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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  March 6, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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madison radio show the president said he did not think what happened there is typical of what goes on across the country, but that it is not an isolated incident. >> i think that there are circumstances in which trust between communities and law enforcement have broken down and individuals or entire departments may not have the training or the accountability to make sure that you know they're protecting and serving all people and not just some. >> yesterday the family of michael brown, the teenager killed in ferguson by police officer darren wilson announced they will file a civil suit against officer wilson and the city of ferguson. in response to the justice department decision that it would not file civil rights charges against that officer. and new developments in the e-mail scandal surrounding former secretary of state hillary clinton. the state department is now pushing back on reports that
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secretary clinton was in violation of its policies and that some of the e-mails from her personal account may have contained sensitive information. the headlines are piling up this morning from politico clinton private e-mail violated clear cut state department rules. "the washington post" reported, clinton e-mail review could find security issues. and the questions swirl over hillary's home brew. the state department tells nbc news reports claiming the former secretary is automatically in violation of the department rule book are inaccurate but there's no way to fully know that until review of clinton's 55,000 e-mails is complete. only those e-mails that involve sensitive but unclassified information could violate the policy. joining me msnbc reporter alex site wall following the secretary as she speaks in miami later during her speech and lan ee davis, serves as special counsel to president clinton in the late '90s. thank you both for joining me.
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>> thanks. >> alex let me start off with you here. there are significant developments here, one that you reported that 10% of secretary clinton's e-mails had no government address on either side. >> right. so they're saying nine out of ten e-mails hillary clinton sent went to somebody with a dot gov address, so those are automatically archives. then 10% of the 55,000 pages of documents that did not have an account, those would be new e-mails that would not have been preserved in the system otherwise, so this is all feeding into the question about whether she violated policy, whether she might have opened herself up to potential security breaches. looks like we have to wait until state department goes through a multi month review process as they go through the e-mails one by one before we can get definitive answers about whether she violated those policies. >> makes it interesting, you have state department reports that she violated policy when in their statement goes on to
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report that they won't know until all the e-mails are reviewed. >> exactly. it is a little of trying to have it both ways. i think what they're saying is we don't automatically know she violated policies and asking people not to jump to conclusions until the process is reviewed. of course this is a classic way that if you want you have a problem or scandal, there's media controversy, you're asking people to wait come back to it hope the issue will have died down, people aren't as interested when the review comes out a few months from now. >> lanny, you were special counsel to clinton in the late '90s, you read reports and read commentary from pundits saying this is another example how the clintons do business don't want to be transparent, that they work under their own rules. i want to play what senator john mccain said to andrea mitchell yesterday. >> the question that i think is going to rise over time how can we be confident that once she carries out what she tweeted, that is she wants all the
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e-mails known, how are we going to know that? how are we going to have verification of that. >> how will we have verification of that lanny? >> you have verification by her being believed that she's going to turn over everything, third parties, including subpoenas, senator mccain, congressman doudy, anyone in state department will have 100% access to any e-mail preserved, fact one. fact two is that nobody has disagreed with me as a lawyer that what she did was lawful. lawful. all the what ifs, suppose that alex is reporting all speculation, we don't know whether, that's not fact that's speculation. i always say it is my mantra can we all wait for the facts to come in? here is what we know are facts. one, what she did was lawful as long as they were preserved, the law changed in 2014 about
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private e-mails. fact two, what she did was open. she sent these e-mails to thousands of people with that e-mail address. so there's no intent to hide maybe a judgment call can be questioned, but no intent to hide. and fact three, this is not without precedent. why are we not talking about jeb bush using not state dot gov florida but his personal e-mail with his own server that didn't get the headlines. the fact is he did nothing wrong, hillary clinton did nothing wrong, as long as they're preserved and there's nothing to hide. >> if that's the case why haven't we heard in your opinion from secretary clinton, other than the tweet? >> i think secretary clinton unfortunately has a brain educated by a law degree as i do, and what we are trained to do unlike alex who just went through, he is a great reporter a couple of minutes of all of the things we don't know not one of them a fact but he's right, we don't know whether
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there are martians on the moon. he definitely says we don't know. what we know is a fact and hillary clinton knows what she did had precedent. colin powell used the same private e-mail system for government business and that she wasn't aware that she was doing anything wrong. now she's trying to catch up with the facts. i can tell you here today, maybe a breaking story, she's ready to be transparent. what she said in her twitter account two nights ago is everything will be made available. i would love to see governor bush say the same thing. governor bush hasn't said that. he only released some not all. i would like to see everyone take a breath even my friend alex whose work i greatly admire, let's differentiate what we don't know which is fair enough from what we do know which is fact. >> i tell you this people say you're deflecting on alex and his accurate reporting, he hasn't reported anything that's untrue, he is following the story, traveling to miami, and others will say you're deflecting to jeb bush.
