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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  April 23, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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hasn't come out. >> hillary is out. she's running. what do you think of these guys? >> all fine americans, jimmy. >> you're getting all good. this is not the chris christie that i want. >> listen, if i run, oh you'll find out exactly what i think of them. >> indeed we will. good morning. it's thursday april 23rd. we begin today with late-breaking news last night. the senate finance committee voted to give president obama fast track trade promotion north. bag step for establishing the transpacific trade authority deal. among the noes the democratic senator leader in waiting along with sherry brown, debbie stab nel. and richard burr. up next a vote on the senate floor where the opposition is not backing down. senator elizabeth warren is calling for the president to
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open up on the details of the ppp to the public. >> if it's a great deal for families like the president says or a great deal for workers, then put it out there and let them see it before we have to grease the skids to get the deal done. >> the controversy stirred by the ppp is also spilling into 2016. hillary clinton evaded a firm answer on whether she favors it. her spokesman saying we should be willing to walk away from a deal that doesn't protect american workers and one her likely republican rivals is calling her out for it. former florida governor jeb bush sites her earlier favor rabble comments on the issue. he calls her conveniently timed adding, it seems secretary clinton thinks we have a short memory. members of congress are telling politico they want to know
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clinton's position. meanwhile, a series of new developments as the field continues to take shape. "the wall street journal" reports former ceo of hewlett packer will officially enter the race may 4th. she is in the midst of a tour in iowa at the same time ben carson announcing his plans in detroit. and politico reports mike huckabee is loading up on senior staff members for his expected campaign. the former arkansas governor will reveal he's running for president on may 59s. and aids for martin o'malley are saying a late may day for announcement. and rand paul's son cited for a dui. paul's campaign says he does not
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comment on the private lives of family members. understandable. let's go back to the house. the select committee on the deadly 2012 attack in benghazi is now facing new criticism. that it's politically motivated. they say the report will be delayed and likely not complete until 2016. he says the committee is reviewing new documents and cited factors outside of his control. the house speaker blamed the white house and former secretary of state hillary clinton for the delay. >> i think they're doing fine work, the committee, and they've got a lot more work to do. they could clean this up a whole lot quicker if the administration and secretary, former secretary clinton were in a position to actually cooperate with the committee and turn over the kind of information that we've been seeking for some time. but the administration has made it virtually impossible to get to the facts surrounding benghazi. and so when we have the facts,
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we'll have a report. >> clinton's attorneys, however say they are asking for a public hearing as soon as possible and clinton's campaign strongly criticized news the report would be delayed saying in part quote, that the committee's admission today that it will not finish its investigation until 2016 is the most telling news that they're playing politics. sadly republicans are determined to continue to exploit that tragedy in an effort to try to hurt her campaign. also on the clinton front. josh green has a big scoop regarding clinton's cash coming up on "morning joe." you don't want to miss that. a government report obtained by "the washington post" reveals that the secret service took more than a year to replace a broken alarm system at the house of former president bush. they received a warning that the
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system was out of date and likely to fail but they rejected requests to replace it. the 20-year-old system stopped working in december of 20 20 13 and was not replaced for 13 months. during the span that it was not working, they did add an agent to the property but some say it was not a sufficient replacement replacement. they are addressing the situation. a land marc settlement on one of the biggest issues in sports. a lawsuit over nfl concussions received final approval in federal court. the suit involved former players who claim the league hid the dangers of concussion from them. the payments are based on a sliding scale involving the condition. age of player, and years in the league. the final cost of the deal could
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reach $1 billion. around 200 players stayed out of the lawsuit allowing them to pursue further action on their own. no payments will be made until players, all their appeals are exhausted. also interesting in the report. the nfl says they believe one in three could have can the condition after they play. new information in the case of a baltimore man who died in police custody. baltimore police say five of the six officers involved in the case have now given statements. according to our affiliate, wbal the union lawyer representing the officers say he believes he was not secured in the police van after his arrest. the police commissioner also answered questions about why it took more than 40 mints for officers to call an balance after gray requested medical lep. . >> when you have someone in your custody and they complain and say they want medical care, let's get them medical care.
