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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  March 18, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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michltchell reports live from israel. a former air force mechanic is in court today. and under threat. the daughter of jfk gets several threatening phone calls. and a very good day to you. i'm kristen welker in washington. andrea mitchell is in jerusalem a day after yesterday's election and a resounding victory for prime minister benjamin netanyahu. andrea, let's get right to it. some people are describing this as a scorched-earth strategy by prime minister netanyahu. give us your analysis. how did he pull off this victory, which some people said was going to be hard to do? >> well s a lot of people predicted that it would not happen. as of friday night, he was mind
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behind in the polls. they're not permitted to publish any polls after friday night before the tuesday election. the last few days everyone thought he was behind his strong opposition challenge. he basically pulled out all stops. there was a sundays night rally. on monday he said he no longer supported a palestinian state. the two-state solution which has been the negotiating stance and the commitment for the u.s. and israeli relationships now going back decades. he also on election day said very strongly to his supporters that the arab-israelis were coming out in droves. so that was very tough, kristen. very tough and a lot of criticism that at this point he was reversing policy but the victory was decisive. he no longer needs to moderate any of those hardline positions. he now, because of the seats that he won decisively, doesn't
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have to compromise at all. we have a number of guests coming up. the middle east peace negotiator and jeffrey goldberg from "the atlantic." jeff, you've watched netanyahu over many many years. what he did in the last 48 hours was really pretty telling. >> yeah it was fairly breathtaking. it's the most dramatic aspect of this election in a kind of way. the results are not actually that dramatic. he basically won by cannibalizing voters from the other right-wing parties, people who had been voters and had come home. in other words, he didn't expand the right-wing camp, but he took a mask off, if you will. the most consequential thing, obviously, is to basically say no palestinian state. i don't see any conditions in which a palestinian state will be formed which goes against
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the wishes of many israelis obviously, and also europe and the obama administration. of course, the palestinian authority. the other thing he did, which you just mentioned, is he played -- i just posted this on "the atlantic" magazine website. he played the israeli version of a southern strategy and basically tried to scare his base into coming out and giving their votes to him by saying essentially the arabs are coming. they're full citizens. they have a right to vote. my personal opinion is it's something he should be proud of especially in the middle east that doesn't have democracies. instead, he used that as a scare tactic. it's a pretty brutal 48 hours from certain perspectives. >> and jeff, i just returned from the west bank and talked to palestinian leaders and to people who really are distressed because they see no future now. the economy, as you know in the west bank and these communities
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has been shattered. obviously the coalition between hamas and fattah the two factions of the palestinian government, have been very deeply troubling, especially after the war with gaza led by hamas. so that created other tensions. netanyahu is pointing to that as a reason to have -- basically sabotage the american peace process that was being negotiated by our next guest. but now people see no prospects. they say they're going to have to go to the international court in europe. they're going to have to go to the united nations. what is the united states going to do? it has always helped israel and abstained on those votes. now president obama is caught in the middle. the palestinians frankly are disappointed that president obama and the obama administration, they feel did not do enough to support the palestinian issue all along and pressure netanyahu.
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>> are you doing to me or martin andrea? sorry. >> to you, jeff. i'm so sorry. i know we've had satellite delays. we've got the best voices on this, but we're putting up with some technical challenges. jeff, first to you. >> oh okay. all right. among the other challenges yes. i mean look the palestinian side is not actually been entirely resolute in the move toward peace. they didn't help hamas and the palestinian president didn't make it easier for john kerry and barack obama, didn't make it easy at all, in fact. but yeah you have -- look the wide picture is you have a fairly disintegrating middle east in a lot of ways. you have hamas, which is interested in the destruction of israel. they're not interested in negotiating. they're in control of gaza has turned it into a terrible place. the west bank is dysfunctional. israel shows no interest in leaving the west bank. the west bank government the
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palestinian government is semi dysfunctional. syrian civil war, lebanon with hezbollah rockets. basically what netanyahu -- he had kind of an easy job in the sense of telling israeli voters especially his base look everything is falling apart all around us. you don't -- you need a guy who could withstand the pressure from people like president obama, a person who will stand up and say, we're not budging for the foreseeable future until things sort themselves out all around us. the essential argument in the israeli election is the labor party, herzog, with the second highest number of votes, was saying that the status quo is not sustainable. netanyahu is arguing the status quo is sustainable. obviously the american administration is on the side of herzog in that analysis. >> jeffrey goldberg thanks so much. and martin in washington the
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executive director at brookings. you've seen all this before but this time it does feel a lot worse, partly because he stepped back from at least his promises he supported a two-state solution and a palestinian state. >> well i think this is one of the complexities of the situation now. it's not the only one. we need to also talk about iran because that's a real confrontational issue between the united states and israel between president obama and prime minister netanyahu. on the palestinian issue, the process had broken down and while i'm sure that secretary kerry had every intention of trying to pick it up in the wake of the israeli elections, the ability to do so has now been seriously challenged by the prime minister's declaration. some people say, oh well, you know, he was just saying that to get right-wing votes and he'll change his mind now.
