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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  March 4, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PST

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hillary clinton was able to avoid open record questions as as a result of using personal e-mail accounts for state department business. the latest report from "the new york times." this comes after a day after the report that she used a private account instead of a public one. her personal e-mails were never searched. state department leaders acknowledged they only turned about 300 e-mails last month. yesterday, the chair of the benghazi select committee suggested that hillary clinton had multiple personal accounts and as expected that report reignited interest in that controversial case. >> she didn't use personal e-mail in addition to government e-mail. she used personal e-mail in lieu of government e-mail.
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you do not need a law degree to have an sunsing of how troubling this is. >> the times reports that other questions for e-mails were also never fulfilled. the question remains whether her e-mail practice followed precedent and the letter of the law? yesterday, kondcondoleezza rice used a government account. general powell used a personal e-mail account during his tenure as secretary of state. he wasn't aware of any restrictions nor does he recall being made aware of any over the four years he seshd as secretary of state. the reporter who wrote that piece the 2009 relations that
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applied to hill kri clinton weren't in effect when colin powell at the state department. clinton in using her personal address was following the practice of previous secretaries. but here's what white house press secretary josh earnest had to say. >> very specific guidance has been given to agencies all across the government. specifically employees of the obama administration should use their official e-mail accounts when they're conducting official government business. however, there are situations where personal e-mail accounts are used it's important for those records to be preserved consistent with the federal records act. >> of course that's something that hillary clinton did not do the clinton spokespeople have said both the letter and the spirited of the law have been followed. she mailed state employees on
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their official e-mail. obviously, that sets up a lot of other questions. david went a step forward, calling for a prominent correction in the "the new york times." david will be our quest ahead on morning joe. last night, hillary clinton was a guest at emily's list gala. the big event yesterday was israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, he's back in izsrael this morning. netanyahu made a grand entrance i was on the floor it resembled the walk out for the state of the union address. it was actually more intense as far as the applause. there were two dozen standing
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ovations by lawmakers. but more than 50 democrats did not attend. netanyahu who face answer election in two weeks quickly denied that the speech was political and ties thatbetween america and israel must remain. no doubt that iran is going to be put on a path to a nuclear bomb. lawmakers should push back on that nuclear deal. >> the battle between iran and isis doesn't turn iran into a friend of america. iran and e isis are competing for the crown. both want to impose a militant islamic empire first on the region and then on the entire
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world. so, when it comes to iran and isis, the enemy of your enemy is your enemy. to defeat isis and let iran get nuclear weapons would be to end the battle but lose the war. we can't let that happen. for over a year we have been told that no deal is better than a bad deal. well, this is a bad deal. it's a very bad deal. we're better off without it. now, we're being told that the only alternative to this bad deal is war, that's just not true the alternative to this bad deal is a much better deal. >> i tell you what the enemy of
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your enemy is still your enemy. kids, in this case you can write that one down. as president obama did not attend the speech he didn't have anyone from his administration attend the speech. he offered his own criticisms hours later of his delivery to congress. >> how do we prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon? the path that we proposed if successful is by far the best way to do that. that's demons trabl. and netanyahu hasn't offered a viable alternative that would achieve the same verifiable mechanism to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> from nuclear weapons to obama obamacare, in just a few hours, another showdown at the supreme
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court, a big one over the obamacare. the tax of the affordable care act only makes subsidies available to customers that purchase purchased from state exchange. in a new poll finds that 54% of americans support a congressional fix if the supreme court eliminates those subsidies. 51% say the affordable care act should either be eliminated or overhauled. still it's amazing. after all these years it's still a 50/50 split. justice department investigation has found that the police department in ferguson missouri, has been violating the rights of their minority citizens. the probe was launched in last year's shooting death of michael brown by a police officer.