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we're not doctors or professionals. i was told they had intentions to take him to the hospital but at that time, i expect them to get a paramedic there. >> police say they are also interviewing the second person who was inside the police van with gray. officials say they consider him a witness and are protecting the integrity of the investigation. >> let's turn to boston. an emotional day against dzhokhar dzhokhar tsarnaev. victiming recount what they lost and how they still suffer from it two years later. pete williams has the report. fair warning. it includes images shown in court of an offensive gesture. >> the jury heard an emotional account from a victim near her husband where the second bomb went off. she left her leg leg below the
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knee. her husband, adam she said injured in both legs has admitted himself to a v.a. mental health facility. she glared at the suspect. he did not look back. >> the family member of the police officer who lost his life talked also. the mother hasn't gone back to work. another said when he and his wife were hurt they were sent to different hospitals. he broke down recalling that when each of them woke up, they thought the other was dead. and jurors heard more about that profane gestures he made before a court hearing. a department u.s. marshal said he saw him make the gesture in a holding cell. defense lawyers played the video. he treats it like a mirror.
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later he steps up on a bench to get a closer look. makes a v sign and flashes the gesture briefly. >> i think it's clear from the video that he figured out at some point that it was a video camera and it was at least being broadcast to the prison personnel and he was sending a message to them. >> reporter: prosecutors may rest today. we expect two weeks of testimony about dzhokhar tsarnaev's background. let's turn to business. u.s. stocks rose across the board wednesday but the big news this morning involves come cast. the fcc recommended yesterday that the proposed merger between come cast and time warner cable be reviewed by an administrative law judge. we are live from london now. why did the fcc come to this
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conclusion and what does it mean in the possible deal? >> reporter: well, it means it's going to be a lot more corp. complicated than we originally thought. it is a procedural speed hump which will slow down progress to this $45 billion deal actually happening, and ultimately there is always the risk that the deal may not happen at all if the fcc finds sufficient objections to it going ahead. the point here is fcc staff have decided that there are good enough reasons to believe consumers might be injured financially as a result of this deal, and in competition terms, that they have flagged this up and said we want to have a hearing. keep your eye on this. we might see a little bit of fallout in the way the shares trade taefld. the market had not expected this
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so the fcc throwing out just a little bit of a road barrier for this business. while we're on the subject of roads work let's me move onto toyota. in the driving seat in terms of driving sales. the company delivering. gm coming in at 2.4. they're on their tail but toyota continues to remain the most prolific car company in terms of its ability to shift cars off the lot right now. worth pointing out, this is the first company that has achieved the 10 million sales in a year number number. they did that in 2014. prospects not looking bad at all in spite of some of the recall notices we've seen for both gm and toyota. back to you. >> certainly impressive. while we're on the topic of cars, and we hear a lot about
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this income inequality between ceos own their assembly line workers. e lawn musk is worth millions but last year he was paid about as much as the assembly line workers. >> just a little over $35,000 was the take home pay last year for elon musk which doesn't sound like a lot. as you pointed out, some of those working the line would be looking at similar take home numbers. and if you want to look at what the cfo of the business took away in excess of $338,000 for last year. so even the cfo made more money, but before you start rooting around in the back of your sofa for loose change to help mr. musk buy a coffee let's point out his shares in the company alobea alone are worth in excess of $6
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billion. he's still a wealthy man regardless of the amount he took home last year. back to you. >> jeff thank you so much. we appreciate it. still ahead on "way too early," for personal use only senator rand paul may look good in his shades but apparently putting your campaign logo on them and selling them on your website is not cool. plus the interview with robert downey jr. that's now gone viral. >> i think we've got three more minutes in our agreement. >> you're starting to jump a little bit. you'd better get to your next question. >> we'll show you what happened when the interviewer finally asked the question. that and a check on your weather when we come back. >> coca-cola, the self-proclaimed real thing. the number one soft drink. although in the last few years, their market share has dropped to about 22% while pepsi has riz
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the beautiful capitol dome. let's turn to sports. we begin with round one of the nba playoffs in los angeles we go. the spurs blow 10-point lead in the third and quarters ending up in overtime against the clippers but the old men outlast the clippers. san antonio evens up the series after a 111-107 victory. and the grizzlies make a victory. mike cony and courtney lee each scored 18 points.
