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tv   Up W Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  April 25, 2015 5:00am-7:01am PDT

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phone smell. jump on a video chat with my friend. he's a real fan boy, so i can't wait to show this off. picture is perfect. i got mine at verizon. i... didn't. it's buffering right out of the box he was impressed. i couldn't be happier. couldn't see him but i could hear him making fun of me. vo: you waited this long for the s6 so why settle for anything less than verizon. all right. good morning from washington, d.c. our nation's capitol we're here for a special set of shows this wkt. we spend so much time covering what happens here on our nation's capitol it's great to
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be here in person. we will be talking about the people who live and work here. elected officials on capitol hill. the journalists who cover them. chris matthews chuck todd they're going to be stopping by. also the comedians who make fun of them. tonight, is the white house correspondents dinner with "saturday night live" cecily strong. we will be talking -- yes that is ted cruz getting a trim. it is a busy weekend of news. there is a powerful earthquake striking nepal overnight. we'll have full details on that ahead. just about every one of the men and women running for the republican presidential nomination will be in iowa this weekend to court the social conservative vote. full reporting on the ground from iowa about all of that. we will be heading out to las vegas to find out about the
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effort there to win the support of a billionaire casino owner who likes to donate to republican presidential candidates. here in washington, fallout continues in the wake of that drone strike that killed two histories. will hillary clinton be answering questions about the relationship between the clinton foundation and foreign governments? what you missed if you didn't catch bruce jenner's ground breaking interview last night. we have a weekend full of news information, and fun. all of that much more ahead. we begin this morning with the race for 2016. it is heating up this weekend from coast to coast. four stories. with potentially major implications for the white house race. all playing out this weekend. in four different corners of the country. a big weekend. let's tell you exactly what's going on and exactly what's at stake. it's start in las vegas.
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sin city playing host to an weekend to an event that is known as the republican jewish coalition spring leadership meeting. the real reason it's a big deal has to do with one man, a republican billionaire and casino magnate whose massive spending propped up newt gingrich for months in 2012 and is looking to spend as much in 2016. who is he going to put his money behind? ted cruz rick perry, they are making the trip to vegas to court him. all this comes amidst signs that another candidate may have an early inside truck to his support. marco rubio. we'll have a live report on the ground from las vegas a little later this morning. meanwhile, also this weekend, moving east to iowa that is where the faith and freedom coalition is holding a big event today. how important are religious conservatives when it comes to the iowa caucuses?
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look at this in 2012 evangelicals made up 57% of the iowa caucus electorate. ted cruz and rick perry will be flying to iowa as soon as they're done in las vegas. rubio, scott walker rand paul bobby jindal. santorum. all of the major gop contenders will be there in iowa except for jeb bush and chris christie. we have a reporter on the ground there keeping tabs. continuing our tour of this big weekend now, let's move to south florida. that is jeb bush's home base. that is where jeb bush according to reports will be huddling with top donors feeling some heat in a week that saw him drop in national polls with questions growing about whether the shock and awe campaign his team once envisioned is in danger of falling flat. bush running behind rubio in a national quinnipiac poll.
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he has fallen to fourth place in a fox news poll. politico reporting that bush donors are alarmed. a bush aide saying the candidate is playing defense. from florida we move up to east coast to new york city. the spotlight is on hillary clinton's campaign headquarters in a burst of news coverage this week that raised questions about the clinton foundation and the large and in some cases undisclosed donations it has taken from foreign governments. hillary planned to spend the week raising money in washington, d.c. and new york. donors were more concerned about clinton's reactions to those stories. is hillary going to have to respond to these new allegations? here's what chelsea clinton had to say about that. >> what the clinton foundation
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has said we will be more transparent. even though we are among the most transparent foundation. i very much believe that's the right policy. that we'll be even more transparent, that to eliminate any questions while we're in this time, we won't take new government funding, but that the work will continue as it is. >> all right. joining me to discuss this busy political weekend we have ken vogel, e.j. deon. michael steele and former chairman of the republican national committee. you guys i usually see on remote. it's great to be here in person with you. ken, let me start with you. the money primary on the republican side in las vegas today, so sheldon addleson. we know what he did with newt gingrich in 2012. there's reporting from politico that marco rubio has the inside
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track to get addleson's support in this. what's your read? >> the only thing that is predictable about addleson is his unpredictability. that makes republicans nervous. he propped up newt gring rich. by the time 2016 was shaping up addleson actually wanted mitt romney to run again. he was his guy. he urged him to get in the race. that shows -- >> wonder what mick thought about that? >> of course he didn't run. now rubio has the inside track. he's sort of a pure hawk. but, a lot of the folks around sheldon are nervous he could go in with another candidate who is perhaps more hawkish, say a lindsey graham or ted cruz who is potentially less viable in a general election. rubio, frankly would probably be
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a good choice. >> that's the other question about addleson. we're in this era of billionairs who can prop up kpanz single handedly. the psychology becomes the thing. did he walk away from the experience of backing gingrich did he learn something from that campaign he's going to apply to 2016? >> i talked to a donor last year when another round of candidates came out. i asked him that question. he says sheldon has matured a little bit. you look around the guy sin his 80s now. he has made his $40 billion fortune by bucking conventional wisdom. he doesn't like to be told you should think about a candidate who has a better chance. he goes with his gut. it may be with rubeio.
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>> it's comforting to know you can still mature when you're in your 80s. >> something we should hopefully have as much money when we're 80. on the money front, the other big name when it comes to republicans and billionairs, the koch brothers. david koch making news. this is "new york times" earlier in the week seeming to suggest the koch brothers are ready to support scotts walker. >> when i talked to the kochs after he came out at that fundraiser they walked that back. they didn't want that out there i think the reason is the kochs' power comes from their convenability. they bring around donors from around the country to support the groups in their network. if they were to be seen as picking a candidate early on.
