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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  March 5, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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e-mail. i asked state to release them. they said they'll review them for release as soon as possible. the state department said today that the review of 55,000 pages of clinton's e-mails is likely to take several months. traveling in saudi arabia secretary of state john kerry showed diplomatic impatience when grilled on just which e-mails will be included in document dump. >> i think we have all the ones that are, which are appropriately in the department. let me check on that when i actually have time to pay attention such an important issue when i get home. >> if secretary kerry doubts the seriousness of the issue, not so for nart john cain who suggested to andrea mitchell that clinton is a lawbreaker and a hypocrite. >> it appears to me it's a violation of a law that was passed a few years ago. more importantly this is the same individual that just
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slammed the bush administration for supposedly hiding communications within the administration. >> meanwhile democrats are left to spend the next several months ringing their hands or looking for potential 2016 alternatives. one says vice president joe biden should run. run right now in order to see what hillary clinton will risk. maryland governor martin oh mally is providing further evidence he wants to be clinton alternative, announcing he will not run for a relatively safe senate seat that is open in his state and is headed up to new hampshire this weekend. on the other hand ready for hillary die hard. the up shot declares voters unlikely to care much about the hillary clinton e-mail. saying it's likely a combination of apathy and partsan ship. joining me now is the host of "the last word."
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the agreement lawrence o'donnell. >> someone thinks joe biden has to be encouraged to run for president. i love that. >> it is true, and i want to bring in washington bureau chief for "time" michael scherer. the a.p. is considering suing the clintons for legal action over unfulfilled freedom information acts. and of course there's a house select committee on benghazi. is as you look at it lawrence, could this be an issue for hillary clinton in 2016? >> it could be. it's unlikely that it will be. it will turn on the content of the e-mails. right now healthcare is looked upon favorably by 13% of republicans. she's looked at favorably by 88% of democrats, and those 88% are locked in place. they're not going to move.
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but what have here is an issue. it's my favorite kind of issue. all you have to do is change the party label. if john mccain says the opposite thing. if this is a republican. and so it's the perfect one of those. here's what you have so far. no indication of a law violation yet. mccain said she violated a law. yeah, she did. she violated a law that was passed after she was in office. so no she didn't violate the law. there are two other things in issue here. that was a guideline issued by president obama. when president obama was running he said i'm going to have the most transparent administration agency ever. so her boss said very specifically how you are supposed to handle your e-mail. and hillary clinton defied him and absolutely defied her boss. that's proved already. the other thing is regulation
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2009. she absolutely defied that. that said the e-mail has to be preserved in the appropriate agency. not at home. >> so she defied that. they got the e-mail long after she was in office. >> and now michael, the state department. john kerry who is in saudi arabia is being asked, this is on the state department to release 55,000 e-mails, effectively so hillary clinton's campaign can get off to a start. >> yeah hillary doesn't have much of a primary opponent at this point. she's running a primary. zblf we can say she doesn't have a primary at this point. right? >> yeah so she is her own primary opponent. this is one chapter of several months of her having to pass through a number of gauntlets to prove she can actually survive
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this stuff. . and what is at risk here is not how republicans or democrats see her. it's how 2 million swing state independents who become our next president sees this. and the danger for hillary is the story line of her exceeding or going beyond the rules. you know the foundation stuff that came last week is another chapter. really very much part of the same political narrative. and the other problem is it probably has legs. there's probably more turns of the screw. not just the content of the e-mails, but if the republicans can challenge whether her staff accurately selected those e-mails that were federal records to pass them onto the state department. or any other advantages in her being able to keep this stuff on serves outside of the
