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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  April 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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forces that hate us both. god bless africa. that's it for tonight. from all of us to all of you happy easter and a happy pos passover. a special edition with chris hayes is up next. >> >>. >> from the fall of the berlin wall to the wedding of a princess to the fairs time man walked on the moon. >> it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. history's greatest moments didn't just happen on television. they were produced. and so it was in january of 2015 when the all in 2016 fantasy candidate draft premiered. it was the show one critic
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hailed for its watchability. and a twitter guy called really funny and extremely messed up. >> i'll just leave it at that. >> and tonight for the first time ever an encore presentation featuring campaign updates, inside little bubbles. and it all starts now. >> welcome to a very special edition of all in. there are so many people jogging to run in 2016 it's getting hard to keep track but tonight we found a way. >> 2016. so close yet so far away. this is the story of 25 men and women who may or may not be running for president of america. the select few brave enough bold enough friends with sheldoned alson enough. 25 will enter but only one will arrive at 1600 pennsylvania
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avenue. that's where the white house is. this is the all in 2016 fantasy candidate draft. >> good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes and welcome to the all in 2016 fantasy candidate draft. a livish studio audience and five political contestants who will be drafting the 25 republicans and democrats most likely to make a run for the office of president of the united states in 2016. now, there are actually even more than 25. we only have an hour here so here is how this is going to work. pay attention. through five rounds of drafting each of the players with a roster of candidates. they're going to check over the next year and a half and see how they do in the run up to the election. the scoring will go as follows. your team will win 100 points if your candidate officially announces to run for president. 200 points were every saksnctioned
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debate they participant in. 500 points if they win any state primary. 750 points if they win their party's nomination and 1000 points if they one the presidential election. we'll also give you a bonus 500 if one of your candidate becomes a v.p. candidate on another ticket. whoever racks up the most points by election night runs the title of president of the united states -- wait no of the fantasy draft god and this fabulous boat. >> exciting. so now obviously the longer your candidate lasts, the better chance you have to win. some are better than others and one who is better than any of
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them. we decided to mix it up and make it a blind draft. we hind each of these numbers is a candidate who's likely to run plus two whammy candidates to keep it interested. maybe you'll get hillary clinton, maybe you'll get someone else. you pick down of the whammy candidates you'll be able to to keep that candidate or force a trade from any other player's existing roster. let's meet the players. joy reid. sam seder. michael steele. jess mcentosh. josh barro. let's hear it for our players. behind the scenes our producers using cutting edge coin flip
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technology to choose the first if i can. joy was the first pick. sam has complaints about the rules. >> i didn't realize this was going to be a bland draft so i spent a lot of time ranking, and now i've had to go back -- >> that's worthless. >> i've now gone back and rated the random numbers. for instance nine is actually my first pick. seven, my second. >> the thing you didn't realize is in obama's socialist america, we do not award points by talent. it's randomly given by the state. >> we should all get little votes too. >> this is a little like not quite as important as but a little like being r and c chairman. >> yes, i'm thinking christine o'donnell could be any candidate on the board. it could happen again. >> that happened to you.
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somewhere more or less took a name off a board and gave it. >> said this is a nominee. go out and fight for her. i want to know why you were laughing? >> i think it's amazing that swhun someone who used to run important things is standing here with us. joy reid you get the first pick. what number are you feeling lucky about? unlike sam i'm going to use any patented power ball methodology which is total and complete ran some domness. i'm going with number 22. >> feeling lucky on the big board. number 22. first pick of the 2016 all in fantasy candidate draft. >> george pataki. that's pataki. he's the former governor of new
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york. >> here's the benefit to the living human being. he's alive. american citizen. over the age of 35. >> he's also very tall. >> i think you're looking at at least between 0 and 100 points. >> can i trade him now or do i have to wait. >> now you understand the importance. that's when the drama heightens. sam, you're next. what are you doing going to go with? i have the nine rated number one. i'm going with number nine. i believe the only cube number on the board exempt for eight. number nine. here we go. and it is. >> we got a whammy. we've got a whammy. >> i'm terribly sorry. you've got sarah palin. >> sarah palin. sam's tell prompter not a strong
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candidate. at the end of the round you'll be able to trade for any candidate you want. >> i'm going to do that. >> i can tell you already have your eyes on pataki. >> she could announce for the presidency multiple times, though. >> that is true. that's a sleeper story. >> sleeper points for sarah palin. >> is there extra foreign policy points because russia is going to love it because she sees them. >> all right. we have one whammy done. michael steel. this is all about washington, right and this is all about the white house. it's all about 1600. it's 16. >> are we ready? get in here. bobby j. >> bobby jindal. >> good evening and happy mardi gras. >> he's louisiana governor
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bobby jindal. >> a sign of good things to come. seriously for a second. >> pretend seriously. bobby jindal was once thought a credible guy. ran the state's health system at the age of 28 or something like that. what's the story? >> at the end of the day he'll work that out. he just needs to announce and go to iowa and participant in lots of debates. >> do you think he will? >> i think he will and he's good v.p. material. >> you could always use a v.p. that might believe in witchcraft. >> josh, what are you feeling lucky about? >> i'm going with four. >> no big names out yet. might be a big one. familiar territory. jeb bush. his father was president bush.
