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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 9, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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so still, lots of intrigue here, but so far intrigue is it. watch this space. good morning. right now on "first look" this could be the most severe weather day this spring. 65 million americans in risk areas. details ahead a. anger in north charleston reaches a boiling point and this morning hear from a man who captured it all on video. the jury found him guilty. now they'll decide whether he lives or dies. and president obama calls for a ban on gay and transgender con vefrgs therapy. a major recall of one of america's favorite foods. thanks so much for joining us today. right now spring's biggest storm is marching through the country
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with 65 million people in its path. part of the danger tornadoes. the national weather service says two of them touched down in kansas yesterday. hail was falling and the rain was apparently coming down sways there. it was a downpour that caused major flooding in missouri. an auto center got 2 feet of water inside in just 40 minutes. hail elsewhere. you can see the devastation to power lines and buildings. it's leading to a big day ahead. let's get the latest. i guess we have to brace ourselves. >> tornadoes get the headlines but flooding is a huge concern today and probably will do more damage than any tornados today. we had a lot of storm reports out there. all of these yellow little trienings, that's large hail
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reports. one was four-inch hail. ten reports of tornadoes. all in rural areas. not anything too bad out there. a lot of wet weather and rain. it snowed in new england last night. as far as severe storms a couple strong storms through missouri this morning heading toward st. louis. it'll wait until this afternoon for round two. we made it as far as i know through round one without any fatalities. about 65 million people in the slight risk and enhanced risk combined. mostly tornadoes possible in illinois between st. louis and chicago. once again a lot of wind damage today from little rock all the way out to tennessee and tomorrow severe storms to the east coast including big cities like philly d.c. richmond but wind damage not tornadoes. >> this morning the man who captured the shooting death of walter scott on video tells
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msnbc what he did after witnessing what he did after he witnessed it and why he went to the family. >> i saw the police report. i wasn't like that the way they were saying. >> reporter: you read the report? >> yes. i saw the news and i said this is not the right -- this is not what happened, and i had a friend of mine and i showed the video to him and i tell him what i witness, and he was agreed with me. he told me think about what you want to do with this and i just put myself in the position of the family. that i know if i would have a family member, i wouldn't know -- i couldn't tell what was going to be the decision in this case if the police would be charged but i want them to have this and do something about it. i know if i wouldn't give it to them, nothing would happen.
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>> reporter: are you still scared? >> yeah but i feel like i did the right thing for the family. and i believe that this can help other people this to not do this kind of stuff. like i say, nobody have the right to take the life away of nobody without -- for no reason. >> reporter: if you had not captured all of this on your cell phone, what do you think would have happened? >> nothing would have happened. i don't think nothing would have happened. like i say, that's why i took the decision of turning to the family. >> reporter: what makes you sure nothing would have happened. >> when i saw the police report and i saw that it was going the wrong way. it was going the wrong way, like i say, and that's something that
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got me mad. like i say, because it wasn't like that. that wasn't the way i saw it. i didn't know if the police would be charged. like i say, i didn't know what was going to happen but i just brought the evidence of the families. >> the shooting continues to make head lines across the country. protesters are demanding justice and that's what officials in north charleston say they will deliver. what more can we expect to say today. >> reporter: they may deliver a dash cam video. he says he was walking to work talking to someone on his cell phone when he saw what happened the witness. >> i thought about his position. >> reporter: here's what he says he saw before he started recording. >> he had control of scott, and scott was trying just to get
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away from the taser. the taser, you know you can hear the sound of the taser. >> reporter: he hpad been tazed at that point. >> yes. >> reporter: police can't explain what he picked up then dropped by walter scott's body or why the police report says officers performed first aid and cpr when the video doesn't show that that. >> there are questions i have in my mind that i can't answer right now. >> reporter: 100 people protested last night. >> young, black men, unarmed are being hunted down like deer. >> reporter: that's exactly how walter scott's mother felt when she saw this. >> he's my child. i saw him running like you would kill an animal and i couldn't watch it anymore. >> reporter: but there is going to be more video to watch.
