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tv   Lockup Special Investigation  MSNBC  May 3, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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kneel down, kevin. >> [ bleep ]. >> anger has always been in me since i was a little kid. i'm just waiting to get out of here. i just want to leave. >> i slipped up. teenagers slip up, you know. >> it is hard being 17 and a mom. because i'm still a kid, too. every time i turn around and i don't see her face because i'm in here. >> i think she's too young to understand what's in her best interest. and the court needs to step in to assist her.
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stand up. stand up. stand up. stand up. >> i've been through this [ bleep ] before. this [ bleep ] don't hurt. i don't give a [ bleep ]. i'm going to be naked. i'll jump off my [ bleep ] sink. >> sometimes we need guidance in our life, and we need the parents to be there for us when we need them the most. and when you ain't got them, it just hurts. >> 16-year-old kevin has been at lake county juvenile for three months. it's been a long detainment.
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and not his first. >> this is my sixth charge. i had two truancies, criminal trespassing, runaway, burglary, and this charge was only battery. me and my mom's arguing. her boyfriend was kind of drinking. he started laughing at me, like he thought something was funny. so i reached over my mom and i swung at him. the cops came, and my mom took his side. she's like, please press charges, you know. i just want him to learn his lesson. i pleaded guilty to my charge. and the judge, he had to think about it. he didn't really know what to do. so i'm still here. >> it takes time for the juvenile courts to figure out how to best handle each individual case. and in kevin's situation available beds at placement facilities are hard to come by. >> being here for all them days it gets to you after a while. especially when you don't got your mom. it's all real hard.
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>> in the juvenile court i think if we have any indicator of what's going to happen in someone's life is looking first at the family and how supportive or not, how healthy or not is the family. i mean, without family involvement and support, the kids are never going to be successful. >> for years, msnbc has been documenting the tragic stories that unfold in america's juvenile justice system. with extraordinary access from the indiana supreme court, we've been allowed to take our cameras inside a world where they are by law generally forbidden. in the intake department, elizabeth prepares to process yet another juvenile. this time a 17-year-old girl arriving at the detention center. >> intake. what did she run away from?
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>> she ran away from her mother's house. but she's denying running away and saying she was at her grandmother's house with her baby because her mother kicked her out. and that she went home for something and then her mother called the police. so we'll find out. >> unlock door. >> kymyada, come on out. >> i'm upset because i'm back here again, but this time it's a misunderstanding. when i was 14 the first time i ran away my mom is going to whoop me for something i didn't do. i couldn't take it no more. i run away fighting her just going wild because nobody was paying attention to me. >> do you remember the intake process? the last time when you were here? >> yes. >> you know you're referred here for runaway. did you have any problems until recently? >> my mom said if i couldn't abide by the rules, i had to leave. now i'm staying with my god mom. >> and your mother approves
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that? >> yes. >> i don't understand why you're arrested. >> i've been doing good for a year now, and after i had my baby, this is the first time i slipped up, but i didn't do anything wrong. it was just lack of communication. >> we will go ahead and call your mother from here. are you going to want to talk to her? you do want to talk to her? >> decades of research shows peer pressure and family turmoil are the two biggest stressors that lead to juvenile delinquency. for kymyada her relationship with her mom never seems to live up to what either of them expect. >> hello? >> hello, this is kimberly from lake county juvenile center. kymyada wants to speak to you. >> yeah, i wanted to let y'all know i was okay. but i was doing good. i'm doing good. >> no, you're not doing good. you're partying and not coming back. you need to be responsible.
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you won't get on the birth control pills. you're not doing anything i ask. all the sudden because you locked up you want to make changes. >> no, no, that's not true because i was making changes before this even happened. >> not in the streets, yada. you can't make changes in the streets. >> okay, i slipped up. i know that. >> how long are you going to be in this slip-up? no, you're going to stay there. >> being arrested on a friday means kymyada will be detained until she can see the judge on monday. a weekend in juvenile is more than enough for any one person, but when days stretch into weeks, the stress and loneliness of lockup can create volatile situations. the command center receives a call from "e" wing about an offender possessing dangerous contraband. >> he pulled the screw out of the desk -- you know that long bolt -- a probably like eight or ten-inch bolt. you always have to be alert. you have to be thinking. you've got to watch everything they do.
