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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 22, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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e-mail trail. later this week state department releases e-mails. a day ahead of hillary clinton's trip here jeb bush got asked act them. >> i'm sure you'll get a chance to ask her. eventually she'll get out of the scooby doo van and interact with press and people. and good day today. we are live in new hampshire as hillary clinton kicks off her latest round of campaign stops. he's back here, her second trip here today. i'm andrea mitchell in hampton, new hampshire. more on hillary clinton's trip to come. first the prime suspect in the d.c. murder mystery is in police custody. officials arrested 34-year-old daron dylon wint without incident after a man hunt stretching from washington new york and back. wint is charged with first degree murder and expected to appear in court later this afternoon in d.c.
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peter alexander has more. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell nbc news police followed a white chevy cruise box truck in washington. officers pulling over the vehicle with guns drawn and arresting him without incident. two other men and two women were arrested. went's arrest capped a two day search from d.c. to new york where investigators believe he traveled by bus before returning to d.c. thursday. a law enforcement official tells our station police tracked him to brooklyn from a phone found in his girlfriend's custody. police used separate phone records to track him down according to the official. in 2010 according to police records, wint was arrested outside american iron works carrying a two foot long
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machete. charges were dropped after he pled guilty. he was charged for assault three times and three unrelated separate protection orders against him. >> peter alexander joins me now from washington along with wrc reporter who broke the story last night. are officials looking for other suspects? is went their own suspect? >> andrea i'm looking at new information. the suspect will make his court appearance after 3:00 p.m. today. you asked a good question which is whether or not there may have been another individual involved in the brutal murders throughout the course of the week, more than a week now. they have told us they don't think this was random don't think it was forced entry and
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don't think he was acting alone. 25 task force surrounded the vehicle he was ins and the box truck driving in front of it. they did pin them with all the vehicles surrounding it with arms and weapons drawn. all individuals surrendered. that included three women inside the vehicle t the chevy cruz with the suspect. wint and two other men in the box truck. law enforce. officials whom i've spoken in the last hour tell me inside the box truck they found a large stash of cash in the door some of it was in the door of that vehicle. they say it was at least $10,000 of cash. the real question coming back to what you asked, were these individual those that were involved in this? we know little about their identities and know little about them being his accomplices so to speak. >> you broke the story.
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how did the d.c. police break the story? >> essentially d.c. police were working with the task force officers consisting of u.s. marshal service. they zeroed in on a hotel in college park maryland. they found the box truck, a car. they follow had the to northeast d.c. to 1,000 block of rhode island avenue. they arrested wint with no problem. there was no problem with the incident. also investigators tell us that as peter said you have the two other men, three other women. they're looking to see if the they're somehow connected to this and how. we do know wint worked for the american iron works company that is savvas savopoulos company. we know wint's relative was fire ed from the the company. homicide detectives are trying to find a motive.
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they'll sit him down and talk to him. okay you worked for this company, what is your connection to this family? what happened? this was a brutal murder unimaginable. you have savvas his wife amy, 10-year-old son and the housekeeper. then the house is set on fire. >> peter, you talked to the marshal service. tell me what you learned about wint when he was arrested. we've got a little of that tape. let's play that and come back to you on the other side. >> sure. >> well we were following him down route 1, trying to find a good location we could conduct our pin which is basically like a red light. we hit almost every green light for two or three miles until we were at a good location with a helicopter above. we were able to get a car between the sedan and box truck and conducted our pin. we pinned the se dan with four
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vehicles surrounded the box truck. everybody gave up immediately. >> peter alexander -- >> yeah, andrea it was a dramatic scene he described. the suspicion of the u.s. marshals, the hunters in the situation like this, trying to find a criminal suspect. they believe wint left washington d.c. sunday or monday stayed with his girlfriends for a se isries of days. he left his girlfriend's apartment after seeing his face on television. they tracked him down in the d.c. area. >> extraordinary. right out of the movies. great work. thank you both t so much. meanwhile, isis continues the brutal advance taking control of ramadi and iraq.
