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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  May 12, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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dead with this new quake and more than 1,000 others are injured. it was centered about 50 miles northeast of the capital kathmandu, not far from mt. everest. this is the dramatic scene as the quake struck and the cameras shook while a lawmaker was addressing nepal's parliament. members of parliament then went running for cover. more now from nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel, who just returned from turkey from nepal. >> it was another big earthquake, 7.3 magnitude and the people in nepal just recovering from an earthquake two years ago went into a state of panic. there was a fear the initial earthquake had weakened buildings, cracked foundations, and this second earthquake today could have brought those buildings down so people were running out of their homes, they were being carried out of hospitals, looking for open spaces. but luckily this time the epicenter wasn't anywhere near
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kathmandu, which is a dense, heavily populated city with a lot of buildings that were poorly constructed. this earthquake was epicentered in the mountains, not far from a town called namche bazaar which is in the himalayas, not far from mt. everest. in the, namche bazaar will be well known to people who have gone trekking in nepal. it is one of several stone sherpa villages in the area that cater to backpackers. namche bazaar is a place where backpackers will stop they can get food lodging there, buy extra equipment, then continue up through the valley until they eventually will reach everest base camp. it is high altitude. namche bazaar is at 10,000 feet. everything else it goes up from there. there are no roads. tamron, it would be an extremely difficult place to launch any kind of rescue mission. >> all right, richard engel live for us there. developing now, president obama is about to speak at a
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major summit on poverty at georgetown university. in 2013, the census bureau reported more than 48 million americans were living below the poverty line. according to unicef 1 in 3 children live in poverty in this country. the summit is a three-day event in washington including more than 100 political, religious, and civic leaders. politicians from both sides of the aisle are attending, along with evangelical, catholic and other religious groups. joy reid is at the summit joining us now. they say this is the pope francis effect. >> reporter: yeah absolutely tamron. in many ways this summit is in a sense the product of what you started to hear out of pope francis and this focus on poverty that really has, according to people who follow the president, have inspired him and inspired some of his policy ideas and his rhetoric. so the president is going to come here today to talk about the intersection of religion, poverty, and government and it's going to be a bipartisan
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conversation. our own e.j. dionne is going to be moderating but the president will be having a conversation about these issues with arthur brooks, who is the president of the conservative american enterprise institute, and we spoke with arthur brooks yesterday about what he hopes to hear from the president. here's what he said. >> every american has a sentiment that it's a scandal, the richest country in the history of the world, we still have people not just in poverty, but who lack opportunity, who lack the ability to earn their own success. that's an affront to our dignity dignity. president and i have that in common, because the president has that in common with all people of good conscience. >> reporter: and tamron that convergence of left and right on the issue of poverty is a starting point that brooks as well as i presume the president believes can at least start a conversation, if not lead to actual policy enactment. tamron? >> how will this law play out, will we hear from the president on this panel, will it be q & a session? >> reporter: well, it's going to be a straight q & a.
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the president is not going to give remarks. it's not going to be opening statements. e.j. dionne is going to have exactly one hour to get three panelists to have full remarks and get time to speak. as you know the president can speak extemporaneously, in very long sentences, so it's going to be a challenge for the moderator to get the panel going and make sure all three members of the panel get words in edge wise but it will be interesting to hear the president and what a lot of people are anticipating is the dialogue between the president and arthur brooks. that left-right dynamic is going to be interesting to hear. >> let me bring in professor of law at georgetown university and the author of the book "so rich so poor why it's so hard to end poverty in america." professor, thank you so much for joining us. >> glad to be with you, thank you. >> we just heard joy say that the goal of this panel is really to look at how to give people an opportunity. i was just at an event last night, it's called women in need, an organization that helps women who are homeless moms who
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are looking for that second chance. it seems like the conversation regarding poverty in this country is just cyclical. i feel we go around and around but get very few answers. what do you hope will come out of this panel? >> i think it's very useful and constructive to have people whose views cut across partisan lines and also to have a face dimension to the conversation because i think people of faith are part along with the rest of our communities, to move ahead on all of this. so we've had terrible tragedies over the last weeks and months and so at least for the moment and one hopes going forward, there is a renewed interest. >> it's interesting you mention having people of faith be a part of this driving force with this particular panel. there was a pugh poll out just yesterday, adults identifying as christians down almost 8% between 2007 and 2014.
