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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  May 4, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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out now, you're getting locked in here. >> good morning f. it's monday may fourth. welcome to "way too early." we're in washington. we begin this morning in texas where two gunmen are dead after opening fire outside a cartoon contest taking liceeing place in garland. there was a top prize of $10,000. and speakers including a dutch politician on an al qaeda hit list. the gunman drove up to the building and started shooting. both suspects are dead. officials say the entire instant lasted a matter of seconds. most of the 200 people were still there. video shows the frantic moments when they were urged to stay inside. >> police officer has been shot. two suspect have said shot. possibly have explosives on them. that's what we're worried about. we are going to move you into the auditorium in just a minute. i need everybody to remain calm
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remain orderly. we'll take you a little further away from the front of this building. all right? >> security guard bruce joiner was shot by the gunman but is expected to be okay. he was taken to the hospital and later released. thousands of dollars were reportedly spent on extra security for the event. they do not yet know if the shooting was drektdly related to the contest. nearby businesses were evacuated as a precaution and the bomb squad was also called in. >> we're considering their car as possibly containing a bomb. our bomb unit is there. they're still working on that vehicle. and that's where we are at this time. so far as identifications or anything, we've not touched their bodies because they're close by the car. once that's cleared, then we'll find out who they are and exactly what was going on. >> the shooting is sure to draw comparisons to the "charlie hebdo" shooting in paris which
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left 12 people dead. the newspaper had a history of using images of muhammad in their cartoons. the organizer says the shooting is proof that quote, this is a war on free speech end quote, the war is here. let's go now the baltimore. the city is ending its first night of freedom since last night's unrest. the curfew was lifted and the national guard began its withdraw as officials say tensions have eased. this was due to the arrest of six officers. all six officers have been charged with assault and misconduct while four also face charges of involuntary manslaughter and three with false imprisonment. the city weeks to heal coming together for a day of prayer yesterday. democratic congressman eli ma jajah
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cummings spoke of freddie gray. >> a little boy was growing up trying to be somebody. his house was filled with led. his mother had all kinds of difficulties and problems and he died a sad and tragic death, but in the moment of his death, got created a movement a movement that will change schools and children's lives all over this country. >> president obama is expected to make more comments on race relations in america today when he visits new york city. participateing in the launch of my brother's keeper alliance. a new nonprofit alliance. most americans believe moments like baltimore are not behind us as a nation. a near unanimous 96% of americans say they expect more racially charged unrest around the country this summer. turning now to new york
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city where a 25-year-old nypd officer remains in critical but stable condition this morning after being shot in the head in queens. meanwhile the man suspected of shooting him made his first court appearance yesterday. he's been charged with attempted murder and was ordered to be held without bail. just yesterday news of another cop shooting taking place on chicago's south side. as an officer was leaving his house for work. we have more. >> reporter: a new york city police officer fighting for his life after being shot in the head in his patrol car this weekend, attempting to stop a suspect for questioning. >> this is a painful day for all new yorkers. it is a painful day for all members of the nypd. >> reporter: this less than six months after two nypd officers were shot and killed sitting in their patrol car. nationwide fbi statistics
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remind us policing is a dangerous job. as many as 70 officers have been ambushed and killed in the last to years and thousands of officers are assaulted every year. >> you don't get paid for what you do. you get paid for what you may have to do someday. there is every day in a law enforcement person's career, the opportunity for great tragedy to occur in front of them or to them. >> reporter: in chicago, a officer getting out of his car was shot by two men. and recently in tennessee what began as a routine traffic stop head to an officer being dragged by a vehicle. the veteran stayed calm enough to tell the assisting officer. >> don't shoot. >> nationwide police putting their lives on the line every day in the line of duty. >> let's do some politics.