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but i think that underestimates the extent to which he's now taken the position which will be reinforced by the fact he will be forming a narrow right-wing government rather than a broad based national government of unity with the labor party in it. he, i believe, will take the stand that in these circumstances, the circumstances that jeff goldberg was just describing, there's no point in talking about a palestinian state. we can't afford to have a state there. that'll just become a hamas stand, and we can't accept that. so let's just take that off the agenda. i think that's what his position will be. he'll be supported by the government he forms in that. and with everything else going on in the region and so many problems for the palestinians i'm not sure there's going to be a major effort to try to resume negotiations. what i think will happen instead is that the palestinians will move to the international
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criminal court come april the 1st. and netanyahu will continue to punish them by withholding the revenues. then we may see the collapse of the palestinian authority. >> and the other piece of this is that on election day, he also accused foreign forces, foreign money pouring in to support the opposition. clearly, according to his advisers, he meant the state department, he meant the obama administration helping to finance the opposition. it's been denied but no matter that will further poison the relationship with this administration. so basically, netanyahu knows that he's in it for the next couple of years. obama is a lame duck even though there is obviously u.s. clout. and he can rely on the republicans in congress to make sure that u.s. aid to israel does not get withdrawn. >> well i think that the reaction in washington is that
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he won a democratic election. he's the leader of israel. legitimately so. and that he therefore needs to be treated as the democratically elected leader of a country that is our ally. so i think, you know, unlike the last time he came to washington uninvited by the white house, he will be invited. the president will listen to what he has to say. but before that happens, i think there may well be a deal on iran that he has made it very clear, netanyahu has, that he's very oo pose -- opposed to it and the president has made it clear if there's a deal, he's committed to it. so there will be an issue, not over the palestinian issue, but over iran if there's a deal that is coming to us potentially in the next couple weeks.
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so we've got -- i think events are going to determine the nature of this relationship now more than what happened before or the positions that the prime minister staked out in the campaign. the question of what positions he and the president take on iran and what happens when the palestinians go to the international criminal court. and so those two issues are going to drive this relationship, unfortunately, i think, to a bad place simply because of the fundamental differences that now exist between the president and the prime minister. >> martin who has tried heroically to negotiate middle east peace. thank you very much. and jeff goldberg before that. kristen, you and luke rust earthsert
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on capitol hill have been talking to officials about this. >> andrea a senior administration official acknowledges that the white house is incredibly concerned by what it heard from prime minister netanyahu, that he was essentially reversing himself, saying that he's opposed to a two-state solution. they also say, andrea that they're not prepared to accept that as a change in policy. they think that there's a very real likelihood and i know you've been reporting on this that that was campaign rhetoric aimed at pandering to conservatives to get re-elected. so i think what you can expect to hear today from josh earnest, who's going to brief reporters aboard air force one, is a reaffirmation of the strength of the u.s.-israeli relationship. you'll probably hear him reiterate the fact that president obama, when you look at phone calls and visits, has spoken to prime minister netanyahu more than any other world leader. but of course, andrea they also acknowledge that the relationship between these two leaders is at an all-time low, particularly in the wake of prime minister netanyahu coming
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here, addressing congress simply invited by house speaker john boehner, not at the invitation of the white house. a real slap in the face to the president. and that continues to poison the well. so real concerns moving forward. again, they're stressing, look there's no change in u.s. policy because they're not quite sure what netanyahu is going to ultimately be pushing for once he forms a coalition government. andrea? >> of course it'll be interesting to see how quickly the president picks up the phone and calls him to congratulate him on his victory. i guess they can say not until he forms a government although the election returns are decisive, as we've been saying. luke i know nancy pelosi spoke. she was not happy, although she attended prime minister netanyahu's speech to congress. what did she have to say today? >> well nancy pelosi when she attended the bibi address to congress, said she was moved to tears by how he thought the united states and the current administration viewed israel and his policies vehemently
