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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  March 5, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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least two people being arrested. adding to the tensions was the department of justice scathing report also released yesterday outlining what it calls a sweeping pattern of racially biased practices within the ferguson police department. now the result of an investigation launched in the weeks after michael brown's death. in response to the doj report last night ferguson mayor james knowles addressed changes the city will implement. he announced one police official has been fired and two others have been placed on administrative leave for alleged racist e-mails found during the department of justice investigation. despite regularservations he remains head of the department. >> these actions taken by the individuals are in no way representative of the employees of the city of ferguson. >> today's report amlous the city of ferguson to identify problems not only in our police department but in the entire st. louis region. >> joining me now is civil
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rights attorney john burres who has worked on a number of high-profile cases including the rodney king case against the lapdch as we await mike brown's parents here i've got to ask you people have a hard time understanding how the department of justice says you have a department that acted as a collection agency targeting minorities as well as people with disabilities but they don't find our charge or decide to follow charges against darren wilson. >> well two different questions, one is the criminal charge and the u.s. attorney has to determine whether they can prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt and in this case because they had no direct evidence to contradict what the police officer said from their point of view that would be a difficult case to win up and charging that they have a pattern of discriminatory law enforcement that's an easier course. you don't need one particular victim, can have a lot of different victims and also a function what have they saw in the records.
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looked at 35,000 police records and from this they can statistically show what the records represent in terms of a pattern of racial bias. that's a different kind of question and an easier one to do and it was clearly understood because of the explosion of the community at the time that there had been an undercurrent of frustration and sense of hope based on the police activity. i understand the family's frustration. i've sent many cases with the department of justice and not able to get a prosecution out of them. they have a very high standard when we did the rodney king case, we did that but that was based upon a video that was present. when you have a video that means you can contradict a police officer's statement. without that you didn't have very goodines testimony and they can't contradict the testimony we have in this case. >> waiting to hear from mike brown's parents and others will attend the news conference and very quickly, i want to play what attorney general eric holder said yesterday regarding the investigation of the
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ferguson police department. let's play it. this investigation found a community that was deeply polarized, a community where a deep distrust and hostility often characterized interactions between police and area residents. a community where local authorities consistently approached law enforcement not as a means for protecting public safety but as a way to generate revenue, a community where both policing and municipal court practices were found to be to be dis disproportionately harmful to african-american residents and frequency where this stems from racial bias both implicit and explicit. >> john, you were heavily involved in the civil case with rodney king and the lapd department and you see and hear that the police chief remains in place, how do you feel regarding the climate change or the changes that will obviously be needed for this department to have credibility if he stays in
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charge? >> it will be very difficult for the department to have credibility going forward with the same police chief, even if they accept what the department of justice has to do. when the department of justice comes in now they will ask for a series of reforms that have to be implemented and has to be a monitor for those to make sure that they have taken place. in this particular case if you have the same police chief there you will have a basic form of resentment. it will be very difficult for him to change his colors, if you will, to now say i'm going to support all the stuff when in fact he has been the person who sat on all of this police misconduct for all of these years. so very difficult for him to have credibility with the community so i think he'll have to go. >> thank you john. greatly appreciate it. we'll carry that news conference as soon as it begins. another breaking news story in this hour. we'll hear the verdict from the jodi arias retrial of the penalty phase. of course we talked so many about this case and jodi arias
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could receive her fate the death penalty or life in prison for the murder of her ex-boyfriend. as soon as that decision comes we'll bring it to you live and developing now more emotional testimony on day two of the trial of the boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev as prosecutors present their case. the latest witnesses, three people with the fbi including one of the first investigators on the scene. before that jeffrey bauman who lost both of his legs in the bombing and later wrote a book about his ideal wearing shorts that made his prosthetic leg visible. he saw tamerlan tsarnaev before the bomb went on and heard three blasts and was on his back and earlier the jury heard from one of the first police officers on the scene. he talk about performing cpr on a woman and saw smoke coming from her mouth. he later found out the woman was crystal campbell who died of her injuries.