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that could jeopardize their ability to bring together donors. i think they were nervous about being seen as going early behind scott walker or anyone. then in the very next day, charles koch gave an interview in which he said well we could support any one of these five candidates. their ability comes from -- their impact comes from their ability to shape the field. they would rather have every candidate come and say what they -- embrace the koch's position than pick a single candidate and hope the candidate wins. we've seen as we've seen with sheldon the candidates are willing to come out and say what these donors want. >> that's the era we're living win billionairs being able to fun campaign. >> the thing that should disturb viewers most about our political system it's become a system of lords of money. we haven't talked about voters
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once since this conversation started because the power that has been taken by these billionairs to control the political system. there are a lot of questions about whether this is even legal. we have a toothless, you know federal election commission that doesn't rule on anything. and so i think the conversation we're having should disturb everybody. in terms of these endorsements what is being rumored is what is logical. the kochs have always had a closed relationship with scott walker. they were very supportive of him in all of his fights in wisconsin. you're right, rubio may be the purest and deepest down hawk in this race. it's not what he emphasizes. he has been out there l. it's logical these guys would end up where they seem to be ending up. given this is politics -- >> where does jeb bush fit into this? we put the poll up there l. jeb bush is falling to single
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digits. you think of how george w. bush won the nomination in 2000. he was probably 40%, 45% at this point. here is jeb bush sitting at 9%. it seems to me you look at this money lining up with walker and rubio, jeb bush is not looking nearly as imposing as maybe he thought he would. >> i disagree with that. let's see what the conversation is the day or the week after jeb bush announces that he's in the game and running. we're sitting around this table and he's at 9% a week two weeks after that. then the point you're making is a legitimate point. this is the crazy system where everybody is the flavor of the day. it means absolutely nothing. these billionairs are using these candidates. they're a sucker for the money. that's the problem. they're chasing the dollars. you're absolutely right. they should be coordinating with their grass roots and identifying the people on the ground who are going to be helping them. they should be locked in with
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the national republican committee and state parties. instead, they're flying all over the country and doing the squaung dance for people who at the end of the day only have one vote. and the reality of it is for jeb bush and everybody else you got to focus at some point on people and be careful when you do. because they may not want to pay attention to you at that point. they'll tell you go play with your billionaire. >> you play with that billionaire, and those billions help you reach people. >> people still vote. just because you run a campaign ad on my tv doesn't mean i'll vote for you. that's how rick santorum did what he was able to do in 2012. newt gingrich did what was able to do. the money helped prop him up and it came down to votes. i think the focus at this point, if i'm a candidate, yeah, you go out and have somebody do the dance with the billionaires you as a candidate need to be with
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the voters. >> in terms of jeb bush when he started making noise about running and he's still considering the possibility of running phase, or whaultever the legalism is. there was the term of shock and awe. raising $100 million. scaring people out of the race. what's the reality of that three months in? >> i think he still has the pole position in the donor primary. it was treft ing with sheldon addleson, he refused to rebuke james baker, the former father when he came on james baker did and said some disparaging rules about benjamin netanyahu. that was seen by some, probably by some voters as kind of a bold stand, that he was standing with his guy, his foreign policy advisor, even though sheldon addleson wanted him. in fact called another major don'ter who is out there linvegas and asked him to put
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distance between bush and baker. he didn't do that. that hurt him with addleson. maybe it helped him with voters. i think jeb bush is seen as standing by his principals and not really just doing the donor chase. it shows how you have to straddle this line. in some ways these things conflict. the donor primary and the -- >> again we will have a live report from las vegas from the sheldon addleson event later in the show. thanks to ken vogel for coming in. still ahead. new developments in a story we broke first to the new jersey mayor accusing the chris christie administration of unduly trying to influence her. the latest details are coming up. also exactly what bruce jenner said last night and why he hopes it will change the world. first, a major earthquake overnight crippled the capital city of katmandu.
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a major earthquake rattling the country of nepal overnight. measuring a magnitude of 7.8. it shook the capital city of katmandu noon local time there. nepal officials reporting hundreds dead at this early stage. we have the latest. good morning. >> good morning. survivors describe running from collapsing walls and falling bricks while the ground shook violently underneath them. hundreds are injured and unknown number of people trapped under collapsed buildings. the epicenter of this quake was 50 miles west of katmandu. outside a hospital in nepal
5:20 am
scenes of chaos with patients overflowing into the parking lot outside. the 7.9 magnitude quake shook katmandu before noon at 11:56. houses collapses, roads bugled. this 200 year old tower, crumbled to the ground. rescuers are desperately trying to dig people out from under the rubble. more than 50 maybe trapped. on mt. everest there are reports the quake triggered an avalanche. from camp one and camp two swept away by avalanche. many climbers missing. climbers also missing from nort side as per reports. mountaineer alex gaven tweeted five miles from everest, base camp huge quake, then huge avalanche. running for life from my tent.
5:21 am
unheart. many people up the mountain. the quake was felt 300 miles away in india and pakistan. the u.s. geological survey originally said this was a # .9 and revised to a 7.8. incredibly strong with very strong aftershocks as well. one, a 6.6. the government is telling people to stay outside just in case those aftershocks bring down more buildings. and we're now hearing of deaths in india, bangladesh, tibet. one official saying the entire country has been affected by this. >> we appreciate that report. thank you for that. we will bring you the latest on the story as we learn more about it throughout the morning. still ahead, a sudden animosity between president obama and elizabeth warren. an up date we brought on the show last year.
5:22 am
allegations from a new jersey mayor against chris christie's administration. late breaking developments are ahead. stay with us. >> i'd be more than willing to testify under oath and answer any questions and provide any documents, take a lie detector test. my question back to them was would all of you? would you be willing to do that same thing? on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that game show hosts should only host game shows? samantha, do you take kevin as your lawfully wedded husband... or would you rather have a new caaaaaar!!!! say hello to the season's hottest convertible... ohhh....and say goodbye to samantha. [ male announcer ] geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. we have an update this morning on a story we brought you more than a year ago, in january of 2014. the mayor of the city of hoke oaken new jersey right across the hudson river. came on this show to make an allegations against chris christie's administration. she told us that christie's lieutenant governor had pressured her to approve a commercial development project in hoboken that was represented by the law firm of a christie confidant and the governor had linked the approval of the project to the level of
5:26 am
hurricane sandy aid that hoboken would receive. >> don't forget when the lieutenant governor of the state of new jersey pulls you aside and says i know it's not right, i know they should not be connected but a they are. if you tell anyone i'll denied it. you remember it. >> zimmer also told us a second senior administration official had also in a separate conversation said it was linked to sandy aid. she showed up a diary of when those conversations took place. she would be willing to repeat her accusations under oath in front of prosecutors. something she did the day after she appeared on our show. as we told you at the time the aids she spoke with who is a member of christie's cabinet, boat of them denied any wrong
5:27 am
doing. >> mayor zimmer's version of our conversation in may of 2013 is not only false, but is illogical and does not with stand scrutiny when all of the facts are examined. any suggestion, any suggestion, that sandy funds were tied to the approval of any project in new jersey is completely false. >> there is one thing that zimmer and gudawno agree on they had a conversation outside a hoboken grocery store. each oaff them offered a different version of what was said. after that story broke on this show last year federal investigators began looking into zimmer's accusations.
