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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  April 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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and is high school bodyand hollywood pushing the sentiment now? it could be what hollywood wants to happen could be pretty close to what the people want already. that's "hardball." "all in" with cris hayes starts rights now. >> good evening from washington d.c. i'm chris hayes. lots to get to including the farewell to acre holderik holder and the challenges facing his successor. and the deal to create the biggest company in america. and attending a reception hosting by two gay hoteliers to antiguay marriage bill antigay marriage bills. trying to have it all. eric holder coming to a close today.
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protest continues 40 miles north in baltimore maryland as police reveal 25 yield freddy gray who died after suffering a the fatal spine injury while in custody was not properly buckled in the van. >> we know he was not buckled in the transportation wagon as he should have been. no excuses for that period. we know our police employees failed to get him medical attention in a timely manner multiple times. >> and in palm beach, florida, outrage over dash cam video from 2013 showing a the officer firing at the an unarmed man paralyzing him from the waste down as he fled. and the not indicting two police officers in the fatal shooting of a 39-year-old schizophrenic after his mother called the police. just a snapshot of one single day of policing in this country.
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and will's been arguably no more prominent national figure actively engaged in a debate than eric holder. in august o last year after more than a week of protests of the shoothing death of unarmed michael brown in ferguson holder traveled to ferguson to speak with community leaders. later he spoke. >> the struggle goes on. and it is not only ferguson. there are other communities around our country where we are dealing with relationships that are not what they should be be they official communities they are supposed to serve or whether it's a more personal level. there is enduring legacy that we have to confront as the nation. >> and this year holder followed those remarks with a searing justice report that followed a pattern of abuse and courts that
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disproportionately harmed african americans. and the also investigating the death of eric garner in 2014 and most recently they also opened investigation into the death of one freddy gray who died in baltimore police custody over the weekend. the final year over eric holder's tenure the death of african american men during interaction with police have become a source of international outrage and calls for reform as well as backlash and organizations around the phrase "black lives." early reports are lynch aims to set a new tone for the department including improving police morale and the communities. you introduced eric holder at his confirmation hearing. he served in washington d.c. was a washington d.c. resident. you vouched for him from day one.
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and your reaction to his tenure ending today against the backdrop of what's happening just 40 myles north of where we are. >> first i feel truly vindicated because of his entire record. i think because of the police matters he has set loretta lynch up in just the right way. loretta lynch like eric holder was a u.s. attorney. and she developed a relationship with police that gives her a lot of credibility to take these police matters and reconcile communities with their police. i've written the justice department because the president had a task force on 2 1st century policing to say hey look. don't let that lion on the shelf. take that, give it to local communities because that is where police are and they will form their own task forces at the local level. you should have police community and elected officials at the local level.
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i think you are likely to see her take that kind of approach or something typical -- or something like it rather than going around to various communities. >> what's clear to me and i'm curious to hear if you feel is same way is this is not going to i way. >> it is getting worse. >> yes. we just saw reports as it was going to air that an e-mail had gone to the to the baltimore police department to have officers bring riot gear for the weekend. and reports of other state folks being brought in. this is not going away. we are living in an era of both the combination of video, increased awareness, and the fact that america just has a very different situation than any other comparable country in terms of the amount of people that die o at the hands of police. there is a complicated reason for that. what role do you want to see the attorney general play in that debate? >> i think it is time for an attorney general to get cities
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county s counties and their police and their public officials together. and isn't it interesting that she say this is summer she is going to in fact visit with communities to try to reconcile communities with their police. >> did you interpret that report about morale police morale as an implicit rebuke of the tone that eric holder has taken? that perhaps he's taken too harsh a tone against law enforcement and she feels the need to course correct? >> it has nothing to do with him. i has to do with morale all over the country. if you were a cop, you can't look at television in an evening without seeing your fellow police under siege. yes he went around but that was mostly after ferguson. the other stuff is really at the local level and the fact that it keeps coming up. and chris, i think the reason we know about it is these things are uncovered as much as they are covered now.
