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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  April 6, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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folklore. >> the game chris, in terms of attendance is over 30,000 a game. close to 73 million, it has never been more healthy in that respect. people like going to games, and local tv and radio ratings have been skyrocketing. >> that is a great point about attendance. good evening, chris. welcome back we missed you. >> i missed you, but i liked being away. >> you opportunity miss me, that's okay our friendship is strong enough to bare that. thank you for joining us this hour. we have a big show tonight including the nation's energy secretary is hire live tonight for "the interview." we have a big show i'm glad you're here. we start tonight with this stark bottom line. there has never before been a major party candidate who has
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made a run for the presidency of the united states while also being under criminal indictment. we have pulled off a lot of political shenanigans in our political history, but we have never pulled that out. today, rick-pac. the political action committee asked people to sign up for a very scarey petition about the obama-clinton foreign policy and how terrible it is. he is trying to position himself as the foreign policy republican candidate in this race. it started a few weeks ago with him posting this somewhat random video on his youtube page. it is labelled governor rick perry discussing u.s. foreign policy. >> it looks like he is doing a tv interview with him about
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foreign policy but if you have the patience to watch for long enough you will notice there is not anyone interviewing him. it is just him. talking in a studio that he presumably rented for that purpose, but that was, at least in terms of subject matter the first type that he would try to be a foreign policy candidate. now he has a foreign policy petition which is a way of collecting people's e-mail addresses for use in his campaign. and today, he also gave a speech which they billed today as a major rick perry foreign policy draes before a school assembly of students at a military school in south carolina. he apparently lured them there by offering free pizza if they came. you can see them chowing down on pizza before the speech, from
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the photographs of the event today, you can also play where is waldo with the stray pieces of business ga that the wanted to save for later. look on the left there, he missed the plate, it's okay still good. the only reason i spent that much time looking at such detail at the photographs today is because the video of the rick perry speech today was like gold. it was almost impossible to get ahold of for most of the day even though they billed it as a major speech he was going to give. they just didn't provide any video of it for most of the day, the reason for the presidency this year does not totally seem ready for prime time. that said maybe it doesn't need to be. the expectations for hymn rightim right now are pretty low.
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his manner on the stump, i think more so now after a lot of coaching can at times be cink worthy. he is using fake tv interviews and giving away pizza to students. i think no one is taking him too seriously this year as a contender. his campaign team the good folks at rick pac and the rest of them because no one is taking him in a seriously, the folks in his political world so far have been pretty successful at getting the national press to ignore this historic part of his
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presidency. so far they have been able to pass off that he just has hometown enemies pursuing small time scores. no big story. that is fine for now. that will probably hold as long as his campaign consistents of the hokey, small scale, not ready for prime time stuff he has been able to put together thus far. but that can't last for the long run, right? once he has formally declared everything will be scrutinized. so he has to formal he will declare he is running for president. i'm sure they would like to have the criminal indictment thing
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taken care of before they take the leap or that will be the story of him running. that may be why we have heard no hints about when he may formally make his run. scott walker is not under indictment, but this is his former deputy chief of staff that reported to prison in wisconsin last week to serve a sixth-month sentence for felony misconduct while in office. governor scott walker has never himself been indicted but there are multibillion criminal investigations. the public investigations about his time in wisconsin that follow him around like aluminum cans chained to his bumper. one scott walker investigation resulted in prison terms for these fine gentleman. one was scott walkers chief, one
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was a official in charge of veteran's affairs. they were charged with stealing more than $60,000 from local veterans organizations. that same criminal probe results in four other scott walker staffers and supporters being arrested on charges including paid public employees spending their paid time at work instead working on political campaigns which is what the other deputy chief of staff is going to prison for as of last week. one investigation, the one that resulted in prison terms for scott walker staffers and appointees and supporters that one investigation relates to his first run for governor in 2010 when he was milwaukee county executive and trying to move up to state governor. the second investigation back home an open investigation in wisconsin, that one concerns scott walker's run to keep his job as governor in the face of
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the big recall effort against him. that is about allegations of illegal coordination between governor scott walker and outside groups that spent money to help him stay in office. like rick perry and his criminal indictment problem, it has been pretty easy so far for the scott walker folks to wave the national press off of these wisconsin stories. to convince reporters it's not worth it to get into the weeds on this state stuff. and that can fly for awhile the stuff can effectively stay off of the national radar as long as the scott walker campaign for president or rick perry campaign for government is just a probability. it will be harder to talk to the national press out of covering those stories once these guys are formally running for president that has to affect
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their decision about when they're going to announce their formally running for president. they wants many stray hairs talked away before that bright light hits them in the national spotlight. this year so far there is one guy officially in the race already. senatore eror cruz started running the first presidential campaign had of 2016 i mean 15. it is very religion centric. he started running it this weekend, specifically on easter sunday during the "killing jesus" plan. and at "a.d. the bible continues." next week we were told to expect a big announcement from marco rubio. i'm making a huge announcement on monday april 13th. looks like he will make his presidential campaign announcement a week from tonight on monday.