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at the same time adults identified as religiously unaffiliated went up more than 6%. so i ask, is it a smarter strategy to go in and look at individual organizations that are not affiliated with a religion so you can bring more people in, because it seems we focus so much on religion in the past but some of those same messages from whatever denomination you are get lost in the political fight or just the daily, i think, divisiveness in this country. >> this is a problem that requires people from every perspective, from communities that have great poverty, civic leaders, leaders of all kind and we have to also remember what we're talking about here. we need schools that are going to be successful in teaching children. we need jobs and the road to jobs for young people. a lot of this is about young people and, of course as we know, it's disproportionately about young people of color.
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so it's two things understanding the complexity of the issues how many things we have to tackle and getting people, everybody, involved. >> you're absolutely right and joy reid brought up the latest developments of baltimore and it was easy i think, for people to focus on not easy it was the obvious to focus in on the policing issue, the greater conversation to your point of unemployment with young people and the feeling of not having an opportunity. but at the same time there was a report just out yesterday that the candidates running for president have avoided mentioning the word for example, middle class, because it does bring a certain connotation of hopelessness among people when we can't even talk about the middle class anymore, how do we talk about those who live below the poverty line? >> i don't know what they are talking about. we've got a serious problem in the middle class, and we need to focus all the way down to the bottom. we talk about inequality we
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need to talk about the entire bottom 99%. and it isn't one or the other. we've become a low wage nation and there are people who are technically above the poverty line who are having a terrible time but at the same time we have young people especially young people but their families as well who are stuck in poverty and we really have to work with them to get them out. >> you talk about low wage workers. we've seen for the past two years fast food workers, for example, trying to rally together to bring attention to the fact that you can work and still be below the poverty line as you've pointed out, but you well know professor, there are others believe they are not working hard enough that luck or the boot straps you know weren't being pulled by these people, somehow they've done something wrong and that is why they live below the poverty line. >> that's the debate that goes on that's gone on from the
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beginning of the bible, between the people who understand the reality of these things and people are out there just struggling. and look at the "new york times" coverage of the women who work in those nail salons. it's an absolute outrage. >> absolutely. and at the cost of someone having a $10 manicure these women by the thousands suffer and a report comes out and you have many who, i think, in some ways are shocked to know that there's that fallout from that which is another conversation another time. thank you so much for your insight. greatly appreciate you joining us professor. >> thank you very much. developing now, we're waiting to hear from secretary of state john kerry following the meeting he's been holding with russian president vladimir putin. that meeting is happening in sochi and comes amid badly strained relations over the conflicts in ukraine and syria, russia's ally. also efforts to reach a final nuclear deal with iran. chris jansing joins us.
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chris, what are the expectations for this meeting? >> well tamron i think limited, it didn't get off to an auspicious start as john kerry was on his way to sochi, the foreign ministry put out a statement criticizing the u.s. position on ukraine. having said that there are a number of very important things on the agenda iran being one of them one of the things that the united states is very concerned about is the sale of missile defense systems, they'd like to stop that. they are going to be talking about syria, john kerry would love to put more pressure on vladimir putin in terms of not supporting bashar al assad, something that has met with a lot of international pressure but to no avail so far, and i think there's absolutely something important just about the face-to-face meeting. while it's very common or at least much more frequent for john kerry to meet with his counterpart, sergey lavrov it's only the second time he'll have
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met with vladimir putin, who really makes the decisions in russia. just in terms of that face to face and having the opportunity to work through these issues with the one who's making the decisions, it is an important day. tamron? >> thank you very much for the update. coming up tom brady and the patriots vow to appeal his four-day suspension and the biggest team fine in history in wake of deflategate, but do the punishments go too far? it is our "news nation" gut check. and developing now, the trade bill that pitted the president against democrats is headed to the gop-controlled senate. why the bill's future would be a stinging rebutte of the president. it is part of today's first read. and aol stock is soaring on the news verizon will acquire the company. what does it mean? a live report from cnbc. you can join the conversation online find the team at "news nation." find me on twitter and instagram.
