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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  June 1, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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legacy beau biden has. unbelievable. >> what a great, great man beau biden was. what a great public servant. if it's way too early it's "morning joe." thank you so much for being with us today. stick around. good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart. first on "the rundown," time has run out on chai national security agency powers. as of this minute, the u.s. government is out of the business of bulk data collection, at least for now. last night, the senate failed to meet a midnight deadline to extend parts of the patriot act that would have authorized a program. that's thanks in large part to one man. >> we are not collecting the information of spies. we are not collecting the information of terrorists. we are collecting all american citizens' records, all of the time. are we going to so blithely give
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up our freedom? are we going to so blithely go along and just say "take it?" well i'm not going to take it anymore. people here in town think i'm making aeing a huge mistake. some of them i think want there to be an attack on the united states so they can blame it on me. >> joined by liberal democrats, senator paul managed to keep the senate from acting until after the deadline passed. in doing so he earned criticism from across the political spectrum. >> i think there's been a little bit too much political grandstanding and crusading for ideological causes that has really skewed the debate on this issue. but these tools are important to american lives. >> isn't this program as critical as it's ever been since its inception? >> there's no evidence not a shred of evidence that the metadata program has violated anybody's civil liberties. the patriot act ought to be reauthorized as is. >> no time to try to improve the house-passed bill will be
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allowed. because some would like to end the program all together. that would mean disarming completely and arbitrarily based on a campaign of disinformation in the face of growing aggressive and sophisticated threats. that's a totally unacceptable outcome. >> sunday's missed deadline is a defeat for mitch mcconnell who had been pushing if the program to be extended. it's probably only temporary. in tend, the senate opted to move ahead on the usa freedom act which passed the house last week and reforms the data collection program taking it out of the hands of the government. debate on that bill is expected tomorrow were a final vote coming on wednesday. the senate bill's sponsor republican mike lee was on "morning joe." >> it would end the collection of bulk telephone data by the nsa. meaning the nsa could no long ergo out and say "send us all your phone records, we want calling details on every call made in the united states."
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they'd have to connect a phone number they wanted to search another-to-another telephone number that was in some way involved in acts of terrorism. >> luke russert has the details from capitol hill for us this morning. luke, good morning. so the program expired, where do things go from here? >> key provisions expired at midnight, jose and for lack of a better word the plug has been pulled on those programs. it remains to be seen what the implications are for national security but as you saw in the lead in, a lot of republican senators, even democratic ones say it's problematic backed up by the administration. for the debate as you mentioned tomorrow, it will be on the senate floor. today is an intervening day. tomorrow you'll see the debate on the senate floor, you'll have amendments authors to the usa freedom act. it's a bipartisan bill a was passed by 338 members, had the blessing of both john boehner and nancy pelosi. it remains to be seen what amendments will be offered to change the bill.
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mitch mcconnell wanted thing he is would view as strengthening in terms of meants to the bill. we have not seen those and that will be displayed on the senate floor. here's what you have to watch for, jose whatever amendments go forward on this house-passed bill. what does that mean? that means it these go back to those t house and the changes have to be rectified over there and it has to pass. so we assume that should happen because the usa freedom act had 338 supporters and it's real controlled. until the house it's not guaranteed until we see what happens so what changes are made and when does it pass the house? it could happen as early as wednesday, maybe thursday. either or you'll go at least three to four days with these programs expiring hoerks say. >> luke russert on capitol hill thank you very much. now to delaware where flags are at half-staff today to honor the life and memory of its former attorney general beau biden. the eldest son of vice president joe biden passed away after a battle with brain cancer. in his final moments, the 46-year-old was surrounded by his entire family, includeing his father, wife hailey and two
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young children natalie and hunter. this morning, bipartisan reaction continues to pour in. >> grew up as the son of a senator but you would have never known that. he was completely down to earth and dedicated, of course first to his family but to public service as well. >> beau left us far toon too soon 46 years old. i'm certain his family will take solace knowing he lived a noble life. >> i want to express my sincerest condolences to the entire biden family in their moment of such deep and profound loss. >> i watched him grow up. i saw beau biden become the epitome of what a state's attorney general should be. >> he's just caring person down to earth person. joining me now is msnbc's chris math utilitiesy you -- matthews.
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so many people talk about how down to earth zblefs you've heard it from both sides of the aisle. i think it's really -- we're going up in the shadow of a famous person is difficult for any son. in this case he carries it very well. he was political like his dad. he would have great conversations in places like the green room. you just chat. and he always seemed like a regular soft-spoken guy. but that family has been wramed by tragedy for so many years and sprinkled with this incredible success as well. sprinkled into the tragedy i remember jose if you have a minute, back in 1972 i was going down to rehoboth for the weekend and i saw this big billboard of this guy, he's -- he looked very young, but he's losing his hair he had a raincoat on running against an unbeatable u.s. senator, a republican who had
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been governor congressman, senator, this was in 1972 and here's this guy, and i followed his campaign in "time" magazine and other places i was working on a utah campaign for another democrat and i have to tell you out of nowhere joe biden beat the establishment. he won and the next day he road around the state with the guy he beat and they were civil and friendly as you could be. and i always say to people look for the guys and women who win in the off years when you're not supposed to win. so he comes to the u.s. senate and with a matter of days his wife around family are going out to by a christmas tree before he's sworn in and a tractor-trailer comes by and kills his wife and daughter and his two boys hunter and beau are almost killed. and so he des kates his life to a kind of a hybrid existence. not really a total politician. every single night he went home and i think that probably hurt his chances of building a
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national following and being a member of the club in washington but he sacrificed because he believed in his father hood more than anything else. then there's the wonderful scene where jake and teddy kennedy and the old boys of the senate welcome him into the gym and convince him to take the oath. he didn't even want to take the oath at that point. so the whole life is very hard to get into. but losing your oldest boy is just unimaginable and the relationship they had which was so father/son i don't think his life will be the same. it will be something else. it's not going to be good. >> chris, something i noticed about beau is that he had that thing that you can't learn in life. it's how to be able to connect with everyday people. his father does it so well. joe biden is the ultimate every-mankind of guy. and he's got that thing you just can't learn, how to connect with people. >> i think that's who he is. when he was picked out there in
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springfield by the candidate, senator biden, senator obama, i was overwhelmed emotionally because it was the first time a regular guy like us got this high position. a catholic guy from the neighborhoods who used to say during the '60s he wore a sports coat. he wasn't part of that political scene, he was just a bourgeois regular guy who went to law school and was active in local politics and a town council and as i said went from a councilman to u.s. senator in one jump at the age of 29 before he was old enough to take the oath. and then all the tragedy. >> and beau had political plans. he'd announced he was thinking -- i think he was going to be governor and i think now -- i don't want to talk politics today but yeah i think he had those hopes. >> he did have that -- again those things you can't learn, how to connect with people. >> well i think it was -- it's
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that soft spoken -- you're two feet away from the guy and he's telling you the truth. i hate to say it but that's fairly unique in politics to be that candid. >> chris great to see you, thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me on. >> were b sure to watch chris every weeknight on "hardball" at 7:00 p.m. eastern time on msnbc. developing now, secretary of state john kerry is in a hospital in switzerland after a nasty bicycle accident on sunday. kerry was expected to return to the u.s. today for treatment at mass general in boston but before he flies overseas his surgeon is making a trip to the swiss hospital to check him out. secretary kerry fractured his right femur sunday when he struck a curb and fell during a bicycle ride south of geneva. this is video from march 16. it forced him to cancel the rest of a four-nation trip that included a conference on fighting isis. let's go live to boston and nbc's sarah dallof. any word on when the secretary will arrive there?