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disagreed. today she said that the relationship between the united states and israel is strong it'll always be strong. it does not matter who's in charge. but then she said she would like to see the peace process restarted, saying that netanyahu never mentioned that during his joint address to congress. now, republicans had a very different reaction. they were celebratory. kathy mcmorris rogers said that the prime minister has a steady hand that, israel is not the problem in the middle east. also going as far to say that iran will now be adequately checked, if you will within her statement. john boehner tweeting out congratulations to the prime minister. i have to say something anecdotally. i was on twitter last night watching the israeli results come in. the tweets from republican campaign operatives from republican bloggers writers, conservative writers, they were
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so celebratory in spiking the football, it almost seemed to me they were happier about this victory than they were about their 2014 midterm victory. so netanyahu's re-election, consider it a conservative win in the united states more than anything andrea. >> thanks to you, luke. kristen, i'll be back later to talk more. we'll have another chance to talk about what this means for middle east peace and for those iran talks. kristen? >> i know there's a lot more to unpack andrea. incredible conversation there. thank you so much. and we will be checking in again with andrea. for now, still to come threats against one of america's most famous daughters. what's being done to keep ambassador caroline kennedy safe? plus, we're following a dangerous situation in tunisia where gunmen have opened fire at a museum killing at least 17 tourists. more to come. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. hey, girl. is it crazy that your soccer trophy is talking to you right now?
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moments ago, u.s. citizen and alleged isis sympathizer tairon pugh was arraigned in new york city. he's accused of attempting to provide material support to isis. he was refused entry into turkey back in january, then deported to the u.s. and taken into custody. ari melber is outside the courthouse in brooklyn. what happened today? >> well, we were just up there, saw pugh come into the courtroom. he was handcuffed wearing a blue t-shirt, tan pants, a fairly stocky build. didn't say much as is typical in this kind of proceeding. but it's interesting because it's the first time we've seen him. he's been held for two months basically in secret.
9:20 am
these charges just released by loretta lynch. what did we hear? well the judge said that these charges are pretty straightforward, basically a charge for material support of terror and trying to join isis and a charge in destroying evidence about trying to join isis. the judge said look i'd like to get this trial on the road by this summer. that is, of course a very fast schedule. if you compare it to say, a terror case like the boston marathon bombing. that took 19 months to go from initial charges to the trial. but here what they're saying is look, they caught the guy, they have the evidence, they have the flash drives. there will be some witnesses but not a lot of other complications. the judge said if there's no plea deal, they want to move forward. >> let me follow up with you on that point. you talk about the evidence the flash drives. obviously some jihadi videos found. what can you tell us about the evidence and how strong the state's case is? >> well it's always hard to judge it at this early stage,
9:21 am
but i will say the state's case and the evidence look strong from what we've seen. but we've only seen essentially one side. but what they showed there was a kind of self-radicalization on the internet with and this is important, with specifics. meaning they showed google searches by this individual not just saying oh what's going on with isis or what's going on with beheadings like anyone might look for information. more specifically searches for how do you find the border crossing, who is in control of kobani, how do you get over to the isis parts of syria. that combined with some weaponry and then as well dozens and dozens of videos of isis beheadings and other propaganda. so you have this air force veteran here with a record of some interest in isis some sympathetic statements made in the past about bin laden. then being picked up in turkey trying to act on according to authorities, what he was looking into. the other point i'll mention that is interesting is there's sometimes criticism about
9:22 am
whether you can do these trials here, against terrorists in the u.s. this one authorities say shows how it works. they were able to hold the suspect for two months with a sealed indictment as they secretly went through their investigation, and only yesterday made this public when it was clear there would be no plea deal and they got what they think they could out of him before the prosecutorial stage. >> all right. ari melber, great reporting. thank you so much. really appreciate it. >> thank you. and up next what we know about the threats made against the u.s. ambassador to japan, caroline kennedy. and later, secretary of state john kerry is back at the table with his iranian counterpart today. so what will last night's election in israel mean for their negotiations? more from andrea mitchell who's been reporting from jerusalem, coming up right here and only on msnbc. taxi. vo: after years of being treated like she was invisible it occurred to mindy she might actually be invisible.
