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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 6, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PST

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he's going to show me right now and we'll post it tonight. i love my job. that does it for us tonight. see you again tomorrow. my blog tonight. i love my job. that does it for us tonight. "first look" is up next. good morning. right now on "first look." breaking developments overnight in the crash landing including a message from his son. then to another crash landing. this one with 132 people on board. >> he's leeking fuel on the left side of his air strike heavily. >> you said leaking fuel. >> yes. >> the plane stopping just inches short of the freezing bay. plus dramatic moments in the boston bombing trial. good morning, everyone. they say he had no other choice. a statement from harrison ford's pr team confirms the actor's world war vintage training plane
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had engine trouble. this forced him to make an emergency landing on a golf course. >> engine failure. immediate return. >> engine trouble. that was ford's voice right there as amateur video here shows the plane moments before the crash. sources well nbc news this morning ford is doing okay and will make a full recovery but he needed surgery for multiple injuries including with sources described as a nasty gash to the head and a broken arm but his son tweeted last night at the hospital. dad is okay. battered by okay. he is every bit the man you would think he is. he is an incredibly strong man. witnesses later described what they saw. >> we looked up. it was really cool looking plane and at that exact moment the engine sputtered. >> i took notice of the sound and i was watching and he kept flying toward the ocean but then he made a left turn and i saw he was coming back toward the airport. he went below the tree line.
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a couple second later it was a crash. >> that crunching metal perhaps when the plane clipped the top of a tree before hitting the ground. >> a doctor who happened to be golfing reacted quickly pulling ford away from the plane that was leaking fuel. >> when there's a catastrophic situation, i think anyone and i think to the credit of everyone there, everyone worked as a team but i think you gravitate toward injury. there's someone in there, and in distress. you want to do your best to help that person. >> people across the country are used to seeing ford in the cockpit but on the big screen from indiana jones to air force one to hero haunz solo in star wars. two of his co-stars tweeted out their support. glad to here harrison is doing well. get well soon. may all his future flights be green screen. and peter mahoo from critical to severe to moderate to fair in a
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span of an hour. never tell me the odds. and his friend and former flight instructor released a statement saying in part he takes every flight he makes seriously and i would trust him with my own family as his passengers today and in the future. back in 2000 he appeared on inside the actor's studio after he walked away from a helicopter crash but it's what he said about flying that caught our ear. >> i fell in love with the skills and with the responsibilities. ? that's the main thing. >> yeah. you, you know all this stuff we pretend to do in movies you really are out there responsible. pilot in command. >> and to another plane crash right now be an equally lucky outcome at la guardia airport. a plane slid trying to land in a
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snow storm. it came within feet to the bay. 132 people were on board that plane. crew members and firefighters helped passengers escape. the first word the plane was in trouble came from ground crews who radioed the tower. >> tower you copy in car 100. >> affirmative. 13 is closed. you have an air strike on the runway. >> please advise crash rescue. la guardia airport is closed at this time. >> about two-thirds of the way down the runway the plane veered to the left. now the ntsb is investigating. two days in the boston marathon bombing trial and testimony from survivors. so far the defense has flatly admitted dzhokhar tsarnaev dzhokhar tsarnaev is guilty. at the same time the prosecution is giving victims a chance to recount the horror and chaos
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that took place the day of that bombing. peter alexander was in court. >> reporter: on that gorgeous spring day nearly two years ago, pure terror. in that instant jeff bauman lost both legs. this is how it's going to end i had a great life. he recalled locking eyes with down of the bombers moments before the explosion. he wasn't watching the race. i thought it was weird. bauman later described tamerlan tsarnaev from his hospital bed. a break in the bombing suspects released. that say shows this shows the placing of the bomb. the father of a boy described that nightmare. when i saw martin's condition i knew that he wasn't going to make it. it was at that time i saw my son basically for the last time. he said i can still hear the beautiful voices of my family.
