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tv   Up W Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  April 18, 2015 5:00am-7:01am PDT

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about priority boarding is you can just get on the plane and relax. i put everything on the explorer card. i really want my united miles. i don't want a coronation on our side by any stretch of the imagination is. >> i don't see any coronation coming my way, trust me. >> the fight for new hampshire is on. good morning to you. thanks for getting up with us this saturday morning. promising to be a beautiful day outside here in new york. in new hampshire, republican presidential candidates are everywhere this weekend. they have descended on that state for the first big test in the first in the nation primary campaign.
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we'll have more live on the ground from new hampshire just a minute from now. hillary clinton is also on her way to the granite state after a big week for her in iowa. she's been sounding a lot like elizabeth warren lately. how is that going over with wall street? what about mike huckabee the man who once won iowa announced he would be making a big announcement last night about another possible run. what did he say, is he running or not. we will talk about that in a little bit. president obama voicing his frustration with senate over the loretta lynch nomination. what he said and whether harry reid will be able to force a vote. there is also one democrat and one republican on stage at the 2012 presidential debates. that's how it usually goes. both major party candidates no minor party candidates. should a third party be allowed? we will talk to somebody who says yes and ask him what's he'sing to to make that happen.
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the last time i tried cooking on this show didn't go smoothly. this morning congressman charlie rangel will be here. a big day on the mall on washington what it is that is drawing usher and our friends thomas roberts all of them together. we begin this morning in the first in the nation primary state of new hampshire. it is the epicenter of the political universe this weekend. republican presidential candidates and possible presidential candidates more than a dozen of them in all. descending on the granite state for the first big new hampshire cattle call of the 2016 primary campaign. next year's new hampshire primary will come days after the iowa caucuses. some candidates will survive it. most probably won't. this weekend a big early test for all of those candidates. they are calling it the first in the nation's summit. hundreds of party activists
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cameras for all over the world convening on a hotel ball room in new hampshire. each candidate getting 30 minutes to make their case. chris christie, rick perry, jeb bush among those speaking during the day yesterday. before last night's prime time keynote speech from marco rubio. >> i do not buy into those that say you can't secure the border. yes, you can. you must first have the will. that will has to be exhibited from the highest office in the country. >> the people around the world know the same thing that people in the united states know. we have a weak president who has weakened our country. they are taking advantage of that in every way they possibly can. >> i was called vito because i vetoed. >> common core is a set of standards will be used by the department of education, those standards will be used to force
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on states policies the federal government wants or you won't get federal money. that's not the right approach. >> just hours from now, day two begins with rand paul ted cruz john kasich scott walker all of them on today's agenda. a new poll has surprising numbers in new hampshire. the leader a poll just out showing scott walker in the lead with 24%. that's ten points ahead of ted cruz. rand paul right behind him. look at this jeb bush all the way back in fourth place right now. in new hampshire at just 10%. rube row and chris christie behind them. this is the fourth straight poll to show scott walker leading in new hampshire. walker, as we say will be the final speaker at the summit tonight. his speech expected to begin around 7:00 p.m. those numbers are giving big
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expectations for walker. bush is struggling in the early states. does the republican base view him as an establishment figure. it is the bush name. he spoke friday. did he manage the change the minds? marco rubio announces his candidacy earlier this week in miami. this is his first trip. he got the best speaking slot last night. there is a lot of stake in new hampshire this weekend in a way it's still early. in a way, it isn't. a campaign is already in full swing. when it comes to party leaders and activists impressions, boat good and bad, are being formed right now. as we speak. to make sense of what happened last night and what we can expect today. let's go live now to new hampshire to msnbc little correspondent kasie hunt. marco rubio as we mentioned was the keynote speaker, he got that plumb spot last night.
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let's play a clip from his speech. >> tonight as i speak to you, my wife and children are in orlando, florida, at a volleyball tournament. and i wish i was there, i'm very happy to be here with you. when you make the decision to run for president, you realize you'll be away from home. there are days you're not going to be there. and there are volleyball tournaments that you're going to miss. what allowed me to finally make the decision to run i understood this election is as much as about them as it is about anybody else. for their generation, my children's generation is the most important generation in american's history. they will either be the freest most prosperous americans who have ever lived or the most pressed. >> rubio first speech. how did each of the candidates
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go over with the crowd. >> good morning. i have to say, i think rubio's performance might have been the strongest we heard yesterday. having watches his announcement speech earlier this week thixspeech was stronger. thee was very excited to be a presidential candidate. he called it the most historic night of his life. he started off nervous, there was no sign of it last night. he is the strongest candidate in telling a story. he can strike emotional chords in a way many others haven't been able to yet. he's obviously back in the polls here, i think that he is somebody to watch here. the other thing that i would point out. i think that chris christie is somebody else to watch. he's also been in some ways written off. but this was the weekend that he started taking his traditional brand of town hall politics to the state of new hampshire. he's done two town halls so far. i think the manchester -- new
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hampshire union leader wrote a column about christie is the kind of candidate that might fit this state exactly. in part because he's somebody who is willing to put in the time and his slogan is basically, you know what? i'm going to tell it like it is. you heard a little bit of that on the stage last night. >> stay with us. we'll have more in a minute on chris christie and what he's doing there let's bring in today's panel. a white house reporter with buzz feed. and a republican consultant for mitt romney. and a democratic affairs leader. let's talk for a second. there's two elements. what we saw yesterday what we'll see later today. the bush thing, is interesting to me. the reaction he's generating from the republican base. i've been saying for a long time. i think he's got a problem. his poll numbers when i look in the republican race 16%, 17%. doesn't seem too impressive.
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this is red state, the conservative site reacting to bush's appearance in new hampshire this weekend. he was asked a question about iran, he said i don't know. that was his answer. here is red state saying i don't know shows he's not ready for prime time and can't be trusted as the nominee to handle the media. this is a conservative site saying jeb bush not ready for prime time. not a good review for him. >> i think that's sort of overstating things. because somebody doesn't have a pat answer on every question. i think the challenge he has there's a sense you don't know why people are supporting jeb bush other than they think he's going to be a bit of a juggernaut in a primary. that's not a case for your candidacy. and campaigns matter. this race is different from 2012. and even 2008 in that you have a lot of really acceptable candidates in the race. it's not nearly as polarized as it was before. you don't have people you know
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putting a stake in the ground early. there's a lot of candidates that voters would consider. campaigns matter. we'll see how it plays out. >> he was asked -- this was friday after an event called politics and eggs. jeb bush was asked to defend his conservative credentials let's see how he handled that. >> i have a conservative record and probably the most effective conservative governor. i would much my record with anybody that's thinking about running or any governor during the last 20 years. it's an i'm not kidding conservative record. >> i'm curious what you think. he's running in a republican base that is searching for purity. here is somebody trying to be the third bush president in a generation. he's the face of the establishment. >> that reminds me a bit of 2012 in the fact that romney faced a lot of this stuff as well. and ended up becoming the
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nominee. red state didn't like him either. and new candidates were supposed to come in the whole time. he gained the nomination. it's different in this field with a field that is in a little bit more as katie said more robust than 2012. it's possible won't be interested in putting their weight behind a guy that the establishment says is the most electable guy. that's his problem. he has to break out of being i'm the good general election guy. >> one thing that struck me yesterday, was, we were paying attention for this, we thought this would be a theme these republicans would stress and they didn't. we thought we would hear hillary clinton bashing as we did barack obama bashing as they start to turn from 2016 away from the last eight years. didn't seem to be the case. the impression i got, this base is really fixated on obama as opposed today hillary clinton. >> i think for the most part people have a lot of choices.