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i want to read what associated press put here. >> deflecting? >> this is what makes what clinton did sneaky and some say genius, if you want a complete record of clinton's electronic correspondence while she was helping to decide matters of war and peace, you have to knock on her door and ask politely or take her to court, and that speaks to a little of what you were saying regarding her being an attorney. with that said she may well run for office where we know transparency matters. >> do you mind if i respond to what i think was a jab at me. >> it wasn't a jab. i would have told you, i am saying this is what people will say, you have my correspondent, my colleague alex on you're pointing to his reporting and you brought up jeb bush when i clearly asked the question simply i think what do you believe or why do you believe she's behind this story responding only so far through twitter. >> so two things i would like to respond to. i am not criticizing alex one iota. i am saying accurately alex will not disagree he is reporting speculative, not facts, what we don't know.
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secondly i am not deflecting. jeb bush is a fine man, what he did was nothing wrong. i am saying there's a double standard in media coverage where we are not pointing out this precedent for what hillary clinton did, whether it is a governor or whether it is secretary of state powell that's all. >> secretary of state powell did not control his own home server. we know that. >> excuse me governor bush did. when you make these distinctions, you're in argument, not doing facts. you want to argue with me that's your right as host of a program. >> i am not a host of a show that argues. i ask awe question. >> can we not talk about jeb bush having a home server? why did you admit that. >> we had you on as a guest to discuss this. >> excuse me. it was a partial release. it was not a document dump. that's false. his press secretary said that you guys reported it. he released a portion. he did not release his personal. there was no dump. he had his own server at home and you didn't say that at the
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same time, you mention general powell. >> let me ask you this then. you refer to the situation as being something that the secretary is behind right now and she's analyzing this as an attorney as you pointed out. what is the necessary step if she is to be transparent and put this solidly behind her and get the confidence of those who are on both sides of the aisle questioning her. >> thank you. and i appreciate the question because now we are all in agreement. she needs to get all these facts out, that's sort of my mantra as crisis manager. we are a little behind the curve in her doing so and i think she's now turning the corner on her twitter. she wants to release all these e-mails, had set up a process of a neutral examining all of them that would be the state department, and i think alex will report that the process of examining 55,000 pages as well as everything on the server is available to the state department, available to congressman dowdy, available to senator mccain, the word
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subpoena, the word request, everything is going to be available, and you're absolutely right, she needs to make that clear, and i think she has begun to do so. >> i think alex will continue to do his great reporting. thank you, lanny, a pleasure getting your insight as always. >> thank you. new york laguardia airport is working to get things back to normal after yesterday's dangerously close call. a delta jet with 132 people on board skidded off the runway after landing in a snowstorm, then hit an embankment and fell stop short of the bay. we learned runway 13 1-3, where it happened just reopened. look at the time lapse video from yesterday. shows two cranes being brought in and removing the plane overnight, the runway remained closed until a short time ago, causing delays both in arriving flights, up to an hour and 40 minutes. we will keep you up to date on the status of the flights. officials say no serious
