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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  March 30, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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nearby as well as drugs. the two individuals, two men dressed as women at the gate of the nsa in fort meade, maryland. there's no early indication this is a terrorist event. or that the nsa or fort meade were targeted and it is not clear why the two apparently attempted to enter the facility dressed in those disguises, but again, these are images coming into us now. we are working to get more information. we will continue to follow the latest on breaking news out of fort meade, we confirmed a shooting at the gate of the nsa building. at this point officials say this is not a terrorist event provided from the official to nbc news but it is not clear why the two men attempted.
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derrick, what's the latest? >> reporter: the latest we hear is that this incident does not appear to be terrorism related. we are told federal authorities are handling the investigation over to local authorities, though this is a secure federal facility here at fort meade. there are nsa offices and facility as well as military. what we learned from sources at our station is that there is a facility of some sort a shelter, a secure facility here that may be what this was all about. again, that would explain why federal authorities are not handling this it is being handled as a local authorities matter. we know and have been reporting two men disguised as women tried to get into the gate near here were confronted by the security forces here at the facility. and there was exchange of
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gunfire. we know there were three people who were injured in this. two with gunshots. we presume these are the men dressed as women in that car, and possibly a minor injury to one of the security officers here who would guard the facility, but again explaining that this is not being handled by federal authorities, it would speak to a local facility on the base because it is a secure facility. >> thank you for the latest information there. we will continue to follow that developing news from maryland bring you the latest information on the on-going investigation right now. we are following developing news in boston. in minutes, president obama will dedicate the edward kennedy institute for the u.s. senate designed as a museum and learning center. first lady michelle obama and vice president joe biden are also on hand for the dedication. the $78.4 million institute is adjacent to jfk presidential library.
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among the highlights of the facility contained full size replica of chamber where the massachusetts democrat known as the lion of the senate served 47 years before he passed away. his widow, victoria will introduce president obama for the keynote address. his children and other members of the family including care line kennedy, current u.s. ambassador to japan and members of congress from both sides of the aisle attending. we will bring you the president's remarks as soon as they begin. moving on secretary of state and former massachusetts senator john kerry planned to attend that dedication. however, he will remain in switzerland to continue nuclear talks with iran. midnight tomorrow is the deadline for reaching the framework for a deal to curb iran's nuclear program. reportedly one of the main issues remaining, how to dispose of iran's large stockpile of atomic fuel that could be potentially used to construct a nuclear bomb. andrea mitchell reports from the site of the talks in
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switzerland. >> hi tamron. tension is high in switzerland, at the iran talks, now iran backed off one part of a proposed agreement which would be to export enriched atomic fuel enriched uranium to another country, which would make it easier to be certain iran would have a hard time cheating or creating a nuclear weapon. no answers today as the countries negotiating with iran take stock. after ter ran balked at commitment to ship stock piles of fuel out of the country, raising questions about whether they would see it before a deal. >> the united states has been pushing so that the inspections can be more intrusive, the inspectors can get places quicker, and iran is required to provide more information about what its nuclear activities are. >> kerry and negotiators are
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working around the clock, trying to find ways around this and other problems. >> i am not paid to be optimistic. >> thank you, everybody, very much. >> not paid enough to be optimistic. >> the secretary of state's only break was a walk in the rain after midnight. fresh air before another long day and an uncertain outcome. plus, if he gets a deal he still has to sell it back home. >> now is the time to push back from the table, ask ourselves is it time to trust the people we are negotiating with the iranians. >> i have serious doubts over the last year whether there could be agreement, still have serious doubts. we've got a regime that's never quite kept their word about anything. >> time is short. only two days left. sergei lavrov russian prime minister is leaving, and only arrived late last night. that's another sign things are not going that well. it could change quickly if there are compromises at the
