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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  March 2, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PST

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stupid dress. >> it's black and white. i will fight you. >> hi everybody. good morning. it's monday march 2nd. welcome to "way too early." give me that tie. i was going to wear this tie. because i think it's funky but no? no. all right. let's get going here. we got a 3, 2, 1 because it's march second and this is my one less wail. many americans are waking up feeling spring nowhere in sight. we have a winter storm. several inches of snow in the northeast. it left sunday a wintry mess and this is a lot to contend with for the morning commute today but it's not just the typical cold weather states. as march rang in nearly two-thirds of the country was covered in snow. here's more for you. >> reporter: in indianapolis drivers were going nowhere fast. >> i got the car stuck now.
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my wife ran it and now we can't get up the driveway. >> at least six inches of snow catching a lot of people off guard. >> i can't believe it accumulating so fast. >> reporter: getting around was hazardous. crews finally from i 44 reopened after the pileup involving at least 25 cars trucks and a greyhound bus. in virginia state police were working at least five separate crashes en route 60 alone. a team was inside this ice rink with the roof collapsed under heavy snow. >> i immediately started screaming to get off the hies. i knew that wasn't a natural sound. >> february is now officially the snowiest on record in boston. the city just under six inches shy of the snowiest year ever. new mexico is close to records too. 9.5 inches of snow in albuquerque in a few days. that's normally what they get in
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a year. nationwide more than 5,000 flights were canceled or delays. in the drought ravaged west the snow was welcome. ski areas got more than two feet in sugar bowl. parts of colorado could see four feet but while skiers may be digging it for others it means more digging in a winter that just won't quit. >> it won't. bill kashs is going to have a full check later on in the show. we go to the capitol now where we're not far from the controversial speech from netanyahu. he arrived last night and an adviser says this speech will not disrespect the president but it will warn about troubling concessions with nuclear plans are iran. instead of attending that speech
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kerri is scheduled to defend. it appears to be part of an effort by secretary kerri to reduce the rising tensions between the u.s. and israel. >> i talked to the prime minister regularly including yesterday. we are not -- we don't want to see this turned into a political football. obviously it was odd if not unique that we learned of it from the speaker of the house and that administration was not included in this process, but the administration is not seeking to politicize this. we want to recognize the main goal here is to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. and on that israel and the united states agree. >> jewish democrats find themgs torn on whether not to attend the speech but the senator of california will attend the speech despite strong rezer vagus. >> when netanyahu says he's coming to speak, he says he speaks for all jews.
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does he speak for you? >> no. not on this. he doesn't at all speak for me. >> does that bother you when he says it? >> i think it's a rather arrogant statement. i think the jewish community is like any other. there are different points of view. i think that arrogance does not befit israel can ditly. >> meanwhile president obama is expected to address the speech later today when he sits down with an on camera interview. there is a new poll that shows the reaction to the prime minister's invitation to address congress and it breaks across party lines. nearly half of all americans believe it was wrong to invite him without consulting the president. two-thirds of democrats share that view. 30 pkts of americans have a favorable opinion of the prime minister compared to 17% with a negative view. huge crowds in russia are
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demanding answers over the death of boris nemtsov. it's the highest profile assassination in a decade. he was a former deputy prime minister who pushed for democracy in moscow. he pushed for it despite numerous death threats. he was a courageous activist and reports show thousands rallied in moscow to honor his memory. >> this was meant to be a protest against the war in krairn. nemtsov would have been one of him in the front. it's one of ironies that his face is everywhere that as it approaches the bridge where he was killed. overlooking the sea, the walls of kremlin where many people the orders to kill him may have
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come. >> at this hour a large scale operation is underway to recapture ska saddam hussein's hometown. the battle is unfolding in tikrit. iraqi security forces are being held as well as iraqi fighter jets. reporting the assault is taking place in various parts of tikrit. isis seized control of that town last summer. over in syria isis has released 19 christians that it kidnapped last week. there are about 200 being held hostage. it comes amid news the first group of southeastern opposition forces to receive weapons from the u.s. has disbanded. the rebels sent months fighting a group linked to al qaeda. three missing british schoolgirls are shown on february 18th. the girls left their homes the day before and officials believe they headed to syria to join up with isis. it appears as though congress is
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right back where it started this morning in the efforts to fund the department of homeland security after about 50 house members voted against the funding last friday. congress pagzed a seven day deal insteld. afterwards nancy pelosi wrote a letter that said your vote will assure that we will vote for full funding next week. republicans have denied such a deal has been agreed to. funding and the president's immigration action the gop seems more unified this time than it was last week. >> there was a vote for full funding on friday and we rejected that and so the next step is that the senate will have a vote on their floor monday afternoon to go to conference and i would urge senate democrats to stop blacking this. let's go to congress and work out differences and put a check on this where he said he doesn't have the authority to write his
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own immigration policies. we're going to keep fighting the battle. >> there's a win within the congress which is irresponsible. they have no concept of reality. listen, i am as opposed to the president's immigration action as they are but the fact is it's special that we fund the department of homeland security. >> meanwhile with rumors swirling that his speakership may be in jeopardy. he's explaining to what happened that led to the debacle. >> we do have some members that disagree from time to time over the tactics that we decide to employ. the house is a ram bungs place. a lot of members have a lot of different ideas about what we should be doing. >> can you lead those members. >> i think it's nocht it's not easy. >> do you like your job? >> most days. friday wasn't all that fun but most days. >> why wasn't friday fun? >> it was just messy and i'm not into messy.