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bobby jindal bucked the tide and signalled that if he runs he will not make his announcement until late deep into the summer. there is no clamber for a bobby jindal presidency. for opposite reasons, that had also been the expectation about the announcement of the hillary clinton presidential campaign. it has been noted that she might wait until deep into the summer to formally launch her campaign for the presidency. and that made since at a base strategic level. she could take time to get her act together hone her message. don't wade into the muck with
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those guys. see who else goes to prison. jump in when you're ready to make the biggest impact on the general election race. in your own time in your own terms. apparently hillary clinton is now ready to get in officially at any moment. brace yourself. the campaign allowed it to become known that late last week they rented office space for the campaign in brooklyn new york. once you have done something like that as official as that in terms of conducting your campaign where you rented office space, that starts the clock ticking and you have to formally announce your campaign within 15 days so the clock apparently started ticking late last week. the clinton campaign is moving top political operatives. they have been working as volunteers, but they have been promised paychecks, soon. >> how soon is soon? the timing, the date and time of
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her announcement is apparently a secret up until the moment that it happens. cnn reporting that clinton campaign staffers have been instructed to be ready from monday forward. monday as in today. as in get ready, it's about to happen and you're not going to have any advanced notice of when it will happen. the next announcement we know for sure will be tomorrow from kentucky republican senator rand paul. rand paul's full first name is randall. he has just insisted that rand, is just a coincidence that it is a name haired with ayn rand. it may be that he is rand but is it also a coincidence that he rand paul will announce his
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run for the presidency tomorrow at a hotel called the galt house? the hero character of the book is john galt. he announced he will be running for presidency at galt house. he will be the second republican to officially declare that he is running for president and he will be followed in less than a week by marco rubio, maybe sooner than that by hillary clinton. come on in everybody, the water is fine. and we will start to see how all of the candidates look under the full hot glare of the national american press. >> so i know i'm reading too
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much into the galt house thing, can you agree with me on that? >> yes, paul says he was a big fan of ayn rand when he was younger. that she got him into reading some others and that he is always a fan, but it is a place where a lot of people hold events like this a big ballroom and it is -- it is logical he would choose this location. >> if there is a giant chocolate fountain head or if they hand out copies of atlases, or pronounced shrugging, i ask you to come back and eat your words. >> i will tweet you immediately and i will be happy to come back on. >> with senator rand paul getting in he will be the second candidate.
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when ted cruz jumped in it was a surprise do we know anything about the calculation he is making in terms of getting in now? >> he is not talking about that but he doesn't have the power that say a jeb bush has to raise money. and the same with cruz. they don't have big networks handed down to him. what was handed down from ron paul is not nearly the same as a bush organization. he needs to raise money early. that if he has any chance at all, that is what i think is fairly -- i was fairly certain he would jump in early. >> do you think this will be a son of ron paul campaign? we're seeing he is trying to
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distance himself somewhat from his father's campaign, how will he differ? >> he is not his father don't make that mistake. he is a better politician. his father was more id lodgeeological than him. the statements on tifl rights that he made on your show after he was nominated in 2008 when he first ran, sorry, 2010 when he first ran for the senate he quickly walked those back and said no that's not me. rand sees what he needs to do to run a race and he is smarter about what he is doing. he says he would not get in if he didn't think he would win. i don't think his father ever thought he would win a race. >> that's right he was running
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for reasons other than running in part to build a huge national network. one last question for you, joe, this kentucky law, saying he can't run for president and senate and he is trying to get it changed. >> it looks like they're going to do a caucus for the presidential race. it is the only race in kentucky that you can do in a caucus. looks like they will move forward with that. and he would then only appear on the ballot as a candidate for the u.s. senate. the problem then comes in november because kentucky has another corky tlau is that unless you die, are disabled or ruled ineligible to run, you can't drop off of the ticket after of the ballot after the primary election.