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injuries, but five passengers were taken to the hospital others shaken. among them jamie sitting in the front of the aircraft. >> then i saw the rocks and water, it is at that moment your mind goes what happens if you go into the water. do planes sink do they float? will i ever see my kids again? >> nbc sarah dallof joins us from queens new york. what's the latest on the investigation, the ntsb of course is there? >> reporter: the ntsb is there, tamron. you showed that time lapse video of the plane being moved. it is now in a hangar at laguardia. ntsb is going over it documenting damage to the plane. they will also be retrieving voice cockpit recorder and flight data recorder they'll analyze those. they'll be looking at a lot in the investigation, including
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weather conditions at the time of the incident. it was snowing. however, airport managers say braking condition was considered good and that the runway had recently been plowed. >> and you know that's a great question many are asking at this point, why the flights were being allowed. i know two planes just landed prior to but the weather conditions were changing so rapidly. >> reporter: yeah, that's a tough call tamron. that's something obviously a lot of people will examine, both the officials and passengers who worry about their safety. the fact of the matter is the airport said that runway had recently been plowed had a quarter inch of wet snow on it and two pilots who landed previously in two flights before this troubled flight reported that braking action was good. so it is a fine line that airport managers walk when they have to determine they need to keep flights coming in not build up delay. also need passenger and flight crew safety in mind. it is not enviable job, it is
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tough, and something that will be looked at carefully in months to come. >> appreciate it. developing now more strong numbers in the february jobs report. labor department releasing the numbers a short time ago. employers added 295,000 jobs last month, and the unemployment rate fell .2% to 5.5%. that's the lowest level in more than six and a half years. wall street reaction now, the dow is down 163 points s&p 500 slightly done as investors speculate, another strong jobs report raises likelihood that the fed will raise interest rates later this year. joining me zachary karabell. seems like so long ago, you would have been the lead story with these numbers. we know a lot more going on but nevertheless interesting reaction from wall street there, zackary. >> at least we are still in the first block. i mean i think the reality is as your lead in suggests the
8:14 am
reason wall street is in particular negative on this is because it does increase likelihood that the federal reserve will raise interest rates. i think if you are a human being not involved in the financial markets, which is most of us the reality is you've had this disjuncture between strong job numbers in the reports and very very tepid wage growth which is part of what the reports register every month, they just don't show up in the headline number. you talk about the unemployment rate. for the unemployment rate a job is a job is a job. doesn't matter if you get $7.50 an hour at walmart or $750 an hour as an investment banker that's one job. the fed i think has to grapple with traditionally when you had lots of jobs being created you also then had labor, whether organized unions or just a tight labor market dictating higher wages, and that's really difficult to find evidence of in this particular job market even though the numbers are good.
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>> thank you. great pleasure having you on. we will talk more about it. jobs numbers and the impact coming up. harrison ford is recovering. how a split second decision may have saved lives on the ground. we have an update on his condition next. and president obama nearly 100 members of congress mark this weekend's 50th anniversary of the infamous bloody sunday in selma, alabama. coming up honored to talk live with an activist that marred with martin luther king junior a half century ago. you can find me at facebook twitter, and instagram under my name.