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a unit reports to show isis fighters. one militant is seen and heard leading a chant in the streets. others are seen tearing down a poster of the president assad. i'm joined from the ranking didn't on appropriations subcommittee on defense. thank you very much. this march by isis unopposed by the iraqi army now, unopposed by the syrian rebel forces such as they are. does not say very much for the administration strategy despite optimism from the secretary of state and even the president. >> i can the tell you the situation is challenging because as many have written, if iraqis are not willing to fight for their own nation if iraqi army will not stand and fight despite our support and all our training, it's tough to argue -- though some have -- that united states should be sending troops to invade. we can help but need assistance
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of other countries and other people that believe as we do that isis is a threat way beyond borders of iraq and syria. >> at this stage, the president's president optimism and john kerry's sounds like wishful thinking. >> i wouldn't let one battle decide a war and wouldn't give up based on terrible news we have this week. i think we ought to be assessing as we continue to on capitol hill, the commitment that we're making as a nation and calling on allies to do. there are active efforts under consideration by this administration to try to change the game mover it in the right direction. when my colleagues stand on the floor and say it's time for us to send another army to iraq i think they ought to reflects on past experiences before they make objections. >> hillary clinton is just inside the brewery, the craft
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brewery behind me. there's a lot of criticism in the newspapers up here. strong editorial in the national telegram saying she hasn't met voters yet who have not been carefully invited by the campaign. has not had a single rally, hasn't done a public event in new hampshire, iowa nevada anywhere she's been since declare agoing a run for the presidency. some say it's way too controlled. >> come on. it's 18 months. there's going to be a real campaign in other iowa in innew hampshire and and united states. we're going to see more coming forward in this campaign. a lot of people are too harsh at this moment. we know senator clinton and secretary clinton. we know her leadership. i believe she's qualified to serve as president of the united states.
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how this campaign is waged is secondary to how she works for families across america. >> do you think she has real issues with the release today, state department releasing today the first batch of e-mails relating to benghazi and libya, the security in libya, all this. under court order to release sooner than january 2016 as the state department planned. they're releasing a couple hundred pages ss today of these e-mails. this is going to be dogging her for months to come. >> the tragedy in benghazi is something no one will forget. we have to be honest in our assessment. we have taken the most well regarded, highly decorated people that served our nation in the state department department of defense. we have asked them to do a thorough investigation. they have come back and said secretary clinton is not responsible for this terrible
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tragedy. unfortunately people in the other political party won't quit. they're going to find every new an and will piece of evidence. it's not going to change that fact. she's not responsible for it. >> one follow up on that. do you think she and her husband and their foundation contribute to these kinds of questions by the fact that late last night the foundation disclosed there was $26 million in contributions from clinton family speeches that they had not previously disclosed which is not what they agreed to do during the ethics agreement prior to becoming secretary of state? >> there's no question this foundation and activities are going to be thoroughly investigated as they should be. what bill and hillary clinton have said is they're going to make this information public as they will. there obviously was a mistake made here. those things happen.
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i think there will be full disclosure of activities in this foundation amazing charitable work done around the world and compensation to everyone involved. >> i wanted to ask you about the usa freedom act. i was talking to senior national security officials last night who were concerned. they say if the senate does not act on this extension of nsa ability to do some data collection, the nsa will have to start dismantling this process now. if the senate goes home for memorial day without agreeing to the house version. what is the solution? many people in your party don't have 60 votes yet to pass this bipartisan bill overwhelmingly approved by the house. >> let's look at the balance sheet here. who supports the usa freedom act? i do. president of the united states does. speaker boehner does. the attorney general supports it. secretary of defense supports
9:13 am
it. rand paul of kentucky supports it. 40 democrats support it. who doesn't? it turns out to be senator mitch mcconnel. it's time for him to call the usa freedom act. let's pass it and not jeopardize security of this country. let's move forward. >> what do you think is blocking it? what do you say to democrats poegz it?-- democrats opposing it? >> 40 out of 46 support it. opposition comes from one senator, senator mcconnel. unfortunately until he decides to move forward, we're stuck. >> senator durbin thank you very much. thanks for being with us today. up next what is brewing for hillary clinton at the brewery behind me today in new hampshire? we're with her many the first primary state. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc.