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the dash cam video that could come out today plus the city now says they're buying body cams for all of their officers. >> all right. joining us live today. tracie potts, thank you so much for that. he is guilty of the worst act of terrorism since 9/11 and now he has to fight for his life. tsarnaev was found guilty. now that same jury will have to answer the question life in prison or because it's a federal trial, the death penalty. before phase two begins survivors of the bombing took time to reflect. >> we are obviously grateful for the outcome today. it's not a happy occasion but it's something we can put one more step behind us. >> the convicted bomber's mother ranted against the u.s. she said my boys are the best of the best.
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president obama is calling for an end to conversion therapy for gay and transgender white house. calling for a ban on psychotherapy that tries to convert people into being straight. the petition was spurred on by a teenager who killed herself. the administration has made a strong push for rights and they plan to create an all gender restroom for use in the white house. today president obama is in jamaica. he's the first u.s. president to visit the nation in the last three decades. last night he made an unexpected visit in kings ston. can you guess where? to the bob marley museum. if you love your hummus take
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note. there's a recall because of possible listeria. it can cause serious and sometimes fatal infection in frail or elderly people or young persons. consumers withly questions should go to fda.glove. >> good morning. skip all of the adds for a monthly fee. it's unclear when it may be launch ord how much it'll cost. it launched a subscription based music service last fall. sam sung expects to ship the galaxy 6 tomorrow but will have trouble meeting new demand. it's expected to sell well following a string of positive reviews. and teens are still using facebook and google plus. facebook is the most popular social media by teens followed by snap chat and twitter and
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google plus. back over to you. >> thank you so much. let's get to sports. we want to start with baseball. brewers, rockies at miller park. and oops on the field the stadium's fireworks system accidently goes off in the bottom of the first inning. it was a premonition for this defensive play in the top of the sixth. >> in the air to left. pretty held hit. davis on the run. what a catch. >> chris davis makes the leap against the fence but the rockies win it 5-4. and the annual masters par three contest took place yesterday. tiger woods let his daughter finish a hole for him but at the fourth hole, golden bear himself. >> for the fourth year the big three involved doing that. and here's jack at number 40.
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that's across the water. really a good golf hole. what a beautiful play. come on. come on jack. yes. yes. >> what a beauty. jack nicklaus with his first career ace at the masters. he's still got it at 73 5. golf's number one player rory mcilroy may have been outshined by his caddie. that's nile horn. though his golf game could use a bit of work. >> that's nile. rory's caddie from one direction. that was one direction too. left. >> even charles barkly is laughing at that one. the camera couldn't follow the that one. the first round of the masters begins today. and the league's first full time nfl official is hired.
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a major announcement from bob shaffer last night at tcu. >> i wanted this to be the place and i wanted you all to be the first to know that this summer i'm going to retire. >> that emotional retirement announcement after more than half a century in journalism. it's also hosted face the nation for 24 years. a scary collision. facing the wrong direction and slammed onto an oncoming tractor trailer. the driver may have been trying
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to take her own life. from the new york times bag night owl may be bad for your health. a new study shows men who were night owls were more likely to have high diabetes and then there's this. ♪ looks like we made it ♪ . barry man low and his long time manager got married last year. he was married to a woman in the 60s but that was reportedly annulled after only two years. in texas it's become a tradition. bikers and 16 fire departments honored recipients of the metal of honor for their service. coming up big bucks for ted cruz and a powerful republican says hillary would be good. scrambled politics is next.
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is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule... from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress. and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with our angies list app. visit today. crambled politics. new jersey governor has opened up on a new show. he says if he could have one do over it would be his handling of the infamous bridge scandal. >> it's one of the things that's still kind of surreal to me and i don't really understand it still. but it's certainly something
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that has been a really bad period for me both personally and professionally. >> from the new york times network of superpac says it has raised $31 million for ted cruz bid. the size of the contributions is likely to force backers of other candidates to rethink their budgets. and offering praise for hillary clinton during a meeting with reporters yesterday, a senator said i think hillary's experience will make her an effective president if she's to run. >> i'm announcing this will be my last term and i will retire. >> you heard it there, the california democrat has announced she won't be seeking reelection. without a democratic incouple bant her seat could become a battle ground.