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tick tock tom brady now has until thursday to appeal his suspension handed down by the nfl over deflategate scandal, whatever you want to call it. his agent vowed he would fight the four-game suspension announced by the league yesterday, along with a $1 million fine for the patriots organization. the suspension would keep the reigning super bowl mvp out for a quarter of the regular season. nbc's peter alexander has more reaction to the punishment. >> first, the punishment now the pushback. late monday tom brady's agent teed off on the nfl over that four-game suspension saying the discipline is ridiculous and has no legitimate basis. patriots owner robert kraft offered unconditional support for his marquee quarterback and insisted the punishment far exceeded any reasonable
8:16 am
expectation. brady's teammates weighed in as well tweeting this is absolutely ridiculous. as loyal fans across boston express their frustration, too. >> four games, i think it's a little bit excessive. >> it's surprising, it's surprising. four games is a quarter of the season it's sizable. >> reporter: other nfl athletes backed the suspension. this from an nfl defensive back well done. and another super bowl fan put an asterisk on the back of the reigning mvp's jersey. brady addressed the allegations just before the super bowl. >> is tom brady a cheater? >> i don't believe so. i feel i've always played within the rules. i would never do anything to break the rules. >> reporter: on monday the league cited evidence from a report that brady probably was at least generally aware that two patriots locker room attends were deflating footballs and it faulted his failure to cooperate fully with the investigation. the nfl's message was clear. >> if you are caught doing something you shouldn't be
8:17 am
doing, whether it relates to the integrity of the game or whether it doesn't, there will be a significant punishment. >> reporter: the patriots will lose their first round draft pick in 2016 and fourth round pick in 2017. as well as facing a $1 million fine. the biggest team fine in nfl history. as for those locker room attendants including the self proclaimed deflator both have been suspended indefinitely without pay. >> that was peter alexander reporting. joining me now, daily beast writer robert silverman who covers sports and wrote the column "now let professor nfl lecture you on morality and ethics." i read your piece very early this morning and thought you made some excellent points particularly as it relates to the nfl and this moral high ground that either they've placed themselves on or we the consumer, the fans have. >> well yes. i think the point is that not that the suspension is too long or too short or just or unjust that can be argued by all kinds
8:18 am
of people. the problem is the nfl saying this is about the integrity of the game and that tom brady has damaged the integrity of the game and that's why he's being suspended. now, that's not exactly true. what tom brady did was, he refused to give over his cell phone, his private communication. he stood up to the nfl's discipline, and that can't ever be tolerated. because for the nfl, the rules are paramount. it doesn't matter whether the rule is just or it's right, it's obeying the rules. >> and you pointed out this idea that he damaged the integrity of the nfl, even though from ray rice to what's not talked about enough, these issues of concussions and what may or may not have happened in the locker room and on the field, who was knowledgeable about some of these issues these great players now face and suddenly a deflated ball is behemoth. >> oh gosh yes. we can never talk about the fact
8:19 am
that for 20 years people have been trying to tell the nfl that their game causes brain damage. a doctor who appeared in you know, league of denial they tried to destroy his reputation. they tried to discredit his work, they lied. they hindered every investigation possible and now tom brady is destroying the integrity because he's quote, unquote, hindering their investigation? the hypocrisy is laughable. >> i brought this up earlier on the "today" show about the two guys, you know they are the low level employees and they get kicked out indefinitely no pay, and someone wrote to me well they are not victims. i'm not saying they are, but isn't that just convenient, the guy who makes the least gets you know -- >> well yeah. what were they supposed to do say no tom brady? >> or whom ever. >> we're not going to do what you asked? that's ridiculous. i love those guys because they sound like extras from the friends of eddie coyle, these low-level boston guys slagging
8:20 am
on tom brady behind his back. >> but following the orders of someone. >> they had no choice and they are the ones who are actually you know out of the league for good. >> let's look at thursday and if tom brady appeals. this is, obviously, not a david versus goliath, it may be a goliath versus goliath in that tom brady has enough cache, and as they say, enough juice to keep this in the headlines and really fight back down to not ever providing his text messages and e-mails. with that said does the nfl really want to keep -- does the nfl want this fight with tom brady? >> i don't think they want it but i don't think they have a choice about whether or not they are going to keep fighting it. the thing that's so fascinating about this is that when you have a league like the nfl, as you said that doesn't have a moral high ground to stand on all they can do is defend the rules. and so they will continue to defend the rules, and even if that means going up against tom brady and the new england patriots in court.