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negotiating table. right now, no sign of real progress. tamron? >> thank you andrea. now to what could further complicate nuclear negotiations with iran a new arab coalition against iran's influence. that as the united states supports the saudi arabia led coalition, today conducting a fifth straight day of air strikes against the iranian backed rebels in yemen. the rebels launched a new offensive in the country president obama once hailed as a model for fighting the war on terror. richard engel joins us live from istanbul turkey. richard, you have been reporting on this all weekend as well as today. this coalition, arab coalition formed as you reported out of distrust potentially of the negotiations with iran. >> reporter: there was a lot of frustration in the arab world now, in the sunni world. people are watching the administration's policy vis-a-vis iran they're confused
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by it angry because of it. they think the u.s. is accommodating iran by negotiating, by allowing iranian militia to operate with a freehand in iraq giving the militia air support in the case of tikrit by supporting iran on one hand in syria and fighting iran on the other hand also in syria, countries like saudi arabia and egypt say that they have to form their own military alliance because washington effectively can't be trusted to play a fair game and to contain iran. that's on the political front. i think that's why you saw the arab states in egypt over the weekend come out, form their own alliance form their own standing arab army, at least in principle. has to still be put together. and saudi arabia right now is leading a coalition, fighting iranian backed rebels in yemen. and there are reports that there
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were a high number of casualties from one of those air strikes. part of the saudi led campaign. at least 45 people were killed whether a fighter bomber it seems hit a refugee camp or camp for displaced people people fleeing from fighting the iranian backed rebels and u.s. and saudi backed government. it is a conflict that's continuing. it has a broader political dynamic. and this is the first time we are seeing any significant civilian casualties with a strike on a camp for displaced people. >> richard engel live in turkey. thank you very much. this morning, a german prosecutor unveiled new details about the co-pilot accused of deliberately crashing germanwings flight 9525 revealing andreas lubitz was treated for suicidal thoughts. that was several years before he got his pilot's license.
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>> he had at that time been in treatment with a psychotherapist because of what is documented as being suicidal. >> the prosecutor said he continued therapy for an extended period of time during which he was considered suicidal. in years that followed he continued to see a therapist, did not show suicidal tendencies or aggression toward others. a french prosecutor says lubitz's family is not being questioned out of respect for their pain, police have questioned his female partner. as for the investigation at the crash site searchers haven't recovered a second black box. katy tur has more from germanwings headquarters. >> reporter: tamron the prosecutor's office says he was not treated for any sort of organic illness, a cancer or
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heart disease. they say he was treated for suicidal tendencies but that was several years ago before he became a pilot. recently when he was checked again, they found no proof that he had any suicidal tendencies or any aggressiveness toward others. they say they still do not have a motive. in the alps the recovery is slow and arduous. workers dropped in by helicopter or climbed up by foot. each collecting pieces one by one, of debris and parts of bodies. the work proving just as trying as the investigation into the man they say caused it all, seen here a decade ago, flying a glider according to a german tv station. now the biggest tabloid bild says it obtained a time line from the cockpit voice recorder. the captain started normally
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apologizing for delay. 10:27, as the plane reached krugz altitude. he asked him to prepare for landing. he leaves moments later, sound of lubitz pushing his chair back door clicked shut. 10:32, air traffic control calls. then the captain yelling for god's sake open the door. alarm bells sound. 10:37, again the captain yells open the damn door. inside the cockpit, only steady breathing until 10:40, a sound like the scraping of the plane's right wing on the mountain top, then nothing, the audio cuts out. nbc news hasn't independently verified the time line and investigators will neither confirm nor deny it. in germany this morning, more reports of lubitz's medical issues was it depression or a vision problem, more rumors about his personal life. still no answers, no official motive to what could have gone
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so wrong for the 27-year-old who friends say loved the sky. french prosecutors say they've been able to collect half the dna from victims. they're going to match it with dna they've collected from family members. still a ways to go before they're able to identify any of the bodies. tamron? >> katy tur, thank you very much. we are following developing news in indiana where the state's republican lawmakers appear to be giving in to some of the back lash over the religious freedom law. in a news conference earlier today, republican assembly leaders announce they're drafting new legislation to clarify that law. >> we hope to have a fix very soon. >> i think what we are looking at right now is specific clarity to remove the misconception that the rifra allows denial of services to any hoosier. it doesn't do that. there are those who say on both sides now who say it has the
