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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  December 30, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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agonizing scene as family members learned their worst fears had been realized as they watched live as an indonesia news reported including shows bodies on in the water. they since apologized to the families. >> the only slight benefit is for the people in there, there is some closure. this will scar me for the rest of my life. it doesn't change anything but there is at least some closure as opposed to not knowing what has happened and holding out hope. >> more now on what is ahead in the search efforts. katie tur joins us from singapore. >> the next step in the search recovery and rescue process will begin again tomorrow. they're going to be looking for debris. they're looking for bodies. but they also are holding up hope they might find survivors.
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they're calling this a rescue effort. they haven't moved it over to recovery quite yet. they confirmed they found quite a few bodies today. they belong to air asia flight 8501. family members found out about this in the worst way possible. they were watching live television when bodies were shown floating in the water. they were given no warning for this. it we ares sbears repeating there were 162 people on board. 17 were kids. one was a baby. just a very tough circumstance all around. the family members will be given a charter flight tomorrow so they can fly around the belitung islands. it's the last known location of the plane. they're going to be given a chance to pray for their loved ones there. when the search effort resumes tomorrow divers will be going, weather permitting into an area where they saw a large shadow. they hope that's where the bulk of the wreckage is. they're hoping that's where the black boxes are. if they're able to recover it it will be taken back to a lab and
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begin the process of trying to analyze the data to figure out what wept wrong in the flight and whether or not bad weather was a factor or something else. they want to interview other pilots flying around at the same time who managed to make it to their final destination without a problem. they want to know if they have any insight into the matter. tomorrow they'll begin the search begin. five countries in total looking including two navelal ships from the u.s. navy. thank you very much. let's bring in command eric burgess, also retired airline captain tom bun who has over 40 years of flight experience. tom, i want to start off by asking you we've seen son of the images of the debris bodies have been found. gas tanks or the oxygen tanks might have been on board as well as the life vests. what does it tell the conditions in which the plane they have crashed in the final minutes and why it may have crashed? >> well, what has been shown so
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far. the last position of the airplane versus where the debris is relatively short. the airplane didn't fly down. it means probably there was aerodynamic stall. also information from radar. the airplane slowed down more than 100 miles slower than it should have been flying. >> rick let's talk about a part of the fuselage which has been located in located in shallow waters. it's different than the malaysian airlines flight which was in the indian ocean. different waters in that part of the world. you expect the underwater search and recovery to be relatively easy and quick? >> yes, certainly compared to the malaysian airliner that was lost. the average depth of the java sea which is on a continental shelf is about 130 feet or so. i understand that the wreckage was -- excuse me the wreckage and debris was located in the area that is 160 feet.
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that's not a particularly difficult challenge for divers or underwater unmanned underwater vehicles that go down and look for we're agereckage. >> i would assume the key is recovering the black box. why is that important? >> because it will give you a lot of information about what the aircraft was doing at the time of the loss. it's a recording. it records all kind of instrumentation. like the altitude speed. what the systems of the aircraft were doing and it can give the accident investigators a lot of clues. >> we know at least six to maybe even more ten planes took off and flew the same path. very similar weather conditions as the same as flight 8501. how did the other flights get through. why did they not have -- >> well they should have. you see modern airliners are built to handle anything that mother nature can dish out. we've had one problem with airfrance 447 it was flying in an area where other planes got
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through and it didn't. now, if the speed indication system has a malfunction due to icing, it gives you bad information into the plane's computers. the plane is so computerized it causes problems, which the pilots have a procedure for acting on. but you've got to recognize the speed indications are incorrect and respond properly. now, airbus has responded by building synthetic air speed into the airbus 380. boeing has responded by building synthetic air speed into the 787. >> let me talk to the flight speed of the particular plane. air traffic controller data shows it was flying -- it had slowed down to about 460 miles per hour. considerably below what is needed to go through extreme weather. what does that tell us about that particular moment? >> well, that's what is one of the two things that suggests the
