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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  May 12, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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hello, everybody. we continue with breaking coverage of the train derailment. we are about five hours into this level three mass casualty incident. the we don't know the final number of casualties or the cause. at least five people are daefld that was confirm by mayor michael nutter and six are in critical condition. we know there are 65 total people taken to local hospitals. there were 243 people on board. five of them were amtrak employees. parts of the amtrak regional train are on its side. some upside down.
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one, this one that you're seeing here nearly split in half with a large section of the track mangled underneath. the train was traveling north from washington, d.c. to new york city. the ntsb has been activated and is investigating. here's what we're still trying to figure out even at this hour. first of all, the cause of this. what caused this accident. officials still are not giving us any word as to what that is and they are not going to speculate for good reason. but msnbc has spoken to several witnesses and many of whom report a few seconds of shaking just before a sudden and violent stop. people on board were launched from their seats. one person we spoke to was sitting in the back of the train. and he said suitcases hit passengers. when it all happened around 9:20 eastern time it was very dark. there was no natural light and very few lights on the track. rescuers were initially just using flashlights before asking helicopters overhead to shine their lights just to brighten
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things up enough so they were able to continue that search effectively. again, the death toll as it stands right now is five. we hope that does not rise throughout the morning but it is still an active scene. and as we went through the evening, watching all this play out. watching passengers being taken from the train to local hospitals, the one thing we kept hearing from officials is how devastating of an accident of a derailment this is. i want to play some sound right now of philly mayor michael nutter describing what he saw. >> it is an absolute disastrous mess. never seen anything like this in my life and most personnel will say that as well. >> that says a lot. i want to go toed a am reiss.
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>> there are dozens of firefighters, police officers, on the scene, milling about between the different cars. just to set the scene. if the tracks are going north/south, the the cars are on the west side of the track. repeating what we talked about earlier. it looks like a tin can that has been open. the other car on the side. one car perpendicular. the front car, the engine car, some 50 yards south of the other cars. separated from the other cars when the train derails. descriptions by some of the passengers were dazed and confused coming off, self-evacuating off the train. others had to be taken off. then there were stories from
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people on the train of the chaos when the derailment happened. luggage flying around. people flying around. people helping others disembark from the train out of windows. we're watching now. at least four officers taking out jaws of life. that's the contraption that is able to pry open the steel to help rescue people. so they're leaving the scene. about a half-hour ago we saw a search dog entering the scene. as the mayor said they cannot be sure if everyone has been accounted for. so that search continues through the night. they say they will brief us about 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. still plenty of police here. firefighters rescue workers on the scene. still combing through wreckage. devastating wreckage here. >> absolutely. if you want to talk about the emergency personnel, i know they're starting to make their way away from the scene.
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it is kind of winding down. but right after this happened we understand 123 firefighters were called to that scene. it was a four alarm response. as you mentioned, a level threaten mass casualty. seven cars including the engine overturned in that. one of the cars as we showed you earlier, was actually been in half, it looked like. we're seeing some video of passengers being taken away from the derailment site. are you getting any indication as to possibly what they're looking at specifically? as to a possible cause? i mean a lot of that is still up in the air. any indication as to maybe an indication of what they might be focusing on? >> i don't want to speculate. we can start looking at the speed of the train. as it entered this turn. the railroad agency the ntsb,
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the fbi, they're already on the way. we know the ntsb is already on the way. they will be looking at the speed, the brake, when and if the brakes were applied, they'll be taking toxicology tests of the conductor. the previous hour when you look at the scene here i've talked to people officers in car accidents. when you see this kind of damage, you have to think was this train going too fast to cause this amount of damage. the one we talked about, carved open like a can. we just don't want to speculate. but speed will be looked into as a factor. >> not only that but putting the clues together. i saw some video from a portion of the train track that was bent. imagine the force that would cause that.
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and there was some aerial video of the local tagss that showed some of the wheels from the train. several of them that were blown off the train itself. the train car. so it is just a big mystery as to exactly what caused this. but i think right after this happened, the big concerns was, one, trying to get people off that train. and to the hospital. and to medical care. then after that what happens to them? i understand a lot of them went to the hospital initially to get checked out. then after that, what? >> reporter: we heard many were taken to the hospitals in the philadelphia area. and as one producer on the train mentioned earlier, some were just left walking around dazed and confused here at the scene. others were taken to various locations.