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so they're looking to determine particularly who they're going to support in the primaries. they're not looking ahead to the general election yet, but looking to see who can not only take our cause and fighting against this current government right now, being in the form of the president, but who also shares our values. and right now, it's all about sharing values and also who is a better campaigner. you know sort of the individual things you get in the early primary states of actually talking to people. being able to convey your positions, your conservative values and your positions. when you're not able to convey that in a concise way, that becomes troubling. people don't like you very much because they're saying you're not ready. we're looking for someone who will not only take up our cause and bear the flag for our conservative values but can go out and fight for us. and i don't think for a number of the candidates they haven't
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shown that yet. >> let's go back to casey on the ground there. we're at halftime of this forum today, ted cruz rand paul john kasich who is suddenly the ohio governor showing some very public interest in this race. this is his new hampshire daebutdebut. scott walker tonight. what are you expecting today? >> a couple of things here. i think first and foremost you were talking a minute ago about hillary clinton. on that front the person to watch is carly fiorina. as we talked about she is somebody who has gone after hillary clinton in a personal way. she's said hillary clinton can't campaign on her gender. i would argue that's something more difficult for the male candidates. i asked jeb bush yesterday to respond to the idea of whether he thought it was time for a woman president. and he absolutely refused to engage with the question. so i think that's one thing. i think, we have mike huckabee
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coming up here today. we're expecting an announcement from him. this is not really his turf. his turf will be in iowa. it will be interesting to see how he's rereceived. scott walker has the keynote and is somebody who has been leading in the polls. i think the question is whether he can replicate the kind of performance in iowa that launched what we're seeing now. that cast him as the front runner in this race if we do have one at this point. i think the question is whether he can perform overall h. he stopped taking questions from reporters largely enpart he got himself into a little bit of trouble on a couple of different issues. i think it will be interesting to see whether or not he can navigate that. whether he is open with the voters in this q&a. >> this is an interesting thing about scott walker. the dynamic in this race will ultimately shake out. it's going to be jeb bush is the establishment candidate and then
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is there a consensus non-jeb candidate who emerged as the main challenger. what we've seen is scott walker in the early going as taken that role. it's a question of whether he can sustain that. i have talked to people who have expressed doubt that he's ready for this moment. maybe this moment came too soon came earlier than they were expecting. now they're scrambling to sort of meet the expectations. they weren't necessarily ready to meet. >> scott walker has one of the best sort of elecatorial records coming into the race. it's unlike the last campaign where everybody got to be a leader. scott walker has beaten democrats a bunch of times. every time the conversation haepz about him is he strong enough, can he hold it together. he can point back and say they came at me with everything they could in wisconsin. i beat them every time. i think he actually has a record and actually has some standing
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to say i deserve to be here and i can stay here. >> i'm curious, your role with the romney campaign in 2012. i hear so many people who look at past republican races and they say in the end the establishment candidate wins. i looked at 2012 i said how different would that have been if mitt romney had to run against somebody like scott walker, with a track record as opposed to newt gingrich who had been disgraced as the house speaker or herman cain. if he had to run against somebody who had more elecatorial credibility, would it be difficult? >> we think so. that's my point. campaigns matter. and that's part of a campaign strategy. i would just sort of challenge the notion anymore that jeb bush is somehow the leader of the
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field and the establishment guy. i think the establishment is now very divided. i don't think that there is sort of a favorite. early on back in january, you know a lot of folks in d.c. and the east coast were lining up behind jeb bush. i didn't hear a lot of that enthusiasm outside of the eastern seaboard. now even in those places you know that has been diluted a fair amount. marco had a very strong week. scott walker has said a lot of things people are excited about. you know mike huckabee is going to be formidable. i think we'll have the effect of driving out of the race people like rick santorum who won't find a lane with mike huckabee in the race. all of these things are going to change the field dramatically. it's going to be an exciting situation to watch. >> let me get you back in here the that point about bushing and where expectations were for him when he got in this race a few months ago. we heard about shock and awe. $100 million. comparisons to his brother. clearing out half the field.
5:18 am
what are the bush people saying now about the position they're in? >> steve, i think they maintain that this is always what they expected. they always knew this field was going to be this large and this competitive. bush himself was on stage yesterday. he joked that he was asked by someone in the hall whether she said to him we don't want a coronation on our side. like what the democrats are doing. he said, rather wryly i know this isn't going to be a coronation. it's clear this is very much on their minds. i would also say i think marco rubio has impacted this race in a fairly significant way. especially as it relates to jeb bush. he hasn't been engaging on questions about rubio. they are friends, they text with each other. they've known each other for years. bush has nurtured rubio's career. i asked him whether or not rubio should have waited his turn. if you watched his body language he said it's time. >> this thing six months from
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now bush rubio i don't think we'll see much love between them. a big day up there. good luck with that. we'll be keeping close tabs on that. still ahead, we will also be taking a look at hillary clinton's big week in iowa. what she said and why she sounded a lot like elizabeth warren. the big event bringing mary j.blige and our own thomas roberts together in washington. we're standing by to tell you all about it. stay with us. scott: appears buster's been busy. man: yeah, scott. i was just about to use the uh... scott: that's a bunch of ground-up paper, lad! scotts ez seed uses the finest seed, fertilizer, and natural mulch that holds water so you can grow grass anywhere! looking good, lad! man: thanks, scott. ez seed really works! so, how come haggis is so well behaved? scott: 'cause he's a scotty. man: oh. scott: get scotts ez seed. it's guaranteed. seed your lawn. seed it!
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it's a big day in washington, d.c. for reasons that have nothing to do with the capitol or the white house. thousands expected to converge on the national maul today in celebration of earth day.