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a standoff in tunisia has ended with at least 21 people dead after gunmen opened fire at a museum today. among the dead are 17 foreign tourists from italy, germany, poland, and spain. several others ran in panic for safety. the attack occurred at the national bardo museum. two gunmen were killed in a security raid at the museum and two or three attackers may have escaped. nbc's kaity tur joins me from london. what's the very latest you can tell us? >> well the latest, as you said, 21 people dead 17 foreign tourists. one tunisian officer, one tunisian cleaning lady and two of the gunmen. that's according to the tunisian prime minister. he did also warn that as many as three other accomplices could still be on the loose. the nationalities for all of the victims, those dead and those wounded, have not yet been released. as you said we believe they are from at least poland italy,
9:27 am
germany, and spain. the associated press is now reporting that some of the italians in the building at the time were from a cruise ship that had docked in tunisia for the day. they were visiting the museum. it was on the itinerary. unclear if any of the italians who were injured or potentially killed were part of that cruise ship. the museum is a very popular tourist destination in tunisia. it's home to one of the largest collections of roman mosaics in the world. it's attached to the parliament building. that building was evacuated. gunmen stormed the museum around midday. initially, the reports were about eight people dead. that number obviously has skyrocketed. nobody has taken responsibility for these attacks as of now. but tunisia has had quite a problem with islamic extremists. 3,000 tunisians are estimated to have joined isis. just this month, 30 militants were arrested in tunisia, some
9:28 am
of which had just returned from syria, saying they were planning spectacular attacks within the country. now, you might remember that tunisia was where the arab spring started back in 2011 when they overthrew their authoritarian president. it is seen as one of the lights for democracy within that region. kristen? >> just an incredibly incrthere, katy. i know it's been a very busy day for you because you're tracking another big story, which is that there have been some threatening phone calls against caroline kennedy, ambassador to japan. what are your sources telling you about that? >> well so far we're hearing that the calls were made from somebody speaking english. they were made to the u.s. embassy in japan. they were threatening ambassador kennedy's life. now, they were also similar to calls made threatening the life of the consul general in okinawa. that's where the u.s. has 50,000 troops stationed. now, this is something that happens quite often with politicians, both domestically and overseas. you'll know that if you follow
9:29 am
politics closely. but they're taking this very seriously, especially considering what happened to ambassador mark lippert over in south carolina earlier this month. knifed by a south korean national who knifed him because he was a symbolic representation of the usa. now, he was okay but given all of that they are taking this quite seriously. as you know kennedy's the daughter of jfk. she's held that position in japan since 2013 just over a year now. >> i want to follow up with you on that point katy. just how much concern there is about this. we got a statement from the state department. i'll read a part of it. quote, we take any threats to u.s. diplomats seriously. we take every step possible to protect our personnel. we're working with the japanese government to ensure the necessary measures are in place. we will not comment on the specific details of any threats or the steps we take to address them. katy, what are you hearing about any followup?
9:30 am
obviously, concerns about the first lady's trip. she just landed in japan today. >> well there's heightened security over there in general, but what i can tell you from our producer out there is that this is not a major story in japan right now because these sort of threats are ongoing. these threats, in fact were made about a month ago. so while they are taking it quite seriously, it's not something that is out of the norm or unusual in any way. and it didn't happen today. so the first lady's trip there is just a coincidence, that it happened to come out and reported in the press today. >> all right. katy, great reporting, as always. thanks for staying on top of all of those fast-moving developments. we appreciate it. coming up the impact of the election and netanyahu's big victory on israel's neighbors and allies. andrea andrea mitchell reports live from jerusalem next. stay with us. er of softness... charmin!!! take a closer look at charmin ultra soft and you'll love what you see. not only can you use less, but you can actually see the softness in our comfort cushions. we all go.