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plane was flying too slow. and there's no reason the plane would fly too slow unless there was an instrumentation error. >> and the fact that the passengers as i understand it the bodies didn't have the life vests on. what does it say about the rapid dissent that perhaps the passengers did not have time to prepare or the captain did not prepare the flight for the final minutes? >> that would seem to be the case. the fact they didn't have time to put on the life preserves or were not told to do so that the events happened suddenly that the crew or the passengers didn't have time to respond. >> and rick do you feel pilots have become too dependentn't on automatic cockpits and the technology we're hearing a little bit? >> that's a -- we were introducing a lot of computer instrumentation into aircraft and especially navigation systems, and you can become too
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reliant on them. i know, for example, the navy stopped teaching chest tal navigation i understand it, and they're going to back to teaching that when you don't have the global positioning system. >> if you were involved in the investigation, what are the first immediate questions you're going to try to answer either by recovering the flight data recorder or any other -- >> yes, the black boxes definitely have enough information to tell us what went wrong. once they find it it will be easy to determine what happened to the plane. >> great again lman thank you very much. certainly a story we'll be follows as we get information on the flight data recorder. another issue involving air asia flight. a plane that overshot the runway during landing in the philippines after a flight from manila. the plane coming to a stop in a grassy area at the end of the runway. emergency chutds were deployed. no injuries are reported among
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the 159 passengers. strong winds are to blame. also developing now, crews in california just rescued a group of hikers in the ang lis national forest. res causers air lifted the hikers out of the canyon. the shopchopper landed and dropped off hikers. hour crewour crews said the others will work out on their own. the group is described as avid hikers and appeared to dressed for overnight temperatures. >> the deep breeze. the coldest air of the season is pushing some cities below zero degrees just ahead of new year's eve eve. even las vegas is preparing for a rare snowstorm. plus the third highest ranking republican steve scalise said he likely spoke to a group of white supremacists. president obama becomes the crasher in chief.
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>> congratulations on your wedding! i feel terrible! nobody told us. i hope the wedding went okay anyway. >> a golf outing forced two sold soldiers to move their hawaiian wedding. hear exclusively from the newlyweds. you can find the team on twitter.
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going news now out of the city where odds are everything. there could be snow coming to las vegas. something few odds makers would have predicted. a storm moving across the west is likely to bring snow and freezing temperatures by the time the ball drops tomorrow night. gabe gutierrez is live in las vegas. if you are a betting man, what are the odds it's going to snow there? >> hey, ayman. good morning. we're expecting a couple of inches here. it's still a gamble whether the strip or how much the strip will see. sin city may be freezing over. a bit of a surreal moment a few moments ago it was an elvis
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impersonator that walked up next to us. he was bundled up. the strip is about to see several hundred thousand tourists pack in here. snowfall here in las vegas is unusual but not unheard of. the last time they saw snowfall here was about six years ago. there has been no measurable snowfall on new year's eve on record. so my guess is ayman, just a hunch that the party will go on. >> certainly one party. one heck of a party. las vegas may be one of the most surprising places the cold and snow will hit. it's hardly the only city forecasters are watching. bill karins is joining us here in the weather center with the latest on some of the regions that may be affected. >> it's strange to be talking winter weather. we're finishing up the warmest if not the warmest december we've ever recorded in this country. it's been crazy warm. it started with the rain in the west coast and the pacific air. this is the first time the arctic air allowed to spill
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southward every since the cold outbreak around thanks giving. the cold air is locked in. it's heading coast to coast. the only people avoiding it are in florida. we have portions of 15 different states under windchill advisories. a couple of windchill warnings for colorado. a few in idaho even a few near the cascades. it is cold. but a shock to the system. tell our friends in amarillo texas where it's negative 11. cold air opened the door from canada and spilled all the way to the south. the thing is it's not going it last that long. actually, it looks like the upcoming weekend a lot will be gone. let's track. the white shows you the arctic air. the pink is the cold. and the blue is a little bit cold. and we go through today, tomorrow, new year's eve. in is new year's day. we warm up a little bit. the really cold stuff is in canada where normally is this time of year. by the time we get to friday saturday sunday into the upcoming weekend.