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not your average climate change rally but an event that will future performances by usher, no doubt. it is the global citizen 2015 earth day rally. msnbc thomas roberts is live on the mall getting ready for the program to begin. it sounds like a big day ahead. tell us what's in store. >> reporter: it is going to be a big day and a beautiful day. it's absolutely fantastic. you were talking about thousands, will be here. they're estimating about 250,000 plus people are going to turn out for this free and incredible event that is a combination between the global poverty project and the earth day network. now, our buddy at the global poverty project, the ceo, he said all he wanted was the sun to shine. boy do we have the sun shining. it will be about 80 degrees here. they're just putting the finishing touches on the stage. it was just monday at 12:01 a.m.
5:24 am
when the festival ended when they started the framework everything they needed to put the concert on. coming up we have fallout boy, mary j. blige. now doubt no doubt to start the list. you can watch this streamingts a we invite everyone to come down. it is free. >> go ahead but be careful it's going to be careful. >> absolutely. >> thank you. it starts at 11:00. the address is now on your screen. still ahead in the show. another moment like this in 2016. >> there wlil be a sucking sound
5:25 am
going out. so if the people -- the first thing i'll do is study that 2000 page -- >> every four years it seems third party candidates locked out of presidential debates. sometimes they want to get in like ross perot they can steal the show. we will talk about the effort to get a third party candidate in the debate in 2016. i want my foyer to smell more like a foyer.
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making a fist something we do to show resolve. to defend ourselves. to declare victory. so cvs health provides expert support and vital medicines. make a fist for me. at our infusion centers or in patients homes. we help them fight the good fight. cvs health, because health is everything. all right. there's a lot going on this morning. let's get caught up with headlines making news with our panel. let's see what's in politico this morning. the headline is judge car ville? it leaked out yesterday that political consultant the raging
5:29 am
cajun. he filmed a pilot for a judge judy courtroom show that will be called carville's court. >> i've been a attorney i've been a political consultant. these are going to be real people with real cases and decisions. this courtroom is unlike anything you've seen on tv and so am i. >> now i reached out for comment, they confirmed they filmed the pilot. he said it's not a go right now. we shot a pilot for something we might want to try. there is nothing nor complicated to it. it was decided not to bring it to tv. maybe this will change that. i don't know. >> two things about this story. how many more things will we find out from this? and then two, this just proves that we still want to see court tv. we still want to watch this.
5:30 am
>> i would watch james carviille. >> this show -- you don't do the show. i will say, i'm done deciding. >> judge judy as i'm ready to roll. >> rolls right off your tongue. >> what else do we have? this is from usa today the head countdown to royal baby number two calmer than the first. the royal couple are awaiting the second royal child, the barricades and no parking signs are up around st. mary's hospital in london. they say it is not as crazy the last time when the first royal baby whose name is? anybody? george. he was born in july 2013. he made his debut in a blaze of
5:31 am
camera. boy or girl? >> girl. >> girl? what are we going to call her, georgeena? we are experts on the royal family here. >> catherine elizabeth, i think that's name. >> that sounds more real. arkansas online. other headline this morning. it says huckabee circled may 5th in hope of decision day. this is the former arkansas governor announcing yesterday he will return in his home on may 5th to announce whether he'll run for president. this was caused all sorts of confusion yesterday. there was word that mike huckabee had an announcement. the announcement was he'll have an announcement about what he'll announcement yesterday. >> ted cruz did it line. i'm running for president everybody and he walked off the stage. this like i got an exploratory committee, a committee to think about t. it seems in this day of age of twitter and all this stuff, it
5:32 am
takes too long. say you're doing it and get in it. >> is he in? >> i think he is going to run. i think he gave up a nice gig, you know over at fox news. and i think he's going to run. i think, these guys once they decide they should be president, they don't give it up just because they lose. >> keep an eye on that. what else do we have? this is from "the washington post," the headline ted cruz loves the simpsons but he botched his favorite quote. ted cruz was giving an interview on a conservative radio show. he talked about he's a big fan of the simpsons. his favorite quote was treehouse of horror seven. an alien possessed bill clinton says in a campaign speech tonight i say we must move forward and not backward and also twirling towards freedom. he said twirling into the future. >> what a slip.
5:33 am
>> one of the parodies every made of the simpsons. i'm a huge fan. i think it's awesome that ted cruz likes it. you got to get the quote right sglflt this was. >> if you're not cool, don't try to presend you're cool. >> there you go. >> don't elect -- >> i love that popular show. >> that cardinals court. he got clippedism i feel like he should get some credit. i know people who quote movies or tv shows and they get it line for line word for word. i always botch it. even when i've seen it a thousand times. i end up botching it. >> he's just like us. >> there you go. that's his way of connecting. one more this is a headline from nbc 4 in southern california. where it's about 5:30 in the morning. a lot of people i'm sure are
5:34 am
watching out there. ben and jerry craft brewer team up for ice cream beer. they're teaming up with a colorado's new belgium brewing. a beer that's going to be called salted brownie brown ale. it's laded with salted caramel vanilla goodness. it will come in a 22 ounce bottle. >> i don't want any of this. it does not sound appetizing. al i would like another free scoop day. >> there you go. >> put the time capsule together. it was like when america started flirting with legalized pot. everyone will know what it was. >> i would like them to figure out how to make lettuce taste like ice cream. >> i'm with you on that. i will stick to bud light. still ahead does wall street
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have a problem with hillary clinton's message? president obama ran his 2008 campaign on change you can believe in. will that change desire for change prompt voters to put a republican in the white house in 2016? >> change doesn't come from washington change comes to washington. [ applause ] ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. ♪ 5 unique whole grains... ..with just enough sweetness. ...multi grain cheerios.