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story now in jerusalem where benjamin netanyahu and israel's right wing won big in elections yesterday. so what will their victory and their hardline stance mean for the region and the rest of the world? andrea mitchell remains in jerusalem. andrea andrea i know you've had a business i didbusy day of reporting. you were the west bank. in fact, we have video of you conducting interviews with people. what's the reaction there? what are people telling you? >> people are frustrated. people there are frustrated with their own leaders as well because there's been a lack of leadership, they feel of their own people. they've obviously suffered the economic impacts of that. things are really really bad. they have difficulty getting back and forth through the check points. we saw that ourselves today. it took us a lot longer than anyone would have expected to get through and to get back on the other side. and they feel isolated increasingly isolated. obviously the summer war in gaza between gaza and israel which was the hamas wing of the
9:35 am
palestinians, made life a lot more difficult because of israel's understandable reaction once they felt that they were being attacked. they took it out also on the people in the west bank. so the palestinian life has been really -- very much diminished by the events. as i say, by some of their own leaders. now they're going to be looking to the international criminal court april 1st to try to get recognition after netanyahu said that there will not be a two-state solution. so they're very very discouraged indeed. joining me now is thomas pickering, who's deputy secretary of state, ambassador to israel ambassador to the united nations ambassador to moscow. you've had so many diplomatic posts in your career before retiring from the foreign service. what next for the middle east with the united states? this administration and the re-elected netanyahu leadership so far apart. >> it's a great question
9:36 am
andrea. i think back it was albert einstein who once said doing the same thing and expecting a different result is insanity. maybe re-electing a prime minister and expecting a different result borders a little on that same conclusion. i would not expect that prime minister netanyahu made a real push in the last 48 hours of his election in the direction of the hard right in israel and pulled a lot of those people away from their smaller parties, seemingly because they felt he had a chance of not only winning but perhaps carrying out the policies they advocate. and those policies are quite aggressive expanding settlements, moving further in the direction, if you like of creating a single state but not a very democratic one. the feeling in the arab world, as you've just characterized it is absolutely true. a real downer.
9:37 am
the real question in the united states is what will we do? people here are thinking maybe we'll have to perhaps do something on our own, perhaps something more than john kerry was able to put together. we'll have to wait and see that. it'll be at the outside 66 days for prime minister netanyahu to try to form the next government. he has the advantage there, not only of the surprising win in the number of seats he gained but also in the orientation of the people who would be the candidates for his coalition. so that will all be interesting. i think nothing will happen until we see who is the next prime minister of israel. finally, there are some thoughts that if he can't succeed and his chances are good at doing that it's his to fail there, maybe parties will force a national unity government. i served in israel in a national unity government. it has its own particular difficulties in running the
9:38 am
country. >> although that is not the indication we're getting now. we're getting the indication that they're going to take the position of finance minister and become part of netanyahu's government. what about iran and these negotiations taking place this week and then again next week we believe until the end of the month? we're getting mixed signals as to whether they can bridge these final divides. but in any case, we know israel is dead set against the outcome because netanyahu's already said so in his speech to congress. >> without a doubt. and the president will of course have to make a decision on what kind of a deal he will accept. i can't imagine he would not accept a reasonable deal. i can't imagine at this stage that if he feels he has a strong deal he cannot carry the majority of democrats in the congress and preserve his veto which he would have to put in place if as clearly threatened
9:39 am
the republican majority in the senate and house move to try to pass legislation which would have the effect of trying to negate the deal. and all of this obviously prime minister netanyahu would watch with interest. apparently that's where he wants to come out. although, down the road and he never offered any alternative in his speech this kind of an approach certainly could lead toward conflict in the region something that he should not really, i think, wish to see at this stage, particularly given deep concerns that the size of iran and its growing mus cue lairty and growing missile force provide at least an important security issue for all of the states in the middle east, and that has to be watched very carefully. an agreement could lead down one road and potentially a more positive one. an agreement that is failing or failed or one that is done in could possibly down another
9:40 am
potentially more dangerous road. >> and we've just heard that john kerry from switzerland, where he's negotiating the iran talks, has called prime minister netanyahu to congratulate him. we know that call did not come first from the president. the fact that kerry there negotiating with the iranians calls netanyahu is ironic to say the least. ambassador, always good to see you. thank you very much for joining us on a day where we have so many developments here in the region. good to talk to you. joining us now is a former spokesperson for the palestinian authority. diana is in new york. thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you, andrea. >> what prospect do you see of getting recognition for a palestinian state now from the international criminal court, from the united nations, from support in canada and europe and from a large number of people in the u.s. >> well i think that it's
9:41 am
become very clear that prime minister netanyahu's clearly not interested in a palestinian state. he said as much and he's been doing as much over the course of the past six years. so the palestinians are going to continue to push ahead for increased recognition. and they've already gotten the recognition of a number of countries. it's already pushed ahead through the united nations system. they're going to be going to the international criminal court. i think the bigger issue is that the reason that netanyahu seems to have won this election is because he's managed to govern all these years with complete impunity. he hasn't faced any sanctions from the international community for his ongoing settlement construction expansion, and even as he declared the other day that there will be no palestinian state, we don't see that there's any international pressure on him or any international sanctions that are going to be put on israel for the fact they continue to deny freedom to palestinians. >> diana, there are some palestinians who are questioning