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now when press see often a black man is shot they run to the scene. and we know about what has been happening all along. what has been happening frankly for centuries. >> and one other thing brought into light by this particular in baltimore is in ferguson there was a lot of focus on the racial make up of the city council, the mayor of the power structure. baltimore is a african american mayor, african american police chief. and we're seeing what looks like some pretty -- at least at first glance pretty bad police behavior. >> terrible. baltimore is horrible. for sure the mayor is dealing with what had been horrible now for decades but it does how legitimate an issue this is with african americans. they don't care whose in charge. and he's getting the same demonstrations anyone else got. >> thank you for being here. it's good to be in your city. >> my pleasure. the eric holder tour is
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going on a lot later than planned. until yesterday eric holder was attorney general. five monthing longer than planned. staffers started wearing free eric holder bracelets. >> today he let his go. >> now i want to do something here. we have these bands we've been wearing for the last number of whatevers. i think i can officially take this off now. [ applause ] [ applause ] i think we can officially say now that eric holder is free. >> while hold e may be finally free he leaves a lasting legacy under his watch. the justice department began an effort that may just be the
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quinn tofrg end of the war on drugs. after several states legalize marijuana the doj declined to prosecute for the most part people selling marijuana in those states. and urged changing to federal sentencing guidelines. today on his way out, holder t highest law enforcement official in the land said plainly, too many people are in prison. >> we are a nation that incarcerates too many people for too long and for no good law enforcement reason. it is time -- it is time to change the approaches that we have been using these past 30 40 years. >> joining me now msnbc's chief legal correspondent. you've been covering this beat. you talk to eric holder. and my question is will we look back into the trajectory of american criminal justice policy and see the holder era at doj as a key inflection point? >> i think certainly, chris. and, you know, prosecutors do something that is different an
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other parts of government. they focus explicitly on the past. that is why it's so silly when people say it is a time for locking forward, not backwards. whether prosecuting torture in financial climbs or the melt down or anything else. what they do is look at crimes that have occurred past tense and focus on it. and as you just heard that coming from the chief law enforcement officer, that would understandably be the focus. what was different here in the context of a failed war on drugs is while they continue to prosecute a great range of cases including drug cases and gang cases and federal enforcement actions, they took time out to have a larger policy about the excesses of that program. and as you mentioned in area of the marijuana and the state reforms in the area of the mandatory minimums and the prosecutorial discretion and non violent offenses they tried to step away from the impunityive incarceration only model and
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it's punitive do that in this era era. >> and these are baby steps in the context of how massive the american criminal justice system is. two questions come to mind. one is are we going to see that continue legislate live which is where the changes need to be made as opposed to enforcement. and two loretta lynch is known by everybody has a prosecutors prosecutor. do you see it continued under her. >> i think she will hold the line on a lot of reforms. i would not expect her be rolling this back. and as policy this is part of the larger obama administration. so we should expect continuity. but her reputation in brooklyn as you know chris is a very tough, very focused prosecutor, on gang crime, on sex trafficking, on isis where she's prosecuted alleged would be joiners of the isis right out of the eastern district there.