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we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses, turning dreamers into business owners. and we're here to help start yours. unfortunately, the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top. we need to reshuffle the cards and begin to play a different hand. >> that was hillary clinton out on the campaign trail in iowa this week. her first week as an official presidential candidate for 2016. clinton making economic equality one of the central focuses of her early campaign. ff you look at the early national polls, the message seems to be one that's working for her. these are potential matchups between hillary clinton and the most likely republican nominees or the biggest names on the republican side. you've got her ahead pretty studally in the high single
5:39 am
digits. a lot of these likely republican opponents. in a way she's starting off with an advantage in this race. al we wanted to look at this and see what is the biggest obstacle for hillary clinton. if she is the party's candidate against one of these candidates. what's the biggest obstacle? the biggest obstacle is history. it's an interesting pattern that's emerged in this country since world war ii. let's take a closer -- this is going to actually work here. here we go. we're calling this the two term itch. since world war ii there's been an unbreakable pattern where one party controls the white house for eight years, then the other party controls it for eight years. it seems as if voters after eight years they get a little tired of the same party running
5:40 am
washington. washington. johnson replaced by nixon in 68. gerald ford replaced by carter. six times since world war ii that pattern has happen. only once was it broken when reagan was replaced by a candidate from his own party, to give you a closer idea of how this works, take a look at the 2000 presidential election. this is after eight years of democratic rule. after eight years of bill clinton. the country was in are great shape. the unemployment rate was under 4% on election day. this had been the longest sustained period of economic growth in american history. the country was at peace. peace, prosperity and approval rating of nearly 60% for the president. yet, the vice president to bill clinton, al gore won the popular vote by a narrow margin. he lost in the electorial college. this country was still open to
5:41 am
having a president from the other party. take a look at 1988. this is the one the clint in people will tell you they have in mind. this is the one exception to that pattern with george bush. nearly 60%. the unemployment rate down about 5.3%. and bush did win that election handally. he sort of handed it to dukakis. it is worth noting in the middle of that. there were polls that showed him 17 points ahead of bush. despite a strong approval rating for reagan there was in that campaign a strong aptidepetite for change. after eight years, how much is that appetite there for hillary clinton, for the idea of giving the other party a chance. you look at the climate right now, obama's approval rating sitting at 48%. not as high as clintons was or
5:42 am
reagans was. the bottom hasn't fallen out. the approvalunemployment rate has fallen to 5.5%. it could go either way. this could be strong enough to give hillary clinton that third term or it may not be strong enough. what is the biggest obstacle for hillary clinton? i think it is after eight years of one party in control, history says this country starts to flirt with the other party. will that pattern be broken? still ahead. wall street's surprising reaction to comments like this from hillary clinton. >> and there is something wrong when hedge fund managers pay lower tax rates than nurses or the truckers that i saw on i 80 as i was driving here over the last two days. >> and next witnesses say it looked like a scene from a movie. what was happening moments
5:43 am
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the 328 horsepower q50 from infiniti. this morning. state and federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused a natural gas pipe line to sloed last night in central california. shooting flames into the air more than 100 feet according to witnesses. it happened at the gun range where investigators say an equipment manager was using a front loader to built a dirk embankment when the blast occurred. the operator and ten prisoners who were doing yard work were injured. three of them remain in critical condition. when we come back could this famous presidential debate moment have gone differently had there been a third candidate on stage? >> what's your philosophy and what's your position on issues? can you get things done? and i believe i can.
5:47 am
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your opening statement, please sir. >> who am i? why am i here? >> remember that? that was ross perot's running mate james stockdale stealing the show in the 1992 vice presidental debate. that was the last time that anyone other than democratic and republican candidates was allowed into the debates. al for decades, control over presidential debates, including who can participate, has been in the hands of the two major parties, which run the bipartisan commission on presidential debates. that commission has set high entry barriers for third party candidates. in 2012 the rules stated any potential debate participant had
5:51 am
to quality to have a shot at the white house. candidates had to have 15% of support in the national polls after labor day. of course, the argument that third party candidates make they can only get to 15% or more if they're given a place in the debates and if voters get a chance to hear them. now as the 2016 campaign begins an unlikely bipartisan alliance is coming together to demand the rules be changed to insure next fall when it comes time for presidential debates, a third candidate will be on stage. with the democratic and republican nominees. that group is called change the rule. here to tell us what they are asking for is former minnesota congressman vin weber. he's currently an advisor to probable presidential candidate jeb bush. he joins us now. thank you for taking a few minutes this morning. we should note you wrote an op-ed this week with a democrat
5:52 am
this week. two is not enough. you need a third candidate up there, why? >> good morning. the main point we're making is that this is not about either political party or about any candidate. this is about the very health and integrity of our political and democratic system. we see -- we saw the poll last year, the largest number of people in history identify themselves as independents. and we find a remarkable 80 plus per persent is -- that's a tribute to what the commission has done. in doing that they made it much more difficult for the traditional role of an independent or third party candidate to emerge. because they are not likely to be in those debates. hence are not looked upon as incredible candidates by people
5:53 am
in the media, by donors or by average voters. so we are suggesting there needs to be an avenue for an independent or third party voice to get into those debates. and we have suggested a mechanism to the commission we'd like to discuss it with them. thus far they have not been willing to talk to us. >> the basic idea here as i understand it, you're saying whoever gets the most petition signatures should get the third slot. you go around the country, you have to have petitions to get on the ballot. whoever collects the most, it could be four five six million signatures you would get in? >> essentially. when you go around the country, petitioning to get on the ballot is the tried and true way. most states allow you to do that. so we're suggesting that a well-regulated and controlled and validated petition drive would allow one candidate to emerge as having genuine popular support.
5:54 am
let me also emphasize, we're not insistent that's the only way this can happen. what we would really like to have is an open dialogue with the members of the commission on presidential debates. and if they've got another idea we'd like to hear what it s. we think this is the best idea. as you pointed out the signatories on the letter to the commission are not a bunch of rogues. they are currently active in the two political parties. they're people i think have good reputations. we're doing this because the political system needs this change. >> here's the part -- problem i see with the idea of guaranteeing a third slot. generally the third parties -- the libertarian party would draw more republican votes. the green party would draw more democratic votes than republican votes. basically you create a competition where there's an incentive for the two major parties to get the one who would draw from the other party. if you're a democrat you're
5:55 am
sayieth want to make sure there's a libertarian on that stage. because they will take 3% from bush or whatever. >> i understand that. i don't think it would emerge that way. i think that the so-called mischief vote we always worry about people actually trying to vote for or sign a petition for someone they're not actually supporting is really an overstated phenomenon in american politics. most people aren't going to vote for somebody they don't believe in and they're not likely to sign a petition for someone they don't believe in. i don't know what kind of candidate would emerge from this process. you have more independents than republicans or democrats. 80% of the country think the system is broken. you ought to have a mechanism to see who would emerge from such a process. >> let me ask you, as a democratic strategist, and a republican is this something you would like to see? >> i think it's creating another process in which you have defined in someone deciding who
5:56 am
are the people. here we are deciding who is the one person that will emerge to represent the third party candidate. and though i identify as a democrat, i really do believe our party structure, our two party structure has too much of a hold on our political system. i would like to see variation in the debate process in terms of topics cover. who participants in terms of hosting. and there used to be some varation of topics are covered. people aren't watching it that anymore. thosef us who cover politics daily live for t. for the average american they want to see variation and difference between the candidates and determine why they want to support someone. i don't think the current structure allows for that to happen. >> do you think -- would you have gone for this in 2012? >> i think the problems that
5:57 am
we're dealing with have nothing to do with manufacturing a slot for somebody that has no hope of being anything but a spoiler. that's not the problem. i think, you know, to your point, the issue is that these debates aren't interesting. they're not capturing issues that voters care about. what we saw last night by candy crowley inserted herself and affected the outcome of the perception of a debate. to me that's a bigger problem. >> i still hear that from republicans plenty of times. vin weber we're out of time. i'm glad you're doing this. i agree. i think back to the '92 debates with perot. though were the interesting debates i can remember. the james stockdale moment aside. having perot there, i thngink it was great. thank you for joining us. al. our full hour of news and politics is ahead. stay with us.