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we have nbc's ron allen with more on the justice department's report. ron, what do you got? >> good morning, joe. first this report this investigation, whether officer darren wilson should face civil rights charges that investigation continues. unlikely he'll face those charges. this investigation looked at how ferguson police conduct their duties. we understand the investigation found a pattern of racial bias. investigating the underlining tension and mistrust that caused so much violence and confrontation after the death of michael, those familiar with the justice department report in the two years before that deadly encounter, when police used force, 88% of the time people were after can americans. it also found specific examples
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of that. attorney general eric holder who visited ferguson after brown's death said he was troubled by what he heard. >> what we're doing hopefully will have a positive impact. >> the report accuses police of targeting black and poor drivers drivers. >> i was horrified. >> reporter: she says she was stopped at least five times, first for a cracked windshield and then when she couldn't pay the fine court fees piled up then an arrest warrant. >> if you're poor and black and you're saying i can't afford it i think the court is less likely
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to clear you. >> it's stressing me out because i can't get -- i can't start my career because of these little tickets >> reporter: the justice department probe found that ferguson overwhelming charges african-americans some 67% of the population with minor or petty offenses. ferguson's leaders have been meeting with federal officials. they're still trying to digest this report and the sweeping reforms they were forced to make. joe? >> thank you so much ron. at long last congress has passed legislation to fully fund the department of homeland security, the clean dhs bill passed in the house tuesday by a vote of 257 to 167. 75 republicans joined every democrat to vote yes on the same
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measure that the senate passed last week. did you see this? retired four-star general david petraeus in his once-shining career crashed amid scandalous revelations of an extramarital affair. on tuesday, he reached a deal with a justice department and will plea guilty for hiding classified information. here's the report. >> reporter: david petraeus the commanding general of u.s. forces in iraq and afghanistan and the director of cia will plead guilty documents that he allegedly shared with his mistress. it claims that he unlawfully took documents containing classified information. they claim that petraeus while
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ahead of the cia he provided six black books. they contained top-secret information about the afghanistan war. the scandal exploded three years ago when tampa associateite jill kelly told the fbi she was receiving anonymous threatening e-mails warning her to keep hands off petraeus. they traced the e-mails back to broad we'll. when the story broke it forced petraeus to resign from the cia. it took months before petraeus publicly expressed remorse. >> i regret and apologize for the circumstances that led to my resignation from the cia. >> reporter: the white house announced today that the president obama approves of the
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petraeus guilty plea. >> all right. more to come on that i'm sure. not the last we're going to hear of david petraeus. let's turn now to business. with markets closing lower yesterday the dow fall 85 points. s&p down 9 and the nasdaq down 28. they're still pretty darn high. target closed up a half a per cent with a big restructuring plan. this restructuring plan includes layoffs, lots of layoffs, what can you tell us? >> a pretty big announcement from target yesterday. they're laying off thousands of people at their headquarters and in india. this is all part of a plan to cut $2 billion in costs over the next two years. this is happen under the new ceo, who wants to streamline the retailer.