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government. so i think it will speak to a broader challenge that hillary has. and there is a danger of her waiting too long to throw her hat in the ring. she doesn't have the apparatus she needs to be table to deal with these questions. she's not out there speaking or addressing them. and what happens is you get a media frenzy which you've had for two weeks. have one week was the foundation questions. i can't predict what next week is about. >> to that point, the staff somewhere huddled sitting around deciding which e-mails are released. jeb bush did the very same thing. right? he was using his own private e-mail account. it was easier for florida reporters to access that through request. but ultimately is a selection of 250,000 e-mails that jeb bush selected. i wonder if it is -- >> you know what's funny to me habit this is a lot of people in liberal world today are using
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the bush standard something they find abhorrent on everything usually. including what you order for dinner. his e-mails were legally available to everyone. is hillary clinton's system was designed to defy freedom of information acts request. in all the government transparency transparency, which we care about more than voters do that was a decades long crusade. to say there's see much nasty stuff backstage. we have to find out how this is really working. the regulation that hillary clinton was defying is a liberal regulation. it's of a liberal spirit. >> so do you think this hurts her with the base in some way? >> no. no. that's what i love about it. all you have to do with liberals and conservatives these days is
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just say certain key words. and each side is generated by devotion to their candidates. and they can do wrong. you can disagree with them on other things. like personal behaviors or things like that. in our politics now, it's all about my guy is perfect. >> to that end, michael. the hand ringing among some members of the media or the democratic circles that there's no alternative to clinton, do you think there's any chance that joe biden is seriously considering running at this point. >> joe biden wants to run. i don't know if he will step if. and i think that will depend very much on hillary clinton. >> i think if there's something unforeseen that happens over the next several months that leads
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hillary clinton to bow out of the race. could be a health issue. could be something else. he's always made it perfectly clear to everyone who has asked him that he's very interested in running for president. he would be a great president and has a team around him willing to do that. i don't think he thinks -- although he wouldn't say this that he has much shot as a head-to-head matchup with hillary clinton. i think there's a real chance he would not run for that reason. if for any reason she steps aside, i'm sure she's there. >> he does not mind being mentioned. this is a real scandal. a real honest to goodness scandal. controversy over transparency. new jersey governor chris christie is under scrutiny once again. this time over a proposed $250 million settlement of what had been an $8.9 billion pollution lawsuit against oil giant exxon mobil. they are now netting three cents for every dollar of estimated
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damage to the new jersey wetlands. chris christie can use a law he proposed last year to steer the exxon money to balance his state's budget gap. instead of putting it to words environmental restoration. this is barely being talked about. in reality, this seems bad on every level. >> yeah because you have this staring you in the face. that's what everybody is looking for. that's where the heat comes in. and by the way, chris christie we all know by memory the most famous political e-mail in the history after political e-mails. time for some traffic problems ft. lee. that was from a yahoo account in the governor's office to a gmail account in the port authority.
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are very deliberately circumventing official government e-mail. so in the hope that it could then never be discovered. it was discovered through the threat of prison coming in the form of a subpoena to david wilestein. ft saying you will bo go to jail for that. that's how we got those two. and it shows you what's at risk in private e-mail. it's why the press gets so animated about this. >> michael, it's also a terrible deal for new jersey voters. i mean here is a settlement in the billions of dollars reconciled for $250 million, and the money isn't going to clean up the part of the state that was polluted. it's to ambulance a state budget that chris christie blew a hole in. >> it's an example of why he's having trouble in a republican campaign in a democratic state. if you compare scott walker
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basically ask him to do anything he wants them to do on a dime and then look triumphant before a voting bloc. chris christie is dealing with new pension problems downgraded credit ratings in his state. now the democrats in his state legislature will make the next several months very difficult for him by pointing this all out. by highlighting it g en. and it shows why it's very hard to run as a go governor in a mixed state like new jersey. >> >> yes, i think it's an understatement. >> it shows you the massive amounts that are at stake in new jersey and albany new york. these states have so much money at stake. >> absolutely. they have enough money that they can leave that much money on the table, right? >> yes. >> lawrence o'donnell and michael scherer, good to see you. as everybody is going to do but i will reiterate. be sure to catch lawrence on "the last word." >> used up all my good material.
