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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 27, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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press. good morning. i'm bipartisan i'm betty nguyen. despair is what they're experiencing. power of nepal earthquake was e equivalent to 20 atomic bombs. the indian express is leading with this. days after the 7.9 magnitude earthquake a massive search and rescue effort is underway. brick by brick they are working as fast as they can through nearly 100 aftershocks.
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new video shows trees shaking. the death toll rose to over 3600. that number is expected to rise as many places are nearly impossible to reach by foot. entire villages can be wiped out and after the initial quake, there was this. >> oh, my gosh. hurry. >> those are the moments after a major avalanche came crashing down. 18 people died in the base camp below. the international community is rallying to help. the u.s. is sending an aircraft carrying 45 people. even the l.a. fire department is lending a hand. the pope urged catholics to pray for the victims. we want to start with richard
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engel. >> reporter: flying into kathmandu on a plane full of turkish aid workers, it was clear that after saturday's massive earthquake nepal is bracing for the worst. we felt an aftershock a big one, 6.7. immigration officials ran away from their stations. outside the airport, tensions turned to scuffles. people here want out before the next quake hits. kathmandu is a poor and crowded city built of brick and cement. the people are staying as far away from buildings as they can. people here don't want to spend time indoors, let alone spend the night in their homes. they're camping out in the sidewalks and the parks. any bit of green space is being occupied. on a blanket we met a 16-year-old. >> i'm feeling so nervous and
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bad. many people are running for their lives. many houses are falling here and there. many people are dying also. he thinks his family will sleep here for the next week. aftershocks triggered more avalanches and landslides. a british army climbing team pinned down. >> we can hear rocks crashing down around us but you can't see them coming. >> reporter: a few dozen have been rescued from the mountain but at least 17 have died including three americans. ma ris sa from new jersey was a doctor at a base camp. dan worked for google in california. he described himself on join as an adventurer and energetic engineer and tom from california who was filming a documentary. back in kathmandu, tourists are stuck as well. >> the earthquake actually was the first day of our stay in kathmandu.
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>> reporter: this woman slept last night in her hotel lobby close to the door in case there's a new quake. >> today again it's probably the lobby or even we're thinking of being in the open space right here. >> reporter: military officials tell us they have no real idea how many have died or how big of a disaster that could turn out to be. richard engel, kathmandu. >> this morning in baltimore, the city is on edge as they prepare for the funeral of freddie gray. businesses looted and police cars damages. they have demanding to know how he died in police custody. we have more on face the nation. >> this whole police community relation situation, bob, is these civil right's cause for this generation. no doubt about it. let's get more from tracie potts this morning. we understand the white house
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will be represented at the funeral today. >> reporter: three people. one of them is a baltimore native. very familiar with this community in particular. a community that has really seen a very difficult last week and a half or so. tensions are very high there after violence over the weekend. the pain of friends and family paying final respects to freddie gray came hours after his death sparked violence in baltimore. thousands protested peacefully. police say a few out of towners looted local businesses. >> please stop the violence. freddie gray would not want this. >> reporter: with 1200 officers on the scene, there were arrests. >> did they forget that we have a young man who's dead? >> reporter: fans were held inside camden yard until things died down. the city the justice and department are investigating,
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due to report on friday. >> we want to do everything we can to learn from this incident so we never have to be here again, explaining to a mother why she has to bury her child. >> reporter: nearby in annapolis, a rally to support police. >> it's time to let the community know our officers matter and they lay their lives on the line every day. >> reporter: today the focus can is on the life of freddie gray and how that life ended. >> thank you so much for that report. now to alabama. two people have died and at least 40 rescues after a sudden storm during a weekend sailing ri gaut a that began on saturday saturday. this man couldn't help but record this after the harrowing experience. >> i've watched the video a lot today and it sank in how lucky we can because not everybody
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came home. >> at least five sailors are sill missing. the coast guard is continuing the search. >> nearly three years after a massacre in colorado the suspect is going to trial. according to court documents he will be tried for killing 12 people as well as possession of a explosive device. hoemsz has pled not guilty by reason of insanity. parts of texas were hit and several tornadoes reported overnight. hail the size of baseballs in some areas. the number of cars were damaged during that storm. >> this is the biggest hail i've seen. i'm covered this glass. >> the driver of this video is okay. pieces of his windshield literally fell into his lap because of the hail damage. he had to put on goggles to protect his eyes.