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yes, ideas are scary and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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this morning, harrison ford is described by his son as
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being, quote, battered but okay after crash landing. he reported engine failure before his world war ii plane crashed, clipping a tree on the way down. let's listen to the call to the control tower. >> 53178 engine failure, immediate return. >> ryan 178, 2-1 clear to land. >> first responders say it is a miracle ford survived. a group of doctors who happened to be playing golf one says harrison ford was motionless at first, then started to move. >> there was fuel that was leaking and my first instinct was, you know i am a spine surgeon, i can kind of vouch for spinal stability issues and i did a brief exam smelled the fuel didn't want it to ignite. if it ignited that would be a bad problem. we unbelted him, extracted him
8:20 am
best we could mobilizing the spine, took him to the grass and laid him down. >> right now, the star is in fair to moderate condition at ronald reagan ucla medical center. nbc's hallie jackson joins us from the crash site in venice california. as you know harrison ford is being praised for avoiding what could have been a bigger disaster here. >> reporter: that's what everyone keeps talking about, tamron, this could have been a lot worse. you can see the plane on the golf course behind me. what you can't see a couple hundred feet in front of me, a row of houses cars. we are in a populated residential area. ford is getting a lot of praise for bringing it down in a place there were not, for example, more injuries or people whose lives were at risk. he is expected to make a full recovery. he did go through surgery, broken arm, a nasty gash on his head. when people first got to him when the plane came down they say he was dazed but responsive able to communicate somewhat.
8:21 am
you talked about that tweet from his son, battered but okay that gave people relief last night when all of this first happened. witnesses report hearing the engine sputter and then no noise at all, and ford's publicist does confirm there was engine trouble obviously right after the plane took off from santa monica airport nearby. >> thank you very much hallie jackson live in venice california. thank you. coming up the mayor of "the new york times" -- new york city says they will observe two muslim holidays this for the first time. >> proud to say this makes new york city the largest school district in the nation to take this action. this is a historic moment for our country as well. >> coming up i get reaction from a leading arab american activist. today, jeb bush makes his first visit to iowa in three years, this as a dozen presidential contenders speak to voters at a sold out summit this weekend.
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how the hillary clinton e-mail scandal could impact the republican race. the question i get the most is probably do you feel fear? what's the closest you've ever come to death? they're boring. i have a website because i need a way to put myself forward in my own way. this is my story and this is how i want to share it with people. i'm alex honnold and this is my squarespace.
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time for the "newsnation" political post script it was a busy week in politics. prime minister benjamin netanyahu delivered a controversial speech on capitol hill the supreme court heard oral arguments in the case that could prove the biggest threat yet to the president's health care law. and conservatives pounced on revelations that hillary clinton used her personal e-mail serving as secretary of state. take a look. >> to defeat isis and let iran get nuclear weapons would be to win the battle but lose the war. >> as far as i can tell there was nothing new. the prime minister didn't offer any viable alternatives. this will be the best deal possible to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> what if there is no agreement? what does he believe iran will do. >> if you get your insurance on
8:26 am
quote, an exchange established by the state, here is what chief justice roberts said today, almost nothing. he may be a key vote again. >> why did no one notice that she was using a private e-mail account? >> she did not even have a state department account. there was no hillary clinton state department account. >> you do not need a law degree to have an understanding of how troubling this is. >> secretary clinton provided the department with the e-mails. we are now in the process of appropriately reviewing those for public release. >> joining me live now, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. mark we can expect obviously an interesting round at the sunday morning programs but will any of those include actual comments from secretary clinton? >> well, no, tamron. this entire controversy over hillary clinton's e-mails prompted a question on should she have her campaign running
8:27 am
faster, as soon as possible to be able to respond to these things. one of the arguments you hear from people is she had a full fledged campaign probably would have had a better answer earlier on, you would have more people defending her than you've seen thus far. on the other hand, one of the benefits not having a campaign up and operational now is she is not going from places like iowa to new hampshire with every reporter hundreds of reporters asking these types of questions that would even in some ways perpetuate how long this story lasts. but clearly to answer your question tamron we're not going to hear from her. when we do, it will be interesting to hear what she has to say. >> you have scott walker ted cruz the list goes on and on jeb bush the big name there, you had a former clinton adviser on at the top of the hour asking the questions about jeb bush's e-mail that we are asking and
8:28 am
ask asked about jeb bush as well as secretary clinton. >> one of the reasons why jeb bush is getting so much attention in iowa iowa when it comes to republican party is a more conservative state than others and the question is how can jeb bush and that fairing, mitt romney almost won the iowa caucus in 2012 rick santorum ended up winning it. question is how well does jeb bush play there and in future states. as far as jeb bush's private server, his e-mails he may not have received all those are true, but one big difference is he has at least released his e-mails to the public or a good portion of them while hillary clinton hasn't. that's what they think is their biggest difference between jeb bush and hillary clinton. >> the difference there, what about the difference going back to the potential candidates who want to represent the republican party. there's been certainly infighting and disagreements within the group. what do you expect might be the highlight from this summit?
