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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  April 21, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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"the ed show" and declined our invitation. you can see their full statement on our website at politics nation with al sharpton begins right now. we start with breaking news protesters under way outside the western district police station in baltimore. hundreds have gathered in what so far appears to be peaceful demonstrations over the death of 25-year-old freddy gray. those protests starting just about an hour ago. it all comes on the same day the justice department announced it's looking into gray's death for possible civil rights violations. the 25-year-old suffered a severe spinal cord injury allegedly in police custody. cell phone video captures the moments after freddy gray was taken into custody by police.
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>> get off me yo. >> ah. >> his leg is broken and y'all are dragging him like that. >> the police report says gray was arrested without forces or incident. it also says he suffered, quote, a medical emergency and was immediately transported to the hospital. today baltimore police released the names of the six officers who have been suspended with pay. city officials said the police investigation will be completed by next friday and handed over to the state's attorney's office. an independent review board will also be appointed. again, the breaking news tonight, the justice department is reviewing the case for
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possible civil rights violations and protests under way outside the police station in baltimore. joining me now is the attorney for freddy gray's family, william h. billy murphy and eugene o'donnell, professor of law and police study at john jay college of criminal justice. thank you both for being here tonight. >> sure. >> thank you reverend for inviting us. >> attorney murphy let me ask you, first, what is family's reaction to the justice department looking into this case for possible civil rights violations? >> they are delighted. they know that the more eyes on this situation the better and under barack obama and eric holder i have informed them that they have a trustworthy ally in getting at the truth.
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>> now, what questions do you still have for police and is the family confident in the police investigation? >> you know your show is not long enough for me to list all the questions. and the first one that i would ask is since when has running wild black been a crime, and i know that the police have always thought it should be but felony running does not exist, and the only thing wrong that that kid did is he didn't run fast enough and if you are ever looking for -- if you are ever looking for a reason why black kids in the inner city should run from the police this is the case. >> so you're saying that because all that we know so far is that the police say they made eye contact and he ran. there was no crime. he was not being apprehended for a crime. >> and there's no other reason for the arrest. they didn't expect to see him,
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and they reacted the way that they have been trained to react, and that is when somebody is running, follow them and that's just wrong. >> now, attorney murphy your office has been interviewing witnesses as well. what can you share with us that you're hearing from them? >> well i don't really want to talk about what the witnesses have said to us reverend sharpton, because we're in the unique position of considering litigation, and it has been my experience that people can say things inadvertently or unnecessarily that can harm the case going down the road. >> i understand. >> but what we do know for sure because you said allegedly in police custody, the police have admitted that whatever happened to my client happened while he was in custody. >> they have admitted to that? >> yes, they have. >> all right. just one second. stay with me attorney murphy.
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i want to go live to nbc news correspondent tom costello on the ground in baltimore where the protests are underway. tom, what are you seeing? >> reporter: this is a very peaceful protest that began about an hour and a half ago or so and started further up the block, right at the intersection or very close to it where freddie gray was arrested and where his injury may have occur. people in this community kind of took to the streets and began walking peacefully two to three blocks this way, towards the camera, and what you see off to the left here is the district police station. this is not police headquarters. this is the district police station. everybody here is very peaceful. they are demanding change. they are demanding answers into how mr. gray was injured and why he was under arrest to begin with, but as you can see nobody here is tense. the police are relaxed. the people in the crowd are relaxed, and really i see a lot of families here. you know i walked with several
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families down the street and i asked them why are you walking? why are you here? these are people that live in this neighborhood. this is not an easy neighborhood. they all will tell you that, but they say we are here because we don't want this to happen to our child or we're here because this did happen to my child, and i can't see this happen again. there's a real distrust in this community between the police department and specifically communities of color, and especially in low-income communities, and people have had enough candidly. they will tell you that they simply don't trust the police and this incident involving mr. gray they feel really underscores this distrust and this lack of trust, if you will this lack of any sense of wanting to work together because they feel like they can't rely on the police when they need to. the crowd is now moving a little bit further down the street reverend, and as you can see everybody is peaceful and they are saying black lives matter. no justice, no peace. we want answers. now back to you. >> i know baltimore well and