5:58 am
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is wall street ready for hillary? all right. thanks for staying with us this saturday morning. a lot more to get to this hour including hillary clinton's crazy week in iowa. more important than the scooby van is what the democratic front runner said while she was out there. she sounded a lot like elizabeth warren. is wall street going to go crazy about that? we'll try to find out in just a minute. president obama thinks it's crazy it's been more than five months since he nominated loretta lynch to be his attorney general. there has been no confirmation. will harry reid be able to force a vote? we'll try to find out. how long can you wait these days to decide whether you're running for president and still have a chance of winning? we'll talk about what chris christie is doing.
6:02 am
the host of next weekend's correspondent dinner is speaking of what she fears most about her upcoming gig. more on what that is ahead. plus, i'm in danger of having to go back into the kitchen on the show. congressman charlie wranglerangel has convinced he to eat healthy. you won't want to miss that. the best assignment of the day has gone to ronan farrell who is staking out gwen stefannie. hillary clinton's campaign sin in its seventh day. the first nation primary state in new hampshire. the first leg of the tour was in iowa. where she began presenting the teams she will campaign on for
6:03 am
the next year and a half. one major point of emphasis income inequality. it has keyed the rise of elizabeth warren. >> unfortunately, the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top. we need to reshuffle the cards and begin to play a different hand. a hand that includes everybody who is willing to work hard and do their part. >> and clinton also this week writing a glowing tribute to elizabeth warren. as part of time magazine's new list of 100 most influential people. there is no indication elizabeth warren is going to change her mind and run for president. hillary's actions suggest she doesn't want to leave anything to chance when it comes to her party's liberal base. she's made it clear she'll be weech reaching out to the democrat party's left wing. she hired ginsler, a former
6:04 am
financial regulator who pushed for tougher rules against wall street. you might think this embracement by clinton might threaten her relationship with wall street. one wall street democrat telling politico hillary's message is just politics. it can be a good strategy without the being an attack on the rich. >> i'm running for president because i think that americans and their families need a champion. and i want to be that champion. i want to stand up and fight for people so that they cannot just get by. but they can get ahead and they can stay ahead. >> all right. to dissect the role of wall street and the hillary clinton campaign. we are joined by the chief economic correspondent for politico and a cnbc contributor. he joins our panel which
6:05 am
included joy, elton and katey. let me start with you. you're reporting this week hillary clinton is talking about income inequality. sounding like elizabeth warren. >> they don't love it t. nobody in the we say world loves to get singled out. they understand she needs to appeal to the elizabeth warren wing of the democratic party. she's got a problem on her left. got to talk about economic inequality. hedge fund managers pay this lower rate than truckers. particularly democrats on wall street almost everybody on wall street knows whatshy talking about is the capital gains rate has to go away. she's been in favor in that in the past. ginsler is more surprising -- >> did that change -- >> a bit. >> explain the significance of that. >> he's not a household name.
6:06 am
he's well-known on wall street. he was a goldman sachs employee for a long time. a deregulator for a long time. then he came to washington. he was key in implementing the dodd frank role. he was tough on regulatory reform. by saying a lot of banks wanted to be able to do trades overseas. thal u.s. is going to regulate this stuff whether you do it here or overseas. wall street didn't like that. they're not going to love fact he's on the campaign. >> do you have a sense, hillary wants to be able to point to tell the left i'm surrounded by somebody you like. >> this is the big question. al whaurt kind of role does he play? i talked to a lot of reformers who said great, he's on board. does he have a seat at the table? he's on the campaign to deal with finance to keep the spending in line on the hillary
6:07 am
clinton campaign. but does he advise here on financial reform taxation a number of other issues. is he a senior advisor, if he's not, if he doesn't have a seat at the table, we'll find out. he's got sharp elbows. they'll have to listen to him. wall street does not love that. they don't care about the rhetoric. >> let's get the panel in. bernie sanders is flirting with running as a democrat. he was asked about hillary and her rhetoric this week. this was in bloomberg. he said is hillary clinton our other candidates prepare today take on the billionaire class. i don't think so. bernie sanders will not defeat hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. how worried should -- in 2008 the big vulnerability for hillary clinton among her base was the iraq war vote. what i hear, it's wall street. >> i was actually -- i have a
6:08 am
story up on buzz feed that i actually talk today howard dean yesterday at an event here in new york. with a lot of high level progressives in the city. he said the same thing that the guy told ben here but from the other side. he said look hillary's rhetoric she can't be as elizabeth warren as she want. she's with us all the way. she totally believes -- >> come on. >> he explained to a voter that because of the way iowa is, you can't say things the way people would want her to say t. it's interesting both sides of this -- >> she's got both saying -- >> the rhetoric -- >> howard dean and bernie sanders both sides? >> wall street. >> let me interject here and short of challenge this thought she's sounding like elizabeth warren. i think what she's doing is responding to her base and actually all of americans over 60% of americans who believe that income inequality is a
6:09 am
major problem and it should be a front and center issue in this next election. al everyone is concern said about their wages. al everyone is concerned about their income over all. this is a real problem that threatens our economy. it's something that should be front and center in the presidential election. more than her sounding like elizabeth warren it sounds like she is listening to her base and the american people. >> i don't think her hedge fund manager son and her daughter -- son-in-law and her daughter who lives in a $10 million manhattan apartment are worried about wages. the notion that she's coming after the rich -- i think she has a cozy position with wealthy people. >> you might not believe it but they are worried -- >> absolutely. >> they will come for us with higher tax rates. >> get a good deal now --
6:10 am
>> exactly. we're going to get a higher rate on our interest. and a higher marginal tax rate. >> if wall street is not nervous right now about what hillary clinton is saying and they can accept this one tax change you're talking about, what would make them nervous? >> her position on trade. right now, tpp she came out with this comment that she's going to wait and see what's in that deal. if she were to come out against that that would cause a lot of angst on wall street. if she were to come out with a higher marginal rate that would be a problem. if she were not in favor of corporate tax reform, that would be a problem. >> more higher or anything higher than we have? >> anything higher than 39.5 the top right now. i don't see her proposing a higher rate. a higher capital gains rate would be problematic for them. trade, i think is a big issue
6:11 am
for them right now. if she decides ultimately she's against both trade promotion and the partnership that could cause a problem. >> elizabeth warren wrote a book where she said hillary clinton as a senator was in the clutches of wall street. it was under bill clinton. that was when democrats and republicans both voeded for. can she credbly pull that hup? >> martin o'malley gave a speech this week and the inspire purpose of the speech was to talk about glass stegall and raising minimum wage to a lie level and opposing the trade deals. they think there is room to get her on this. but like -- as i was saying, there are progressives who are supporting her saying this is pretty good. the question is how it can shake out. >> unilaterally hillary clinton
6:12 am
got rid of glass stegall. she was not involved. >> no. it was the name clinton that was attached to it. >> it's something that's evoked by the left to say clintnomics is responsible for that. i've seen her speak about glass stegall a couple of times. she's backed off on that. she realizes it's an important thing for the left to look at. i think she wants to rebuild walls between investment and commercial banking. al if she would jump on the band wagon of breaking up the big banks you would have hedge fund managers in the streets. >> there is a real sensitivity. she's not a serious threat right now to lose the democratic nomination. there's a sensitivity hey the base got us in 2008. we won't give an inch. >> she's going to say just enough to keep any real opposition from emerging in the primary. >> this is a good example,