9:42 am
their own leadership saying that after 22 years, mahmoud abbas has not been able to deliver. what do you see from the palestinian perspective? because they have also been fractured. >> yes, most definitely. and i think that what has become very clear as a result of these elections and even before these elections is that the palestinian authority is now realizing that the process of bilateral negotiations is a bankrupt one and that instead they have to be pursuing a different strategy. this is why they came out just a couple of weeks ago and said that they're going to start pushing more towards holding israel accountable. they're going to be pushing for boycotts, for divestment for sanctions. they're going to be pushing for israel's isolation and for a case before the international criminal court. so they themselves have now realized that the policies that they pursued were bankrupt and were doing this because they weren't given a number of promises by the international community and by the united states government. so now it's become very clear that they have to pursue a very
9:43 am
different strategy. >> but what prospect do you have for getting support in the u.s. given that the republican leadership has made it very clear where it stands and republican 2016 potential candidates were the first in the u.s. to tweet their congratulations to netanyahu last night. >> yes, i think that the united states is clearly a problem. this is one of the main issues. if we continue to go down this path in which netanyahu is given a blank check to pursue whether it's an attack on the gaza strip or more settlement activity then we're going to see this very outcome. i think that the two-state solution is now dead. and if anybody still believes in it, then we have to start putting sanctions on israel to make sure that they get punished for the continued settlement activity. >> diana buttu, thank you so much. and kristen welker you have a lot more news back there. we'll talk to you in a bit. >> we do. we'll check back in with you. another great conversation andrea. thank you. we'll check back in with you shortly, in fact. now, back here in washington,
9:44 am
the royals are in town. after arriving yesterday, they're playing tourists today. they visited the lincoln memorial this morning. then they made the short trek down to the dr. martin luther king jr. memorial. and next up down the potomac to mt. vernon. coming up next new csi-type evidence revealed in the boston bombing trial. what it means for the case against dzhokhar tsarnaev. stay with us. this is msnbc. minnesota winters are brutal it's tough being cooped up it gets a little stale. when dad opens up the window what's the first thing he does? the tobin stance spring is in the air and pollen, dog hair... the sunshine looks like fairy dust. (doorbell) whoa! what's this? swiffer sweeper! swiffer dusters! removes up to 70% of dust and allergens. stays on there like glue wow! look at that! ew! the tobin stance! that is totally what it is!
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so you can. sfx: common city background noise ♪ credit belongs to the man who strives valiantly who errs who spends himself in a worthy cause and who, if he fails at least fails, while daring greatly sfx: background city noise ♪ and welcome back. today the jury is hearing more technical evidence from investigators who responded in the days after the 2013 boston marathon bombing. testimony today is focused on evidence found of accused bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev's dorm room and home. earlier this morning, jurors saw two unexploded pipe bombs that
9:48 am
police say were thrown at officers during the gunfight four days after the attack. nbc's ron mott joins me now. what happened today in court? >> hey there, kristen. good afternoon to you. it's a far more technical presentation of evidence by the government's witnesses today than we've seen in the past couple of days. as you mentioned, once we get to the lunch break here probably in the next 15 or 20 minutes, we expect they'll come back and bring on some witnesses to talk about evidence found in the home that the brothers shared and also that umass dartmouth dorm room that dzhokhar tsarnaev stayed in at one point. you talked about the bombs. they had an analyst from the massachusetts state police talking about the pipe bombs and apparently pot bomb thrown at police in that fire fight in watertown that helped to end all of this, that week of terror here in boston. there was another member of the massachusetts state police talking about evidence collected in that carjacked mercedes that was take into watertown from cambridge. we're expecting them to shift a little bit in the afternoon
9:49 am
session to get into evidence found in those two residences. >> and a lot of developments yesterday in court. dzhokhar's friend who loaned him a gun testified. what came out of that and how significant was his testimony? >> well it's significant because the gun apparently that mr. silva -- these are two young men who were acquainted with one another in junior high school and all through high school. i think at one point, silva says he would consider dzhokhar tsarnaev one of his best friends. but he loaned a gun to him. he said dzhokhar tsarnaev came to him, asking to borrow this gun because he wanted to rob some university of rhode island students during a drug deal. so he loaned the gun to him. it was the same gun that apparently was used to kill m.i.t. police officer sean collier. mr. silva copped a plea with the government back in december after first initially pleading not guilty to drug and weapons
9:50 am
charges. so here are two gentlemen who were formerly friends in the courtroom together. apparently dzhokhar tsarnaev did not react any differently than he normally had been through much of the presentation of this entire case. >> and ron, you've been in the courtroom there. take us inside a little bit. what has tsarnaev's demeanor been line? how is he reacting to all of this testimony? >> i would say -- i mean for the most part he's paying attention, but there was one particular episode when the fbi wanted posters came up. he seemed to be most interested and most engaged in that. for the most part he sits back and just sort of looks on. >> all right. ron mott thanks to you for your great reporting. we're going to take a quick break and go back to andrea mitchell, who's live in jerusalem for more on the day after the israeli election and what it will mean for the future. this is msnbc. stay with us. we'll be right back.
