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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  March 9, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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f will be what keeps this nation great for centuries to come. that does it for "the cycle." "now" starts right now. a racist chant resounds in a dark echo of decades past. it's monday march 9th and this is "now." >> there is zero tolerance for this kind of racism and bigotry. >> a fraternity is shut down after students are singing a song on a bus that is racist. >> we must speak out. >> massive crowds gathered in selma, alabama, over the weekend to commemorate the 50th anniversary of bloody sunday. >> 50 years from bloody sunday
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our march is not yet finished. >> they were very strong and very clear. >> as a new generation struggles to push equality forward, racism rears its head once more. one of america's largest fraternities has shuttered its chapter at the university of oklahoma. a video surfaced yesterday showing its members singing a racist chant that included the "n" word and one reference to lynching. university of oklahoma president severed all ties with the fraternity. his condemnation was unsparing.
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>> as they pack their bags i hope think long and hard about what they have done. i hope they think long and hard about how words can injure and hurt other people. this is not who we are and we won't tolerate it. not for one minute from anybody. >> he said the university plans to offer no assistance to the fraternity members finding housing saying quote, we don't provide student service for bigots. he would be happy if they left the university altogether. we apologize for the unacceptable and racist behavior of the individuals in the video and we are disgusted that any member would act in such a way. outrage as exploded on the ou campus with more protests today.
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it was a day after president obama claimed our march is not yet finished as he commemorated the 50th anniversary of bloody sunday in selma, alabama. >> we just need to open our eye, our ear, and our hearts to know this nation's racial history casts its long shadow upon us. we know the race is not yet won. we know that reaching that blessed destination where we are judged all of us by the content of our character requires admitting as much. >> joining me now is the president of the black student association at the university of oklahoma. when you saw this video when it was first posted did it seem completely out of character with the sort of racial dynamic and the student body at ou? >> to be truly honest it is out of character for the university of oklahoma.
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it was kind of shocking. but in regards to shock, not too many of us were shocked because most of us have grown up in what the southern united states of america. we have come into some kind of racial tense situation. it was shock with the university of oklahoma but it was encouraged with the person who had the courage and is guts to share that video with the world. >> do you know who that person is? is there speculation among students? >> we do not. it was sent anonymously to administrateors on campus. >> what was your reaction to the president who had unsparing words for who did this. has that been enough? >> the president's words are truly inspiring coming from him to think of how he thinks of this behavior and that it is
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truly unacceptable. i want to forgive them because i know they did these errors and made these misjudgments. i hope they can learn from this and instead of turning to hate i hope that they can one day come together with us so they can see us at a face to face interaction and be confronted and grow together. >> was there any suspicion that the guys who belonged to this fraternity harbored these views of black people in america? >> it is just kind of speculation between the black community that yes, there probably was. we probably didn't get the most welcome and open of arms from that community, but i'm not trying to all them all out because i had a good friend in that fraternity. unfortunately his fraternity brothers -- i hope he did not partake in that. >> have the greek associations
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reached out to you, given what has happened with one of the fraternities? has there been increased dialogue between the black student association and the fraternity groups on campus? >> yes. surprisingly, we just implemented this community advisory board here on campus from all the student leaders from the multicultural communities and the greek communities and the school o organizations. yes, they have reached out to me. they have all released statements saying they do not condone this and this does not represent the university of oklahoma. >> isaac hill thank you for your time. with me now is professor of law at georgetown university, paul butler. thanks for joining me. >> great to be here. >> it is a stark juxtaposition, those words from the president
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yesterday in selma that appears not yet over in terms of ideas that some folks in this society have about race. how did you sort of interpret all of that stuff in the last 24 hours? >> for this racist hate speech at oklahoma there need to be individual consequences. not just to the fraternity, but for the individual folks who were involved. we have racism without ray istcists. i think that's a theme. i wonder if we're dealing with the structural issues. at this fraternity, they were founded during slavery in alabama. i wonder if they have reckoned with that. i wonder if they know their reference to hanging blacks from a tree there's a history of that in oklahoma. almost 300 african-americans were killed.
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the black neighborhoods were burned to the ground in the 30s. i don't know if we're dealing with all these structural issues, the history of white supremacy in the country. >> there are so many disturbing things about this video. one is the youth of these kids. they see the world in perhaps -- they are color blind to the world. clearly they are not. the fact that these young men in a center of learning have such backwards views might be even the most distressing thing of all of this. >> i agree. president obama, his tone almost sounded somber.