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>> never, never. infinite source. coming up a powerful winter storm is reeking havoc across the country today, sending a plane skidding off the runway in new york city and leaving some people in the south stranded on highways. we'll speak with one driver who has been stuck in 20-degree weather for almost a full day. that's ahead on now. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker? i look around this room and i see nothing but untapped potential. you have potential. you have...oh boy. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. ideas come into this world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary and messy
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and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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a massive winter storm is causing dangerous conditions across the south and the northeast today. just hours ago one of laguardia's two airports one of laguardia airport's two runways reopeneded after a delta landing at the city hub skidded off the runway slammed into a fence and nearly fell into icy waters. all 127 passengers and five crew members have since been removeded from the plane. according to the new york city fire
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sustained injuries none of them life threatening. trymaine lee, thanks for joining me. >> reporter: there's more we don't know than we do know. is it mechanical failure? conditions on the runway? it came really close to being really, really bad. i spoke with the passengers on the airplane who said as soon as they hit the runway they felt it start to skid and later smelling fumes that smelled like gas was leaking. then they had to escape and slide down the wing of the airplane and so as they descend on the airport to figure out what went wrong with the delta fligts, folks flights folks are happy and trankful they made it out alive. >> the same winter storm is is stretching all the way to east western kentucky dropping over 20 inches of snow in some parts of the state.
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freeway shut down stranding hundreds of vehicles. some stranded for over 16 hours before the national guard cleared a path this afternoon. joining me by phone from outside elizabeth, kentucky is chris brian who has been stuck on interstate 65 since 9:00 p.m. last night. thanks for joining me, chris? how are you holding up after this epically awful journey? >> caller: yeah, it's tough. you start to get a bit of a cabin fever if you will. we're feeling cooped up here. but the fire department was just recently by and dropped off water for people still stuck in the area. i think from what i understand the majority of the people up north are being taken to shelters. and are being helped in that sort of way. but we haven't seen much of that down in this area so far. >> how long were you stranded on the road before you got someone to deliver supplies? i mean you've been on the road since 9:00 p.m. right? at what point did you realize this was going to be a much longer trip than expected?
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>> yeah so we were not even in the snowstorm at the point we got stopped. we think there was rain coming down and trucks that had slid off. so you know you come to a complete stop at 9:00 and you think, okay, we'll get that taken care of and get on our way within the next 45 minutes or so. and eventually you know the hours are going by and you start thinking, this is a lot worse than we thought it was going to be. and early this morning, we were able to actually start getting some information on the radio, they started putting a phone number up there. the mayor came on there and did an announcement to help all of us stay a little motivated, i guess. but they put this phone number out there to call and kind of touch base with to get information and learn about what the national guard was doing and that sort of thing. but all day they've been saying they're going to come by and pick us up what's your location, and hours go by we try to call again. nobody comes by. and i think it was probably about 4:00 this afternoon that they finally came through with
1:20 pm
something and we've been sitting here with nothing. i mean we didn't have food. luckily, ku know we've been able to turn off and on the car to heat it to keep the interior of the car warm enough. but we went about 24 hours without heating. and then finally had those, which were really great. >> you're in the car with your 12-year-old son, is that right? >> caller: no, i'm in the car with a coworker. we were down in nashville on business trip. with erp we were trying to make it to a hotel overnight to set out the storm. we knew it was coming but came in earlier than expected if r this area. >> and have you talked to fellow road weary passengers and other cars? >> we have a couple. i've been on facebook and twitter. i was using a program called waves last night.
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and that's when it occurred to me this could be a lot worse than we thought. you see all of the people spanning everywhere from nashville to louisville talking about being stuck and not moving and nothing happening. and i mean it was, yeah just taking the conversations with the people around us that you know, you've never met but you bond with because of the circumstances that you're thrown into. >> and what time do you think you'll get home, chris? >> well they just came by and told us at this point they're not going to try to take us to a shelter. they anticipate clearing the road ahead of us within the next few hours. our biggest fear is going back into the overnight situation now where we won't have enough fuel. and if i think it's supposed to drop down to zero. if we can get moving even if we're doing just a few miles an hour, we'll hopefully be able to make it back up to indy some time today or tonight or early
1:22 pm
tomorrow morning. which would be fine with me. i just want to get moving. >> we hear that chris. we wish you strength more crackers and speedy passage. thank you for your time chris. coming up emotional testimony from boston bombing victims as they come face to face with dzhokhar tsarnaev. that is next. ameriprise asked people a simple question: in retirement, will you have enough money to live life on your terms? i sure hope so. with healthcare costs, who knows. umm... everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor.... can get the real answers you need.