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so she is tough on all that and clear on that. but i do think having the chief law enforcement officer make some o of these changes and under a period where some right wingers have warned well if you dial back minimums you will have gang crime spree all across the country. we haven't seen that in states like washington and colorado. so all though i do that at a reality level to the extent that reality effects what congress does will help some legislative proposals like the safety valve act and the smarter sentencing act that are bipartisan and would further deal with this at a criminal level. >> the way policy experiments we can view them now how they cache out in the real world. there is so much fear frankly racialized fear that dominated so long. and crime was historically very high for a long part of the period the policies are in place. in cases and states legalizing marijuana or even in changes at the local level, i wonder how
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much you would think crime continuing to stay low is the necessary pre condition for this trend to continue. >> it is a great question. i do think we are in a different era where on the one hand the crop in crime rate is important and plays into it. on the other hand if you look at the flipside something you have covered a lot, the role of video evidence and citizen-created evidence in these law enforcement clashes also has changed the conversation. not because police-related killings are necessarily widely up. although in certain areas it is a serious problem, as bad as other periods. but because the evidence is there and ha changes the equation. so i think the question can drugs is not only what is the evidence? because not everyone is an amateur criminologist. but how does the media and social relate to that and yes, look at places like colorado, there is not a large increase in
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ghang bang related violence which isn't a surprise because you are bringing part of the black market out of the shadows and into the regulated place. doesn't mean we aren't going to have heroin on demand and that drugs aren't still wrapped up in serious epidemics involving deriv driving and other issues we care about as society. but yeah i do think it changes some of the politics ofem crime. >> thanks for being here. still to come the comcast/time warner deal is off. >> obviously we wanted to bring the product we've got that we're proud of to new markets but it is not going to happen. and our round table is here. and amazing pictures from chile where a volcano that's been quiet more than 42 years erupts. shooting ash six miles into the
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much more ahead including congresswoman and dnc debby wasserman-schultz will be right here to talk about what if there is one a democratic primary is going to look like. which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my lower back pain. find a machine at kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats®... 8 layers of wheat... and one that's sweet. for the adult and kid in all of us.
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(supergrass' "alright") plays throughout ♪ kellogg's frosted mini wheats® feed your inner kidult. obviously we wanted to bring the products we've got that we're very proud of to new markets but it is not going to ham. so we reached that conclusion. we always structured this deal in a way that will allow us to walk away if it looked like it wasn't going to happen and that's where wire at. >> we thought we could get the deal aproovd and make a good
5:19 pm
case. i think our team did. but in the end we got to move. >> that was contradiction chairman brian roberts this morning. comcast announced today it is withdrawing its bid to merge with time warner cable. it it would have meant the biggest cable provider in the country acquiring the second biggest provider. few companies have more success in persuading regulators to allow them to grow than comcast which allowed them to grow into a global media and telecommunications juggernaut. so what happened this time? and how did we get to today's result? johning me is the cecelia khan. great to see you. >> great to be here. >> when this was announced there was a wide spread sense i feel that comcast had won these regulatory battles before. they got nbc universal and some thought that was a bad idea.
5:20 pm
here we are. >> absolutely. >> then that we were going to get this again. and that was the operating assumption until a month or two ago and then boom all of a sudden it's done. how did that happen? >> completely implode, at least publicly. behind the scenes regulators have been have been watching with a lot of scrutiny. ultimately it was simple. they thought comcast asked too much. they wanted to become too big, particularly on the broadband side of the business the high speed internet. this deal would have 50% of the all high speed internet connections the number of subscribers in one company. >> so half of all high speed broadband. here is what's interesting. comcast is making the case that they said look the way the regional monopolyies work is this. time warner and i don't compete. so if you combine us there is no net difference in amount of choice consumers have.
5:21 pm
in new york city i have two options. if it was time warner and it became comcast i'd still have go options. why did that not work? >> it's very tidy too. but the thing that ultimately ignores is it is a very complicated and fast-changing the space, the media world. >> right. >> and so many companies like netflix, like amazon like facebook depend on the access to the internet. and one company essentially becoming a national company, even though as you said chris they do not compete on regions. they don't have the same zip codes that puts too much power in the hands of that company over many other businesses in the ecosystem. >> so there was obviously some organizing by consumer asks other public interests against this but a lot of the push came from other businesses. netflix's ceo reed hastesingsings basically said killing this deal is our number one priority. why? >> they depend tremendously on
5:22 pm
these cable companies to deliver videos flawlessly. and they have to pay charges in the behind the scenes of the internet that nobody really sees called interconnection fees. they say if you let one company have too much control of the whole internet they can abuse their power and make us pay more. >> right because you have the situation netflix is both dependent on the broadband providers and also competing at the same time. >> right. >> netflix needs you to have broadband. and i have to communicate with that company to pipe my, you know tv shows through. but every time i put a new original series on netflix i'm trying to page a bite of the business the same company, in this case comcast is also selling you. >> exactly why netflix is trying to show how comcast has become such a hugely diverse company that's actually complicated its own interests in a way.