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we don't know if they were on site. what they did, to get them a hotel room or to their destination in new york or further north. but the mayor did say that the train had already stopped in philadelphia. so everybody who was december continued for philadelphia had gotten off. so it was further north. >> all right. adam i'm going to ask you to stand by. we want to play some sound for our viewers to give an indication of what exactly happened. the former congressman patrick murphy was actually on the train and was speaking with rachel maddow a little earlier right here on msnbc. and he explained how he got off the train. >> how did you get out? i know you helped other passengers. you had quite a number injured passengers that you saw. how did you guys get out of there? how were you able to -- what decisions did you make there?
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>> well i slid through and handed on my head. the guy next to me i just got myself up. then checked my body parts and everything was there. and then i had to pull myself up. it was sideways. so the guy that was okay next to me then there was another guy right next to us who was totally knocked unconscious and bleeding. i grabbed him and shook him a little bit and said hey, buddy, buddy. he eventually came to. there was a lot of screaming and things of that nature. the first thing i did was pull myself up to what would be the ceiling, although it was the side of the train. on the western side and pushed out the emergency window as far
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as i could. human nature people just so flipping out that they had to get out. so i just put my hands down and helped them. that was probably about nine or ten people. then the folks who remained back were all banged up. and couldn't move. and just made sure. that was the one side of the cart and told people to put pressure where they were bleeding from. and then i climbed over the cantina to get to the other side and there were two people on that side that one couldn't move at all. and the one person who was frankly a little delirious and was, i was trying to calm him down a little bit. he was bleeding. and then another guy who just he was stuck behind one of those
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tables and couldn't move at all. >> that was congressman patrick murphy speaking to rachel maddow earlier this evening. he was on one of those train cars. and described basically what happened during the moments right afterwards and trying to get people off the train. the scene is still active at this hour. crews are still there. and the search crews are on the scene as well and they are trying to find piece gept clues and find if there are any possible passengers still aboard that train. we understand from mayor michael nutter of philadelphia that he's not sure if everyone has been accounted for. the number that we do know there were 238 passengers on the train. five crew members. of that five people have been killed.
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welcome back. we're continuing our coverage of the derailed train this evening. i spoke earlier with matt who was on the train with his mother when it derailed. max is an emory university freshman on the train. max, give us an indication of exactly what you experienced when this happened. the car started to shake and everyone flew up on to the side of the train. everyone was so confused, what happened. the car started to smoke and we thought we'd better get out of there before it explodes. so we tried getting everyone off the train. >> did you have any indication, was there any kind of prior warning or was this something that happened all of a sudden?
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>> it all happened at once. the car started shaking for two seconds. then we were on our side. >> do you know which car in particular you were in? were you closer to the front or the back? >> i was in the last car. >> you were in the last car. >> and i understand your mother was on the train with you and she was injured? is that correct? >> yeah. my mother, actually we're both in the e.r. right now at episcopal hospital. she flew up against the window and a suitcase fell on her. and i think she might have some fractured wrists. >> goodness. what happened when this train crash, and you saw these injuries, how were you able to get out? >> well, first thing i did was i helped my mom up and i looked around. i was there and i was walking and i wasn't in too much pain so obviously we saw the smoke
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coming and we thought we had to get out of here. there was a door that was slightly open and we just squeezed people through there. and i tried my best to help people get out. because there were people in much worse condition than i was. >> what kind of condition were they in? >> my mother was having trouble breathing because of her ribs. there were people that had suitcases and chairs thrown on top of them and their faces were bleeding. people with broken arms, broken legs, just everything you can imagine. >> and what is so starting about this is these are the injuries from the last train car. i can only begin to imagine what some of those closer to where the trains went off the track experienced. as you're in the hospital right now, first of all, what is your injury? do you have any injuries? >> i hit my head pretty hard. so possibly a concussion.