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nbc's rehema ellis joins us from the federal courthouse in boston. day two, again, emotional testimony about the loss of life and just the great pain but going back to what they heard from the defense attorney they do not deny their client's role in this so what is their strategy here? >> well, you're right, tamron. there's been no denial from the client. in fact right now we're on the sixth witness today for the prosecution. the previous witnesses so far today, there was no cross-examination by the defense. in part it may be what you are talking about and what's on the front page of the newspapers and that's essentially this stunning admission from the defense team and that is that it was him, this being a picture of tsarnaev. you pointed out that in the courtroom today there was this testimony from the boston police officer, and it was emotional and powerful testimony from frank ciola who talked about
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being with crystal campbell and he also said when he heard the explosion, he said it was like a cannon going o.people running and screaming. he looked around and he couldn't tell who was dead. he went on to say that he tried to help crystal campbell stayed with her for as long as she could. when she went off to a medical tent he said he later went to her in the medical tent and stayed with her until his shift was over. the prosecution asked him what was crystal campbell's condition while you were with her, and he said she was dead. again, evidence of the powerful testimony that we're hearing here today. >> all right. raheema, thank you. let me bring in criminal defense attorney jonathan sheldon who represented washington, d.c.-area sniper john allen mohammed who was executed and he and 17-year-old lee boyd malvo who was spared the death penalty after his attorneys argued he was influenced by the older
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mohammed. thank you so much for your time. >> it's nice to be here. >> it seems, again, with the defense with dzhokhar tsarnaev we're hearing a lot of similarities to the case that involved you. you saw the headline there on the front page. he did it. what do you think of the strategy from the defense, at least in an attempt to spare his life? >> well, you really do have to play the cards that you're dealt, and in this case clearly this is compelling testimony and it is obvious that -- that dzhokhar tsarnaev committed this crime, so in order to defend him they have to maintain their credibility, and they have to show that they are compassionate, and i think what they are doing is they are standing out of way of the evidence that they have no response to. >> as i mentioned, you represented mohammed in the trial, john allen mohammed who was executed in 2009. both men were tried separately. when you saw the strategy with lead boyd malvo and your client.
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in fact he manipulated this young man. do you believe that it was effective at the time. >> i believe the strategy of having a young man be affected by an older man, the relatively culpability argument. as long as you come to the sentencing phase with credibility which is what appears judy clark and david brock are doing in this case what you have to do is you have to take what you are given and then present a credible strategy. if they don't have credibility with the jury, then when it comes time for judy clarke and david brock to ask the jurors to do what they want which is life sentence rather than death they will have a very hard time. in this case it seems relative culp ability. it's one strategy and maybe one reason why the jurors were asked to sentence him to death but there were other strategies that may surprise us that may happen at sentencing >> you mentioned judy clarke
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dzhokhar tsarnaev's attorney. she's had a number of clients she's successfully kept from receiving the death penalty and among them unabomber tes kaczenski and susan smith, the mother who downed her kids and in this situation you have one tamerlan tsarnaev who was killed. and in the case of lee boyd malvo and john allen mohammed they were still alive. what's the difference that you could see play out with dzhokhar tsarnaev actually receiving the death penalty? >> that's an interesting difference, but but for their strategy at sentencing it will make no difference. john allen mohammed did not testify at lee boyd malvo. there was mental health evidence and relative callpability for a life sentence. they didn't need mohammed.
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all they needed was the evidence presented at guilt/innocence and that will inform how this guilt/innocence phase will go. right now the defense is it standing out of the way of the evidence as they should in order to be credible and compassionate. i think what you'll see them doing is trying to offer the jury more evidence than the government, that is try to show the different roles of the older brother to the younger brother. again, there may be other strategies in the embassy bombings in new york which were much more devastating than these bombings. the jury came back with life for other reasons. mainly because they didn't want to make the defendants martyrs. in the 9/11 trial, zacarias moussaoui, the jurors came back with a life verdict in a trial with much much more compelling damage, thousands dead for reasons that may exist in this case and we'll see which is mental health evidence and we don't know if we'll see yet.
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and also it may surprise us what the victims want in this case. >> we lyly appreciate your insight. >> john terry commenting on the e-mails now that hillary clinton has agreed to make them public. >> now this. >> i need an ambulance, fast. get me to the hospital. >> absolutely terrifying. the u.s. ambassador to south korea recovering after being slashed by a man with a knife. that man is now in custody. now there's questions as to whether the ambassador had enough security and the so-called greatest show on earth will no longer use elephants in the show while the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus is making this change now. join the conversation on line and find me on facebook twitter and instagram under my na. we'll be right back.
