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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  March 17, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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> john kerry sits down with his iranian counterpart for what could be several crucial days in the nuclear negotiations. out on the trail, two potential gop candidates in two critical primary states taking the first steps towards 2016. good day to you, i'm peter alexander in for andrea mitchell. she'll join us momentarily from israel. it is election day there, a national holiday and israelis are deciding two very different visions for their future. prime minister benk anyone netanyahu is in the fight of his political life. in the last minute appeal he has promised to end israel's commitment to negotiate a separate palestinian state, a reversal of decades of policy agreed to with the u.s. netanyahu is challenged by a
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center left coalition promising a better economy as well as a resumption of peace talks with the palestinians andrea is in tel aviv with the latest. still a couple of hours of voting left. >> exactly. we have a few hours of voting left. the final polls which came on friday show that this is really really close. this is a parliamentary election. so you've got basically get 61 seats in the 120 member parliament majority of the seats. if it's any closer than five or six seats, there's going to be a lot of wheeling and dealing. netanyahu has been challenged much, much more strongly than anyone expected, certainly not even netanyahu himself by a center left coalition led by izaac herzog and coupled we livni who won a victory years
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back and netanyahu ended up taking over. netanyahu has been promising now in the last couple of days to reverse policy and not recognize a palestinian state. and this is a much harder line and a big change that could have profound implications throughout the middle east. this as the polls got narrow and narrower. joining me now is jody rea dore an, netanyahu is about to make a statement but the elections judge said he cannot do it live because it is election day. it will have to be taken back and edited and we'll have to see what he's saying at his house right now in jerusalem. but he's clearly fearing that this center left coalition and prominence of the first time ulted arab voting policy, arab israelis who can vote might make a difference? >> he's been on a huge campaign blitz saying controversial things. this morning he posted on his
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facebook saying arabs were flocking to polls and the left came and said there was a racist remark comparing it to suppressing african-american votes in the united states. so it's been a very provocative and ugly last few days as he tries to catch up to the so-called zionist union and they try to build on its momentum to expand its lead. the zionist union which is a combination of socialist party and other parties, which has come together to try to oppose netanyahu, the most interesting thing and something that american audiences may not understand since we focus so much on netanyahu and the speech against the iran nuclear talks and netanyahu of course taking on the palestinians and not negotiating an agreement with his palestinian counterparts the real issues here are economic. that is what people are saying to us at the polling places to you at the polling place, it's inflation, it's the economy.
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>> right, not just the zionist union but a very new party which made a strong surge in the last election two years ago has been hitting the economic issues hard and also a party knew in this election, all of us which is actually a break away party from netanyahu's party is all about the economy. i do think some of the security issues last year was a very tough year for israel. the war in gaza resolutions in european states supporting a palestinian state, the palestinians moved to the icc, i think all of those things are undergirding the economic concern and you see the question of stick with netanyahu or change. there's a lot of sense there's a stagnation here that people are upset they can't afford to buy an apartment. that is what you hear. underlying that is also a sense of insecurity about where things are headed for israel and of course livni in particular and
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her zog talk about the isolation and attack him on security saying isolating from the u.s. not having the support of a bipartisan support in the u.s. was actually a real danger to israel as well. >> i want to bring in back in washington at the wilson center the president of the wilson center jane harman a former member of congress and intelligence committee and savvy as anyone on the middle east and netanyahu. let's talk about what netanyahu has done in the last 48 hours, to reverse decades and decades of u.s./israeli policy which is negotiations towards a two-state solution. a palestinian homeland and of course israel. and by reversing this let's say he wins and sticks with his commitment over the last 48 hours, there will be hell to pay. >> let me say two things. first of all, you're the bionic woman. i last saw you 36 hours ago, i've had two nights of sleep and you've had none very
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impressive. on this point, i wouldn't call it a hail mary pass. i wonder -- let's see how the selection comes out. israel is very complicated coalition system. it makes our congress look easy and it surely isn't easy over here. but putting together a coalition that will make him prime minister which i'm sure he'll try to do if he comes out lower in the overall vote he was able to do it before so he might try it again will be tricky. he'll have to factor in the arab coalition which i'm told says it wants to remain in the opposition. i wonder if that will stick as the case. at any rate he may have to refine and alter positions if he wants to govern israel and i'm not sure he'll be able to pull that off if he's way down in the popular vote and other members of other parties pull together against him. >> what is going to be the reaction in america, jane?