8:29 am
>> the best way to look at the summit i don't think you'll have these guys try to one up each other, but the person putting this on is a very wealthy republican donor, big in the agri business community. i think they'll answer questions about agriculture and cattle. some ways we call these cattle calls, but because this is so agriculture based, this is almost literally a cattle call in iowa for republican candidates. >> thank you very much, mark. see you monday. have a great weekend. find out who is among the nearly 300 republicans calling on the supreme court to recognize same-sex marriage across the country. it is one of the things we thought you should know. there are new calls to rename the iconic edmond pet us bridge critics say it is named after a white seeupremist. it is our "newsnation" gut check.
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nation's largest school system will begin observing two most important muslim holidays the first time. starting next fall new york city schools close for holidays marking end of sacrifice in fall, other marking end of ramadan, while six districts nationally added the major muslim holidays to their calendar. new york is the first major metropolitan city to do so. it is estimated muslim students account for 10% of the 1.1 million children attending new york city schools, announcing that change this week, mayor bill de blasio touted the move as common sense change. >> for too long again, families were forced into an untenable situation, either the children went to school on those holy days because so many children so many families devoted to education didn't want their children to miss school. sometimes the school days included important tests and milestones in the educational year, so either the child went
8:34 am
and pursued the education and missed the religious observance or the other way around. >> this move follows years of advocating from religious and community leaders in the city. joining me the executive director of the arab american association of new york. she was with mayor de blasio when he made the announcement. thanks for joining us linda. >> thank you for having me. >> as i mentioned, there's been a push for this for some time. michael bloomberg's administration rejected the idea, saying school children needed more time in the classroom, not less. explain why it is so important, particularly for those children in this school district in new york to be able to observe the important holidays. >> tamron one out of eight public school students is muslim, and every time the muslim holiday comes around they have to make a difficult choice between their education and observing their most high holy holidays and it is not fair. i think new york has sent a strong message city wide statewide, and nationwide and to be honest worldwide, that the muslim community is part of the
8:35 am
fabric of our country, of our city, and we are inclusive and respectful city and we prove that by closing the largest public school system in the country in observance of muslim holidays. >> new york is the largest, but other municipalities in recent years included holidays cambridge, massachusetts, dearborn michigan patterson and south brunswick new jersey adding into the equation here. with that said we talk about the muslim children who are impacted by this. what does this give or provide to other students who are not muslim who certainly may now have a better understanding of someone else's culture and religion. >> absolutely there are other cities that have supported muslim holidays. we are talking 1.1 million students in new york city school system. if you combined those cities together, they wouldn't make up the population of our school system, and it is an opportunity
8:36 am
to ask questions. all students will be off school that day, it is opportunity to say why are we off today. who are my muslim fellow students and asking questions, and it is an educational opportunity and sends a message to muslim children that they matter, that public education is for them and we are creating an inclusive, tolerant environment. i think that's important in this day and age and in this critical juncture we are at now. >> absolutely. new york city public schools have been long closed for jewish holidays, christian holidays christmas and good friday. at the event yesterday, how would you describe the overall tone. the mayor referred to this as a watershed moment. >> i mean we were all in tears, in this day and age, the past 14 years, muslim communities suffered great back lash. just young people you know conflicted with their identity and there was an opportunity for our community to say when we come together when we are
8:37 am
civically engaged, when we believe in people power and the will of the people this is a huge victory not just for muslims in new york city but across the country. >> thank you so much linda. big moment for new york and other cities that have already made the changes or included these holidays. thank you for the time. up next new remarks from president obama about the legacy of the selma marches, we will play what the president said this morning. and i will talk with an activist that marched 50 years ago and we will talk about what will happen this weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle
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8:41 am
america, where everybody is equal under the law, where everybody has opportunity. >> that was president obama on the joe madison radio show this morning discussing the legacy of the civil rights movement ahead of his trip to alabama to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the selma to montgomery marches. he will be joined by his wife and daughters and major figures in the civil rights movement as he leads a march across the edmond pettus bridge. they were beaten with clubs and tear gas in what would become known as bloody sunday. it was followed several days later by the massive five day march, led by dr. martin luther king, involving 25,000 people and eventually leading to the voting rights act. i am joined by one of those that organized the historic marches,