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if you do your party doesn't have the opportunity to replace you on the ballot. so what you would be left with is no republican running or potentially a candidate running as only a write in candidate. so if he gets on the ticket. i'm certain there will be a suit filed at that point that paul argues that kentucky's law that prohibits him from being on the ballot as a senate or vice presidential candidate is unconstitutional. and you know that is -- i have something people telling me they think the paul campaign could win that. others say no, no, they think the kentucky law is fairly solid. so it is a risk and i'm certain the republicans here in kentucky
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are concerned about. >> the idea that if he gets the nomination, the republicans could be giving up a senate seat by default. joe gerth, thank you for being here. >> sure happy to. >> more tonight, including how refusing service is a cottage industry in certain states. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. after all, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned... every day... using wellness to keep away illness... and believing that a single life can be made better by millions of others. healthier takes somebody who can power modern health care... by connecting every single part of it. for as the world keeps on searching for healthier...
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okay this is the university of north carolina chapel hill. one of the eight so called public ivys first chartered back in 178 9. they added on a school of med sen. congratulations on that north carolina. one of the reasons that high end medical students choose unc for their training if they can get in is because if you want to be an obstetrician or gynecologist their programs are considered best in the south, one of the best in the country. as part of their training they offer a highly regarded fellowship in family planning. and you can see where this is going, right?
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here is north carolina with a world class medical school. but that same state, north carolina got a super active anti-abortion governor. he has broken that pledge and now more is on the way. republicans in legislature passed regulations designed to close north carolina clinics and now they're working on legislation to limit the types of doctors allowed today do abortions in the state to triple the number of days that women have to wait before the state would allow them to have an abortion, and they want no more training on how to do abortions at that world class medical school. no training on how to do it no procedures performed at the
6:25 pm
hospital. that means the legislature and the governor may be about to unaccredit their state's flagship medical residency program. the university of north carolina says if the republicans in the state legislature and the governor do this thing, if they pass this bill it could put their top rated obgyn residency program at risk of being an unaccredited program. part of being an accredited medical school you have to offer them the ability to have hands on abortion training. you have to have the chance to do it. the state legislature is trying to make that impossible at unc. the lead sponsor has a theory about this. she says she knows better than the medical profession and she knows there is no need for anyone to ever train on this kind of a procedure in this kind of medicine because people can figure it out on their own. they can improvise when it
6:26 pm
arises. there are opportunities for doctors to learn this. abortion physicians learn from all kinds of training. sometimes you learn how to act in an emergency situation. there are other options. in an emergency you just learn how to act. doctors will just figure it out as the emergency unfolds. take a number. she also says that the criticism is unwarranted. that republicans seem to have time for antiabortion legislation, but not enough time for jobs jobs jobs. i'm an advocate for jobs but we can do lots of things. when we can have a few more little taxpayers born why not. why not put the crown jewel of your state's higher education system at risk. here is the amazing medical school we have let's make sure that it is -- this bill is still
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when president obama gave a state of the union speech one of his cabinet members was not there. he was the designated survivor last year. that meant had the unthinkable
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happened on capitol hill that night, he would have become bingo, president of the united states. everything is fine though obviously so he is not, president, but he is our nation's energy secretary. and he knows you like his hair everybody does. he also happens to be the guy that knows more about the historic framework nuclear deal we just struck with iran that nearly anyone else in our government. he is live, next. they call it planning for retirement because getting there requires exactly that. a plan for what you want your future to look like. for more than 145 years, pacific life has been providing solutions to help individuals like you achieve long-term financial security. bring your vision for the future to life with pacific life. talk to a financial advisor to help build and protect your retirement income. pacific life.
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>> when they dropped the first atomic bomb on earth, they did not drop it from a plane. they built a 100 foot tower, they hoisted it. they apparently put a bunch of mattresses on the ground in case they dropped it while they were trying to hoist it up there. they didn't accidentally drop it, they exploded that bomb at the top of the tower, the first explosion of it's kind ever on earth. the trinity site. the site of the first atomic bomb explosion.
6:35 pm
it was judged a great success. leslie groves robert oppenheimer, they got it done, right? the manhattan project did what it was supposed today do. and in less than a month later, they used them in war. a bomb of that type was dropped three days after a uranium based nuke was dropped on hiroshima. it was july 16th the first deployment of an atomic weapon in war was august 6th. now every year the trinity test site opens to the public but just for one or two days a year this past weekend is when it was opened for 2015. apparently more people went than have ever gone out there before.