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you've got a u.s. congress dominated -- insisting on bringing netanyahu to congress. he thought he would get a bump back home but it didn't help him politically and instead what you see is a republican congressional leadership with the help of democrats as well wedded to netanyahu and his policies. >> i think that a bipartisan -- overwhelming bipartisan of congress is wedded to israel and the relationship. bibi netanyahu is popular but the members of congress i certainly would hope so if i were still there, i would be among them, will embrace, whatever the new leadership is. i predict he'll be part of that leadership in some role and maybe even as leader and will continue that close relationship. it is the u.s. policy and it is the most members of congress
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embrace that policy, in fact, i don't know anyone who agrees with what netanyahu said yesterday to support a two-state solution. i think that is in the interest of israel and also in the interest of palestine and as you know john kerry tried very hard he failed to help negotiate a two-state solution. so if the winning coalition -- if netanyahu doesn't dominate and we're back at the two-state solution, i think congress on a bipartisan basis will also be strongly supportive of that. >> and finally, jody just to make the point, netanyahu, if this election is not clear cut, netanyahu and izaac herzog could end up in a unity -- >> a disunity government it will be the result of nobody being able to cobble together the 61 votes.
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the one thing that's clear, i don't think it will be clear tonight. even if herzog maintains the lead he had in preelection polls he still has an uphill battle to get a coalition. there are many different scenarios and a lot of parties in play and a lot of potential power brokers and king makers and when we wake up tomorrow morning, we still will have a lot of questions. >> thanks so much. thanks jane for being there as we cover this complicated process but one that is terribly important to america and u.s. policy towards iran and towards u.s. policy throughout the middle east. peter alexander, in washington. a lot of politics back there to cover. >> we'll follow up with you again shortly. i appreciate your time. we move on to other headlines, robert durst back in new orleans, a courtroom this morning to face new charges that were filed overnight. the millionaire drifter has been charged with possession of a handgun, that is illegal for a convicted felon.
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durst waived his right to extradition to california being charged on monday with first degree murder in the death of his close friend crime writer susan berman. his lawyers deny the murder charge but will have to battle to exclude evidence including audio of what appeared to be an owe mission admission, also handed over to prosecutors. more from andrea in tel aviv on the crucial election we'll have that just ahead, including a look at how the votes might effect the future of palestinian state. we'll hear from the longest serving woman in the u.s. congress barbara mikulski joins us live next. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports," only on msnbc. from pharmaceuticals to 3d prototyping, biotech to clean energy. whether your business is moving, expanding or just getting started... only new york offers you zero taxes for 10 years with startup ny business incubators that partner companies with universities, and venture capital funding for high growth industries.
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there is a horrific statistic from the center from disease control that says one in four women will face rape or physical violence or stalking what's worse then is even after they are attacked they are doubly victimized by the system who does not follow through on the prosecution, eermg they don't do the right testing or the testing remains in a backlog. we want to change that. >> that was maryland senator barbara mikulski 400,000 rape kits remain untested as victims await justice. at an event in maryland the vice president joe biden, threw his support behind $41 million of federal money to help reduce this backlog. it's an effort that senator mikulski fought hard for. the chairwoman of the appropriations committee, barbara mikulski is joining us from capitol hill. nice to see you an congratulations on your announcement of your upcoming retirement.