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>> let's get down to business with kate rogers joining us that monday morning. good morning. >> good morning. co- corinthian college is shutting down its remaining 13 campuses and ceasing most of its operations. the company will try to find schools for the roughly 16,000 students who are affected. this morning four of rather is recalling models. the driver's side could unlatch. ford is aware of two incidents where the door swung open and hit the driver. it affects models from 2012 to 2014. prices at the pump are going up. the national average for regular unled rising $0.13 in the first few weeks. that's due to higher oil prices which are risen for six straight weeks.
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>> let's get you sports action right now. nba playoffs continue. cavs looking to sweep the series in boston. kevin love gets tangled with a boston player. he sprints to the locker room gripping his shoulder. this is what he had to say about it after the game. >> i thought it was a bush league play. i mean i was out there. had no chance to get the ball and it's just too bad that he would go to these lengths to take somebody out of the game and do that to someone. i have no doubt on my mind he did that on purpose. >> cavs get the sweep and boston love is expected to miss two to three weeks with a dislocated shoulder. clippers try to avoid going down last night against the spurs. cp 3 got in early foul trouble but scores 30. and son of the clippers head coach came off the bench with 16 points. blake griffin had a great game
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adding 20 and 19 boards. clippers get the win to even up the series. subway series tied at a game a piece in the big apple. yankees down by two and alex rodriguez hits a home run. he's currently fifth on the all time home run fifth. yankees win it. a spring football game over the weekend. a man there with his four-year-old who has been fighting cancer. she carried the football 45 yards to score the school's first touch down of the year. way to go. still ahead, the clinton foundation admits a mistake, plus check out this creature from the deep blue. and fighting back this jersey jeweler puts up his dukes
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against a would be thief. the outcome next. >>. >> tornadoes possible through texas and louisiana this afternoon. we had 19 reported yesterday. i'll let you know how bad i think this afternoon will be coming up. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. ♪ ♪music continues♪ [announcer] everyone works hard for a reason.
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welcome back on this monday morning. tornado threat until about 9:00 a.m. through texas. the storms went through san antonio and now we're watching to houston you're next probably about an hour or two from now. as far as the timing goes this is at 9:00 a.m. was we go to about 1:00 they're around alexandria. i think the worst for the new orleans to basen rouge area and i-10 is from about 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. n. 12 million people at a slight risk. the enhanced risk is orange
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there. that's the highest concentration of bad weather. the rest of the country, yesterday was about as hot as it gets in florida. fort lauderdale was 99 degrees. you think of florida and you think thunderstorms and hot but typically it's not 100. it was very hot by florida. >> that's like las vegas weather. >> today a key meeting in the u.s. iran nuclear deal. john kerri will meet with the foreign minister. they say it's happening in new york city. the meeting comes ahead of the june 30th deadline. from, the clinton foundation admits mistakes in tax returns. total revenue has been accurately reported but grant money was mistakenly combined with other money. they deny any wrong doing. ?
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new jersey a store owner takes on a robber. the jeweler, well, he took matters in into his own hands. >> he jumped over. then i grab him from his chest again and i was fighting with him. then i threw him back again down. >> the suspected took off but was eventually arrested. near l.a. a tanker catches fire. it was halling gas when it jackknifed and explode the freeway was backed up for miles. the driver escaped with some bruises. the cause of the crash is unclear. in peru an enormous catch. a one ton 26-foot long sting ray. he got tangled in their net. giant sting trays like this are endangered. a new fund raising king is found. scrambled politics is next.