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it wasn't sellcelebratory. there's a sense we're just not dealing with our history. we're not confronting the tragic consequences and the legacy of gross discrimination against people of color. >> let me ask you about the reaction. there are several things that have happened that have brought the issue of race and racial violence to the fore. the president's reaction which was swift, and then this happens against the backdrop of protests in wisconsin where there has been a shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a police officer. what distinguishes that is the reaction of the police chief, which was within hours to go and pray with the grandmother of the victim, who died. the police chief released the name of the officer the day after the shooting. the police chief has said he will not comment on the victim's past criminal record. it is almost a complete
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counterpoint to what happened in the days after the mike brown shooting. do you think that's better or just being more sensitive to the optics of how we handle this stuff? >> i think we're starting to understand that race matters in 2015. lots of times when civil rights activists made these kinds of complaints, people were accused of playing the race card. a black man in ferguson was arrested. the we know we have jim crow justice in the united states. this isn't something that african-americans have been making up. i think know the larger society is starting to realize this is a real problem. it really is a national crisis. >> technology plays a huge role in this right? african-american communities
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will say this stuff has been happening for decades. you have the video of eric garner in the chokehold and the racist frat boys on the bus. how much do you think that changes litigation of prosecutes hate crimes and race? >> the revolution now won't just be televised. it was be facebooked and in instagram instagramed. sometimes that's great. it's been a real catalyst for activism. we see these instances like this frat boys video of this extreme racism, so the whole world gets to see that as well. in the law, we call that evidence. that's evidence that racism, that white supremacy is alive and well. >> you watch that video of those frat boys and the people that know them the people that raise them, their community is reacting with similar shock or
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disgust as the rest of the country is. >> i hope so. >> thank you for your time. >> great to be here. after the break, so much for politics stopping at the water's edge. republican senators sent an open letter to iran undercutting president obama on the international stage. plus apple unveils the apple watch. later, "saturday night live" is ready for hillary. >> there will be no mistakes in my raise to the top. if i decide to run. who knows? >> when will hillary be ready to speak about her e-mails? all of that is ahead on "now." ... pinch me. no, not while you're driving. and, right now, you can get a one-thousand-dollar volkswagen credit bonus on jetta models. seriously, pinch me. it's not a dream. ow! it's the volkswagen stop dreaming, start driving event. stop dreaming, and test-drive one today. hurry in and you can get 0% apr
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i think it is somewhat ironic to see some members of congress wanting to make common cause with the hard liners in iran. it's an unusual coalition. i think what we're going to focus on right now is seeing whether we can get a deal or not. >> that was president obama responding to a letter sent by 47 republican senators to iran. in the letter, republicans warned any nuclear deal reached with the obama administration won't last after president obama leaves office. a tactic vox described as a vaguely condescending retailing of schoolhouse rock. the senators have wrote it has come to our attention that you may not fully understand our constitutional system. anything not approved by congress is a mere executive agreement. the next president could revoke
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such an executive agreement with a stroke of a pen. while it is true this deal may not survive the next administration, unfortunately for these senators in detailing the technicalities of the u.s. constitution, they made an error. they claimed the senate must ratify a treaty by two-thirds vote. that's not even really true. the senate may gave its consent on a treaty, but it is the president who ratifies it. in a letter goldsmith writes the error is embarrassing. joining me now are my guests. sam, let me just start with you. in terms of what these republican senators are trying to do -- the president points
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out very strange bedfellows, which is republicans having a direct channel to hard liners in iran. >> we know what one of the senators wants to do. senator tomcot cotton wants to end the talks. you have to take this letter that he orchestrated in that context. this is not a good faith good cop/bad cop routine. this is him trying to end negotiations entirely. >> in terms of how teheran receives this how much do you think this complicates that effort? >> this is going to reenforce the idea in teheran that america can't be trusted. it's certainly going to ruffle the feathers of the ruling