5:23 pm
in 2011 when the merger with nbc universal was approved it became a huge entertainment and media company. in a way it competes with everything. if you are entertainment tech or television you are competing with the comcast in one way. >> you have also created a situation in which you have created enough enemies essentially. enough people in a vast array of the american marketplace who have their own lobbyists and interests to fight back in these battles. >> yes. and they were vocal. reed hastings is just one person. a lot of programmers, owners of the networks also complained. complain of the past behavior by comcast and regulators heard that. antitrust and fcc heard that. and you know what if comcast has a record of breaking rules in the past how can we trust that if they had 50% of the broadband market they couldn't do it again? >> and also we have seen in
5:24 pm
fcc -- let's be clear. department of justice and regulatory actions were going to block it. >> straight out block it. >> that ice the biggest antitrust since what microsoft. >> a t-mobile at&t. but no company is as diverse as comcast. it would have been really bad political for them to approve two huge comcast mergers. that potentially was in the thinking as well. >> we're moving to a media world in which it does seem broadband will dominant everything. and also towards a new regulatory environment with net neutrality. this seems to be the beginning of a new era in a regulatory sense. >> and i think comcast misjudged the way regulators were going to approach this merger. they thought they were just going to look at this with the same argument of antitrust they
5:25 pm
have in the past. regulators have woken up and educated themselves on the marketplace, on the fact that netflix and amazon competes with the facebook and comcast and looking at the totallyity of this ecosystem that is evolving quickly. >> thank you very much. fascinating. >> thank you. >> the amazing pictures from chile's calbuco volcano, next. may be hearing more about data breaches in the news. it's possible your personal information may be at risk. research shows that if your information is compromised due to a data breach you are 6 times more likely to become a victim of identity theft. now is the time to get protection. sign up today and lifelock will begin monitoring your personal information, including your social security number alert you about suspicious activity and if needed, take steps to help restore your losses. you only have one identity. protect it with the best. lifelock. bring us your aching... and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well
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chile's calbuco volcano sprang into life without warning and in spectacular fashion. a red mushroom shaped column billowed in the sky with occasional lightning bolts shooting through. >> it was as if somebody had detonated an atomic bomb. that is how one witness described a blast coming from southern chile's calbuco volcano this week. a volcano that had been dormant over 40 years but on wednesday erupted shooting a the column of ash nine miles into the air. so massive, it could be seen 100 miles away in argentinechargentine. the initial blast was captured. a second blast on thursday creating a series of lightning storms. these remarkable pictures captured the event. thankfully no report of the death or injuries but a state of
5:30 pm
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you can take to the bank. cha-ching! that's insurance for the modern world. esurance, backed by allstate. click or call. republican presidential aspiren'ts are heading to the iowa faith and spring coalitions kickoff this weekend. just one stop on endless events on the gop calendar. not so on the democratic calendar. one of the only people seemingly determined to challenger is martin o'malley. his organization is ramping up for a formal campaign launch in late may and that will present a new challenge for the democratic party infrastructure already dominated by the clinton party
5:34 pm
fans and loyalist ss how do you construct an already contested primary? i remember when the rmc to great fanfare came out with thinker debate schedule and said the have this many and here are the official rules. and you get finished if you have non and there was nothing from the democratic party because it was kind of like i don't know. are we going to have debates. is anyone going to run? eventually someone has to step in and create a process for the party to have a primary, right? >> yes. that would be us. the democratic national committee and we are and have been preparing to put together the mechanics you need to run a primary. we will be in the next -- probably the next several days or so announcing a debate framework for the primary debate season that we expect to have. we do expect other candidates to get in the race whether martin
