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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  December 2, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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is this is when the st. louis county police department start complaineding saying this. complaining saying this. they quoted the rams vice president of football operations saying i regretted of offense their officers may have taken. so sweet. the rams may have not responded to the police. on monday night jeff fisher made clear where he stood on the issue. >> as far as the choice that the players make, no, they are exercising their right to free speech. they will not be disciplined by the club nor will they be disciplined by the national football league as it was released today. that's all i'm going to say. >> let's just imagine for a moment if the rams did
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discipline these players. do you know what kind of back lash that would there would be players not even showing up. i guarantee more will show in support for free speech because is that is what this is. not everyone agrees with the way the rams in the nfl are handling the situation. look no furnger than fox news. >> of course nfl have a right to express themselves. they could do it on a news show or post on facebook, any place but not during an nfl game. that's the one time families gather in the stands and televisions just to have fun. and not just the players, remember the lecture on gun control, why ruin football with policy and controversy. it's just a game. >> well, well, well. it's just a game. these rams players are
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supporting the community in expressing free speech. something that the free speech-experts over at fox are all about. they understand that it is good to do things when you have everybody's attention. when these players are coming out on the field people are paying attention. whether they do this, people take notice. that's the platform they chose. they have every right to do that. i remember tim tebow, yeah, he used to love to show his faith, took a little criticism from some folks and who was there to defend him? if fox news. couldn't believe tim tebow was getting criticism for showing support of his faith, that was an expression but i guess we have to keep expressions of
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faith separate. the bottom line is in 1968, american track athletes smith and carlos raced their fist in black power salute after winning the gold medals in the games. is that a statement? that's a statement. it was worldwide. it was famous. they wanted to bring attention to the mass civil rights movement of the time. they were widely criticized at the time. they weren't alone. it was a sign of the time. ren champion boxer ali came under heavy criticism for the fact he refused to get drafted based on his religion. the supreme court eventually ruled in his favor but he lost three years in his boxing career
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in his prime because he was against the war and had religious objections to it. so it was civil rights, the vietnam war, now standing with communities to inform the way police interacts with minorities in this country. going to be afraid of the conversation. going to take a stand to express their views. there is absolutely nothing wrong with voicing your opinion and standing with your community if you believe it. black men are unfairly targeted by police in our society. it's a hard cold fact that it seems nobody wants to deal with, and if you do you get critic sized. here's what activist t dubo said last week. >> once i seen them hop out the vehicle and noticed it was the police, i put my hand up and everyone e. everybody followed
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suit. put their hands up. instantly pulled me out of the car, put their 40 caliber to my head, told me not to move, i asked why you we were following us, he told me to stop asking questions until they protesting for me. i saw them put their gun to young college student next to me i decided to comply and stop asking questions, they picked me up and through me in the back of the car. no one could tell me what we were stopped for. soon as we got in the car the officer whose truck i was sitting in said they have been watching us for the last couple weeks because we were some of the people that were organizing the events on the ground, the peaceful protests. >> we all know if there were anchors on fox news who were treated just like that
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gentleman, they wouldn't say anything about it on the air at all. would never mention the 40 caliber put to young girl's head, that wouldn't be news at all. we reached out to the st. louis police department and haven't heard back. they don't want to talk about that story. this story is playing out all across america all the time. there needs to be change. demonstrators are working hard to make sure changes take place in the wake of ferguson. our eyes are now open. we're now paying attention to this, the question is, is america going to do anything about it. tonight question are conservatives afraid of athletes expressing their first amendment right, text a for yes, b for no. whi we'll bring results later in the show. joining us by phone tonight,
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t dubo, the st. louis community activist who met with president obama on monday. also dr. james peterson. tell me t dubo how was your conversation with the president and did you tell him he had a gun put to your head. >> we had to keep your conversation brief. i didn't get a chance to tell him. some of his staff work close with who i work with here in d.c. the conversation was amazing. he told us that he's proud of us and agreaes with everything we are doing, he agrees that there is a problem in the country and the rest of the country needs to wake up and realize there's a