5:28 am
now, as the wall street journal and wnbc television are reporting, that investigation has not produced evidence to corroborate zimmer's acsomewheresationaccusation accusations. thanks for taking a few minutes this morning. i remember the day that dawn zimmer came in and was on our show. when she left i had two impressions, i had the impression this is the woman that believes what she's telling me happened. the second was, it's going to be very difficult to prove that in a court of law. this sounded like a classic he said she said when it came to evidence. >> i think you are right on both counts. she was sounding convinced of this and she has ever since then. the federal investigators were able to get nowhere with this. in order to prove any of her allegations. and that's why we've actually known now for several months that when the bridgegate
5:29 am
indictments come down hoboken will not be a part of it as best we can tell. >> it's interesting, though that one of the people that she talked about, sort of essential to the allegations she was making was david sampson. he was the chairman of the port authority, chris christie's confidant. he was the one that was connected to this in hoboken. in your reporting about the pending bridgegate indictments, suggest sampson, have come under scrutiny by investigators. do you think there might be some link there in terms of his role in hoboken and then the broader role he's taken in the bridgegate investigation. >> i think the relationship you can -- if we are correct in our surmise and our understanding there will be absolutely nothing out of hoboken out of this i think you can look at it as part of the overall pattern under which the federal investigators are looking into. the question is of course will they be ready to drop this at the same time as they do the
5:30 am
bridgeple gate gate indictments, which could be within the next few days. we will it's very close. i will not be surprised if the bridgegate indictments come down this coming week. what happens with sampson and how he fits into this whole picture, that is the parallel investigation, if you will. and i think hoboken was a piece of it. but what the feds may or may not have on david sampson, this close confidante to governor christie is not dependent on hoboken. >> the other interesting thing about hoboken it seems it nertdenters into this murky world it's existed irn the last year plaus. where the feds have not been able to find evidence. at the same time they haven't found anything that blows up what she says. this is a woman who provided these contemporaneous diary.
5:31 am
she met with prosecutors twice and told this story to them. if she was making it up or fabricating it or something would be taking an enormous legal risk by doing that. >> it is a enormous risk. that has a lot of pundits scratching her head because she is going so far out on this limb if you will. and wondering if she has not put herself in jeopardy. we do not know that at this point. i have tried to ask her directly over the past few months. what is the status with the feds. she said i can't talk about it. i'm not going to talk about it. it doesn't suggest anything one way or the other. but it certainly leaves you pondering what exactly has been going on beyond the -- behind the scenes other than the fact that we believe we have established that there will be no indictments of those that she accused in the hoboken affair. >> okay. and, again, in terms of the bridgegate indictments you mentioned them a second go you say maybe could be coming this
5:32 am
week. this is a recurring conversation everybody who's been watching has been having for months. what is your understanding of what the hold up has been there and why we keep hearing it every week and it doesn't happen? >> well, the best reason why it didn't happen this week we've been able to figure out is that the u.s. attorney was out of town all week long. that's a pretty good reason. he has been -- look paul fishman, the u.s. attorney is being very meticulous about this. we think that insofar as prying to present an entire package he had a lot of different threads he had to tie together. whether he's been successful in this or not we won't find out until this comes down. certainly the idea has been that bridgeple gate itself he was probably pret well along. the one thing i can guarantee you is when he does have something for us get, i am thinking maybe this week. when he does have something for us.
5:33 am
there will probably be one or two surprises in there that nobody saw coming. al. >> all right. brian thompson joining us from new york. appreciate the time thanks. still ahead, the details on that massive earthquake that struck nepal overnight at the time of the year when climbers are trying to scale mount everest. first a bruce jenner conversation that is going to spark a national conversation about gender. what you missed if you didn't catch it last night. stay with us. comfortable. i don't want an aggressive salesperson breathing down my neck pressuring me into a decision. when i go to the supermarket there's no one pushing me to buy the more expensive cereal. i just want to shop like i do everywhere else. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. these days you may be hearing more about data breaches in the news.
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jenner's really piling up the points. he sprints through the hurdles. he hurls the javelin for 8:62. he's done it. produce jenner set a new record. >> i spent a good part of my life getting ready for that day. i worked out a lot. ate a lot of wheaties. a complete breakfast with
5:37 am
wheaties is good tasting and good for you. >> that is how millions of americans first came to know bruce jenner before he was an actor, before he was the dad on a reality tv show. before he was the target of tabloids and paparazzi. before that he was an olympic hero winning the gold medal at the 1976 event. it's ten events that gets you to title of the greatest athlete in the world. last night when you learn of the determination it took for him to pull that up was an effort to run away from the questions of gender identity that had been plaguing him since he was a child. >> are you a woman? >> yeah, for intents and purposes i am a woman. people look at me differently. they see you as this macho male. but my heart and my soul and everything that i do in life it is part of me.
5:38 am
that female side is part of me. that's who i am. >> if you're wondering why we're woo still referring to bruce jenner with the pronoun he is because he told diane sawyer that's what he wanted. an amazing interview and story. associated press television critic writing, for the transgender community it was a moment as significant as ellen degeneres coming out for gays 20 years ago. we are joined by a former u.s. decath lete. you may remember him before the '92 olympics. he knows bruce jenner personally. thanks for joining us. let me just ask you, from that standpoint this is a guy you know personally. what your reaction to what you watched last night? >> i think my first reaction would be relieved.
5:39 am
i mean it's something that you know we've known the athletics world has known in some capacity over the last year or so with some of the stuff that's come out. and it's good to know that bruce is confident to know it's something that is not -- it doesn't look like it's something that's fake. i would say it's not something he's just come up with. this is real. it's something he is really dealing with. so i'm relieved. i know exactly how i can figure out how to support him. you know, if we are together doing things somewhere, and he needs support and somebody that's just -- cares about him and is part of the confidence that he's found in his identity. i want to be there for him. i'm relieved i think is my first thought. >> you've known him for a while. you know him going back a little ways in this interview he talks
5:40 am
about how this has haunted him since childhood. is that something you picked on knowing him, that there was something eating at him, something haunting him through the years? >> yeah i guess i can say that now. i have seen him say it was there. he's always been a caring person. he's always had a kind side of him as we've done things together as olympic athletes for different corporate things we did together. and just -- yeah, i think there's always been a side of him that's very kind hearted and caring and nurchering of whoever is around him. that's why i think so many people like him and care about him. so but, again, it's not something that i completely knew about and would have guessed. you know, back 20 years ago. >> i'm curious to what you think the reaction from the sports world will be?
