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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  June 2, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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andrea mitch nel washell in washington. the acting director of tsa has faced serious investigation. according to the report undercover agents from the homeland security were able to get banned items including mock ex employees is and weapons through security 95% of the type. jay johnson has ordered tsa to conduct training at all airports nationwide. joining us is tom costello. i know these red teams are working all the time have inside guidance to weak spots. this is a dreadful report. >> it really is. i think we all have seen over the course of 14 years since 9/11 since tsa has been stood up. we've seen audits in which homeland security inspector general personnel, red teams, go in and probe different airports. in this case they found out of
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70 attempts to smuggle a mock weapon through, they were able to 67 tiles. 95% failure rate is astonishing failure. the issue is is this mechanical failure with equipment, personnel or training issue, complacent say issue? any of us that have gone through check points wonder at what point do your eyes glaze over if doing that job and you don't pay attention? is it all of the above or management issues as well? that's what the tsa is dealing with. homeland security requiring immediate changes as it relates to supervisors, training, checking and maintaining the equipment. they're recognizing they have to do a a top to bottom review of their personnel and of their procedures following this report. >> they take our water away yet they're letting bombs and
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weapons through. >> when i talked to former tsa chief about that he would say keep in mind in his words, those doing probing are what he calls super terrorists. they work for homeland security. they know the vulnerabilityies that airports and tsa have. their job is push probe, point out the weaknesses. even this scale of a failure is unacceptable. you know i think it does call into question the effectiveness of how the agency is doing its job today 14 years after it was stood up. on the other hand, let's hasten the ad. we have seen tsa intercept terrible weapons on a regular basis. guns machetes fake explosives or real explosives. we've seen soldiers trying to smuggle in plastic explosives.
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tsa has found an awful lot of that material. we've seen tsa officers wounded and killed on the job. this is not a robo security team that's a sleep at the job. i think the challenge is addressing what the new audit has found. >> if the audit showed less than 95%, you could put that context in. 95% failure rate as we said is pretty epic. >> pretty bad. >> i want to ask about the bomb threats. whether intelligence officials believe this is one bad actor trying to scare people trying to disrupt air traffic domestically. these were not overseas flights. >> they simply don't know. going into today, about 15 flights that started memorial day with the inbound air france flight escorted by fighter jets. a series of threats called in
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claiming there's a chemical weapon on the plane. a up of these found to not be credible. today we had five more. american airlines flight from san diego to philly which landed safely. that's the individuals owe you see there. a delta flight into atlanta, united into chicago. one coming from seoul to san francisco inbound 2:20 eastern time. and a mexican charter flight portland oregon to mexico was also named. all four of those on the ground. the only one in the air is the korean airs flight 23. we don't know at this point at least our law enforcement and i'm talking to pete williams about this, no indication they've tracked individuals a that may be responsible. we don't know if this is a prank or someone with ulterior motives or something else an overseas threat. we don't know yet.