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well deserved. >> thank you very much peter. listen, though i decided to turn the page i'm not ready to write a final chapter. i'm out here fighting for issues i believe in. >> that's what we want to focus on right now, one of the key issues is this backlog of rape kits maryland has been struggling with this backlog for years. is this strictly about money? is that the primary obstacle right now? >> no first of all, number one we face the issue of attitude that rape is a serious violent crime for many people they rank this right up -- second only to murder, murder kills the body. but -- and the person but rape kills the spirit. we have to number one, take it seriously. number two we have to make sure the local communities have the capacity to be able to develop the laboratory forensic stuff capable of following through and
9:16 am
number three, prosecutors and police have to know how to use the technology and use it effectively to get prosecutions. but the first thing they need to do is take it seriously and work to be able to apply for this money to get the resources they need. >> so specifically $41 million, you think that will be sufficient to help provide those necessary resources to get the ball rolling to testing so many of these kits that have not been tested in the words of the vice president, up to 50% of those unsolved cases could be solved if these kits are fully tested. >> yes, it's estimated that behind every rapist is usually a serial form of rape. if these cases were tested even cold cases going back five or ten or 15 years, you'll find you might be able to reduce rape in this country significantly. but the other point i want to make, there are two backlogs
9:17 am
one in crime labs where they just don't have the capacity. the other this $41 million was from rape kits sitting around in police desks, police lockers because nobody was following through. the first step is a will and we can then find the wallet. >> senator, i appreciate it. i want to ask you about another tell making news headlines today, that's israeli voters going to the polls as we speak. how important is the outcome of today's vote and the coalition that's fornld to the relationship between those two countries, especially given the fact that the prime minister just yesterday said there will be no palestinian state if he wins. >> well israel is a democratic country and like all democratic elections, there are full of twists and turns and surprises. we won't know who is the new prime minister -- >> what would that do to our relationship -- >> we were a nation of relationship. this relationship has endured
9:18 am
since the united states of america was among the first to represent -- to recognize israel as a nation state. the relationship is enduring regardless of who is prime minister because it's based on strategic need based on mutual interest. we will work with whoever is the prime minister of israel. >> senator, we have to ask you about the announcement you made about two weeks ago you wouldn't be returning to congress at the end of this term after nearly 30 years in congress. you're certainly entitled you've witnessed historic changes, specifically in the role of women in the senate. what's the one thing you want to see changed in the final two years in office? >> well first of all, i was so happy that when i came to united states senate i was the only democratic woman and i said i wanted to be the first of many. we now have 20 women, all talented and capable, serving in the united states senate. what is it that i want to change? more bipartisanship focused on
9:19 am
the women in the senate have worked to get a job done whether it's on women's health initiative, to end trafficking, we need to start working together and of course, this includes men who will support us as well. >> the dean of the 20 female senators barbara mikulski as always, nice to see you an congratulations. the budget battle the gop is calling for an overhaul of medicare and repeal to obama care up next the white house response. you're watching msnbc. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute
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installed director joseph clancy, spoke for first time about the march 4th incident when two high level agents were drinking breaching a barrier and interrupting a bomb scare investigation. >> you're going to have to make heads roll. >> yes, sir. >> if there's a place to send people in your agency that is mojave desert maybe people need to be sent to the mojave dessert. >> you can run an agency like this unless you have discipline in the ranks. >> i'll say it's going to take time to change maybe some of this culture. there's no excuse for this information not to come up the chain. >> nbc's luke russert joins us now from capitol hill. luke, a series of headlines today, this is the first time he has spoken publicly about the march 4th event. i want a sense what he said specifically but he also talked about the desire to build a new replica of the white house in
9:24 am
maryland to help train his team. >> yeah he definitely says he wants to help train the team and subject them to sort of different challenges that face the secret service in this day and age, all of the recent fence jump and broech of the perimeter that you have seen but to go back to that march 4th incident because i thought that was fascinating. clancy said today he did not know about that incident until five days after the fact mind you, this is the person in charge of the agency two senior secret service officials were allegedly seen drink a potential bomb scare that did not goe up the chain of command until five days later. that set the tone for which lawmakers were outraged. i heard one phrase tossed to me that clancy is sort of presiding over an institution and there's a lack of institutional control, to borrow something -- he was a
9:25 am
controversial pick to lead the secret service, a lot of lawmakers felt there should have been an outsider someone who brought new blood to the agency. president obama was content with this pick. the first lady was said to like him. so far lawmakers are not impressed and as far as to what happens, clancy says there's a huge secret service problem with alcohol that there is a use of alcohol to relieve stress and clancy says he's trying to change the culture by limiting alcohol up to ten hours prior to somebody working. but that is just not enough for lawmakers. as you heard there from congress marn carter they want to sent agents to the mojave desert and it's not happening fast enough for lawmakers on capitol hill. >> a strong irish tie on this st. patrick's day. >> absolutely. take care. >> it is budget day for house republicans, we heard a similar
9:26 am
pitch with a clear message to the white house. >> to this day, now in the seventh year in office the president has never proposed a budget that balances. >> for the very first time in his presidency he has submitted a budget on time. the unfortunate part in the contrast you'll see his budget never balances. the contrast couldn't be clearer in the fact he continues to raise taxes over $2.1 trillion in new taxes with continued policies that failed americans yet never ever gets to balance. >> shawn donovan is director of management and budget. thank you for your time. >> great to be with you. >> i want to start with what we heard from house republicans on the hill. is there anything you heard that should give americans any reason for optimism? >> well, peter unfortunately in contrast to the president's budget which focuses on helping middle class families the republican budget budget once again focuses on tax cuts for highest income americans
9:27 am
slashing investments in critical things like education and job training and manufacturing that are so important to the growth of our economy. and at the same time make sure that medicare as we know it would end by voucherizing it as well. so unfortunately they don't have new ideas for how to help the middle class. the president has been doing exactly what he needs to to create a middle class economics. we hope that republicans going forward will work with us on that. >> shaun, the president has been going on offense in terms of his budget with these numbers, including $75 billion. that's the desired increase in spending. where is the white house willing to give? >> well what's critical for americans to know not only do we make those investments in the middle class, at the same time it is fully paid for, in fact our budget would save $1.8 trillion over ten years and it
9:28 am
does tha by following a bipartisan principle we saw in the budget deal a few years, which increased spending on key investments for the middle class while reducing spending in the long run on entitlement programs through smart changes. we think we ought to take that bipartisan example and build on that. and create a new deal based on the precedent before. >> let me ask you specifically about sequestration, the president wants to end sequestration cuts americans are now familiar with because of the hassle we witnessed in washington with the wrangling over the last couple of years. the president does have unlikely allies across the aisle, specifically defense hawks john mccain, lindsay grahams of the world. >> well we're pleased that we're hearing from republicans both in the house and senate.