8:42 am
marched alongside dr. king. thank you for your time today. >> thank you. >> hearing the president's remarks on what this day means for everyone of all races here we are on the 50th anniversary, i guess i have to ask you what goes through your mind as you prepare for saturday? >> what goes through my mind as we prepare for saturday is the discovery of the impact of that selma march and the selma movement, because what we have come to learn is not only that that really helped people to search their own souls, and that's the thing that we sometimes miss why did all those people come to selma, alabama and participate in that march. well, one of the reasons is that when they saw the brutality that
8:43 am
existed on television they became emotionally disturbed, and they were reminded of what martin luther king said many times, it happens to one person directly it happens to all of us indirectly. and what is it we are talking about? well, a lot of people had already registered to vote from other places and other states where they came in so they weren't fighting for their right to vote they were fighting for all people and when people express themselves what they're saying is that we all want the same thing for ourselves and for each other. and the most important impact was the impact it had on the global level. that was the thing that helped get that bill through because
8:44 am
people all over the world was watching to see if the united states of america was going to live up to its creed and whether or not we were going to allow our citizens to be treated equally regardless of race. the specific march had more to do with the first amendment because what we were doing was emphasizing the fact that we had the right to speak out and to express ourselves when we felt that we were not being treated fairly. and although we registered to vote according to state law, there's no federal application for voter registration. so therefore when we register in a particular state, it gives us
8:45 am
the right to participate in the government of the united states. those denied the right to participate in voter registration and voting in a state also means that they disallow the vote for president of the united states. so that first amendment right was the one that we were fighting for on that bridge a right to fight for rights. >> and what you are fighting for now, work white gold civil rights leaders and college students to get elderly african americans their photo ids if they don't have them is this battle continues, it started in the last general election and continues over voting rights act. >> yes, because each state decides the criteria for a person who register to vote. and that in effect says whether
8:46 am
or not they're accepted as citizens because these are rights of citizens. so in each state like a driver's license we have a state test that you have to take okay and therefore we can drive all over the united states. but each state has a right to set the criteria but they cannot under our federal government deny people equal rights based on their ethnicity, their race so therefore the federal government comes in to make sure and that's what the voting rights act was all about. >> we know your important work continues. as i mention, it was a great pleasure and honor to have you on. we will all be watching the coverage saturday. it is always an honor to get your perspective and all those there that day. thank you so much and continue with your great work you're
8:47 am
doing to get people registered to vote and be able to execute that right. thank you so much sir. >> thank you. another story out of selma is our "newsnation" gut check. there are new calls to rename the edmund pettus bridge. we will tell you how you can weigh in on that coming up. isis destroys ancient treasures. that tops our look at stories around the "newsnation." this time isis bulldozed the site of an ancient city that dates back nearly 3,000 years. this is file footage of the site near mosul in northern iraq the bulldozing comes a week after a video shied isis militants using sledgehammers to obliterate sculptures and artifacts in the mosul museum. the jury is deliberating in the trial over the hit song "blurred lines." closing arguments, attorneys for marvin gaye's family say the artist lied how they created the
8:48 am
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there's a lot going on this morning xgt here are some things we thought you should know. a controversial right to work bill that has been the subject of massive protests by labor unions, the bill now heads to governor scott walker who's promised to sign it into law. set a date for oral arguments in same-sex marriage cases, the question of whether state laws forbidding same-sex marriage are unconstitutional. in an usualnusual move, they will release audio of the proceedings on the same day as the oral arguments and those are the things we thought you should
8:52 am
know. time for the "news nation" gut check. this weekend we'll mark the anniversary of selma and what unfolded on the edmund pettus bridge. long before the bridge became snon mouse with the struggle it was a tribute to a ku klux klan member. he lived in selma after the civil war. according to an online database sponsored by the state, pettus held the title of grand dragon in 1877. some historian question his kkk connection. his background is enough that strong objections shall now being raised of whether the bridge should continue to bear his name. an online petition addressed to selma's mayor in the national park service and gaining traction to rename the bridge. joining me now is the executive director of students unite who started the petition.