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but just a couple scratches. i really got away lucky. >> were you able to see and talk to some of the other passengers who were injured? maybe a little closer to where the train derailed? >> i did see some people. and they're pretty badly knocked up. their faces were bleeding. they were having trouble walking. and yeah. it was pretty awful. >> was it chaotic? or were people calmly trying to get a sense of what had just happened and get out of there? >> i think most people were just in shock and couldn't believe what had just happened. i mean, here i am a couple hours later and i still, i'm having trouble believing that just happened. but there were people who were freaking out and people thinking, wow, this could be the end. but i think everyone was pretty
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much just in shock. >> so once you got out of the train, was there anyone there to escort you somewhere? this was early on, obviously. >> police. police were there and they helped us out and helped us get away. there were wires everywhere. they wanted to get us away from the scene. get us the medical attention that we needed. >> how coordinated was it? were they able to escort you to an area where they kept people, they're calling the walking wounded to make it off the train and away from it? >> yeah. they got us away from it. they put us on a bus. took us away somewhere. and people who needed immediate medical attention got that. and they were transported to hospitals. but for people like myself, my mother, they took us to a separate place. we talked to investigators and now we're at episcopal e.r.
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>> max, we appreciate you taking some time out of what has been quite an ordeal to speak with us this evening. we wish you the best with your injuries, your mother's injuries and everyone on that train, obviously. thank you so much. and do take care. >> all right. thanks for having me. >> all right. he was on the train when it derailed. five people killed in this derailment. 65 total taken to the hospital. we of course will continue to follow this breaking news story. when we come back from this break we'll have the latest on the passengers taken to the hospital.
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we were sitting there. we saw it go like that. we just rolled and rolled. next thing i know we were pushing out the emergency exit. i was outside and there were
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people screaming and bleeding and we helped them out. and they're okay now. >> it was quite a scene earlier this evening right after that derailment. and obviously quite a scene still at this hour as crews are there investigating and trying to see if perhaps there is anyone still left on that train. as we heard earlier, from the philadelphia mayor, still not sure if everyone is accounted for. speaking of those at the hospital randy was at the scene but you just came from one of the hospitals. give us an indication what the injuries were. >> reporter: i was at frankford hospital about a ten-minute ambulance hospital. we did just speak with the doctor who gave us the update. about more than 50 patients transported to hospitals around philadelphia. this one in particular got about
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25 patients. what doctors are telling us is that many of the patients were in the front three cars of the train that derailed. they took the most heavy hits inside the train cars. so what they're dealing with is broken bones, lacerations. they say they have internal bleeding. a few of them are in serious condition. philadelphia police officers arrived on the scene first. put these patients especially the most injured into the back of the police wagons and then drove wagons directly to the hospital. unloading three, four patients at a time. we saw a few of them walking in with bloody t-shirts. a few others taken in on wheel chairs. at least one we saw on a stretcher so i can tell you it was a very busy time at the hospital. it has calmed down now. they're still dealing with 25 patients including some seriously injured. >> 25 at that particular hospital. a total of 65 have been taken to nearby hospitals. as we've been talking about all
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night long. six in critical condition. it reminds me of what i saw earlier. you saw doctors standing next on empty stretchers and beds just waiting for some of the injured to arrive. very surreal. almost like something out of a movie. what are you learning or what have you learned as to what some of the passengers experienced on board that train? >> i can tell you doctors have been speaking to the patients who didn't have very serious injuries. they said that everything was fine on the train. they came upon the area where the derailment happened and they heard a loud screech. and then some of the patients don't remember anything after that. they heard a loud screech and a bang. the one patient suddenly woke up. he had dirt in his mouth, all
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over his face. the train car was on its side and that's when he woke up. a lot of patients nokt unconscious. some of them hadn't woken up until they got to the hospital. it was a very surreal moment for these passengers. within seconds passed out or got knocked out and then woke up to this chaotic scene all around them. and they were rushed to the hospital. you mentioned the doctors and nurses standing around. that was at every hospital in the region across philadelphia. they were all prepared to handle this influx of patients. a mass am. that's when the police cruisers and police wagons started bringing people to the hospitals across philadelphia. >> a level three, that sets off alarm bells. as we heard earlier from the philadelphia mayor, still not sure if everyone is accounted for. hopefully we'll learn a little more at 11:00 a.m.