5:41 am
as we showed at the top there, this was a guy for a period had the title greatest athlete in the world. this is something in a lot of ways is unprecedented on a lot of fronts. the sports community itself we're still at the point where it's a shock if an athlete, a male athlete comes out as gay. the transgender element, what's the reaction going to be? >> well i mean i'm hoping it's much like with me relieved. because there's been so much -- so many -- the rumor mill has been crazy with this thing. bruce is a likable person. he's something that's very confident. once he decides that there's a truth he was follow i think he's the kind of person that everybody knows is really going after it in a positive way. and so i think the sports world is going to support him. i think after this is all completely out and we know who bruce really is and we're going
5:42 am
to continue to respect him as one of the most amazing athletes ever out of the united states. and being able to set a world record at the olympic games like he did and beat goliath from the soviet union. he put it together at the exact right time. and was an amazing athlete. one of those mentors for the younger athletes like me coming up. and daniel brian. and many others as we develop our athletic ability. there is ruthtruth here. there is actual things going on with someone we know very well. and the truth of it is is we need to support him and accept him and rejoice in the amazing athlete that he was. >> all right. dave johnson, knows bruce jenner personally. thanks for getting up and taking a few minutes this morning. up next the breaking news
5:43 am
out of nepal. the massive earthquake that triggered an avalanche at mt. avalanche. a harrowing account from one hiker who was on the mountain when that earthquake struck. hey, what's up? i'm ted. rudy and i have a lot of daily rituals. namaste. stay. taking care of our teeth is one of them. when i brush my teeth, he gets a milk-bone brushing chew. just another way to keep ourselves healthy. i'll go change. [ female announcer ] who are we? we are the thinkers. the job jugglers.
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feed your inner kidult... with frosted mini wheats®. on last night's massive earthquake in nepal. the epicenter near the capital city of katmandu. the earthquake shaking the entire country this morning. it triggered an avalanche at mt. everest, the tallest mountain in the world. it's peak climbing season. a romanian mountain climber tweeting this morning from everest. he tweeted everest base camp huge earthquake then huge avalanche from a nearby mountain running for life from my tent. unheart. many, many people up the mountain. exact death toll difficult to come by this soon after the
5:47 am
quake. with hundreds confirmed dead across nepal. stay with msnbc for the latest details on this as they become available. as we continue from washington, this weekend, for hillary clinton, is the appearance of a scandal as damaging as a smoking gun? chris matthews will be along to talk about that. first, president obama gets a standing ovation and a hug from members of the intelligence community. one day after revealing a cia drone strike killed two western hostages. how have the 2016 candidates responded to the news? the answer may surprise you. stay with us.
5:48 am
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new bounty with dawn.
5:50 am
i profoundly regret what happened. on behalf of the united states government, i offer our deepest apologizes to the families. >> the clock started ticking thursday after president obama took to the podium in the white house briefing room to say he was accepting full responsibility for the january drone strike that took out a top
5:51 am
al qaeda operative but also inadvertently killed two hostages, one of them an american contractor the other an italian aid worker. how soon the question was would jeb and scott and rand and ted and marco start speaking out and lashing out at the president's drone program. actually, that didn't happen. instead, there were lots of messages of sympathy for the hostages and their families. no direct criticism of obama or his administration's policies. so what will america's drone policy be a debate in the 2016 race as all? especially with the president's former secretary of state, hillary clinton. yesterday the hillary clinton said it's considering naming someone it would be hiring someone who would be known for a terror czar. a washington bureau chief joins the panel this morning.
5:52 am
let me start with you, in some ways, this is one of the issues we've always known when it comes to drones where there is common ground between the president and his critics. someone like rand paul he was on the floor for 12 hours railing against the drone program. it was surprising to me this week, a very politically muted response from rand paul. >> of course rand paul is trying to come across as a more main stream figure when it comes to national security. the use of drones against al qaeda is something i think a lot of americans and the presidential candidates think is a good thing for the united states. it's helped decimate al qaeda's leadership without putting american lives at risk. what i think is ripe for debate is that the practice of targeting american citizens by the use rof drones there is no indictment or presumption of
5:53 am
innocence. and yet, americans die because of that. everyone regrets the loss of warren weinstein the american aid worker that was killed accidently. two other american citizens were killed in the drone strikes because they had joined al qaeda. that is a subject i think that people like rand paul might want to engage on. >> what susan says is true. whenever i've seen a poll on this people asked about the drone program, and the objections it's been raised. whether it's american citizens that are killed without a trial. the polling comes back on the whole we like this program. >> it's hard i think for people to oppose killing our enemies when you don't have to commit american troops. and i don't think it's surprising that the republicans didn't take the president on. they're trying to criticize him from the hawkish side. they're not about to jump to the other side of this. rand paul, as susan said is scrambling to pull back from
5:54 am
some of these strong libertarian non-interventionist positions. i do wish this would promote a real debate on drones. i think there is a question of are we overusing them. i mean they are a -- sort of targeted assassination in a high tech way. how much do we want to do this and how much does our drone campaign create new enemies for us? so i hope we reexamine this drones are going to be part of our arsenal. this is very troubling. there are other incidents that have happened. i think the administration should be more forthcoming about the drone program. >> i think part of this that's -- two things. first with respect to the republican field, i think the reason you're not going to see or have heard so far this sort of going after obama -- this is what e.j. said. the other side is the respect for loss of life that happened. i think a lot of the candidates -- we don't want to
5:55 am
politicize this. we don't want this to conflate into something else. the second part i think in terms of what our drone policy is i'm less concerned about that at this point because we've been in this continuem. is there obama's augmented it. the reality right now, i think, is what is this government's responsibility to the american families and to the citizens who are held hostage. what is the effort that they will undertake? god forbid we don't need a derog czardrug czar. what we need is an administration that is transparent and as transparent as it can be in those delicate negotiations. that transparency is reflected between the family and the government than us. i had a long conversation with
5:56 am
elaine weinstein. she talked about her frustration and hope. the hope was her husband would come home. the frustration was the process that was involved in getting him home. so that's what i think the government really needs to focus on in this administration. and future administrations. >> you mentioned to rand paul trying to be more hawkish as he runs for the republican nomination. the thing i keep thinking of this is something that's happened in the republican party and also outside the republican party. with the rise of isis there's been a change in this country in terms of the public's appetite for intervention for a more aggressive foreign policy. where a few years ago it was all about war fatigue, hownow it's are we going to sit here take this? >> the after math of our withdrawal in iraq made americanss more willing to see a continued commitment of troops in afghanistan. and the brutality of these
5:57 am
beheadings by isis have contributed to a sense of this is not something we can just ignore. i do agree with michael steele that the treatment of -- u.s. government's relationship with these families of hostages is something that we hear from these families ever time there's a killing of one of them. that they don't feel the government is supporting them is keeping them informed. even if you agree with the policy we don't pay ransom for hostages. that's a subject of some debate you want the families to feel like the u.s. government is on their side and doing anything they can to help. we heard from mrs. wineeinstein saying parts of the government had been good and others were disappointing. >> we'll get it next hour. still ahead in our next hour from washington, d.c. chris matthews will be here to talk about his big interview with the president and the president's
5:58 am
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eeeeeaaaaaly know until you've driven it a few days. i just want to be sure. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. the warren obama frud. all right. thanks for staying with us this busy saturday morning. we'll be updating the situation on the ground in nepal in the wake of a massive earthquake there h. we already know it has killed hundreds. more ahead this hour as we learn more about it. ahead in the show this hour elizabeth warren strikes back against president obama in a dispute that is playing out within the democratic party this
6:02 am
morning. we'll have the latest on that in just a minute. also hillary clinton and the appearance of scandal. no smoking gun, how much damage was done this week? plus, what happens in vegas, will it be staying in vegas? the republican presidential hopefuls who are trying to get casino billionaire sheldon adelson on their side. we will go live for a preview. a big vegas style night ahead here in washington, d.c. for the annual white house correspondents dinner. we will find out what cecily strong has to say. the fallout from the drone strike that killed two hostages back in january. california congress women will be joining me on set. she sponsored a bill calling for the administration to be accountable for its drone policy. but, we begin this hour with president obama significantly infencifying his attacks on
6:03 am
leading members of his own party. calling his criticism of a trade deal dishonest. it burst into public view this week when the president appeared on this network. i live elizabeth. we're allies on a host of issues. but she's wrong. >> president obama referring to massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. this is a deal that the obama administration has been negotiating that would open a free trade joanzone. president obama made that comment about elizabeth warren on tuesday, a day later, warren responded first with a fund raising letter claiming the deal is too secretive. that the american people can't see its details. then she made her case on the rachel maddow show.
