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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  May 19, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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capitol murder charges which can carry the death penalty in texas. meanwhile after speaking with witnesses yesterday police told the dallas morning news a dispute over a restaurant parking spot may have been what sparked the violence in theup first place. here's nbc's miguel am gar with more. >> reporter: police call the crime scene among the most violent and gruesome they've seen. a brawl between five rival motorcycle gangs leaves nine dead and 18 wounded. >> we have 170 individuals that we have arrested. those individuals are being charged with engaging in organized crime in reference to the shooting at twin peaks which is a capitol murder. >> reporter: what started as a fistfight in a bathroom turned into a rumble before it went
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into the parking lot. >> we were panicked initially when a man ran in, a lot of people started ducking. >> reporter: innocent diners caught in the middle. >> nobody was doing anything and they went and started shooting people. i don't know what the problem is. >> reporter: with the gangs under surveillance police in the parking lot responded quickly. no innocent bystanders were hurt. >> this can happen in any state, any town across our united states. unfortunately for us, they chose to be here on a sunday in waco, texas. >> reporter: with the television trauma popularizing motorcycle culture, investigators who infiltrated the helds angels says they often battle over drugs and turf. >> it's a nasty, dirty, bloody, vomit covered existence, and there's nothing sexy about it when you're in it. >> reporter: motorcycle gangs said to be behind sunday's shooting are as darg as ever.
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>> they are an international organized crime syndicate and these events, they happen all the time with these guys. >> thanks so much. new this morning, the trove of private e-mails that former secretary of state turned over last december may not be available until january 2016. an n a court filing the state department said it will take the rest of the year to review the 55,000 of pages of e-mail she turned over. the department says that 12 full-time staffers have been assigned to theç project. this has the u.s. times reports that the committee will subpoena a long-time clinton ally for a private transcribed e-mail. one working for the clinton foundation as we wrote. the paper reports much of the
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information appears to have come from a group of business associates he was advisesing as they sought to win contracts from the libyan transitional government. it reports he planned to take his forwarding his top memos. turning overseas in growing concerns about the spread of islamic state militants. a u.s. official tells "the wall street journal" that isis now has an operational presence in libya. and is regularly sending money and fighters there. the goal is to make the country its african hub. it comes as joint chiefs chairman admits the fall of ramadi is a setback for iraqi security forces but it is also leading to me questions about the united states's strategy to defeat"çisis. our chief global correspondent has more. >> reporter: the retreat from ramadi was fast and humiliating.
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iraqi officials in race for their lives. isis fighters who shot this propaganda video, isis gunmen controlling the hospital in the city's center. iraqi troops fought for two days leaving behind american supplied weapons and tanks. but it's a setback for the u.s. a decade ago, nbc news was in ramadi where hundreds of american troops grave their lives to gold the city. today it is held by the world's biggest terror group. >> it is possible to have the kind of attack we've seen in ramadi but i am confident in the days ahead that will be reversed. >> reporter: but u.s. air strikes that pounded isis for weeks. air power has its limits. >> the fall of ramadi is huge. >> reporter: critics like john mccain are calling for u.s. boots on the ground which the
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obama administrithon has so far ruled out. both the u.s. and iraq will now rely on shiite militias to retake the city of ramadi. they helped regain tikrit last month. they are armed and backed by iran. the u.s. is uneasy. iraqi officials say isis or dash in arabic will be beaten. >> no one believes dash is going to survive in iraq for much longer. >> reporter: isis is pushing toward the capitol with u.s. war planes and the troops struggling to defend it. >> back at home amtrak is facing several new lawsuits stemming from the deadly derailment in philadelphia. four passengers are suing over injuries claiming the company failed to install technology to control the train's speed. one of the plaintiffs nearly
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lost her arm. federal officials are trying to determine what caused the derailment. they are ruling out at least one theory. tom costello has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: the fbi says the shattered glass on the amtrak train was not caused by a bullet but the ntsb hasn't ruled out another projectile being thrown at the train. two other trains may have also been hit. in philadelphia. >> first one in line? >> reporter: fist one in line gets a hug. >> the mayor was on hand as the first passengers left for new york. 40000 amtrak passengers traveled the northeast corridor every day with a line shut down since tuesday, most were ready to climb aboard. >> i trust amtrak executives and all the amtrak people will not put us back on the trains if they didn't think it was safe. >> i'm sure they've done all the right work. >> reporter: rebuilding
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1500 feet of track posed one of their biggest challenges in 20 years. ceo boardmen telling me new safety upgrades are now in place. >> everybody in this railroad has been focussed and committed to safety. this is a safe railroad to ride. >> reporter: an automatic braking system was installed and as we saw a new speed limit for trains in the area of the disaster. >> reporter: we've slowed down here. this is where they derailed. the new rules require them to come in at 45 down from 50. the engineer has told investigators he can't remember the events leading up to the crash. mean while funerals were three more victims. >> thanks so much. president obama has ordered new restricts on the use of federal
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money for military equipment to local police departments. the move came as he spotlighted efforts to ease tensions between citizens and law enforcement. they will have to justify their use of special ammunition. >> we've seen how militarized gear can sometimes give people a feeling like there's an occupying forest as opposed to a force that's part of the community that's protecting them and serving them. it can intimidate local residents. we'll ban equipment not appropriate for local police departments. >> a lot of this stems from the incidents in ferguson, missouri. he was speaking in new jersey.