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that's when we expect our next update. it was quite the scene there. do you have any information after the walking wounded or those who were not injured, where were they told to go? where are they now? >> reporter: a lot of them have been told to go to a nearby elementary school. the issue we'll be facing since this was a d.c. to new york train, a lot of the folks who are injured may not be from the philadelphia area. so their family members are going to have to be driving up here. so a lot of confusion. and these people might not know the area very well. the ones in the hospital will be hopefully in touch with family members twhu train was carrying people from new york, washington, d.c. stops up and down the northeast corridor. it is a bit tougher to track
11:26 pm
people down. and i don't have it off the top of my head but that emergency manager gave a 1-800 number for families to call. you can head to that elementary school and it is still very early. this happened a few hours ago. as morning come up we can hopefully get these families reunited depending on where they originated from. randy gyllenhaal. thank you. i want to give you a phone number to amtrak. this is the number for family and friends to call if you're looking for loved ones. 1-800-523-9101. we are continuing to follow this breaking news story out of philadelphia. keep it here for the latest. why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to
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welcome back. to really understand the damage of the train derail many you have to see it from the air. we want to play some video from a helicopter reporter from nbc sky force 10 who filed this report a little earlier. take a listen. >> i can tell you, it is a very critical scene up here. we've been watching the live pictures on the ground. from up here you can get a better perspective of what happened tonight. you can see the mangled wreckage of the train cars that derailed and crashed and you can see down here in this area, you see some of the firefighters working to just try to stabilize everything and this situation here. also you can see right over here. i'm going to draw on the screen. you can see the ladders where they tried to evacuate. you see the windows taken out. some of the passengers were able to get on the ladders and get off that derailed train.
11:31 pm
i'm asking my photographer to pull back so you can see how many cars are involved. and it almost forms a z pattern where it just zig zags. you can see the entire area where the cars just derailed and it continues on into this area here. really just zig zags. another train car, perhaps the engine in the front. just in that area ahead of the tracks right there. so this is a massive scene out here. we counted seven to eight cars. and we have about a four-block radius that is cordoned off as a result of all this. you can see in this area here. we have fire department activity here, here and even all the way over to the top left corner of the screen. so this is a massive response out here right now. and also just here one more thing. you can see the little spotlight.
11:32 pm
we have seen some police helicopters out here. trying to put some light out here. if you take a look at this entire area you don't see a lot of light from street lamps or what have you. these trains come through the area late at night. and they don't have a lot of light on the area of the tracks. so they brought in helicopters out here. presumably as you're seeing to try to shed some light on the scene so the investigators and some of the firefighters and police officers who were out there at the scene can get a better look at the train cars and try to make sure serving stabilized and okay. as we push back in one more time we'll give you another look. you can see how many of these cruisers are out there on the scene. and we'll keep an i'd here with sky force 10. >> that gives you a little perspective of this level three mass casualty that they've called for following the train derailment in philadelphia. to look at the numbers, 238 passengers were on board.
11:33 pm
five crew members. five people unfortunately have been killed in this derailment. 56 in critical condition. a telephone to 65 have been taken to the hospital. we'll continue to follow this breaking news story.
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welcome back. we continue to follow breaking news of a train derailment in philadelphia. this is amtrak train 188. it was traveling from washington, d.c. to new york. hit just stop from philadelphia and was making its way to penn station when it derailed right there in philadelphia. 238 people were on board including five crew members. let's get the latest now. philadelphia mayor mike nutter and governor tom wolf spoke earlier. this is what they had to say.
11:37 pm
>> okay. there's not a ton -- virtually no new information, quite frankly but let's recap. this is amtrak train 188 from washington, d.c., bound for new york city. approximately 928, the first alarm went out. this went to four fire alarms, fire department is in command on the scene. that's 33 apparatus, 120 firefighting personnel, and ems. at this time, probably 200 police officers. the department of homeland security as well as first responders, state police on the scene, septa personnel on the scene. our best estimate, again preliminary information, everything we tell you will be preliminary information. we believe approximately 243 personnel on the train. five of whom are amtrak employees. 65 is one new piece of
11:38 pm
information. 65 trans ports. still six considered critical. and unfortunately, confirmed, five individuals deceased as a result. all those individuals went to a variety of hospitals. primarily temple and area and a couple others. we've received tremendous support from all of our agencies and departments and obviously, now i'll introduce governor tom wolf is with us. i've talked with him and his chief of staff. he's expressed tremendous support and we've received that support on the ground.