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look what happens. round two starts to kick down from the south. this is shaping up to be winter. it looks like it's finally arrived! it's here to stay especially in the northern plains. occasionally the kicks will head through the east. the next chance of a big snow maybe going from coast to coast it looks like next week this time. should have a little snowstorm possibly through new england. it's not until tuesday or wednesday next week. we have historic numbers. chicago no snow in december. cleveland no snow new york city one inch of snow this december. it's been a snow-free period throughout much of the country. it continues today. the only exceptions being out here in the west where we could end up with las vegas getting more snow in december than chicago, cleveland, or new york. >> that would be a rarity. >> yeah. i was going to say. thank you very much with that. up next newly elected republican congressman michael grimm is calling it quits after pleading guilty to felony
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charges. the new reaction. plus disturbing new details are emerging about the bishop who struck and killed a cyclist over the holiday weekend. here is a look at what is happening today tuesday, december 30th. mayor de blasio is holding an emergency summit with the leaders of five police unions. tensions between the mayor and police have exploded after protests over the choke hold death of eric garner and the assassinations of two nypd officers. at the top of the hour 49ers coach jim harbough will announce his deal to become the university of michigan's new football coach. we'll have more on the so called nfl black monday when several coaches and owners were fired. and today in times square, crews will rehearse dropping the world famous crystal ball that will ring in the new year. it's covered with nearly 3,000 crystals and weighs almost 12,000 pounds. e
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ok, why's that? no hidden fees from the bank where no branches equals great rates. . new york congressman michael grimm is calling it quits. announcing the decision to resign a week after pleading guilty to a charge of felon tax evasion. grimm, who was elected to a third term by a wide margin in november, had vowed to stay in office following his plea. but grimm changed his mind after a widely reported conversation with house speaker john boehner. in a statement today boehner called grimm's decision to step down, quote, honorable. grimm will be sentenced in june and could face up to three years in prison. his resignation will take effect on january 5th. joining me now is political correspondent kasie hunt. congressman grimm was defiant last week after his plea telling
8:21 am
reporters he would, quote, absolutely not resign. but speaker boehner was apparently able to change his mind. how did he do it? >> it seems that way, ayman. house speaker john boehner has been aggressive in pushing back on any ethics violation that might put a stain on his republican house. and while grimm and boehner did not meet in person. they did speak on the phone, i'm told. it was that conversation that seems to have changed grichl's mind. he's been defiant through the process through an indictment. most of the counts in the indictment ultimately didn't stick. he pleaded to only one the count of tax evasion. >> the congressman released a statement yesterday. i want to read it and put it up on the screen for the viewers. and therefore out of respect for the office and the people i proudly represent it is time for me to start the next chapter of my life.
8:22 am
governor cuomo announced there will be a special election. to we know yet who some of the candidates may be to fill the seat? >> ayman, it could potentially be a competitive election. it's a district that swung back and forth over the years. and there are already a few front runners on either side. in particular a staten island prosecutor who might be an early favorite. >> some of our viewers may remember the congressman. he made headlines for the wrong reason reasons. he reported edwhat was his reputation like on capitol hill? >> well, ayman, i think his reputation on capitol hill was the one many of us saw. he was viewed as pugnacious guy, in addition to threatening to throw the reporter over he threatened to break him in half. he was in the headlines for various incidents whether it was at a brooklyn bar or at a bar in queens where he apparently
8:23 am
carried a gun. he sort one of those colorful figures in congress that will actually be missed. >> walk us through mechanically what happens next. you were talking about the candidates. what is the process by which a new member is elected in the time line for that? >> that actually can depend on the state. in this case governor cuomo is the one who gets to make the decision when the special election is going to be held. and after it is of course the seating would take place pretty quickly after a new candidate was chosen. >> certainly be following that. if the elections do happen any time soon we'll be keeping an eye on that for our viewers. an update on the breaking news. officials confirmed the wreckage and bodies found in the java sea are from air asia flight 8501. which is next in the search? i'll be live with a former ntsb board member. steve scalise is under fire after admitting he likely spoke to a group of white supremacist leaders. here his explanation amid new
8:24 am
calls for an investigation from lawmakers in both parties. and this. [ explosion ] >> cameras were rolling when a yacht crashes and sets off explosions that cut power to hundred of people. it's one of the stories we're following around the "newsnation." not all toothbrushes are created equal. oral-b toothbrushes are engineered with end-rounded bristles so brushing doesn't scratch gums. and angled perfectly to remove 90% of plaque for a healthier smile. trust the brand more dentists and hygienists use. oral-b.