9:29 am
we need to invest more in our national security. but the president's principal is very clear, you can't separate the national security from economic security. remember, that whether it's taking care of veterans, funding our homeland security agency or a range of other ways our national security is dependent on much more than just the defense department's budget. second of all, we've heard the joint chiefs of the military themselves say if we don't educate our soldiers and don't invest in health care and infrastructure and all of the things that are going to make for a strong military but build our economic security, our power around the world and influence will diminish. the president has been very clear. we can break this critical link between our economic security and national security. >> nice to see you, thanks for your time. >> great to be with you. >> coming up next we'll take you back to israel and back to
9:30 am
andrea mitchell to get more on today's crucial election and what it means for the push for peace in the greatest middle east. plus, the two key states that are already seeing a lot of 2016 traffic from the potential presidential candidates you're watching andrea mitchell reports only on msnbc. ♪ its effects on society really came about because, not because i was selfish and wanted one for myself, which i did. its because i had, had a passion. my whole life i wanted to teach myself to build computers. i wanted to build these things for free. i just wanted to do it for the world and you know when you want something, that's what you do the best. ♪ ♪ my cut hurt. >>mine hurt more. >>mine stopped hurting faster! neosporin plus pain relief
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9:34 am
there's still time for folks to vote in that country, urging people to participate in the democratic process. andrea mitchell my colleague is joining us live from tel aviv with the latest. this has been a historic series of events. the remarks from netanyahu saying he would say no to a palestinian state and even now with votes still going on still trying to sway the vote across that country. >> in fact because it's election day, traditionally candidates do not speak in israel, in the united states as well on election day. the judge ruled that this could not be a live transmission to you all of what he was saying that's why we're playing back the top of what he said but what you said is exactly accurate telling people there's still time and there's foreign money going in and trying to sway the votes, that the arab coalition is trying to push me out and even push me into jail. he was really ringing all of the
9:35 am
alarm bells to get his base his political party out. and with me here in tel aviv is retired general danny athom, a general in government for a long time and joining us in washington is james zogly of the arab american institute. general, you are one of more than 100 generals who came out against netanyahu because you don't think his positions are good for security. this comment just now and what he's been saying for the last couple of days jane harman of the wilson institute was just on earlier in the hour with us and she called it what we would say in american football a hail mary pass. you just said to me he's panicking. >> yes, it looks to me that he feels as if the polls that were published in two days ago are
9:36 am
real realistic, and that he's going to lose. i don't know what will be the outcome at the end and what are going to be the results of election, but this is his feeling and as a matter of fact he is using the arab population as if the turnout of the arab population in israel to the polls is very high as far as i understand from some other sources, this is not the truth. it is not that high. but he's using it in order to frighten the israelis and jewish population in israel and then vote for him. in order to avoid any strengthening with the share of the arab population in the parliament. so it looks as though i don't have any other explanation but to say that probably he's going in panic.
9:37 am
>> you've seen a lot of elections here and you've been a long proponent of having a two state solution and having a palestinian state, the negotiations that first were led by john kerry collapsed. what is going to be the reaction in the palestinian community? let's say netanyahu is elected or in part of a unity government a coalition government to the end of any hope of having their own state? >> i don't think you'll see a unity government. let me say a comment about the general's remarks, i think he was spot on. in animal kingdom, there's nothing more dangerous than a panicked politician and netanyahu is panicking. so he's scaring people about foreign conspiracies about security threats, and about the arabs. if you take his words about the arab vote and translate into it american politics and call it the black vote you see how racist this is.