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new this morning, secretary of state john kerry is speaking out for the first time about the e-mail controversy surrounding former secretary of state hillary clinton. speaking during his meeting with saudi arabia's foreign minister earlier today, he said the state department has had access to a wide array of clinton's records and that the former secretary's provided the required e-mails that span her time at the state department. he added the department is reviewing the e-mails as quickly as possible for public release. now, this comes after clinton tweeted last night i want the public to see my e-mail. i asked state to release them. they said they will review them for release as soon as possible. the house select committee on benghazi subpoenaed all of secretary clinton's correspondence related to libyaier. here's republican chairman trey
8:17 am
gowdy. >> despite some attacks from those who claim that all questions regarding benghazi have been asked and answered the revelation secretary clinton uses personal e-mail accounts lays that claim there. the state department never came forward with this information which clearly should have been revealed to other committees reviewing benghazi making any claim of a definitive report impossible. >> joining me now msnbc political reporter alex seitzwal and simon rosenberg, a former staffer for the 1992 clinton presidential campaign. thank you both for joining us. >> alex let's start with you. the state department says this will take several months to review and release these documents. >> yeah that's right. secretary of state john kerry speaking in saudi arabia said they are going to try to do this as quickly as possible but they have, you know 55,000 pages of documents to go through and they are in an awkward position here. they have to sort through the documents and make, you know fairly delicate calls about what
8:18 am
can be released publicly and what's national security and should be private. for instance, are there communications with the president they wouldn't want to put out there and no matter what they are going to get hit either way, hit for not releasing enough and might get hit from clinton allies if they release something that ends up being embarrassing for her so this could come after she's announced a presidential run and could create a whole new round of news stories around these e-mails. >> absolutely. we've already heard from jeb bush and his team. you've got, for example, congressman elijah cummings ranking democrat on the benghazi committee, as far as i'm aware no other cabinet secretary in history has ever called for the release of his or her e-mails in their entirety and throughout his or her tenure and there are some including my colleague here at msnbc joe scarborough who questioned whether or not all of these e-mails will be released meaning from that personal server at the clinton home. >> right. that's a key point here is that clinton turned over about 55,000 pages of documents, but we don't know what the total universe of
8:19 am
e-mails that she sent was, and they have said you know they took out personal e-mails, if there were e-mails about flower arrangements at her daughter's wedding, not sent to the state department so we don't know what's not included in the state department and then of what the state department has they are going to remove some as well so we may never know, you know the totality of these e-mails that she sent. >> simon, i want to read something from the "washington post," the editorial piece calling for her, you know to -- calling her judgment poor, i should say. it says here it may be that mrs. clinton used private e-mails because she anticipated republicans would be on the prowl for scandal and wanted to control what part of her record might be scrutinized. such fears would have had ample basis, but they do not excuse a penchant for control and secrecy that she has exhibited before and that remains a worrying attribute. this notion that she's secretive, that the clintons try to control and play by their own rules. you and others who have supported the clintons still believe she needs to get in
8:20 am
front of this. >> yeah. i think they have got -- they do have to get in front of it. they have to put out as much as they possibly can as quickly as possible. they have to comply with the subpoenas now that are coming from congress and she's got to accelerate the launch of her campaign. i mean the most important thing she can do is start to make her argument about why she should be president and not let this be the only story that's out there, so they have a lot of work to do and this is a consequential early moment in the development of the 2016 campaign. >> she was speaking at the emily list event and did not refer to this scandal swirling around. i do want to play what jeff mcintosh of emily's list and talks about whether this is something people outside washington, d.c. are talking about. >> can you imagine any family across the country sitting down and saying wow, i'm so concerned she used private accounts instead of a state
8:21 am
account and where was the server located? no, because there are major economic comments. >> you just changed the subject right now. >> first of all, do you agree with that and was it a mistake for the former secretary not to say something at that event where all eyes were watching? >> is this to me tamron? >> i'm so sorry, this to simon. >> yeah. look, i don't think she had to speak thatifying. it's what happens over the next few months. i don't think there's any one moment in this that will be determining. they are on top of it moving quickly. the clintons know how to handle tough political situations. they have been through a lot before. i've been there with them through some of them so they know what to do and they are acting expediently, but the most important thing now over the next six weeks is they have got to accelerate the launch of the official campaign so she can be a candidate and making her argument and so that this is not the only set of stories out there defining her in an early and difficult way in the early days of her candidacy. >> as you mentioned, you believe they know what they are doing but you know the rollout of the
8:22 am
book for example and even this your comments were they need to be in front of this. it's a different game given social media and the rapid spin that comes across. with that said what is the critical thing you believe other than obviously what you've said over and over they have to get into this campaign that you feel you would advise? >> just they have got to launch the campaign as quick as they can and be -- they have got to dump as much of this stuff out into the public as fast as they probably can. look i'm sure that now the clinton -- hillary may regret having done this, and i don't know this was the smartest thing for her to have done. it's going to create this cloud and as alex was saying we'll be spending months talking about whether they released every e-mail and they have got to move really aggressively. >> thanks for joining me. i've got to take our audience to ferguson, missouri where the parents of mike brown and their attorneys are speaking. they have just announced they plan to file a civil lawsuit. let's listen in. >> you'll have an opportunity to take a look at it.
8:23 am
we haven't decided yet if we're going to take questions regarding it. we may just allow the justice system to work its own course without getting into a lot of commentary about it. that being said i want to tell you up front that the family members, the mother and father that are present today, because their role will be changing as a result of us filing a lawsuit, they will become litigants. we'll then have to limit any comments or remarks that they make so keep that in mind as we go along in this press conference. so given that kind of backdrop i want to turn it back over to darryl parks who is going to make further commentary. thank you. >> thank you very much. with that said as you -- and he just stated the mother and father will not be taking questions, but we are now entering a different phase of this action. without question the department of justice made their findings known yesterday. probably the only encouraging part of it yesterday was the things that they have found
8:24 am
within the city of ferguson. it's important that we remember that the things that they found within the city of ferguson police department, the same culture that existed on august 9th as officer darren wilson met michael brown in that street. with that said hopefully that if nothing else clearly that lays out why this family had such distrust for law enforcement in this agency and clearly we can see it now from the findings that the department of justice has made public. with that said we'll take some questions. >> who will be named in the suit? >> well that's something you'll have to -- you'll see once we name the suit. obviously the city of ferguson but there are other people. >> overs wilson? >> without question he's perpetrator. >> what was your reaction speaking to the finding that the whole hands up don't shoot in the doj report they were saying that was discredited by witness testimony that was not credible. i want to get your reaction.