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in the past two years officers in camden have responded to nearly 4,000 calls involving a gun. during all the encounters no officer discharged his or her service weapon. remember baltimore? weeks after the death of freddie gray the national spotlight has dimmed but as "the washington post" points out, 30 people have been killed in the city in the last 30 days. an alarming rate. according to the paper this year is an track to out pace 2014 in homicides. clergy and community leaders are trying to make a difference but some say it's like people in their community, quote have almost been anesthetized to the violence. bobby jindal announced thejç formation of a presidential exploratory committee. and senator lindsey graham made his intentions clear in an
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interview saying in part, quote, i'm running because the world is falling apart. he says he'll make a formal announcement on june 1st. meanwhile, chris christie was back in new hampshire yesterday where he delivered his third policy speech in the state since april. the focus was national security and he took aim at the opponents of the patriot about which is up for renewal. >> when our secrets for revealed to the world civil liberties seized that moment to show their agenda. they want you to think there's a government agent listening every time you skype with your grand kids. they want you to think our intelligence community are the bad guys straight out of the movies. all these fears are exaggerated and ridiculous. >> later on in an interview he talked about his presidential ambitions and offered up an interesting explanation for his
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low presidential poll numbers in his home state. >> the polls many new jersey right now say by a 65 to 29% margin say you would not make a good president. they know you the best. why shouldn't we trust them? >> they want me to stay and i've heard that from lots of people. don't leave. >> but they say you would not make a good president. >> i think people hear the question they want to hear. >> meghan kelly throwing punches. let's turn to business after a record breaking close for index indexes indexes. the s&p closed at a high. steve joins us live from london. we're expecting to get the housing starts later this morning. will that throw some water on this rally we've been seeing over the last day? >> well, only if they're good
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figures. what's been leading the market is the fact that we've had so many bad pieces of data in the last 24 hours. the market thinks no rate hike. also the hope that greece will get a deal in the next few days. the labor minister have both side in the last 24 hours they think there could be some form of deal. apple is rallying after only 1% of the company, he said the shares which are trading at 130 bucks. the buybacks which i said the company should do. he says they could dominate tv and he reckons that apple could dominate automobiles at some stage in the future. >> get your apple stock. something near and deer to millennials, star bucks joining
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up with spot if i? >> here we go. it's a symbiotic relationship. the customers who are in the star bucks loyalty programs get special play lists for coffee drinkers and they get to use them afterwards. the customers get to join the loyalty program and the best winners here are the 150,000 empl]yees who get spotify premium as well. >> they have free college, spotify premium. things are looking up at star bucks. still ahead on "way too early," the president's new twitter account. already one former president is trying to call dibs. we're going to explain that and the tampa bay lightning struck six times. we'll take you inside the stanley cup action. and states down south faced hail
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taken by millions since 2001. vo: ask your health care provider about adding novolog®. it can help provide the additional control you may need. there we go. >> that looks good. >> huh? >> it's out there. >> it's out there, baby, follow the tweets. >> that was the president making his twitter presence official saying, quote hello twitter, it's barack. six years in they're finally giving me my own twitter account. former president bill clinton tweeted he wrote welcome to twiter. does that user name stay with
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the office in asking for a friend. >> obama replied good question. the handle comes with the house. no anyone interesve in at flotus? that would be a funny name for him. president obama has never hidden his loyalty to his home city. he followed every major sports team but the cubs triggering a twitter beef. the cubs trolled the president saying we're big fans of america. just saying you missed a team. of course, their owners have republican money connections. so fascinating in this world. time now for sports. we begin with the stanley cup. the rangers hosting the lightning in game two of the eastern conference finals. tampa bay crushing the rangers. tyler johnson scored three goals. the lightning and my friend brian boil up the series at one