6:36 pm
it is way, way out there in south central new mexico. the "new york times" reports that more than 5,000 people went out there this saturday for the open day and that is a record more people going out there 70 years on than ever before in the history of that site. maybe because this year is a round number anniversary. 70 dwraeryears since the first bomb was set off there. i have to wonder if it is possible if people just have nuclear explosions on the brain right now because of the news vike cycle. >> we know that a military strike or a series of mill take strikes can set back iran's nuclear program for a period of time, but will provide an excuse for hardliners inside of iran to say this is what happens when you don't have a nuclear weapon
6:37 pm
america attacks. >> president obama talking to tom krooedfriedman on the frame work for a deal. trading away the most dangerous parts of their nuclear program for a lifting of the hard core international sanctions that have hammered them in sanctions and degraded their economy. we knew the deal was very serious when the iranian and american side put their high ranking nuclear fizzphysacists at the top. they're both nuclear physicists and they went to m.i.t. together and having them personally at the table
6:38 pm
negotiating at the highest levels is maybe why this document was able to be so specific. iran will drop to precisely 6104 centrifuges that will be a model from the 1970. for 15 years they will not enrich above 3.67%. it is 97% less than what they have on hand right now. no there is not total specificity on when and in what sequence iran will get out of their sanctions, and there is no detailed explanation on how it will work in practice. this is not a done deal yet. this is just a framework, but it is way more specific than most people expected at this stage. the political reaction to it is
6:39 pm
stoic. but the nuclear reaction is impressed. maybe that is what happens when the scientists help make the deal instead of just advising the diplomats on the deal they should make. it is also particularly nice when they try to build support for the deal they're able to make available to the press someone that can competently answer all of the questions, including the technical questions about what it will mean. joining me is our nation's energy secretary, thank you for joining us tonight. >> so iran has always maintained that the nuclear program was peaceful and not planning on building a bomb from what you know of their nuclear science, do you think they were deliberately keeping open the path to a bomb? do you think they were trying to keep that path open? >> certainly we would not be in this situation were it now with
6:40 pm
all of these sanctions on ryan about their program's possible military dimensions and they have not cooperated with the international agency for answering nose questions. but we believe that we have blocked, when the agreement is final, uranium and plutonium pathways. >> here is a thing that worries me and i'm no more -- i'm a layman when it comes to nuclear issues. but fordo is the sight they built secretly into paa mountain. i know they don't get to bring material there or bring centrifuges there, but they will stay there on ice, they say they won't do any producing of fuel
6:41 pm
rods. i think about that site, and it's inherent inaccessibility. when i imagine something going wrong there, i worry there is still centrifuges and r and d they're not supposed to be do. >> the agreement will block that pathway. first of all, most of the machines left there would be inactive. they would not be as we say, spinning at all. but most important you already said. no materials. no uranium will cross the threshold. there will be no enrichment to enrichment r and d, and there will be continuous surveillance. so if there is any attempt to violate the agreement, they would be in breach and we would start the process of restarting
6:42 pm
sanctions or taking other actions. >> in terms of the investigations and continual monitoring of what they're doing, were you directly involved in the detailed discussion about how those inspections, that monitoring will work. it seems to me that is the sort of thing that could be a continuing source of contention. small and specially escalating fights back and forth? >> for one thing, again, the iaea that i mentioned several times will be in the lead for those inspections, but the agreement allows the iaea to use the most addvanced technologies. cameras, radio communications from seals, if they're tamper wd erered
6:43 pm
with that will be known immediately. all of these questions of access and transparency to inspection are key to the agreement. and the level at which we'll have those inspections is unparalleled. it includes the entire supply chain going all of the way back to the uranium mines to the final facilities. so transparency access is what we rely upon in addition to the physical constraints that we have put on what they can operate and how much uranium they can have as a working stockpile. >> from a perspective that could be understood by our general viewers and me again, a layman on the issues one of the issues i'm curious about is the types of centrifuges they will be able to keep. they're only allowed to operate one particular model, this i.r.