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problem. >> do you think they are serious about getting something done? what's your impression. >> i think he's serious, just for the fact that of course he's a black man, he's experienced some 6 the things we're going to. they 345i not be to the magnitude that we experience on a daily basis so he has experienced it. he can't wave a magic wand and automatically change the policy. you have a bunch of other people that hold those positions that look at young african-american males and females similar to the ferguson police department. >> t dubo has anything come from your incident from the st. louis police. we have not been able to get a response on this. >> i haven't been able to get a response either. they took some of my property. they never found a report. didn't give me a report number. nobody knows where my property
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is. it was completely unprofessional. and the fact that we could be invited to the highest office in the land and sit in the oval office with the president, our governor jay nixon and mayor and police chief refuse to be diplomatic and sit in a room with us is juts ridiculojust ri. >> what are people saying about the hands up demonstration on sunday. what kind of response have you gotten? >> they are supportive, appreciate it, they love it. i say it's about time. it's been 116 days now since michael brown was lynched in the middle of the street and it's about time they said something. they heavily pay off of our community here in st. louis, missouri with them being african-american athletes and
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the influence they have not just over the city but over the world, it's about time they did something. >> i appreciate your time here on the "the ed show." thanks for joining us on the phone. i appreciate you talking about this. appreciate it so much. thank you. dr. peterson, your response to the reaction over the st. louis rams demonstration? >> yeah, i mean, i really don't understand it. i mean, obviously, i don't understand the law enforcement reaction because it seems so pointed and negative, it seems they are exposing their own sense about the situation. in order for us to accept the idea that this is a lie, that he had his hands up, that means we have to discount at least 16 witness testimonies in a grand jury process that we feel has been obscured in the first place. we can't relitigate the grand jury process, ed. if they want to do it again or give us a more trans parent trial by jury process, then
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debate it at that point. but to debate it as if it was fact is absurd to people who don't believe that the process is open in the first place. number two is more important, ed, this is not just about michael brown. >> yeah. >> and not about whether we believe his hands were up. it is more symbolic than that. it is about all the cases that have occurred over history of police brutality and it's about the fact that there's law enforcement who murder people who don't have guns. >> what do you say that it is a slam at the police. >> listen. >> isn't this a form of communication. i don't mean to answer my own question. i want to point out, you have to get people's attention. >> that's right now. >> if you're going to make change in america. >> right. >> and you take the highest
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platform you can to do something about it, say small gesture in a short time, that's what these players did. it is being interpreted by the right wing as if they are anti-cop, as if they believe theestabthe est aablishment is totally wron in its operation and there has to be adjusted, what is your response about conservatives trying to turn it into a black issue. >> for our conservative friends they have to understand this is about race and class and it is systematic. not that the rams players indict the system, they rely on law enforcement all the time, at their games and in the wealthy communities that they live in, so they understand the value and role of law enforcement, we are critic eeking a system that is bias, it's about treating the system and we have to take
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whatever platform that is at our disposable, st. louis rams did that, i commend them for that. >> how important is it for a person like tebow to step out and talk about the instance that he went through, the experience he had with law enforcement. how important is it for these stories to come out? >> it is absolutely vital. t-dub is for me, demonstrates and embodies great hope for the hip hop generation. what we see emerging out of st. louis, i have seen it around because i study hip hop culture, we see activist with boots on the ground t dub is one of those people. this sporpornt blam. >> this is important because you gave him a platform. >> these people that are criticizing the process,
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criticizing the expression of free speech, i guarantee you bill owe riley or handy if they were treated the way t dub was treated they would leave the show and demand resignations. so what is a kid supposed to do when this happens? be quiet? the president of the united states wants conversation on this so our move is to do what? make it happen. >> that's right. >> i think there will be more nfl players who will do it too. we believe this has to be addressed. the nfl has had to deal with big issues this year but i don't think it will stop any time soon. >> absolutely not. and listen to what t dub said had an audience with the president but can't get an audience with the mayor of ferguson. >> speaks volumes. >> it does speak volumes to the problems we have in this particular situation. we need all hands on deck.