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have allies there, and a lot of faith leaders involved in the protests a lot of people that i work with and they are peaceful but there is a history, tom, as you're saying of police community, exchanges where the community feel the police have not been fair in many cases. >> yeah i think that's absolutely true, and actually earlier today i was sitting down with one of your guests right there with attorney billy murphy talking about this very phenomenon phenomenon, but absolutely. there's a sense that this has been growing for decades. it really got even worse in the early 2000s when this heavy-handed police approach came into the practice here in baltimore baltimore, and right now it is fractured. there's not much of a sense of trust, and that's not me saying that. that is the mayor saying it. it's the police commissioner saying it. there's a widespread recognition in this community that the relationship said it's fractured
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and completely broken and this incident with mr. gray underscores that and even requires a bigger effort to rebuild this relationship. >> attorney murphy i've known you down through the years. there is a long history of the police community in baltimore where a lot of allegations have been made down through the year many of which you've championed. >> well you know can i call you al on the air? >> absolutely. al you know that this has tilted towards the police began during slavery and intensified after the passage of the fugitive slave act, and they have always been the enforcers of the existing cultural norms, the norms that were defined by people classified as white, and this got worse during the aftermath of the civil war
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during segregation and the police would stand idly by and watch lynching and even release prisoners to lynchers so that justice could be done in that way in their opinion. and so this intensified and it got worse after world war ii because all these gis who risked their lived got called nigger again when they went back to louisiana or mississippi or wherever they were from and that created the dawn of the civil rights movement that resulted in the passage. civil rights act in 1964 and 1965 but it's a history that's never been taught adequately to white people and even some of black people today have not been taught that history, and so this is not a new phenomenon. the police have always enforced the social norms as defined by white people and so that's why you don't hear protests about police brutality in white communities. it's virtually nonexistent, and
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you hear about it all the time in black communities because it has been a constant factor of black life from the beginning of our being imported into this country. and, look, all of us have had to train our male children to keep their hands on the wheel when the police officer comes, ask permission to move your hands so you can get your registration out of the glove box and so you can reach in your wallet for your license. >> right. >> because at night it is typical that the police draw their guns if you're black and you're only a second away -- >> this is something not back in the day. this is now. let me go to you, eugene i haven't brought you into the discussion. you've studied this case. what are your questions now as a professor and one looking into the allegations in the black community? what are the questions you have to raise? >> mr. murphy is raising profound questions and long tis tans questions that deserve answers, but i would say to
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people the common ground question is here is how does somebody die under these circumstances and more than a week goes by think of yourself as a family member getting the call, no matter who you are, no matter the walk of life somebody is dead and nobody can give you a straight answer about how that happened and the more you know the less clear it is and the more unsettling it is. police have to get out in front of this have to be transparent and have to at least in this case legacy issues are profound and take a lot longer but how do you have a situation where somebody in the morgue and you -- you were looking for an accounting for a life being lost and you can't seem to get that. >> but for those watching that saying that was back then we're talking about right now. >> right. >> and we're talking about this case where this young man not being sought not being looked for, not being accused of a crime, and he's dead and you can't explain the time gap. you can't explain how he could have suffered that injury in police custody and the mass
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saying there's been a legacy of police abuse so you really have some very open very serious questions that this case brings to the surface. >> absolutely, and you're breeding distrust. every day that goes by that you can't answer the questions you're breeding distrust. the larger issue we've talked about this a significant issue larger issue is the police are overly involved and we've seen in new york according to the city council in new york they are starting to dramatically rein police conduct in so that a lot of things that have been criminalized will be handled as civil matters. police have way too much to do too many legitimate things to be chasing somebody around for apparently a reason that we still don't know what good reason there was for them to be involved in this encounter. >> and, again, we're not saying all cops or most cops but clearly there must be accountability and transparency and i think that that is what this family is demanding, and attorney murphy, let me ask you, attorney murphy in terms of the family and the local police and