8:25 am
>> i don't want to weigh the evidence in the public because i think that that would be inappropriate. however, there's hands over your head and hands up so that's one clear distinction that we have seen already as we've reviewed the report. >> sir can i ask you, the grand jury and the doj, they have basically exonerated mr. wilson. does the family now say, okay maybe he had some justification? >> i think part of what they have done they have accepted his self-defense based upon the facts. they weighed the facts. remember the standard that we are now faced with is a different standard. we don't have the beyond a reasonable doubt standard. it will be a preponderance of evidence. we agree that there were other alternatives available to him, other facts that demonstrated he did not have to kill michael brown so whoever sits on this case will have to determine those facts and weigh those facts based upon the predonnedrance of the evidence not beyond a reasonable doubt. remember, one of the things that
8:26 am
was said last-yesterday is that they couldn't meet the federal requirement, a very heightened requirement under the fourth amendment, totally different with what we'll be faced and we get to set the stage and we plan to do just that. >> based on that, do you think they made the right decision the grand jury and the doj? >> the issue is we've not accepted their decision. they have accepted the self-defense. we do not accept it as self-defense. other questions. >> your general reaction? i know you guys are disappointed with the findings. were you surprised? were you stunned, upset? what would be -- >> you couldn't have been surprised because we had all been hearing the rumblings coming out. however, think for his parents to sit there and hear from the doj officials was a very tough day for them and so thanks to them for coming forward today, at least standing here with us. they -- they did not want to hear that. they don't accept that. they don't accept the fact of
8:27 am
this self-defense theory. they believe there were plenty of witnesses who came forward who saw what they saw and they also offered a different perspective and you have to remember the prosecutors are prosecutors. they made decisions that a prosecutor would make right, and in the mindset of the prosecutor and the strategy of a prosecutor. they believe that they wouldn't be successful. well, that's their approach that's their strategy. our strategy and approach is totally different. >> we are listening into darryl parks, one of the attorneys representing the parents of mike brown, reacting to the department of justice decision not to bring criminal charges against former ferguson police officer darren wilson in their son's death. they said they will pursue civil rights lawsuit. at this point we're also waiting to hear from mike brown's parents. they will not take questions now that they are going to pursue this lawsuit. they are litigants and let me also transition to another story that we're following as it relates to this awful weather that we're experiencing in a great portion of this country.
8:28 am
according to reports from our affiliate here in new york wnbc a delta airlines flight at laguardia airport slid off the runway. this is a live picture. you can see there it's obviously the visibility is terrible but what we're hearing right now and what is being reported on our local affiliate is that an aircraft a delta airlines plane, has skidded off the runway. this i believe is a photograph of that aircraft. i'm not exactly sure so i don't want to misreport. i can't very well see this image, but it appears to be an image of the aircraft. we see vehicles around that aircraft so we'll continue to follow this breaking news. we'll be right back. mouths are watering, and stomachs are growling. or is that just me? it's lobsterfest... lobster's largest variety of lobster dishes all year. double up with dueling lobster tails. or make lobster lover's dream a delicious reality. but hurry this won't last long.