6:13 am
especially from that angle. a veteran u.s. congressman is here to help me with weight loss tips and eating more fruits and vegetables. we're getting the kitchen set up. he has a blender and is ready to use it. why did president obama say enough is enough? that's next. stay with us. your mom's got your back. your friends have your back. your dog's definitely got your back. but who's got your back when you need legal help? we do. we're legalzoom, and over the last 10 years, we've helped millions of people protect their families and run their businesses. we have the right people on-hand to answer your questions backed by a trusted network of attorneys. so visit us today for legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here. ♪ ♪ ♪
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there's no wonder the senate unanimously confirmed her to the the head of the u.s. attorney's office in two separate occasions. and it's my hope that the senate will confirm her a third time without delay. >> it has been 161 days since that morning back in november. since president obama urged the
6:17 am
senate to confirm loretta lynch's nomination as attorney general. that is the longest delay to confirm a attorney general in three decades. yesterday president obama said the holdup has gone on long enough. >> there are times where the dysfunction is in the senate just goes too far. this is an example of it t. it's gone too far. enough. enough. call loretta lynch for a vote. get her confirmed. put her in place. let her do her job. this is embarrassing. a process like this. >> the president making those comments with the knowledge the democratic leader in the senate has his back on thursday. senator harry reid telling our own rachel maddo he is prepared to force a vote. >> we've put up for this too long.
6:18 am
we need to have a vote on her. create it by mitch mcconnell or i'll create one. i know parliamentary procedures. >> you have a way that you think you can force a vote even if mcconnell -- >> absolutely. if we don't get something done soon i will force a vote. >> the white house getting an unexpected assist from jeb bush. who on thursday called on his fellow republicans to confirm lynch. and "the new york times" reporting today, that senate republicans face a quandary on this issue. on the one hand they don't want to reject the first african-american woman to be nominated to be attorney general. they don't want to approve a nominee who has voiced support for executive action. so is loretta lynch any closer to being confirmed as attorney general? we are joined by a congressional reporter with talking points memo. that idea that harry reid was floating on rachel's show about
6:19 am
himself as the democratic leader forcing a vote. msnbc has been told by two key supporters of lynch if reid does that they are not with him. it doesn't look like that maneuver could get her confirmed? >> technically what reid is saying is true. it would be unprecedented in modern times for him to do that. he can force a procedures vote. in order to do that he would need 51 votes. the five republican senators who support lynch have been loyal to mcconnell on procedures. they won't support reid. the only way she gets confirmed if mcconnell decides to put her on the floor, to have the vote, which needs 51. he says he won't do that until the republicans pass a human trafficking bill which has been stalled for about a month. the question being whether victims of human trafficking can use compensation funds collected
6:20 am
from perpetrators to get an abortion. this that there are long-standing on public funds being used on abortion. democrats say that is an expansion. so it's unclear when or if that dispute is going to get resolved. mcconnell doesn't face any pressure to put lynch from his own base. >> so this is now -- all this like highly technical washington stuff this is now tied up as you're saying with human trafficking bill. which itself has gotten side tracked by the apportionbortion stuff. is there a path for lynch to be confirmed if the trafficking issue is not addressed? >> possible. it would require mitch mcconnell to back down. he insisted he's not going to move to lynch until the human trafficking bill is passed. i don't see him backing down on
6:21 am
this. i think the way this happens you put the top negotiators and find a way to slice this. in a way that satisfies everyone concerns. you know, that way the democrats can save face and say these funds are the government's. that would be one way to do t. they've been trading offers and the sparks have been flying for maungt month now. >> let me bring the panel in. let me ask you, jeb bush, coming out and saying to republicans, a president should be able to pick his or her own team and say, if you want an incentive, the sooner your confirm her the sooner eric holder gets out. what do you think they should be doing? >> i think jeb saw dysfunction happening when his brother was president. the democrats weren't calling
6:22 am
for change when there was a republican in the white house. i think president obama is frustrated by this dysfunction on capitol hill. he should look nor further than harry reid. >> we setting a -- what should republicans do? >> they control the senate. they have a right to use the tools that are at their disposal. i think it should come up for a vote. mitch mcconnell as the senate majority leader. he does have the right to run the senate the way he was elected to do. al if he feels the democrats are playing hard ball he has the right to push forward that agenda as well. it's going to continue to be a frustrating process. >> this is completely -- >> i want to get joy. >> this st completely ridiculous. not only does the confirmation -- it doesn't have anything to do with this bill at this point. and bring it up for a vote.
6:23 am
let her do her jubob. this is completely embarrassing to tie this this way. if it was somehow related -- >> why is this embarrassing and it wasn't embarrassing with president bush? >> you have a continued pattern of obstructionest behavior in congress. it's a difference between let's have a discussion and agreement about her qualifications and her -- >> it's exactly how the democrats handled it when president bush was there. >> mcconnell needs to bring it up for a vote. >> we should say he will bring it up to a vote. it's tied up with a umhooen trafficking thing. >> if i called you up on the day after the election 2014 and said the result of the election will be job security for eric holder you would have said i was crazy. the republicans, what are they winning with this? eric hold, eric holder, they don't like
6:24 am
him. this isn't like really a political struggle as much as it is everybody is in a catch .22 situation. democrats embarrassed themselves early on. their heels are dug in. republicans are stuck where they will keep eric shoulderholder enemy number one will stay in his job. a weird political moment. the republican objection is that at her confirmation hearings she said she supports believes the president was justified within his legal rights as president to do his executive action on immigration. because of that, if i'm understanding that right, that's where the opposition comes from. what was he going to do to appoint somebody who said he violated the constitution? >> there are no strikes against her on the merits. nobody has questioned her
6:25 am
record. she's very strong on all those fronts and the republicans haven't been able to find anything against her, only that she agrees with the president. evan's point is interesting the longer she waits, the longer holder stays -- the conservatives are not convinced by the argument because they have convinced themselves she won't be different than holder. as far as jeb bush coming out, potential candidates should be making a statement. this is a pretty interesting dynamic. we'll see what happens. i don't think mitch mcconnell can hold out too much longer. i think this sets a bad tone for the rest of president obama's term in terms of confirming judges. >> it's the idea the precedent for the future for future presidents of either party. a nomination was made in november here we are in april. less than two years left in the
6:26 am
president's term. thank you, and appreciate the time. still ahead, is this man running for president? he sounded like it. he was already campaigning this week. that is coming up. first, the new fault line for democrats. stay with us. hey, girl. is it crazy that your soccer trophy is talking to you right now? it kinda is. it's as crazy as you not rolling over your old 401k. cue the horns... just harness the confidence it took you to win me and call td ameritrade's rollover consultants. they'll help with the hassle by guiding you through the whole process step by step. and they'll even call your old provider. it's easy. even she could do it. whatever, janet. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this. ♪ 5 unique whole grains... ..with just enough sweetness. ...multi grain cheerios.