8:53 am
>> thanks for having me. >> you have historians who say pettus was not a klan leader and dispute that, nevertheless as i mentioned, the state data base links him as the grand dragon. were you surprised to see the support suddenly pick up on your petition? >> it's been incredible. it's been going for about two weeks now and over 150,000 people have signed and i don't think any one of us expected the type of reaction we would get. >> why is it so important, you believe to have the name removed? >> well students unite, which is a group of young people in selma, a diverse group working together to address the social issues that still exist today. i'm talking about the social segregation and in the school systems and racial opportunity gap that is so very real in selma and towns like it. what we believe that that bridge is a symbol of division and symbol of all of the things that
8:54 am
are wrong in selma today. and so we want to remove that symbol just like we're working every day to remove that oppression in the town. >> in the petition you and your team wrote selma and voting rights movement altered the course of history forever. selma is currently 80% african-american with a black mayor and majority african-american local city officials. the name edmund pettus is far from what the city of selma should honor. have you proposed a new name for the bridge if you're successful? >> our whole goal is to have it represent something that we believe in in the furt you're as the young people of selma. we hope to open a dialogue within the city and pick a name more fortunate. >> if you had your choice who would you name the bridge in honor of? >> well i'm trying not to show
8:55 am
favorites but there's so many people involved in the movement it's hard to pick one. i'd like to give it a name that really represents the spirit of the movement whether that's the freedom bridge or hope bridge. >> i think a lot of people would like that as well congratulations for getting your petition, the conversation and attention it deserves as well. we'll keep the audience up to date on what happens. >> what does your gut tell you, do you think the pettus bridge should be renamed? that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm tamron hall. you can catch "news nation" every day at 11:00 a.m. on msnbc. up next, "andrea mitchell reports."
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8:59 am
>> then i saw the rocks and then i saw the water and at that moment your mind goes what happens if you go into the water? do do planes sink do they float? will i ever see my kids again. >> while on the west coast, a vintage airplane crash lands on an l.a. golf course with a famous pilot at the controls. >> error message, did hillary clinton store sensitive e-mails on her private server. she faces a state department review that could stretch well into 2016. >> how can we be confident that once shee carries out what she tweeted, that she wants all of the e-mails known, how are we going to know that and have verification, so i think this is serious. >> the law had been changed after she left office so this is going to be a long campaign you're going to see a lot of
9:00 am
activity on both sides. >> and 50 years after selma, the impact of that seminole moment in our nation's history, now and then. >> i think it was the most powerful and dramatic civil rights protest that has ever taken place in the south. good day, everyone i'm andrea mitchell in washington. federal investigators are now examining thursday's frightening crash that sent a delta jet skidding off the runway at laguardia. almost into the bay. that runway reopened a few hours ago and now we're hearing more from passengers stunned by the sudden term of events seconds after the flight touched down. >> the pilot came on and said we're actually not going to be in a holding pattern, they are going to bring us in. i


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