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we're going to take him as he is. we'll wrap him up and go. typically if there's a code nine times out of ten you know it's coming. you're not always a mind reader. but you know it's coming. this kid's angry. he's been snapping off on everybody. so when you hear the code you're like, oh, i bet it's so-and-so. >> gentlemen, pay attention to what you're doing on them card tables. >> i try to establish a pretty good rapport with our problematic kids so hopefully upon my arrival i'm able to talk to them. >> step back. step back, kevin. what is your problem? kneel down. [ bleep ]. >> hell no. >> so she didn't leave the house without your permission, did without your permission, did she?or,
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the detention officers at lake county juvenile are reporting to "e" wing after a steel bolt was seized from 16-year-old offender, kevin. though officers recovered the weapon, kevin must be transferred to a new wing for his safety and that of the other juvenile offenders. >> open the door. >> i'm not playing with you. hell no. >> put your hands up. against the wall. put your hands against the wall. >> i'm not going to. hell no! >> okay. >> what is your problem? >> what you mean what is my problem? that's not mine. >> kevin, don't show your rear end.
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man, turn around. >> y'all tripping. >> kneel down. >> [ bleep ]. hell, no, man. >> kneel down, kevin. >> no. get off me. >> this is the hard way. >> code green, echo. code green, echo. code green basically is considered a general emergency. >> situation where we need backup. we need extra personnel to come down and help out. it's for the safety of the kid and it's for the safety of the staff. >> get off me! >> we asked you to do it the easy way. >> the frustrating thing about a code green is you're running into the situation blind. you have no idea what you're going into. >> give me your legs. >> now, we going to do this the hard way?
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give me your arm. >> it's our responsibility to keep all the kids safe. we got to do whatever we need to do to keep the kids safe. >> give it to me. kneel up. >> we need cuffs? >> no. we got him. we got him. >> i got him. >> stand up. >> stand up, kevin. >> stand up. >> he just had this bolt, and he's been threatening that he's going to hurt the first staff that comes into the room or one of the other residents who may try to come after him. he's been here for a while, and that starts to get to us, too. if you know the outcome of whatever's going to happen to you, there's a sense of peace in that. i either get to go home or i get to go to placement. when you have no idea what's
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going to happen to you, you do start to go crazy. >> you had your chance, kevin. >> it's impossible to assess the kids who wind up in juvenile without taking a careful look at their everyday environments. that starts with family and home. >> i'm from chicago and it's a lot of gang banging, shooting going on. you see it up close and personal and stuff. so i had to grow up early and just experience a lot of stuff. so i know how it is. i have one more week. i'm not doing nothing else. nothing. >> i've been doing good. i used to be bad. >> i used to be horrible. i didn't care about nothing. but this time -- >> at the same time, oh my god. i miss my baby. that's why i'm so emotional.
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it's hard being a 17-year-old mom because i'm still a kid, too. and i've never been away from her like this. never. it's hard. every time i turn around i see her face. i can't see her face because i'm up in here. >> this ain't the place to be. >> you'll be fine. you'll go home. two more days. >> now that i'm a teen mother partying has got to stop. i got to think more. like, yeah, i can spend time by myself or whatever. but next time just make sure i call someone to check up on them. >> the longer a teen is locked
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up alone in juvenile, the more desperate he becomes. most kids can at least look forward to parental visitations to comfort them during detainment. but kevin's mom says her work schedule and transportation issues prevent her from seeing her son. now kevin is at the breaking point. >> let go of me. [ bleep ]. i think you're all playing with me. i'll [ bleep ] kill myself. i don't give a [ bleep ]. >> whoa, whoa. >> i'm gonna be naked. i'll jump off my [ bleep ] sink and y'all ain't going to do nothing about it. >> kevin is being transferred to the high security wing of lcjc where staff can hopefully calm him down and keep closer tabs on his behavior. >> i said i'm going to kill myself so it don't matter. >> kevin's threats of suicide means he'll be placed on round the clock watch and wear only a paper blanket for his own safety.