11:39 pm
governor? >> thank you. i am really here in support of the city of philadelphia and the mayor and really just to let him know, anything the state can do, we stand ready to do that. the state police are here to help. if there's anything you know you can count on the commonwealth. >> sam phelps will give some final information. we'll talk about where they are this evening. obviously, we're continuing our operations here and then we'll talk about tomorrow. >> sam? >> good evening. the most important thing right now is that the incident has been placed under control. we're starting the family unification process. we're working with amtrak, with our hospitals, we're working with all of our human services agencies. so again, if the public is looking for someone, a loved one, start that process by calling amtrak's number. 1-800-523-9101. again, 1-800-523-9101.
11:40 pm
we're working out of the city's emergency operations center to match all of that information against what we have with hospital records, amtrak, manifest information and again, call that number and we'll start the process. >> hospital person relevant at our emergency operations center which is why that is a central coordinating place. so we're able to match to a great extent the manifest information with hospital personnel and reoc. then when people call, the number of sam phillips gave you, they'll be able to get more information about their loved ones. we would expect since the train had already passed philadelphia's station and was a washington to new york bound train, many of those passengers are probably either washington, d.c. residents, new jersey residents, or new york residents.
11:41 pm
obviously, some people may have gotten on the train in philadelphia at 30th street station. given the time of the evening and the usual type of service for this particular train, most were potentially new york bound. i've reached out to both mayor de blasio in new york city. we've been in communication and i also talked to mayor muriel bowser in washington, d.c. both colleagues, folks i've worked with. obviously, mayor bowser much newer than mayor de blasio. in terms of where we are right now, we will continue for some time out here. we will continue but at 1:00 in the morning in darkness, it is a more difficult operation. in the meantime, ntsb as i mentioned earlier has already deployed a team. they are on their way to philadelphia with a full team, with equipment and we've also, working with amtrak, ordered some equipment.
11:42 pm
again, obviously trying to operate cranes and other heavy equipment in the middle of the night. not the safest thing in the world to do. so much of that operation will take place in the morning. in terms of any further updates, we would anticipate for the moment that we will provide an update somewhere in the 11:00 a.m. time frame. there will be no other updates tonight. we have no other information. and you all will do what you do but there's nothing else for to us report or to give you and nothing else really to see. that's the latest information on the amtrak train derailment. we will continue to follow the breaking news on this crash and bring you the latest right after this break. in just this one moment, your baby is getting even more than clean. the scent, the lather, even the tiny bubbles of a johnson's® bath are helping to enhance the experience. the touch of your hands is stimulating her senses. nurturing her mind.
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. we are following breaking news of an amtrak train that derailed around 9:20 eastern time last night. five crew members on board. five people have been killed. we understand 56 still in critical condition. a telephone to 65 have been taken to local hospitals. we'll continue to update you on the story. stay right here.
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welcome back. we're following breaking news of an amtrak derailment in philadelphia around 9:20 eastern time last night. five people have been killed in that derailment. i want to show you the scope of the crash scene. to look at i is quite, it is impressive in a very sad way. let's take a listen to this helicopter reporter as he shows you the devastation. >> this is really something. you don't see this often at all. really you don't want to. this is quite a scene from up here in sky force 10. from what we can see, all the overturned cars. you see this one right here appears to be the most heavily damaged. completely off the tracks here. right now you can see some of
11:48 pm
the other train cars in this area. and you just see how this one completely went off the rails. let's pull back a little bit here. and i want to give you an idea of what's going on around the scene. you see some of the emergency workers who are around the area right now. this appears to be the area that is in focus at this point. where this train derailed. you see right here. this is the front of the train there. that would be the engine car. we pointed out a few moments ago how it went off the rails and so far separated from the rest cars that it came to this point here and jumped the rails and ripped them off the railroad ties and bent the entire rail. we talked about this being a junction. you see a freight train car right there. it does not appear that this train hit any of the other vehicles out here in this area.
11:49 pm
i was just looking at a google map of this entire area. it is very dark. you can't see too much from this vantage point which is why they have police helicopters and the lights. i was looking at the map. you can see that the tracks do diverge in all four directions from this point. as the mayor said it is very soon and too soon at this point to speculate exactly what happened. you see tracks here as well. you see this is filled with train activity but right in this area here we have some of the damage where the train cars that crashed just completely went off the tracks. i want to show you right around here. you see some of these emergency workers in the area right now. they have been out here with flashlights. we've seen them at least the
11:50 pm
past hour. looking in the windows, looking underneath. trying to see what they can find in materials of debris. evidence. perhaps if there are any other people who may be on board these trains. you imagine how much force it took to get these train cars to derail. this right here those are the wheels from the train cars that look like they have completely separated from the train cars themselves. and you see one car right on the top of your screen. you see another to the left completely on its side. you see the brush in the area that is just flattened as a result. and you just imagine what it must have been like to be on board this train, to be on these cars that overturn to their side. and especially anybody who is on this car right here.