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they beat the blazers. to atlanta, the top-seeded hawks fend off the nets late last night. led by 19 points from paul millsap. brooklyn giving them everything they can. let's go to the ice for round one of the stanley cup playoffs. in pittsburgh the rangers and pen wins in overtime. the pens go to the brink after 2 -1 win. blue shirts have a chance to close out the series on friday. speaking of closing things out, the ducks break out the broom last night. poor people haven't seen a playoff there for 20 years. victory over the jets. the blews even up their series with the wild after a 6-1 rout in minnesota and the sens win
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another one. let's goth nfl. greg hardy is suspended for the first ten games for violenting the league's personal conduct policy. there were domestic violence charges dismissed against him when the alleged victim did not cooperate with prosecutors. he signed a one-year deal in dallas and is expected to appeal the ruling. let's get a check on your weather with bill karins. mats game today and i'm told to dress like it's october. it's freezing here. >> interesting you bring up the nationals. i'm act to accuse you of sports bias. didn't the mets just win their tenth game in a row. >> they might cause disruption later in the season.
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>> you didn't forfully leave that out? >> i might have. >> did you see in the yankee game in detroit, it snowed during the game? you're not the only one that's suffering from the cold weather. >> i'm doing better than that then. >> yes. here's the pictures from the video. yankees did win. they cooled off the red hot tigers. even in pittsburgh there was a little bit of snow. very cold. unfortunately the winter coat and gloves for the kids maybe eve an hat or too. the severe weather threat is great. today is a lesser threat than friday and saturday where i think we'll dealing with tornadoes. the dallas fort worth has a line of storms over dallas as we sfeek. gone in about 15 minutes and maybe gusty winds. dallas waco to austin and new orleans. tomorrow a chance of tornadoes north of houston.
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her headlines. for that we'll go to new york and lewis burg gor of. >> we start with robert downey jr. walking out of a new interview when the subject shifted to his personal history. >> you've talked in other interviews again, about your relationship with your father and the role of all of that and you know the dark periods you entered, and taking drugs and drinking and all of that and i just wondered whether, you know you think you're free of all of that or whether that's still -- >> i'm sorry. what are we doing?
2:55 am
>> well i'm just asking questions. that's all. >> okay. bye. >> thank you. >> you -- i'm sorry. >> i'll take your mic. >> thank you. >> do you -- >> i don't want to do that. >> i guess that was the wrong question. downy is not the only one who has exited an interview early with this interviewer. let's head to washington where republican presidential candidate rand paul put on his shades yesterday on the floor yesterday before giving harry reid a fist bump. tex change came several hours after the hill reported that they asked rand is stop selling his shades. tricky move by the snard there. let's go to the white house
2:56 am
where the first lady fielded questions from the kids from a take our daughters and sons to workday. this is what happened when she called on a little girl. >> how old are you. >> how old ruare you? i'm 51. what was that? >> you're too young for 51. >> thank you. you should come up and give me a hug. come on up here. >> disclose your age on national television. that's not a good thing. i like the hug at the end. and that wasn't the only hug. she also hugged a couple of the other girls that had questions during the event. back to you. >> appreciate it. that does it for this thursday edition of "way too early." now let's bring in mika for a preview of what's coming up on
2:57 am
noij "morning joe," and breaking news? >> we'll have a huge story. how old are you, luke? >> i am 29. i'm counting down to 30. it's a depressing time in my life. >> good-bye where can luke. happy 35th birthday to you. >> major developments in the race for the republican presidential nomination. two contenders expect to announce their plans on the same day with a third not far behind and there is a new gop front runner. we'll going to reveal who's atop the new poll. and it's not only hillary clinton clinton's cash that's coming under scrutiny. the same author writing a book about the clinton's has their sites on another person. that and much more coming up next on "morning joe." why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected?
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