same-sex marriage bans in mississippi and arkansas have been struck down. u.s. district court judges overturned those bans yesterday ruling they denied guarantees of equal protection for gay couples. they can't yet get married, though. the rulings are on hold for appea appeals. festivus could be a holiday under a new law and some are not happy about it. the law gives public employee two unpaid days off for religious reasons but doesn't define religion. one city council president says it causes problems for public employers by having to pay someone to fill those shifts. and coming up with guidelines to make sure people don't abuse that policy. and those are the things we just thought you should know. it is time for the "newsnation" gut check. we're doing a different kind of gut check today. we invite all of you to share your thoughts on thanksgiving and what you're thankful for this year. go to and use the #whyi'mthankful on twitter. that does it for this edition of "newsnation." up next, andrea mitchell
8:56 am
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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," exit strategy, 5 million of us plan to fly, 41 million will be on the road. and with a poorl lly timed snowstorm, that could add up to big trouble out there. >> if you want a snow-free drive today, you need to hug the coast. i-95 although it will be full of traffic will see more rain than snow. >> very happy. very happy we're going to make it out before the storm. >> just having the kids home for the holidays is what it's all about. and we wouldn't have it any other way. >> and breaking news, a heart procedure for supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg, we'll have the latest. speaking out, protests that started in ferguson spread across the country as the parents of michael brown react to the first public comments from the police officer who shot and killed their son. >> heartbreaking.
9:00 am
and unbelievable. >> we're going to keep fighting. and pray for a better outcome. and job opening, hagel is out, but so are several possible replacements. who is now leading the list. good day, everyone, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. just one of the cities along the east coast where travelers are already dealing with the elements in this big holiday storm. this is the reality for drivers along interstate 76 in philadelphia and at reagan national airport. just the first wave of weather that will impact millions of people over the next 12 hours. nbc meteorologist bill karens joins me now with more on the national forecast. bill, what are we expecting? >> well, andrea, we're getting to the heart of this storm. it's almost getting to the


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