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his brother was president bush and now he wants to be president bush. >> we've had enough bushes. >> sorry mother. it's time for another. he's former florida governor jeb bush. >> give it up for jess. i think there's a real strong consensus you've got the bush last name which is the bush last name. you've got a lot of people thinking this is a consensus front runner. >> i'm looking forward to sam taking my candidate. this is going to be excellent. >> i think you lucked yourself into sara pail inh palin. >> i kind of wanted her anyway. >> i don't have a bush -- that high. >> use your technology from the newspaper. what are you going to choose? >> i think people are overthinking this. i want the number one candidate.
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i will choose number one. number one is -- >> scatott walker. >> scott walker. they call him mr. unrecallable. never mind how many staffers went to jail. he's wisconsin governor scott walker. >> that is big. that is big. scott walker right now i'd like to say we're having a scott walker moment in this country. i think after his performance in iowa, there's lots of buzz and people excited. he kind of did his father. his father was a baptist preacher. >> he's having a moment but i wouldn't overstate it too much. i would say jeb bush looks like a really formidable candidate, so if i were deciding between scott walker and jeb bush i would probably go with jeb bush. >> whammy pick.
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>> josh wants know take jeb bush. i'm going with scott walker. >> he got scott walker. you got sarah palin. don't go anywhere, america. >> in 2008 the glass slipper was a perfect fit on the kid from hawaii but will 2016 be another cinderella story or will the clock strike 12. the all in fantasy draft continues next. i sure hope so. with healthcare costs, who knows. umm... everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor.... can get the real answers you need. start building your confident retirement today.
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>> round one is done. 20 candidates still on the board. let us know who you would want your candidate roster and why by tweeting us at all in with chris hash tag 2016 fantasy draft. round two just moments away.
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we are back with the fantasy candidate draft. sam, you've got the first pick in round two. you just had a big power move. grabbed scott walker from josh. he is on your team. he is having a moment. next pick. >> i have number seven ranked number two so i'm going with number seven this time. hoping for another whammy. >> number seven ranked number two in the intimidation game. and lindsey graham. if you like john mccain, then you're going to love lindsey graham. >> my ill la jit mitt son
5:17 pm
lindsay gram is covering that. >> put your hands together for south carolina senator lindsey graham. >> sam, my man, your reaction to graham? >> not happy with that. he's more of a whammy pick without actually being a whammy pick. >> he's in the level above whammy but not whammy. >> i had him ranked 20 out of 25. >> the only person who wants him to vunrun is mccain. >> you're screwed on that. >> let's take it 15 because that's before 16. >> that's right. i like your strategy. i like the think -- this is how you run things. we got san tore um. >> rick santorum.