9:51 am
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9:54 am
we are continuing to unpack the election results out of israel. as you know, time is running out for it the ian nuclear talks taking place in switzerland. the question is how does netanyahu's victory in israel impact those negotiations? we go back out to andrea mitchell, who's been in jerusalem tracking all this. what, if any, impact do you think netanyahu's victory will have on those talks? >> well i don't think they'll have an impact. i don't think the victory will have an impact on the talks because what john kerry does in his negotiations with his iranian counterpart and what the other european leaders participating in this when they decide in these last very difficult days before the end of march deadline is not going to be influenced by what israel says or does. what will be influenced by israel is what the united states congress does, what the senate does next. if they reach an agreement that israel automatically rejects, that will have an influence on the republican leaders, certainly those 47 republican senators who took the unusual, if not unprecedented, step of
9:55 am
sending a letter to the ayatollah. so i think there's a political fallout from this on the 2016 campaign as well and on any flexibility the president has in foreign policy going forward. >> great point. obviously congress continuing to make the argument that it should have a say. one final question andrea. we've been talking about the relationship between netanyahu and president obama for the entire hour. do you think they will work to try to repair their relationship, or is it something they just say, we're going to leave it where it is and move forward? >> i think they can try to paper it over. i don't think they can repair it. i think this is a relationship that has been damaged so irreparably. but i think they will because one is leader of the united states, the other is the leader of israel, an important ally. they'll have formal proper relations, except that there will be those moments of tension where the president and his advisers say something
9:56 am
disparaging about netanyahu and vice versa. so there will be a lot behind the scenes that bubbles up and becomes -- there will be issue after issue, let's say, for the next 18 months. they certainly will not be close ally, except when there's a mutual interest and a mutual military threat if that were to happen. kristen, thank you so much for all of your great help in carrying on today. >> oh well thank you. and congratulations for all of your great reporting. we'll continue to watch it all day long here on msnbc. of course, nightly news this evening. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow on the show 13-year-old little league star monet davis. you don't want to miss it. and my colleague thomas roberts joins me now. what's on tap today? >> we have a lot coming up. at least 17 tourists have been confirmed dead after militants take over a museum in tunisia. we're just learning now some of these tourists were coming in on
9:57 am
excursions from cruise ships that were there in the mediterranean sea. we'll have a full breakdown. then we have an air force vet from new jersey facing charges that he tried to join isis. and a t-shirt that evokes lynching. yeah, we're going to talk about that. plus repeat drunk drivers still on the road. and darth vader robbing a bank. wait physical you see it. it's all next on msnbc live with thomas roberts. jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack
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more than 11 million times in the u.s. and that number's growing. like your guys' scores. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring, and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. you may be able to get up to 12 months at no cost. hi everybody. i'm thomas roberts. today on "msnbc live," gunmen open fire at a leading tourist attraction in tunisia, killing at least 21. details on how terrorists hunted down terrorists who were fleeing the scene. >> plus a stunning comeback win for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. but at what cost to its relationship with its ally in the middle east? and shocking pictures at the center of a scandal at penn state university. is it time to take a look at whether