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>> reporter: good morning jose. his departure from switzerland and arrival in boston is fluid. it depends on his surgeon who is traveling over to europe to fly back with him, monitor his condition and keep him comfortable aboard a plane stocked with special medical equipment. according to the state department secretary kerry is in good spirits and never lost consciousness following the accident. . it happened 25 miles from the swiss border secretary kerry just started his ride along a route that has been part of the tour de france in the past. one of the big questions right now, how long will his recovery take? if it's extensive it could affect nuclear talks and diplomatic endeavors. kerry was already forced to cancel meets with the spanish king and prime minister on sunday as well as that two-day conference in paris on combatting isis. the state department says he will participate in that conference remotely however. that underscores the importance of that gathering.
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back to you. >> sarah, the fact that his surgeon flying from the united states to swiss land to check him out before he comes back in a special transportation for him, it seems like this is a serious injury he got. >> it also is the location of the injury as well that's leading to extra precautions being taken. the break is near his hip which he had operated on in 2009 also here at massachusetts general which is one of the main reasons they've selected this particular surgeon to travel over the europe and fly back with the secretary as well as why they've selected massachusetts general hospital for his recovery and treatment is. >> sarah dallof, thank you for being with me. in developing news out of the middle east, five senior taliban leaders will have to stay in qatar longer than they expected to as the u.s. works to try and keep a travel ban for them in place. all five were freed in a prisoner swap for army sergeant
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bowe bergdahl but the terms of that deal had been set to expire today. jim miklaszewski comes the pentagon for us. remind us of who these guys are, jim? >> jose, that is dilemma for all sides, everyone involved in this. these are five taliban leaders who are considered the worst of the worst, actually. they're so bad that at least four of them are also under a u.n. travel ban despite the agreement worked the between the u.s. and qatar in that controversial prisoner swap more than a year ago for bowe bergdahl. . the travel ban ends as of today but it's been extended. the government of qatar agreed continue talks about just what do we do with these five former taliban who are accused of mass killings and massacres when they were operating inside afghanistan some time ago. and right now it appears that qatar doesn't want them afghanistan doesn't want them
6:14 am
pakistan, maybe, but that would create even more tensions in the region. so these are five former taliban without a place to go right now. >> meanwhile, can you give us an update on bergdahl's legal situation? >> well, bowe bergdahl as we all know this story, he walked away from his base in afghanistan, was captured by the taliban, held for -- held hostage for nearly five years before that prisoner swap. he's been charged with desertion and another charge and there is an article ii which is the equivalent of a grand jury hearing on the military side under military law scheduled for july down there in houston. meantime, he continues to work at fort sam houston in a clerical kind of job pending any kind of either plea deal or the chance that he may, in fact be tried on a treason charge. >> jim miklaszewski at the pentagon, thank you very much.
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we're just getting started on this monday edition. june 1 of "the rundown." a little more than an hour from now, senator lindsey graham will join a lust of presidential candidates formally launching a campaign from his home state of south carolina. but first, look at this. a group of cowboys outside of houston working together to save hundreds of cows from the rising floodwaters. ranchers say they were only able to save about half of the herd of 600 cows. we'll have also much more on recovery efforts under way in texas. still reeling from the wettest month on record. today, june 1, the beginning of hurricane season for us here in the east.
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in just about an hour you'll be able to add lindsey graham to the rapidly growing list of presidential candidates. the republican senator will formally launch his campaign from his home state of south carolina. graham is one of the most hawkish figures in the republican party but he hasn't always been in the good graces of conservative voters. >> f you're keeping count -- and who isn't -- graham will be the ninth gop candidate to join the race and the 12th candidate overall. former maryland governor martin o'malley joined the democratic race. joining me is benjy sarlin and lynn sweet of the chicago times. benjy, no secret senator graham has been thinking about this but what was it that made him jump in? >> well, there's a lot of people deciding to jump in right now. it's hard to pinpoint why any one person is doing it. but the one thing that has crystalized it for lindsey graham in particular is the debate about national security which is peaking right now with
6:20 am
the debate about the patriot act which expired at midnight last night. graeme is graham is one a big foil to rand paul. they fight over national security issues in general and it's very important for the senator the way he's talked about his campaign to get his hawkish brand of national security out there, get it out publicly and make the case throughout the 2016 election. >> lynn, graham supported the immigration reform bill and the president's supreme court nominees. where does he fit in on the republican spectrum? >> he's a little eck electric which might be the market niche you need where you have such a large field, where you have a lot of candidates who are battling to get out of the bottom 1%. he might have an appeal. he is not only for immigration reform, he was part of the famous gang of eight a few years ago where he was willing to work with democrats and he was for a
6:21 am
path to citizenship for immigrant which is made him different so even though these things would make us say that's trouble in a republican primary, in a primary field where success if you hit 7%, he may have a place to maneuver. he's also a son of the south and he may get some appeal there. i think he will have a lot ott stake, as benjy knows, to win south carolina. >> benjy, how is lindsey graham able to shake up the field when there's so many candidates in there. lynn was talking about being a little eck electric. is that what someone like graham is banking on? >> first he has to get to the debates. nationally it may be heart for him to hit the polling threshold but here in south carolina graham is popular. he's paid attention to the local issues a senator needs to take
6:22 am
care of to keep being reelected by strong margin which is hae has been despite misgivings from the conservative wing of the party. south carolina is a critical state for the conservative insurgents who are hoping to unseat some of the establishment front-runners like, say, jeb bush or perhaps scott walker. it's traditionally been a state where a conservative can take a last stand against whoever is the more mainstream establishment candidate. if lindsey graham is here sucking up even 5% of the vote that could make a big fence in who prevails so by nature of where he's from he could have a serious impact on the race. >> especially since south carolina is one of the handful of early primary states i think that's key to his strategy. >> exactly what i was going to ask you, lynn. >> i'm sorry! >> on the contrary, that's how we mind read each other. thank you, lynn, thank you benjy. >> good to mind meld with you.
6:23 am
>> any time. 10:30 eastern we'll bring you senator lindsey graham's presidential announcement live on msnbc. new fallout after the federal indictment of former house speaker dennis hastert and an emotional interview with comedian tracy morgan speaking out since a highway crash that killed one man and seriously injured morgan and two friends. we'll be back. [ female announcer ] who are we? we are the thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nighters. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can say, "i did it!" ♪ ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses, turning dreamers into business owners. and we're here to help start yours.