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8:31 am
attempting to land. the flight is 1086 from atlanta to laguardia. my colleague, tom costello is standing by and he's following some of the latest vemgts. tom, we've been talking so much about this rough weather that moved into new york a few hours ago and looking at one of the images that has just come from this flight. >> clearly this was a very rough landing. spoke to the faa just a short time ago. this was, in fact delta 1086 a passenger plane from atlanta inbound to laguardia. i think it was runway 1-3. i need to double check. clearly went off the end of the runway based on the incredible snow and ice that we've had, the buildup in the northeast. we do not at this point, the faa is not aware of any injuries. that doesn't mean there aren't any, but the faa is unaware of any injuries at this point. we'll have to hear from local fire rescue port authority fire rescue for that and in the immediate aftermath i don't see any ambulances on the scene. we're waiting for more information. >> right now the f-if a, landed
8:32 am
on runway 13. that may mean something to you. i'm just the passenger when we land on these flights so that may give you perspective and it slid off here. it was an md-88, but in these kinds of conditions especially at laguardia tom, you and i both know that they often had shut down what it seems like rather quickly. >> yeah, no that's absolutely true. this is, you know i -- i'm not sure now if this is the busiest or jfk is the busiest airport in new york. they rival each other clearly for domestic travel. laguardia is the busiest, and as you know it's a difficult airport to come into because you're really coming right over the city there p.and if this -- if this situation is that they have got a tremendous amount of snow and ice buildup there at laguardia compounding with the traffic that they experienced on a regular basis into laguardia that can really complicate matters. they do, however, as you know have very experienced air traffic controllers at la guardia. it's one of the most demanding jobs in the entire system and so
8:33 am
atc veterans are on the job. the port authority police and fire rescue personnel, of course, train for this day after day. they are very aware of the situation with laguardia sitting right there on the water. if you've ever flown into or out of laguardia you know that you come right over that body of water. about 0 years ago or so if memory serves you know, a plane went into the water but thankfully we don't have that situation here today. >> yeah, just looking at this visibility here tome tom, you're in reese as well. a great portion of the country and we'll get a forecast here on what the conditions are like near laguardia here in a second but look at that visibility of that live image. you can barely see the lights flickering there. >> that's absolutely true. i dressed for a blizzard because i drove through a heck of a snow storm coming in just a short time ago and it looks like you're getting just as much snow up there and low disability up there as well. the entire northeast entirely
8:34 am
socked in with this weather system. here in washington we're expecting to get anywhere from six to eight inches of snow by the time the evening rush hour wraps up if we have one today and clearly that same weather pattern now moving up the entire east coast. you know this is -- if you look at the -- if you look at how many flights we see on a normal day, something like 25,000 commercial passenger planes on a given day, it is astonishing the safety record that we have in this country, thankfully and these incidents are really rather rare. >> they are indeed but certainly that doesn't, as you well know take away the fear here. let me get to you stand by and hopefully you can get more information. let's talk to aviation safety expert anthony roman. anthony, we're very limited details here but what we do know is this is an md-88 delta flight that apparently skid off that runway during landing. we're just looking at some of the weather conditions and we'll get an update from dominica
8:35 am
davis. they landed it safely but today is a tough one. >> well, tamron the laguardia airport is one of the most difficult airports to land in due to the urban congestion. it's also really a peninsula that juts out into the bay and is bordered by water on all sides. it's approximately 7,000 feet long. that's the length of the runway that the md-80 landed on and it is a sufficient length even when the runway is contaminated with ice and snow for this type of jet to stop in time. the jet is equipped with reverse thrusters that basically reverses the power of the engines to slow the aircraft down. it has an automated braking system that would be set for slippery conditions and it also
8:36 am
has anti-lock braking systems which would keep the aircraft from skidding sideways or siding off the runway. one of the possible causes and i -- and i caution that it's very early in -- in understanding what may have happened but one of the possible causes in the aircraft running off the end of the runway is that it came in at too fast a landing speed. that would exponentially extend its landing distance once it touched down on the runway. another possibility or perhaps combined with coming in too fast is they touched down too far in the runway and there was insufficient runway left to stop. either one of those factors or a combination thereof is generally the common cause for running off a runway. this certainly would be compounded by the contamination on the runway as we're currently
8:37 am
experiencing now. >> okay. let me go to our meteorologist dominica davis who is standing by. this is part of, obviously, the weather system that's created quite a treacherous conditions throughout the northeast. >> yeah, tamron and what we've had over the past hour is a burst of snow that came through. no i want to show you this is a local view here of new york and we do have -- these are a little small, these temperatures but laguardia right there is at 27 degrees right now. new york city is at 25. temperatures have been dropping pretty rapidly over the past couple of hours, so we started out this morning with a little bit of sleet and snow. when the temperatures drop that snow got heavier and now the chance for all of this to get icy is there, so we have probably about around laguardia about 2 inches of snow on the ground. that has had a chance to freeze and, of course that has played a part in this but the snow is continuing so actually this situation is going to continue
8:38 am
to get more slick and worse as the snow continues to come down. we're still expecting an additional four inches before this system is done. temperatures are going to stay below freezing through the remainder of today, so these slick conditions are going to continue, tamron and the visibility is also going to be a problem. we've already had those low ceilings. didn't have too many airport delays earlier this morning, but i think this is going to start to change things. as you can see the ceilings are pretty low. visibility is down. it's not terrible but the visibility is certainly starting to get worse. >> all right. thank you, dominica. tom, i understand you have new information for us. >> what this runway configuration looks like. we are looking at runway 1-3. if you come out to me i've got a map of what laguardia airport looks like. we need to come out to the live image, guys. this is what runway 1-3 looks like, so if you're coming in like this this is runway 1-1 coming in right here. talked about the body of water here and right there and runway
8:39 am
1-3 takes you right down there, and as you can see more water at the end of that runway so it is as you can see, the main runway for laguardia airport or clearly one of the main runways coming right in and you come right over that body of water. >> okay. it is, as you heard, it is a challenging runway a challenging airport on any -- on any day, even in good weather, just because of the volume and because you're slicing, if you will, or you're kind of threading the needle coming into new york city, but veteran pilots do this every -- every single day. it is compounding as we've said if you've got significant icing issues and snow issues on ramp. we don't know exactly what might have led -- what led this plane to go off the end of the runway and clearly the snow and the ice right now have to be lead contenders. >> do we know if they have evacuated yet, tom? more images coming in. you can see the activity around but have you heard anything regarding the passengers who were on that flight? >> i don't have that yet. i'm working ton as we speak. >> okay. what about flights in and out of
8:40 am
laguardia? have there been some delays and cancellations? i hate to put you on the spot here. >> i just asked the faa that question, and their answer was you can expect that runway 1-3 will be closed. that is the main artery and main runway for laguardia so i think you're going to see compounding issues of delays and cancellations, and they may have to shut down a good portion of the laguardia airport ramp area as well. >> all right. and, again, this is flight -- delta flight 1086. >> atlanta to laguardia. >> and this is the major or the main runway as you describe 1-3 at this airport which certainly will create more problems as you noted, tom, on top of the weather issues that have been experienced all day, and we have very limited information at this point, but the faa has indicated no injuries as a result. >> they told me that. i had that conversation with the faa, and i said are you aware of any injuries and the answer was not yet. we're not aware of any injuries at this point.
