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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  April 1, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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that. but the freedom of information act wasn't designed to be convenient. it was designed to be thorough. that's it for "the cycle." hillary clinton endorses elizabeth warren for president. john boehner and bebe netanyahu fly to switzerland. it's wednesday, april 1st and this is "now." save money, live better. that is the slogan of the arkansas based retail giant walmart, but for the state's governor today's slogan could have been save face live better. today arkansas governor hutchinson announced he would not sign his state's religious freedom restoration act. >> there is clearly a generational gap on this issue.
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my son seth signed the petition asking me, dad, the governor to veto this bill. i ask that changes be made in the legislation. i've asked that the leaders of the general assembly to recall the bill so it can be amended to reflect the terms of the federal religious freedom restoration act. >> we reached out to governor hutchinson's son seth who told us i'm proud to have made a small contribution to the overall effort to stop discrimination against the lgbt community. the move today is a bit of an about face for hutchinson. he said he would sign the measure if it reached his desk in similar form as to what has been passed in 20 other states but that was before an outcry
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prompted indiana lawmakers to amend a similar piece of legislation in their state. it was also before walmart joined a chorus of opposition in the state of arkansas. that company roughly employees 48,000 people in governor hutchinson's state and walmart was joined by axiom. walmart applauded the governor's change of heart. we commend governor hutchinson and legislative leaders for reconsidering hb1228. we want to make sure any legislation does not encourage discrimination but the governor did not abandon the bill all together. >> how do we as a state communicate to the world that we are respectful of a diverse workplace and we want to be known as a state that does not discriminate, but understands
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tolerance? that is the challenge that we face. >> joining me now is arkansas state representative and president of the human rights campaign and a state senator. warwick, can i start with you? i know you met with the governor yesterday. did you see this change of heart coming? >> i was hopeful for it. we spent the entire day yesterday trying to forge a compromise that would add it to a separate bill or come up with some other kpropgscompromise. what the governor announced this morning was that compromise. the house bill was poorly written. it didn't correspond with federal rfra. i'm just glad that we're able to deal with this in some small way before the session ends.
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>> the governor name checked his son seth. i wonder if you think that split we're seeing across the country whether that is what happened in arkansas was inevitable or a product of activism? >> there's no question of where we are today in arkansas is a very different place than we were yesterday or even a week before and the real headline out of today is people spoke and this governor listened. we still have to see ultimately what the legislature is going to do and what they're going to send to him, but tens of thousands of arkansans made their voices heard. their voices were heard, the governor listened and this bill is being sent back.
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there's no question that's progress. we still have a long ways to go but it's a good place to be here in arkansas today. >> yeah let me go back to you because i guess the question is will we ultimately be heartened by whatever passes given the fact that the folks who wrote this law that the governor threatened to veto today passed a law earlier a couple weeks ago sb202, which is a bill to ban local anti-discrimination laws an anti-anti-discrimination law. those folks who do not want to see anti-discrimination laws passed are the same folks who authored the bill in question that we're talking about today, so how do you overcome that resistance? >> well and you make a key point. sb202 and 1228 were part of the same package. you can't consider one without
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the other. it also speaks to the fact that when we were objecting to 1228 in the first place, it was because it was clearly designed to create the potential for government protected discrimination. it wasn't a replication of the federal rfra. it was something very different from that and we have also seen subsequent to that that other states are using bills like 1228 as a template to try to proactively create the opportunity for discrimination. it's created the opportunity for us to try to fix 1228 but i think we have to push forward to try to affirmatively protect sexual orientation and gender identity in arkansas. if the intent wasn't truly to discriminate, we have to write that into our law. we have to consider not only the substance of the legislation,
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but the context. those of us who have been pushing for that are going to continue doing that. >> the things that have happened in arkansas today, how much of a bind does that put the governor of indiana in mike pence? >> mike pence is in a little bit of a different position because he's already signed this bill and now he's sending a message back to the legislature that although we're not going to undo this law, he wants some fix. he's sort of left it to the legislature to decide what that fix is going to be and we're kind of in the same position as arkansas. there is a context to this bill and it was passed and pushed by the same people that two years ago in indiana tried to get an amendment to the constitution to
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ban gay marriage so it's the same group of players that are pushing this law here. now we've got a law that was signed, and it's become obviously an embarrassment to the administration because businesses all over the state of indiana are just hitting the roof over this. and not only businesses in the state of indiana, but we've kind of become a national embarrassment to the governor for having signed this bill. so what we need to do now -- and the democrats on both sides of the chamber have a fix and it's a really easy fix. it's a few words in the indiana civil rights statute that would take care of this. unfortunate -- go ahead. >> i was just going to say i want to go to chad. there are similar bills to
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karen's point. there are fixes that could happen. the question is do those fixes happen. i mean who has the wind in their sails at this moment in time there are similar laws being considered in georgia? do i think what happened in arkansas flips the script? >> i certainly thing it helps. look, there are more than 100 anti-lgbt bills in state legislatures across the country. some are died. some have been defeated. they're under attack in this country by a small political faction that thought they could sneak in these state legislatures without anyone noticing, without business noticing, without constituents noticing, and without the media noticing. guess what? the world was watching, we're paying attention, and we're holding folks accountable. >> i think one of the things that was most surprising was the business world responding to this.