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the mayor, does the family -- i know you said they have confidence under the obama administration and under attorney general holder. do they have confidence in the mayor and the police chief there in baltimore? >> well let's take them one step at a time. no. no reasonable person in today's environment would have confidence that the police can police themselves. we've never seen it before and given the history of police cover-ups and the lies that they have told to cover their brutality and the willingness of the criminal justice system, judges elected officials and what not who are mostly white to believe the cover-up and to give them a free pass to commit perjury doesn't inspire confidence in any reasonable person who understands the deal and this is a unique situation in which we find ourselves, al
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because, look until video cameras and cell phones, they were getting away with cover-up after cover-up after cover-up. all they would have to do is tell a lie. the establishment would believe it, end of story. >> right. >> and now for the first time the public is -- go ahead. >> i think that's what we're seeing all over the country. i'm out of time but i think you're absolutely right, and not only in baltimore, in north charleston and other places videos have brought this to the fore, and we're certainly going to stay on this story, attorney billy murphy eugene o'donnell. thank you both for your time. we are watching the protests and we are watching cases all over the country, and i don't care if the cops are black or white, including the black cop in north charleston that i say that needs to be looked into on terms of his report. police need to be transparent. those that are bad, most police are not, but those that are,
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black or white, we need to hold them accountable. that is not anti-police. that's pro good policing. coming up president obama's exclusive interview with chris matthews. why he says senator elizabeth warren is wrong about a key issue on his agenda. also, the reserve deputy who shot a man in oklahoma is now heading to the bahamas. the victim's family is speaking out. plus developing news about a potential deal for a vote on the loretta lynch nomination. you're watching live pictures of the protest in baltimore over the death of freddie gray. we'll be right back. you can call me shallow... but, i have a wandering eye. i mean, come on. national gives me the control to choose any car in the aisle i want. i could choose you... or i could choose her if i like her more.
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now to developing news in washington. loretta lynch will get a vote.
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after 164 days a near record delay, and frankly a republican embarrassment, the nominee for attorney general will get a vote. >> as soon as we finish the trafficking bill as i've indicated for some time now we'll move to the president's nominee for attorney general. hopefully in the next day or so. >> they tied lynch's confirmation vote to a human trafficking bill that had absolutely nothing to do with her. for nearly six weeks they debated on the abortion funding in the bill. today both sides came to a deal clearing the way for a vote. five republicans said they will vote yes on lynch which will clinch her nomination but today senator chuck schumer had a warning for his republican colleagues. >> but we're not just there yet. you never know with this republican caucus.
3:19 pm
you never know what's happened. it's time for republicans to do what they should have done months ago drop the delays drop the excuses, vote to confirm loretta lynch this week. my republican colleagues i ask you to put this embarrassing episode for your party behind you without wasting any more of the american people's time. >> joining me now is senator barbara boxer, democrat from california. thank you for being here. >> sure. >> are you confident this vote will happen by the end of the week? senator mcconnell suggested that. are you confident that that will happen? >> i expect it will happen reverend, but if i have a minute i want to explain something to you. you are totally right. we've seen this delayed 164 days, and it wasn't just tying it to the trafficking bill which was ridiculous. what did she have to do with it? she's a tough prosecutor. we need her in there to fight, to make sure that women aren't
3:20 pm
enslaved, but here's the point. first they said oh, we'll take her up after the new congress is in session. then they didn't do that. then they said we'll take her up after the keystone vote and they didn't do that. then they were upset over obama's immigration executive action so they held her up for nothing, and then it was the trafficking bill but here's what i expect. i expect we will have some more votes on this trafficking bill maybe half a dozen, a few more a few less and then instead -- this is what i think is going to happen. instead of immediately turning to her, i think they are going to have a filibuster of her. now, before people get upset, because we changed the rules it takes a majority of those present and voting to end a filibuster on a nominee, okay? >> right. >> so she will be okay but, reverend, if i'm right on this expectation, she will be officially the first attorney general ever to be filibustered.