5:18 pm
the sweater vest days are back and probably new ideas are here. all i know is don't google him. he's former pennsylvania senator, rick santorum. >> you'll take it? >> that's going to have some legs. >> will he appear in any debates? >> yes. many. i'm calling, rick, many. >> i'm clearly in the lead based on great skill at this game. >> you got jeb bush. >> i'm confident about number 11. >> you'll be adding to your roster with ben carson. >> that's tough. >> ben carson. he's a retired world class neurosurgeon recipient of the presidential metal of freedom and says obama care is the worst
5:19 pm
thing since slavery. he's dr. ben carson. >> you know don't applaud that. there's no need to applaud that. the last time that republicansed that many people in their primary field everybody got to run up and take a turn in the spotlight and i'm hoping ben gets to do that too. >> he will run. and he'll be in debates. >> are there any democrats thon board? >> there's not as many as republicans. if you've been following the news. >> i'm going to keep with my strategy and go with number two. >> we're all into strat jazzing and adding to your roster will be ted cruz. >> ted cruz. he's the junior senator from texas texas. he'll shut down your government on a boat in a tree or in a
5:20 pm
tree. he's texas senator ted cruz. >> for the record they're saying cruz not boo. >> now i have sarah palin and ted cruz. >> you are nailing it. >> i think that's quite a ticket. >> it is. this is a 50-state strategy ticket. >> i think they could get all the electoral votes. >> in vermont it's going to be close but i think they'll pull it out. >> i think you are definitely behind now. joy. >> so far i have the nondis. i have pataki and i think the sarah palin is giving me the stink eye. i'm going to go with 13. >> i like it. it's a little money ball strategy here. you've got jim web.
5:21 pm
>> jim web. he's the dark horse candidate from the commonwealth of virginia. he's a veteran and former secretary of the navy. give it up for former virginia senator, jim web. >> i'm okay with this. i'm okay with this because i think jim web will run if for no other reason than to set himself up to be potentially be v.p. and to pull hillary clinton back to the right as elizabeth warren is pulling her to the left. >> he takes himself so seriously, there were no ways to come up with a joke. >> no whammies this round. all of you have two. sam has the walker graham situation, but i think the walker still puts him in the lead. >> and ben carson. >> we still have hillary clinton and another whammy on the board. don't go anywhere.
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michael steele you have the first pick of the third round. >> i got the con. >> where are you going? >> you like that huh? i'm feeling a little 21. >> 21. blackjack. >> there you go baby. come on vegas. >> hey. bernie sanders. >> bernie sapders. he's the independent senator from vermont by way of brooklyn new york. he's a friend of the show but is america ready for another socialist president? vermont senator bernie sanders. >> just not feeling 21. >> not feeling it? >> not feeling 21. >> i think this is huge. >> good. >> he's going to run. he'll run. >> he'll run so i get 100 points for that. >> he's going to be in debates.
5:27 pm
it's going to be hard to win a state but he'll be in debates. unless he clone every voter in america with chris hayes. >> i'm going to pick 17. >> figure it out. 17. prime number. will it deliver for jess? joe biden. >> joe biden. from the hard scrabble city of scranton pennsylvania. over three decades in the senate. he's the v.p. and he's ready to run the usa. i promise you the president has a big stick. vice president joe biden. >> that's a bfd right there. what's you're roster looking like right now. jeb bush and joe biden and ben
5:28 pm
carson. >> this is personally tough for me because i think joe biden should be for life. republican or democrat you get joe. >> josh are you going to keep going with your logic here? i'm looking here and i say lindsey lindsey graham ted cruz bernie sanders. number 8. >> will it deliver? he needs it. carly fiorina. >> she was the ceo of a company that makes printers and now she's ready to take on the paper jam in washington d.c.
5:29 pm
don't sleep on the deemenmon sheep. >> i said in the break i was hoping for her. i was joking but apparently i was taken seriously. i think her first act for president will be to overpay for come pack and we'll go from there. >> studio audience just not very strong feelings one way or the other about carly fiorino. same with the voters. >> i'm jealous of jess. she got jeb and joe. i think i'm going to go for the lowest number on the board strategy to explain my sadness. three. >> another prime number. three. will it deliver for joy? there he is. >> rick perry. he's got three good reasons to run but can only remember two. >> what's the third one? let's see. >> the former governor of the lone star state is back but this
5:30 pm
time he has four eyes on the prize. he's former texas governor rick perry. >> well i'll tell you what i was going to say. if cool glasses could make you president, it would be president chris hayes unfortunately for the governor of texas, i think there's a huge hill to climb. one slip up and he's done. but i think he'll get in. i think he believes. >> you just got yourself hundreds of point, hundreds of points. >> that's all i need. >> sam? >> i've got a lindsey graham deficit. i've got the next number on my ranking rating board is 14. >> that's exactly what i thought it would be. >> 14. sam looking for the big money. help him out. >> a whammy. i'm terribly sorry.