8:21 am
>> there are some who believe they'll split the hairs and reduce the suspension to two games. looks like tom brady has won here and the nfl has kept its integrity. >> that's what they did with ben roethlisberger when he was suspended. i mean the thing about it is the appeals process they can go to, that tom brady can say i disagree with this decision, is roger goodell making a decision about the ethics of roger goodell's decision they need an independent arbiter, but that would remove power from roger goodell. >> interesting. tom brady is set to return my theory is that's why they said four games, hype it up and they win in this epic viewership for the nfl. so that's my conspiracy theory. all planned so it could end with the colts, or begin again. thank you so much, great article. appreciate it. tom brady's suspension is the topic of today's gut check. do you think brady's suspension is a fair punishment? four games too much?
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go to and cast the vote. coming up another shooting involving george zimmerman. this time he was the one who was nearly shot. the new details are ahead. plus a bill that threatens same-sex marriage faces a critical showdown in the texas house today. it is one of the things we just thought you should know. and here's a look at what's happening today, tuesday, may 12th. the obama presidential library is coming to the south side of chicago. this afternoon officials are expected to reveal the final site likely at the university of chicago. and president clinton will make his tenth and final appearance tonight on "the late show with david letterman." i have type 2 diabetes. i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active. but i wasn't reaching my a1c goal anymore. man: my doctor says diabetes changes over time. it gets harder to control blood sugar spikes after i eat and get to goal. my doctor added novolog® at mealtime for additional control.
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live now with the reaction on wall street. what's the latest? >> hi tamron. so verizon is buying aol, breaking down to about $50 a share. this is a deal that is all about mobile and video. so verizon claims one and a half billion devices in the u.s. touches about 70% of internet traffic and by acquiring aol, the telecom giant will get access for better tech for selling ads and delivering high quality web video via mobile. that's a really fast growing market. also, it's getting content. since aol owns sites like tech crunch, end gadget "the huffington post," which according to some reports, could be spun off, so analysts say this deal is more about the technology, but it does highlight the rapid convergence of content and distribution that the companies providing internet connection are now also producing the actual media that you're going online for. it's not just content creation either but new consumption models and this is particularly
8:27 am
true of over the top video streaming, which is what this deal targets and what so many companies from at&t to dish network, to time warner's hbo are developing to cater to the so-called cord cutters. so in a cnbc interview this morning, aol's ceo tim armstrong said the company decided to sell to better compete in a marketplace that will be increasingly in by large players. shares of verizon are trading modestly lower, aol, on the other hand soaring up 18%, 19% on this news today. >> to your point about the competitive nature of this online and mobile video, the new landscape that will -- that exists now and will only grow. >> exactly. you're seeing every major company from the internet service providers, to the actual content creators themselves the telecom giants like at&t and verizon, everybody is working on these plat forms to deliver streaming video. you think about netflix and how
8:28 am
successful that's been. this is sort of the next generation in an idea of not necessarily having to turn on tv to get content. everybody's focusing on this and we're seeing big deals in this area. >> incredible. thank you so much for the update there. coming up jeb bush is under fire from both democrats and fellow republicans over his comment that he would have authorized the invasion of iraq. the fallout is part of this morning's first read with nbc senior political editor mark murray. and dramatic video of a bus exploding on a busy expressway moments after the passenger and drivers were able to escape. it's one of the stories we're updating around the "news nation". ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never
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out of 42 vehicles based on 6 different criteria, why did a panel of 11 automotive experts name the volkswagen golf motor trend's 2015 car of the year? we'll give you four good reasons. the volkswagen golf. starting at $19,295, there's an award-winning golf for everyone. developing now, president obama is about to take part in a major summit on poverty at georgetown university. the panel will discuss how to