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game a piece. going to be a great one. in nfl news the spring owner's pete meetings are set to kick off today. great bodily injurier good elle and his former buddy robert craft will be there. less than two weeks after his team was hit with sanctions with deflate-gateíó dtqi u$e patriots and the nfl are involved in back channel conversations regarding punishments in attempts to avoid lawsuits. tom brady has filed an appeal. they have been fined $1 millions and have until friday to file one of their own. scary moment here. indy car driver is in stable condition after surgery on an upper thigh injury sustained in a crash yesterday. he slammed into the barrier spun out and overturned briefly before coming to a stop. he's the fourth driver in the past week to crash during a practice session at the
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indianapolis motor speedway. >> let's get a check on the weather with bill karins. bill -- >> the thunder and lightning woke me up. i look the out and saw noah's arc. are we getting more rain? >> a chance of a new more storms. are you going to the game tonight? >> i will be there. i want to proceed in peace. >> it will cool off. you have a good chance of getting in the game. quick hitting showers. here's the new englq'd area. we need the rain in this area. it's a few showers south of allen town and down the hudson valley. the only heavier stuff in areas of connecticut right now. it's mostly just north of the hart ford area. that's the worst of it. as we go throughout the day, we'll see the first few showers rolling there. the showers i was just tracking will be near boston providence and long island but this cold front will come through later
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this morning. out ahead of it additional showers and storms. we get a break and warm up and then spark additional showers and storms. this is 5:00 p.m. new york city, philadelphia, maybe isolated around d.c. for the most part hit and miss at worst. 11:00 p.m. that starts to head off the coast. other bad weather out there no one has had worst weather than san angelo texas. water rescues in the city. the airport terminal has flooded. the airport is closed already for the entire day today. bad stuff out of san angelo. i'm sure once we get the pictures, that won't be the prettiest. the rain problem is going to be ripe throughout the day in areas of texas, oklahoma colorado. we're talking historic stuff. the wettest month ever in oklahoma city was 14.5 inches of rain. they've had almost 13 inches and they are going to see another 1 to 3 today and tonight. we're talking about the wettest month in recorded history in
2:52 am
oklahoma city is likely to occur in the next couple of days and possibly the same scenario in lubbock. they went through a 10-year drought and now they can't turn it off. let me show you how could it is. this is cruel stuff in the northern plains. this is a windchill map. windchill in duluth is 23. not fun. >> we don't want that. montana had the best weather in the country a few weeks ago. all that rain, we have to move it west. they need it more than the -- california and east. get it to california. bill, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> smoke ring airport baggage workers gradualednabbed for moving marijuana out of the country. the wild. and haven't for 35 years. with the hightest standard of animal care in the world, our whales are healthy. they're thriving.
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humid, humid. now let's get a check on the morning's other headlines. computer security and aviation experts are casting doubts an a claim that a man gained control of commercial airlines. chris roberts said he hacked into the inflight entertainment system while most airplanes can't be hacked because flight control systems are separate, newer aircraft have more
2:56 am
interconnections according to a recent government accountability office report but many investigators don't believe any such attempts could be successful. three baggage handlers are accused of trying to smuggle hups of pounds of marijuana across the country over the last three works. they worked at oakland international airport. they hid the drugs in backpacks and duffel bags. the bags were passed off the passengers waiting inside the terminal. 11 other people are also being charged. southwest airlines says it is cooperating with the investigation and does not tolerate any behavior that puts safety and security at risk. that's good to hear. that does it for me and "way too early" on this tuesday morning. let's bring in mika for a preview of what's coming up on "morning joe." what do we have? >> well, reading a lot of the headlines right now. a new report questions the
2:57 am
influence of a top clinton family ally while clinton was secretary of state and now they want to release tens and thousands of her e-mails last year. plus isis continues their advance. we'll be joined by michael hayden and former secretary of defense. and later, he plays cam on the hit comedy modern family. love him. the very funny erik stone street will join us onset. that and much more coming up on "morning joe."
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here is another new segment called joe biden what? ♪ >> i had a dream that i was vice president and was with the president and we did the disco funk dance to convince congress to restart the government. ♪ >> wow. i love him. >> wait, tomorrow night is the last night right? >> no, i