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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 1, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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more and more on their scientists who are there at the talks as the talks get down to can get closer to those done. andrea mitchell reporting they're relying on their scientists at the talks as the talks get down to it. we're all watching. we'll keep you posted as we learn more. "first look" is up next. >> good morninging coming up on "first look" -- religious freedom law indiana in under increasing pressure. >> this law has been smeared. it does not give anyone the right to deny services to gay and lesbian couples. was i expecting this kind of backlash? heavens no. >> similar law is about to take shape in arkansas. then to sensational reports surrounding a video and new details about what lufthansa really knew. and a man hunt involving hundreds of federal agents.
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"first look" starts right now. good morning everyone and thank you for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. breaking news overnight. andrew ge shgs ty was found dead in his hollywood hills home. he was just 47. it doesn't appear that anyone criminal activity was involved. no word on yet. police say a woman in the home at the time is being questioned. and lufthansa is under fire after learning that they knew about the co-pilot's history. claudio, what's the latest there? >> reporter: betty, the ceo of germanwings and lufthansa will be here holding a press
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conference. we'll see if they'll give any more details if they knew anything about lubitz's past history. during his flight training in a facility that was run by lufthansa. in the meantime we hope to hear what they think about this video, claimed, by a magazine they saw a video allegedly shot by a passenger onboard 15 seconds before the crash took place. now u we spoke to the deputy chief editor of the magazine we also spoke to the journalist who allegedly passed on that video, he actually showed that video. it shows from the back of the plane, you can hear passengers screaming, shouting oh my good in several languages. you can hear bangs on the door. nbc news can't confirm the existence or the authenticity of
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this video, of course the french police say it's a fake. but the magazine stands by its report. arkansas gave final approval to a law similar to indiana. walmart, based in arkansas is taking a stand. it publicly came out against that bill yesterday and its ceo urged a veto back in indiana, nine ceo s have sent a law demanding it be changed. >> it cuss not give any right to deny services to anyone in this state. it's simply a balancing test used by our federal courts and jurisdictions across the country for more than two decades.
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>> a clarification of the law is expected to be on the governor's desk by the end of the week. the march 31st deadline for a iranian nuclear deal has come and gone talks were extended until today. secretary of state john kerry and his fellow negotiations have already started the meeting. kerry updated president obama on the status on the negotiations with iran so far. what is the latest with these talks? >> reporter: another extension has come and gone as negotiators work through the night. they're making progress. it seems that some of the problems, the iranians are reluctant to get into specifics to sign some sort of document that would put in restrictions or limitations on what they can do on the nuclear program.
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iranians prefer to negotiate this until an interim agreement comes to an end. that doesn't make the americans feel comfortable, the americans want specific numbers on key issues. iranians are want to portray an image at home that they're putting up a tough image to these negotiators. they're not keen on relations with the united states. having said that it seems that diplomacy is working by and large. if they extend these talks and they don't come out with it an accord it's going to look very bad for both negotiating sides. it's a crucial day today. betty. >> thank you so much for that live report. after just two days of testimony, the defense has rested its case in the boston bombing trial. lawyers for tsarnaev have called
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just four witnesses. 92 prosecution witnesses testified against him. there were 92 prosecution witnesses who testified against him and one of those was an fbi fingerprint witness. closing arguments are scheduled for monday. this next story, has it all. danger, drama, high anxiety amid a nine-hour manhunt in one of washington, d.c.'s busiest suburbs. nbc's tom costello reports. >> reporter: it started just before 3:00 a.m. hospital patients and nurses hid in their rooms as s.w.a.t. team members searched for this man. he fled. suddenly adding to the confusion, police were pulled
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into another high-speed chase close by during rush hour. it was a female suspect in a pickup, one of her credit card on identity theft. crashing into pursuing police cars. then, they were back searching for their first suspect. >> this guy request just did a car jacking. >> reporter: he allegedly hid in a woman's truck and kicked out the backseat. she then crashed the car. >> i heard a lady screaming like crazy. >> reporter: he took off, dumped the first car and changed clothes. suddenly the suspect came running out of the woods. he took right down the street. finally after nine hours, police arrested him without incident in southeastern d.c. back in custody of federal marshals.
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seven minutes past the hour. let's get down to business. good morning. >> good morning to you. godaddy prices its ipo above its extented range. the web domain company well known for its ri is que ads has more than 1 million customers. amazon wants to make sure you never run out of coffee or razors ever again. it launched the device the dark button. the button is connected by wifi to amazon's app. the button is free only available by request. if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. richard branson, the billionaire announcing he's relocating virgin atlantic to branson, missouri
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missouri. betty back over to you. >> yeah, right. let's get to sports and check out the nba. in sports let's start with the nba. warriors steph curry put the moves and his behind the back crossover and hits the jumper to top it off. the warriors win it 110-106. and kevin durant has undergone season-ending skin graft surgery for his foot. his recovery time is expected to take four months to six months. tiger woods could make his return at the masters, woods hasn't played since he withdrew at torrey pines back in february. jameis winston put on a show at his pro day. and winston threw passes for nearly an hour, impressing the crowd and sounds confident head nothing to the draft. >> why should the bucs select
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you number one in the draft? >> i'm the best player in the draft. >> that's one way to put it. in a recent study of all major league contracts, the top salary will break the 4 million dollar point for the first time. and the puppy predictors are back. who will win the ncaa tournament? let's take a look. >> release the puppies. very close game. it looks like michigan is going to take. there you go. there it is right there. michigan is the winner. michigan state. >> how cute is that? we'll see if they're right. the final four play on saturday. coming up -- johnnie mitchell is hospitalized. details on that. they ignore 60% of their calls and they're about to $2 billion, america's new irs.