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the race for the white house expands today. dr. ben carson has announced his run for president and will give a speech from detroit later today becoming the first african american candidate to enter the field for the gop. a former hul it pack card ceo is expected to announce her run also. recent polling has shown carson within striking distance of the top of the field. mike huckabee is expected to announce his run tomorrow. for christie "the new york times" reports top lieutenants and even his wife have been reaching out to key supporters telling them to keep their powder dry for now. it comes in the wake of a guilty plea of one from the shut down of the george washington bridge. this has jeb bush seeks to make
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end roads of his supporters. this as gop and democratic voters are at issue with the top issues. national security and terrorism and the deficit and government spending and job creation and economic growth. by comparison the top for the democrats was job creation and economic growth followed by health care and climate change. differences there. the 2016 elections be lawless? good question. that's what the head of federal elections charge with the way campaign money is raised and spent is telling the new york times. the likelihood of laws being enforced is slim. i never want to give up but i'm not under any illusions. people think the fec is
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dysfunctional. it's worse than dysfunction yal. the agency's six commissioners splt along party lines are often gridlocked in tied votes. she says this makes it impossible for major violators to be punished. the agency will simply focus on getting information out. this after two major supreme court decisions against fec limits. experts say the 2016 election cycle could see a record 10 billion, billion with a b, raised and spent. a lot of change there. let's turn to business in a big rebound for the markets at the end of last week. on friday the dow soared 18 0 points. geoff cutmore joins us from london. what do we owe the bounce back and how does the week ahead look for us here?
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>> good morning to you, luke. i figure that the market just got a little sold off and that's what the technicians out there with tell you and friday was an opportunity for something of a bargain hunting day with people looking to pick up some of the bio tech companies and apple stock a little cheaper. the big story this week and i'm ashamed you're going to have to wait and tender hooks. it's friday, the jobs number. we got the weak print on the first quarter gdp figure. the question is how robust is the economic turn around in the united states. everybody looking to friday to see whether that employment number will confirm that growth is stronger for the second quarter. so that's the big watch as far as the market is concerned. mcdonald's, an interesting company at this point. they've had some grim quarters and today we are expecting to hear about the turn around plan.
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mcdonald's, i think is figured in everybody's life at some point. the problem is at the moment in many key markets, less and less customers are checking in for their dose. the speckulation at the moment is maybe there are store closures and a shortened menu. the ceo says he feels the menu is too complicated and also talk of a slimming line. currently a cheese burger comes in a little over 400 calories and with fries, you're talking about over 500 calories. would you check into a mcdonald's for a slimming line. a question we all have to ask ourselves. >> they've had a lot of difficulty trying to go down that road. also sad news to report out of silicone valley.
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survey monkey ceo passed away. talk about the impact he had on the tech world and the legacy he's leaving behind also his wife is well known. >> this is a remarkable story. 46. what an age to be taken. of course he was the partner of sheyrl sandburg who is the coo of facebook and became not only famous for becoming a key player at facebook but for writing that book and talking about leaning in and the way women in business in particular should adapt themselves to at times unfriendly corporate boardrooms. this is a very sad story, as you point out. in many ways she said that he was her rock and allowed her to lean in. there have been plenty of compliments paid to dave goldberg on facebook. he was in his own right, quite a
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player in silicone valley and a man who had been a serial entrepreneur. he'll be greatly missed by the tech world. >> sad news in deed. still ahead on "way too early." it was supposed to be the fight of the century, but did it turn out to be only the most expensive fight of the century. what boxing fans including mike tyson are saying about this weekend's fight. i want my hundred dollars back. that and a check on your weather when "way too early" comes right back. the formation of guardsmen fired their rifles at the students.
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ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. you guys was the one that said this guy can beat floyd, and you go look at the throughout the years floyd is scared. floyd is a coward and chicken. you guys were all those stories. tomorrow, i want to make you guys eat your words. >> i'm happy, because 12 rounds i fought a good fight. and, you know i thought -- i thought i won.
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>> it may not have lived up to its billing at the fight of the century. it did not, but it brought in the cash. floyd mayweather defeated pacquiao in a unanimous decision but the two men both go home winners when it comes to earnings. mayweather is estimated to bring home $180 million for one night. pacquiao settling for a cool $120 million. the arena generated ticket sales and one reporter tweeted this picture showing rows of private jets waiting on the tarmac. still the fight drew critics including mike tyson saying we waited five years for that? saturday also saw the 141 running of the kentucky derby. the favorite, american feypharoah
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did not disappoint. american pharoah could be a threat to win racing's first triple crown in 30 years and we hope for that. now for round two in the nba playoffs. steph curry scored a game high 22 points leading golden state to a 15-point victory. he is expected to be named league mvp. score 101-86. the wizards continue their perfect post season visiting the hawks in the semi finals. washington's bradley beal is the real deal. put up 28 points. 104-98 win. the wizards just clutching all the way. let's go to the ice. the ducks remain unbeaten in the post season after a three-goal shutout.