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we need everyone engaged protesting. these organized protests are inspiring but we need to keep applying pressure until we get policies in place to change the system. >> great to have you with us. appreciate your time. >> thanks, ed. this is a story we can't let go or there will be no change. they were talking about civil rights in the 60s and ending the war in vietnam four years before anything happened. there were protests then, we gave examples of that, we will continue to do that. it's important. how will we move forward if we don't talk about it. share your thoughts with us online. we appreciate that. coming up ray rice pleads for a second chance, we'll tell you what it could mean for the
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future of nfl. plus a high stakes game of chicken that will impact your pocketbook, that ahead.
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show off a pair of depend and show them it's no big deal. because hey, it's just a different kind of underwear. join us. support the cause and get a free sample of depend at what's hot, what's not. time for trender social media. join us on the ed team. now, podcast is available 24/7, it's free. >> "the ed show" social media decided this is what we're reporting top trenders voted on by you. >> number three straight talk. >> i'm thinking about running for president. i don't know if i would be a good candidate or a bad one. >> i kind of know how republican
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can win whether me or somebody else. >> got a plan, got a good plan. >> lose the primary to lose the general without violating your principl principles. >> the things you need to do to win a republican nomination, are they contrary to win a general election. >> no one really knows that because it hasn't been tried. >> jeb bush in theory is right now could he be right in practice. >> bottom line, not going to happen. >> number two trender. >> sweet site. >> a change to something that has been an american tradition for nearly a sent you're zbli you guys want cookies. >> for the first time scouts will be allowed to sell cookies online. each scout will have her own web page. and of course there's an app for it. >> the more ways we have to sell
2:23 pm
them, the more cookies they will buy. >> and today's top trender tackling the issues. >> i took full responsibility for everything i did and only thing i can hope for and wish for is a second chance. >> ray rice opens up about the elevator aftermath. >> domestic violence is a real issue in society. i know when the time is right. i know my wife wants to help. i know i want to help. >> we also heard her apologize but we didn't hear her apologize to her. >> i made a horrendous mistake, i'm not apologizing to my wife. >> what would you take for fans to put theim mimages. >> they would have to be willing to look deeper into who i am. >> powerful interview. what do you make of this? that was a pretty convincing interview. i mean, he's reeling. >> they are both persuasive.
2:24 pm
i think her role was as important as his. up until this point janay rice was spoken for as opposed to speaking for herself so i think was important for her to step forward as well. >> doesn't the nfl benefit by showing rehab works. >> of course. the problem was that commissioner roger goodell was judge, jury, and executioner and tried to handle this with a moral clause, these problems go deeper, they take rehabilitation and counselling and so the league needs to show that they have guys who can get back on track. show a real depth of the understanding. >> does he get another shot in the league. >> absolutely he will be back on the field for somebody. >> for somebody? >> yes.
2:25 pm
>> then this there's going to be more stories and media type will get out saying how's is going. >> by next season i think a lot of the boil will be out of the water. i think he has a chance over the next few months to show he is the guy he appeared to be before this horrendous video in the elevator. he had a glat reputation right up until that video came out. lots of people say he's a good guy. he certainly insists he's a good guy and so does his wife. i think a lot of that will dispate by next season. >> was she in denial. >> it is hard to say because we didn't hear from her. i think she got caught up in the machine that was the ifrns ravens and nfl attempt to handle this and looked to me like she was just a pawn. >> moving to roger goodell's situation, clearly the
2:26 pm
arbitrator says goodell wasn't forth coming, ray rice was, he gets reinstated, what could be more damaging to the commissioner. >> there were a lot of sentences by the judge that were extremely difficult for roger goodell to recover from, the vagueness of his reck lagss, she found the council more believable than she did the top three officials in the room from the nfl. >> this guy may have a year or two left. >> he's lost some teeth as a commissioner. >> another player, adrian peterson does this situation effect him who is now in new york today trying to get his case heard and reinstated in the nfl. >> yes and we had an audio tape presented in his hearing today in which there may very well be some evidence that the league promised adrian peterson more of a break, that there's a league official apparently saying will you get credit for time already
2:27 pm
served in your suspension. that's a big point of debate for him. regardless, i think this week has been tough for the commissioner in terms of his individual power and influence in the league. he will be much weaker commissioner going forward. >> got to ask you. you work the washington beat, do the redskins change their name under snyder. >> not unless they are absolutely forced to. >> do you think the league will go down that road? >> i doubt it. >> but when they start losing sponsors. >> it is a league of 32 billionaires and don't do anything unless they are forced to. >> thanks so much for your time. >> thank you. coming up big oil scrambling, we'll weigh in on that. and odell beckem has another trick up his sleeve. i've been called a control freak...