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lift 48 million americans out of poverty. when the president begins speaking, we'll take you there live. meanwhile, though first read on politics this morning, jeb bush gets slammed from the right following his comments about the iraq war. elizabeth warren joins bill de blasio in washington. and a vote in the senate expected today on the so-called fast track authority, a vote that pits the white house against congressional democrats. joining me live nbc news senior political editor mark murray. i gave a bunch of titles that were not yours. let's start off with some of the conservatives going after jeb bush regarding his comments on the war in iraq. >> tamron this is fascinating. the conservatives are going after jeb bush on his comments on the iraq war saying he would have authorized the 2003 invasion because the question was set up to say, knowing what you know now and a lot of conservatives, including the
8:33 am
washington examiners byron york end up pointing out even george w. bush himself ended up saying the intelligence was false and wrong, with kind of the falling line is that you know the intelligence was false and wrong, you probably wouldn't have authorized the 2003 war. >> yeah to your point, byron york wrote as for whether hillary clinton would have authorized the invasion it's hard to believe jeb bush is serious when he says she would. of course she would. and i want to say what laura ingraham said yesterday on her radio show. >> what he said was just rubbish. you can't still think that going into iraq now, as a sane human being, was the right thing to do. >> so mark how many miscalculate this one? >> one theory is that he misheard the question and not knowing what you know now, but at the time and one of his advisers ana navarro, big person in florida politics is saying she believes that was the
8:34 am
case. even fox news says maybe you could say he misheard it but tamron it's important to note that iraq is always going to be a big problem for jeb bush and puts him in a difficult situation. on the one hand he could say you know what, the iraq war was wrong, a mistake, or he defends it and even defends it whether that was a right decision at the time but find himself on the wrong side of public opinion, where 66% of americans say that the iraq war wasn't worth it. >> let's talk about senator warren joining mayor bill de blasio on this progressive contract with america. i think it was politico that put it this way, de blasio and warren's appearance together is the latest step in the democrats primary within the primary. liberals efforts to figure out how to push hillary clinton to the left. >> you know, tamron it's striking that hillary clinton's top democratic opponent in the 2016 race isn't going to be bernie sanders or martin
8:35 am
o'malley or lincoln chafee the former rhode island governor it's probably these elizabeth warrens, bill de blasios, people that aren't running but people trying to get her to go as left as far as possible. that's fascinating. we're seeing elizabeth warren and bill de blasio do this on the economy, also the issue of trade, organized lay bror and progressives trying to push hillary clinton as far left as possible, so this is a fascinating development that hillary's top challengers aren't even the folks running. the senate will hold this procedural vote 2:30 eastern time today on the fast track trade authority bill. >> yeah my colleague frank thorpe, our senate producer on capitol hill says it's unclear whether it's going to get 60 votes or not. this is going to be a really tight, tight vote and you end up having a lot of republicans in favor but still enough republicans that might be opposed, where democrats are going to need eight to ten democratic votes to get the 60 votes needed.
8:36 am
going to be interesting what happens at 2:30. >> the arab summit happening in washington, now saudi arabia is saying it is not a snub that the king will not be there in person to meet with the president. >> yeah and instead they are sending two crowned princes who are coming to the summit but tamron this all goes to the geopolitics involving saudi arabia, the big sunni part of the middle east versus the united states' efforts to cut a deal with iran that the shiite part of the middle east and getting caught up in all of those very very complicated politics. >> mark murray thank you so much for joining us we greatly appreciate it. again, we're keeping an eye on this event in washington, and we'll bring you the president's remarks as soon as he does start there. meanwhile, coming up police in connecticut link a serial killer to the deaths of seven women. why they say the killer is no longer a threat. it is one of the stories we're following around the "news nation." and the price of pampering, a
8:37 am
major new crackdown on nail salons in wake of a stunning report in "the new york times" on how the workers, most of them women, are exploited. first, there's a lot going on this morning. here are some things we just thought you should know. lawmakers in texas will vote on a bill that would prohibit state or local government employees from granting or recognizing same-sex marriages. the bill's seen as antigay by lgbt groups around the country and the bill is expected to clear the legislature before being signed by the texas governor. the obama administration issued new guidance telling insurers they must cover contraceptive methods at no cost to the consumer. made it clear insurers are obligated to cover at least one of the 18 fda approved birth control methods under the affordable care act. senator rand paul's son william is scheduled to be arraigned today on dui charges following a collision in kentucky last month.