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>> tom, thanks so much. speaking of pete williams, here's pete williams with more breaking news. this out boston. possible terrorism suspects shot and killed a man outside a drugstore this morning. officials were investigating whether the man had become radicalized by isis social media messages. how serious was this? what do you think led to the shooting? >> it was serious that this man had been under surveillance several days perhaps several weeks. he was in his early 20s. they went to arrest him this morning as he was preparing to board a bus in the roselyn dale section of southwest boston. he pulled a big knife on them. they told him to drop the knife. he instead moved towards them. he didn't drop it and he was
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shot. they say he was preparing some kind of an attack perhaps today. the fact he was carrying this large knife may be an indication that in fact he was planning to do something today. we're not sure what his intended target was. there had been rumors in boston among the police officers that he was targeting police officers. we've not been able to confirm that. there are others that are now being investigated in a case like this. they're looking to see if others are involved. they do believe they did prevent some kind of attack today, potentially some kind of isis-inspired attack in the united states by making this arrest. >> and this would presumably come under the grandfather provision where investigations that have been launched before the patriot act and other surveillance procedures some said to expire midnight sunday when senate failed to renew
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them. those that were in play those investigations can proceed. >> two things about that. one is we don't know whether the bulk data collection or lone wolf or roving cell phone wiretap provisions of patriot act were used here. we do know look at social media, other provisions of federal law have been especially helpful and may not have been affected. he was under surveillance some period of time. i think we'll see more of this for a couple of reasons. one is increased move by isis to inspire people many the u.s. second, the real effort by police and the fbi nationwide to look more carefully at people who are potential suspects and move to arrest them if they believe there's any indication they should be off the streets. >> pete williams thanks so much for all that. joining me now is democratic
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congressman adam schiff. thanks for being with us. we want to talk to you about the surveillance programs. senate has voted overwhelmingly to stop the debate fill buster or blocking of floor debate and floor vote we should say on either accepting the house version of usa freedom act or adding amendments as now contemplating meaning coming back to house. amendments that might not make it to get through the house side. so we're still blocked here. how serious is the lack of surveillance since this law expired sunday night? >> well, it's very mixed. clearly it's not ideal. these authorities have lapsed. we don't have something we put in their place to reform the authorities like usa free come. that obviously is the optimum outcome. we can most quickly provide these reforms and not go blind.
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there are work arounds though. i'm sure if there were negotiations necessary, administration will look at other authorities they can use. they'll be in perfect work arounds. standards may be around the burden of proof in court. may not apply in all circumstances because there may be specific requirements for example, criminal law statutes that don't work as well in the terrorism context. there are ways to work around this, but they're not perfect. they often take longer. in some cases there may not be adequate work around. >> do we know what happened in boston, this possible lone wolf or is this still clearly under investigation? >> we still don't know. in terms of threats that have been made recently to aircraft that's something we're obviously looking into. it may be as we've seen in the past simply a domestic party that gets a kick out of making these hoax threats or someone over seas doing the same.
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at the same time we see indications that isis recognizes the disruptive impact putting also information out there when they post on social media or call in threats or make some other provocative hoax that it distracts our law enforcement intelligence personnel. we're still trying to get to the bottom of this. there's a number of possibilities. >> what do you say congressman when you get back to usa freedom act, people that say this is too intrusive, too much privacy is given up? the telephone records are kept by the telephone companies. >> i think we've drawn a good balance here. it's reflective in the fact the overwhelming majority of didn't democrats and republicans and stakeholders have embraced this. it gives us the capabilities we need in an emergency to determine whether a number is
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connected to a not. ed toed to a plot. it's more protective for americans that have no connection to terror. it's a good balance. i think we see that with the overwhelming support in the house and in the senate if leadership will get out of the way. >> speaking of senate leadership mcmcconnel misfiring there and rand paul who went to the floor and tried to walk it back. he went to the floor sunday and suggested his colleagues might be happy if there were a terror attack because then they could blame him. >> it's obviously gotten ugly. i'm sure rand paul regrets having said that. it's unseemingly to have a member of the senate fundraising off this on the senate floor, disrupting the solution to the
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problem. very unseemly to put it mildly and disruptive of a national security too. hopefully this will come to an end soon. i want to caution, if senate loads up nsa freedom with four amendments, there's a good chance it may go down in the house. we have a prolonged period of lapse in these authorities. i hope the centers realize these four amendments aren't necessary. they're not desirable. they don't improve the bill. the intelligence community doesn't want them. it's going to create further problems for progress in this area with this impasse. >> how concerned are you with tsa failure in 95% of instances to spot weapons or other contraband explosives remain silent -- explosives that go through? >> for quite some time, i've
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been making the argument that our airports and aircraft are far too vulnerable that we haven't taken all steps to protect the public. it's key as a rulevulnerabilities i worry about. that's why it's such a concern to us in the intelligence community. these kinds of attack on aircraft have the potential of changing the country in a very destructive way. in addition to terrible loss of life it would cripple the industry, result in dislocation of people. that is something to be guarded against. we plainly have a lot of work to do. >> adam thank you on all things. thanks for being with us. >> thanks andrea. next up a democratic challenger to hillary clinton weighs in on nsa surveillance and other issues. bernie sanders joining us live after a hair raising visit with
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the senate has now taken the first step toward restoring the the scale back form of nsa surveillance perhaps after the patriot act expired sunday night after rejections from one republican candidate rand paul. it's an issue for all run arening including be including bernie sanders who is joining us now.