8:41 am
doesn't mean that there aren't any. just means that the individual i spoke with at the faa said so far they are unaware of any injuries. it looks like just from the pedestrian view here it looks like the plane came to rest and you may have some bumps and bruises but the plane, the fuselage looks intact no sign of fire there. it looks like this may have ended about as well as you hoped for a plane that goes off the end of the runway at laguardia. you can also make the point an candidly i'll add mitt right up front, i don't have a sense of where the plane has gone on off the end of the runway. there are rester beds at the end of most runways now which prevent a plane from going completely off the runway and in this case into the water or as you know in chicago a few years ago, there was a plane that went off the end of the runway and literally kept going right through a fence and, unfortunately, on to a highway where it killed a child in a car, so they put these rester beds in many airports around the
8:42 am
country and they are literally, almost like quicksand if you will, and what happens is the plane hits those rester beds and that just immediately slows everything down. again, up front. i don't know exactly if that occurred here at laguardia on this runway but that is a new technology that they have been rolling out over the last ten years to slow down planes to slow them down when they are going off the end of the runway so that they can limit the damage and hopefully prevent any injuries or deaths. >> all right. let me go back to our safety expert anthony roman who is standing by. anthony, you've landed at this airport before. you're very familiar with runway 1-3. can you give us perspective on where you think that aircraft delta 1086 is? >> i'm sorry can you repeat the question, please. >> as i was told you've landed at laguardia a number of times. are you familiar with this runway, number 1-3? from looking at the photograph of the aircraft can you give us
8:43 am
an idea of where you believe it is. >> well, i -- i cannot see the photograph right now. regrettably i'm on long island railroad at the present time. however, i believe that laguardia airport does have the arrester beds that the previous guest was referring to. prior to this time -- >> anthony, sorry to interrupt you. tom costello, my colleague has breaking news and new details. >> the faa has closed the airport. closed as the incident occurred at 11:09 a.m. they hope to reopen the airport at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. actually say 6:59 p.m. so what you're looking at is a situation where one of the busiest airports in the country, laguardia, is going to be closed in a snow storm number at least, according to the faa now, at least 7:00 p.m. because of the incident there on runway 1-3 with delta flight 1086.
8:44 am
>> okay. tom, thank you. back to anthony roman, the safety expert. anthony, you were talking about the safety mechanism that tom was explaining to us as well. >> yes. you know prior -- prior to the time that arrester beds were initiated at major international airports, and particularly at laguardia that is surrounded by water and including both ends of the runway previous overrun accidents have resulted in the aircraft ending up in the water, so it is likely that if this aircraft is still on the ground and i don't have the photographs and i'm not watching the broadcast at this time but if the aircraft is still on land it is likely that some type of arrester bed or arrester restraining equipment was present because with the conditions that exist right now it is extremely slippery. however, as i mentioned before
8:45 am
this aircraft has all of the capabilities, all of the technology all of the equipment to safely bring down and land on a runway that's approximately a mile and a half long. >> and, tom, you're standing by. laguardia now close asked, and we hope to have dominica davis back here with the forecast in a second, but now you've got this airport closed as a result of this and more bad weather. this is potentially not just a nightmare for laguardia but flights affected throughout some of the major airports. >> i would say this. you know we had already seen flights into the northeast and out of northeast dramatically curtailed today because of this inbound storm, so i would suspect that you've already seen a significant reduction in the loads that were going to be going in and out of laguardia and jfk for that matter and so you know you probably will not have as dramatic effect had this happened on a clear sky, blue sky day here in which the entire system was operating nominally
8:46 am
and fully. with this airport probably operating on really a reduced capacity today to have this incident occur, it will have less of an impact as you would expect than if it were on a monday through friday at 10:00 in the morning. >> our colleague over at wnbc says a port authority official confirming passengers have de-planed. no major injuries reported as of now. they were able to get off via the chute, tom, so we now know and confirm information that -- >> i'm seeing actually twitter photographs showing people who are walking away from the plane having come off of it looks like, come off of the wing with fire fighters there on the scene. neve evacuated, and i wish i could show you those photographs, but i don't have access to them. i'm looking at twitter photographs showing people coming off the plane over an exit from the wing with fire fighters escorting them and at moment in these photographs i
8:47 am
don't see anybody who is in obvious need of medical care. >> all right, tom. we'll continue to follow this developing news from laguardia airport, the flight delta flight, 1086 for those who may just be joining in the flight skid off the runway at new york's laguardia airport just a short time ago. the faa has confirmed no injuries at this time. passengers have de-planed this aircraft, an md-88, again, from atlanta to la guardia. some pretty treacherous conditions here in the new york area and throughout the east coast. we do not know exactly what happened here but we can make i think a reasonable guess that perhaps weather was -- played a role in all of this. working to get more details here, but right now thankfully no injuries according to the faa, but this incident as my colleague tom costello has reported likely to have a major impact on laguardia airport as right now the airport is closed