5:31 pm
you've got donald trump. >> donald trump, a second whammy. you got both of them? >> i did. that's why i spent time prepping for the numbers i was going to pick. >> this is like a daily double. >> do i have to pick somebody from this round or can i go sfwhak. >> you can get anyone. >> in that case i'll have to check any sheet here. i'm going to have to take jeb bush. >> i knew it. >> jeb bush. jess losing jeb bush. still has joe biden. you got scott walker and jeb bush. sam everyone was joking about his numerology but it's pretty darn good right now. >> i have trump. >> by the way at the end of the show anyone who has whammies can pick someone off the board. i'll explain that later.
5:32 pm
one still on the board, hillary clinton. who will get her? we'll find out. stick around. >> the draft continues in a moment but first an all in cold hard fact. world renowned portrait artist george walker bush also served as president of the united states for eight years and that's a cold hard fact. hey mike, it's lucy from lifelock. good news. we just learned your case is closed and your stolen retirement funds are finally being restored. lucy, wow... that 401k is two years in the mailroom ten in customer service, and the last five as sales director. that's some resume. try raising teenagers. you only have one identity. protect it with the best. lifelock.
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anyone have occasional constipation diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these occasional digestive issues... with 3 types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips' it is round four. we've got some big names still on the forward. chris christie rand paul mitt romney and of course hillary clinton which i think a lot of people are looking for. sam has the insider but we begin with jess. >> i'm hoping for hillary clinton so i'm going to go between pataki and trump. >> i would describe you as ready for hillary. >> yes, correct.
5:36 pm
>> and -- >> that is so not. >> rand paul. >> rand paul he's a libertarian eye doctor on a mission to flush out the status quo. >> frankly, my toilets don't work in my house. and . >> and he has the alex jones seal of approval and his dad is a lot of fun too. he's the kentucky senator, rand paul. >> i mean it's not what i was going for. i don't know that rand would play well in new york city but i think he's good for a lot of points. >> and also you'll twinwin the turtle neck primary. >> josh. >> i'm going to take number 25. >> josh has had a rough go of it so far. right now you have ted cruz and
5:37 pm
fiorina. >> i think that's a ticket. >> does his luck tunrn around with number 25? no. >> bob corker. one of just three bobs currently serving in the united states senate and he'd be the first bob to hold the office of president. he's tennessee senator bob corker. >> you sure know how to pick them. josh, you've got a nose. is bob corker even aware that anybody is talking about the idea he might be running for president? >> he religiously watches us. i think he just learned. there's been some rumbling in. >> i i know he's been trying to run the gas tax. >> republican primary voters eat that up. >> i had corker ranked 26 out of
5:38 pm
25. >> joy, to you. you got a pataki and reid. >> 19. >> ready for hillary clinton. hrc on the board. no. chris christie. >> chris christie. from the shadow of the george washington bridge comes the pugnacious politician. he loves the cowboys, springsteen and telling people to shut up. he's stroerng thannger than the storm but is he ready to run. >> shut up. >> he's governor chris christie. >> i think that's my favorite one we've seen so far. >> i feel like yelling at a teacher. that's how angry i am. i think that christy will run. i think he'll not play well in a state like iowa or even south
5:39 pm
carolina. i'm not sure that even the angry right is ready for an exceptionally rude president. he'll play with base republican voters who wants somebody who's going to take it to the people. >> i think he just needs to stop saying shut up and say bless your heart. >> this is the big turning point. i think everyone understands the stakes here. you've got a strong ticket lined up. you could put yourself over with this pick. what's it going to be? i have number five should be hillary clinton according to any rankings. >> this is the big moment. dude, if this is actually we're going to call for an investigation. number five. oh, my word. what? >> jackpot. she's the democrat to beat in this race and the consensus number one pick in this
5:40 pm
ridiculous draft. former first lady and new york senator and foreigner secretary of state. hillary clinton. >> hrc. >> are there some deflated balls? >> i'm pulling out my green pen which indicates the right prediction. >> this is a testament to studying up. >> everybody mocked me. i've got the -- one more pick after this and i'm not going to tell you who it's going to be. >> michael steele it's a rough board for you. maybe christine o'donnell will turn up somewhere. who knows. >> 12. >> give michael steele a little bit of help here. we're adding -- marco rubio. >> marco rubio. the sun shine state man has
5:41 pm
ambition bigger than the florida panhandle and now he's thirsty for more. he's florida senator marco rubio. >> hey, this is good. this is good. this works. this works. it's got the whole thing. you know you got bush. i got rubio. we can work out a florida deal. >> he's going to run. he was the winner of the straw poll. maybe one or two people he's fine. >> rubio, at a minimum, again, like jindal on a v.p. list. there's potential. >> i do this for a living. i have no idea who is even on the board at this point but we're going to find out after this. >> plenty of bracket busters are still on the board. the all in 2016 fantasy candidate draft continues. next. spirin. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my back. i mean bayer back & body. it works great for pain.