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but listen i enjoy being in the legislative body. i enjoy all the personalities and i've got a rot of them-- a lot of them. >> the post mortem an performances begins. rand paul won the event straw poll for the third year in a row. scott walker in second. jeb bush came in fifth. the former governor was met with hostility from the crowd and at times booed. >> you supported instate tuition prices for those children of illegal immigrants that weren't citizens. hang on. >> we should give them a path to legal status where they work and make a contribution to our society. that's what we need to be focussed on. >> for those that made an ew sound. i'm marking them as neutral and i want to be your second choice. >> meanwhile scott walker wants
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himself a proponent for illegal immigrants says his position on that has changed. >> my view has changed. i'm saying it. sometimes they don't. i'm saying mine has. >> you've changed? >> absolutely. ive looked at the problems and talked to governors on the border and people across america and the concerns i have is that we need to secure the boarder. we need to put in place a system that works. a legal immigration system that works. >> let's go to business news and big news when it comes to ceos. berkshire berkshire hathaway. a name man at the helm of mcdonalds. we're going to get to those stories in a moment. big tech news. you're going to lead the way with samsung. >> samsung is launching two new phones. one has a curved screen but both
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new phones they can charge wirelessly really cool. also they have a heart rate monitor and the edge you can actually maybe check out the time look at the stock ticker on the edge of the screen. i think that's neat. the bigger question is is this a game changer? can they reclaim lost market share lost the apple? in other news back to berkshire hath aways. the annual shareholder meeting has been held. in that lert dropping a hint. he said i found the successor. i'm not going to give away the name but it could be either. the head of the energy business or mr. jane head of the top insurance business. the big question is will they be better or able to outperform his performance so far. >> we have a big one in the fact that it's the first day on the
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job for mcdonald's ceo. >> a lot is on his plate. according to "the wall street journal" he's looking at a turn around submit. this week according to the journal he's going to be meeting with u.s. restaurant owners and employers and he is going to suggest to them a new plan. first of all, to get the order right. every single time. and also to change the conversation about mcdonalds. it sounds pretty vague but so far since the nomination i guess investors have given him the benefit of the doubt. shares are up 11%. >> still ahead, will she enter sooner rather than later? what top advisers are saying about hillary clinton. >> an ad parody has people asking if snl went too far. that and a check on weather when we come back.
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when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? great proposal! let'talk more over golf. great. how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at welcome back. former secretary of state may announce her presidential candy si in april. this is according to "the wall street journal." they have begun started telling do for as she could start before they thought. former maryland governor martin o'malley taking a shot at the clintons with the. o'malley said triangulation is not a strategy that will move
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america forward. history loves profiles and courage. >> the rockets in a physical match. rebron james and patrick beverley receiving technicals for a scrap after a charge call in the third indicator. it was later in the period that lebron and james harden fighting for a loose ball would get lebron not happy after he gets kicked below the belt. yeah. you see that? a kick below the belt. this one goes to lebron at the free-throw line with a chance to take the lead or a tie but he misses both shots. houston wins it. the rockets rubbing salt in the wound with this tweet anountsing a new king james in james harden. he scored 33 points in the victory. >> win the title first.