8:48 am
down. the situation made even more difficult by the rough weather that's rolled into new york yet again this morning and throughout the day. we'll continue to follow the breaking news out of -- out of laguardia and, tom, i think you have some more information for us? >> i'm -- i'm actually was talking to a colleague of minute. i'm really not passing on anything new but just to reiterate for those just joining us, this was the md-88 which as you know the md-80s made my mcdonnell douglas and boeing bought mcdonnell douglas, really a workhorse aircraft incredibly reliable. the md-80 series if you will mostly flown by american airlines and delta now has some as well, but a very reliable aircraft that is really frankly neerpg the end of-- nearing the end of its life span with many being retired. planes have a 20 25-year life span before it's retired. an md-88 which can carry, you
8:49 am
know i don't have the exact stats in front of me in the neighborhood of 200 or so people from atlanta inbound to laguardia airport, delta had a presence at its headquarters in atlanta and also at laguardia, it looks like this plane quite simply all conjecture would i say this up front, but it looks like the plane went off the end of the runway just simply slid off the end of the runway because of the conditions, and what we're hearing from and via tweeting and what have you from passengers on board is that it all happened very very quickly. >> tom, i have with us also tom bunn, a pilot. thanks for joining us. the weather conditions, don't know exactly what happened here and what went wrong, but what do you make of the conditions that we're experiencing the low visibility just from the live pictures at laguardia? >> yeah the visibility is
8:50 am
limited but then of course the runway condition is an issue. and from what i see in the photograph it looks like the plane is at the far end of the runway and the nose is up on the that bank that's -- that keeps the water from going on the runway, is that -- is what you can tell the plane at the end of the runway tom, you'reit's difficult from us to see exactly from this one image we've been provided. >> as far as i know that's the only thing i can identify at laguardia, that enbankment they have it looks like the plane didn't get stopped. and it probably hit at a very low speed because you can tell there's no buckling of the fuselage so the plane is pretty much except the nose gear being
8:51 am
knocked off, the plane is pretty much intact. that also explains why nobody got hurt. >> we're looking at this is video posted to instagram, of the passengers getting off that plane. tom costello now we can see from video just how close the aircraft is to that barrier. >> yeah it's right up against the fence. i know we're efforting permission to show video and run the video, there we go. these are people coming off of the plane right off the wing. you can see nobody appears to be injured and firefighters are on a ladder on top of the wing. and you see emergency personnel on the ground and people casually walking from the plane that has the nose as you can sighsee has penetrated the fence. but the plane itself appears to be in good condition with no obvious signs of fracture lines on the fuselage and no signs of
8:52 am
fire and firefighters do not appear to be panicked as you can see. they are simply very casually and calmly escorting passengers off of the plane and the challenge now, of course they are in a snowstorm so they are going to try to get those people to a warm environment. as you can see some of the people coming off the plane and not wearing warm coats. one woman there who is kind of holding herself trying to warm herself up there. >> we're getting this information. port authority of new york and new jersey spokesperson is saying that the plane is apparently leaking fuel that's some of the information that came in. this happening around 11:00 a.m. eastern time. and these images show the aircraft resting on the snow with the nose of the jet touching that chain link fence how it's being described. but this spokesperson saying that the plane is apparently leaking fuel. >> well that wouldn't surprise me keeping in mind the fuel sits in those wings if you've
8:53 am
had significant impact you might see a rupture on the wing that causes the plane to leak fuel. you've got emergency crash fire apparatus on the scene and they will ensure that that is contained and that nobody is at risk from that. >> and right now ntsb says they are monitoring the laguardia accident and delta -- delta released a statement. we'll read in part in a second. let's go to domenica with the forecast, the rough weather rolled in around what time? >> we started to see the change early this morning and there have been heavy bands over the past couple of hours. and the temperatures have fallen too, that's really the main factor here is the temperatures remember yesterday we were in the 40s and now we're looking at freezing temperatures all across the region. not one temperature is above the freezing mark. right now at laguardia it's 26 degrees, it even dropped a
8:54 am
degree in the past hour it's 24 in new york. as this sleet has been coming down, it's changed over to snow. we've had enough time to see this start to freeze and also you have to remember we did have some stuff already on the ground. it's starting to get icy. we are still in the thick of this system as it is not going to -- if we can switch over to weather one, it's still coming through. we're going to see this over the next couple of hours. the snow will continue to come down as we push through and you can see there on the radar, that's green but it's -- that is the snow band. see where that darker green it coming through? that's the next heavy band that's going to start pushing through. so these temperatures are freezing, which means this is going to continue to ice up as we head through the afternoon, visibilities are already low. we know that for sure. so with the temperatures staying cold, because this is all a cold front working through, tamron that's why we've seen this 20-degree drop in temperatures overnight with this front. it is carrying some cold air.