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>> in til i'll a national guard soldier and his cousin. they were plotting an isis inspired attack in joliet. meanwhile a woman being held on bail. all of this after two women were arrested in new york on thursday after being accused of plotting a boston marathon style bombing. the president called the president of kenya to express condolences. a group is suing is french tv channel for revealing the hiding place during the attack in paris. tiger woods says he will now play the masters next week after taking two months to work on his swing. and sarah brady has died. she was a advocate for common
5:44 pm
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time for the final round of the all in 2016 candidacy draft. >> josh you're in a tough spot right now. not a strong field of candidates. mitt romney still on the board. >> i'm not sure i need a fifth candidate. where do you want to go? >> who cares. let's try 24. >> who cares. let's try 24. motto for 2016. elizabeth warren. >> elizabeth warren. she says she's not running. she says she's definitely not running. she says she's really definitely certainly not running, so is she running? >> we say keep asking. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. >> this is the problem.
5:47 pm
unlike jim web and bernie sanders, do you think she's going to run? >> no. >> you're basically iced out here. >> you've given me the one member of the united states senate who honestly does not want to be president. >> you chose it yourself. >> a decent one. where do you want to go here in. >> so far this game has been devilish so i'm going to go with number six. >> joy makes a satanic play. will it work? no. she gets the preacher instead. >> mike huckabee running on an anti-beyonce pro anti-beyonce platform. it's mike huckabee. >> i have one and only comment.
5:48 pm
>> wow. good comment. good comment. >> i have nothing more to say but i think he will run and do very well in iowa and south carolina. i don't think he's really running. i think he might be running for a book deal. >> running for a book deal? >> yeah. >> definitely and to be fair also probably a 12 to 3 slot on radio. >> he has book out. haven't you read it? >> i have not. >> by the way for the people watching over 60 this was the beyonce reference. sam, where are we going? >> i do care and i have done calculations that show mitt romney is behind 18. >> he's got the hot touch. he's like brady with an underinflated ball in his hand. does he have it here? unbelievable. >> mitt romney the founder of
5:49 pm
bing capital. former governor of massachusetts and he did something with the salt lake city olympics. is the third time the charm for mitt romney? >> mitt mitt mitt mitt. >> did you -- am i being -- was there something going on here. this is like florida 2000 election. suspect. hanging chads. >> i grew up 45 minutes away from foxborough. i'll leave it at that. >> patriot blood in the veins. >> i don't know who's left. >> neither do i at this point. >> heads or tails? >> tails. 20. here we go. michael steele choosing the second to last. martin o'malley.
5:50 pm
>> martin o'malley. he is the former governor of maryland which makes him officially a washington outsider. the inspiration for the character tommy karketi on the wire. it's martin o'malley. >> hometown boy. you know him. >> yes, i do. >> governor for the state he was governor of. >> yeah. i am left speechless. >> do you guys have a good relationship? >> we do. o'malley i got a lot of v.p. potential. i think the positioning for the number two slot the big one is hillary. i think a lot of folks are going to play to her and he's probably one of them. >> jess not a lot of options. >> i don't love 23 but give it to me anyway. >> jess ending the game on 23.