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and better profitability. joe, i don't know if you like comedy, here's something for you, comcast nbc universal, it's planning to launch a subscription web video service later this year. the traditional cable tv business that is stagnanting, they're trying to reach the younger audience on the web. it's going to come with the hit shows, the tonight show and saturday night live. >> thank you so much. as always, greatly appreciated. what senator lindsey graham had to say about nancy pelosi yesterday that made him quickly back up and offer an apology, that story and a check on weather when "way too early" returns. ♪ what a terrible thing ♪
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♪ stop, start, stop. start stop. that's what it's like in alabama right now when it comes to same-sex marriage licenses again on hold in alabama after ruling from the state's supreme court that defy a federal judge, now the highest court in the state ordered probate judges to ignore the federal court's ruling saying to the judges quote, you have an a minister yal duty not to issue any marriage licenses contrary to state law. last month, of course a federal judge overturned 2006 alabama constitutional amendment. the alabama supreme court obviously is going to have their decision ruled on by the u.s. supreme court. which is set to rule on same-sex marriages this summer. college basketball. top-ranked university of wildcats with two hurdles left
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to boast a perfect record. they were tied at the half. georgia actually led the big blue by nine points with less than ten minutes to play but the wildcats raced back outscored the bulldogs 25-8 to close out the game and they improved to 30-0 with ash lee judd cheering in the audience. that was a 72-64 win. any predictor of the future the chicago cubs have a lot to live up this year back to the future iii predicted a chicago cubs win the world series. the last time the cubs made it to the world series was 1945. the last time they won a world series, 1908. if the cubs don't win the title this year the contest winner will take home instead a however
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board prop. let's get a check of your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, i hold my phone up and every two days i get a winter storm warning for connecticut and i get one again for tonight. that's going to be tough flying home and getting home to connecticut. it comes in waves of not once a week but like once every two days now. >> the forecast has changed you're looking better in connecticut. let's take you into this forecast very complex over the next several days. it's 54 in nashville. the cold air is going to win out during the day today. we have a lot of heavy rain floopgd problems kentucky right over the ohio river, as that cold air moves in we're going to go from flooding rain to
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heavy sfnowstorms. so, here's the snowfall prediction map, very little oklahoma and also areas of texas. below freezing and some icy spots. winter storm warning in dallas. the heavy snows are in this band through kentucky. louisville lexington, 8 inches of snow. heavy band of snow setting up over d.c. baltimore and philadelphia area. right now, new york city close to around the four-inch, five-inch mark. boston nothing. this time joe, southern new england is fortunate. everyone else is not so lucky. >> all right thank you so much bill. coming up we continue to talk about the winter blues, charges are pending after snow flies in ohio we're going to have the shoveling squabble between two neighbors that got a
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bit heated. >> grabbed me like this and said leave my sidewalk alone. ♪ ♪ ♪ "here i am. rock you like a hurricane." ♪ fiber one now makes cookies.
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it's time to get some more news with louis, he's got a check on some of the other headlines. >> thanks, joe, with nuclear talks with u.s. and iran ongoing, senator graham tried to disarm a bomb of his own over remarks made about nancy pelosi.
2:54 am
criticized her appearance in reaction to his address to congress on tuesday. but according to bloomberg they he said quote, did you see nancy pelosi on the floor. complete disgust if you can get through all the surgeries. he later apologized for his comments. >> i just think her reaction in the chamber was a bit tisdisturbing and i made a poor attempt at humor there. an ohio man faces criminal charges after confronting a neighbor who was trying to shovel the sidewalk the alleged victim was actually doing a favor for the other man at the time. no good deed goes unpun zmrishd i was saying i was clearing the sidewalks so kids could walk to
2:55 am
the school buses and he said they could walk in the streets. i said are you stupid? that's when he grabbed me by my throat and shoved me back. >> when everyone else around here cleans their sidewalks i will clean mine. did you grab him at all? i did, i grabbed him like this. that's all i did. >> the guy grabbed the reporter there. he returned with the snow blower to blow the snow on his neighbor. >> oh, wow. >> louis, that sounds like -- >> snow rage. >> mi can, a, that sounds like a guy about as cranky as your dad when it comes to sidewalks. >> no no. but, that's because you disturb the nature. he didn't want a sidewalk there.
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coming up on the end edition of morning joe -- >> and we're in washington. >> david brock founder and chairman of media matters is going to join us and explain why things, why "the new york times" needs to issue a correction of hillary clinton's e-mail. more on the netanyahu's speech. bob woodward is going to be here on the show. at 8:30. imf director christine legaarde and oscar winner julianne moore is our guest as well. >> mika thank you so much. we'll be back in just a minute with morning joe. ver the last 10 years, we've helped millions of people protect their families and run their businesses. we have the right people on-hand to answer your questions backed by a trusted network of attorneys. so visit us today for legal help
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and bask in the glow healthy skin hydration. see what everyone is raving about at top of the hour. we're in washington. it's wednesday, march 4th welcome to "morning joe." >> when are they going to fix that? >> every time my six-year-old sees it -- >> symbolic right now. >> jeremy peters
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