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>> he said he's going to kill himself. just leave him cuffed and shackled. keep one person at the door. let him be until he calms. he said that he was going to kill himself so we now have to deal with that and take the precautions of that. >> get up, kevin, now. >> [ bleep ]. >> i got news for you, sweetie. not everybody cusses their parent out. ♪ (piano music) fresher dentures, for the best first impression. love loud, live loud, polident. ♪ fresher dentures... ...for those breathless moments. hug loud, live loud, polident. ♪
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17-year-old kymyada is meeting with her attorney, don ruck, to discuss their strategy for court. don knows her case will be tough. it was kymyada's own mother who had her arrested by calling police and claiming she ran away from home. >> i want to take a few minutes to get a sense of what we need to do to accomplish what i anticipate is your desire to go home. >> yes. >> okay. >> so one of the things that particularly concerns me is that not too long ago you had a very similar charge.
10:21 pm
you were charged with running away, right? >> yeah, but this time it was a misunderstanding. >> okay, well how do we explain when the judge asks, kymyada, now we're here again. what's different this time? >> it was a misunderstanding because at this time i don't stay with my mom. i stay with my god mom. so that's why i was hurt and confused because why would she make this as a runaway and i'm not a runaway? i just needed some time to myself because being a teen mother, that's hard. i told the police, i'm like, it was getting late and she was getting cranky. when she get irritated i just don't know what to do. i thought i was going to lose it. so i just took her to a safe place, to her grandmother's house. i dealt with it the best way i could so i won't do anything stupid. i slip up. teenagers slip up, you know. but i'm not a bad child anymore. >> okay. so we not only have to convince the judge, we have to convince your mother.
10:22 pm
my hope is a lot of the love you have for your mother will come through and that will resonate with your mother tomorrow. because frankly, my big concern is convincing your mother that it's time for you to go home. many times there are parents who will get on the stand who will say i cannot take my child home with me. and if that's the case, there's very little i can add vo kate that's going to change that. tonight when you're thinking about court tomorrow what i want you to do is think about the relationship you have with your daughter and what it would mean to you as a mother to have your daughter someday leave and not know where she is. part of what i do as a defense lawyer in these cases is trying to elicit testimony that a parent sitting in the background can hear and maybe influence and change how steadfast they are to the decision that the child should not come home. there you go. >> with an average daily population of 70 boys and girls, it's impossible for staff at
10:23 pm
lcjc to give kids the one-on-one attention so many crave. in some cases that hunger leads to desperation. >> get out, kevin, now. >> get away from me. >> get up. you understand that? >> kevin's a very angry young man. he said he was going to kill himself. once he shut the door he stood up on the sink implying that he was going to jump off it head first to harm himself. >> i want to go to placement. i want to get out of here. i didn't do nothing! >> kevin, do you think this is going to get you out of here? you're the one who wants to leave here. you're the one throwing a fit because you're in here. why would they put you out of here if you're going to act like this? now stop. he's becoming very angry and disgruntled. he thinks acting out is going to get him out of here. that's not going to work. you know better, kevin.
10:24 pm
>> i'm tired of being here. it's been 100 days already. >> i understand that, kevin. i understand that. i know that's what's really got you worked up. kevin, chill out. behave yourself. i'll give you a phone call. all right? will you do that? >> yes. >> nobody wants to have to be physical. you don't want to have to restrain a kid if you don't have to restrain him. if i can get to them through communicating with them verbally and just sitting down and talking to them, you know, i'd much prefer that. hold on. going to give you your mat. okay, i'm taking you at your word, kevin. >> this battery charge, i didn't know it was going to be this severe. i got put under advisement. advisement means that whenever the judge feels he's ready to come up with a decision to send me somewhere that he'll do it. but till then i have to sit and wait and i'm just another number. when you're in jail there's nobody here to help you. not having my mom, not having nobody to talk to, it's driving me crazy. being here, it gets to you after a while.