6:04 am
>> the president says that he wants the american people to judge this deal based on the facts. but to do that he's got to make the deal public. otherwise, the american people can't judge it on the facts. he won't put the facts out there h. the press should be able to see this. >> now the president is upping the ante telling reporters yesterday those who say he's cutting a secret deal aren't being honest. when i hear people repeating the notion it's secret. i got to say it's dishonest. the president adding that some of the criticism he's receiving from progressives moobtsamounts to a bunch of attacks and misinformation that stirs up the base. i'm going to be pushing back very hard if i keep on hearing that. and organizing for action summit on thursday night. obama compared democratic criticism to the trade deal to
6:05 am
republican criticism of obamacare. >> some of these folks are friends of mine. i love them to death. but in the same way that when i was arguing for healthcare reform, i asked people to look at the facts -- just somebody comes up with a slogan like death panel doesn't mean it's true. look at the facts. the same thing is true on this. >> and we are joined now by chris matthews. he spoke with president obama about the trade policy and the criticism on the left. >> you sound like you believe in free trade and donuts. >> help yourself if you want. that's why half our guests do the show. you talked to the president this
6:06 am
week. that is where this public fight with elizabeth warren started. >> well no because i think she's been on the attack that's what she does. she comes at it from the democratic left. she's got a following out there h. a lot of people would like her to run for president. al an interesting counterpoint on that was the vote on the senate finance committee. 7-5 the democrats supported fast track. not just content but the method which has been villinized by the left. the fact you have harper and widen and carper and -- warner. an interesting -- >> a tougher sell in the house, right? >> i think, a lot of this has to do with old and new economic areas of the country. we were out in fairfax virngginia, which has the most luxurious shopping malls in the world.
6:07 am
there a lot of high tech there. it's like 128 up in massachusetts or the silkenicon valley. they believe in exports, the older areas i think have been hurting. cleveland, erie pennsylvania, are those factory jobs have been hallow out. who do you blame? you have to blame somebody in political power. you can't blame history or technology. they're not villains. they're reality. you can blame politicians that say they've sold us out. you can say -- we've had this period -- there is a new england guy. >> the whole -- >> they went south to where there was no unions. the textile industry was happy down there. the american consumer don't ask them about this. they love it. they can buy any kind of 100% cotton shirts and everything fits right and feels good in the summer. any car they want to buy. you go to a regular working guy
6:08 am
and say you can't buy a japanese car, you can't buy a german car. what are you kidding me? we used to have cars that lasted two and a half years. we have international competition. we have cars last forever, the standard was set no more junkers after two years. competition is good for the consumer. it just is. the working thickng is a reality. the president is cold about t. he said that fight's been lost, i know e.j. cares about this. if you were a 17 and 18-year-old guy and did good in high school. just a regular person you could get a job at a factory and raise a family. and maybe your girlfriend was pregnant. you could praise a family. ten years later the kids come home from school live in a nice neighborhood, the wife maybe not working if she doesn't have to and you have a happy life.
6:09 am
that's the way the world was when you guys weren't alive yet. >> fewer manufacturing jobs -- >> my grandfather could get on the subway and two stops later had a factory job. big industrial plants in the city. regular working guy, not college guys could make a decent family. that's gone. how about the african-american kid who lives in that neighborhood now? i keep thinking what choices does he have? sure there's a tennis court down by the river, the gentrified all the restaurants in philly. what good does that do for that kid? he has options, the drug trade. is he going to get a territory? that's his business proposition. it is really hurting us culturally. we don't have starter jobs for blue caller kids. if i give the speech which is a labor speech the free traders will say that's the way the world went. you can't do that in politics. the case i just made the
6:10 am
protectionist case does it honestly. he doesn't want to lose japanese cars in ohio. the other people go it was done in secret. that's all bs. and, you know that elizabeth warren can go and sit and look at the latest nuance in the trade deal herself anytime she wants to. it's not secret to her. there will be 60 day review board. this thing about secrecy and fast track and we want to put a poison -- at least sharon brown is an honest protectionist. they sold out the labor back in the 70s when there were hookers out there politically who would do anything labor told them to do. >> that idea that the opposite of -- because i remember the president said this week he thinks so much of the opposition to this what it is is the emoes of the opposition in nafta. >> don't kid yourself. they don't lake trade.
6:11 am
the labor unions are so angry about what they went wrong with kennedy, not just clinton. this has gone on a long time. >> is the opposite of free trade protectionism? >> i drove my chevy malibu over here. i think that nafta is part of this. president obama himself in the campaign, not only said that he had doubts about nafta he wanted to renegotiate that. a high level staffer i talked to yesterday, said if barack obama were a senator from illinois right now,b he would probably be telling the president that this is a bad idea. he would be completely -- >> i agree with that. >> to me -- >> that's why we have presidents and senators. al senators represent the interest of regions and industries. that's what they do. that's their job, to protect.