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audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites. it's been nearly a year since comedian tracy morgan was critically injured in a traffic accident that killed his friend and fellow comedian james "jimmy mack" mcnair. speaking exclusively to nbc, morgan gave his first live interview since the crash. >> the case is settled but the pain is always going to be there for jimmy mack. he was a close friend of mine a
6:27 am
comrade in comedy and he was a loving man and a warm man. he was a good man. it just hurts me to see that he's gone. >> morgan says he doesn't remember details of the june 7 crash when a walmart truck slammed into the back of his bus on a new jersey turnpike. a reminder to get prepared. it's officially hurricane season. and while the storm forecast appears to be light, there's one key factor experts are warning out. plus, a new effort to highlight diversity in the classroom. nbc's own ida segal joins us live to discuss her new book series. you don't want to miss this. y take an omega-3 supplement, such as fish oil. but when it comes to omega-3s, it's the epa and dha that really matter for heart health. not all omega-3 supplements are the same. introducing bayer pro ultra omega-3 from the heart health experts at bayer. with two times the concentration of epa and dha
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6:31 am
pacific hurricane season is now a major category four storm. today, june 1, marks the beginning of the atlantic hurricane season and overall forecasters are expecting a relatively quiet season. the national weather service is predicting six to 11 named storm this is season. three to six hurricanes but no more than two are expected to be major hurricanes. the weather channel's senior hurricane specialist brian norcross joins us from the national hurricane center in miami. brian, i have to say what a pleasure it is to see you, my dear friend. i remember it was just a few years ago that we were covering the arrival of hurricane andrew right where you are. >> 23 years ago, jose. it's hard to imagine it's been that long that memories are so vivid, i know for you as well. >> i have to tell you, brian norcross is the guy who saved many, many people who that night 23 years ago depended on his voice and knowledge to get through a very difficult night. what we're hoping for brian is that that's not repeated any time soon. talk to me about this year's
6:32 am
forecast. >> well, the forecast as you said sfor fewer-than-normal storms jose. that's mostly because of this el nino. el nino is a warming of of the pacific water, puts extra energy in the atmosphere, make wind conditions aloft in the atlantic unfavorable. it also energizes storms in the eastern pacific so that's why we're seeing these unusually strong storms thankfully not affecting land but in the eastern pacific ocean so we'll keep an eye on that. but for the atlantic and gulf coast, the main thing to remember about this the i can give you four years, 1957 '65, '72 and '91 were all significant strong el nino years. they all had strong hurricanes making landfall in the u.s. audrey and betsy and bob and agnes all were big hurricane events. some billion dollar events there. so it -- just because we expect fewer storms to form doesn't mean we can't have a landfall
6:33 am
and doesn't mean landfall can't be significant. that's the the big lesson from the hurricane center from the first day of the hurricane season. >> brian, we've all learned that it can be the least busy season on record but it only takes one to hit land and we're all going to be in deep trouble. >> well 1992 was the real perfect example of that. it was right after an el nino year, so there were some lasting el nino conditions that really kept the number of storms very very low, like even less than the forecast for this year. but hurricane andrew came in august 24 and changed this community here forever. so we all have to keep that in mind. so nobody can take their eye of the ball and, of course here at the hurricane center they're certainly not doing that. getting geared up just like they do for every hurricane season on this june 1. >> brian, thinking back on those years and the effect of hurricane andrew on south florida, very quickly, i know you have to go but your biggest
6:34 am
memory of what we all learned from there? >> we learned that in spite of the fact that we were pretty ready, we had a good building code here it wasn't good enough and we had to take major steps. now the buildings that are built in south florida are built for hurricanes. there's still leftover buildings that aren't but that's the lesson. we have to prepare. and this community more than any community in the united states has learned that lesson although we're still not as ready as we should be. >> brian norcross the guy who let us understand what was happening to us in hurricane andrew. thank you for being with me. >> thank you, jose. developing now in the nation's capital. friends and family gathering for the funeral of a prominent family killed in their home last month. the father, mother ten-year-old son and their housekeeper were found dead after the house was set on fire. one suspect in custody tracked dun after authorities analyzed dna on pizza crusts found inside the home. nbc's craig melvin joins with us the latest. good morning.
6:35 am
>> reporter: good morning. while three of the four victims will be laid to rest behind me, this morning we've learned that once again police will be back at president savopoulos family home combing it for more evidence. this as the family attorney for the one man who's been charged and held so far is speaking out. three members of the savopoulos family will be laid to rest today, two weeks after they were killed, along with their housekeeper, in brutal slayings at their washington, d.c. mansion. friends attended a wake for savvas amy and their ten-year-old son phillip on sunday. but 14 days after the shocking murder and with reports last week that police believe there may be multiple suspects authorities are now remaining quiet about any additional arrests. so far dwintaron wint has been the only person arrested in connection with the killing. daron wint who worked with savopoulos more than a decade ago has a criminal history. his family retained an attorney
6:36 am
who spoke the suspect in jail. >> he believes that they are holding him in hopes that somehow they will find out who really did the killings. >> reporter: that attorney dismisses the much-publicized dna evidence on a pizza that authorities say ties wint to the crime scene. >> there's a substantial difference, i believe i've read between the delivery of the pizza and the deaths. further more dna analysis is sort of a junk science. >> reporter: some legal experts believe authorities may be keying in on the $40,000 in cash that was delivered to the home shortly before the fire and subsequent discovery of the family's bodies. >> the interesting thing about money is that it usually comes from places that have lots of cameras and that will help them with identifying potential sources of information, if not actual perpetrators of the crime. >> reporter: again, daron wint remains the only person being held right now. he's being held without bond
6:37 am
here in washington, d.c. but police maintain law enforcements insist that it would be very very difficult if not impossible for one person to capture, torture, then kill four people, then set the house on fire all by himself. jose? >> craig melvin thank you very much. turning now to the new fallout from the federal indictment of former house speaker dennis hastert. hastert's alma mater wheaton college in illinois has announced it will remove hastert's name from the school's economic and public policy center. hastert is charged with lying to the fbi and violating federal banking laos. law enforcement officials said he agreed to pay millions to a rm toer male high school student to conceal and compensate for alleged sexual misconduct while hastert was a teacher there. former colleagues of hastert still stunned. >> at least as he conducted himself in office he appeared to be a pillar of integrity. >> explain how shocked you are.
6:38 am
>> you could have knocked me over with a feather and other members who served with him are shocked as well. >> adam riess joins us from chicago. no comment from hastert but are we going to see him in court this week? >> jose, we may see him as early as thursday or friday when he'll be arraigned in a chicago courtroom. but we haven't seen or heard from him since the indictment. the fallout continue at wheaton college. his alma mater scrubbed his name from the public policy center there and he has resigned. in addition to wheaton college, the illinois state representatives said they will no longer spend $500,000 on a planned statue of hastert that would have been placed in the state capital. that after he resigned from his law firm in washington as well as the cme board here in chicago. now, colleagues all the way from washington to here in yorkville, people who know him, absolutely stunned by these allegations saying it's totally out of
6:39 am
character, feelings of disbelief, sadness but also some not so surprised. >> i was very upset. i felt terribly bad for his family and for him. >> i'm surprised that if this is true why it didn't come out sooner? i just can't figure whole thing out? it doesn't make sense. >> not surprised one bit. just seems the norm noum withw with politicians running wild with sex scandals money scandals. >> reporter: he faces ten years in jail, a possible fine of $500,000 and, as i said we could see him as early as thursday in a courtroom in chicago. jose? >> adam riess in chicago, thank you very much. across the country yids rkids are wrapping up their school year with relief looking for summer camps or summer jobs or just free time. but american classrooms have had a banner year. it's the first time in u.s. history a my majority of public students are minorities.