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so you can grow grass anywhere. looking good, lad! thanks, scott. ez seed really works! so, how come haggis is so well behaved? 'cause he's a scotty. oh. get scotts ez seed. it's guaranteed. seed your lawn. seed it! 19 minutes past the hour. here's today's scrambled politics. could we have a new fund raising king? detailing remarks jeb bush made to donors. he told them his pac has raise more money than any other political operation. one of the big reasons, his last name. why is his brother, former president saying quote, you won't see me? according to "the new york
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times," bush spoke to hundreds of jewish donors at a big event over the weekend. they say that w. insisted the american people don't like dynasties and impan assistance may be unhelpful. the court is set to hear arguments on same sex major. the justices will question whether states have the right to refuse licenses to same sex couples. >> loretta lynch will be sworn in today. this after a move month delay. she is the first african american woman to hold the cabinet position. washington is back to work tonight. the white house correspondent's dinner. the president brought the house down. after the midterm elections my advisories asked me do you have a bucket let's. and i said well i have
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something that rimes withhymes with bucket list. executive action and immigration, bucket. i invited luther my anger translator to come with me. >> i mean really what this thick? and why am i required to come to it? >> i'm happy to report that the secret service thanks to excellent reporting by white house correspondents are focusing on some of the issues that have come up and finally figured out a foolproof way to keep people off my lawn. >> that might do it. but senator mccain responded to that joke yesterday. take a look. >> i'm reporting for duty on monday morning. i'm telling you. i'll get that secret service squared away. i'm ready for the job. >> 21 minutes past the hour. i am joined now by politico
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reporter. this morning. >> good morning. >> secretary of state meets with his iranian counter part today. there's a possible standoff with iran last week near the coast of yemen. is this deal falling apart? >> i think there's a very good chance that these are two separate tracks. john kerri has said he's not going to put up with iran continuing to fund the rebels in yemen, but also this is a long-term goal of the administration is curbing iran's nuclear ambition. i don't think they're going to let a lot of other things get in the way of this happening. that said where iranians are pushing back against tougher inspections, that could make the deal fall apart but they've been responsible for funding different sort of rebel groups throughout the middle east. i don't think this is going to be the thing that throws it off
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entirely. >> they only have until the 30th to get this thing done. >> george bush was very critical calling his dealings naive and saying it was a strategic blunder. are you surprised by these comments? >> not really. i think one thing you have to note is that bush you know he certainly knew these comments would probably get out but he was speaking to a closed room. there was no press in the room. later people told reporters which i think sticks to his no public criticism of obama rule. that said he's a conservative and a hawk. it's not surprising he has these views. it was surpriseing since his administration first started the nuclear outreach to iran but he always said we need to stay in the iraq until the job is done. >> do you find the timing done?
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is this out of true concern on his part for the current state of affairs or is there an effort to help his brother's possible run for the white house? >> i think what he said there, that's him become around doesn't help his brother's possible run for the white house is true. i don't think this was him trying to somehow boost jeb. >> you could say that but can you also support your brother's agenda at the same time. i'm not going to be on the campaign trail but this is what i feel and this goes in line with what he says too. >> that's true but any reminder of his administration is probably not going to be good for jeb's political ambitions and that includes bringing up the iraq war. that's not something that americans look back fondly on. that's not something that's going to help jeb bush win the white house. >> all right. well apparently jeb bush has gotten a lot of money to help him possibly win in that race. thanks so much for joining us today. we appreciate it. >> great to be on.
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welcome back everybody. at this weekend's daytime emmy awards betty white received a lifetime achievement award. matt lauer squashed a beef with ellen degeneres later and did some good for charity while he was at it. >> we are here to announce that we are officially ending our prank war. >> matt has generously offered to donate 1,000$1,000 of his own time
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any time any of you thank matt lauer in your speech tonight. >> we apologize for those moves. they were scary. i'm betty nguyen and "way too early" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> good morning. it's monday april 27th. welcome to "way too early." we begin this morning with the weekend's devastating earthquake in nepal. a death toll still rising this hour. now over 3600. another 6500 juryinjured in the nation's worst quake since 1964. >> reporter: flying in
2:30 am
kathmandu, it was quickly clear that after saturday's massive earthquake, nepal is bracing for worst to come. in the airport arrival call we felt a 6.7 aftershock. immigration officials ran away from their stations. tensions turned to scuffles outside the airport. people here want out before the next quake hits. kathmandu is a poor and crowded city. the people are staying away from buildings. people here understandably don't want to spend time indoors let alone spend the night in their homes. they're camping out on the sidewalks and in the parks. any bit of green space is being occupied. we met a 16-year-old. >> i'm feeling so nervous and bad for this earthquake. many people are running here and there for their lives. many houses are falling here and there. many peo


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