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companies like walmart people do not necessarily associate has having the most presentationogressive policies came out in force. how did -- how were they brought on board? >> look here's what happened. these bills attack the citizens of state from which these companies do business but these bills also attack the employees of these very companies. it's bad business. companies have a self-interest to step up and do the right thing and to make sure they're defeated. you have a governor like governor hutchinson he wants to be the jobs governor. what this bill was telling the rest of this country is this state, the state of arkansas, is chose closed for business. i think governor hutchinson opened up a conversation to get rid of this bad piece of legislation. we still have to see what comes
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back and what comes back for him to sign but corporate america has really stepped up and made an incredible difference just as they did on the issue of marriage equality by the way. >> we were talking about the fix and the changes in the law. do you feel democrats are going to get those concessions from this governor? >> look i don't know what's going to happen in this legislature. just a few blocks down the street, there are legislators in that capital trying to figure out what to do. the easy thing to do is kill this bill and move on to a positive bill that provides the protections to lgbt arkansas citizens. it's an american value. it's an arkansas value. treat everyone equally under the law. this bill intentionally targeted lgbt folks, went after that and discriminated against them. i hope we can move on from these
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attacks and move towards some pieces of legislation that actually protect folks. that's what's needed in this state. that's what's needed in states all across this country. and i'm optimistic that can be done in a bipartisan way where democrats and republicans can come together and do the right thing by their constituents. >> thank you guys all for your time. >> thank you alex. >> thank you. after the break, the de facto president of the tech world, tim cook is a vocal critic of indiana's religious freedom law. jeb bush is an active supporter of it. plus who has the most leverage in the remaining hours of the iranian nuke talks? and jerry brown just did something that no california governor has ever done. i'll tell you what it is next on
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whether the 2016 field wanted a new culture war or not, they're got one. with a growing roster of businesses coming out against religious liberty measures in indiana and arkansas the republican governors of those states are taking small steps back which puts certain 2016 hopefuls in an awkward spot. folks like jeb bush, ted cruz, and marco rubio find themselves not only going against public opinion, but also the likes of walmart, the gap, yelp and apple. while ted cruz may trumpet his
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stance against with his first visit to iowa, for jeb bush it is awkward. note to jeb, this might be a good time to declare april fools'. joining me now is michael steele and john staten. chairman steele here's what i don't understand. if you're jeb bush's campaign strategist, why send the governor out with a statement of support for the indiana this early in the game? >> you like to think because this is a principled position that the governor wants to take as i think you could say for a number of republicans who have come out and spoken on this. they didn't want to sit back to do the political calculation. that's part it.