5:35 pm
o'malley or lincoln chafy or others. and we have very specific steps that have to be taken. delegate selection plans. we need to know whether a state is having a primary or a caucus. and those are all happens whether we have candidates officially declared or not. and we will eventually have multiple candidates declared. >> okay. say i am martin o'malley or bernie sanders. what faith could i have in the impartiality of the democratic party given by people who have worked for hillary clinton or vowed supporters for her. is there cause for a pretensive neutrality in the process? >> oh sure. and i have made it clear all the way through that we will run it absolutely neutrally. that every candidate will be
5:36 pm
treated equally and fairley. and i believe every candidate and potential canada has the expectation that would be the case. >> are people from the different possible contenders in contact with your staff about for instance the debate schedule? >> not only are they in contact with us but e reach out to them. >> so there are conversations had that are negotiations about what the debates will look like. >> well there are discussions being had about what they are thinking and we are making sure we keep each of the potential presidential candidates and the one we have informed about our thinking and feedback from them. >> are you feeling confident there will absolutely be more than one person. i guess lincoln is already declared. >> as of now hilly is officially declared and running for president. >> yes. >> but you are 100% certain there will be multiple participants in. >> yes. >> do you think a competitive
5:37 pm
primary is a good thing for the party? >> i do. ab soughtly. >> do you really think that is. >> no i really think that. i will tell you. aye been on the ballot 11 times and there have been 11 times i didn't have an opponent. in florida you are not even on the ballot when you don't have an opponent. and you get a little sedentary and maybe think you don't have to work as hard and so ow you don't think about it as much. so i think the process of going they the primary will provide that political exercise i think each campaign and candidate needs to hone their message and figure the best way to reach out and put together the combination they need to be successful on the general election day. >> there is an ideological distinction as regards of citizens united in the role of big unrelated money. democratic party in general
5:38 pm
opposed the decision. a lot of lawmakers have expressed sport or open for a constitutional amendment to address it. >> as hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton has, terri reed others. statement the democratic party is a party that exists in the world of these rules. >> definitely. >> i guess i want first person account like how is life different for you in this era where you know this is this huge amount of money that is out there but can't be given directly to the party but you know people are work okay -- how does that change your role day to day? ? >> it actually for us and same is true for the rnc and i've talked to previous about this. with the law changes in december, even though our decision is there is too much money in politics. it actually gives those donors the wish to give larger
5:39 pm
contributions the opportunity to give us several hundred,000 dollars. which is more they could before. so those are donors who may have given to a super pack first because they wanted more impact. and now we're able to encourage them -- >> so wait what changed in december. >> we tripled the maximums in the comromnibuscromnibus. from 42,000$42,000. >> triple. >> a max out for the can convention. it is a max out for headquarters and other things. >> do you feel that because there is a donor right now that can write $10 million to superpack allied with a candidate that that has diminished the relative importance that you and the dnc actually have in this process? >> it makes it so we have a smaller footprint over what it is that we are going to have an impact on. that is also part of why i think that citizens united was -- i
5:40 pm