9:18 am
let's understand your reasons. >> i voted against the original usa patriot act and voted against the reauthorization. while the bill on the floor today is a much better by it is a step forward. it does not go far enough. i have real, real concerns not only about the role of u.s. government collectsing massive amounts of data about the lives and telephone calls of innocent americans. i worry about what large corporations are doing. we're living in a time andrea where technology has far outpaced policy in terms of privacy rights of american people. this bill is a step forward. doesn't go near as far as it should. we have to be vigorous going after terrorists and protecting the american people. we have to maintain our constitutional rights and rights of privacy. >> i want to better understand your thinking. over the weekend you told chuck
9:19 am
todd that i may well be voting for it, u.s. freedom act. it doesn't go as far as i'd like it to go. you voted against the original patriot act and reauthorization of it. you were still undecided i gather as you were assessing it over the weekend? >> i wanted it to take place. it's appropriate to vote to keep the debate going. at the end of the day this bill is a step forward. it doesn't go far enough. we need a national conversation we have not yet had. do people feel comfortable about corporate america and u.s. government knowing so much about their lives? that's the debate i hope will happen as soon as possible. >> of course the counter argument is that the phone companies, as businesses already keeping these business records, so they have the records already. google knows as much about our lives as we know about ourselves. the counter argument is what would be the harm of having the
9:20 am
nsa have the ability once they go to court to access phone records already stored in the phone companies? >> i think the harm is that it is not just phone records. i think it's a step forward getting phone records out of nsa. having the government having to go to a court to get into the phone records held by the private phone companies. i think the broader issue is that both government is capable of not only knowing the phone calls you're making but having access to websites you visit, e-mails that you send. when you hold up this iphone the government knows -- there are people who know exactly where you are. the books that we're reading, magazines we're reading, food we buy, medical records we have. i think it's too much information out there held in the hands of too many people. i think we've got to fight for our privacy rights.
9:21 am
>> and one of the other things you've just done is written a letter suggesting the democratic national party have bipartisan debates as early as july which brings to mind how would you decide who among republicans would be in such a debate. how would you have a big enough stage for everybody? >> i think it can be done in an ad hoc way. that's something to work out. here's the point andrea. there is no secret that millions of americans are giving up on or political system. that is a sad state of affairs. people fought and died to protect our democracy. in the last election 63% of american people didn't vote. number one, we should have debates earlier. we should be focussing on real issues facing the american people. the disappearance of american middle class. 45 million living in poverty, increasing gap between rich and poor. finance system controlled by billionaires. we have to focus on issues and
9:22 am
get the american people involved in that process. second of all, i happen to believe that debates should take place all over this country. i think the democrats have made a huge mistake giving up on a 50 state strategy something people like howard dean years ago called for. poorest states in the country, mississippi, alabama, other states. democrats have turned backs on those states. i think we should get there, bring can datsdidates there, plant a flag. if we're going to stand up for working families do, that in 50 states. i think we need to be involved early on. once we get to rooms with republicans, we can expose the agenda for huge tax breaks for millionaires, throwing millions off health insurance, environmental protection
9:23 am
education education. we can have them in the room together we can expose them. >> in davenport, i'm told you had 700 people in iowa just the other night. >> yes. >> you're doing well in iowa in a grass roots way, yet hillary clinton has 30 paid organizers to your two paid organizers according to reports. is she running circles around you in terms of money and organization in iowa despite an area that is pretty fertile for your kind of voter? >> well first of all, remember i've just been in this race for one month. we've just started raising money at we have 140,000 contributors sending on average $40 a piece. we're doing fundraising different than our opponents. we are going to beef up in iowa. my campaign manager will be on a
9:24 am
plane in a little while to start interviewing people in iowa. we had a great week in davenport and aims. we went to a tiny town. 250 people in the town, brought 300 out. we are going to run a strong grass roots campaign focussing on this. we had great meetings in in malpractice -- in new hampshire as well. we're building our infrastrauk infrastructure. i think there's a lot of support for the message i'm taking to american people. >> one message is in terms of your facebook community, you said usually it's in the shower something pops in my head. you play an active role in writing what goes up on facebook. you want to share the process? >> that's the truth.