6:40 am
that diversity isn't always reflected in the learning environment. my next guest is hoping to change that. her new book series "mame is on the air" features a young latina girl who dreams of being a reporter. ida seeiegel, what a pleasure to see you. >> your day job is a reporter for wnbc our new york city station. what prompted you to write this book? >> when i'm in the field reporting various stories or the nbc news truck, it's incredibly appealing to the children we neat in the field. they come up to me all the time with questions like "what story are you working on? what does that button do? what's that big thing that comes up out of the truck?" they're so fascinated i thought i need to find a way to engage them on their level and bring them into my world. so i thought why don't i where i a children's book? i did. it's become a series with scholastic and it's beyond exciting. >> tell me about your decision to make emma half dominican. >> my children are actually half dominican. but when i first envisioned the
6:41 am
character i thought of myself as a kid so i thought the character would have red hair and freckles and be a caucasian little girl like i was. then when my son turned four i started to look for children's books that featured characters like him and i found out there was almost nothing. this was a few years back and there was very little out on the market that had black oar latino kids and i thought why am i creating a character based on me when i should create characters based on my children. so i decided to change the character in my booking to a half dominican eight-year-old girl who speaks spanish and has long hair and calls her father papi like my children do and it's been received very well. my own kids love it. and we've run into a lot of kids throughout who related to this character, more so than other characters that don't necessarily reflect their heritage. >> i can tell you that me from one papi, is going to get that
6:42 am
book for my kids because you don't find in positive role models in kids that have different cultural backgrounds. are you thinking of maybe writing in this spanish as well? >> it is going to be published in spanish at the end of this year. these decisions are monday my pay grade so i don't know but i think by the end of the year. jose, i have to tell you, just last week i went to visit a school in bushwick brooklyn ps 384 and it's majority hispanic with some black kids as well and i'm reading the book and you should see v seen their reaction. it was phenomenal when i told them that the character was dominican they started cheering and applauding. they saw themselves in the character. it was quite a sight to see. >> ida, when it's in spanish i want to have you on telemundo to talk about this. this is an important series of books. ie darksda ida, thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> take care. thousands of venezuelans taking to the streets. the country's largest onprotest
6:43 am
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6:46 am
this next story truly exemplifies that sometimes the show must go on. 12,000 fans in tijuana, mexico saw that firsthand saturday, no pun intended. a singer enrique iglesias reached up to grab a drone that was part of the show only to get his hand struck in the drone's blades. then the blood you'll see was not part of the show but it didn't stop him. look at the finger there is. he returned to perform for about 30 minutes. then look at his t-shirt.
6:47 am
it went from blanco to rojo. now, according to his representative he was semitreated at the scene of this stage then flown to los angeles to see a specialist. one thing is for sure you probably won't see any drones flying around this studio any time soon. now to a country on edge with the continuing unrest developing in venezuela over the weekend. incredible pictures from the nation's capital, caracas. thousands dress in white, taking to the streets on saturday in support of two political prisoners. it was the largest stand against venezuelan's socialist administration since the anti-government protests last year that ended up with opposition leaders leopoldo lopez and daniel ceballos being locked up. yesterday lopez's wife called for her freedom, the freedom of her husband and her country.
6:48 am
the massive rally avenue a week where lopez announced a hunger strike and urged reporter to rally. joining me now to give us the latest on the situation in venezuela is correspondent for the "wall street journal" jose decordova. jose, good morning. >> good morning, how are you doing? >> so the pictures from saturday are incredible. do you think it had any impact on the venezuelan government? >> i don't think. i think the venezuelan government is used to marches by the opposition. it shows leopoldo lopez has been able to inspire -- continues to inspire people from prison and that he indeed is a problem for the venezuelan government. he is, as you know, he is on a hunger strike. he wants the freedom of political prisoners an an end to recession and he wants the venezuelan government to set a
6:49 am
firm date for elections for midterm elections some time later this year which the government has not done. it shows that in a sense the government is very afraid of leopoldo lopez. >> and leopoldo lopez is not the only opposition leader that is in jail. there are former mayors of caracas, venezuela, for example, that are in jail. and it just seems as though even with these protests these -- as you said they're almost -- the government of venezuela is used to them there's very little that in the long term the government is going to probably do about these people. >> yes. the government is in a very difficult situation as you know the economy is collapsing as inflation is over 100%. the central bank hasn't published inflation figures in months. there's widespread shortages of
6:50 am
everything and the government continues with very -- you w this terrible economic policies that are leading to this. the hope is that it of the year and that there will be some sort of democratic solution to venezuela's problems the beginning of a democratic solution to venezuela's problems. >> and that still remains to be seen. jose thanks for being with me, appreciate it. >> thank you. up next here's a shocking statistic, the world health organization says 300 million people in china smoke. that's like the entire united states population nearly. today, one city is cracking down with a first of its kind smoking ban. those details when "the rundown" comes right back.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
>> so no smoking signs are going up across buildings in beijing,
6:54 am
which imposed the country's tough esteban on smoking in public places. offices, shopping malls, outdoor stadiums, public parks are included in the new smoking ban. cnbc's correspondent joins us live from beijing. how tough is this ban going to be? >> it's very very tough, the toughest one we've seen in china's history. as of today, people can no longer smoke indoors in public places or at certain outdoor areas, outside of schools, for example, and hospitals. this is really part of the government's overarching plan to try to get people to start quitting smoking. a lot of people are concerned about the fact that china is the largest consumer of tobacco products and it's wreaked havoc on the public's health. that's what a lot of authorities are worried about. and we've seen smoking bans in the past but they really have
6:55 am
not been effective because the authorities haven't enforced them properly. this time the government says they are going to put out thousands of inspectors to make sure this rule is going to be enforced and they are also going to be imposing financial penalties. for the first time we're going to see sizable fines on individuals of $33 any time you're caught smoking in the wrong place or $1,600 for businesses if you allow people to smoke on the premises. jose? >> talk to me about how prevalent smoking is. you're saying it consumes but is it something you see everywhere? >> 300 million people here are smokers, and that is the equivalent of the entire population of the entire united states, and it's part of the culture where giving a gift of cigarettes is seen as a very positive thing, so right now the government is trying to change the culture, the attitude and
6:56 am
that's the reason why they are getting the public involved in reporting violators. they've set up a hotline to call the government and they've also said you could post photos of people on their social media site if you find them smoking. >> thank you so much for being with me. one thing you don't want to do in china, be against the law. there they are pretty -- you know? coming up on "the rundown," senator lindsey graham's remarks at 10:30 eastern time, 7:30 pacific. and time's up on a key part of the patriot act, but the battle is not over yet on capitol hill. what's next of this controversial surveillance program on "th . they've arrived on the east
6:57 am
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7:00 am
today senator lindsey graham launches his bid from his home state of south carolina. he is the ninth republican and fifth sitting u.s. senator in the 2016 race. let's get to benjy sarlin on the scene in central south carolina. benjy, good morning, what can we expect? >> what you usually get from lindsey graham a speech robustly focused on national security. there's going to be a lot of talk about lindsey graham's sort of traditional hawkish view of foreign affairs, which clashes a lot with the nonlibertarian view. you're also going to hear a lot about lindsey graham's biography. he grew up right here on this corner. he was raised the son of a pool hall liquor store, bar owner. graham grew up in the back room and the family moved just around the corner over here. his parents died at a young age and graham raised his younger
7:01 am
sister, even adopted her. you'll hear his story about his background before he became a prominent politician. >> benji, we'll be checking back with you, thank you. senator graham was notably absent from a rare sunday night senate session while preparing to launch his presidential campaign. a key piece of the patriot act expired. when it did, the u.s. lost authority to collect american telephone data. rand paul talked about a few minutes ago what this all means. >> i actually want more collection of records on terrorists i just want less collection on innocent americans. i think we sometimes get distracted by collecting so many records that we're not spending enough time to follow the potential jihadists in our country. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell has more on the fight on capitol hill. >> reporter: a national security
7:02 am
showdown and rand paul's campaign against government surveillance surveillance. do you think you accomplished something tonight, sir? >> yes government's bulk collection of records is going to end. >> reporter: senator paul's fury over how government intelligence at the nsa keeps track of when and where you make phone calls has alienated his fellow republicans. >> we shouldn't be disarming unilaterally. >> reporter: certain programs under the patriot act expired this morning. reporters insist saving massive phone records can help track down terrorists. paul joined by some liberal democrats, blocked repeated efforts to extend them and made a stunning claim about his critics. >> some of them i think, secretly want there to be an attack on the united states so they can blame it on me. >> reporter: indiana republican dan coats says paul is not telling the truth. >> americans will be put at risk because of a false narrative presented. >> reporter: paul mobilized his
7:03 am
supporters on social media with the hash tag "stand with rand," drawing more republican complaints. >> i've run for president twice, but i would never stoop to something like this. >> reporter: paul told me he is not playing politics. >> i don't think many people question my sincerity on this issue. i've been fighting this battle since i came here. i forced the issue in 2011. there's always going to be cynics. >> kelly o'donnell joins me now, along with lauren fox. good morning. kelly, we saw you in that piece talking to senator paul. some called it a political stunt, but he's been clear this has been a stance he's been taking for a long time. >> jose i think it is true this is an issue he has championed for a long time. i think the question comes in how he's simultaneously using his action on the senate floor, forcing this to expire. the long speech-a-thon and simultaneously using that to drive fund raising and support among his campaign team.