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they take a 2-0 series lead. and a pair of goals and a 4-1 victory over the wild. in montreal the lightning also jump out to a 2-0 series lead beat down. victory over the canadians. good job. let's get a check on your weather with bill karins. the gnats taking three out of four from the naths. i do not want you to cry. >> the best sports thing in the entire weekend was chris paul's shot in the basketball game at the end. that was better than the boxing match any day. let's talk about this forecast. yesterday was a beautiful spring day for so many areas and today we turn it up a notch. today is the day when you need to test your air-conditioning in many areas of the northeast. 84 in new york. 81 in burlington vermont.
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these temperatures are almost 20 degrees above average. this warmth with you in the ohio valley for a while. staying in the mid 80s for three or four days. some thunderstorms we have to watch this morning and heavy downpours illinois through michigan. a little bit in kansas. later today a slight risk of severe tomorrows. we could see maybe one or two tornado but the tornado threat is pretty low. large hail is the greatest threat. kansas city area north of wichita and it looks like even chicago may see another strong storm late today but nothing too crazy. the warmest day we've seen so far this season. even through tomorrow temperatures in the 70s and 80s. we will add some summer thymetime thunderstorms in there. forget about the cold weather. put away the medium jacket because now it's going to feel like summer all week throughout areas of the east. enjoy. we deserve it.
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>> i love that. 86 and sunny. it's been a long time coming. bill karins, thank you so much. >> all right. a princess is born but the world is still waiting to see what the duke and duchess will name her. we'll tell you the monokerr that's emerged as a clear favorite. how much protein does your dog food have? 18%? 20?
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now let's get a check on the morning's other headlines. we'll head to the great lewis b burgdorf. >> the royal baby has arrived and prince george has a baby sister. she made her public appearance in the arms of her parents. just 12 hours after kate checked in london's hospital saturday morning. bookmakers are still betting on what she will be named. alice alice, charlotte and olivia are among the favorites. she is the first princess of the house of windsor in 25 years, and the fourth in line to the thrown behind her grandfather, charles. her dad and her big brother, george who was named two days after his birth. i think we'll have a name coming soon here. let's go to the weekend box
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office. age of ultron brought in over $187 million. second only to the original avengers which opened to over $207 million. movie goers flocked to the film despite the kpe situation with sports. it has collected an it is on track to pass the $1 billion mark after it opens in china next week. in sports tiger woods and lindsey von are calling it quits. vaughn announced the breakup yesterday writing after nearly three years together we have decided to end our relationship. we are forced to spend the majority of our time apart. i will always admire and respect tiger.
2:56 am
tiger posted a similar statement saying they mutually decided to stop dating and the leading quote leading separate lives is hard. she said she recently it wasn't biggest fan of golf. >> do you like watching golf? was that something you did before? >> i love golf. >> it seems very different. as an adrenaline junkie, it seepsseep seems very different. >> i love golf. >> not a lot of enthusiasm there. >> hectic sjchedules they'll get us all. >> that does it for me and "way too early" this morning. let's look at what's coming up on "morning joe." >> we're live in texas where two gunmen are dead after opening fire on a security guard outside
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of what's being described as a free speech event. we'll bring you the details plus the latest from baltimore where police officers involved in the death of freddie gray are now out on bail. did the top prosecutor overreach with charges that include second degree murder manslaughter and false imprisonment. we'll be joined by elijah cummings, wes moore, and tom costello and the latest in the race for president with two more republicans announcing their plans today. we'll take a closer look at their records or lack thereof. that and much more coming up next on "morning joe." ♪ ♪ ♪ at chase, we celebrate small businesses every day through programs like mission main street grants. last years' grant recipients are achieving amazing things. carving a name for myself and creating local jobs. creating more programs for these little bookworms. bringing a taste of louisiana to the world.
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all of a sudden they make an announcement over walmart speaker, everybody make your final shrugses at the time up to the front and like he said when we got up