10:25 pm
especially when you ain't got your mom and your dad. just hurts. it feels like everything is -- my dad was in prison. >> i know that. i held your dad. your dad was here with me. i know. i had your brother. now i've got you. don't continue the same pattern. >> anger has always been in me since i was a little kid. it started around when i was 6 or 7 i think was when my dad went to prison. i was real close to my dad. and then losing him for a couple years it just kind of set me off. all this anger is building up and me, and i just can't figure out a way to let it out. and then my mom having her boyfriends and stuff like that, you know, i didn't want them around because it wasn't my dad.
10:26 pm
>> what about your little brother? show him the right away. you can do it. you can do it. but you got to want to do it, kevin. you got to want to do it. don't end up like your dad. >> are you guys really going to give me a phone call? >> yes, i'll give you a phone call, kev. >> i just want to talk to my mom. have her come visit me. kids out there, half of us we could do something with our life. i want to do something with my life. ♪ call on me brother when you need a friend ♪ ♪ we all need somebody to lean on ♪ >> is that a habit of yours to
10:27 pm
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by law juveniles who are arrested can spend a maximum of 120 days in detention. 16-year-old kevin was close to
10:31 pm
that limit. after months behind bars and just one family visit, the depths of kevin's despair resulted in a tense situation for everyone involved. >> get the [ bleep ] away from me. it was a rush. like, it just came like that and everything just started shaking to me, and i didn't want to give up. i'll [ bleep ] kill myself. [ bleep ]. i don't care. i was being stupid. i would never kill myself. i got a lot to live for. it was just all an act. just trying to get attention. >> after his safety was secured, jamie spoke with kevin to get to the root of his distress and anger. and despite his rebellious behavior the day before, jamie makes good on her promise of a phone call. >> nine times out of ten when they're angry like that it's not the issue at hand. it's something else. he was pending placement. he was upset. he was scared.
10:32 pm
you know, so what does he do? he goes off and starts tearing up my room and everything else to get the attention, but when it's all said and done, ultimately, can i talk to my mom? [ phone ringing ] >> we'll try tomorrow, kevin. all right? we'll try tomorrow. listen, don't get all worked up. we'll keep trying. all right? you going to be all right? >> i don't know. i just want to talk to my momma. >> i know you do, kevin. >> my mom, she did come to visit me one time. she promised me she was going to visit me almost every weekend. but she don't come. >> got to keep it together, kevin. okay? you got to keep it together. got to. you don't have a choice. >> i just feel like breaking down. my mom, she really wants the best for me.
10:33 pm
but at the same time, how can i get the best out of something if she's not going to be there to talk to me about it? >> all right? >> i just waited for that day to get out of here. i just want to leave. >> family involvement from one case to another can vary greatly in the juvenile justice system. while kevin struggles with what lies ahead, kymyada finally has her day in court, where she's convinced she'll set the record straight with her mom. >> you not lying? >> i'm not nervous at all. it was just a misunderstanding. the judge will listen to my mom, but once she hear my side of the story and she'll know where i'm coming from, she'll understand, too, and so will everybody in the courtroom. >> i need kymyada.
10:34 pm
>> good morning, kymyada, how are you doing? ready for court? right this way, please. >> hopefully i'll go home and i'll be with my baby. >> right this way. >> i'm just going to explain myself from the beginning to the end. leaving no parts out. because there's two sides to the story. >> this young lady is charged with runaway, right? >> correct. >> have a seat. >> kymyada, you're charged with running away. tell us what happened. >> well, monday me and my boyfriend and my cousin had the baby, and we was out all night. we didn't call nobody. then tuesday i dropped my daughter off at her grandmother's house because i was getting agitated with her. this is not my first time getting agitated. so -- >> agitated with your mother? >> no, my mom had nothing to do with this. it was my daughter. she was sleepy. i was getting cranky. everything.
10:35 pm
so we was out late. i just needed some me time. away from the baby, away from everything. after that we didn't call nobody or let them know we was okay so, of course, they going to make the report because they didn't know where we was out. or i didn't call anybody. >> i think a large part of the outcome of today's hearing is likely to be is going to involve what your mother has to say. do you have anything you want to say to her to influence her decision as to whether or not she thinks you should come home with her today? >> well, the being disrespectful, cussing you out, when we get into it, i know i do it. everybody does it. but this time i really have changed. yes, i slipped up, but it's not like i'm continuing to do the same things i was doing when i was 14 years old. so i have been making progress.