9:25 am
in our senate website, we have 1.1 million people that follow us. on any given day, there are more people talking about us than the "new york times" has. i do write many of the posts that go to facebook. often i wake up in the morning, and there's something on my mind. may be about education, maybe income and wealth inequality. we quote pope francis a lot. if people think i'm radical, read what pope francis has to say. we put his posts up. they sometimes get 40,000 or 50,000 likes. we take the best ideas we can find what i'm saying. it's resinating pretty well. >> some sing in the shower, bernie sanders you write your facebook posts. all in this together. thank you so much. good to see you. good luck on the campaign trail. >> thank you very much. up next kier simmons with
9:26 am
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it was a cry heard around the world only just a year ago, bring back our girls, after nearly 300 schoolgirls were kidnapped by boko haram terrorists. most of those girls are still missing. thousands of others have been forced to flee their homes it has militant group continues the wave of terror. kier simmons travelled to lake chad, haven for many of the desperate refugees which until now was never seen by the outside world. >> riding motorized canoes in 110 degrees heat. we cross lake chad where boko haram fighters have launched recent attacks reaching this island. thousands of refugees have built simple homes aftercapes with
9:30 am
lives. jennifer who was a student and her friends, all said they fled from boko haram. all of you. when captured by boko haram, they're sexually exploited. >> they'll kill them. >> we meet this woman who saw boko haram militants cut her son's throat. his children now fatherless including 12-year-old and this one just three. further on another gathering. more families begging for help. when medicine arrives, the scale of the need truly hits us. mothers holding up their babies clamoring for supplies including water purification tablets.
9:31 am
aid workers are overwhelmed. they just got here. >> people are terrified. now they're desperate. >> more than 100 malnourished children are treated. >> this is the first aid they've had had had? >> first aid since coming here. >> in 24 hours, aid given to thousands. there's 125 million displaced in the region including jennifer who must look after her 4-year-old. she remains hopeful. >> boko haram gone? >> yeah. >> no one knows when boko haram will be gone. the militants are still fighting while on this remote island. the isn't fend for themselves. >> and kier simmons live from the capital of chad. this is just an incredible crisis. it has been until you went there really off the radar. there's been no visibility.
9:32 am
>> reporter: well that's right. particularly for the thousands of refugees on that island that you saw there. there are other refugees here in chad. in nigeria itself spread across this region. as i mentioned they estimate 1.5 displaced including women and children. you have to ask yourself the question, when the west gets so concerned about the issue of bring back our girls with the hashtag campaign then you compare that to level of human suffering now with so many -- we were told by unicef and by other groups that they think they treated thousands of people on that island. there's an estimate 2,000 women have been taken by boko haram. when that's all true how come there isn't the same level of concern and attention across the west now a year later. >> that's one of the questions.
9:33 am
when we talk about these campaigns, they become very popular. then the attention span of all of us the conventional wisdom mass media, so brief. we should point out, i was struck when watching your report on nightly news with all criticism of failures when it comes to syria and conflict solutions, we don't pay enough attention to what these groups do day in and day out in these refugee camps. >> you're right. let's not pretend they do a perfect job all the time. that wouldn't be true. they're trying to deal with a difficult situation. another point too, andrea we're hearing from the city in nigeria, a very crucial place, that boko haram is launching attacks around that city. when we hear from nigerians and other governments that they think they're pushing back boko haram. is that suggesting that isn't
9:34 am
completely true or is it that boko haram is on the defensive? it is a really unclear picture here. yet, it's so crucial for so many people. and because boko haram is trying to ally itself with isis. crucial around the world. >> we should point out nigeria just had election. inauguration of new president was last week. secretary of state john kerry was there before he went to iran talks in switszzerland. so much happening that does not get covered. thank you for being there. here at home safety regulators and amtrak officials facing tough questions in front of the house transportation committee after the derailment that killinged eight and injured 200. the train was traveling 106 miles per hour before it derailed on the curve even though there was a 50 miles per hour speed limit. there was no found anomalies with the braking system.