6:12 am
you know you make bigger decisions and local decisions. this time around the locals seem to be winning. >> i think the case there were two kinds of cases for this. the case that's easy for the president to make i think is a foreign policy case. because we don't want the chinese to set all the rules in asia. we want a foot hold in asia if we build this alliance of countries, that's good for us as a country. i think that's a case that's relatively easy to make even to people who are skeptics. i think after the experience of naft nafta and the speeding of the process and the real concern there aren't those blue caller jobs left that you can make a living on. i think that's a harder sell and that's where the president is going to run -- >> well it's in peorria. >> both sticking around i'm going to squeeze a quick break.
6:13 am
next after the break, hillary clinton and whether the appearance of a scandal can be just as damaging at the infamous smoking gun. later, who do you have to speak to in this town about getting things fixed? not the repairs on the outside of the capitol but everything that's going on wrong within it. stay with us. push your enterprise and you can move the world. but to get from the old way to the new, you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps businesses move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come.
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6:16 am
more details still coming in about the last night's massive earthquake in nepal. one of the mountain climbers trying to scale mt. everest. tweeting out these photos. you're seeing there on the screen. the 7.8 magnitude earthquake triggering an avalanche on mt. everest. another climber tweeting many people were on the mountain when
6:17 am
the earthquake struck. hundreds there are already confirmed to be dead. more updates here on msnbc. the threshold of scandal can be low. take hillary clinton and those reports this week of a relationship between the clinton foundationing and foreign donations it received as her tenure of secretary of state and whether there was any quid quo pro. the clinton campaign issuing an aggressive response to the report saying hillary clinton was not involved in the state department's review of the sale to the russians. pointing out that nine agencies were involved in the approval of that deal. still there's the fact that the foundation failed to disclose all those foreign donations.
6:18 am
it's also the $105 million president clinton has made in paid speeches. at least $26 million of that in speaking fees by company and organizations that donated to the foundation. what hillary made isn't publicly available. are the clintons too cozy with the people who give them money? just asking that question may answer enough. chris matthews e.j. are still with us. and susan paige from usa today. the question that "the washington post" asked that seems to be the question that emerging from the reporting this week, whether it's the story with russia bill clinton and his speaking fees it's about the clintons and money and how people feel about that. >> what is surprising to me is hillary clinton knew there was a good chance she was going to run for president again. since she stopped running in 2008. why not handle things with the clinton foundation while she's
6:19 am
secretary of state that avoid this whole set of questions? i think the clinton campaign is right, so far we don't see any quid quo pro. there's no evidence of an improper act. the amounts of money are pretty stunning. are really high. and the appearance i think it's hard to argue there's not the appearance of a potential for conflict of interest as dig luger predicted, during her confirmation hearing. none of this should come as a surprise. remember when mitt romney had to figure out if he had to release his tax returns. before he decided to run he should have known it was going to be an issue. >> one of the things that jumped out at me this week a national poll found that more than 60% of voters don't consider hillary clinton honest. it gave me flash backs because bill clinton used to get those numbers. two things would be happening. a majority of the country would
6:20 am
say i don't like the guy and they voted for him. >> unpack those numbers. half of those numbers are conservatives and republicans don't like the clintons. 20% of the democrats have a problem. the drum beat of benghazi bun gauzy. but the piece was a great piece of work it really didn't say they were crooks, it said their behavior is familiar. and she went through the whole thing with mark rich and the motel 6 at the white house using the lincoln bedroom as a money maker. it was familiar. what i thought was interesting about that piece,b if you look at the history of the clintons there is a familiarity there. it's like a great tennis star knows, hit the chalkline. that's how you win the game. don't hit the middle. it's a pitcher, hit the corner. so they work the corners and the chalk line. if you do that you occasionally go over or you risk going over. you certainly get the attention
6:21 am
of the press. i don't know what they call it the gray area -- that's an old term. they do work that. they have been desperate to raise money to keep up with the republicans. you could argue that if you're a clintonite. it's not illegal. you get that car vel saying this is not illegal. okay it's not illegal. next point. it is -- their best defense is it's not illegal. then you got to wonder is that the terrain they want to work on. the answer is they feel they should. i do think there's a thing about the clintons that makes them good as fund raising, they actually like the people who give them the money. they call them their friends. most politicians -- one gayuy from california and said i have to meet with contributors. he knew who they were. it's not just the ambassadorships they give up. they give out their love.
6:22 am
they love hanging out with the celebrities. they like them. and this is a very attractive feature of the clintons. people like to be liked. if they give money to the clintons they will be liked. it's fine dignitaries. imagine you're sitting at a finance ministry, the clintons have asked for $100,000. should we give him a speech? what will we get out of that? they got to be thinking of that. it's social access sovereignty access. when countries give you money, they want something besides love. >> that's the point, susan mentions the 2009 confirmation hearing, hillary clinton's response to that at that hearing was, you know, there's not even going to be an appearance here. that was, the problem with reporting this week. you can't look at that and say they have got her dead to rights on this. you can look at that and say there's an appearance problem.
6:23 am
>> what she said we're going to disclose and have a higher level of disclosure than any other presidential foundation ever had. chelsea clinton said we're in a higher level of transparency than other groups. there is no smoking gun here. what you'll have is an lot of smoke around the clintons. and there's always enough going on. there was a lot of money sloshing around the clinton foundation. we began this show by talking about the republicans who are going after all this billionaire money. one of the best issues progressives and democrats ought to have is the problem with money in the political system hillary clinton talked about it a couple weeks ago. one of the costs here is does this sort of restrict her ability or cloud her ability to make that issue as strongly as she probably could otherwise. >> prostitution is still legal
6:24 am
in nevada. >> okay. >> fyi. >> ending on that note. thanks to chris matthews and of course you can catch him hosting hardball every week night 7:00 p.m. eastern time here on msnbc. still ahead on the show, will what happens in vegas, will it stay in vegas as members of the 2016 field try to win the backing of one casino billionaire. what happens in washington definitely won't stay in washington. what snl cecily strong has to say before she hosts the white house correspondents dinner. that is next. just show them this - the american express card. don't leave home without it! and someday, i may even use it on the moon. it's a marvelous thing! oh! haha! so you can replace plane tickets, traveler's cheques, a lost card. really? that worked? american express' timeless safety and security
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6:27 am
now that's disgusting. i want friends over! you want friends over? when we talk about funny presidents, let's talk about some of the potential next presidents. >> sure. >> hillary clinton. would she make a funny president? >> i don't know that she can be. >> does she have it in her? >> she wants to. she's going to try.
