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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  April 24, 2015 6:00am-6:29am PDT

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we put in senator rubio's lead in the last couple polls? >> i think his lead has a lot to do with his recent announcement in the presidential race the buzz and just the general jostling and up and down of the 2016 republican primary, where there are so many candidates the field is so scattered. i think you'll see jeb bush have another surge, when scott walker announces, he'll have a surge. right now everything is in flux and so up in the air. it's good news for rubio, better news would be if he were winning the shelden adelson primary, but i wouldn't put too much stock in the polls this early on. >> john, adelson you'll remember it was newt gingrich his money kept him in because adelson was behind him. >> there's a big difference this time jose. that was a real personal relationship going back to the mid '90s with newt gingrich. i don't think shelden adelson ever thought newt gingrich was
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going to win the presidential race. this time they all have a chance, at least many of them do and it's an audition. i think these early polls are meaningless. i think any report that shelden adelson has made up his mind in april of 2015 on who to back is just crazy. that's not happening. i think he does like rubio, but i think he likes some of the governors, especially scott walker. he's not going to make up his mind already even after this audition this weekend. >> and andy when democrats and specifically hillary clinton look at the field of republicans and they are like you know 1,000 of them which one makes them the most nervous? >> i think the potential of a governor running. the governors can run against washington, that's a message among voters in a republican primary and general election so looking at someone like scott walker for instance and, of course, jeb bush and looking in those two cases, walker and bush, at the amount of money that they can amass to get through a primary and potentially for a general
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election walker obviously, being a favorite of the koch brothers that we saw this week and jeb bush having this massive network assembled by his father his brother, and now himself. looking at those two, the governor combinations the money arsenal, really poses a threat in potential general election matchup. >> andy kroll and jon ralston, thanks for being with me good to see you both. i want to share now a truly inspiring story out of boston. see right there in the yellow vest in the pouring chilly rain 39-year-old maickel melamed was the last person to cross the finish line at this year's marathon. 20 hours after he began. what makes this remarkable is he has muscular dystrophy. he has a tough time getting around at times, but if that were not remarkable enough this was his fifth marathon. and i'm really honored to have
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maikel with me in the studio this morning. how are you? >> very well. honored to be here today. >> maikel how tough was it to do the boston marathon and here on the set we've got five medals from five different marathons around the world. >> well i saw the description of this as a miracle, and it was a miracle. i mean anything in human life is a potential miracle, and when our team did a miracle because, of course it was impossible to be 20 hours. >> nonstop. >> nonstop, in the rain the pouring rain and the wind and the cold and the hills. i mean it was the hardest marathon that we have been in
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and -- but besides the adversity, it's life you know? >> there's life inspite of adversity, how so maikel? >> i mean any shadow of doubt, it's just the frame of life. when we were in the worst moment of that marathon we were thinking of the people that were supporting, the people that think of this kind of support as a life source that boston's still strong. and that love is more powerful than death and fear. >> why do you do this maikel?
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why have you gone to berlin tokyo, chicago, new york, and boston? >> i mean this was to show to people that the possibility to write their own expectations of themselves i think that any human being has the possibility to create an extraordinary life for themselves. and let a legacy here so we want them to see a mirror of themselves, of their own possibilities, and we want to understand that the only possibility to create humanity is to connect with each other, and i have to say that i have not done any of this without a
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team without people. >> you're all volunteers you're not charging for this. everybody's doing this going around the world with you. for a very specific reason and i was talking to you yesterday about this what do you say to people who say, you know what why have i been given this fate in life? why is it that i don't have what others do and how can i have dreams and aspirations, and how can i succeed when i don't have what others do? >> you know that what i can say to them and we say that to people in universities in boston before the marathon it's that just try and built with reality. so the new narrative for this era is to embrace reality, to realize what you have and with that, do anything you can.