8:38 am
william paul was cited for operating a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol and failure to maintain insurance after he crashed into a parked car. then there's this a strange moment from a rand paul campaign event in new hampshire yesterday. a campaign staffer for the presidential candidate licked -- oh yes, that is real. gag. he licked the camera lens of the democratic tracker covering the event. trackers are political operatives who go to events to try to catch candidates in gaffes. the rand paul campaign has not commented on the licking. those are some of the things we thought you should know. [ male announcer ] you wouldn't ignore signs of damage in your home. are you sure you're not ignoring them in your body? even if you're treating your crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis an occasional flare may be a sign of damaging inflammation. and if you ignore the signs, the more debilitating your symptoms could become. learn more about the role damaging inflammation may be playing in your symptoms with the expert advice tool at
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we are back with a look at the top stories on the "news nation" right now. any minute now we're expecting to hear from secretary of state john kerry following the meeting he just held with russian president vladimir putin. kerry traveled to sochi, russia for that meeting that comes amid strained relations over the
8:42 am
conflict in ukraine and support for president bashar al assad, as for iran as well. there are fears of more strong aftershocks after another major earthquake rocked nepal today. magnitude of 7.3 triggering more building collapses and landslides. officials say so far 37 people confirmed dead all this weeks after a powerful 7.8 quake killed more than 8,000 people. right now, president obama is participating in a major summit on poverty at georgetown university in washington. the three-day event is bringing together faith leaders and policy makers. let's listen in. >> inequality in our society, where it may be possible not only to refocus attention on the issue of poverty, but also maybe to bridge some of the gaps that have existed and the ideological divides that have prevented us from making progress. and there are a lot of folks here who i have worked with they disagree with me on some
8:43 am
issues but they have great sincerity when it comes to wanting a deal with helping the least of these. and so this is a wonderful occasion for us to join together. part of the reason i thought this venue would be useful and i wanted to have a dialogue with bob and arthur is that we have been stuck i think, for a long time in a debate that creates a couple of straw men, the stereotype is that you've got folks on the left who just want to pour more money into social programs and don't care anything about culture or parenting or social culture, that's one
8:44 am
stereotype, then you have coldhearted free market capitalist types who are reading ayan rand and think everybody is moochers. and that's -- and i think the truth is more complicated. i think there are those on the conservative spectrum who deeply care about the least of these, deeply care about the poor exhibit that through their churches, through community groups, through philanthropic efforts, but are suspicious of what government can do. and then there are those on the left who, i think, are in the trenches every day and see how important parenting is and how important family structures are, and the connective tissue that holds communities together and recognize that that contributes to poverty when those structures fray but also believe that
8:45 am
government and resources can make a difference in creating an environment in which young people can succeed, despite great odds. and it seems to me that if coming out of this conversation we can have a both and conversation rather than an either/or conversation, then we'll be making some progress. and last point i guess i want to make is i also want to emphasize we can do something about these issues. i think it is a mistake for us to suggest that somehow every effort we make has failed and we are powerless to address poverty. that's just not true. first of all, just in absolute terms, the poverty rate when you take into account tax and transfer programs has been reduced about 40% since 1967.