6:28 am
she sure will. she's going to keep trying. one of these days one of them is going to land. >> "saturday night live" cecily strong there sharing her thoughts obwhether hillary clinton can bring the funny. with msnbc's roman farrell tonight. all eyes will be on strong as she hosts the white house correspondents dinner. ask everyone here in washington, d.c. chances are they would agree washington is broken. here hear this all the time. grid lock paralysis. you don't just hear it in washington. if you ask most people around the country what they think of congress and politics and our nation's capitol they will tell you they hate it. they're fed up with it they're disgusted by all of it. we have been hearing that kind of talk for a long time. we all agree washington is particularly dysfunctional now. so what can we do about it? when we saw who was on our panel this weekend, three wise
6:29 am
washington veterans we figures why not ask them. hereby they are, susan paige, e.j. deon. michael steele. we hear all the time it's broken. give us one thing that can be done to fix it? >> i'm a washington native. i grew up here. i've seen this time change from my days when i was in grade school and high school to the present. the wung thing that i thing has really changed is the attitude. the attitude people bring when they come to washington. before it was we came to get something done. and we would knock heads and beat each other up. at the end of the day you could go to any pub in thiz town and any restaurant in this town. big names, small names back room, hole in the wall you would see our nation's leaders sitting down having conversation. it was a different attitude. today, the attitude is i'm
6:30 am
going to washington because i've got an agenda. it does not have anything to do with getting what you got on your agenda and your agenda and try to work this out. it's me me my my. that's a very different space for us to operate from. because i can't work with you if you come into town saying i didn't come here to work with democrats. >> attitude adjustment, calm roddy. when you look at it what would you say? >> three things one is i would like to fix this money system. it's remarkable how much time these members of congress have to spend raising money, plus now the influence of these billionaires. i wish more of the senator and congressmen would move to washington. these promises will not move my family here. have really wrecked a lot of social bonds that people used to create. you know on soccer fields and baseball games. the biggest thing -- i'm sorry mr. chairman the republican party has moved way to the right
6:31 am
of where it used to be over time. you cannot make deals if you don't have shared premises. there were shared premises between eisenhower republicans could say we think government should be smaller, we want to constrain this. they agreed government was there to solve problems. i think my friends made a really powerful point that the republican party has moved to a position that makes it very hard for anyone center or left to govern with them right now. >> all right. >> three things focus on dish closure not limiting the amount of money. that's hard to do. disclosure gives you a long way. to go to more primaries in more states. >> when you say jungle primary. >> the two leading people in an open primary get to run for congress, and that means that in districts that are very republican or very democrat the more centrist figure will have a
6:32 am
better chance of winning. go to less partisan redistricting in states like california and florida has done. you don't have to do it in smaller states. if the big states move to less partisan districts. if you look at those three things it can have a real effect on the tone in town. >> let me give you my critique, the things that bauktother me in the city i can't find pizza at night. newspapers are a dollar -- those are my critiques orphf washington. the eyes of the sports world will be in las vegas. there is a fight taking on this weekend as republicans try to win the sheldon adelson primary. the latest on that deadly
6:33 am
earthquake in nepal. why we not see the worst of the devastation for days. bring us your audacious. we want your sticky notes, sketchbooks, and scribbles. let's pin 'em to the wall. kick 'em around. kick 'em around, see what happens. because we're in the how-do-i-get-this-startup- off-the-ground business. the taking-your-business- global-business. we're in the problem-solving business. 400,000 people - ready to help you solve problems while they're still called opportunities. from figuring it out to getting it done we're here to help. hey! have an awesome vacation everyone! thank you so much! you're so sweet. yummy! key lime pie at 90 calories. it is so good for not giving in.
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6:36 am
in case you're just joining us we want to update you on a developing story this morning. a massive earthquake in nepal overnight near the capital city of katmandu. the epicenter of that earthquake 50 miles northwest of the capital city. tremors and aftershocks shaking the entire country, that includes mt. everest where the earthquake triggered an avalanche. many missing, but hundreds are feared to be dead at least. we have a seismologist and professor of geology at the university of colorado joins us via skype. there were reports saying this was a shallow earthquake. they say it's only seven miles deep. does that mean anything in terms of the destructive impact? >> yeah. in fact the earthquake occurred beneath the city and moved the city southward about three
6:37 am
meters, about ten feet. and the shaking duration was about a minute. so many of the buildings collapsed because of the -- not just the shaking but the translation of the city. it was like picking up new york and shifting it ten feet over about a minute. >> and we're looking at -- as you see the pictures here some of the buildings that collapsed. i guess the buildings in katmandu are relatively old buildings, maybe not the most stable. what does it usually take to collapse buildings like this? >> many of the buildings were reconstructed after 1934 earthquake out of the same brings. a lot of these would have fallen down. a new part of katmandu is being constructed out of concrete and steel. many of those buildings are substandard. in fact previous estimates on what might happen if an earthquake visited katmandu
6:38 am
magnitude 8, which is approximately the magnitude of this earthquake have resulted in estimated death tolls of hundreds and thousands of people. but looking at the damage it seems to be less than i had -- or we had anticipated, which is gratifying. i'm sure the death toll will continue to increase during the day. >> at least a glimmer of a little bit of hopeful news amidst this tragedy. my thanks to you. appreciate your time. still ahead on the show the latest from the republican presidential cattle call now underway in sin city. we all enter this world with a shout and we see no reason to stop. so cvs health is creating industry-leading programs and tools that help people stay on medicines as their doctors prescribed. it could help save tens of thousands of lives every year.
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and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. you may be able to get up to 12 months at no cost. republican presidential candidates in some of the party's biggest behind the scenes players are gathering in sin city today, las vegas, november. that with sheldon adelson and
6:42 am
the republican jewish coalition are playing host along with former leaders including former president bush. to give you a sense of the stakes sheldon adelson spent more than $100 million in the 2012 election goodbecoming the largest donor in u.s. history. marco rubio is reportedly the early favorite for his money this time around. that's according to a report this week from politico. adelson's attraction is in no small part on his out spoken support for israel. israel is not just near and deal to adelson and the republican jewish coalition. it is the deciding issue for a critical chunk of voters. israel's most hawkish supporters. they have gone into overdrive in recent weeks. outraged by president obama's nuclear deal with iran.