9:38 am
it's -- i think a very difficult problem right now for israel to deal with this bigotry towards the arab population which is just 20% of the country. with regard to this outcome, either netanyahu wins and forms a government in which case there's going to be two years of real pressure with the united states with european allies and also i think growing isolation for israel but no movement forward at all if the left center government is formed and that will be very difficult to cobble a government of that sort it will be very fragile. it will have to rely on support from the arab vote. that will make it vulnerable to attacks from the right wing who say you don't have a jewish majority, like in the early 90s and it will be a paralyzed government. as far as the palestinians are concerned, this is not going to outcome either way, not going to decisively change their situation but it's something that people feel very good
9:39 am
about, the arab vote because this is the first time that the arabs have seen their own strength grow and are taking possession of their own lives and demanding respect as a community in that country. >> and what is so interesting is that the voting seems to be pegged to economic issues general, as much as you and i talk about security and about the terror threats and about what happened in gaza and the iran negotiations that are happening as we speak in switzerland, people are voting pocketbooks here at least those in the polls today. >> we think that there are concern also about the situation, the security situation and also the threat that might be imposed by the iranians once iran will have a bomb. it is very difficult to different shat and it looks this
9:40 am
is an artificial -- my opinion is that israel should embark on the resume the peace talks with the palestinians. i think there are partners like for instance if we take arab league initiative the peace initiative then there are something like more than 50 arab and muslim states which are partners to the idea. and our men claim to netanyahu, the group of those close to 200 generals is that netanyahu did nothing in order to promote the peace process. we think that without the peace process being veterans of so many wars and seeing misery of war and witnessing and experiencing the misery of war, we know very well that another
9:41 am
war will not solve the problem and conflict between israel and the arabs. so we urge -- to going to form our next government to resume the talks with the palestinians in the framework of the regional approach and we came to the conclusion that only with those efforts we will be able to heal all of the israeli problems including unemployment and education and dealing with the per rivery and healing relations between united states which mr. netanyahu ruined almost totally. peace is not only for the sake of peace, which is very very important. it is going to contribute a lot, the security of israel and to
9:42 am
all of the other perimeters and the issues that i just mentioned. >> general danny yatom, and peter, back to you, i'll be back in a few moments. >> three hours of voting left there. we focus on another headline making news here jeb bush he's barn storming through south carolina making stops in six cityies over the next few days. conservatives in the state have concerns over bush's stance on common core a subject that came up ten minutes into his first event. >> high standards is one step of a robust education reform strategy that yields rising student achievement and that's what i'm for. states like south carolina is opting out of common core. that's fine. as long as the standards that are going to be created or as higher or higher. joining us now "washington
9:43 am
post" correspondent dan balz and jeanne cummings. dan, jeb bush's brother, george w. bush won, it may be touch this time around trying to get into the states early on and talk about tough political questions early on. >> he sure is. in every state he's spending a lot of time in the early states over the last few weeks he's been in iowa new hampshire and south carolina not first time he's been in south carolina every time he goes into the states, in general he gets a question about the two issues that are troublesome to conservatives, immigration and common core. and he's addressed it head on. in common core walking an interesting line. he's on the one hand not backing away from his support from common corps but what he's trying to tell conservatives, states ought to be able to set their own standards, if they are az high or higher than common core. he's hoping that defuses the
9:44 am
issue to sort of thread the needle in those places. >> jeanne jeb bush isn't the only candidate making rounds ted cruz with a top in new hampshire and stop at the new hampshire native seth myers place a couple of days ago. let's listen. >> new hampshire is lovely this time of year. >> it's true yeah. everybody loves it in march. >> and i will tell you, you are a major celebrity there. >> well it's a very small state. >> it was -- >> give us a sense, what is the potential impact of ted cruz he says there's a lot of interest in his campaign right now, potential campaign for 2016. what does he do to the republican field? >> well he would very much appeal to the tea party wing the hard core wing the social issue wing he can draw a pretty good base. he reminds me of the newt gingrich role of the last campaign very glib very smart, very interesting to watch. and so he does draw big crowds
9:45 am
because he is an entertainer, as well as has a message that for many of the most ardent activists believe in. >> dan speaking of messages i want to switch gears to hillary clinton and her shifting message, a new poll showing up dipping a little bit in terms of favorable and majority of americans mostly republicans saying how she united statesed edused that e-mail server was a problem. it's not so much her message changed but trying to refocus the message and her strategy on topics like iran more specifically about the war on women by republicans. what are you hearing about the impact this may have on her timing though? >> i think the timing she has is pretty much as we have long assumed, which is that in early april or sometime early in april she's likely to form some kind of campaign committee sean formal announcement would follow that. i can't tell you whether that's going to be in may or june