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clerics. they are going to see it as condescending and threatening. had it been given to the administration, they would have given a bombastic response. they would have said something outlandish and proponents of the deal would say iran is a country you can't do a deal with bp the. the administration is a lot more pragmatic. they're not going to give that ammunition to congress to say something to scrap the deal. the way the administration has been playing this at home is they have been going the extra mile, they have adadhereed to all the technical demands of the joint plan of action. if it doesn't happen it will be america's fault. they have played it very carefully. for iran to watch this rift between the united states and israel has been a gift for them. iran is sure if this deal were
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to fall through, there would be a rift in the p5 plus one. this is actually working out in iran's favor, even though they may be upset at the nature of the letter and the threatening demands that come with it. alex? >> sam, how much do you think netanyahu's visit to congress informed this emboldened republican majority? >> well you have seen for months now concern in republican circles over the nation of this deal. you have seen efforts, some more explicit than others to try to upend the deal. i think this letter is just another chapter in that saga. i do agree. in some respects it gives iran a tactical out here where if
1:21 pm
they play their hand right they can turn around and not accept the negotiations and have the uper upper hand in terms of the pr battle. we don't know what is in the deal. the letter presupposes it is a bad deal but we don't know what's in the deal. there's a reason that republican senators did not attach their names to this deal. they're waiting to see what the fruit of negotiations will be. >> to that end, we sort of are -- the deadline is fast approaching, and i guess i wonder how much you think that there are real honest to goodness negotiations about major planks of this deal at this point or whether most of it has been settled. >> well, people that have spoken to that are very close to the negotiations say they have ironed out a lot of the technical issues and now it is about showing political will on both sides. the person i spoke to said they
1:22 pm
have made more headway in these last couple of negotiations than they have done before. but as you know the devil is in the details. there's a lot of moving parts here that are unpredictable that could hurt this but they seem to be very close. but it opens up a whole lot of questions here. if they do sign on the dotted line what's going to happen afterwards? is there going to be a nuclear arms race in the region? the saudis said they would match the iranians. the turks and egyptians will follow suit. once the deal is signed i don't think it's the end of the story. certainly the iranians have realized this is a window of opportunity that may not come about again and they would like to capitalize on it just to be able to revive the economy at the very least. >> sam, in terms of the motivations here on the republican side, certainly some of this is driven by deep
1:23 pm
republican skepticism and this administration's foreign policy. certainly some of it is political. how much do you think the general furor in this administration is informing the decision rather than the actual deal and the actual policy? >> i would only be able to guess and i'm not good at guessing. there is deep ideological threads behind republicans are doing. the party has a core conviction that one of the best ways to effect the world in your image is through military and not through diplomacy net.
1:24 pm
netanyahu said you can't trust iran in any deal you negotiation. then he said iran could negotiate a better deal than obama. they don't think diplomatic means are effective. >> we don't even know what the bad deal is, if it even is a bad deal. all ears are pricked to know what netanyahu would propose is a good deal. coming up, scott walker deals another major blow to labor unions. that's next. building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance.
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scott walker signed legislation -- wisconsin is the 25th state to implement right to work laws. they have the right to decide whether they want to join a union. critics argue that right to work laws do not create jobs. in fact, there is some evidence that they actually bring wages down. given the fact that the language of the wisconsin bill has been taken almost verbatim for a corporate lobbying group known as the american legislative exchange council it is obvious that a large part of the goal isn't to help workers but to diminish the power of unions. perhaps it'll pay off. moments after signing the bill into law, governor walker sent out a fundraising e-mail asking donors to push back against what he called quote, big government labor bosses. just ahead, deny deny,
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deny. florida officials under governor rick scott are forbidden from using the term climate change. that's next on "now." together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ideas come into this world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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(announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. other news items. churning up controversy, disbelief, and ambivalence today, lindsey graham revealed he has never sent an e-mail in his life. the clock sprang forward and so did the haters. the daylight savings a colossal waste of time? and in florida, climate change is banned from the government lexicon. the apple watch will make all your troubles melt away.