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embrace, be proud of your reality, and with your reality, do the best you can. >> maikel thank you for being with me. you're really an inspiration. >> thank you very much an honor to be here with all of you and with all your audience. >> thank you very much maikel. i want to show you some images out of new york right now. angelina jolie is speaking before the united nations security council about the current refugee crisis in syria. we're talking about 4 million people affected in the last four years in that country. let's listen in for a bit. >> and provide legal avenues to safety. and third, the barbarism of those inflicting systemic sexual violence demands a much greater response from the international community. we need to send a signal that we are serious about accountability for those crimes and that the only hope and that is the only hope for establishing any deterrence, so i call on member states to begin preparations now
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so that syrian women are fully represented in future peace negotiations in accordance with multiple resolutions and security council. and if i may make a wider final point to conclude my remarks, the crisis in syria illustrates that our inability to find diplomatic solutions causes mass displacement traps millions of people in exile, statelessness, and displacement. 52 million people are forcibly displaced, a sea of excluded humanity. and while our priority must be ending the syrian conflict, we must also broaden out the discussions to this much wider problem. our times will be defined not by the crises themselves but by the way we pull together as an international community to address them. thank you. >> jolie at the united nations. think about this 5.5 million
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people affected just in syria alone. 52 million people displaced for some reason or other throughout this world. think about those numbers. also coming up next alarming statistics about domestic violence in the latino community prompting a campaign that needs no translation, no mas. and taking a deep dive with the world's biggest search engine to crack one of the world's biggest mysteries. google searching for nessie you know the loch ness monster. nessie just a little bit bigger than mosquitos here in south florida. hey. i'm ted and this is rudy. say "hi" rudy. [ barks ] [ chuckles ] i'd do anything to keep this guy happy and healthy. that's why i'm so excited about these milk-bone brushing chews. whoa i'm not the only one. it's a brilliant way to take care of his teeth. clinically proven as effective as brushing. ok, here you go. have you ever seen
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women in the world summit in new york city. >> every woman deserves to have a safety and security they need. that means we have to guarantee -- [ applause ] guarantee that our institutions respond to the scourge of sexual assault. >> a new study finds this week that 1 in 4 people in the latino community noseknows a victim of sexual assault. the study is part of a campaign looking at sexual assault and domestic violence among latinos. joining me now senior director of the latino families of communities. thank you both for being with me. juan carlos what's the goal of the no mas campaign? >> the no mas campaign is a paralleled campaign to the no more campaign which has been
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incredibly successful to raising awareness in the united states of issues of domestic violence and sexual assault, so this study, which we're very grateful for the avon foundation to have funded it looked in particular of latinos, of the latino population, and we discovered that a lot of latinos know victims of both domestic violence and sexual assault. that's the bad news. the good news is actually that latinos are already doing something to solve the problem. they are already aiding victims. they are already supporting victims. they are talking to each other, talking to their children so the study has both good news and bad news jose. >> this study found over 60% of latinos know someone who is a domestic violence victim. what can we read into these very troubling figures? >> well i think the avon foundation for women funded this survey because we were very interested in the attitudes and experiences regarding domestic violence and sexual assault, and what i think we have learned is
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that we know that victims often suffer in silence and we have the opportunity to speak out and let them know that there are resources, not only for this community, but across the country that are there to offer support and the resources to help them get what they need to protect themselves to protect their families and to be able to move on to lives free from violence. >> juan carlos the other part of this study is something we focus on a lot on this program, talking about immigration and the fear factor. over 40% fear deportation, and when you fear deportation, juan carlos, as you know you're going to be much less prone to call for help. >> absolutely. even though domestic violence and sexual assault do not happen in greater numbers in the latino community than the general population, the latino community and victims face different barriers, and this is one of the biggest barriers as well as fear of their kids being removed and other things that the study showed. so the no mas study is giving
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birth to an awareness campaign so folks know there are resources there, so we're hoping that in the fall we will unveil this no mas campaign with a support of verizon, so we are very excited about that. >> juan carlos and christine, thanks for being with me and shedding the light on this important issue. up next google joins the search for the loch ness monster. and here in florida, a whole lot of buzz about mosquitos. why it could involve the federal government. plus it's not your average police chase. who could forget the llama drama in l.a.? and just last night, a coyote in manhattan. not an ugly one. all part of our five things urban jungle next. >> take a look at some video we shot. my photographer jimmy muller jumped out of the truck to get an image of this coyote and managed to get it just as it was running down riverside drive. he got a glimpse of the coyote. i got to tell you, the coyote
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now to one of mankind's great mysteries, the famous picture purports to show the loch ness monster. search engine google wants to crack the nessie mystery. take a look. >> if there weren't any dragons really haunts me. >> google is actually going under water with its street view mapping to allow you to search for the mythical animal from the comfort of your own home. hey, maybe they'll help us find them. anyway, another case of man versus beast, this one has my fellow floridians scratching for an answer mosquitos, of course i'm talking. a new kind of mosquito.