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i think the other part of it is the dynamics of a potentially large republican field for the nomination kicking off next week. already has with cruz but you'll have others jumping in the next few weeks. i think all of that kind of moved or forced the hand of the governor. he took a measured position. it wasn't something you could swing one way wildly or the other. he tried to find that strike zone down the middle. i think that was safe for him. he was heading out to the west coast to raise money. these businesses are not going to throw jeb bush under the bus for this. trust me. >> i guess, john how awkward do you think it is that you have yelp twitter, foursquare apple, obviously coming out against this indiana law and jeb bush is now sort of in their backyard with his hat in his
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hand asking for donations? >> i'm sure he didn't want to have to talk about this with them at this luncheon. this is not a situation where these corporations are going to say because you're jeb bush we're not going to give you money. on so many issues he and the business community are in lock step. in early states where the electorate on the republican side is going to be older voters, this is something they very much believe in. it will work well for the governor and anybody else in the primaries at that point. >> somebody on our show yesterday suggested that one of the reasons -- beyond the principled position that the former governor bush was taking this was also an attempt to prove his conservative
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bonafides. >> i think there are a lot of presumptions that are made about these candidates how conservative they are, how liberal or moderate they are based on some very light stuff. when you look at the substance of who these people are and what they have stood for long before moments like this you get a better sense of why they stand in the square the way they do at this moment. there is some degree of that that does come into play when you look at it but i just don't -- again, on an issue like this, that it is born into the fabric of the gop, that religious liberty and all liberties should be protected, that this is an easy one for a lot of these candidates. >> wait --. let me -- i take issue with the
1:21 pm
easiness. that has become conflated with a question about where they stand on issues of gay rights and gay marriage. however rightfully or wrongly, it is a question that's going to be asked to all these guys. >> but, alex you're asking a question that you already know the answer to. it is no the a it is not a secret to anybody in this country. there is no "there" there. >> or there it is. i guess i wonder how much you think that is an issue in a national race. >> nobody has ever lost an election on lgbt rights. they do have an example of someone who was able to
1:22 pm
successfully sort of skew con sefb -- conservative in a primary and then bring himself back and that was george bush. cultural issues never impacted him too much in 2000. most of the republicans are lookinglook ing at that and saying that's what i want to do when i get the nomination. >> this is also happening in the week we found out hillary clinton has scrubbed her server clean. this has taken up a lot of air time. >> and she's happy for that. >> indeed. i guess i wonder which is a bigger issue going into 2016. the questions that republicans are going to have to answer on the issue of gay marriage nationally, not within their party, or hillary clinton talking about her e-mails. >> i think from both partisan perspectives both of those issues will play together.
1:23 pm
the right will hit the e-mail issue and the left will raise the social issues. in terms of the public that is sandwiched in the middle of that i think the e-mail issue is probably going to register a little bit more because it speaks to a level of character. you know you can have a conscious -- >> some would argue your position -- >> i can have a moral reason why i do not support a particular issue, but when i'm hiding public documents and i'm not being forthright about that that's a very different conversation for the american people. >> people do look at the clintons and have this notion that they hide things they're not always honest with the public. >> people also have a notion that the republican party is intolerant. >> there's some of that as well. for her, that is a very front and center issue for her.
1:24 pm
in a national election i'm not sure -- i don't know. i'm not sure which one is the bigger one right now. >> alex you said the republican party is intolerant. that's different from being the democratic nominee. >> that is true. >> whoever emerges as the eventual nominee could deal with that issue of intolerance. >> thank you guys. always good to see you. coming up iran nuclear talks are in overtime but could negotiators actually end up walking away with nothing? that's next.
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how much protein does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20? purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learn more at nearly 24 hours after the self-imposed deadline passed negotiations on iran's nuclear program are still taking place in switzerland. three of the five morn ministers
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have left. it is hard to tell at this point whether or when a framework for the deal will be reached. john kerry will remain in switzerland until at least thursday morning. the white house gave a vague update reiterating a willing nksness to walk away from the negotiations if necessary. >> we have not yet received the specific tangible commitments that the international community seeks. as long as we are in a position of convening serious talks that are making progress that we would not arbitrarily or abruptly end them but if we are in a situation where we sense that the talks have stalled, then yes then, yes, the united states and the international community is prepared to walk away. >> we hope that the political
1:29 pm
will by all parties exists in order to move forward. there are problems that have prevented us from reaching the first stage of finding the solution, and i certainly hope that our colleagues will recognize the fact that this is a unique opportunity that will not be repeated and they need to take advantage of this opportunity. >> but one diplomat's opportunity is another foreign leaders retrograde. benjamin netanyahu held a press conference from jerusalem calling the direction of the negotiations, quote, uncon unconscionable. is there optimism or pessimism about the likelihood of the
1:30 pm
deal? >> i think pessimism is starting to set in. things are dragging on quite badly right now. we're not sure if we're going to get a statement from these guys let alone them reaching a political framework as they prepare to burn the midnight oil for another long night of negotiations. the foreign minister is usually very diplomatic but had some quite harsh words today. the success of these talks depends on the political will of these powers. he he said complexities exist not only in the discussions between iran and -- earlier today, the deputy foreign minister speaking on state tv said if an agreement is reached, sanctions on oil, banking, and finance have to be
1:31 pm
lifted immediately. he also insisted that iran be able to continue research and development of centrifuges. this is are very contentious points. three of the foreign ministers left. among them the french foreign minister. he'd only return if things were looking good. apparently, he's on his way back to geeneva right now, but we shouldn't see that as an indicator that a deal is imminent. two major developments for people who are too lazy to lift a finger. more on that next. and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet
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and now other stories happening in the world that are actually stories and not april fool's day jokes.