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potential to do that some say it absolutely does do that. it is our intent to clarify it does not. >> shortly after that announcement, democratic state assembly leaders respond, calling on colleagues to scrap the law entirely. >> if republicans want a fix there's only one choice and that is repeal this law. there is a way forward. there is a second chance. and it is a very precious second chance that we have. and we owe it to every hoosier to get this right. >> over the weekend, they protested the measure that critics say opens the door to discriminate against gays and lesbians, several prominent business leaders are speaking out. gabe gutierrez reports. >> reporter: they stress it is meant to protect businesses and individuals from government interference. this morning, lawmakers at the
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statehouse say the law does not discriminate and they plan to add language to the legislation clarifying its intent. this morning, a huge back lash against indiana's new religious freedom restoration act, and governor mike pence is on the defensive. >> we are not going to change the law, okay? >> reporter: fighting back against critics who say it legalizes discrimination against gay people calls it rhetoric. but indicated there might be room for clarification. >> if he sends me a bill that reiterates, a.m. mri fies clarifies what the law is then i am open to that. >> reporter: he and other supporters point out there are similar laws protecting religious freedom in 19 other states. >> haven't seen any credible evidence that people are going to be discriminated against. >> reporter: opponents argue indiana is getting more attention because it doesn't have a statewide nondiscrimination law that protects people no matter their
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sexual orientation. critics say it could allow businesses to deny services to gay people. with the final four set for next weekend, ncaa issued a statement, promising to examine the implications of the bill how it might effect future events. the fire storm spread across social media under #boycottindiana. celebrities from charles barkley to miley cyrus slammed the law. overnight, "the washington post" posted from an op-ed from tim cook the highest profile gay ceo in the country. it isn't a political issue it isn't a religious issue, it is how we treat each other as human beings. some businesses are posting signs. >> unfortunately this bill doesn't align with that. >> reporter: the president of indiana chamber of commerce calls the law unnecessary. ceo of angie's list says it put expansion plans on hold. many business leaders feel all of the attention is unwarranted, especially ahead of the final
8:16 am
four this weekend. tamron? >> thanks, gabe. joining me democratic indiana state representative ed delaney. thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> let me get your reaction to what happened just this morning. your state representative there, republican house speaker, said they hope to have a fix as you referred to it very soon. you have now a group of assembly leaders, republican assembly leaders drafting new legislation to quote, clarify, the law. is this enough? >> no, that won't be enough. what we have is a law they never did explain, that was never needed. now we have a governor that went on national television to say that fighting discrimination is not on his agenda. so no. i think our side has the point. we need to repeal the law, move forward, put real protection in the law for people of different sexual orientations. we do not have that protection in statewide law unlike other states. we have local ordinances. >> let's look at some of the companies already speaking out. you have indiana chamber of
8:17 am
commerce saying the law is entirely unnecessary, yelp ceo slamming the law, sales force cancelling company events in indiana, angie's list cancelling expansion that could result in thousands of jobs lost. eli lilly, apple, heard the statement from tim cook the ncaa now making a statement, nba as well as indiana pacers. were it not for big businesses big names here do you believe we would hear even the proposal of a fix this morning from republicans in the state? >> sadly, no. we argued the moral and legal principles. what this is is response to the fact that we defeated the effort to forbid same-sex marriage. the right wing is reeling, needed something to make them feel better. republicans announced that apparently republicans have been discriminating against religion. they had the governor's office over ten years. so there was no discrimination against religion. now our governor refuses to stand against discrimination based on sexual orientation.
8:18 am
he refuses to do that. that's the job of legislature to clean up the mess the governor called for and contributed to. >> i want to play what the governor said yesterday on abc this week regarding any change to the law. let's play that. >> george look we are not going to change the law, okay but if the general assembly in indiana sends me a bill that adds a section that reiterates and amplifies and clarifies what the law really is and what it has been for the last 20 years, then i'm open to that. but we're not going to change this law. it has been tested in courts for more than two decades on the federal level. >> where does this battle go if the governor continues with that stance and more companies potentially say they'll take business out of indiana. i should also point out you have the seattle mayor, ed murray banning all city funded travel to indiana.