8:46 am
now, that does not lessen our concern about communities where poverty remains chronic. it does suggest, though that we have been able to lessen poverty when we decide we want to do something about it. in every low income community around the country, there are programs that work to provide ladders of opportunity to young people. we just haven't figured out how to scale them up. and so you know one of the things i'm always concerned about is cynicism. my chief of staff, denis mcdonough, we take walks around the south lawn usually when the weather's good and a lot of it is policy talk sometimes it's just talk about values. and one of our favorite sayings is our job is to guard against
8:47 am
cynicism. particularly in this town. and i think it's important when it comes to dealing with issues of poverty for us to guard against cynicism and not buy the idea that the poor will always be with us and there's nothing we can do. because there's a lot we can do. question is do we have the political will the communal will to do something about it. >> thank you, mr. president. i feel as a journalist maybe i'm the one representative of cynicism up here so i'll try to do my job. i want to go through the panel, then come back to you, mr. president. i want to invite bob, and i'm going to encourage us to reach for solutions, but before we get there, i think it's important to say that your book bob, you know your book "our kids" is above all a moral call on the country of all the kids -- >> we're just listening into the beginning of this panel discussion, as you hear there,
8:48 am
moderator e.j. dionne of "the washington post" making his way through introducing the rest of the panel, which includes president obama, making his remarks regarding how we address the issue of poverty and the 48 million people who live below the poverty line. the president pointing out the solution is not to just pour money into programs. it has to be a broader scale attack that involves people from all religious affiliations and from both sides of the political aisle. so we'll continue to listen to this panel discussion and bring you the president's remarks. e.j. just pointed out that he plans to make his way through some of the other people on the panel and then have more questions and follow up for the president. so we want to get that in for you. meanwhile, though police in florida are investigating a shooting involving george zimmerman, the neighborhood watch dog volunteer who was acquitted in the death of trayvon martin two years ago. police say zimmerman was in his car yesterday when he shot -- when he was shot excuse me
8:49 am
shot at by another driver with whom he had a previous dispute. nbc's janet shamlian has the details. >> reporter: george zimmerman is no stranger to run-ins with other people. on monday it happened once again. >> he reported that he had just been involved in a shooting. >> reporter: zimmerman told police he was driving near orlando when someone shot him through his passenger side window, just missing his head. he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and released. at the same time, police received a 911 call from a man saying he'd been involved in a shooting with zimmerman. police confirm that man was matthew apperson the same man involved in a road rage incident with zimmerman last september. monday he wasn't answering questions. >> hey, you touch me stop touching me. >> this is your opportunity to tell your side -- >> this is your opportunity to get out of my face right now. no comment. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> reporter: since being acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter in the death of trayvon martin
8:50 am
zimmerman has had a series of encounters, a confrontation with his ex-wife. >> i don't know what he's capable of. >> reporter: no charges were filed. another with his ex-girlfriend. >>girlfriend. charges were dropped. traffic stops that made headlines, but no charges. his own violation of law, a single speeding ticket. in this latest incident police say zimmerman man didn't fire any shots. his attorney says apperson was the instigator. >> george decided to drive away. >> late monday he appeared before cameras with his wife and mother and his lawyer. police haven't determined how or why the altercations started. no charges filed against either man. the investigation continues. flash flood watching in effect for 24 million in tornado alley. it's one of the stories we're
8:51 am
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a correction note earlier. a picture of rand paul's son william was accidentally shown when we were reporting on a crime from connecticut. he had no connection to the incident. we apologize for the error and accident. new details about a devastating tornado in texas tops our stories on news nation. a retired police officer and his wife were the two fatalities in van where tornado winds reached up to 140 miles per hour sunday. officials also say all of the missing have been accounted for. also today, there are new flash flood warnings and fears as texas and oklahoma brace for potential severe weather. in connecticut, police say investigators have now recovered the bodies of at least seven people believed to be victims of a serial killer. new britain police say the
8:55 am
remains were found in a swampy area behind the shopping plaza. the man responsible is already in prison. no one was injured after a tour bus caught fire and exploded on the mass mass turnpike yesterday. it was bound for boston when the driver noticed smoke and pulled over. all 47 people escaped before that bus exploded. that does it for this edition of "news nation." we'll be back tomorrow at this time on msnbc. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." prz
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8:59 am
the cases was sometimes perceived as random and sometimes perceived as incompetent. roger goodell wanted to make sure he got this right. john kerry in his first meeting with vladimir putin in two years since before the conflict with ukraine. on the agenda, iran and russia russia's aid to syria. tom brokaw speaking about his experience with cancer. >> this experience brought them closer together. what they realize is that i'm not going to be around forever. i do think all of us objectively understand that we are approaching the end of our lives. subjectively it's really hard to come to grips with.
9:00 am
good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. new england patriots deflategate soap opera. $1 million fine for the organization and loss of two critical picks in the next two drafts. brady's agent slammed the decision and said his client will fight the four game ban. some say this could have been avoided. >> if he said look we all look for an edge. i like the football at lowest possible end of allowed. i


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