7:04 am
these things are sort of in conflict and that's where the political sort of barbs are being thrown. no one doubts he believes deeply in these positions as a libertarian. the question is is he using the senate and the laws and to some degree national security as a way to drive his campaign? at the same time, he is running for president, he's a declared candidate. everything he does will also be looked at through that lens but in a time of social media where he can appear on the senate floor and his campaign can be using that appearance to drive support and interest that raises questions and has drawn some complaints. >> lauren the national journal ran an article calling this a lonely victory for senator paul. did he do more harm than good for his presidential ambitions? >> paul needs to motivate grassroots supporters that's what his campaign is going to be based upon. he doesn't have a big money donor like others maybe ready to
7:05 am
expect, even folks like rick santorum who may not have a big profile, but may draw a big doe mor like he has in the past so i think he needs this but at the same time, with his colleagues he's not popular. they had a meeting yesterday to discuss this issue. he did not even show up noting it seems like tlls nothere's not a lot of support for him to begin with but i think senator paul i don't think he's uncomfortable in this position. i think this is where his campaign is. >> kelly, looks like the focus shifts to the usa freedom act. how's that different and what are the odds of that going through? >> at this point both parties, the white house, are predicting this will pass and even rand paul says it will become law. we're at a stage where the house has passed a change to what the nsa can do taking records out of the hands of the government and saying the telecom
7:06 am
companies, they would store the records. it's a divide orever instead of the government knowing where and when you make phone calls. the telecom companies would keep that information. things like that so even that is controversial, but if it's a choice of no ability to get access to the records or shifting to the companies holding it that's something they are willing to do. on the house side it got broad bipartisan support to make this change, get the government out of the business of sweeping up all these records. so over the next few days the senate will debate that make changes to it perhaps and we expect that will pass. what paul has accomplished is ending the government collection, having this bid of time couple of days perhaps a week where there will be an absence of these programs but it's expected some of these
7:07 am
tools will be back in effect in a different form very soon. jose? >> we're expecting lindsey graham to talk about national security later this hour. how do you see this issue, national security, working into the 2016 conversation? >> the spectrum of republican candidates running for president is vast. on one end you have folks like lindsey graham that feel strongly the nsa program should have remained in place as it was, as does marco rubio, then you have ted cruz who supports the usa freedom act, then ronand paul, who says it doesn't go far enough. i expect national security issues will be a riff we see in the republican party. on national security a range of views, certainly. >> lauren fox and kelly o'donnell, thank you both for being with me this morning, thank you. reaction continuing to pour in over the death of beau biden as flags fly at half staff across his home state of
7:08 am
delaware. he lost his battle with brain cancer saturday. he was 46 years old, surrounded by his immediate family. the governor of delaware spoke just a couple of minutes ago to msnbc about beau biden's long record of public service and expectations he'd run for governor next year. >> yes, we expected him to run. had he run, he would have won, and when he won, he would have been a very effective governor. this is a huge loss for all of delaware not just because of how good he was as an elected official but just because of what an incredibly decent and good person he was. >> let's go live to the white house, kristen welker. kristen, good morning, tell me about the reaction coming from there this morning. >> well jose it's just devastating. vice president biden is at his home in delaware mourning privately with his family. meanwhile, condolences pouring in from the political world and all across the country.
7:09 am
a grieving vice president biden called his son beau "the finest man any of us have ever known." a special father-son bond that was clear to everyone. >> my friend my father my hero. >> reporter: born in 1969 beau was often by his father's side growing up but he became a politician in his own right, a decorated iraq war veteran twice elected as delaware's attorney general, but family came first. >> this was an incredible loss beau was an extraordinary person. >> reporter: the grief gripped washington. >> i'd just like to express my sincere condolences to the entire biden family. >> i think about life cut too short. >> reporter: the obamas also paid their respects traveling to biden's home in a smaller than usual all-black motorcade. the president said beau was just like his dad and made a difference in the lives of all he touched and he lives on in their hearts. this is not the first time tragedy hit the biden family.
7:10 am
beau was barely four when he was in a car accident that killed his mother and sister. joe biden just elected to the u.s. senate was sworn in by beau's hospital bedside. >> one of my earliest memories was being in that hospital. >> reporter: beau was diagnosed with brain cancer two years ago and after treatment was given a clean bill of health but this spring he relapsed the vice president keeping his pain private, but became deeply personal at a graduation speech just days before beau checked into the hospital for the last time. >> my dad's definition of success is when you look at your son and daughter and realize they turned out better than you and they did. >> the biden family is working on the details of beau biden's memorial and funeral services and we could get that information as early as today. jose? >> i also want to talk to you about another developing story this morning, john kerry injured over the weekend. tell me about that. >> secretary kerry was in geneva
7:11 am
for talks about the iran nuclear deal. he's an avid bike rider, he was riding 25 miles outside of geneva. he had an accident he broke his femur, his thigh bone essentially. he was transported to a hospital in geneva by helicopter he's said to be resting comfortably, in good spirits. in fact, his orthopedic surgeon is going to travel to geneva to be there with him for the flight home. we learned moments ago he's going to be transported in a c-17 military aircraft. he will be participating in some meetings that he has in the coming days via teleconference including one he was supposed to attend in paris focused on the threat of isis. secretary kerry expected to make a full recovery and is in good spirits, but certainly a lot of concern for the secretary of state over the weekend. jose? >> thank you. coming up at noon here on msnbc, andrea mitchell will speak to john kirby for the
7:12 am
latest on john kerry's injuries. coming up fresh concerns about the so-called taliban five. the former quan tan moe prisoners released this month exchanged for bowe bergdahl. first, another live look in south carolina where lindsey graham is about to throw his hat in the field for the presidential race. we'll carry the speech live about 15 minutes or so from now on "the rundown". here's to breaking more glass ceilings in golf and everywhere else. proudly introducing the kpmg women's pga championship.