8:19 am
this is your home state. i know you don't want to see people hurt financially, but that may be what ends up happening here. >> that pressure you need to understand the law. our legislature can pass a bill to repeal it pass a law to protect people despite sexual orientation, without regard to sexual orientation. if the governor doesn't like it he vetoes it we repass it simple majority not like washington. if our legislature wants the governor to back up which he needs to we can do it without his blessing. >> i heard a number of your colleagues call on their constituents to put pressure on the governor. what response have you heard from those in the communities that you represent and quite honestly throughout the state? >> ma'am, i have been around politics in indiana a long time. this is the first time i had republican friends of mine coming up to me saying their shutting off contributions to the state republican party. this is unprecedented. i've never seen such reaction. the problem is all that people expect is that they be accepted and legally protected.
8:20 am
the governor has taken a group of people and said you are not accepted by me and you are not going to be legally protected. that's causing enormous back lash in his own party because he is just out of touch. 95% of our people are accepting of everybody, and our people are hurting because of what he has done, and how he failed to explain this unnecessary bill. >> indiana state representative ed delaney. sir, thank you for your time today. we greatly appreciate it. >> thank you. in boston a dedication ceremony is under way as you see there. senator warren speaking at the new edward kennedy institute for the u.s. senate. elizabeth warren is speaking, president obama will deliver the keynote address in a few minutes. senator kennedy's widow victoria will introduce the president when he speaks. we will bring you his remarks live. also developing now, the prosecution is expected to rest in the boston marathon bombing trial. what we can expect from the defense. and will dzhokhar tsarnaev take the stand. a live report is ahead.
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a terrifying scene captured on camera as a veteran firefighter falls through the roof of a burning home. this is incredible video. we will update you on the condition of that firefighter. and outrage now growing over jamie foxx's joke about bruce jenner at the iheart radio music awards. >> he's doing a his and her duet all by himself. >> some call the comedian's remarks transphobic. what do you think. join the conversation online. find the team @newsnation, find me on facebook, twitter, instagram. we will be right back. the job jugglers. the up all-nighters. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can say, "i did it!" ♪ ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over
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welcome back. president obama is about to officially dedicate the new edward kennedy institute for the
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u.s. senate in boston. the facility is adjacent to john f. kennedy presidential library, will serve as museum and learning center. the president will be introduced by senator kennedy's widow victoria as we await the president, joined by kelly o'donnell. kelly, we are awaiting remarks from senator john mccain who should be up next according to the program. but this museum and learning center is quite remarkable. >> reporter: it is the only place in the world, tamron where there's a life size replica of the u.s. senate chamber. it will give students and visitors a chance to feel what it is like to be a senator with a lot of educational programs that let students learn how to debate, even a mini filibuster talking how the to get legislation passed. it is intended to breathe life into that part of the government to make people feel a different connection to it.
8:26 am
obviously we live in times, i cover congress all the time and know that the public doesn't always have necessarily the same high minded view of congress. this is a way, it was ted's vision and donors and the public taxpayer dollars were used to create a center that can explain how laws are made and how this sort of political debate can be high minded. a little earlier in the program, former senate majority leader trent lot of mississippi gave remarks and talked about some of the behind the scenes relationship he had with ted kennedy to get things done and it is a chilly day here. we even had snow. he said he now knows why kennedys have so much hair to keep their head warm. it has been a day of real nostalgia, light hearted moments, boston pops are playing, the president hasn't yet arrived, but the program is under way. the vice president is here as well. mr. biden will also go in preside over the replica senate like he does in washington. >> and the vice president will
8:27 am
be introduced by patrick kennedy. you talked about sometimes we don't like the nature of what we see out of washington, d.c. and john mccain just gave an interview yesterday and said of senator kennedy probably the greatest antagonist i ever had on the floor of the senate. as i mention, senator mccain should be up very soon. >> reporter: and senator mccain, i spoke with him friday about his coming here today, he said they had a real friendship too. part of what was different i guess in that time was you could have very differing political views but they had real personal connections and relationships that went beyond the politics. some stories heard today are how ted kennedy would call at all hours of the day or night to talk to people he was trying to work on things with to pay a call to someone who was involved in a project. frankly at a much lower level than ted kennedy was at that time, and basically talking about the personal connection of politics and how that can help to get things done.