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it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor if... ...viagra is right for you. survivors of the boston bombing testified for a second day today in the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev who faces 30 charges in connection with the blasts that left three dead and 260 injured. in the last hour the father of martin richard, the 8-year-old boy who died in the bombing delivered emotional testimony about that day. and this morning a man who lost both of his legs testified in the moments before the blast he became suspicious of a man carrying a backpack nearby. telling the jury that he said to a friend quote, maybe we should get out of here just seconds
1:26 pm
before the bomb exploded. sitting in the courtroom as he testified was the man seen in this photo, wearing the cowboy hat. the man who helped save his life. according to an nbc producer in the courtroom, he did not appear to look at the witnesses as he testified. 17 of the charges tsarnaev faces carry the possibility of the death penalty and the judge presiding over the case says the trial could last until june. joining me now is journalist for the intercept. thanks for joining me. give us a sense of what the mood of the courtroom is like with all of these victims going face-to-face, probably for the first time with the the young man alleged the to be one of the master minds of this. >> well it's certainly been an emotional mood in the courtroom. the testimony from survivors and witnesses of the attack have been extremely emotional. and you can sense very palpably how much people are affected and
1:27 pm
how much this has impacted the people of boston. >> let me ask you. there's a lot of graphic footage being played. and there's been some consternation and debate about whether this was fair to play some of the videotape and show some of the very very gory bloody images for the boston marathon bombing during this phase of the trial. give us a sense of of what it was about. >> some of these pictures and videos were never seen by the public before. there are gruesome scenes emotional scenes and as i mentioned earlier, it's triggered emotions against not just people in the courtroom but the jury as well. it's saying it may be prejudicial to give tsarnaev a fair trial. to that end the defense raised the motion to have them eliminated, which was dismissed as well by the judge. >> there was also mention of how the bombings had affected people in the context of the wars in
1:28 pm
iraq and afghanistan. and i know there was some back and forth on that. can you give us a little bit more detail? >> several of the witnesses testified to the experiences of the war. and of course dzhokhar indicated the motive was in response to the wars. the judge requested these testimonies be limited and witnesses do not go into details about their service in the past in these wars. >> let me ask you one more question. this trial began i mean, in a sort of stunning fashion. it's a trial that already a lot of folks are watching because of the high profile nature. but tsarnaev's lawyer yesterday began remarks by saying it was him. and effectively admitting his client's guilt, which seems to be a broader strategy to make sure that his client is not put to death by the state. that he doesn't get the death penalty. do you think that's a fairly accurate assessment of how and why there was that admittance at
1:29 pm
the beginning of the trial? >> right. essentially it's undenial that dzhokhar did take part in the actions and he was one of the the bombers at the 2013 marathon. and what the defense is trying to do is spare him from the death penalty. and to that end, they've suggested that tamerlan his deceased brother was the main actor behind the events. and dzhokhar 19 at the time. the the defense strategy has been to suggest that he was influenced by his brother and should not receive the death penalty. >> we will be watching it closely. . thank you so much for your time. >> thank you for having me. just ahead, a major victory for animal rights. and her sensitive stomach didn't make things easier. it was hard to know why... the move...her food...? so we tried purina cat chow gentle... ...because it's specially formulated for easy digestion. she's loved it ever since. and as for her and ben...
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your body goes through more than 500 ups and downs a day. your deodorant should keep up. secret clinical strength has adapts & responds technology for customized protection that adapts to your body. happening now, elsewhere in the world, and not covered in ice and snow ending a century old tradition, ringling brothers says elephants will no longer be part of the cureir act.