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you don't put it in a wheelhouse. you put it in your mouth. get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. now to politics and a new controversy on capitol hill. the third highest ranking republican louisiana steve scalise issed a ed ased a admitting he likely spoke to a conference of white supremacists in 2002. he said he didn't know what the group stood for. he was lobbying against a local tax plan. he told the times, quote, i didn't know who all of these groups were. and i detest any kind of hate group. i spoke to any group that called and there were a lot of groups calling. the group in question was founded by former grand wizard
8:28 am
of the kkk david duke. it's called the european american unity. we'll talk about that with car kari dan. democrat representatives like e vet clark is calling on speaker boehner to conduct an investigation. how big of a problem could this present for congressman scalise? >> well, i think not just for congressman ski lease, but for house republican leaders. at least in the short run it will be a big headache. republicans wanted to go in with a clean slate. this is going to take up a lot of oxygen. as you mentioned, scalise said he didn't know the nature of this organization. he just spoke to them because he was invited. he spoke to everybody who invited him. that's something a lot of those who are critical of scalise say could that really be the case. including the dnc and the dccc
8:29 am
who democratic organizations who said it needs to be investigated. until the exact facts of the invitation and scalise's appearances are known, i think his post at the top of republican leadership is going to be in question. >> let's move on from the democrats. it's not just the democrats. we know some conservatives take issue with scalise's response to this whole controversy. on red eric eriksson wrote -- do you think scalise's response falls short? is it more likely to stir up anger than anything else? even with some conservatives. >> i think a lot of both sides are pointing out. duke was not a little known figure. she's known very well. especially at that time. there's a couple of other facts coming forward seem to not be doing any favors. there were other organizations to scheduled to stay in the same hotel as the conference was taking place.
8:30 am
the organizes got wind of what was going on and in protest decided to stay elsewhere. that's another evidence it may have been something if he done a little bit of home work he would have heard something about. >> there are some people coming to the defense of congressman scalise incomeluding supporters like bobby jindal who called him fair minded. even support from african-american democrats including cedric richmond who said i don't think steve scalise has a racist bone in his body. we have worked on issues that benefit poor people, white people, black people jewish people. i know, his character. does support like that go a long way in washington? >> i think it depends what happens as the story unfoltds. many people making the comparison between this case and 2002 when ousted from the position after saying some complimentary things about
8:31 am
thurman who segregationist views. when trent lawsuiten made the statements he had some support from both corners but when overtime previous statements came to light he started to lose support very quickly. i think the same thing is possible to happen now. if either it comes to light that scalise did know the nature of the organization or some past statements that appeared to be tolerant of these kinds of organizations come to light that is when speaker boehner is going to be under a lot of pressure to oust scalise. it's a little bit early to tell right now house leaders and all members are still on vacation. when they come back and they're all together on capitol hill that is when i think we'll see the story start to move forward and we'll know what scalise's fate may be. >> the latest on the controversy from washington. thank you very much. an update on the break news we've been following. indonesian authorities confirming bodies and debris from flight 8501 were found.