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welcome back to "the ed show," appreciate all the questions tonight in our ask ed live segment. first question from gary who wants to know what do you think about senator from new york throwing obama under the bus? let's not make this about personality bashing. i was stunned to hear the audio by the senator from new york saying the democrats should not have gone health care. excuse me, president obama in 2007-08 in the run up to the election talked about health care nor than any other candidate out there. all of a sudden there's an automobile and jobs issue so obviously won't change direction after campaigning on obamacare and we get it passed and 10
2:32 pm
million are effected and chuck has a problem with it. i don't think i have to say any more. by the way we replaced all the jobs we lost in the great recession, 56 months of private sector job growth. my blood pressure is getting up there. we've had some pretty good things happen in this country under president obama. and some other good things are happening, today is giving tuesday. our friends at the national association of free and charitable clinics are asking for your help. they are a wonderful non-profit organization that focuses on the needs of 1200 free health clinics for people in need. i've seen these folks in need. now if you would like to get involved, check out their website at nafc
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welcome back to "the ed show." oil prices are at a free fall. in a meeting last week epec couldn't agree to save
2:37 pm
themselves, too much oil being pumped through the market and they will do nothing? prices peak over $100 in june and since has fallen by nearly 40%, analyst saying could drop to $40 a barrel. the glut of oil is coming from the u.s. bakken region producing 8.9 million a day, 9.6 billion in by the largest producer. ham is facing a billion dollar divorce by the market got a cut first, no doubt. the founder of continental resources saw the shares go from $20 billion to $10 billion in three months.
2:38 pm
exporters are looking at a new reality for energy consumption. joining me now, gentleman, great to have you with us tonight. bart, you first. what is happening to oil? is the united states putting out so much oil right now it is effecting the global market? >> well i think is all together, of course, ed. when you look at what russia is putting out and saudi arabia and the u.s. along with other countries. canada and venezuela, they put out a lot. there is clearly a gut that is impacting prices, i think, in a good way. you asked me when i was commissioner at cftc if i hated it when prices were so high and i always had to hold back because personally i wanted them to be lower but my job as a
2:39 pm
regulator was to say i was commoditiy-blind and price-neutral. but damn it i don't mind lower oil prices, i think is good for the economy and good for consumers land help kick us out of this recession. >> what do you make of opac? not coming to agreement. >> the saudis have a big problem, an enormous spending operation they have to sustain. it takes only $5 to get a barrel out of the ground into the port, at $70 a barrel they are halling in a tremendous amount of money. to the extent they hold that price down it makes it less likely you will see expansion of the tar sans oil from alberta and fracking in the u.s. because cost of production runs from $50 to $80 a barrel. >> will this help the u.s.
2:40 pm
economy. they are paying in the mid-west $2.61. that's workable for a lot of middle class families. what will that do. >> the lower prices operate like a tax cut so there's a tremendous benefit to that. the people it will hurt are people in energy-alternatives like wind and solar, and they are of course are trying to renew their tax credits. it won't be good for industries who rely on high prices. overall will help us add jobs and build the economy and get back to where we should be. where we have grown tremendous out of the 2008 recession, we are not where we could be if we are congress willing to invest in america's future. >> where does energy go with the shale boom in north dakota, apparently it will slow down. what do you think?