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>> the apple watch is the most personal device we have ever created. it's not just with you. it's on you. you can receive calls on your watch. i have been wanting to do this since i was 5 years old. the day is finally here. >> analysts expect apple to sell more than 10 million of the iwatches in the first year. joining me now is the founder of lady parts justice and ari melber. ari, i'll start with you first. are you going to buy an iwatch? do you think you need one? >> i don't know if i need one. if we can begin with marx -- marx said that capitalism --
1:34 pm
>> as we do. >> as we tend to do. now you're talking. carl marx. >> it is msnbc. we can break out the capitalism. >> it doesn't just meet demand. it creates demand. i see that positively about this company apple because it has done things you didn't know you need. when they said, we're going to bring back the walkman. i don't think so. >> remember, liz, the ipad. everybody maligns the ipad. it is a terrible name. now everybody has an ipad and phones look like ipads. i guess we're going to need to take incoming calls on wristwatches. >> i don't need more range. can't a watch just be a thing that tells you the time? i know i sound like grandma here. the phone tells you the time and
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be your boyfriend. this is what you do. do you know what time it is? 4:00. okay. >> that's my point. the rage factor increases. i get filled with rage when i can't find my phone in my bag. now i can see myself physical rage why isn't the watch taking the phone call. >> you don't need to find a recipe for red velvet cupcakes on your watch. >> maybe you do. >> i feel kind of lame. >> you can celebrate the watch. >> i'm so lazy. i don't have to reach into my pocket for my phone. i broke the screen on my phone slamming it down on one of these lucite tables in the studio here. >> that's your fault. >> okay. we're going to move on to a
1:36 pm
fun thing. is it time to kill daylight savings? "the atlantic" thinks yes and so did the folks at john oliver's hbo show. >> cows don't care what time it is because they are cows and cows are idiots. if it is not for them, who is it for? >> there is an increase of car accidents and work-related injuries the week of the time change. >> what you lose in sleep you gain in mortal damage? >> i say end this. >> we want to wake up shortly after dawn all year because daylight is great. you want as much daylight in your life as possible without having to wake up in the dark. this way we do that. if we didn't have daylight savings time the sun would rise at 4:00 in the morning in the summer. >> why is the bias towards early
1:37 pm
risers as opposed to people who work late? >> we want to waste as little daylight as possible. >> i grew up the north country of minnesota. right now in this very time when you have been waking up dark getting home from school dark to be able to have life in your life we need vitamin d. we're getting less of it as a nation. i don't want to have a hump when i'm old. >> you can get that in a bottle. >> we used to get it just naturally being outside. >> in the winter when we leave for work in new york city and mid atlantic states it is pitch black and even more pitch black when we turn the clocks back. am i making no sense? are you in favor of daylight
1:38 pm
savings? >> i'm in favor of anything that expands our access to light. it is about love, ability. >> and seasonal depression. >> there are a lot of things you can get in a bottle. but if you can get it in reality, you can get it better. >> this turned into a thoughtful discussion about sunlight. >> i was told the segment is now you're talking. >> and we are talking. we're going to talk and move on to another segment. lindsey graham admitted he has never sent an e-mail in his entire life. >> if we're on the road to recovery in the president obama economy -- you can have every e-mail i have ever sent. i have never sent an e-mail. >> does america need a president who has never sent an e-mail?
1:39 pm
>> i don't think it necessarily matters. there's this phrase in politics of paleo conservative. he's closer to that in his lifestyle, but it also goes to the fact that a lot of people at the top of organizations can opt out. if he came out of age at a center time and had an assistant, the decision tree is whether someone else -- doesn't mean he's never been involved in e-mail. it just means he has outsourced that. >> we're talking about cyberthreats and cybersecurity. this is where we're most vulnerable. if he's the commander and chief never sent an e-mail does that not raise questions about his level of comfort with and ability to articulate challenges in a 21st century landscape? i don't know. am i wrong? >> this is pretty far down on the list of concerns about lindsey graham. i'm not sure how he's running
1:40 pm
his office. >> he runs it with a butter churn. >> how does that work? but the way he's -- i think part of this reflects the concerns we saw with hillary clinton. people have difficulty managing these things. they don't want their stuff to end up in frequent information requests when it is inconvenient for them. one way around that is not to e-mail at all. maybe he does everything on a phone. that would be kind of shady if you're using it to avoid foia. everybody is looking to avoid foia. >> i think management, if you take the industry -- >> it's cybersecurity. and you have never sent an e-mail and not being familiar with e-mails seems to complicate things. >> i think management is different than expertise. we expect the commander and chief to oversee the military, but it doesn't mean that the commander and chief enters the
1:41 pm
position with a great mastery of how the weapons work. they have to then learn and manage. >> it is just e-mail. it is not weapons mastery. not only does it terrify me. if we'll remember a few years back when the supreme court was ruling on -- i believe the case was whether or not you could use a cell phone from work to send texts and stuff and these people were like can you print from a phone. >> there are a lot of questions. >> as a lawyer i will argue that goes to my point. >> ari, as a lawyer -- >> did you know he was a lawyer? >> no. that's shocking. are you a lawyer? >> we have to wrap up. make one last very quick point. make one last very quick point, my legal friend. >> if the supreme court can't figure out a case based on the briefs and the material before
1:42 pm
them, that goes to their skill as judges not they have to be a subject matter expert in every issue. >> we have to leave it there. i would like to keep talking, but we can't. >> now you're talking. >> now we're talking. thank you guys for talking. thank you for coming aboard. you can catch ari on "the cycle" weekdays at 3:00 p.m. on msnbc. the hits on hillary clinton's private e-mails keep coming. it is just all e-mail all the time. more on that coming up. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ susan ] my promotion allowed me to start investing for my retirement. transamerica
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sources tell msnbc that hillary clinton will finally address the controversy of her e-mails sometime this week. "politico" reports that clinton is likely to hold a press conference in new york city in the next few days. clinton unveiled the no ceilings report focusing on women's empowerment. her sole comment to date as been on twitter where she said she wants people to see her e-mails and she changed her avatar from the texting pic to one on the issues of women's rights.