8:32 am
they were discovered in the java sea. 162 people on board. officials say at least six bodies have been recovered. they also say a large part of what is believed to be the plane's fuselage has been spotted in relatively shallow water. it's now nighttime in indonesia in the search is suspended. the plan is to send divers to the sea tomorrow. meantime family members of those on the plane were overcome as they learned of today's discoveries by watching a live local television broadcast of that search. tomorrow a chartered plane is taking family members over the search area so they can pray for their loved ones. joining me now katherine higgins. thank you very much for joining us. a question we're discussing earlier what do the discoveries including the bodies, you know, without life vests, the plane debris including an emergency exit door plus items from the
8:33 am
plane what does that tell you about the particular incident? >> well, the good news is they found the wreckage. they're beginning the process of recovering bodies of the passengers and the crew. i know, that's a priority for the president of the company. it also means that we're closer to finding the tail section of the plane which is where the black boxes are stored and where they operate. and those black boxes will be the keys to the puzzle to help us understand exactly what happened before the accident and at the time of the accident. >> it's probably hard to tell, from your experience are you able to judge from the debris what caused a plane crash? i think we know weather was a factor. the pilot asked to divert around severe storms. what we don't know is what effect those storms might have had on the plane itself. on the technology in the plane. and on the pilot's ability to
8:34 am
operate the plane. haas what the boxes will tell us. there are reports the air speed was too low. it was a previous air france accident where the tubes caused air speed to slow down below where the plane could be controlled and to disengage the auto pilot. we don't know that's the case here but there is always a possibility that of a severe thunderstorms can affect the technology of the plane. >> what is the next priority for investigators in this search and investigation? >> i think it has to be the black boxes. until we get the boxes and have them red out, we won't know what happened. >> and we have been looking at comparisons with the previous flight the malaysian one that disappeared. the apparent piece of fuselage spotted in 100 feet deep of
8:35 am
water or less. how easy will it be to get the plane out? >> it will be certainly less challenging than the air france or the malaysian airlines air accident which we haven't fount the wreckage. it will take careful effort because investigators and those who were involved in the al advantage effort want to make sure they recover the bodies and keep them intact as much as possible. i mean we all would want the same thing if our loved ones were involved. it will be a slow meticulous process. it seems to be shallow water. less than half of a football field. it's easily assessable with divers and with equipment. >> one of the things we learned that flight 8501 was encountering a thunderstorms that ran as high as 50,000 feet. why was the pilot able to avoid the storm cluster when modern jet liners are equipped with
8:36 am
radar that spot storms more than 100 miles. >> i think they knew they were enter to severe weather. perhaps were in severe weather. was the request to divert. they asked to increase their altitude altitude. that requires -- it was declined to my understanding. they were told to go left. so try to circumstance couple navigate the weather. they were not given authority to go above it. the plane, from everything i understand, could not have gone over the top of the storm. other planes flying in the area and apparently were several were able to manage the weather. that's what the data recorders and the voice recorders will hopefully tell us and other read outs from the plane is exactly what was going on in that cockpit. it's really the interaction of the machine, the crew and mother nature of the severe thunderstorms. >> we'll be hoping for the search effort to try to recover
8:37 am
that data. up next new trouble for uber as a former driver faces criminal charges. this time in chicago. it's one of the stories we're following around the "newsnation." and the commander in chief becomes a wedding crasher. hear exclusively from the army captains who said it was a blessing in disguise. ring ring!... progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself why do i take metamucil everyday? because it helps me skip the bad stuff. i'm good. that's what i like to call the meta effect. 4-in-1 multi-health metamucil now clinically proven to help you feel less hungry between meals. experience the meta effect with our new multi-health wellness line. ♪ ♪ i love my meta health bars. because when nutritious tastes this delicious i don't miss the other stuff. new meta health bars help promote heart health.