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while he seems detached in court, dzhokhar tsarnaev's emotions is siring emotions. i looked at you right in the face and realized i wasn't afraid anymore. so now while you're sitting in solitary confinement awaiting the verdict in your life i will be enjoying everything this beautiful world has to offer. >> she says she's closer than ever to her son who survived with minor injuries. >>s the painful because at that point i was completely helpless as a mother. >> you live in houston but he's clearly boston strong. >> yes, in every sense of the word boston strong. >> now to illinois. a crude oil train derails setting a fire. this happened near ga lee in a yesterday. the train had 103 cars loaded with oil. it was so dangerous that at one point fire crews had to pull
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back. no one was hurt but there is concern that the oil might end up in the mississippi river. so far no word on what caused the derailment. now the winter's brutal last. hundreds of drivers stranded on a highway. some forced to get create i for food and water. >> there has been no assistance with food or water. so i have been melting ice and snow to drink. >> you got to feel for them. the national guard finally called in. they rescued more than 200 motorists and in maryland snow sealed roads caused this. a trailer halling cattle overhurricaned and the truck hit a car causing it to turn over. some of the cattle did die but the driver was fine. in d.c. families went sledding. the no sled ban has been in effect since 1976.
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this week they asked capital police to lift the ban for a few days but they refused. didn't stop the kids though. let's get down to business now. >> good morning to you. your next i phone may be water proofer. several apple blogs say the company is working on coding the internal parts to make them water proof instead of using a water resistant case. this comes as samsung has decided to ditch a water proof case on its phone. and the february jobs report. they expect another stunning month of hiring. unemployment is expected to slip to 5.6% and facebook is testing a feature to encourage users who deactivate their accounts to automatically reactivate them within a month. surveys find a third of the users have take an break at some
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point from the social media site. >> a little social detox. i think we could all use a little bit of that. >> we could. >> we want to move it to sports right now. the bulls end the russell westbrook's triple-double streak. this one right here seals the deal. the 108-105 victory over oklahoma. >> this after clobbering california 99-60. fifth ranked wisconsin beat minnesota helping them wrap up the regular season championship. spring training in florida. we've got the bases loaded. boston there with the sia later grand slam. a homer and a double. the twins will go onto win this one. >> after nine seasons in the
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nfl, marreese zru retiring. he thanked his fans and said all good things come to a women. and in singapore. lek si thompson lands a hole in one. this happened on the 14th hole. that put her three shots off the lead heading into the weekend. not bad. blnchts burred lines. it's in the hands of the jury right now plus new details on the hillary clinton e-mail scandal, and this is what happens to you on safari when you forget to lock the doors. we do have a reminder for you. we are showcasing conversations with personalalties. tomorrow at noon eastern we sit down with. log onto our website for more.
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look." what an overachieving snow storm. can you believe we saw the biggest snow storm in the history of the city of lexington? we picked up 17 inches of snow. one spot picked up 2 feet in the mountains. dallas had significant snows too. icy roads through the areas of mid atlantic and southern portions of new england. it was raining before that. there's a layer of ice out there. it is freezing cold. this has got to be one of the coldest air masses we're going to see here until probably next winter. we're watching negative temperatures in pittsburgh. that's the ties you for the coldest you've ever recorded in the movsht of march. broken the record low in nashville and down to 32 as far south as new orleans. the i can't remember upwarmup is going to come. today's forecast the i can't remember up begins especially in the middle of the country. 50s up through kansas city.
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cold in the great lakes but that changes this weekend. by the time we get to saturday chicago back up in the 40s. d.c. goes to 48 and by the time we hit sunday the slow snow melt which is exactly what we need. we don't want a huge flood. we want temperatures in the 40s and 50s. a nice slow warmup and it looks to continue through next week. no cold air masses no snow storms. spring. >> after march started off, we needed a reprieve. hillary clinton is promising greater transparency around her e-mails but the controversy surrounding them probably will not disappear any time soon. the revelation that just using personal e-mail in serving in such a high profile job is raising questions. tracie potts as the very latest from washington. >> reporter: the state department is scouring 55,000 pages of e-mails hillary clinton
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turned over last year. taking out anything top secret. >> we'll conclude it as soon as we can and get those released publicly. >> since clinton kept her e-mail on a personal server at home critics wonder are there more? >> how are we going to know that and have verification of that. >> democrats are defending hillary clinton's use of personal e-mail calling this a republican witch hunt but some are concerned. >> some democrats including supporters of her are worried there might be something else. >> lawmakers investigating the deadly ben gauze di talk only got 300 e-mails. they want the rest. the state department says that could take months. >> now to stories making news this morning. in los angeles verdict watch in the blurred lines trial. the jury began deliberations thursday and will continue today pharrell williams and robin thicke are being sued.