3:21 pm
it's ridiculous and then once we win that i assume they will move to the final vote on her because the filibuster vote is to end debate. so we'll win it but, again, if they carry this out, and i'm asking them right now from me to you, senator mcconnell don't filibuster this nomination. it will go down in the record as the only person who was nominated for the a.g. attorney general, ever to have a filibuster. it's technical. we'll defeat it but it's one more hurdle that we don't need to have. >> so senator, your fear i want to repeat it and be clear. >> yeah. >> is that even moving toward a vote that they may possibly filibuster, even though you feel that you can defeat the filibuster, this will be another tactic they may use, and this would be the first time an attorney general was confirmed after a filibuster? >> if in fact -- no it would
3:22 pm
be the first time an attorney general was ever filibustered but, remember i don't want people to be alarmed, because we changed the rules they cannot stop her except if they don't get a majority -- if we don't get a majority involvement she will be okay. the point is it's just an added indignity to the entire situation around a woman who is perfect for this position. she's what we call in washington a consensus candidate. she's been confirmed twice before. no problems. she's been a superstar, and everyone agrees with that but they play politics with her nomination and even though this filibuster which i fear they will do is a technical thing, it just goes down in the record books. she will be the first attorney general nominee ever to be filibustered unless they decide not to go ahead with that idea and i hope they will. >> you know you wrote about this
3:23 pm
confirmation of attorney general nominee lynch in march saying and i'm quoting you. time and again this republican majority has tried to inject unrelated, extreme, political charged matters into key pieces of legislation that would otherwise pass with bipartisan support. now you're fearing that they will go through with a filibuster. you used the term one more indignity. >> yes. >> why in your opinion, senator boxer, are they submitting this woman to these indignities? what do you feel is at the base reason that they are dealing from this kind of perspective and procedure? >> all i can say is this is wrong to do to anyone especially a consensus candidate like this, a woman who will make history. we should be so excited as the first african-american woman in
3:24 pm
this position and she should be treated with joy because everyone says she is so highly qualified. she's passed the senate unanimously twice to be u.s. attorney. you would have to ask that question to my colleagues on the other side. i'm sure they will give you some reasons. one of the reasons they said was they didn't like the fact that president obama took executive action on immigration, and she said she supported that. well, of course, she's going to support it. she's his pick for attorney general. >> right. >> so that is no reason. i just think that anything that president does they make it very very hard for him, and this particular one is ridiculous. and if i could just say, a poll just came out today by a major network, not yours, that said that 24% of women support what the republicans are doing in congress. you would think they would go out of their way to treat this
3:25 pm
spectacular woman, a graduate of harvard, a stellar career support from the police support from the community, would you think they would treat her graciously, and it just goes on and on but i will say, we're getting to the end, she will be attorney general but it just has been so hard and i so thank her for hanging in there with us. >> absolutely and i so thank you and your colleagues for hanging in there and pushing for the american people. >> of course. >> senator barbara boxer, thank you for your time tonight as well. >> thanks, thanks. >> straight ahead, the reserve deputy who shot a man in oklahoma pleads not guilty to manslaughter. but why is he now going to the bahamas? our lawyers respond. plus president obama plays "hardball" with chris matthews and republicans what. he's saying about the middle class fight.
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you're looking at live protests in baltimore over the death of freddie gray. we'll be right back. sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long.
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and for a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am. president obama sat down today with "hardball's" chris matthews and they got right to the politics of a controversial trade deal that's supported by the president but opposed by some democrats. >> mr. president, obviously the hot question u.s. senator elizabeth warren is out there saying things like this about the trade agreement we're going to talk about today. it's going to help the rich get
3:28 pm
richer and leave everyone else behind, and she also says it challenges u.s. sovereignty. they are throwing the kitchen sink at this trade agreement which will involve 11 nations and ourselves on the pacific rim. >> yeah. >> why are they saying these things? >> well, i guess they don't want it to happen and i love elizabeth. we're allies on a whole host of issues, but she's wrong on this. now, i would not be doing this trade deal if i did not think it was good for the middle class. >> right. >> and when you hear folks make a lot of suggestions about how bad this trade deal when you dig into the facts they are wrong. >> we'll play more of the interview later in the show including president obama's defense of his economic record a hot topic going into 2016. and be sure to catch the full interview with the president tonight on "hardball" with chris matthews starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern time.
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you're look at new pictures of the protests happening in baltimore over the death of 25-year-old freddie gray. our local nbc affiliate reports gray's family is currently leading the march back to the spot where gray was arrested. the demonstrations appear to be largely peaceful so far and started about an hour and a half ago. gray died after suffering a severe spinal cord injury allegedly while in police custody. the justice department announced today it was reviewing the case to determine if civil rights were violated. we'll be right back. ...and takes the wheel right from your very hands... ...this isn't that car. the first and only car with direct adaptive steering.