8:28 am
so this is a bipartisan spirit here. we don't always see that in washington, but certainly the kennedy institute wants that to be part of the legacy here. >> kelly o'donnell live for us. thank you so much. coming up investigators are on the scene of this weekend's air canada plane crash looking into why it touched down more than 1,000 feet short of the runway. and rescuers have recovered two victims from the new york city building explosion, this as investigators identify a possible source of the blast. it is one of the stories we are following around the "newsnation." we will be right back. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll
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8:32 am
once the prosecution wraps, it will be the defense's turn to present their case. and their goal is not to prove tsarnaev innocent but spare him the death penalty. ron mott is in boston covering the trial. as i understand it ron, it is not immediately clear whether the defense will call any witnesses in the first phase of the trial. >> reporter: hi there, tamron. we think this is the last prosecution witness, from the medical examiner's office who performed the autopsy on eight-year-old martin richard. seems like the prosecution is trying to remind the jury after all this is a murder case involving terrorism. and then the officer that was killed. a recent filing by the defense suggesting that the court essentially says it is fact using words of the prosecution, that the apartment over in cambridge where the pressure cooker bombs were assembled was essentially not the place where
8:33 am
dzhokhar tsarnaev was staying, it was quote, unquote an occasional overnight residence for him, that his brother is the one that lived there. the defense as you know is not necessarily challenging whether dzhokhar tsarnaev was involved here, they're looking to try to spare his life once we get to the penalty phase, if there's a penalty phase, if he is somehow acquitted in this case the defense is expected to put tamerlan tsarnaev on trial when they take over the case perhaps as early as today, once the prosecution rests. >> ron mott live for us. thank you very much. greatly appreciate that update. coming up, new revelations that hillary clinton wiped e-mails from her private server. what clinton's lawyer is now saying. it is part of today's first read. and this is the man who will replace jon stewart on "the daily show." trevor noah. what do you know about him. we will get caught up on his background. it is one of the things we just thought you should know. forget about it. tylenol was ok, but it was 6 pills a day. but aleve is just 2 pills all day.
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news we've been following this morning. the fbi and other law enforcement are investigating a shooting just outside nsa headquarters in fort meade, maryland. our affiliate wrc reports one person was killed in that incident in which a guard fired at two men disguised as women as they tried to enter the gate in an suv. the fbi says they do not believe this is related to any terrorism, they're working with u.s. attorneys office in maryland to determine if federal charges are warranted. we will keep you up to date on the development. nevertheless, one person killed in a firefight that erupted monday after a car with two people tried to ram a gate at fort meade in maryland the military base near the gate of the national security agency. now to 2016 politics. hillary clinton is facing new accusations from republicans regarding e-mails from her time as secretary of state. republican congressman trey gowdy who heads the house investigation on benghazi is
8:38 am
claiming that clinton wiped her e-mail server clean and permanently deleted all e-mails from it. meanwhile, former governor martin o'malley took a thinly veiled shot at clinton and bush. and marco rubio may be announcing his bed two weeks from now at the freedom tower in downtown miami. joining me nbc news senior political editor mark murray. first let's talk about allegations about the e-mail server. >> trey gowdy revealed hillary clinton wiped her server clean when there were inquiries on getting benghazi related e-mails. clinton's attorney saying in response you're trying to find the wrong source. don't check her server check the state department which has all of the e-mails hillary clinton turned over. one problem with that this goes back to the entire story, this shows that hillary clinton, she and her team were able to
8:39 am
selectively turn over what they wanted to do. there wasn't any type of neutral ar better to say what's worthy to turn over and what wasn't. >> clinton attorney david ken dal said clinton turned over to state department all work related e-mails sent or received during her tenure as secretary of state from 2009 to 2013. that was a letter released friday. but the second topic, martin o'malley on this week with george stephanopoulos. let me play what he said. >> our country always benefits from new leadership and new perspectives, and let's be honest here the presidency of the united states is not some crown to be passed between two families. it is an awesome and sacred trust to be earned and exercised on behalf of the american
8:40 am
people. >> so what's been reaction to that comment? >> we learned two things. one, it does seem martin o'malley is close to running for the presidency. he might be the only democratic challenger against hillary clinton. the other thing we noticed, he gets attention when he ends up attacking her explicitly or implicitly. one thing worth noting about that handing the crown from one family to the other, he endorsed hillary clinton over barack obama in 2008 some of his critics may point if he wanted to end the dynasty, would have been better off endorsing barack obama. >> nothing is locked down on marco rubio. an adviser told me over the weekend it seems there's some smoke around april 13th in miami, nothing is 100% locked down. tamron we can have a good guess this is when the announcement will take place.