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marvin gaye's children claim they stole elements from his hit for blurred lines. the 2013 hit made more than $16 million in profits. the lawyer asking for $25 million in damages. pope france's popularity is heavenly. 95% of catholic americans give him high marks. 70% view him favorablingly and even agnostics seem to like him. these numbers are at the highest levels since he began in 2013. a big change for the greatest show on earth. ringly brothers who first introduced elephants is ending its elephant acts by 2018. it's a win for animal rights groups who's been battling the circus for years. and check this out while we're speaking about animals.
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>> oh my gosh. i didn't know they could do that. pretty scary. >> this is at a sa for ri park. a lion opening the car door with its mouth. just another reason to always keep your doors locked. pretty wild. a hawaii senator is sick of the snow. republicans supporting same sex major and could hillary clinton drive joe biden to a moment?
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. >> hillary clinton gave a big speech in washington d.c. and check out what she had the say. >> and i suppose it's only fair the say don't you someday want to see a woman president of the united states of america? well. >> yeah. crowd went crazy. while biden said it looks like i'm going to have to pull a mrs. doubtfire. hello. i'm running for president. >> time for your tgif edition of scrambled politics. the white house is marking the anniversary of president obama's my brother's keeper initiatives. so far people are responded to the community challenge. >> they're setting up all kinds of programs, apprenticeships. early childhood programs.
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internships so that our young men and young boys particularly those at risk have a chance to get a sense of what's possible for them. in time more than 300 republicans call on the supreme court to recognize gay major nationally. john huntsman former new york city mayor and david koch are included. >> the u.s. army court must now be referred to as a woman. manning revealed her gender identity as a transgender female after being convicted and sentenced to 35 years for leaking national security secrets. according to associated press. alaska gop representative sugtded furg a hearing yesterday in washington d.c. that wolves could solve an area's homeless problem. he said i'd introduce them in your district.
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you wouldn't have a homeless problem anymore. it was in response to those fighting to protect the guy wolf population. >> a. . he is tick kicking all 422 miles of it. so far the walk seems to be going well. he tweetd out this picture yesterday writing a bus offered me a ride. had to decline. gret philadelphia. i keep on walking. >> hawaii senator brian shats is tired of all the snow. he tweeted yesterday asking can someone on n hawaii tweet a picture of the weather because this is d.c. right now. well ask and you shall receive. several of his followers sent him some beautiful pictures from hawaii where there's absolutely not a flake in sight. and that's your morning dish of
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scrambled politics. >> and as we mentioned this weekend tens of thousands of people including president obama, former president george bush and luns of lawmakers are expected to join in selma, alabama. this is far big turning point in the civil movements. tomorrow will mark the 50th anniversary as what's known as bloody sunday. they marched from selma to the alabama state an cal in montgomery to dmabd the right to vote for black americans. when they reached the brig state and local law enforcement officials attacked them on horse back with clubs and tear gas. many were hurt. that and later demonstrations helped to lead to the voting rights act of 1965. we will have special coverage of a reenactment of that on 3:00 p.m. eastern right here.
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in the new york times some in ferguson who are a part of the problem are asked to help solve it. the responsibility will fall to officials such as city manager john shaw. he's responsible for supervising the police department and also running the city and he is krielted in ferguson. and from time man can't sue apple bees he got while praying over his meal. he claimed the waitress failed
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to warn him about the heat of his meal. the court said the danger posed by a plate of sizzling good was self-evidence. "way too early" starts right now. >> hillary clinton gave a big speech in washington d.c. this week and check out what she had to say. >> i suppose it's only fair to say don't you someday want to see a woman president of the united states of america? well. >> yeah. crowd went crazy. while biden said it looks like i'm going to have to pull a mrs. doubtfire. hello. i'm running for president. >> happy friday. it's march 6th. welcome to "way too early." did you hear the news? ledge stair actor harrison ford is recovering after the plane he
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was flying crashed on a golf course near santa monica california. his single engine aircraft lost power and he was trying to get back to the airport. the group of golfers heard it sputter and took out their cell phone cameras and taught the plane just before it crashed. among the people there was a doctor who found the movie bleeding in the cockpit. >> there was fuel that was leaking and my first instinctual because, i'm a spine surgeon, so i can kind of vouch for spinal stability issues and i did a brief exam, smelled the fuel. i didn't want to ignite. it would be a very bad problem. we unbelted him. ek tract


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