6:44 pm
1. my understanding is those are old technology. what are those machines like? >> there is a measure of the capacity of each of the machines and as you say this is first generation to perhaps be generous. a typical machine being operated in the nuclear power sector in the world would be many tens of times more powerful. >> do we need to worry about them employing them again? did we need to take them away from them. it is clear that if they want to supply food for nuclear reactors they will need more powerful machines in the long term. it was clear that being able to carry on research and
6:45 pm
development was central if there was to be an agreement. however what we have done is certainly stretched out that time line very very considerably. they were operating already significant numbers of machines of the next generation. those facilities that collection of machines, they're called cascades will be taken down and put into monitored storage by the iaea. >> thank you for helping us understand this deal earnst earnst earnst mo earnst moniz. you seem knowledgeable professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ]
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companies today has continued a snake bit company and becoming rich. i'm sure the story is very annoying to the company in question, but to those of us from the outside it looks like an action adventure on the high seas. the images on this thing are crazy. it just started happening table. we have the first images straight ahead.
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
there was an utterly disastrous stab at a oil ran aground and started to run adrift before briefly catching on fire. but shell still very much would like to be drilling in the arctic even though they keep making it clear that they have no idea how. last week shell cleared a major legal hurdle at getting a send run at the arctic. the interior department reaffirmed the leases and now shell has got its ships and drilling rigs on their way north. one of their rigs is called the polar pioneer, and it's on its way across the pacific ocean and is headed to seattle as a way point before it arrives in the arctic. over the last few day, the polar pioneer, as it has traveled across the pacific ocean has had
6:51 pm
company on the open sea. there's a greenpeace ship called the esperanza which has been shadowing the rig for more than 5,000 miles already. they started following it in malaysia. the green peace folks have been tweeting photos of the rigs and putting up photos and messages showing themselves the green peace crew gearing up for something. they posted this video to youtube without explanation. it shows six crew members from different countries suiting up with rocks and rock climbing equipment, which is kind of weird out in the middle of the open ocean. but then today at dawn, about 750 miles north west of hawaii we found out what they were doing with all the rock climbing gear. those six green peace folks got suited up even more than we saw in the videos, and then they did this. they boarded. they scaled the 38,000-ton polar
6:52 pm
pioneer drilling rig, using ropes and pulleys. they set up camp basically, on the underside of the rig's main deck. they unfurled a banner opposing drilling in the arctic. green peace says they're planning on hanging around as it were. this group has enough supplies to last several days hanging off this drilling rig. they also have the equipment, they say, to allow them to communicate to the outside world while they are squatting on this rig. they do not plan on interfering with the navigation of the vessel or the operation of the vessel while they are up there, but they are planning on staying. shell is not happy. the spokesman said that they boarded this vessel illegally and are jeopardizing the safety of the crew on board and them selves. shell's very motivated for obvious reasons to get this fleet and rig up to the arctic. this has been their plans for years, and they keep screwing it
6:53 pm
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6:57 pm
capitol. so congress passed a literal, hey, you kids get off my lawn bill. this is before john mccain was actually there. these days congress will not let children go sledding on capitol hill. back then back in 1876 congress would not let children roll eggs on capitol hill. the reason why we have that roll is because an old softy the named rutherford b. hayes decided that he would move the easter egg roll to the white house lawn and let them have the easter egg roll there. ever since, the easter egg roll has bnt leading contender for most adoshable among white house-hosted events. this year's white house festivities were held today. it's a surprisingly large event. it goes on for a long time.
6:58 pm
waves of children. what i was told is that it was 30,000 kids in all, which seems almost unbelievable. but that's what i've been told. the day included not just easter egg rolling but a round of basketball between some kids and pro basketball players. if you are president of the united states, you have to be very careful when you say you need a basketball because people hear the president say hey i need a basketball, and then this is what happens. >> he played some inadvertent dodge ball. some kids were only too thrilled to throw the ball to him. he had to calm an unruly group of kids during story time.
6:59 pm
they were very upset. it had nothing to do with the iran deal. >> and now, cried max, let the wild rumpus start. who can do a wild rumpus. hoo, hoo, hoo. that's some good rumpusing. some of you weren't rumpusing that hard. can you see it? [ screaming ] oh no it's a bee. that's okay guys. bees are good. >> they're scary! >> they won't sting you. they'll be okay. [ screaming ] >> a bee! >> hold on hold on! you guys are wild things!
7:00 pm
you're not supposed to be scared of bees when you're a wild thing. >> for the record there are no reports of any kids actually getting stung. president obama read "where the wild things are." i have never before heard his rumpusing sound before. woo-hoo, hoo. i have an idea nobody is as good at rumpusing. >> great interview tonight with secretary moniz. >> thank you. >> nothing like having a scientist in the cabwhen you need one. you're going to see an official beat up a newspaper like you've never seen before. and the newspaper that takes the beating this time is the