10:36 pm
>> okay. judge, that's all i have. >> kymyada, where had you been with the baby all night? >> over at my cousin's house. we spent the night over there because it was late. >> is that a habit of yours to take this baby and drop it off different places? >> no, that is not a habit. no. huh-uh. >> and how old's your boyfriend? >> he's 18. >> is he in school? >> no, ma'am. >> are you seeing a pattern here? you're not detecting a pattern of doing things in your life that isn't in your best interest? >> but i can't look at what he's doing. i got to do for me. yeah, we going together but people going to do what they want to do. >> i have no further questions, judge. >> kymyada, you may have a seat back there. next witness. >> judge, i'm going to call kim foster to the stand, please. ms. foster, so the court can get at least better understanding of who kymyada is, tell us about
10:37 pm
your daughter. >> she's always had issues. i've always tried to address those issues. doing and being the best mom i possibly could. unfortunately for kymyada she needs more attention than i can give her because me and my husband both work. to the point where we are now it started with being disrespectful with me. after that we laid down the law. either you abide by our rules, or you need to go somewhere else. she chose to go and be with her god mother. that's fine. i know where you're at. you're safe. we'll work this out. >> you were okay with that. in fact, you presented that to her as an option? >> exactly. i trusted that person and i knew she would be safe with that person. >> so she didn't leave the house without your permission, did she? >> today the court is considering two difficult cases.
10:38 pm
there's kevin, a repeat offender who's been incarcerated for nearly four months, pending a final judgment from his last hearing that will ultimately decide his fate. and then kymyada, a teenage mother and former runaway. she's charged with running again, but continues to plead her innocence. will the court agree that she has reformed, or will her mistakes separate her from her baby? >> we're dealing with two children. not just one. the question is would you be willing to take your daughter home? [ screaming ] rate suckers! [ bell dinging ] your car insurance goes up because of their bad driving. people try all sorts of ways to get rid of them. [ driver panting ] if you're sick of paying more than your fair share... [ screams ] get snapshot from progressive, and see just how much your good driving could save you.
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if there's one thing senior judge mary beth bonaventura has learned in her 26 years in
10:42 pm
juvenile justice, it's that there's never a playbook when parents and kids face off in court. >> you can sentence someone to death. you can sentence someone for life imprisonment. but to try to figure out how to put a family back together in about 30 minutes after you read the report of a certain pattern of behavior that has probably gone on for years is a very tricky thing to do, very important thing to do, and wow, the impact we can have if we get it right. >> kymyada is charged with running away, and although she's told the judge her side of the story, her mother has yet to establish why she turned her daughter over to the police. >> she chose to go and be with her god mother. >> okay. so she didn't leave the house without your permission, did she? >> no, she didn't. because i gave her an option. i said you abide by the rules, or you can go. >> at some time you called the police and reported her as a runaway. >> she didn't call, she didn't check in.
10:43 pm
she didn't do anything. so the same pattern with me she did with the godmother. and i knew then that they were -- she neglected to say drinking, partying, smoking, having a good time. now i need to step in. i have to do something to keep her safe along with keeping the baby safe. so i put in a missing persons report. i want it to stop. i want her to go to school so when she gets out into society she won't be another statistic, she won't have a child who i have to take care of, because i want her to raise her own daughter. >> miss foster, would you be willing to take your daughter home if the court provides a supervision? >> i don't believe it would be successful. >> kymyada, first of all, you talked about that you were disrespectful and you cussed your mother out. you said, everybody does it. i got news for you, sweetie. not everybody cusses their parent out, okay? so that's first and foremost.