agree with president obama, one of the worst decisions. because for us and the reason we'll encourage those donors to give us to first is because our donations -- our party believes in the transparency. our party believes we should have an open process with full reporting. and you contribute to us first and that is what happens. and we do believe that there's way too much money in politics but we have to operate -- >> fascinating for me to imagine just a fly on the wall with a donor be like give to us and don't give to us x because there is so so much money. >> the ability for donors to understand if they want the most direct impact on the outcome and make a difference for their candidate, no matter what amount contributing to a party first is the best way to do that. because we are the only organization that can directly coordinate with a candidate. the super packs and the other organizations can't and that makes a difference. >> that can't is increasingly
5:41 pm
difficult. thank you very much. a few day of the republican gay businessman hosted ted cruz to their apartment he introduces two bills to stop same sex marriage. more ahead. fact. every time you take advil liqui gels you're taking the pain reliever that works faster on tough pain than extra strength tylenol. and not only faster. stronger too. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil hey buddy, you're squashing me! liquid wart remover? could take weeks to treat. embarrassing wart? dr. scholl's freeze away wipes 'em out fast with
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ted cruz is pushing back on a report from the "new york times" about an event in the manhattan the man attended this week hosted by two gay businessmen where he apparently did not mention his opposition to the same sex marriage. cruz denied this signalled any change in his position and he has now introduced two bills in the senate to protect states that bar same sex kabulcouples from
5:45 pm
marrying. here is why i love this story. [ laughter ] well there is a lot to love in this story. particularly the notion of ted cruz at this small gathering in central park south where a month earlier a 26-year-old died of a drug overdose in a bathtub with these two gentlemen who are gay -- just something out of like a old novel or something. a base that by and large is overwhelmingly opposed to it and trying to speak in two registers. and we know the data says there is just a systemmatic difference between how donors see the world and how voters do. and this is a perfect example. >> this is a ton of what you will see throughout the campaign. in some ways was a problem last campaign too. as it becomes easier and easier for things toay in small gathers to become public
5:46 pm
there's long been this two-step in politics where what is said to the crowd is not what is said to the donor. and in increasingly hazard much much harder to say something. and cruz is in a particularly difficult spot here. he runs against the establishment. loathe by his fellow conservatives. and he's having trouble raising money so he is going to have to shade some of that a bit to get elites on his side. they be with him on obamacare and over reach but not on the more conservative dimensions of his campaign. >> and the ted cruz is obviously vying if for evangelical vote. and to extent his competitors, rand paul noticeably didn't comment in louisiana. and mark rubio saying being guayay
5:47 pm
is not a choice. and ted cruz is not in a position where he can really soften his tone. and i think what you see here the well of course i would love my daughter if she was gay but i still oppose same sex marriage. >> and at the right edge of the republican policy, and even he did not introduce today a constitutional amendment that would ban gapey marriage. he's protecting from a possible skoedis isscottis ruling. >> what's fascinating to watch is because there is near uniformity in the republican party on social issues it now comes down to a competition of the posture and attitude and how you frame things cruz you are right he's proposing legislation but he's not really different. >> this is the key point.
5:48 pm
there is actually not a ton. even though there is a million different candidates there is a huge amount of space between them. >> but it is insane that this is true. it is an incredible thing that we are here in 2015 and it is difficult to find a republican running for president whose outrightly opposed to gay marriage and will do something about it. it is not a hundred years ago or 20 years ago or 50 years ago that you were -- the speed with which this issue has shifted and so the contortions folks have to go throw try to deal with a part of the republican base that has not shifted that quickly is hard. tricky line to walk. >> and huckabee i is the one official person whose opposed to it. but what's also fascinating is here and an issue the republicans have gone from the right side to the wrong side in a whiplash induceingeing fashion.