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and seth rogan clears the air about rumors that his sony office was a marijuana den. but first, facebook ceo's latest campaign is leaning together. an effort to get men involved in the fight for women's equality, by supporting them in the workplace and at home. >> i tell women all the time let your husband put the diaper on the kid's head. just let him do it himself. we need to live in a world where men do half. women let them do half. and being a parent is not a full-time job for a woman and a part-time job for a man. >> but her op-ed in today's new york times is generating passionate debate. her citation of research that the sharing of chores leads to more sex. if they want to do something nice for their partners instead of buying flowers, they should do laundry. a man heard this asked by his wife to do a load of laundry. he picked up the basket and asked hopefully is this lean-in
1:34 pm
laundry. chore-play is real. and while the the choreplay is real, for others the phrase was mitt with visceral disgust. joining me now is host of msnbc's "up", steve kornacki. host of "so popular" julia turner. awesome to see you all. the sharing of domestic tasks and the notion of choreplay. what was your roweaction to this? >> i texted my girlfriends and i was like please i swear to never sleep with a man who thinks chores are the incentive of us getting into bed. do we think they are that basic? >> like fold laundry. julia, there's a treat by someone who says the use of the word choreplay filled me with righteous rage. we don't tend to men with sex so they act like human beings. you should be doing the laundry anyway, maybe. >> the whole point is the household load of
1:35 pm
responsibilities should be shareded 50/50. if you suggest that the woman needs to incentivize man to do the laundry with sex or whatever else you're suggesting that it's still her responsibility. >> right. and i think all of it goes -- at that said, there is still an unequal division of labor if any relationship, right? i guess part of me wonders whether as sort of disgusting or distasteful as the notion of incentivizing what half of a relationship to do something is it's also probably true that there is not an equal breakdown of activities. >> all i can say is i'm thinking back to the times my dad would volunteer to go to the grocery store or cook and it's bringing it all up. i don't want to think about it. >> maybe you want to think about elephants, steve. citing a mood shift among circus goers, ringling brothers will begin phasing elephants out by 2015. steve, this feels like progress to me. is it? >> here's the thing. the circus is this great american tradition. i was taken to the -- dragged to
1:36 pm
the circus. i was terrified. the elephants scared me. >> i mean that in the loveliest way. >> everything about the circus scared me as a kid. >> you're like get rid of it. >> i never got it. i never got the appeal of it. clowns, kids are scared by clowns all the time. the entire scene of the circus. the smell of the place. it's just disgusting. >> the smell of warm fecal matter is not what you wanted? >> i know god. keep me away from the circus. >> it's true that the ringling brothers will still use lions, tigers horses dogs and camels. what about tigers? they seem like a species we should be taking better care of in the world. who doesn't love a good dog? >> this is the tricky thing for anything like a zoo, like a circus, where beautiful wild creatures are presented for the dellication mostly of children. i've taken my kids to the zoo. they love it. the argument i think, that people who run these businesses typically make is here's a way
1:37 pm
to entrance children with the beauty of nation and go onto become conservationists and whatever. it's baloney, right? >> yeah especially when you're leading them around with bull hooks. i don't know if that's how you lead them around. i assume that's what a bull hook is for. there's a certain violence to the circus too. it's about conquering a species. not to get too far left on the spectrum. >> there's a difference between watching dumbo balance on a thimble which seems unnatural and the zoo where they're imitating a natural habitat. i think they're all indefensible. they've done away the most egregious part. >> and maybe that's why it feels like progress. >> speaking of indefensible things. next up. remember when ben carson said yesterday? >> you think being gay is a choice? is. >> absolutely. >> why do you say that? >> a lot of people go into prison straight and when they come out they're gay. carson now issued an apology
1:38 pm
saying i am not a politician and i answered a question without really thinking about it thoroughly. no excuses. as a human being my obligation is to learn from my mistakes and to treat all people with respect and dignity. this is a man who keeps doing this. in 2013 he apologized for comparing homosexuality to bestiality. is ben carson getting better? >> i wouldn't give him that much credit. the bizarre nature in which he always frames gay people or the act of having sex with the people of the same gender is always in the this perverse like, connection. >> prison rape. >> bestiality. >> that's not the way in which most gay people live their lives. they're not all in prison or doing ridiculous perverted things. he needs to stick to the talking point. >> i also wonder steve, when he said that yesterday, it was such an outcry. he came back with a very