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welcome back. we're live in hampton, new hampshire outside the smutty rows brewery well known here great place. hillary clinton is touring this successful small business. it was created about two years ago. she is trying to focus today on the economy and jobs. there are 60 employed here. local papers already criticizing her here for not holding public events since she first launched presidential campaign. later this hour t state department releases 296 e-mails, part of a batch of 55,000 pages put out on a rolling basis between now and beginning of next year under court order that came days ago.
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last night the clinton family down fact revealed undisclosed payments from speaking fees from bill hillary and chelsea clinton turned over to the charity. joining me is alex in hampton, in malpractice and back in washington joined by national post political correspondent karen and nbc luke russert. alex, first to you. you've been really delving into this. the clintons can say our foundation did wonderful charity around the world, disclosed more than any other charity is required to. the counter point is hillary clinton told the senate she would do that disclose everything. >> that's right. when she became secretary of state she agreed to this unprecedented exposure. they said they were going to disclose all donations and
9:19 am
contributions. that's the question with the speeches not included in the list of disclosures of donors they put online. they said these were not dough faces, they were payments for services rendered. they were not in the financial disclosure last week of speeches she gave. they fell between the cracks. we got them after reporters demanded to see them. >> one had connection to thai government. luke, let's talk about politics of all this. clinton is dominating the field. there's no question no one, not o'malley or bernie sanders against her, is even close. in focus groups, people don't seem to care about this. in an hour we'll have the first release from the state department. >> something i found
9:20 am
fascinating, i spoke to alex on my web show. here's hillary clinton. she has a video that comes out. she wants to focus on issues like money and politics like income inequality. the most of the coverage has been about her problems with the clinton global initiative with benghazi investigation. it seems no matter what they try to do to shift the narrative to policy, it comes back down to possible inproprietyies with what she did at benghazi. i'll be interested if she can shift gears and get the focus more on these issues. a side from tpp argument we haven't had the press core ask about washington or future of the country. it's been more about her personal problems. this is something democrats have
9:21 am
said quite frequently for a while they fear for clintons. i spoke to someone from the obama camp that said see, this is what you get when you get bill and hillary clinton. >> one of the things you talk about press questions. there's been six press questions in this iowa trip this week. before that only a handful. there haven't been opportunities to ask her other questions. i tried to ask about trade at a photo opp. that was it. one of the things to you karen. when she answered six questions in iowa in five minutes, she did so well at it. do you think maybe she's created some of her own problems in this thought of having a very controlled roll out of a campaign that is now extended far longer than anyone had thought than they said it would without doing public events and rally. she's contributed to criticism these new hampshire papers are laying on her today. >> yeah the danger here is that
9:22 am
you know you create this sense -- the democrats have for many years, enjoyed advantage over republicans. who better understands the problems of people like me? shrink wrapping your candidate keeps the distance that voters like. especially in iowa and new hampshire. they really like to get up close to their candidates. they don't like imperial campaigns. look hillary clinton does not have a primary challenger. this is where, you know were she to have somebody coming up on her heels, this would be a problem. at this point at least, they've decided she's better off not making any missteps and keeping the control on this campaign and on her message. >> karen, thanks so much. alex and i have to run inside. you're looking at live pictures
9:23 am
inside smutty. we're going to run inside. luke take over. >> don't have too much of that smutty nose beer. that's a great assignment in new hampshire. enjoy yourself. >> how lucky are we? >> very lucky. enjoy it. good brown ale they have. after the break, santa barbara spill and is race to safe the wild life. we're going out there. still ahead, a hiss storic vote taking place in ireland. we'll go live to dublin for an update there. don't go away. "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, we've always been at the forefront of advanced electronics. providing technology to get more detail...
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here's to breaking more glass ceilings in golf and everywhere else. kpmg. continuing our commitment to the next generation of women leaders. welcome back. "andrea mitchell reports." emergency crews continue to work around the clock in california a to clean up after this week's oil spill a along santa barbara's pristine coastline.