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governor scott walker is not a dog lover. can americans accept a commander and chief who is allergic to man's best friend? hillary clinton is sporting a new look. the cover is soft. is the photo meant to be? amazon will let you order household items with the click of its new dash button while apple's patent will enable you to unlock your cell phone by taking a selfie. but first, this -- >> how long have you been in this country? >> almost two years. >> almost how long? >> two years. >> two years. i've got news for you. remember this in the future. don't ever do that again. >> okay. >> the only reason you're not in handcuffs going to jail is because i have things to do. >> okay. >> that's the only reason that's not happening. >> okay.
1:36 pm
>> because this is important enough to me. you're not important enough. >> it reportedly occurred after the uber driver honked his horn at the detective while not using his blinker in attempting to park. bill bratton announced that the detective, a member of the joint terrorism task force, had been placed on modified duty and had been transferred. >> no good cop can watch that without a wince because our good cops know that the officer just made their jobs a little bit harder. >> joining me now are my guests. okay. so joy, kudos to bill bratton coming out nipping it in the bud, saying what is true. i am as surprised by the fact
1:37 pm
that the police officer did not realize there was a camera phone in the car in this day and age. >> i think it is indicative that in too many instances police officers don't care who is listening and there's this attitude that handing someone a badge and a gun puts them at their service. bill bratton has to get it drilled into his officers' head that they serve the public. they're not allowed to be as rude and obnoxious as can be just because they have a gun. >> the videos that have come out, the technology that is around to capture instances of abuse on the part of officers is a good incentive for them e
1:38 pm
emilliorating bad ideas. >> it reminded me of the ranting hitler guy in "inglorious bastards." >> he shouldn't be judged by one isolated incident. bratton's move today seemed to be some kind of indictment of his behavior. i want to talk about where we are nationally in terms of moe momentum to change our systems of policing. rand paul introduced the 2015 camera act, so we can get documentation of this. there are no republicans that are supporting it.
1:39 pm
>> when you talk to republicans, they talk about cost. in this case they didn't need a body camera. they had someone with a cell phone. you're allowed to do that. that is legal. it is too bad that people don't tape cops that are actually doing a good job. i don't mean to be that person. >> that's everybody's fault generally for not reporting on good things and always reporting on bad things. >> but a good thing has come out of this. hopefully this person will think twice. >> and maybe bullies will think twice about being bullies. speaking of cameras and phones elsewhere in the world -- because lifting a finger is actually too much trouble, for those tired of finger swiping, apple's latest patent will allow you to unlock your iphone by taking a selfie
1:40 pm
while amazon is encouraging those too lazy to go to the store to reorder household supplies with its new wi-fi connected dash button. is it so hard to press the unlock code on an iphone? >> no. if your camera on your phone can look at your face and say that you're drunk -- >> that's what we need. the breathalyzer lock. >> what happens if you wear sunglasses and you take the picture and it doesn't work? that's a technology issue. if that's the only way to get in, what's going to happen to those days where you have a little plastic surgery? >> wait. >> the button thing is more problematic. >> the dash button. >> i have nieces and nephews who
1:41 pm
love pressing buttons. i think that's a way to get all the tide. >> 1,000 rolls of toilet paper. >> i just want iphone to keep it simple. i just want my phone to last longer than an hour and not have it drained. back to basics. >> you want too much. >> first of all, android has had a similar feature on their phones for sometime now and they advise basically -- sorry, google warns the facial recognition software is less secure than a password since someone who looks like you could also unlock the phone, which raises the question are there that many dopplegangers in the world? >> my daughter can open it but i can't. what is that about? >> it's maybe a good thing.