10:44 pm
secondly, you going out and taking your baby and staying out all night, and you needed some me time. i got news for you about that. when you decide to have a baby there is no more me time. the me time goes out the window when you decide to have a baby. and i agree with your mother, you can't be bringing a boy into the house because you're just going to get pregnant again. which leads me to my next point, do you get birth control? >> i get the shot. >> your mother is shaking her head no. yes ma'am? >> i tried. i took her. she says, i'm not going to take the shot. that's not good for me. >> i didn't want to take it in the first place. >> do you think you need to have another baby? >> no, i do not. >> so what are you going to do about birth control? >> i might as well go ahead and take the shot then? >> anything else? kids are having sex. as a nation we need to look at kids having kids. somebody has got to stop it. i'm not saying i can do it single handedly. people need to talk to children. there is abstinence. if you're going to have sex,
10:45 pm
there's condoms and birth control. >> i think kymyada in her youth is a very selfish person. i think we're seeing that and hearing that today. what i haven't heard is i miss my baby, i want to go home. i think kymyada is going to keep doing what she wants to do. i think she's too young to understand what's in her best interest and the court needs to step in to assist her. >> kymyada says she wants to go home. she says she'll do better. i agree we have all heard that. before. i want the court to consider the available options the court has given the fact we're dealing with two children, not just one. >> it seems unlikely that kymyada's side of the story has convinced the judge to drop the charge. her attorney is hoping the judge will at least consider a ruling that allows kymyada to go home
10:46 pm
while the court weighs its options. it's still unclear if her mother will consent to that arrangement. >> today what the court will do is find probable cause to believe that this young lady is in need of services. that no matter where she's placed, kymyada be provided parenting classes. that she begin the processing of working on her ged. if her parents don't take her home i'll order she'll be placed at 4:00 p.m. at alternative house and they'll provide those services. last and not least, i'm going to order individual and parenting counseling. this hearing is adjourned. thank you. >> kymyada, i'll be in touch with you. i'll let you know what they decide. okay? let me talk to you guys outside. >> okay.
10:47 pm
i'm working on it. we're going to see what we're going. i love you. >> mom! >> unlike her mother, kymyada's stepfather believes that placement outside the home may not be in kymyada's best interest. the fosters have been taking care of their granddaughter while kymyada's been locked up. but attorney don ruck knows some tough decisions need to be made. >> there's two options really. as of 4:00 today kymyada is going to go to a home, where obviously there's a lot of structure like you were talking about. or she could go home, be released to you guys today, with the list of interventions and services that the court said. >> we're still at odds. on that view. >> they're talking about it now. and i know deep inside with my dad's help that i'll be going home and be placed on house arrest. >> as her mother, what's best for her? >> best for her? >> yeah. >> as kymyada's parents struggle with their decision, jamie pays kevin a second visit since yesterday's incident. this time she brings good news.
10:48 pm
>> kevin is going to placement finally after being with me for quite some time now. >> 99 days. >> he's quite happy about it. i hope it's a positive experience and we won't be hearing of kevin anymore. >> it's a real good placement. it's a campus. i'll be going to school all year round. i'm probably going to be there for nine months to a year and basically the goal there is to get us on the right path. >> i thought it was going to be forever. feels like forever. >> yeah, i'm sure it does, but it's a temporary hurdle. you can get over it. you can make it through it. >> i talked to one of the guys. his name was gary. he told me that as long as i stay on the right track and get my grades up and all that i will be going home. hi, kymyada.
10:49 pm
why don't you come out here? i'll talk to you out here. unfortunately your mom said that you need a lot of structure right now and that your history of breaking the rules is something that's not likely to change. so the court's ordered that you be placed at the alternative house in gary today at 4:00. so until maybe some counseling can take place between your and your mother while you're still underage, you can't go to your mother, you're going to have to be in placement. >> oh, well. that stuff's crazy. >> hang in there. hang in there. >> it may help, and it may not help, but i can't allow her just to get away with it. she's just saying these things because she is in trouble, and
10:50 pm
that's just the pattern. that's been the pattern. so this is the beginning. this is a start. >> so you have all your clothes >> so you have all your clothes and everything? >> good to go. >> we need you to sign out. >> even though kevin will be away from home, this time he won't be away from family. after the court's lengthy search for a facility that can handle his needs, it turns out kevin is going to the same placement that his younger brother has been attending for the past six months. >> kevin, take care. best of luck to you. >> my little brother has been there since january. hopefully my mom is there for me when i get out this time and she'll come visit me in placement and all that. all right. >> take care. good luck to you, kevin. kevin definitely has potential
10:51 pm
if he can really search his heart and want to make the changes, i believe he can do so. but it's truly up to him. i hope he's successful. that's all i can say. >> while kevin is excited to go to placement, for kymyada being sent to a placement facility means separation from her daughter. but her story does not end here. >> that statement that you said hurt me really bad because -- he says she's an
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
after two weeks of placement at a local facility, kymyada gets some surprising news.