9:27 am
300 workers are expected to arrive to clean up after the pipe rupture spilling thousands of gallons of crude oil into the ocean. sea world has helped rescue and recover fish and marine animals including a sea lion transferred to their care last night and sadly not doing well. let's hope they get better. joining me from santa barbara, chief council for the environmental defense center. thank you for being on the show. >> thank you for having me. >> can doingdoing my research for this segment, something jumped out i find appalling. the company responsible for this has since 2006 175 a maintenance and safety infractions. if you look at them from the hassous -- hazardous safety
9:28 am
inspection. what's the heck is going on? how are they able to stay in business? >> when this pipeline was approved in 1980s, it was alternative to marine tankering which would be more dangerous. santa barbara approved this with the automatic shutdown system so if a leak were to occur, the pipeline would automatically shutdown and no oil be release into the environment. the build over that pipeline sued the county and said they did not have the authority to require that that this was federally regulated pipeline. that contributed to the massive spill that occurred here. oil never should have left that pipeline to begin with. >> it's quite remarkable. in terms of what you're undertaking there -- i see
9:29 am
wonderful heroes trying to clean this up and save the wild life. how bad is it? some images are awful. seeing poor pelicans that can't get up because they're so soaked in oil. what are we seeing over there? >> i was out here on tuesday, first day of the oil spill. it was very alarming. the beach was just blanketed with black gooey oil. the tide was coming in, waves carrying the oil out to sea. there was no response happening on the beach at the time. the response was focused on stopping the leak and protecting the creeks. nothing was happening on the beach. we lost a lot of oil to the beach. that never should have happened. the beach cleanup didn't start until the next day. once the oil gets in the water, it's almost impossible to clean up. it also gets into the food chain. we have a lot of activity now with sea lions and pelicans going crazy. they're in the middle of where
9:30 am
the oil spilled. they could ingest fish or something else in the ocean that's contaminated with the oil. we'll never know how much they're impacted. birds fly away and may die somewhere else because of ingestion of oil. it's having a massive impact. we're actually very disappointed in the whole response and how long it's taking. >> often times these communities are dependant upon oil or whatever is in the community. i think of mines in west virginia. santa barbara is a ritzy place. do you think there could be a response of not in my backyard. people of santa barbara are not dependent on this pipeline. >> that's absolutely correct. that's what people thought when we had the oil spill in 1969. people thought that's the end of pipeline oil. as you see, we have this off our
9:31 am
coast. this is a wake-up call. there are two projects for oil drilling. we hope they're denied. the community askis up in arms about this. >> good luck with animals. take care. breaking news that topped the hour. daron dylon wint has been charged with felony murder while armed. he's expected to appear in d.c. federal court today. this is in connection with the killing of the savopoulos family and their housekeeper in their d.c. mansion. there's no death penalty here in d.c. big change for the boy scouts coming. this is nbcmsnbc. don't go anywhere. extraordinarily painful,
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a historic vote is taking place in ireland today which could become the first country to legalize same sex marriage through national popular vote. the referendum has however split the county. >> government are attempting to redefine marriage and family and voicing this on irish people. there's no conscious clause built in. >> no vote would be a majority voting to decide that a minority in their country doesn't have the right to be equal and are not equal. >> nbc's bill neely is in god's country dublin. mrp correspondent joining me from london. bill to you first. what are the polls shows us so far? >> reporter: well the polls are are showing really a big majority for allowing same sex marriage to be inserted into the constitution. you know luke i think we know now on both sides of the atlantic to take the polls with a pinch of salt.
9:36 am
i was at the polling station earlier, and there's a heavy turnout. the yes campaign those that support same sex marriage, say that is good for them. they believe the more young people that come out the more urban voters come out, the more likely ireland will become the first country in the world to have same sex marriage by popular vote referendum. ireland has has it before abortion and divorce. very bitter arguments. this has been less bitter. it would be a historic vote if ireland which 30 years ago was a very catholic very conservative, very traditional country where homosexuality was illegal and divorce was illegal. it would have come a long way tomorrow if it's the country that says yes to same sex is marriage by popular vote. >> let's dig into that a bit.