7:13 am
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7:15 am
do you have any concerns about the deal that was made a year ago to trade these five senior taliban leaders for his freedom? >> i think if you look going forward, getting back an american soldier was important, particularly until he's adjudicated, it's impossible to
7:16 am
say what the cause was. it's important to get him back. i think now we've got to move forward and decide what we deal with. the five that are back presumably they'll go back to the battlefield, but they won't change the dynamics won't change the balance of effort but it's something we've got to watch. >> i'm not understanding that answer very well but that was the former u.s. commander in afghanistan speaking sunday morning about the so-called taliban five the prisoners exchanged for army sergeant bowe bergdahl bergdahl. he spoke, both american and afghan officials have expressed concerns. and we just got some developing news from elsewhere in the middle east an isis suicide attack killed 38 policemen. steve clemens, what a pleasure to see you. >> good morning, jose. wish i were with you in miami. >> i know. doesn't everybody?
7:17 am
first of all, how well do you think we can get qatar to keep this travel ban in place? >> well look i think we need to turn this on its head. there's been a lot of conventional reporting about the taliban five. i think qatar will play along with us and extend the ban as long as we like but they won't offer more surveillance more scrutiny, more intense coverage of these five people. the way we need to turn this on its head is understand what is going on here as if these were high value people that we traded to get back a people. these are high value people in terms of what is going on inside afghanistan right now or a deal between the taliban and the government. these were never to contradict stanley mcchrystal, never people in the field. this was a former minister of the interior deputy director of intelligence, former governor. these are important people but
7:18 am
largely paper pushers and there's no deal that can be done in afghanistan with the guy we support and the taliban as long as we held them in guantanamo so we got rid of them and would have found another excuse beyond bowe bergdahl, had he not been convenient. >> these guys are not sisters of charity workers. >> absolutely not. they are affiliated with the taliban, but in today's world the taliban is not al qaeda and al qaeda is not isis. so the taliban is going to be a feature of afghan politics well into the future and so they may play along and they may not. they may come in and try to stabilize him or be part of a government in the future but that's part of the uncomfortable and not discussed enough part of some of the guantanamo prisoners. they are political prisoners as much as they are military or national security holds for us. >> meanwhile, bowe bergdahl faces charges and goes to court
7:19 am
next month. how do you see that? anything the united states in hindsight should have done differently in this case? >> clearly, the united states should have not done a high five we got boebwe bergdahl out. i think that's legitimate but we accelerated him as a national hero, in ways i thought were inappropriate and as i just said, my sense is covertly we needed to move these taliban five regardless of whether bowe bergdahl was the excuse. it's an incorrect assessment but the high fiving kind of celebratory nature of getting bergdahl back looks like a mistake given some of the charges filed, the preliminary hearing will be in san antonio july 8th. we'll know more then. >> steve clemens, thank you for being with me. up next some of the other stories making headlines,
7:20 am
including baltimore's deadliest month in 40 years and a scary scene in midtown manhattan after a massive crane knocks into a building. those story and more coming up on "the rundown". ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. your pet... could you love him any more? probably not. but now you can give them even more when you save with sentry® fiproguard® plus. with sentry® fiproguard® plus, your pet is just as protected against fleas and ticks as with frontline® plus. because sentry® fiproguard® plus has the same active ingredients but costs less than vet prices.
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7:23 am
as the leading omega-3 supplement. plus, it's the only brand with progel technology proven to reduce fish burps. new bayer pro ultra omega-3. and we have breaking news coming from the supreme court. the justices have thrown out a pennsylvania man's conviction over threats he made on facebook. pete? >> this supreme court under john roberts has issued a series of pro free speech movements and today is another one. disagreed with the government the question here was, what's the test for weather a statement that appears threatening on facebook is an illegal threat is it in the eye of the beholder, the person who receives the threat or is the test what the sender meant? and today the supreme court said the sender's intent is critical to know whether that person
7:24 am
violated the law. this involved a man who made a series of facebook threats that were perceived as threatening by his estranged wife in one of the most notable ones she got a protective order and he put on facebook, fold up your order, put it in your pocket is it thick enough to stop a bullet. this is before the sandy hook shootings, he wrote about a nearby elementary school where he could go and shoot up the place and have a lot of victims. he was convicted under a federal law that makes it a crime to post threats on the internet but today in an 8-1 ruling the supreme court said that the prosecutors here made a mistake. they told the jurors in this man's case that the legal test is whether the person receiving the message perceived it as a threat, in the eyes of the beholder. the supreme court said no the jury got the wrong instructions so it ordered the case sent back to the trial court to determine
7:25 am
what was in his state of mind. he had argued all along that he was in a sense emulating rap lyrics as which can be quite violent and he said therefore, his speech was protected. it's a very pro free speech ruling in the internet age. jose? >> pete williams reporting right outside the supreme court. thank you. developing now from wall street, stocks higher as we begin the work week and the month of june. mandy drury is here good morning. >> here's the beauty of live news, right, jose? right now we are looking soggy here at the start of the trading week, little like the weather outside, which is definitely very soggy. anyway, we did get some data points this morning. for example, personal income rose 0.4% month on month, less than expected and also spending that was flat. so what we're really seeing here is consumers are tending to save more than they are willing to spend. when you think you are getting no interest at the bank you can
7:26 am
understand why savers why consumers need to do the saving themselves. also we have some amazing news possible news out of disney have you heard what they are thinking about jose? >> surge pricing, i have no idea what that means. >> well when it's really peak time uber has surge pricing, i.e., you pay more when there's a lot of demand. apparently disney is also considering the surge pricing ticket model at both locations in orlando and in anaheim, california, and it could possibly be three tiered so gold silver and bronze so you have a choice of pricing there. nothing is set in stone, but they are thinking about it when it's particularly busy at disney parks. >> that seems wrong to me mandy. >> i know, supposed to be the happiest place on earth. i don't know doesn't feed into that idea, does it? >> no it doesn't. thanks, good to see you. >> thank you. after the break, senator lindsey graham is expected to make it official his
7:27 am
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nature valley, nature at its most delicious. developing now, let's take a look at live pictures out of south carolina. lindsey graham will be launching his 2016 presidential campaign. we're going to bring you that announcement when it occurs but first msnbc's kasie hunt has more on the contender putting foreign policy at the center of his pitch. >> if i'm president of the united states and you're thinking about joining al qaeda or isil i'm not going to call a judge, i'm going to call a drone and we will kill you. >> reporter: senator lindsey graham has become one of the republican party's loudest hawks. >> i think the world is falling apart. >> reporter: today he's set to announce his bid for president. one reason for his bid, libertarian leaning presidential
7:31 am
candidate rand paul who graham says would be worse on foreign policy than president obama and hillary clinton. >> rand paul is one step behind leading from behind. rand paul is behind obama, not just hillary clinton. >> reporter: that from a politician who helped lead the charge to impeach president bill clinton in the 1990s. since then graham built a friendly deal making reputation on capitol hill. his best friend in the senate john mccain, is already behind him. >> we have traveled the world and we have been to many places. >> reporter: graham also has a compelling personal story that he hasn't often told on the national stage. >> i'm the first person in my family to ever go to college. i was raised in central, south carolina, in the back of a liquor store. >> reporter: his challenge, standing out from a long list of presidential hopefuls even in his home state, where rival marco rubio is. >> i may be able to endorse one
7:32 am