9:46 am
there was one report about july. i think that's probably later than she will do it but they are building a staff of significant size. they've got a national staff, partly in place, they've got state directors in a number of early states. at some point they have to begin to pay those people and form a committee that makes sense to do it at the beginning of the second quarter to begin the fund raising she's going to have to do. >> jeanne, how big of a challenge is this for hillary clinton right now? different circumstances but mitt romney allowed himself to be defined during summer months of the 2012 campaign. there's a lot of sense among clinton supporters she's being defined because she didn't have a campaign to help define itself. >> absolutely. i think if there was still an internal debate about should she go in april or not, i think that the -- that this server controversy, how they managed it was not that great. i think it was a wake-up call
9:47 am
that if we're going, we've got to go, so they can build the machinery around her to protect her as now we see congress the republicans in congress now have a target on their back when it comes to the server controversy. >> jeanne cummings in the studio from bloomberg and dan balz always nice to see you, thank you. >> thank you peter. >> the big question in boston, will dzhokhar tsarnaev take the stand in his own defense. more on that next on msnbc. ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never
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in boston testimony continues in the trial. tsarnaev was discovered hiding in his boat four days after the attacks at the finish line. ron mott is outside the courthouse in boston.
9:51 am
what more have we heard today? >> reporter: the testimony can illustrate how one day it go from ordinary to extraordinary, he talked about the shelter in place order in base in the boston metro area where they looked for dzhokhar tsarnaev after his brother tamerlan had been captured and killed in the shootout with watertown police. and the boat had be shrink wrapped for the winter had fallen to the ground. he climbed up on the ladder and saw blood and peered in and saw dzhokhar tsarnaev in the feta position in the boat. we heard from a buddy, his gun used to kill the security officer, we heard from the evidence response team specialist talking about the evidence they collected there in watertown. >> diligently making their case. ron mott in boston again.
9:52 am
after a short break, back to andrea mitchell in israel for a look the what we may learn and when in this crucial election. you're watching msnbc. jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen. [announcer] if your dog can dream it purina pro plan can help him achieve it. ♪ epic classical♪ music stops ♪music resumes♪ music stops ♪music resumes♪ [announcer] purina pro plan's bioavailable formulas deliver optimal nutrient absorption. [owner] come on. [announcer] purina pro plan. nutrition that performs.
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just three hours of voting left we want to check back in with andrea mitchell for the latest on the elections in israel. it doesn't get much more odd than the coalition building you need to do in israel. what happens after they wrap things up tonight? >> after they wrap things up they have to count the votes and see who has 61 seats in their parliament. if you think the iowa caucuses are complicated, hard to figure out, this is far more complicated than the iowa caucuses. then the back room wheeling and dealing. but the fact netanyahu came out and made that statement, please come out and vote arabs are voting, you've got to come in and save us. this was really tough stuff and showed there is a good deal as
9:56 am
general yatom said to us earlier, good deal of panic going on. these polls could be wrong and maybe it's going to be a lot more clear cut but i think this could be very close and we could see a lot of back room bargaining peter. >> that's for sure with significant implications for us here at home as well. andrea, be well we'll see you again tonight and again tomorrow. she'll continue her reporting, there live from israel over the next couple of days. that's going to do it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." my colleague thomas roberts joins us with what's going on next right here on msnbc live. thomas, good to see you. >> great to see you too. coming up next robert durst back in court after being charged with murder. director of the secret service facing questions on capitol hill. how did he respond? and the nfl rookie putting his health before his career in the nfl and get this mitt romney versus evander holyfield, seriously, all coming up next on msnbc. stick around.
9:57 am
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i'm thomas roberts, coming up this hour, real estate heir robertdurst back in court. another fraternity at a high profile university suspended for bad behavior. revelations including a secret social media page with photos of half naked women. mitt romney is looking for a fight but with another politician wait until you hear who he is about to face off against. robert durst may be not be leaving louisiana as fast as presumed. he is facing local charges filed monday by louisiana state police. hours before those charges were filed he waived extradition to face charges in the killing of the long time friend susan berman. this all comes after what appeared to be


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