5:51 pm
onjohn casic. >> he's the governor of ohio by way of fox news. he's expanded medicate and now he's thinking about expanding his resume. give it up for john kasich. >> as one of the only republicans who agrees with me on insuring people i think he's going to go far in the primary. >> he is a favorite of the do for a class. >> don't underestimate him. >> okay. swing state. >> okay. so we've got, everybody's got their rosters. sam is way out in front. >> you know these candidates are going to run or announce. >> when we come back two people with whammy candidates you get to choose free agents and we'll
5:52 pm
bring this whole thing to a close when we come back. >> stay tuned. the exciting conclusion to the 2016 candidacy fantasy zraft next. nice morning, scott? aye, or... a mornin' of tiny voices crying out, "feed us"! i don't understand... your grass, man! it's a living, breathing thing. it's hungry, and you've got to feed it with scotts turf builder. that a boy, mikey! two feedings now in the springtime strengthens and helps protect your lawn from future problems. get scotts turf builder lawn food. it's guaranteed. feed your lawn. feed it! and to keep crabgrass away all season long, get scotts turf builder with halts crabgrass preventer.
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but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and for a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am. we are back with the all in 2016 fantasy candidate draft. we have our rosters filled out. joy reid. fairly strong. sam is in the lead. scott walker. jeb bush. hillary clinton and mitt romney. >> michael steele who used to run the republican party has
5:56 pm
bernie sanders, marco rubio. >> jess has joe biden. donald trump, the whammy as well as rand paul and john kasich the governor of ohio. >> and josh coming in last. sarah palin. ted cruz. carly fiorina and elizabeth warren who has told at least 4,000 reporters she won't run for president. jes and josh you ended with your whammy candidates. jess you have donald trump. very special snow flake. you can trade him for any other person in the world who is not on the board. who do you want to claim off? >> the only way i can do this is picking a person that would be guaranteed the presidency should they run. i'm going to go for the woman who is already running the country, oprah. >> let me tell you something.
5:57 pm
in the pits of bush era dedespair, i wanted oprah. i was like what's our best shot? >> every electoral vote. every one. >> she would be pretty strong. >> yeah. she can make americans buy anything, buy my book read flig. votes are easy after all that. i'm taking oprah. >> i think she would be a formidable presidential candidate, no question. >> okay. >> it's definitely -- >> we'll just leave that hanging there. >> all right. josh who do you claim. i thought she meant valerie jarrett when she said the woman already running the country. >> oh. >> so i think, you know this is a strong slate i have even though it has between three and five winning candidates on it. i'm going to trade in sarah palin and go with bob mcdonald
5:58 pm
who has been overlooked. >> state of the union response. incredibly popular in his first election. >> america that has largest prison population in the world so he has a draft. >> that's a very good draft choice. who is the most undervalued candidate on this board? money ball you can get them for the cheepapest amount for the best. >> >> i would say scat walkott walker. it's getting close. >> he's undervalued. >> i still think it's santorum who's going to go deep. >> michael steele. >> rand paul. >> undervalued. >> i think you're right.
5:59 pm
i think he was having a moment. he's not now. >> i see no run for ted cruz is drop out before he has to. >> from the perspective not of the next president but in racking up points. you are correct. he is strong. >> you're going to laugh but mitt romney. >> yes, i totally agree. totally undervalued. >> and he's good at running a presidential campaign. that's how he got the nomination and he almost won last time. >> almost. >> thanks so our players. we'll be scoring your teams every step of the way to the build up of 2016 and i also want to thank our audience almost all of whom are not old enough to vote but learned a lesson tonight about how it all functions. let us know your picks on
6:00 pm
facebook/a facebook/a facebook/all facebook/allinwithchris. good night. >> good evening. thanks to you at home for joining us for the next hour. i'm in for rachel tonight and we have a lot coming up this hour including the latest on president obama's efforts to sell the iran nuclear deal. in just about every congress for the past two decades someone has introduced something called the employment nondiscrimination act. this is straightforward. it would prohibit employers from discriminating against employees on the basis of their sexual orientation. the first time this bill got a vote was almost two decades ago and it almost passed. it