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it's a uniquely collaborative approach you won't find anywhere else. put our global active management expertise to work for you. mfs. there is no expertise without collaboration. all right. a lot going on this morning. let's get caught up with headlines making news. with our panel. let's turn to the hill. newspaper headline. strong shares biggest fear ahead of whca gig. the big dinner in washington next week. she is the comedian who has been hired for that. she says mainly i don't want anything that's more hurtful than it is funny. i wouldn't want to go after anyone's children and i don't want to bum anyone out. she said hopefully i can skewer myself a little bit. definitely president obama
6:30 am
because he's there. so that's next saturday. we'll have complete primetime coverage that nbc on msnbc. let's see what else we have? >> what do you think? >> i think -- yeah, it will be tough. sometimes they pick the wrong one. i think she'll do a good job. the guardian this morning tells us oklahoma governor signs foolproof nitrogen gas execution method. friday's signature from the governor makes oklahoma the first state to approve an alternative. if lethal injections aren't possible because of a court ruling or drug shortage. shortages have been a big problem lately. states are looking for alternatives. this is a new law that says the use ofinate nitrogen is painless. >> they don't know they've never tested it. in someone -- i don't believe in
6:31 am
the death penalty. this is completely disturbing to me. we have to find new ways as human beings to figure out how to kill people. >> the story we did a few weeks ago. utah is talking about bringing back firing squads. >> we're in a weird startup market for executions because of those drugs. it's a weird. >> what can you do and can it not be classified as yule and inhuman. one from politico democrats civil war over free tade. we were getting into this a little bit earlier in that wall street segment. the partnership, the build to give the president a fast track. it's creating riffs among democrats. a lot of republicans support the rez on president on this. labor unions are against the white house. many democrats feeling the burn -- >> my congressional colleague, what's interesting is the white
6:32 am
house will tell you we've always thought republicans are going to pass trade. they point out in history it's republicans that drive trade policy. we did are reporting and found they are fighting hard against the progressives who are trying to push back on this bill. our story opens up with the unprecedented phone call the white house makes to a state level labor guy, telling them to back off and stop pressuring his members. it's an interesting battle. republicans are what's going to get this done, on the other hand they are having a warfare. >> we have -- one other interesting piece of news. jeb bush was confronted with pie in new hampshire. he's on the paleo diet. you can see what happened here. he was offeredify in pie and this is what happened? >> this is trade night. >> december?
6:33 am
a hard winner in a lot of ways. to hell with the diet. >> two things one as you advise your candidate don't refuse anything that someone gives you. that's number one. two, this is why i don't believe in diets, eat what you want in moderation. >> did the paleo diet once for 12 hours. when i finally broke it it was the best feeling in the world. >> you can't do it on a bus tour. >> it is not compatible with running for president. still ahead, chris christie brings garden state character to the granite state. >> whatever your question and comment let me hear t. in new jersey they get colorful. it. in new jersey they get colorful. audible safety beeping audible safety beeping
6:34 am
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6:37 am
going to run. the likely presidential candidate says he is confident about his chances. >> let me ask you about mrs. clinton's campaign. can you beat her, chris christie? >> if i run, i will beat her. >> christie went on to claim that unlike 2012 republican nominee mitt romney he can compete in blue states like pennsylvania new hampshire, colorado. he's going against jeb bush. this is what he told laura ingram ingram. >> he has a father and brother who has a record. i don't know what jeb bush is knowing to be about foreign policy. the one speech he has given so far is rather general. let's see what he's got to say for himself. >> this is our christie responded on thursday to a question about jeb bush from
6:38 am
matt lauer. is he your biggest opponent? >> i don't know. you would thought when he announced in december he would be. it seems to me that train has slowed down pretty significantly. >> christie says he may not make an announcement on whether he'll run until early summer. will that be enough time to catch up? msnbc producer was with the governor for his trip in new hampshire this week. she joins us from nashville where that big republican presidential forum will be picking up. start with chris christie we had kasie hunt on earlier, she was saying this was probably a good trip. he got a good response from the republicans up there. is that your sense of it. >> yeah, that's right. governor christie has been at least at eight public events this week plus the speech. everywhere we went supporters would come up and say you have my vote. this is a precampaign tour of the state.
6:39 am
he hasn't declared. at that media yesterday, after that export tour when supporters came up to him and said he's going to get their vote. he asked about the jeb bush comments. had he said he likes bush. al he pointed out something about hillary clinton when asked how he would contrast himself with her. they said they're not different generations. chris christie is 52 hillary clinton is 67. he's casting this generational difference as well. this is part of the straight talk express tour that we saw from '07 from jeanohn mccain. remember mccain was behind in the polls in 2008 but this state loves giving people a second chance. and they were -- governor chris christie was telling it like he was. he was telling jokes about the bridge. one elderly woman asked him
6:40 am
about her social security plan and asked him to speak at her rotary club. >> all these republicans running for president, if you're a republican voter why christie and why not the others. let's play that. >> i deal with a different democratic legislature every day and have worked with them to forge compromise and get things done. that looks much more like washington, d.c. than a single party state. >> so i know before we got to the whole bridge scandal, this was supposed to be the christie message. it was that he had governed in a blue state. he would change the map for republicans. they wouldn't have to worry about red and blue states. he would win over the blue states. is that message -- does that still resonate with all baggage he's taken on in the last year? >> yes. some of the attendees here in the audience have asked chris christie how he would guarantee with democrats. that's something he alludes to
6:41 am
it's pretty difficult to be elected republican in a blue state like new jersey. he's using his conservative credentials in a blue state like new jersey to give forward that he can govern in washington, d.c. with democrats. a focus group, one of the things kept coming up folks saying he has street smarts to fix the problem. whatever he's doing in new jersey is resonating here in new hampshire. >> as we've been covering on the show the big cloud hanging over all this is those indictments on bridge gate. we've been saying them for a while. they with expected in the next week or so. thanks to you in new hampshire, appreciate that. next you might have seen the video of him burning the calories in spin class. now you will learn even more about charlie rangel's tips for losing weight. he is here the kitchen is fired up and ready to go. be back right after this.