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>> the secret service taught her to drive. >> first lady answering questions with rachel ray. that interview airing later today. republican white house hopeful rand paul is the subject of a new comic book. it outlines his upbringing and political career. in a statement the president of the comic company says it's my hope that these entertaining books teach readers about the candidate. that is your morning dish of scrambled politics. it is thursday. you know what that means? we are joined by bob franken. good morning. >> i think that's probably a very appropriate way to describe the candidates. >> let's start with something that is pretty shocking to some people when you look at the numbers. super pacs from raised $31 million for ted cruz. does that surprise you? >> it surprises me yes, but it
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has to surprise the other candidates who i don't think for a moment thought that he had that kind of fund raising clout. we should point butt, by theout that gives him a lot of money. that means the other candidates are going to have to accelerate their fund raising. he's going to make a battle out of there. >> and i want to switch gears. the white house is creating a gender neutral restroom. it's the theme of inclusiveness. are these issues only ones that a second term president could truly address? >> it's really difficult to gauge because what's happened in the united states is we've had a remarkable reversal on attitudes toward the various communities that have alternative lifestyles and in this particular case, however, you have more
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sophistication and the complication and the white house is addressing one of the issues that arises across the country. >> and also president obama calling for an end to conversion therapies for transgender teens. without a federal policy in place to regulate this how much weight does it carry? >> the president is supposed to have a bully pulpit and the white house is saying the president will consult the members of congress to come up with a federal policy leaving it to the states means where you have prejudices there's going to be nothing to stop conversion therapy. it really doesn't have that much clout. >> all right. as always we appreciate your insight today. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> you have a good one. just ahead, the da wants more pot. yeah, we'll tell you about that.
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>> this morning in the huffing ton post de ae wants to triple the production of marijuana for research. they want to up it the amount of pot grown, to 900 pounds for unanticipated medical research and industrial needs. >> how many doritos can we eat in a day. >> this is the second in a row that they have requested such an increase and new orleans grand jury has indicted realize hare robert durst on who weapons
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charges. he's charged with possession of a firearm and an inlegal drug. it has prevented him from being extradited to los angeles to face murder charges. and coast guard crews clearing a path through the ice that still coats lake superior. the ice trapped several firefighters and even punched a hole in one of the ship's hull. i thought it was spring. can't we all just thaw out, already? . >> in entertainment news, this dress. >> ha that's that's a dress. >> it's the reason for google images. the executive writes people wanted more than text. this first became apparent out of the gramny awards where she wore a green dress that caught the world's attention. at the time it was the most popular search query we had ever seen. we had no way of getting users
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exactly what they wanted. her wearing that dress, google image search was born and that's how it happened. i'm betty nguyen. "way too early" starts right now. ♪ >> i feel that my life you know with this information, might be like i say, in danger and i try -- i thought about erasing the video and just getting out of the community, charleston and leaving someplace out. >> reporter: leaving town because you were that scared. >> yeah. i knew that as soon as i saw the video, that a cop didn't do the right thing. and like i say, i feel kind of
2:30 am
scared about that. >> good morning. it's thursday april 9th. welcome to "way too early." in that shocking shooting captured on a cell phone camera in south carolina is where we begin. the man who recorded it is breaking his silence. here he is telling lester holt why he decided to record the incident and what he saw with his own eyes. >> i was walking to my job, and i see mr. scott, rest in peace, and i saw police after him, chasing him. i was on a phone call and i decide to go over there and see what was going on. they were down on the floor before the -- i started recording. they were down on the floor. i remember the police had control of the situation. he had control of scott. i be


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