10:55 pm
during her absence from home, kymyada's mother and stepfather reached a new decision regarding her placement. and requested a second detention hearing. so kymyada finds herself back in juvenile court. >> mother and kymyada have met and talked, and mother believes now that it's in kymyada's and her best interest to have kymyada released back into mother's custody today. >> miss foster? >> a couple weeks back you indicated you felt you really couldn't commit to taking kymyada home with you. tell us what's happened since then. >> during that short time i have made phone calls, done some research, finagled and moved around schedules so there could be someone in the home, because i felt it was the best interest of kymyada along with the family and her daughter for her to be more at home. >> why did you do all those things and make all those changes? >> because i love my daughter. >> have you met with kymyada or talked with her since she's been away? >> yes, i have. >> tell me about that. >> yada understands that it was her behavior that puts her in this situation. she has some maturing to do, but other than that she's been fine.
10:56 pm
she needs to raise her baby. that's her baby, that's her responsibility along with being a productive adult. and i believe being at home along with the structure of the court and any provisions made to help her, will achieve those. >> that's all the questions. >> i would like to say one thing. >> go ahead. >> from the statement that the lady -- i don't know your name, about my baby. >> what i haven't heard today in here at all is i miss my baby, i want to go home, i want to be with my baby. i haven't heard any of that. >> i felt very, very bad on that statement that you said, and it hurt me really bad. because i do love my baby a lot. a lot of young girls that my age don't care about their baby and just go out and do whatever. i have tried a lot in my progress. they really hurted me so bad. i do love my baby.
10:57 pm
yes, i know i was wrong. i would love to go home and start over again. because i know i can succeed. that's all i just wanted to add. >> i just want kymyada to understand my concern is always for the baby. she's a helpless individual. if you're acting out of her concern, first and foremost, that's the only thing i want to see happen. so if even my comments make you do that, then i've accomplished what i want. >> mr. ruck, anything else? >> judge, i think kymyada has done what we hope happens when somebody is not released home to their parents. and that's that they think not just about what they did, but what the people in this courtroom told her. the structure is in place at home. kymyada is ready to take responsibility for herself and her child. and the court should reconsider at this point releasing her to her mother today. >> i think for her and for a lot of kids her age it's growing pains. we have to figure out how to help her get through that. today what the court will do is
10:58 pm
grant your request and order she be released and returned to your custody. i'll order that she have individual and family counseling to resolve the issues that are obvious from the last hearing so we don't see ourselves back here again. i'll order you be released to your mother. this hearing is adjourned. good luck. >> you're going home. good luck to you. >> thanks. man, i'm super, super, super happy. too happy. man, just waiting to get home to my baby. that's on my mind. focus on my life. >> i think that probably two weeks away in a placement facility gave her additional time to think about it. two weeks is a long time to be away from your baby. so i think there's probably been some life changes going on and the mother went to the lengths of changing their work schedules which is commendable. i think they're a decent family
10:59 pm
going through bumps in the roads. it looks like they're on the way to smoothing those out. >> hey, you're home. where's your baby? >> with grandma. >> oh! >> i have learned and i just did a complete change. put my baby first, focus on my education, get my ged. >> you're a good kid, kymyada. you'll do just fine. >> yeah. >> it's going to be a challenge. it's in the best interest of the baby along with kymyada. and hopefully she'll work the program and she won't be back in here. it's still up to her. she still has to work it. .
11:00 pm
this sunday, beyond baltimore. the unrest in american cities. >> police officers are out of control. >> six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. >> no one is above the law. >> what needs to be done? >> i'll be joined which by the mayor of baltimore, stephanie rawlings blake and the former mayor and governor of maryland, o'malley. the front-runner for the democratic presidential nomination. >> when i say hillary clinton, what do you say? >> give me a word or phrase, first thing that comes to


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