1:42 pm
your daughter, she takes after you. moving on "the new york times" dooms scott walker's white house bid by revealing that he is allergic to dogs. >> one of the obama girls is allergic to dogs. they have hypoallergenic dogs. there are ways to solve this. >> ted cruz, credit and props to ted cruz has a rescue mutt named snowflake. >> i don't think he likes dogs. if he doesn't like dogs i think he should be disqualified from running for president. there's no service cats or seeing eye cats. >> lets not malign cats.
1:43 pm
obviously it is hilarious and scott walker is not disqualified for being allergic. remember mitt romney and sheamus on the roof of the car. scott walker has this wooden personality liability, not that the dog thing would solve it but maybe it would help if he had a cuddley black lab. >> maybe if one of the coke brothers gave him that. finally, hillary clinton is getting a makeover in the paper back edition of her memoir. was this necessary? >> get a hobby, people. come on. it's a lousy photo.
1:44 pm
>> this is her hobby. >> this is our hobby for sure. i guess, jackie how much of that is just publishing 101 and how much of that do you think is political strategy to make hillary seem -- >> this is political strategy. i really do. i don't think the clintons do a lot of things by accident. >> do we judge any other politician or any other political couple this way? when we are talking about the clintons, they are generous to every other human being that exists on earth. we see cynicisms. >> ooemi'm not saying it is a bad motivation. i'm just saying it is on purpose. >> maybe the original picture was stored on her personal server. >> boom. >> the jpeg has been wiped. boom. that's how you deliver the zinger that ends the segment.
1:45 pm
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ing sites every month. and chances are, your kids are visiting them too. so talk to them about what they publish and post and what they don't publish and post like--like phone numbers addresses, and things they might regret someday. have an open dialogue with them, and help your kids navigate the internet safely. the more you know. we have some breaking news this hour. senator bob men nenendez has been
1:52 pm
indicted on federal corruption charges. both face charges including one count of conspiracy, eight counts of bribery, and three counts of honest services fraud. both dr. melgin and senator menendez have denied any wrongdoing. joining me now is steve kor kornacki. >> 14 count indictment. this all started about two years ago. it was sort after murky situation when it started because there were false reports about menendez using underage processstitute
1:53 pm
prostitutes. but people were turned on to this relationship with melgin. the allegation is that menendez used his position in the senate to do government favors on behalf of melgin while he was receiving lucrative gifts like travel. the thing to keep in mind about menendez is he is different from most senators. menendez has never been that kind of a senator. he comes from the most expensive media market in the united states. he needs a ton of money to do that. he doesn't come from money. he doesn't have a lot of money. >> his story is a great working class, up by the boot straps story. >> he had the incentive to
1:54 pm
cultivate these kinds of relationships, to cultivate relationships with people who had business interests, people who might want something from him, but people who also could give him big campaign cash or pay for his travel to a place that he couldn't afford so he had incentives based on that. >> he thinks he can beat this. >> sure, he may have intervened on his behalf. the question here to keep an eye on for is melgin and menendez have been indicted today. menendez wants to present a united front, but is the
1:55 pm
government going to be able to cut some kind of a deal with mel melgin. can they get him to do that? the other wild card is menendez is saying he's not resigning his seat. he's going to fight this out. if he decides the deck is stacked against him here he could use his seat as leverage. in exchange for a lighter punishment here, i will now give up my -- so he has a chip. keeping that senate seat in his interests legally. >> a developing situation, if you will. host of "up," always good to see you. you can catch "up" weekends at 8:00 a.m. on msnbc. coming up, it is an emergency and it is happening in the most populous state in the
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this is not an april fool's joke. the state of california is almost out of water. in fact, it has only one year of its water supply left. things are so bad that governor jerry brown took the unprecedented step today of ordering his state's water use slashed by 25%. the first time in history that mandatory water restrictions have been set in the state of california. governor brown's announcement was made in the sierra nevada mountains as we learn that snowpack levels there are the lowest in recorded history. these are images of what the sierra nevadas looked like in 2011 and 2012. this is the sierra nevadas in
2:00 pm
2011 and this is last week. it is so bad that the earth's surface has quite literally risen. today the biggest april fool's joke is on anyone who doubts that the earth is changing and not for the bad. that's all for "now." good evening, americans, and welcome to "the ed show" live from detroit lakes, minnesota. let's get to work. >> this is a bill that in order times would not be controversial. >> tonight walmart and the spirit of inclusion. >> these are not ordinary times. later, developments on the iran deal. >> they're still discussing an agreement right now as we speak. plus the field of dreams. >> this great country is