6:21 am
a british company trying to get approval to fight mosquito-borne diseases with genetically modified mosquitos. hit pause for a moment on this issue because the mosquito control board in the florida keys, yes, there is a thing called that, has rejected a contract to hatch those unless the feds give the okay. for now, my advice bug spray. but in the ultimate man versus beast, things are getting a little coyote ugly in new york city. our local wnbc cameras caught this canine last night at the corner of riverside drive and 98th street looking for a cab possibly, none to be found. this is the second sighting this week bringing us the five things urban jungle. number one, los angeles used to be a media zoo, but how about a literal zoo. home security technicians came face to face with this mountain lion hiding in a home's crawl space. look at him, rest assured, the california fish and wildlife reports the lion is back in the wild. two, zebras the trio trying to
6:22 am
earn their stripes on the streets of brussels last friday, took tranquillizer gang guns to rein them in. something my producers have tried to use on me. remember the llama drama? two llamas escaping an appointment of therapy animals at a retirement home outside of phoenix in february. fugitives captured after a chase all caught on live television of course. nothing more important than live tv coverage of llamas on the loose. number four complain about miami traffic, i do but this puts things into perspective for me, this was the scene in india after a elephant escaped after flood waters submerged large portions of india's national park. number five, i always warned my friends it's a jungle out there in miami. jungle island park in miami, it literally is but the catty tiger you're seeing here didn't
6:23 am
think the islander of 14-foot fence was big enough back in 2010, jumped the fence, escaping 20 minutes, even coming within ten feet of a 2-year-old girl being being hauled back in. tigers, that's a whole nother animal. did i tell you, seriously, there are mosquitos in south florida the size of tigers. sometimes i've seen live coverage, local news like of a mosquito chase. that's how big they are. but anyway that wraps up "the rundown" on msnbc. thank you for the privilege of your time. "news nation" up next with tam tamron hall. i'll see you here on monday. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. aaron holland is a owner of a comic shop and geek easy in orlando, florida. attracting customers by having fun events at a geek easy then turning them into regular readers. for more watch "your business"
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from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help. good friday morning to you, i'm francis rivera in for tamron hall. good to be with you. this is "news nation." in a few hours president obama will visit the office of the
6:27 am
director of national intelligence and give a speech on the agency's tenth anniversary. the president's visit comes a day after his extraordinary apology to the families of warren weinstein, the american and italian hostages inadvertently killed in a u.s. drone strike on an al qaeda compound in pakistan in january. and while new questions are being raised about the dangers of u.s. drones and intelligence failures, reaction even among the president's biggest critics in congress has been muted. rand paul who faced a nearly 14-hour filibuster in 2013 to protest the use of drones to take out terror suspects merely called the deaths a tragedy and offered condolences to the families and lindsey graham of south carolina said "i do believe al qaeda should and will bear ultimate responsibility for the death of these two innocent men." president obama also announced that two americans who had joined al qaeda were also killed
6:28 am
in drone strikes in january. on their deaths senator graham said, "they got what they deserved." chris jansing joins us live now. chris, good morning. >> good morning. >> in the wake of the intelligence failure that led to the deaths of these two hostages, how angry is the president that this happened and what's he doing in the review and revision to make sure this doesn't happen again? >> look the president put what he considered to be very strict standards in place for the use of drones. it is a standard called near certainty, and you have to be nearly certain about two things one, that it's an al qaeda compound used by al qaeda leaders and number two there are no civilians. obviously, the intelligence failed on the second count, and he's, yes, not happy about that. so there are two investigations of what's going on. the first happens every time there's something like this it's more of a review looking at what happened. are there lessons to be