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padowitz. thank you both for being here. >> thanks, rev. >> thank you. >> we begin in tulsa, oklahoma where today reserve deputy robert bates pleaded not guilty to second-degree manslaughter for the shooting death of eric harris. bates says he accidentally shot harris pause he mistook his handgun for his taser. the next hearing in that case is in july but before that bates is leaving town. >> mr. brewster he's leaving the state. he's going to the bahamas. >> long planned vacation with the family. >> and bates' decision to go to the bahamas on vacation is not sitting well with the victim's family. they issued a statement saying quote, whether intended or not mr. bates' vacationing in the bahamas at this time sends a message of apathy with respect
3:37 pm
to the shooting and eric's life. at a time when we are still mourning the death of a loved one that he shot down in the street, mr. bates will be relaxing and enjoying his wealth and privilege. faith, going to the bahamas when you're charged with manslaughter. what's your reaction? >> well, first, i want to back up for a second the fact that mr. bates is a multi-million air and this judge only set his bond at $25,000, and now he gets to go on a caribbean vacation. no this is not someone accused of stealing candy from a candy store. he has taken a life. this is not the time that he should be rewarded and allowed to go on vacation. i'm very concerned about the judge's decision here and i wonder if that were a member of the judge's family if one of his family members died would he concede and let someone who killed him go on a vacation or should that person be in the confines of his bail and be
3:38 pm
confined to the state of oklahoma at this time? >> $25,000 bail allowed to go on vacation. ken, is this unusual for the judge to allow this? >> yeah i don't think there's any problem with the judge here. my concern is the problem with the defense attorney. this is a defense attorney that lets his client go on the "today" show and answer questions while he's facing criminal charges. this is a defense attorney that allows the on the minutes of his client who needs to have a jury pool from the state of oklahoma at least having some open mind about his case allows his client to go to the bahamas on vacation. that's not a good lawyer. forget the problems with the judge. i think this lawyer needs to maybe get shipped out and a new lawyer in his place because this man, in my opinion, actually has a good defense. his defense is accident. he's presumed innocent. he has the right to go on vacation, but, boy oh, boy, that's a bad decision, and i would not ever be recommending to my client to go on vacation.
3:39 pm
>> mr. bates pleaded not guilty but he's admitted he fired the gun. so what will his defense be? >> well his defense is accident. i mean crime that he's charged with is manslaughter but culpable negligence in the second-degree and culpable negligence in oklahoma is a lack of ordinary care. i don't think that the state is going to be able to meet their burden here. i think that the 73-year-old man should never have been on the job. he should be liable for millions of dollars but it's not a crime if it's an accident and i think he has an excellent defense. >> faith let me go to you, faith. >> it is a crime if you're reckless, ken, so we have to disagree there, and i think any time you have mr. bates stand up and he demonstrated how his taser was on his front side and his gun was on his back side and he made that kind of mistake, that is a very reckless mistake. why was it made? you know even if he's certified to use a taser, even if he's certified to use a gun, the fact is that this is not someone who
3:40 pm
is day in and day out with this task force doing sting operations. he never should have been at an undercover buy and bust. doesn't have that kind of experience and didn't know how to react in a stressful situation. he was reckless and that's why this man is dead. >> now back to tonight's breaking news. protests under way in baltimore over the death of 25-year-old freddie gray allegedly in police custody. gray's parents have joined the protest and are leading marches back to the spot where he was arrested. the key legal questions in this case, how did gray's injury occur occur, and was there any delay in seeking medical attention? faith, what questions do you have? >> well i have way more questions than i do answers right now because according to the family this was a relatively healthy 25-year-old. he was arrested and the next thing we know days later he suffers this serious spine injury. days later he's dead and another example, rev, of why the justice
3:41 pm
department has to step in. this police force cannot investigate themselves because we already know right now someone's not being forthcoming. there are still too many unanswered questions days after this young man died in police custody. >> ken, what questions do you have? >> somebody who is healthy and is now in police custody and the next thing they end up dead with a broken spine. i have a lot of questions. how did his spine get broken? how much force was placed on back of his neck by the knees of any officer. which officer is not admitting to how much pressure was used in controlling the suspect outside the van or in the van, and we can go on and on but there's got to be some answers and these answers have to come from the police officers who so far have not indicated what type of force was used to create injuries that would cause death. >> it appears that the officers that have been suspended, that we're going to hear the report next friday because there's a law there in baltimore that the
3:42 pm
police get ten days to come back and make their statements. so, faith, once they come back the justice department will also make a final determination on whether they are pursuing a civil rights investigation. at this point they are looking into, it so there's several stages here that we have to look to, but clearly there's a lot of questions that need answering around the country and in that community, faith. >> right, and it's really about -- we're seeing this recurring issue about the use of force and the unjustifiable use of force. for some of these individual officers there's clearly a culture of retaliation once someone has been detained once they have been arrested, if they run, we are going to punish you. we're going to beat you. and that's one of the issues that has to be addressed with individual officers. once someone is detained there is no reason that force should
3:43 pm
be continued to be used against them. >> faith jenkins and ken padowitz, thank you both for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up more of president obama's exclusive interview with chris matthews. how he's defending his progressive economic agenda. also, why hillary clinton's advisers are saying she's the original elizabeth warren. and jon stewart sets a date for his final show. it's all ahead in conversation nation. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more.