1:39 pm
sensitively worded statement. this man is pulling forth in the republican pool of potential nominees. i wonder if someone from the party wasn't like or someone somewhere, a strategist who thought maybe you might have national -- there might be a possibility of the candidacy. >> i'm sure he got a lot of professional, political advice in the last 24 48 hours in the year 2015, to be talking this way is as a national political candidate will get you this trouble. when i see these things you can't defend anything he said there. but my instinct is to try to cut people slack on these when they show genuine contrition. i look at that statement and say, that seems like a guy who genuinely regrets what he said. we talk about how much progress has been made in terms of people's attitudes changing on the issues. i think it's fair to recognize there are people out there. there are good decent people out there that are still, they have something still new to them. and it is changing and when they show contrition, i'm for
1:40 pm
cutting them some slack. >> and i am too. i think the hard part julia, is ben carson is a pediatric neurosurgeon. he knows about the functioning of the brain and keeps making the illusions, comparisons that are very very harmful and inaccurate. >> i'm glad he apologized. it would have been better if he never said it in the first place. >> it would be better if he would stop saying it entirely. okay. moving on. the inventor of the the keurig k-cup is apologizing for the wasteful k-cup. >> i have no idea what the thing was. >> i'm still to afraid of elephants. >> somebody showed me today and it's brilliant. i'm going to start using it now. >> wrong answer! no, we're not trying to introduce you to the cup. we're trying to keep you away from it. never heard of it. do you drink coffee? >> i do now. >> there's so many. the statistic on keurig. okay janet, almost one in three
1:41 pm
u.s. homes apparently not in steve kornacki's home they now own a pod-based coffee machine. the number of keurig pods buried in the year 2014 alone, would circle the earth 12 times. the dude who invented it, invented it in the late '90s and sold out before it became the thing that it is except in the kornacki house and said it's not like drip coffee is tough to make. i feel bad sometimes that i ever did it. well now we have a huge trash problem. >> he also seems like he has a case of bad timing. in the '90s he sold it for only 50,000. now he's talking about it when it's like it's no longer relevant to come out of his mouth because he no longer owns the company and needs to take responsibility for having help it grown to this space where it can circle the earth 12 times, these cups. >> i wonder because, i don't think -- i will say accuse the keurig coffee machine. now i feel like we are getting to a point in civil society
1:42 pm
where we are better understanding the imprint and footprint of what we do environmentally speaking. does this information that the keurig k-cup is a hugely wasteful way to have your morning coffee change consumer behavior? >> i mean, the problem is that with any of these decisions, consumers are balancing convenience versus this long-term desire. >> but it's not hard to make? >> it's easier to make it with a cup. i do not have one in the home. this was too far even for me. i drink bottled water all the time. but the k-cup seems so wasteful. >> did you know it was bad for the environment. >> yeah. it's all these little stupid plastic things. >> i figured they were recycleable recycleable. >> that's the point of this segment. >> i don't know! [ laughter ] >> i'm not quoting you on this one. this is for janet. seth rogan responded to a scoop from the hollywood reporter ousted cochair amy pascal will not move into seth rogan's old
1:43 pm
office because of the weed stench. according to rogan, i do not know what's more irresponsible, that they would print a story completely untrue or would refer to how pot smells as a stench. i concur. par paraphrasing the hashtag #mystuffsmellsgood. every time i hear about seth rogan, i think the interview. i haven't seen it. >> i can understand why she would not want to be reminded of the failure that was "the interview" and her firing. >> really? i just -- i've never partaken of the stuff. but a stench that lasts for weeks, months that's not really, that can't be possible. zblf it is a bad smell, isn't it? >> oh wow. [ laughter ] welcome to the 21st century, steve kornacki. i love you dearly. julia turner, gadood to see you
1:44 pm
all. be sure to watch steve kornacki on "up" weekends on 8:00 a.m. on msnbc. coming up they are quite literally the definition of smart smarty pants. last night i spoke with three brilliant minds about happiness, patricia arquette and the good news.