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a church bishop allegedly involved in a deadly hit and run tops our look at stories. heather cook is now on leave after the crash that left a 41-year-old cyclist dead. while police won't discuss the case witnesses say the driver fled the scene. church officials acknowledge cook was the driver. he returned 20 minutes after three fleeing the scene to take responsibility. cook's lawyer won't discuss the
8:41 am
crash. rescue crew off the coast of italy trying to secure the what is left of a greek ferry. more than 400 passengers and crew were rescued after fire broke out on a car deck. only one lifeboat was deployed. a former uber driver has been charged with sexual assaulting a woman he picked up last month in chicago. the 22-year-old told her to get in the front seat to help navigate and sexually assaulted her. driver has been removed from the service as police continue the investigation. what sounded like a series of explosions in miami yesterday was actually the sound of a sail bot running into power lines. some witnesses say they saw sparks in the water. no serious injuries were reported. boats' mast took as by hit. president obama's golf game couldn't have come at the less opportune time for two soldiers preparing to tie the knot in a
8:42 am
dream hawaiian wed, the good news he crashed the party of a very forgiving bride and groom. chris jansing is in honolulu with the story. >> reporter: good morning, ayman. the gulf course is the one president obama plays the most when he's here. the folks are always warn people who are planning events when he's in town expect last minute schedule changes. but neertd the president nor the two u.s. army captains who got married sunday expected that the commander in chief might become their wedding crasher. newlyweds didn't mind when their phone rang. >> hi! >> both army captains their commander in chief voted golf course diplomacy to make sure no one was teed off it might not
8:43 am
have seemed that way at first. ed wanted to tie at the knot near the base where they're stationed in hi hawaii. >> two things could mess it up and one was weather and the other was the president. >> when the president decided to play. the couple got word they would have to move their ceremony. >> i'm sure his staffers didn't let him know there was a wedding. >> you weren't ready to yell at him? >> not at all. the new location above the old one but the headlines weren't good for the white house. it's not the first time but ed and natalie say this is no controversy. this photograph tells the story of a uniquely memorable wedding. >> i'm shocked and awed. it was an incredible moment. >> just two west point grads on the phone with their boss. >> we were watching you golf.
8:44 am
ed got to ask the question that the white house won't answer. but the president did. he shot an 84. >> could you beat him? >> probably. >> ed is a five handicap. that's really good. we don't have any word he's been invited to play golf with the president he and natalie did tours in afghanistan and they say a change in venue went about to throw them. >> there's nothing like a little trash talk with your boss there. up next look back at the year's most memorable moments in sports. plus the nfl so called black monday three head coaches, two general managers. all fired in one day. more on the fallout from teams coast to coast. and our "newsnation" gut check. the gop house admits he likely spoke before white supremacist leaders. should speaker boehner launch an investigation? we'll tell you how to weigh in. be sure to like us on facebook we're on"newsnation."
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join the "newsnation" on twitter. find our twitter page. they call it black monday and it's become an annual tradition feared by nfl coach and general managers of the league's most underperforming teams. yesterday the ax fell for rex ryan of the new york jets, and mike smith, and jim harbough is reportedly heading to university of michigan. one team's loss is another team's game. john idzik and phil emery of the bears got pink slips. to sort through it is editor of the washington post. first question to you, any repeal prices here? >> no. there weren't. jim harbough is classified as a surprise just because of his inability to get along with
8:49 am
management in san francisco and believe me this is a divorce. it's two way street. there are plenty of blame on both sides. they split up. despite having been ridiculously successful they couldn't make it work. >> the folks in michigan are excited. >> they seem to be. >> that's the rumor. this black monday was modest by nfl standards. not a lot of new head coach openings there. who is going to land where in the off season? >> well, i think it's going to be everyone who is going to be interesting to see where rex ryan lands because i think he has a really conceivably successful tv career ahead of him.uiew today with espn. i think he would be a good fit in oakland. they fired their coach. they got ahead of the curve and fired their coach in the middle of the season. they're not going to keep tony. i think tony. i think he would be a good fit in oakland. >> was there anything that
8:50 am
didn't surprise you? are you surprised with the coaches that have stayed so far? >> so far no. a couple of them in washington there were people here as the season wore on, people were grumbleing that jay gruden might be one and done. i don't think that's possible. a couple of years ago, you had a lot more coaches fired. a lot of them will give the coaches two years to succeed or fail. >> let's talk about a few starting with the 13-year-old girl who has been named female athlete of the year, monet davis. >> i tried to separate it into moments like donald sterling and ray rice and the nfl's domestic violence issue. then the moments we want to think about. monet davis is in that category. she has a terrific fast ball and wants to play basketball at the university of connecticut.