8:55 am
this cold air will continue to be re ininforced and this system will not move out until closer to the evening commute. we still have rounds of snow to go. here's the latest models they are calling for by the time this is said and done this evening, another 3 inches the alaguardia down through jfk and off to new york city. it's not a blockbuster snowstorm at all but that is only going to add insult to injury because we're not going to see conditions improve to simply put it over the next couple of hours. >> thank you very much. we have the statement from delta airlines it says that customers deplaned via the aircraft slides and moved to the terminal on buses and in the statement, our priority is ensuring customer and crew members are safe. delta will work with all authorities and stake holders to look into what happened in this incident. tom, i think you provided great information for people tom kos dell lo who have not traveled
8:56 am
to laguardia and position of this airport in that it is surrounded by water. i think i lost tom costello tom bond are you there. >> i can hear you, tamron. >> yes, i can. >> it's tom costello. >> i said tom costello. >> that's quite all right. as you mentioned, this is runway 13 the plane came in on and comes short of that fence that is meant to prohibit and prevent any aircraft from them going into the water. clearly that happened exactly as planned. the md-88 was designed especially for delta airlines this is the md-80 family of planes and this particular series was built from the late a 80s through the mid-90s, flown exclusively by delta airlines the 88 is part of the md-80 series.
8:57 am
it carries up to 155 passengers or so but the body language i think we're seeing from this home video is very important there with firefighters not necessarily as you can see in any sort of emergency urgent rome, they are not trying to ex extingish a fire. they are calmly trying to get the passengers off the right wing and down onto the ground. one challenge is going to be getting those people into the terminal as quickly as possible and getting them warmed up. >> we understand there were 125 customers on the flight, five crew members. this is according to delta. so reasonable number of people on that flight right now. 125 customers, five crew delta has indicated they've been moved to your point tom, into the terminal to get out of that weather and all of this is under investigation. you see on the side of your screen, these are new images beer
8:58 am
we're getting in of firefighters responding to i assume the scene there. this does not look like this is 'tirpt -- it's -- this is the staging ground i'm told near the airport or on the airport ground. i'm assuming near the aircraft itself but right now these are just some of the preliminary or first images coming in of the firefighters who were brought to that scene to deal with this emergency, tom, but back to this airport, laguardia airport now closed i'm imagining the faa did not give us any information on when they might reopen the airport. >> they suggested at the best -- in a best case scenario hoping to reopen at 6:59 p.m. eastern time that is what the faa is going on. i thought we would show this map one more time and gives us a sense of laguardia airport, laguardia sits surrounded by water on all sides. this is runway 13 you come in over this body of water and main terminal is back over here. you come over this body of water
8:59 am
and this we believe, we believe this is where the plane has come to rest right up here at the end of the runway with this fence up here. very often and you heard your other guest talking about arrester beds that may be at the end of the runway if for some reason a plane does indeed start to go off the end of the runway these arrester beds which are like a mixture think of like a quick sand mixture, they as soon as the wheels of the plane going into those arrester beds it sinks and holds that plane down. it drags it down dramatically to prevent it from going off the end of the runway. again, i want to stress we don't know if the plane hit those arrester beds but you can see clearly something prevented it thankfully from going into the water and that fence was the last line of defense. >> thank you very much. our coverage will continue. my colleague andrea mitchell is standing by to continue our breaking news of the day. >> thanks so much tamron good day, i'm andrea mitchell in
9:00 am
washington. we begin with the breaking news the emergency situation at new york's laguardia airport in the snow. the faa tells nbc news that delta flight 1086 was landing coming in from atlanta when it slid off the runway. and nbc's tom costello joins us with more. tom, you were talking about the arrester beds we know that the runway there is surrounded by water. we don't know but it certainly looks like that was the last line of defense. >> well, yeah i want to preface that yet again, we don't know if arrester beds played a role in this plane -- i won't call it a crash -- going off the end of the runway. just to recap if you're just joining us. this is an md-88, the customized version for delta airlines they took possession of in the late '80s and early 90s. in this case we had 120 people on board and 5 crew members. the faa telling us this hap


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