1:45 pm
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1:48 pm
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nobel prize winning economist paul krugman and thomas pickety. his answer did not bode well for r the united states. >> you will not be very happy. so you need china, 13 years ago. 14 years ago. quite equal. but equal with a lot. very good. some level of inequality necessary to people which sometimes just correspond to different life choices.
1:52 pm
sometimes correspond to pure incentives. now the program is very often we use this kind of argument to justify, which cannot be justified like this, and which are bad for social welfare and happiness. and in the u.s. right now. it's very difficult to justify the incentives or growth observation. >> to paul krugman, the problem zus junt isn't just about growth. gender plays a roll. >> hillary clinton may be running for president. patricia arquette has been talking about gender equality, wage equality, the importance of it. there was a study that says fewer large companies are run by women than by men named john or david. which to me tells me not a lot
1:53 pm
of large companies are run by women. from an economics point of view obviously we want to say, we have gender parody in terms of wages. that's a good thing for us to say. talk to me about that in terms of economic terms. you want to choose companies where the ceos don't look the part. he probably got there on his looks and he's probably an idiot. >> but it was not all gloomy. >> and would like to know from each one of you, where you see the bright spots. what is something -- where is the good news? thomas, i'll start with you. i spy a lot of good news. you know. if you take a very long run perspective. like we are talking about it today. much more equalized today than
1:54 pm
what it was sa century ago. when europe was extremely unequal. more unequal than the u.s. much more unequal than europe. things change and different choices of policy and solution can make things change. >> the issue of inequality has finally been raised to the point wheres even the republican candidates are talking about it maybe they want to increase it. i'm not sure. >> we lost a lot of good things when that went away. on the other hand there was a lot of raw racism. raw sexism. raw prejudice, and we have become in many ways a vast and more tolerant accepting society. watch something like i mean i've studied some of these. when reagan was elected, a plurality of americans were
1:55 pm
opposed to interracial marriage. we've changed a lot. is think about in the 2004 election was decided on the issue of gay marriage. as they defend against gay terrorists. and here we are just 11 years later and it's a widely accepted thing. that doesn't exclude the spectacularity. what i think he has convinced me is the high likelihood that becomes increasingly hereditary elite. there are good things as well. i think those things continue. and maybe eventually we finally do get, tackle the problem of income inequality as well. >> msnbc's seven days of genius festivals continues through sunday on the 92nd street y. you the stream the latest events on coming up, a one-fingered
1:56 pm
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and as for her and ben... ...she's coming around. purina cat chow gentle. one hundred percent complete and balanced for everyday feeding of adult cats. flipping the bird. the other bird that is. that's what george takei and other activists are doing online today. flipping the wedding ring finger to protest alabama's most recent attempt to block same-sex marriage. in the 24 hours since takei and his husband posted this photo, a lot of people on twitter and instagram started doing the same thing. my personal favorite, this guy, who wrote, you'll have to pry it from my cold dead fingers. to which i say, amen. that's all for now. the ed show is coming up next. good evening, americans, and welcome to "the ed show" live
2:00 pm
from new york. let's get to work. tonight, a frightening scene on the tarmac. >> they're sitting there and holding onto faith, hoping that everything is okay. >> i was sitting next to the window. i saw us quickly approaching the water. >> plus -- >> put the 40 caliber to my head. >> what's it like to be black and live in ferguson? >> the police officer drew his service weapon. pointed it at the man's head. this event appears to have been anything but an isolated incident. >> and later, life is a highway. >> we are just flirting with disaster. >> finding a highway bill is important. >> we're rounding third place and asking if disaster has any? >> it makes you leery going back and forth across the bridge. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks, there's a lot to get to.