2:41 pm
>> i hope it won'tful -- won't so much. david is exactly right. they are right on the cussp of how profitable they could be is questionable. i hope they stay in it for a few reasons, one we can't continue to rely on fossil few fuels. you have talked about the need to prevent global warming. so we need alternative fuels. i hope we make make all of these things make some sense, but particularly alternative energy, that's what i'm interested in seeing. hopefully they can still eek out a living. i'm not too concerned about the largest oil companies in the world. they made $93 billion last year, works out to $177,000 per second. they will be okay here. but the consumers reaping the
2:42 pm
benefit of this, and the industries and workers who work in those industry who's benefit from lower prices that will be a real boom to our economy. >> well a republican-controlled house and senate will certainly not attack oil and will certainly not help alternative energy sources with oil as low as it is right now. the russia rubl hit a new low as a result of oil prices, what else will happen in the world markets? >> we will see a lot of volatility in oil. the oil industry used to be long-term contracts but 40 years ago went to spot prices where you make a lot but can lose a lot. harold ham lost his half fortunate because his company was highly leveraged. so those oil explorers using a
2:43 pm
lot of debt to grow rapidly may have real problems. but people like exxon and chevron will do fine. companies will see margins improve because lower stocks on energy. >> -- >> i'm not a big fan to begin with. i think there's certainly economic benefit. quantifying those i still think is a black box. i'm not a big supporter of keystone to begin with. probably asking the wrong guy, ed. >> i just think is going to be hard for the prop poenents of keystone to make the case we need more oil on the world market, especially the dirtiest oil that is out there. thank you for joining us gentleman. coming up corporate tax breaks, the punch out ahead after the stwo minute drill. and.
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>> time for the two minute drill. college football fans this is what you always wanted, anxiously awaiting the rankings to come out to have a real playoff series to see who is number one. all in the coveted spolt spot for the playoffs. just like that. how do you argue with that. the dark horse in all of this, is tcu, no one on the national level talk about their team and speed. i thought wow they are pretty ex. now look where they are. now the new york giants struggling but odell beckham, jr. has a few tricks. has amazing bends, spins the
2:49 pm
ball on the ground, kicks it through the up rights. now the nfl should take a look at this. this would be a great way to score points from mid field if we could get someone to do that. you got to juice up the game a bit, don't you think. finally thanksgiving left overs, there's a feast for the victory, seahawks defensive back richard sherman at again on thursday, during the third quarter, the seattle game against san francisco, san francisco 19-3, okay, they're leading and quarterback colin kaepernick tossed the ball right to sherman, made the key interception and turned to the fans and said be quiet man, that's what he said. stick around. we have the speed. we have the technology. and we have the team. we made over 15 billion
2:50 pm
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welcome back to "the ed show." this is the story for the folks who take a shower after work. president obama has threaten ed to revoe a bipartisan tax deal which would give corporations a $440 billion break over ten years while letting key tax credits for working families do what? expire? come on ! lawmakers from both parties have been working to strike a deal on a tax extended package. the current deal would have made expiring corporate tax giveaways permanent. the only corporate tax credit allowed to expire under the deal
2:54 pm
is for wind energy. the deal would also exclude a permanent expansion of the earned income tax credit and a child tax credit for poor families, according to "the new york times." republican negotiators excluded those measures as, quote, payback are for the president's executive order on immigration. it's the same old story. president obama does something the republicans don't like. republicans get back at the president at the expense of the working class folks of this country. it's hard to see how any progressive could get onboard with this deal. including our next guest. senator bernie sanders, independent from vermont. senator, this is really the worst nightmare for middle class families in america, isn't it? >> ed, this is just another example of the republicans having their priorities exactly wrong. what they want to do is extend a huge tax break, run up the deficit for some of the largest, most profitable corporations in america at a time these
2:55 pm