1:50 pm
leading democratic senator diane feinstein told us that clinton's continued silence is going to hurt you. but in the ultimate universe known as clinton world, there is no offense like a zealous defense. >> oh my god. do you remember white water? travelgate? benghazi benghazi? it is the same stuff that we go through. we have lived with this for 20 years. we'll live it with for the rest of the campaign. it's all about nothing. >> joining me now is bbc correspondent and author of "the secretary, a journey with hillary clinton" and washington bureau chief, jonathan allen. jonathan, where do you think
1:51 pm
clinton world is on this? carville is offering nothing to see here folks. they are trumped up scandals with all things clinton, and yet we have news there may be a press conference which would seem to suggest the camp is taking it fairly seriously. >> they have to take it seriously. before the campaign has started here's this story that is seven days long. here it's been going on for a week. she has to put a stop to it. those who thought she should do nothing about it were clearly wrong and it's made her a loser. >> was there a sense of secrecy? people go back to this meme of the clinton world.
1:52 pm
how much of that was in play? >> i covered her for four years. i interviewed her 15 times. i never got an e-mail but we saw a very different person when she was at the state department. my experience from dealing with her and the people around her and other people in the building was there was relatively good accessibility. we got a lot of off the record chats on the road with her over dinner, over drinks. she came to the back of the plane to talk to us. my personal experience and that of my colleagues at the state department was there was pushback on substantive issues but we didn't field on a daily basis there was an ability to clamp down on information. she experienced the media very different at the state department. it is very different from political reporting. >> it's not the same -- >> absolutely. we weren't going after specific things that had to do with her.
1:53 pm
we were more interested in the policy. i think now she's having trouble reentering -- >> politics. >> -- the political field and that kind of atmosphere. >> there's been a lot of talk about foreign donations. the e-mails intersect with the donations made to the clinton foundation by foreign governments. if there is a problem with the clintons, that's where it lies. >> that's true. saudi arabia doesn't have great policies regarding gender equity. hillary went to beijing in 1995 and said women's rights are human rights and lived it. having covered her at the state department, this is something she made a serious issue elevated at the state department elevated in
1:54 pm
discussions with diplomats from other countries. that will fall short, i think. >> you can argue that it is better to get funding from these countries and try to make them stake holders. >> that's bill clinton's argument. >> it is like criticizing francois hollande having a march for freedom of speech while standing next to representatives from egypt and saudi arabia. there are two ways of looking at it. >> it sort of highlights the wins of her record as secretary of state to say, you do want to talk to talk about these issues. >> it's grounds she's much more comfortable operating on but she can't stay in that bubble. at some point, she is going to have announce and talk about her record as secretary of state and defend it from these attacks.
1:55 pm
>> jonathan we saw the debut of "snl" version of hillary clinton. it was very funny. there are some stock in folks are taking in how you are portrayed on "snl" is how you are perceived. >> it's not the image hillary clinton wants out there. she's hoping this won't have longer life than patrick ewing. i wanted to make sure it wasn't sexist. >> no. i'm thinking dream team. >> john stockton, great ballplayer. >> we have just turned the game
1:56 pm
to basketball. >> it will stick the longer she doesn't make clear what her intentions are. >> good to see you, guys. thanks for your time. did governor rick scott's administration in florida make climate change disappear? we'll talk about that next on "now."
1:57 pm
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why do i cook? because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson®. a new report finds that under florida governor rick scott officials at the state's environmental protection agency have been ordered not to use the term climate change or global warming in any communications or reports. also banned sea level rise which is to be referred to as nuance flooding, nuance flooding that threatens 30% of florida's beaches. scientists says florida is the
2:00 pm
region most susceptible to the effects of global warming. that's all for "now." good evening, americans, and welcome to "the ed show," live from detroit lakes, minnesota. let's get to work. tonight republican war dance. >> iran is our enemy. >> we were able to bring them to the table. >> this negotiation was lost at the start. later, the silent treatment. >> now a message from hillary clinton. >> what i would like is for her to come forward. >> this is not how hillary clinton goes down. >> hillary clinton will address the state department e-mail controversy later this week. plus -- >> the fact that deadly force was used and employed must mean there has to be other