2:48 am
in. >> the spring training has started. we're still doing this. game time conditions. a pop up drill, the way we know it's working, a resident called police with a noise complaint. get over it. that's what we'd say in baltimore. you going to birdland? >> i'm going to miss this. are we going to get the or yol updates? >> you are. >> >>. ♪ magic, magic ♪ . >> my life with you isn't going to change that much. >> i wake up with you now in the mornings and after my nap i'm going to turn you on in the afternoon. >> this is the best show ever. now the baltimore baseball team. >> do we want to hear what's going to happen? >> no.
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it's doom and gloom. snow more snow. this is the best day we're going to have. >> we're thrilled with a sunny day in the 30s at this point. the next storm system is coming. it's starting out in arizona. we have a blizzards warning up for areas of southern minnesota and a winter storm watch for memphis and little rock. it's march. it's one thing to be in the north with storms this time of year. you're used to it especially the northern plains and the northeast but another storm possible for areas in the south and that's very rare for this time of year. over the next 48 hours or so this is how much snow could fall and this is today into tonight. this is more or less as we go toward tomorrow and then through tuesday night enough to add a little salt to the wound in the northeast and this slice in here, this is wednesday into possibly thursday. enough to maybe plow through
2:50 am
little rock and west virginia and that may extend to the northeast too. thomas, i was looking at the long range stuff because there's got to be a hope somewhere. it's going to be mid march soon and that's when we turn the corner. it looks like march 10th or 12th, the weather pattern changes. >> thank you sir. appreciate it. coming up next damatic video of terror in the sky. don't go anywhere. "way too early" is going to be right back after this and explain it.
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we've talked about this before. saturday night live often going where no one else would go but did a sketch that the show did go too far this weekend. it was a parody of my bold dad commercial from toyota. dakota johnson portrays a young high school kid that leaves home to join isis. >> well see you at thanks giving. >> see you. >> hey, dad. >> yeah. >> thanks. >> you got it kid.
2:54 am
looks like your ride's here. you be careful. okay? >> dad, it's just isis. >> take care of her. >> death to america. >> all right. the controversial skit sparked outrage on the show with many calling it offensive by mocking the way of young females leaving home to join the terror group, although i thought dakota johnson did a great job as host. >> as if sky diving isn't scary enough one man lucky to be alive after falling unconscious midair in his jump. before we play this video i want to warn you it may be difficult for people to watch.
2:55 am
he suffers a seizure at 9,000 feet and says he spent the next 30 seconds in free fall unconscious and after a failed attempt to reach him the jump master was able to reach him by pulling his rip cord. he regained consciousness at 3,000 feet and was able to land safely on the ground. look at this. you can see the contractions of his hand and his body. thankfully that jump master was there to help him get to the ground. i understand he's going to give a press conference later today. >> hi mika. how are you? >> you need coffee? you have a long day ahead of you. i have a preview of morning joe. we have arizona john mccain as our guest. he's going to weigh in on the fight against isis and tomorrow's address by benjamin netanyahu. also campbell brown for a
2:56 am
conversation about education and politics. >> we love her. >> and then in our 8:30 half hour you'll join us. you joe brook and me 8:30. >> i'm going to be there. don't you worry about i. >> after a great year today i head on to the afternoons where i'm going to be heading msnbc live. 1:00 p.m. join me today. i have donald trump. before he heads to iowa for the second time we've got thing a summit this weekends. if you have questions for him, you can find us on twitter and facebook and instagram. thank you to you all and joe, mika and willie for allowing me to have a caretaker of this special brand. >> can i come on your show? >> absolutely. but thank you so much. this has been a great opportunity. i'll be around this afternoon.
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yes. it snowed. welcome to "morning joe." mark halperin and david ignatius in washington with us this morning along with willie joe, and me. you went to cpac this weekend. >> i did. >> how was that? >> you went to see martin short. >> i did. >> and matthew broderick. >> it's good, right? >> so good. it was fantastic. an martin short set up champagne backstage for me. >> really? that sounds like fun. >> yes, it was lots of fun. it was great. >> did he talk about releasing the hostages? >> no. but the play is -- that's funny. the play is really good. it's a little bit like us. >> how so? >> with ratings and ups and downs. it's about the narcissism of being on stage and the love