companies are enjoying record-breaking profits. on the other hand you have millions of families struggling to keep their heads above water, depending on the earned income tax credit, they want to let those very important programs expire. we take from the poor, we give to the rich. that is the republican philosophy. >> do you buy into the conversation this is get back on the president for his executive order on immigration? >> no, i think this is part of the general reapian dna. their job is to protect the wealthian and most powerful corporations in america. >> so the president says that, you know, he's going to vae toe this deal. so what happens after that? >> we sit down and negotiate something that maex sense. the president is absolutely right to veto this deal. ed, in 1952, corporations paid about 32% of all federal tax revenue. today that number is less than 10%. what we need in this kcountry i
2:56 pm
a tax system that is progressive, fair, that says you can't stash your money in the cayman islands, you have to pay your fair share of taxes and says to low-income working people we know you're struggling and we're going to give you and your kids the support they need. >> but, senator, if you listen to the right wing, they say we have the highest corporate tax rates in the world and we're not competitive and they blame this for the loss of jobs when it comes to outsourcing. i know your head will explode on this. >> i don't want to shock you. but the republicans are not exactly accurate on that. they're talking a nominal tax rate. the paper tax rate. what these corporations really pay is a fraction of the nominal tax rate around 12%. and you have large corporations like general electric, verizon
2:57 pm
and others, who pay nothing at all in taxes. in fact, we think one out of four corporations pays nothing in taxes. so our goal must be to have an equitable tax system, and if you're a large, profitable corporation, you know what, you you have to pay your taxes. you should pay your fair share of taxes. >> what chuck schumer said about where the democrats should have gone early on in the obama administration? is. >> i don't think it's an either or. it's not a question of fighting for jobs or health care. ed, as you know, we're the only major country on earth that does not provide health care to all people as a right, and i think we have to remedy that and i support a single pair medicare for all systems. but, also, there is no question we need to create jobs. and by doing -- by investing, for example, in our collapsing infrastructure, we then create millions of jobs so it's not either/or. we should be moving forward in both directions and protecting the interests of working
2:58 pm
families. >> i want to give you an opportunity to comment on the last segment that we had about oil and the amount of oil that's on the world market right now and the drop in gas prices in this country. what does this do, if anything, to keystone, in your opinion? >> well, it tells us that you already have -- and this has been the case actually for a number of years. you already have a great deal of oil out on the market. and in some cases because of economies, demand is down. but most importantly on this issue, ed, climate change is real. the scientific community tells us that we have a limited window of opportunity to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel. we should not be encouraging the development of some of the dirtiest oil in the world. >> senator, what about the jobs program that you have talked about? unemployment in the black community is very high. you have focused on that. is that the key to better race
2:59 pm
relations in this kcountry? i mean, the aftermath conversation of ferguson that's going on right now you believe is connected to jobs? >> absolutely, ed. look, clearly police brutality, the harassment of young blacks is a terribly serious problem. but you can't ignore the facts that african-american youth unemployment today is over 30%. the projections are that a black male born today he has a one in three chance of ending up in the criminal justice system. this is totally unacceptable. and what we need to do is create a jobs program for america and for our young people as well, youth unemployment is over 18% in general. so he what we need to do is start investing and rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. ed, if we invested one-third of the amount of money that the war in iraq cost us, that was $3 trillion. put $1 trillion into our
3:00 pm
infrastructure, we can create 13 million decent paying jobs and make our country more productive and efficient. and that is exactly what we should be doing. >> give us an update on bernie sanders for president. >> well, we've been going around the country. i've been talking to people. there's a lot of support out there. the question i have to deal with, ed, is taking on the billionaire class. it's not an easy task. and we have to determine whether, in fact, there is the grassroots support in this country for a strong campaign to really transform america and to create the jobs, raise the minimum wage, health care for all people. is there support? i'm trying to determine that right now. >> senator bernie sanders, independent from vermont. senator, good to have you with us tonight. that's "the ed shoew." "politics nation" is next. thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, why wed