6:42 am
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6:45 am
the big surprises of the 2014 elections took place on the night of the new york congressional primary. right under a candidate's feet. the place was east harlem. it was a few minutes after congressman charlie rangel took the stage. >> if you can just have the cameras to sweep over -- whoa. i was advised some of the heavier people on the stage, some of the heavier people that don't need the television cameras to take safety of ego. >> hapthat stage did not collapse. he has advice for his heavier friends and himself in his new book the rangel resolution smoothies, oatmeal crab cakes
6:46 am
and more. the diet follows rules. replace all sugary beverages with water. eat breakfast and add an additional serving of fruits and vegetables. that seems easy enough if you happen to like fruits and vegetables. joining me to talk me into eating better and make one of his recipes we have veteran congressman charlie rangel from new york. it's good to see you. i'm looking at your three guidelines there. and i'm 0-3 right now. i have to say. >> first of all, anyone will tell you that having a meal gets you started. and in addition, i fought weight loss for the last 30 40 years. i never found anything that i enjoyed like i do smoothies. you will and everyone will to. one thing about having breakfast is you don't starve yourself and panic during lunchtime. >> then you overeat i'll be in
6:47 am
the convenience store, oh, these things look delicious. what got you interested in writing this? were you playing around in the kitchen and you found something? >> no, i heard about smoothies, i wanted to change to it. as i kid, i really loved malted milkshakes. they used to come in a container like this. al it was ice cream, malt and sugar. everything was there. al when you get finished with fresh fruit, you'll find out that it tastes just like a malted. >> let's find out. you're going to show us how to make this -- charlie rangel's tropical smoothie. take us through what we have to do. >> when you go to the store and you see brown bananas, buy it. if it gets too brown throw it in the freezer. when it gets in here it doesn't make any difference. >> okay. >> when you go to the store you find two big baskets for five bucks. you can look and these things
6:48 am
cost about $3 a piece. >> pineapple. here, strawstrawberries. >> you have to have liquid for these thing physical you want to pulvs are. >> what? >> liquid. that's the most important thing. water, this is ginger tea. which you get the flavor of jisk ginger. >> okay ice in there? >> not until you get ready to go to business. >> you don't need any order. >> we got ginger tea, strawberries. >> there's no recipe at all. whatever you got. grapes, whatever you got. this is just quick and easy. >> bananas. >> remember you get them frozen you get day old bananas whatever it s. you made it easy for me. >> put some of these -- can i throw these pineapples in there? >> my god, yes that make as difference. >> is that too much?
6:49 am
yeah. >> all right. put some ice in. >> you probably need some more ice. this is -- >> here we go. all right. >> put it in. that looks -- it's getting smoother. >> wite neede need more ice. this is going to be so good. >> i don't think there's enough pineapple. that my fear. >> there is too much or something in here. >> think we got it? >> just take some of it out. >> let's see what we got. >> put more ice in there. you got to make it. >> let's test it. we're running out of time. >> shoot. >> you want me to? >> yeah. we'll share the cup.
6:50 am
why not? >> it is delicious. >> you know, it's not bad? you tell me this is healthy? >> more ice will make it even >> make it like a malted milk. how about kale or spinach. ever put that in there? >> okay. this is goes to be even better. you put yourself in and don't even taste these -- side effects. this is absolutely great. >> what was it put in tea? >> listen you can put in a shot of soy milk, water, is a a. shot of milk. you just need something to make it easier toly question fi ly quily liquefy the ice. but this is going to be so much better. >> let's pour some or our guest here today. let's bring them up here. >> they're going to love it. okay. >> they're we go. >> you're going to love it. >> you can wash it down with that.
6:51 am
>> and you know you guys had a whole bunch of doughnuts as temptation for me. >> can reporters accept gifts from congressmen? >> one for you. >> it doesn't work fordow nut s doughnuts. talk a it. talk about it. is this it? ugh... ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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6:54 am
all right. oh hey there. welcome back. we've been cooking up a storm while your gone. i loaded all the pineappling in here. so, guys what do you think? what's the verdict? >> it's pretty tasty. i had never thought of adding tea to my smoothie. great tip. >> ginger. anything that you like you can throw in here. and i wrote the book for people who follow my recipe. tell me what they're doing this. you know? it really means what you like. what you did on the break is throw in more pineapple. for those who like the pineapple pineapple, go for it. >> can you add a doughnut?
6:55 am
>> a cup of rum? does it still work with a cup of rum? >> i haven't tried it. i'm not doing to knock it. i mean, i'm not going to knock it. >> okay. does this completely defeat the purpose of the smoothie? >> i know what happened. what happened is you guys thought i was going to come on here and you are going to throw the doughnuts on me and i'm going to go for the doughnuts and blow my whole career. but it didn't work. i saw those doughnuts. >> do you want a doughnut? >> no. don't need it. >> can we throw in doughnut? >> blender. >> if you don't like smoothies, you don't like kale and broccoli, i don't like any of them. throw it in here andrey it and you won't even taste it. >> really? >> throw it right in here and the fruit juices and all of that just overcomes the taste of it and it's healthy. made for kids. they don't even know you're giving it to them. >> your book here is is it all smoothie or food in here, too? smoothie guy? >> my wife really her recipe
6:56 am
and it's worked for her all of her life is moderation. >> see? >> i don't care what it is you do in life you can do anything you want if you do it in moderation. she does it. so she has a baked crab cake in here that's not going to hurt anybody. it's in the book and i cook it and it is absolutely delicious. the worst thing in the world is a bad crab cake. but a whole lot of filling and all that stuff. but you need that lump crab. >> i don't know if i ever had a bad crab cake actually. >> you've been in better places. >> no but in moderation thing, too. that's my biggest problem. as i say, i don't do breakfast and then i just sort of -- well, here's a slice of pizza, that was good. let me have six more. >> i go to a lot of banquet and food is all around. you have one of these before you go to a banquet, you're not hungry. the great thing about moderation is don't be hungry. so i can run around and shake hands and i'm okay.
6:57 am
the other danger is before you go to bed, for god's sake don't go for the sandwich. >> there we go. >> one of these are healthy. >> congressman charlie rangel we're going to keep the blender going and thank you all for joining us. thanks for joining us. melissa harris-perry is next.but did u know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants... biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. curling up in bed with a ... ...favorite book is nice. but i think women would rather curl up with their favorite man. but here's the thing: about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed
6:58 am
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this morning my question why are american veterans being deported? plus, how a social movement's success has all the right people talking. and, teachers in georgia are going to prison. yes, prison. but first, in the legal debate over policy never forget about the people. good morning. i'm joy reid in for melissa