candidate. not clear which one at this point. >> reporter: often pick republican presidential nominees. >> and there's also a growing penance in both parties among the hardest of the hard. actually have to hate the other people. i'm not going to spend my life doing that. >> that was msnbc's kasie hunt reporting. benjy starlin joins me again from the senator's hometown of central south carolina. good morning expecting a lot on national security today. >> reporter: that's right. i mean the speech already would have been very focused on lindsey graham's very hawkish national security views, but it really comes now on the peak of the debate. patriot act sunset some of its provisions thanks to the dispute from libertarian members of congress like rand paul expect that to be a prominent backdrop to the speech. i'm guessing you'll see specifics about that specific
7:33 am
debate. >> let's talk about where he has been bipartisan and, for example, he was one of the gang of eight on immigration reform. that didn't really cost him that much politically in his home state when he went for re-election. >> right, and it's a testament to how well he's managed the basics of local politics state politics, he spends a lot of his time on constituent work on infrastructure projects that are very important to the state, not so much outside of it. that didn't cost him his re-election. he faced a primary that year from several conservative challengers and immigration was central to it but never gained any traction. and, in fact he won the primary in a blowout, the same day eric cantor went down in the upset primary in virginia which was over his much less moderate immigration position but still just for eric cantor kind of dipping his toe into immigration reform at all. so lindsey graham has been depth at that i wouldn't say it's a plus in a primary, but he's definitely done a good job of
7:34 am
managing his position here. >> and so other than national security what are the other positions that the senator holds that he thinks could be beneficial to a national presidential run? >> one thing you're going to hear a lot about here is his biography. i think he feels his working class roots can really connect with people in this environment. there's quite a few candidates who are leading strong with their blue collar biography after mitt romney's loss where he was seen aloof and out of touch and too wealthy to connect with the average person. lindsey graham grew up right over here in a pool hall/liquor store/bar where he was raised in the back room helping out his folks. when his parents died when he was at a young age about 20 21 he helped raise his younger sister here while still getting a college degree officer's training in the military so he feels he has a compelling story that he's going to expand on
7:35 am
today right here in his hometown. >> benjy starlin in south carolina, thank you. i want to bring in the former chair of the south carolina republican party. good morning. >> good morning. so you've got a hometown guy in the race now, any chance you're rethinking your decisions over who to back in the primary? >> lindsey graham has a strong strong history in south carolina and there's a strong history in south carolina of people running for president. andrew jackson is the run we claim and argue with north carolina on where he was born. john calhoun, the vice president, strong on the campaign, fritz hollings who ended his campaign in new hampshire. with lindsey in concern, he's a close friend. we did a lot in the last primary to make sure lindsey got through. he's a clever, crafty, smart politician, and there are a lot of people running, but at the end of the day, lindsey graham's going to surprise people with
7:36 am
his fundraising ability and his national network he's inherited from john mccain and also gone to great lengths to enhance. >> and, you know you're talking about the primaries, not only that, he had to fight it out and we were talking to benjy about this. someone like eric cantor in virginia doing a whole lot less on immigration reform than the senator did. didn't seem to affect him. what's the message and what's the story we can get out of that primary? >> well lindsey graham in south carolina, in washington they called him senator graham a lot of pomp and circumstance. lindsey has spent a lot of time. i don't think i've heard anybody call him senator graham in ten years, it's lindsey. it's personal they know him. the big question is going to be whether they want to elevate him to a presidential candidate and whether he can transfer the votes of 640,000 people in a big, big universe where south carolina has an open primary, both democrats and republicans can come vote.
7:37 am
we're not registered by party. that universe is the biggest republican universe there is and we'll have to see whether they want to promote lindsey or one of the other 17. takes about 32% or 34% of the vote to win south carolina and we'll see right now, everybody seems to be bunched into teams and the single digits but this race just started in south carolina. >> you think lindsey, i mean it's going to certainly play a part one way or another on south carolina. it's an early state, a lot of people look to that state as being important for their future campaigns. lindsey is going to have a part one way or another in this. >> a huge part, whether lindsey -- the senator is running to win, he's telling you the message, but i think what lindsey will surprise a lot of people is his depth of foreign policy knowledge, how washington works, and how it doesn't work. then again, he's going to hold some candidates like rand paul accountable. ted cruz on the debate stage,
7:38 am
you're going to have a lot of cast of characters in there that lindsey graham is going to pose a big problem to them while he's elevating himself. >> thank you for your time this morning, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> keeping a very close eye on the event in south carolina. it's yet to start. it was supposed to start about eight minutes ago but wasn't specifically at zero zero but as soon as it does we'll let you know how it's going. about 38 minutes now past the hour. while we wait let's zoom through some of the headlines making news this morning, a deadly month in baltimore, a new york city crane accident and elizabeth smart. baltimore recorded its deadliest month in 40 years, 43 killings just in may, that surpasses the august 1990 record of 42 homicides. latest fatality happened sunday when three people were shot by police in two separate incidents. the city has been dealing with a fallout of protests and riots
7:39 am
after the death of freddie gray in police custody. ten people still missing after rain and flooding. at least 31 lives in texas and oklahoma have been claimed by the extreme weather. finally this region could be getting a break. no rain in the forecast for the next couple of days. police in manhattan still investigating what happened when an air conditioner unit weighing several tons broke off a crane on sunday injuring ten people two construction workers among the victims. the ac unit was being lifted to a mechanical room before it went down 30 stories, it shattered parts of the building on its way down sent debris lying on passing cars and pedestrians. elizabeth smart, the whom whose kidnapping made headlines a decade ago, is now a mother. the 27-year-old father told reporters smart welcomed a baby girl three months ago. smart was 14 years old when she was abducted in 2002 her
7:40 am
abductor held smart captive for nine months before police found her and brought her home. he is now serving a life sentence. now to the latest on dennis hastert. wheaton college in illinois hastert's alma mater announced it will take down hastert's name from the economic and public policy center. hastert charged with lying to the fbi and violating federal banking laws. law enforcement officials say he agreed to pay millions to a former male high school student to conceal and compensate for alleged sexual misconduct while hastert was a teacher at the school. adam reese joins us from illinois where hastert was a teacher and wrestling coach. good morning. >> good morning to you. we're expected he could be arraigned thursday or friday in chicago, but we haven't seen or heard from him since the indictment. and the fallout does continue as you mention, wheaton college, his alma mater here in illinois saying they will scrub his name
7:41 am
from the public policy center and he'll resign from that center. in addition the house of representatives here in illinois will no longer spend $500,000 to build a statue of him planned to be put in the state capitol in springfield. this after he resigned from his law firm in washington and the cme exchange here in chicago. colleagues of his in washington all the way to people who knew him here in yorkville, absolutely stunned by these allegations. they say it's completely out of character for him. they feel disbelief, sadness, but some say they are not so surprised. >> he's an honorable man. he's been a good representative. he's been a good politician. proud of him. >> not surprised one bit. just seems the norm now with politicians running wild with sex scandals money scandals. >> reporter: now he faces ten years in jail a possible
7:42 am
$500,000 fine, and as i mentioned, he could be arraigned as early as thursday. jose? >> adam reiss, thank you very much. after the break, senator lindsey graham's presidential announcement and campaign launch coming from his hometown in central, south carolina, that will be next here on "the rundown". there's some facts about seaworld we'd like you to know. we don't collect killer whales from the wild. and haven't for 35 years. with the hightest standard of animal care in the world, our whales are healthy. they're thriving. i wouldn't work here if they weren't. and government research shows they live just as long as whales in the wild. caring for these whales, we have a great responsibility to get that right. and we take it very seriously. because we love them. and we know you love them too. ♪ ♪ time upon a once people approached problems the way same. always start at the starting.