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time now for conversation nation. joining me tonight political strategist angela rye, political science professor jason johnson and's liz plank. thank you all for being here. >> thanks reverend. >> pleasure to be here. >> we start with president obama and his highest approval rating in two years, 48% of americans approve, and the numbers are rising as americans are more optimistic on the economy. 52% say the economy is either very good or somewhat good. from the start president obama has pushed the middle class. he talked about it with "hardball's" chris matthews. >> chris, think about it. i've spent the last six and a half years yanking this economy
3:48 pm
out of the worst recession since the great depression. every single thing i've done, from the affordable care act to pushing to raise the minimum wage to making sure that young people are able to go to college and get good job training to what we're pushing now in terms of sick paid leave, everything i do has been focused on how do we make sure the middle class is getting a full deal. >> the full interview with the president is in a few minutes on "hardball" with chris matthews at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. angela, there's a lot of republican haters but we've come a long way. >> we've come an extremely long way, and, rev, it's probably time for gop congratulateators. the facts say there's been well over 60 months of private sector job growth all due to this administration and the plans they put in place, from public-private partnerships to ensure that people all over this country, regardless of economic status
3:49 pm
status, have opportunity. he's also put forth proposals that they haven't even taken a second look at including ensuring that people that go to community colleges are really getting trained for jobs. that's something that they need to look at if they want to sustain this type of job growth and this type of economic strength long term. >> jason, when the president took office we had an administration that then when he took office had just lost 800,000 jobs. this president has added jobs every month since he's been in office. >> that's right. >> but i won't hold my breath waiting on all of the right wing to congratulate him. >> no of course not, and, look not only is he having some of the best approval ratings over the last two years. he's got better approval ratings that job, has the same approval ratings that ronald reagan has to do at the same time. has to do with the economy so i have no idea why he's pushing this current trade bill which might ruin everything he's accomplished. i think the president needs too to keep going in the same direction and be careful about possibly selling out the american worker.
3:50 pm
>> wow. >> i'm going to get there, liz. jason stepped on my congratulatory block and went into the trade bill. >> with no facts. >> and that's why we've got to watch these academicans. liz, your thought as to whether the president should be given congratulations on these numbers. >> it doesn't just show that people are happy right now, it shows that they really trust the president, i mean, not just as a global leader. even in the last year what he's done for ukraine, what he's done with the iran deal what he's done with our relationships with cuba which no other president has been able to do in a recent past, but also what he's done domestically. people aren't just happy about the state of things now. they are very confident that a year from now things will be the same or better and we've not seen those numbers since 2007 which was a very hard time as you mentioned, so i -- i think everyone all around is very confident that things will continue in this direction.