11:51 pm
>> that car right there is just it is so hard to look at that and imagine the passengers in that train car. and it is being marked number one. many of these train cars have been marked with numbers. we're not really sure how that is being pieced together but it is part of the investigation. adam reiss is on the scene. looking at that report from the sky, it shows you the scope of this derailment. to see that lead car so far from the rest of the train. it is just shocking. >> right. you saw it from the sky. i want to give you a sense of what it looks like from the dwrounl. to my right is going north. the train had just recently left the threeth street station in philadelphia. to the left you would have found the lead car.
11:52 pm
the engine car which was about at least almost about 50 feet north of the other cars that were completely turned off. the pictures you've seen in the aerials. the car that looks like it is completely mangled. the one car that is perpendicular to the tracks. complete devastation. five fatalities six critical. we talked about 243 people on the train. the mayor spoke to us about an hour ago. he said we can't be sure that everyone is accounted for. we saw a search dog go into the scene about an hour ago. they have a lot of the emergency workers have left the scene. but there's still plenty on the scene continuing to search through the evening to see if there may be other survivors. >> have you heard much from amtrak? we've heard from the mayor, from the governor we have heard from
11:53 pm
doctors at local hospitaled. we have not heard much from amtrak and i'm wondering why. >> i don't know. we talk to a producer earlier and she said there was no one guiding them once they got off the train. the good news is many did self-evacuate but there was no guidance as to where to go or if there was an effort made to get them to new york o'back to philadelphia. we do know in terms of the investigation, the fbi, the ntsb the federal rail raid administration will be coming, they'll be at the brakes, the speed of the train at the time of the crash. they'll make an effort to interview the conductor, take toxicology tests. what went so wrong as this train came around this curve and
11:54 pm
completely derailed. three cars on their side. one car completely ripped open. and the engine car north of those cars almost about 50 to 100 yards north of those other cars. >> when we look at video of that that engine car came very close to another set of train cars that were on the track. and they look like they may have been carrying some kind of lick wixted i'm not sure. wasn't a passenger train. i can only imagine had that crashes to the other one, and what that could have caused. for that engine to be so far away and then really break through the tracks. it shows you the force. >> right. and the speed that this train might have been going. we don't want to speculate on the speed but based on what we've seen in terms of the wreckage here. it had to have been going at a good am of speed as it came into
11:55 pm
this turn. >> and as for the latest on this i am understanding there may be a news conference around 11:00 a.m. that's the earliest we'll get new information. is that what you're hearing? >> that's right. the mayor said at 11:00 a.m. they'll hopefully have an update. maybe we'll even hear from the ntsb. get some of the first hand look and assessment after they've had a chance to look at the wreckage and make some kind of preliminary determination as to what might have happened. again, they probably won't want to speculate until they've had a chance to listen to the recorders and take the data from the recorders on the train. >> for those passengers who were already checked out at the hospital, where do they go now? i suspect many were new jersey or new york residents. >> 65 many transported to
11:56 pm
various local hospitals in the philadelphia area and we were told at the last press conference that some of them have already left and made their way to their home or maybe local hotels here. let me point out, you will see some of these emergency workers still coming out. we were there about two hours ago. there were still plenty of emergency workers. fire police on the scene. combing through that wreckage. >> even at this hour we're approaching 3:00 a.m. eastern time. five people have been killed in this train derailment. we will continue to follow this right here msnbc ask bring you the very latest. stay with us. boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen.
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at this hour exact details, they're still murky for a few reasons which we'll get into in a moment. it is a level three mass casualty event. five people are dead. that was confirm by mayor michael nutter and six are in critical condition with 53 in noncritical condition. 243 people on board. five of whom were amtrak employees. parts of amtrak regional 188 are on their sides. the video is quite starting when you look at it. one is upside down. one nearly split in half with large sections of track just