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name the volkswagen golf motor trend's 2015 car of the year? we'll give you four good reasons. the volkswagen golf. starting at $19,295, there's an award-winning golf for everyone. and we are looking live at pictures out of south carolina. any minute republican senator lindsey graham will launch his 2016 presidential campaign. we're expecting that to start any minute now, but while we continue to wait i'm joined by two members of our msnbc news political team ladies good morning. any minute now the senator could come. if he does i'm going to have to interrupt you. let's start with you, the senator will be the only gop candidate so far with a military background. that's clearly going to have a part in this campaign. >> yeah it's going to be central to his campaign.
7:46 am
it's been central to his entire career in congress actually. he's been a member of congress through the post-9/11 world and he's made this issue central to everything that he does. he often partners with senator john mccain, who is also another republican foreign policy hawk and the two of them go out and they champion some of the more hawkish elements of the republican party. and senator graham is going to do this on the presidential stage, as well. he wants his position to be contrasted against those on the other side of the spectrum of him, including senator rand paul of kentucky. >> kerry, one of the pitfalls of anybody running for president is how do you get money, the money needed even to go through the primaries is enormous and growing every single election cycle. where's his source of income going to be? >> i would say i wouldn't underestimate lindsey graham's
7:47 am
ability to get some funds from donors. remember a big part of his campaign rollout and his campaign in general is going to be serving as a foil to senator rand paul and others who are less hawkish on national security. lindsey graham thinks the field is not being represented by those with views like his and john mccain's and there's a lot of donors, by the way, who agree with him. in the past senator graham has been supported by those pro israel republican jewish coalition, for example, so i think if he proves to be a good foil to rand paul in that respect, he might be pulling in decent dollars from big donors. >> leeann one of the issues that senator graham talked about a lot was immigration reform. he was part of the gang of eight of republicans that republicans and democrats in a bipartisan manner in the senate agreed to a comprehensive immigration reform package.
7:48 am
is that something he's going to be talking about, as well? >> it's something that's probably going to be brought up on the campaign trail, immigration is something that's not going to go away and is something that's caused issue for many candidates but one of the things about senator lindsey graham is when he has a position, he completely stands by it. in most instances, he hasn't been one to back track or flip-flop, and so it's something that he's probably going to be pretty proud of too. he's been an outspoken proponent of immigration reform. he says it needs to be done and it's something that he could also prove another contrast against some of his candidates who are kind of all over the place on the issue. and so immigration, i don't know if it's going to be something he's going to talk about and bring up all the time because national security is one of the main reasons he's running, but it's not something i expect him to be running away from. >> leeann and carrie stay with me. we're going to take a quick break and monitor what's
7:49 am
happening in central, south carolina, where senator lindsey graham is about to announce his run for the presidency. back with that and a whole lot more on "the rundown". and we see no reason to stop. so cvs health is creating industry-leading programs and tools that help people stay on medicines as their doctors prescribed. it could help save tens of thousands of lives every year. and that would be something worth shouting about. cvs health, because health is everything. i've been the same shade of red for many years. it's time to change it up! hello, golden blonde. shift a shade with nice'n easy. for natural looking color i don't know if blonde has more fun, but i plan to find out your pet... could you love him any more? probably not. but now you can give them even more when you save with sentry® fiproguard® plus. with sentry® fiproguard® plus, your pet is just as protected against fleas and ticks as with frontline® plus.
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7:52 am
so let's go back out live to south carolina. any minute lindsey graham will be launching his 2016 presidential campaign. i want to bring back two members of our msnbc news political team reporter leeann caldwell and editor carrie dann. immigration is not something he brings up all the time but certainly is going to be an important part of the discussion come 2016. and you do have a widespread of opinions on the republican side on immigration reform and a lot of them are people who have actually changed their mind on immigration reform. carrie? >> that's right, jose. you've got a very broad spectrum along the republican primary going from lindsey graham who was a member of that gang of eight bipartisan senate bill that passed then failed in the
7:53 am
house. you've got people like jeb bush and marco rubio who's also a member of the gang of eight, who have mediated their position a little bit on immigration. then you've got people like scott walker and rick santorum who are even calling for reduction in legal immigration, that's a very very far left view on this but going into this gop primary, in places including south carolina where senator graham is from and particularly in iowa where there's an electorate with very very strong feelings on this issue, senator graham's decision is going to be called by those on that side as amnesty. he's going to be labeled as somebody who isn't in tuned with the rest of republican primary voters. that's going to be trouble for him in this primary stage of the election. >> and leeann one of the other issues is his life story, which is something a lot of people don't know. >> that's true. senator graham grew up in south carolina, he lost both of his parents at a very young age, so
7:54 am
he struggled and he's going to talk about that during his announcement speech today. and that's something that he says has helped to develop him and to shape him as a politician and as a human being. he said he's also expected to talk about issues of social security and medicare and medicaid, so while most of his platform is going to be on the national security issue, he is going to have to address a lot of these economic issues that still are the number one topic for most voters. >> carrie with so many people running for the presidency in the republican party, how do you kind of come out from under the mold of issues, you know? seems like everybody's going to have a position on things. how do you come out from there? >> anybody who's followed senator lindsey graham during his time in washington knows that he is an artist in the zinger category. he's great at those one liners.
7:55 am
formidable in debates, especially if he wants to really get a hit in on somebody like rand paul but an issue for lindsey graham is right now under the rules for that first fox debate in august he isn't in that top ten group right now. he's notpolling quite well not, so being on the stage with candidates to have a moment that everybody remembers with a one liner or really really strong comeback, he's going to have a little bit of trouble getting into the national eye. because he is announcing today, we've seen from other announcements some of the candidates immediately get a bump in polling as voters start to learn more about them. that's what he's going to have to hope for, his national name i.d. and favorable numbers go up enough nationally that he can get on that debate stage with another nine republicans. >> leigh ann, that's the key for all of the republican candidates, to be able to get on a debate when there's so many
7:56 am
top ten, you know tough to get in there. >> it is. and a lot of the national polls that have been conducted thus far have shown lindsey graham at 1% 2% so it's going to be really tough for them. >> leigh ann caldwell and carycare carrie dann, thank you for being with me. we're going to continue monitoring in central, south carolina. when the announcement comes from lindsey graham you'll see it on msnbc. "news nation" with tamron hall is next. i'll see you here tomorrow. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. former law enforcement officer does a job no one else wants to do cleaning up crime scenes meth labs, and hoarder situation. she's growing and franchising nationwide. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc.
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♪ ♪ one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle great rates for great rides. good morning, everyone i'm tamron hall. this is "news nation." we begin with big developing news, a live look at central south carolina where republican senator lindsey graham is about to announce he is running for president. we'll have the latest on graham's strategy which includes taking some hard hits at senator rand paul. and announcing breaking news
8:00 am
from the supreme court. the justices have just issued a ruling in an important free speech case. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams joins us live from the court with this decision. >> reporter: right, this has to do with messages posted on facebook by a pennsylvania amusement park worker after he and his wife separated. and the messages were at least to her pretty scary after she got a restraining order against him, he wrote, put it in your pocket is it thick enough to stop a bullet. two years before the mass killing at sandy hook he wrote, enough elementary schools in a ten-mile radius to issue the most heinous school shooting ever imagined. the jury told him the test here isn't what the sender meant, it's what the receiver perceived, and if the perceiver, receiver of the message thought