3:51 pm
>> let me ask this. is hillary clinton a progressive warrior? now, clinton's campaign rolled out and has focused on everyday americans and the middle class, but some on the left aren't sold and are calling for elizabeth warren to run. the "new york times" reports clinton's campaign says she's no newcomer to popularism that in fact she in a meeting were economists this year she said the economy required quote, a toppling of the wealthiest 1%. clinton's campaign went on to call her, quote, the original elizabeth warren a populist fighter for decades. jason, the original elizabeth warren, what do you think? >> when you still have to humanize yourself after 20 years in public life when you have to compare yourself to a relatively least recent political star in
3:52 pm
order to convince people that you care about regular worker issues, you're in trouble. i don't doubt that hillary clinton cares about the middle class, that goes all the way back to her time with bill clinton but the fact that she has to make this argument she will have a hard time motivating and galvanizing the left for 2016. >> angela, she's better than the republicans if you compare those records. is that enough though to galvanize the turnout that she will need? >> absolutely i think it's enough, and i don't just think that she's better than the republicans, rev. i have to substantially disagree with jason's characteristics or characterizing rather of hillary clinton. i first have to say that elizabeth warren is hillary clinton jr. this is someone who has taken her original model. we're talking about a woman who spent the beginning of her career with marian wright edelman at the children's defense fund. this is a woman who made sure black and brown people were
3:53 pm
registered to vote. bill clinton didn't birth hillary clinton, right? someone who understands these issues and live these issues and i resent it. >> liz, we also talk about someone that had some real bumps on the road with the same black communities in 2008. >> sure. >> and had supported some trade agreements and other things that were disagreeable to the left and we cannot be naive that they are not pockets in those places in the base that she's going to have to deal with. >> absolutely. look, so far in her campaign she's done a very good job of handling those issues and she's aware of all of these things. hired very good campaign managers to ensure that she responds to all those lingering questions about her campaign in 2008 but at the same time, you know hilary is a total o.p. an original populist like people back in the clinton years actually criticized her for being so to the left such a progressive, so it's sort of interesting that, a, we're comparing her to elizabeth warren which i agree with angela
3:54 pm
is a little bit weird. maybe because they are both women, i don't know, but, look if you look at the policy -- >> well her campaign is the one who said it. >> that's true. >> i've got to take a break here. one thing we've learned is i don't expect president obama or mrs. clinton to be at jason's birthday party. everyone stay with me. when we comp back jon stewart announces when his last show will be. get out the tissues next. mitch? yep. you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in this baby. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck. you're not going to tell your dad about the time my hamster had babies in the backseat, are you?! that's just normal wear and tear, dude. (vo) subaru has the highest resale value of any brand... ...according to kelley blue book ...and mitch. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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we're back with our panel,
3:56 pm
angela jason and liz. now to jon stewart's big announcement. last night he announced his last night as host. >> my last "daily show" program will be august the 6th. i will be wearing a suit. i will more than likely be showered. i'm sorry, i'll be wearing overalls and i won't shower. so i hope that you -- that you will join us for that program. >> angela what do you want to see jon stewart do before he leaves "the daily show?" >> i think continue to use the platform of comedy to address some of the most serious issues of our time. he's been able to deal with race relations in this country and really take people head on holding them accountable in ways that other folks haven't been able to. >> john jason? >> the other one. >> i just want to see jon stewart continue to lead the way
3:57 pm
that he always has. i don't need to see a reunion tour don't need to see old guests, be jon stewart until the day he finally signs off. >> jason likes somebody tonight. >> good. >> we can agree. look, i have trouble watching that clip without feeling like i'm going to cry. i'm going to make him terribly. my favorite jon stewart is feminist jon stewart and i hope he takes on manterrupting and just look at rand paul's last three media appearances and he'll have something to run with. >> thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you rev. >> we'll be right back. you exercise. you choose the salad. occasionally. but staying well - physically, financially, emotionally - its hard on your own. so cigna's got your back and your knees, 24/7. cigna's there to answer your questions.
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4:00 pm
the president plays "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews up in new york. i've just come from washington where i spoke with president obama about the threat of iran and the news that we have u.s. warships that could intercept an iranian's weapons convoy off the coast of yemen, that and putin's decision to advanced surface-to-air missiles to the iranians that could be used to gardenerons. we begin tonight with the president's declaration of war on his own left led by senator elizabeth warren. >> i love elizabeth. we're allies on a whole host of issues, but she's wrong on this and when you hear folks make a lot of