9:37 am
i'm familiar with ireland, been there numerous times. it's a very conservative country. abortion is still illegal in ireland. divorce was illegal until the mid-90s as bill was alluding to. what is the cause of this massive change in the social conscious of ireland? seems it's leading in the polls as you heard from bill high turnout means more likely than not this could become law of the land. what's behind what was one a conservative catholic country? >> i think you're seeing the same generational shift in ireland than other countries and even the united states. as more people know gay and lesbian couples, you see a this change. one no voter in ireland said he doesn't feel society is changing, he feels it's being hijacked. what's changing is despite the change of views, ireland is
9:38 am
still a highly religious conservative country. abortion is still illegal. bishops are one of the major groups that have come out against this referendum. every political party supports same sex marriage. in some day ways this is not only test of views on homosexuality and same sex marriage, it's a test of power of the catholic church in the country where so many go to church. is this bishop's saying vote no enough for the no vote to prevail or is this going to pass it has polls suggest? >> the church has lost influence without a doubt over the last few years. horrific scandals are unearthed publicly. i say on your point, you have business and union groups joining together that are you shall -- that you are talking
9:39 am
about. >> ireland has become home to a lot of major american tech companies. apple, google facebook yahoo. almost all have huge centers in ireland. that's for various reasons that has to do with tax code and other things. that means these large, progressive sort of 21st century firms want to be living in a country that appears to take a 21st century approach to social issues. they see other countries legalized same sex marriage. it's legal in in france spain. the business community is urging ireland to take the same step. >> bill separate issue but still there. prince charles and camilla doing a sort of tour four day reconciliation tour in ireland. i saw a picture with jerry adams and prince charles. this is historic not getting enough attention. >> yeah. it's the end of a historic and extraordinary week in ireland.
9:40 am
charles and camilla in a sense looking back to dark days of troubles. charles shaking hands with jerry adams who was the leader of political wing of the ira who of course murdered prince charles' great uncle in the terrible incident. he went to visit the site of that. then having a ten minute conversation together. so there's a sense of ireland looking back to the past and trying to heal the past in a sense today with this vote about what kind of country ireland wants to be in the future. one other point. you didn't mention the pope. pope francis is listening to to countries like france, spain ireland and taking an approach and told vatican to draw report on attitude of this. he is listening and looking at empty pews in the country.
9:41 am
>> thank you so much. appreciate that. a time of change in ireland. a police officer, new mother killed in the line of duty was shot and killed wednesday. she was on her last shift before she was going to go on ma ternternity leave to spend more time with her 3-month-old daughter who was released from the hospital that day. sarah sarah, what are do we know? such a sad story that is affecting a lot of people in that city. >> reporter: it is luke. this community really united in their grief for officer orosco a member of the gang unit. she continued into her off duty hours, mentoring young athletes some of who live in at risk
9:42 am
neighborhoods. coach k as her players called her was always encouraging, always positive. >> she would tell us it's okay. we don't always have to win but like keep y'all's spirits up. >> her coaching didn't apply just to the game. she talked to her players about bridging the community with cops. >> drug violence is not cool. >> the officer was shot to death wednesday attempting to arrest wheeler, a man described as a gang member. wheeler was also killed. >> it was a tragic circumstance that didn't have anything to do with equipment, tactics or anything like that. it had to do with the fact this job is extremely dangerous. >> officer orosc oh, died one day before she was going on maternity leave.
9:43 am
her daughter was born prematurely and and scheduled to leave the hospital wednesday. she had two young step children. >> i know what kind of mom she would have been. >> now a community united in grief. a team determined to play on in honor of their coach. >> she never gave up. >> nope. >> do you think that's a lesson you'll remember as you continue to play? >> yes. i'll remember everything she taught us. >> lessons these players will carry with them always. officer orosco's name will be added to the list of fallen enforcement. she's the 25th officer to die in the line of duty n. the meantime, the community created this temporary memorial to honor her adding flowers and candles throughout yesterday and today. luke, her funeral is scheduled for tuesday. a big crowd expected to come out and say good-bye. >> deservedly so.
9:44 am
what extraordinary individual. we look at this sea of red, white, blue. let's take a moment to remember the reason for this holiday weekend. since 1948 the old guard conducted the flags and tradition at articlelington national cemetery. flags are placed upon graves of soldiers that died. 6852 have died serving their countries in the wars. on memorial day weekend, we take time out to remember their sack sacrifice of those and those that came before them.