8:51 am
we are probably going to look back in years when she is a star basketball player and say i remember where it all began. she is just adorable. >> you wrote about michael sam and the impact he had. talk to us about that. >> unfortunate low he is not with a team right now. that's really sad and i wish he had the still set that translated to the nfl. i have seen this happen first with jason collins and with michael sam last spring. people are become more and more blah about players who come out of the closet and say he's gay, so what? that's michael sam's contribution. i never thought that the biggest story would be michael sam coming out of the closet in the nfl. i think the big story will be
8:52 am
who's next? how much more often is this going to happen? >> it will be interesting to see if an active player will come out. >> he claims he got calls from active players. >> against the cowboys, best catch ever? >> a lot of people are saying that. for me a best catch ever has to be like a catch that win it is the super bowl like david tyrese or somebody like that. it was an amazing catch and you can ask question about technology and whether he gets that from gloves. it's unfortunate that it wasn't more of an important moment. >> we will not ask the cowboys fans what they think. perhaps the biggest story was the ray rice scandal that sparked a debate over domestic violence. they are donating $400,000 to the one love foundation.
8:53 am
a local group that works to combat that problem. what do you think will be the long-term ramifications in the wake of this? >> it's a zero tolerance policy. that was the upshot of this when the second video was published. people were all of a sudden like wait a minute. he got two games and others get four games for marijuana. it makes no sense. there will be consistency and people are not going to tolerate if they don't want to see the guys on the field who have been accused. not even convicted or let alone having gone through the judicial process. they don't want to see them on the field. >> thank you very much for your time and thanks for joining us. a programming note mo' ne davis will be on the last word here with lawrence o'donnell here on msnbc msnbc. here are the things we thought you should know. a california lawmaker introduced
8:54 am
legislation that forces four high schools that use redskins as their mascots to abandon the controversial name. it comes amid protest who think the term is offensive. a similar bill comes in 2004 but was vetoed by then governor arnold schwarzenegger who said decisions about the team nicknames should be left at the local level. for a record 13th year in a row, former secretary of state hillary clinton tops the nation's most admired women. she earned the distinction on a record 19 times. and for the seventh year in a row, president obama topped the list of the nation's most admired men and pope francis finished second with bill clinton rounding out the top three. those are the things we thought you should know. time for the "news nation" gut check. we told you about the republican
8:55 am
house and some democrats including the head of the congressional black caucus learned that he admitted he likely spoke to a white supremacist campaign in 2002. he said he did not know what the group called euro stood for and he was lobbying against a local tax plan. he said he detests all hate groups. it was founded by the grand wizard david duke and the louisiana conservative should have known what the group was all about. the cbc leader said it is my hope that speaker boehner will do a thorough investigation into the circumstances involved in the congressman's participation with the organization and reassure all members that his leadership has not been compromised by such organization. do you agree with the cbc that speaker boehner should launch an investigation into the
8:56 am
representative's speech? go to "news nation".com to vote right now. that does it for this edition. i'm in for tamron hall. up next "andrea mitchell reports." [coughing] dave, i'm sorry to interrupt... i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil. the nighttime, sniffling sneezing, coughing aching, fever, best sleep with a cold medicine.
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. >> right now on "andrea mitchell reports." found, bodies and debris are pulled from the java sea three days after the plane went missing. officials try to learn what caused the crash. >> until we have the investigation, we cannot make any assumptions as to what went wrong. all i can say is the weather in southeast asia is bad at the moment. the floods in malaysia and floods in thailand. there is a lot of rain. that is something we have to look at more carefully because the weather is changing. >> family outrage. why did relatives first learn of
9:00 am
the discovery while watching live images on indonesian tv. change of direction. cuba and u.s. talk about their new relationship. what will it mean for travel and trade? we will talk to the lead negotiator with havana. politically incorrect. a top congressman's likely appearance at a white supremacy offend causes a firestorm. each as another agrees to resign and not because of this unforgettable run in with a reporter.


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