6:43 am
it's sure to be a hot topic in vegas. joining us from las vegas is bengeb benji, what are your expecting? >> the candidates that are out here, ted cruz perry, there are some others who are on the frisks of considering a campaign. they are going to do their best to impress him. it make or break a campaign. it can keep a campaign for weeks. now adelson through a spokesman has denied he's settled on a candidate. he's likely to take his time and grill the candidates. even if you don't win him, there are a lot of big name donors here with a lot of money. the one theme i'm getting from every participate is that they are more willing to spend. there's no energy than ever before. and it centered around the iran
6:44 am
issue. people are very concerned about the possibility of iran getting a nuclear weapon and they're unsure about the negotiations over that issue. >> live in las vegas. a big day out there in las vegas. thanks for that. i want to open this up to our panel. we've been talking about this earlier in the show. it is striking listening to him right there. these are the most influential donors on the republican side. the reporting that marco rubio has the inside track to adelson's support and you look at the issues rubio has been making, he has been staking out the right wing policies. >> rubeio has an interesting position. al he's trying to be a reform conservative without going too
6:45 am
far to alienate the right. i think his problem is that he keeps threatening to back away from the positions he holds. the washington post has an excellent story on how he came strong out there on immigration. negotiated a bill and then backed off. so i think staying power is the issue that's going to be raised with him. kind of philosophical staying power. you look at that poll he is in a strong position because he's not only leading it. he is a lot of people's second choice. he's one of the republicans who seems to be able to combine all the factions of the party. he is potential but -- >> another interesting development on the money front this week we talk about the influence of donors whether it's adelson or koch brothers a cnn report that jeb bush distances himself from remarks james baker made. he addressed a left leading
6:46 am
group criticizing israel. this did not sit well with adelson. now jeb bush walking away from his father ffs secretary of state. bush family confidante. >> you got to figure out what you want to go to first to get the money. that's -- that's what this boils down to, unfortunately. and i think for jeb frrshor marco for others who are going to get in the race the problem is you're doing the dance this early, you're making statements and taking positions that are going to dog you when you get to a general election. when the country tunes in and they're going to remember wait a minute you said this on immigration and this about campaign finance. you said this about other issues. and how they navigate that is going to be very very tricky. so my suggestion, is be honest and be who you are now, because that's who you're going to need to be next november.
6:47 am
>> how do you think this looks? we reported on this they used to call this the imvisible primary. >> i think voters are like their vote will matter more than one billionaire or two or three billionaires who have influence on our politics. on the other hand this campaign is going to be unlike anything we've seen in terms of the amount of money that's going to be thrown around. it's not going to come from small donors, it will come from the guzillianairs who have specific issues in mind. it puts candidates in a vice and particularly difficult for jeb bush who will constantly have to address the question of whether he's like his brother and father or different from his brother and his father. that is an unhelpful conversation for him to have to have. >> we got the answer on one front. he said he's different when it comes to james baker.
6:48 am
>> he has taken a bunch of positions he said the senate should confirm lynch. a lot of republicans couldn't take that from him. one of the weird things that's happened, is millionaires are like blue callererollar people. they were complaining they're being out shone by billionaires. the bushes have money that are raising money for him. >> the sum of money that george w. bush that scared everybody was $40 million. now that's nothing. thank you to the panel for this morning. susan paige, e.j., appreciate you guys. coming up the drone policy in the spotlight. we'll be joined by the congress woman who has tried to change it.
6:49 am
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6:52 am
our targeted use of lethal force when circumstances warrant has very definitely contributed to our national security and our homeland security. regrettably, in armed conflict in the use of lethal force, we hit unintended objects, human beings. that's unfortunate. i give the president a lot of credit for getting out there on his own and taking responsibility for what happened and expressing regret. >> that was homeland security secretary jay johnson speaking to msnbc's patrick murphy. more on the interview will be airing tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 p.m. right here on msnbc. yesterday president obama getting a standing ovation and
6:53 am
hug when he stopped by a top intelligence agency. and director of national intelligence but instead came one day after we learned two hostages were killed in a january drone strike. scrutiny of u.s. hostage policy as well as reliance on drone strikes to combat terrorism. >> we're going to review what happened. we're going to identify the lessons that can be learned and any improvements and changes and those here share our determination to continue doing everything we can to prevent the loss of innocent lives. >> joining me now on set is congresswoman barbara lee who sponsored a bill calling for the administration to be accountable for its drone policy. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> i want to start by playing a quick clip and get your response. let's listen to that first.
6:54 am
>> it is a cruel and bitter truth that in our fight against terrorists specifically mistakes, sometimes deadly mistakes can occur. >> so he's basically saying as tragic as it is this is one of the prices we pay for being at war with al qaeda. what's your reaction? >> first, my reaction is that the president has been forthright and honest and is doing the right thing in terms of conveying our condolences to the families. and i think what is very evidenceevident is what we have been saying for years now. that's that our drone policy needs reviewing. my legislation i'm building support for once again this year calls for really a review of our drone policy. it's impacts on civilians.
6:55 am
it calls to report back to congress what mechanisms are in place to mitigate the unfortunate killings of civilians and villages in towns which are not targets and it's important to recognize also that this country is at war and we have never debated an authorization to use force as it relates to drone policy. >> do you think -- is there a role for drones at all? >> we don even know. i'd have to say the pentagon the president, the intelligence community seem to believe that drone policies help prevent terrorist attacks against the united states and protects our national security. i really question that and i think we need to have a full debate on that because the more you'd bomb especially civilian targets, mistakenly, unfortunately, the more animosity, the more resentment and the more anger there is against the united states.
6:56 am
so we have to weigh that and understand what the implications are of that. my legislation has exemptions in case of threats and exemptions the president should have in case we're at war. but i caution as it relates to drone strategies and drone policies. we need oversight. we need accountability, and we need to know more. but i air on the side of caution in terms of the use of force with regard to drone strikes and any use of force until we really believe and know and understand that we need to authorize that so we know what we're talking about and we have a debate and two, that's the last resort. we can solve the world's problems in a variety of ways as the president is showing as it relates to iran for example to keep iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. >> the president promising a review in the wake of this week's revelations. this is a story we'll continue
6:57 am
to follow for now. but thank you. appreciate you taking the time this morning. thank you for getting up with us today. join us again tomorrow sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. that's a picture of senator ted cruz get a hair cut. we actually chatted with him while we were on a visit to the house barber. we're going to explain and show you that tape. you're not going to want to miss that. plus my interview with the independent swing butt and tonight alex whitt with live coverage of the white house correspondent's dinner. msnbc will have all of it tonight live starting 9:00 p.m. eastern time but before that you'll want to watch melissa harris-perry. she is coming up next. have a great saturday. you're welcome.'re the valet? yea, sorta the valet. both drive for a living, both like to save money on car insurance and we both know you may not get this car back in the same condition. watch your toes. wo! ya boy... get it! sorta you isn't you. with drivesense from esurance,
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