5:49 pm
they are entering into a presidential election and going to have to have their bacon save by a supreme court that is going to come in and remove the issue. >> the donor class feels great. >> so excite because they are like no one will have to talk about it. >> and also for republicans right now a lot have said we want to leave it to the states and if the supreme court eliminates that as an excuse then it will be really really interesting to see how they come down on this issue. >> there are two theories when i speak to top republican strategists. is this going to be a grenade? is it going to ignite the republican primary and set off -- >> competition. right. >> further to the right or is it battle, people are opposed to it but they move an. >> and this is what i thought was so interesting about the religious liberty fight in indiana. what i read into that what i thought was going on was that was finally a place where top republicans could ally on this issue. >> yep. >> the religious liberty laws
5:50 pm
were not going to aggressively discriminant. it was a fairly niche set of systems where that might happen. but a lot of the base who really don't like the trends and they have been completely abandoned by their politicians who are not even going to make an issue out of this. that give them a a proxy fight. >> the question about the case before the supreme court arguments on tuesday is if it's decided the way a lot of people anticipate, does it end up as loveing v. virginia or does it end up as roe v. wade and triggers massive 30 40 years of apockkck apocalyptic social struggle. >> most of the top tier
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5:55 pm
pa congressman bill schuster. political reports last year he muscled a beleaguered transportation bill through the house a bill promoted by his girlfriend whose an airline industry lobbyist. and that is just another day in washington. this is a thing about the discussion of the clinton issue, which is yes, like it does appear that there was more care should have been taken to flag things that appear as conflicts of interest. i think the strong case there is quid pro quo is very strong from being demonstrated. but it is also the case that yeah, this whole world of people on both sides of the aisle are functioning in places where people are getting money for speaking engagements and then going on tv to advocate for those people and people are hanging out with lobbyists. so many conflicts it seems slightly insane or fake naive to be trainged by these in particular. >> i think it is reasonable as a
5:56 pm
normal human being to be upset that foreign governments were donating large. s of the money while hillary clinton was secretary of state. what i don't think is reasonable is if a super pack getting anonymous money in the multiples of tens of millions of dollars to you and nobody knows where it is coming from to be upset about that and pretend you have moral indignation about peopling taking charitable donations that are transparent against the opposite. there is a tremendous amount of the hypocrisy in the conversation. >> ted cruz a backer by the name of robert mercer i believe who has a hedge fund. fighting over a huge tax bill. cruz says he wants to abolish the irfs. that is as plain as you get as the conflict. but that's so baked in it doesn't rise to the level of conflict it does rise to the
5:57 pm
level of the scandal. >> both parties that would raise eyebrows from any scrutiny. i think the difficulty for cruz or clinton is if you have all this money coming whether fro foreign governments or a super pack can you really running a the convincing populous campaign? >> that applies broadly across the board. >> i think this is baffling about some of the revelations that are coming out about clinton and of course there is not enough evidence right now that to really establish favorites were being done for foreign governments that donated. having said that they clearly underreported or didn't report to the irs. they ultimately didn't disclose to the obama administration has promised. and as someone already struggling to position her as an every day american she's trying as rob said trying to go on this tour and combat the idea she's
5:58 pm
out of touch. >> american voter, listen to me. they are not like you. none of them are every day americans at all. who are we kidding? and not only is that true the system is created in such a way they cannot be like you. if they were look you they can't be plausible candidates because they don't know enough people like money. >> presidential candidates aren't like us. they need to raise millions and millions of dollars. this idea we will wander around criticizing things for being inauthentic while doing the least authentic. it's strange you seem a slilt stilted when you get up and talk in front of 30,000 people. or in front of a bearish press question that people don't want to talk about. we want people to seem authentic doing highly artificial things. >> this piece for international
5:59 pm
business times look government documents show jeb bush oversaw florida directing at least 1.7 billion dollars of -- at that first looks kind of damning. what that is is a fact about two social groups. the social people who run funds that manage state money and the social group of people who donate to george bushw. bush. and that seems like the group of people donating to the state department and a group of people giving to the state administration there is a lot of venn diagram there. >> and americaning polling shows they think clinton is capable of doing an effective job as a leader but when you ask art trust worthiness and honesty suddenly her numbers plummet.
6:00 pm
and that's a concerning for her. >> it is going to be fascinating to see the way this plays out. the folks behind the scene the gay hoteliers become front and center. i hope so. that is all for this evening. the rachel maddow show starts now. with steve. >> good evening chris, i can hear you right across the room too. thanks for that. i'll wave to you. and thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. as you know we are in washington d.c. tonight getting ready for the white house correspondents dinner. that is going to be tomorrow night here in washington and people tend to think of that as the funny event in that it usually is. and we're going to have a lot more on that later in the show. but it was also four years ago on this same