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breaking news from the state department where 296 e-mails from former secretary of state hillary clinton is now emphasis personal account has been released. these are related to the deadly
9:48 am
raid in u.s. embassy benghazi libya. the report says she received e-mails on her personal e-mail. the e-mail forwarded to her by deputy chief of staff relates to reports of arrests of possible suspects. the information was not classified at the time. nbc news is combing through the e-mails as we speak and we'll bring you updates as we find information on this important story. let's turn now to baltimore. six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray indicted by a federal grand jury. as announced yesterday by baltimore da marilyn mossby. gray could be seen during the second stop of the police van being arrested and placed down in the van. joy joins me now with the latest. officers were indicted bringing
9:49 am
peace to baltimore last night. what do we make of charges in this new video? >> slight changes between the charges and the indictments. reckless endangerment added for all six officers not in the original charges. crime carrying up to five years. for three officers charge of false imprisonment was dropped. slight changes is not unusual in a grand jury proceeding. >> recording this video, do you think this will make a change in how this proceeds forward? >> what the officers said this the initial statements was that at a certain stop he had to be shackled because he was behaving erratically. what you can see on the video shot by the bystander which corresponds to an over head camera that is now on the police department website shows he's not moving.
9:50 am
that contradicts what the officer said. >> we appreciate it. boy scouts president robert gates says end the ban on gay leaders or else. we'll have that after a short break. you're watching amr on msnbc. ♪ ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ ♪ she can print amazing things right from her computer. [ whirring ] [ train whistle blows ] she makes
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boy scout leader bob gates took a bold step calling for end of ban on gay leaders in the organization. zack walls is the executive director of the groups scouts for equality. he is himself an established eagle scout, highest rank. he's the son of lesbian mothers and activist for lbgt community. thanks for coming on the show. we were talking on camera. were you surprised gates did this? you said he was more likely not to touch this issue in the public spotlight for some time going back to jesse helms in the
9:54 am
senate. >> a year ago when he took this job as president of the boy scouts gates said he did not want to litigate his position as president. he didn't see a this environment coming. we see a lot in terms of new york where the new york council hired an openly gay adult leader n. colorado boy scouts are having pending legal action. >> the recommendation is not ultimately not up to him. this has to be implemented by scout leaders. how does that look like? can you see change this is states like massachusetts versus alabama? >> we don't know the policy they're going to put forward. we know dr. gates says they need to make the change sooner than later. he spoke clearly if they don't make the change on their own, courts could step in and force them to change.
9:55 am
in 2000 the scouts won a court case. he thinks this legal basis is may have been undermined by recent developments. >> a lot of scout troops start in relation to a local church. mormon churches sponsor scouting activities. they said they're going to reexamine the relationship to the scouts after this. are you worried that's detrimental to membership if churches pull out? >> dr. gates has to walk a line between chartering organizations, mormon church united methodist church and where the rest of the country is going. you have to make churches happy and don't get left behind. he's got an uphill battle in front of him. i think he's the guy to do it. >> lastly we're talking about the historic vote in ireland for marriage equality. you said that scouts in the uk
9:56 am
have allowed these individuals to be involved and it's had no impact at all. talk about that. >> i think it's the relationships with mormon and catholic church. you pointed out earlier the vote in ireland. i think we're seeing changes in different communities. >> thanks for coming on. we'll keep an eye on it. that's it for "andrea mitchell reports." great thomas roberts is next. have a great memorial day weekend. we'll see you next week. saturday more heavy rain and flooding concerns texas to oklahoma. nice weather from great lakes,
9:57 am
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10:00 am
what happens next in that case? we'll look at that. also ahead on this friday a bomb shell for the reality tv family, the duggars of "19 and counting." their oldest son is apologizing amid allegations he molested young girls when he was a teenager. we're asking you on the bing question of the day, do you think the duggars' reality show should be cancelled? moments ago the state department released 300 beiges of e-mails from clinton's private server after she started the campaign function in new hampshire. you can see her live at this event in new hampshire. these e-mails are from the days she was secretary of state. they come after a judge ordered their release in response to the information freedom act. she