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welcome back everybody. some breaking news. going to take you live to southern france where the ceo of lufthansa is speaking right now. let's take a listen. >> -- as i to today. those who have helped us here locally and we also know what burden we have put on the people in this area where nothing is the same anymore after march 4 and i promise to the mayors we'll do everything in lufthansa to support, to turn this place into a place of mourning for the relatives and friends of the victims and also to restore this beautiful countryside as much as we can after the investigation
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has finished. and let me extend the last word of thanks to the excellent investigators here in france who have done a great job and who have our full support into their professionalism, we help as much as we can and we're grateful about the professional work that has been done here alsoby the accident investigators. so again, thanks to all of you. merci. >> the 2009 e-mail from lubitz -- >> i'm sorry. >> why it take so long to answer -- >> there are no questions and answers --
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>> this following his visit to the crash site that crash occurring last week flight 9525 the germanwings plane, we're understanding more about it and the co-pilot which according to reports may have had suicidal tendencyies deliberately crashed that plane into the alps. we're learning more about this investigation day by day. more to tell you about this morning. some bad news for robert menendez, our affiliate says he may hit with federal charges today. at issue, free private plane trips to the dominican republic allegedly in exchange for his help in securing a contract. joni mitchell was rushed to
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the hospital. her twitter account says she's in intensive care but is in good spirits. l.a. officials responded to a 911 call from bel air where mitchell lived. but could not verify her identity. bad news from the irs, its boss says the irs is ignoring more than 60% of taxpayers' phone calls the reason staffing cuts, due to a lack of funding. . the government will lose $2 billion this year in money that it would have been able to collect if they had better staffing. how close is monica lewinsky to truly expressing herself? and is ted cruz missing in action? scrambled politics is next. ght ended. or shifted? miracle-gro. life starts here.
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zblrjts 20 minutes past the hour. here's your scrambled politics. in usa today, watchdog complaints against four presidential hopefuls. the campaign legal center wants the federal elections committee to see if they have violated fund-raising limits during the testing the waters phase of their potential campaigns. the candidates deny breaking the rules. a big hit for hillary clinton ahead of a possible 2016 run. her favoritability is down in two key battle ground states in two states.
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ted cruz missing in action at armed services committee hearings. he's been to three of the 16 public hearings this year the average member attended ten more than cruz and he's the only 1 of the 26 members who's been to less than half of the meetings. his response according to a washington post reporter, he said he's been putting his campaign today, and. monica lewinsky a social activist against cyberbullying, discussed social media. she said there are advantages but also challenges for her. >> most of my friends tell me my humor is not on display on my twitter feed. i haven't quite felt comfortable yet to fully be myself. and david letterman has been using a new segment to say farewell to senate minority leader harry reid. >> it's called harry reid career
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highlights. i hope you enjoy it. ♪ ♪ >> we have an america today many many states i don't know the exact number. >> i don't, either. and that is your morning dish of scrambled politics. all right, 22 minutes past the hour. i'm joined by jonathan allen, d.c. bureau chief for bloomsburg news. indiana governor says he wants clarification of the religious freedom law on the desk by friday sounds like damage control, signal kind of amendment. >> absolutely damage control, he's backing off faster than some of his republicans. this is a really an interesting space where there's been a lack of coordination within the republican party about having
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handle this. >> meanwhile, arkansas's governor is ready to sign a similar law, but retail giant walmart which is based in arkansas is really pushing back on this. could this change the governor's mind? >> walmart as big as it gets in terms of a corporate presence in a state, their relationship with the state of arkansas i think, doesn't sound like walmart is ready to pick up its polls and move somewhere else this is an area of pressure for the governor and an area of opportunity for walmart. >> you know we heard a few comments, it doesn't seem like 2016 presidential hopefuls are just racing to jump into this debate. >> they wanted to see how it played out. we did see ted cruz for instance was very quick off the mark and i think there were others jeb
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bush were quick to support pence in indiana. others wanted to see if pence did an 180. >> no doubt. jonathan allen joining us this morning. thank you. >> take care betty. just ahead -- google brings back the '80s, we'll explain, next. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back to "first look." this is the big weather story across the globe over the next three, four days. super typhoon maysay should get to manila by the time we get to
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saturday. category 2 equivalent. it will weaken significantly. lot of hail reports out there yesterday. 169 reports of large hail. today's threat is mostly the storms early today, which are dying off today, betty. >> all right, thank you so much. there's more fallout from the indiana freedom of religion law, you won't cash ron and tammy swanson, canceled a comedy tour date in indiana. the 1975 craze the pet rock died at the age 78, daal, sold 1.5 million rocks at $4 a pop by the time the fad was over. google's latest april fools prank is here. it's pac man.
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built it into google maps. >> i just tested it. it's fantastic. it's genius. do the tight grid. don't do your country townhouse. >> i'm betty nguyen and this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" starts right now. ♪ ♪ in the age of chimpanzees -- very early good morning. it's wednesday, april 1st. okay, i'm going to give you a hint. it's april fool's day. i don't know who's coming after
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you. duck. you tuned in. i have given you the warning. it's april the 1st. some breaking news out of france pretty remarkable developments that have happened in of course that airliner crash, it ends up the airline knew a lot more about the pilot's depression many years ago. we'll have breaking news out of france. we'll go there in a minute with the interview but let's begin with indiana, over religious freedom bill that critics say allows businesses to discriminate against gays and lesbians. governor pence held a press conference and said that he expects legislation on his desk this week. the law won't allow businesses to deny services to anyone. as indiana tries to quite the storm, another state


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