8:41 am
carly fiorina, if she decides to run would be a female candidate on the republican side. worth noting never held elected office. lost her senate race against barbara boxer. >> she said she was 99% in i think that was her percentage, in the 90s she would be running. >> sounds like a good chance tamron. >> thank you very much mark. appreciate it. terrifying video shows a veteran firefighter falling through the roof of a burning home in california. the latest on his condition in this unbelievable video. first, there's a lot going on this morning. here are some things we just thought you should know. this morning, it is official. trevor noah will replace jon stewart as host of "the daily show" show". he says he has tremendous comic talent. his debut announced at a later date. that's one thing we thought you should know. hey, how's the college visit? you remembered.
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we are back with a look at top stories that the "newsnation" is following now. secretary of state john kerry is holding nuclear talks with iran in the race to reach the framework for a deal ahead of the midnight deadline tomorrow night. reportedly one of the main issues remaining is how to dispose of iran's large stockpile of atomic fuel that could potentially be used to construct a nuclear bomb. prosecutors in germany say andreas lubitz co-pilot of the flight was treated for suicidal thoughts years ago, before he received his pilot's license. and president obama, vice president joe biden and first lady are in boston today to take part in a dedication ceremony at the edward m. kennedy institute. it features a full replica of the senate chamber, will open to the public tomorrow. the president will be speaking in a few minutes. we will bring you that live.
8:46 am
right now, the vice president is speaking. a firefighter is in critical condition after plunging into a burning garage. the seasoned captain is fighting for his life. a cell phone caught the unbelievable frightening video. >> reporter: this cell phone video captured terrifying moments saturday afternoon when a firefighter walking on top of a burning garage in fresno california plunged through the roof trying to ventilate the building. as he fell a blaze of fire caused onlookers to scream in horror. >> scared. it was scary. i was panicking. >> reporter: it took firefighters three minutes to pull him from the garage. the 25 year veteran suffers burns on his hands, face back and legs. over 65% of his body. 40% of his body suffering third degree burns. >> once we extracted the firefighter out of the garage removed his clothes, doused him with water. as they took the uniform off, he was burned head to toe.
8:47 am
>> reporter: after the accident firefighters immediately followed their colleague to the hospital, praying for his survival. >> we are family brothers and sisters, and as you can see here we rally around each other, and are very supportive. >> the cause of that fire is still under investigation. up next our "newsnation" gut check, back lash is growing over actor comedian jamie foxx's joke about bruce jenner. some are calling that joke transphobic. we will tell you how to weigh in on it at the present yound tell you more of what jamie foxx said. join the conversation. we will be right back. doug. you've been staring at that for awhile, huh? listen, td ameritrade has former floor traders to help walk you through that complex trade. so you'll be confident enough to do what you want. i'll pull up their number. blammo. let's get those guys on the horn. oooo looks like it is time
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available in engineering, science, technology, arts, and math. but to develop the skills of tomorrow, we need to get our kids excited about those skills today. so show them how they could use those skills in the real world. they could build skyscrapers design race cars or even shoot movies. give them the best gift you could give any child: a good education. the more you know. you can join the news nation on twitter, find the team at news nation. a deadly crash off a florida highway tops our look at stories around the news nation. eight killed and ten others injured, when a church van ran a
8:51 am
stop sign and landed in a canal shortly after midnight this morning. the florida highway patrol is currently investigating the cause of that accident. the injured are being treated at four different hospitals. two are listed in critical condition. two bodies have been discovered in the rubble of an apparent gas explosion that brought down three buildings in new york city on thursday. investigators are looking into whether the gas line in the basement of one of the building was rigged possibly causing the leak that set off the blast. 22 people were injured in the explosion. scary moments on an air canada flight. a plane carrying 138 passengers and crew members made a hard landing and skidded off the runway at hall fax international airport. pictures show how the nose of the plane was sheared off in the landing and the plane severed a power line temporarily knocking out power at the airport. they have obtained the black
8:52 am
boxes and the investigation is under way. time for the "news nation" gut check. some of the biggest names in music were on hand for the iheart radio music awards but today the headline is about a controversial joke by the host actor jamiefoxx. take a listen. >> we've got bruce jenner will be here doing musical performances. he's doing a his and her duet all by himself. >> blogger perez hilton immediately tweeted about it and called the joke transphobic and said it was rude and not funny at all. others were fine with it. people need to make fun of themselves in life. i guess you can't joke with each other anymore, jamie foxx is a comedian. there hasn't been any response from jamie foxx or bruce jenner do you agree with the critics
8:53 am
who call his jokes about bruce jenner transphobic. take a look at what the "news nation" is saying about friday's gut check. mike pence signed that controversial religious freedom restoration act into law. the bill allows business owners to refuse service based on religious freedom. some say it allows for discrimination. but governor pence says it is not about discrimination. do you agree the bill is not about discrimination? 90% said no 10% said yes. cynthia said it's discrimination as a hoosier i'm mortgage fied it's our our country has come to this. we look like a joke. i'm tamron hall. you can catch us every weekday 11:00 a.m. eastern. up next, "andrea mitchell reports."
8:54 am
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right now, down to the wire
8:58 am
as the deadline approaches for a deal on iran's nuclear program. the last minute negotiations continue as for the diplomats, are they optimistic a deal will get done? >> to be optimistic. >> thank you very much. >> we're not paid enough to be optimistic. >> suicidal tendencies the co-pilot blamed for the crash of germanwings 9525 was reportedly treated by a psychiatrist before getting his pilot's license. >> but these documents don't show any hints of being suicidal or being aggressive against other people. >> and boycott in indiana, a controversial new law puts hoosier hospitality in question. will it allow businesses to discriminate against the lgbt
8:59 am
community? good day, i'm luke russert in washington. monitoring the latest developments on the nuclear talks in switzerland. john kerry and diplomats from five other countries have 30 hours to solidify the framework for a possible permanent deal with iran with the final draft coming this summer. andrea mitchell joins us now from switzerland. where do we stand in? >> reporter: the talks have not been going all that well. it's hard to tell. what we do know is that in fact there was a new york times report saying iran had retracted a possible agreement to export its enriched uranium fuel. it was pushed back saying they
9:00 am
had not agreed to that. there have been problems on resolving how much research and development iran can continue to have during the possible decade of these talks and the five or so years afterwards. and also how much -- how quickly the sanctions on iran -- and they are complicated, not just sanctions from the u.s. two types of u.n. sanctions and european sanctions, when would they be phased out. to get clarity on all of that marie harf is the spokesperson from the state department. marie, we know you can't talk about the actual details of these negotiations but how likely is it that there will be a framework, some sort of agreement by midnight tomorrow night or shortly there after? >> i think we really still don't know. there's much uncertainty in the room as there is among the press trying to cover it. we're closer but there's still really big issues that iran hasn't made decisions on yet. we're not going to take a bad deal. we have to be assured we


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