9:35 am
the house officials looked at the technology to slow the train's speed automatically wasn't in place. he said it will be by the end of the year. >> the greatest change we can make is integrate that as rapid as possible. by the end of this year this system that will dramatically enhance safety will be complete and operational on nec. thank you. [ male announcer ] ours was the first modern airliner, revolutionary by every standard. and that became our passion. to always build something better airplanes that fly cleaner and farther on less fuel. that redefine comfort and connect the world like never before. after all, you can't
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audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites. the vice president's office released more details on services to honor beau biden that died at age of 46 after
9:39 am
battling brain cancer. president obama will deliver the eulogy at a mass in delaware. the vice president's son who served two terms as attorney general will lie in honor in dover, dedell. the family requested in lieu of flowers those wishing to make contribution in memory of beau do so in the beau biden foundation for protection of children. find the link on our facebook page. in florida today six contenderss are speaking. >> we're here at disney, a place imagination rains. people with amazing ideas are able to put them into motion. somehow we need to marry political class to imagination class. >> msnbc political analyst,
9:40 am
former republican national committee chair michael steele joining me now. they go to disney land or disney world before they win the super bowl. they may not get there. >> that glass slipper may be broken before they get to put it on. this is cattle call time. whether going out for primary or coke round up or going here to florida for governor chris, the field is getting tight. they're bunching up to go do elbow room and shop their wears with big end donors. that room is filled with some of the elite donors from florida and probably elsewhere around the country. there has a purpose for them. they'll take advantage of it. >> who is in the money game? playing well in the money game? i was talking to a strong
9:41 am
supporter of marco rubio who said they had a good experience with nevada contributors. florida is obviously now going to be divided between jeb and rubio. now you've got rubio stuck in washington because of nsa surveillance votes. >> they're trying to do a video link and all that. clear jeb is the bigger fish in the money game given the network into the money. guys like rubio and kasich. donors right now assess the entire field unless they've got a direct or personal relationship with the candidate. they're playing the field now. they'll say i'll put a little here, a little there. they assess where they are. i think between now and the first debate a lot of this is
9:42 am
just dancing. like getting ready for prom. you do a lot of preparation. you go out and spend a lot of money to make the initial impression and investment and that impression. that first debate is really where this field begins to set itself and unfortunately for some widdle themselves. >> doesn't get much more important than ohio. big money people corporate people in ohio. they're going to put their money with their sitting governor. >> they will. i'll bet some will hedge a little be bit, some will play early until kasich gets in with rubio or jeb bush. that's fine. >> and scott walker. the midwestmidwest governors and this
9:43 am
begins to look like a race once those get in. three or possibly four have not got in. christy, jeb walker. that's going to be powerful on the stage if they're all in. a lot of this is setting up for that. >> great to see you. michael steel, thank you so much. this morning at the white house, two world war i soldiers presented with the honor from president obama. sergeant william shemin and johnson fought in europe but never given the honor was one was jewish and one was black. the president concluded remarks by noting the progress made for acknowledging those that went unhonored for so long. >> it has taken a long time for henry johnson and william shemin to receive the recognition they deserve. there are surely others who's
9:44 am
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eligible printer and get three months of free ink with hp instant ink. available at participating retailers. the most affordable way to print. hp instant ink. . our campaign is just kind of getting off the ground building up our infrastructure. there's a lot of support out there on the message we're taking to american people. i'm feeling pretty good. >> bernie sanders telling me he's feeling pretty good. poll numbers show hillary clinton is dominating the democratic field. it's a big but. there's warning signs in the washington post abc poll showing her faif faif riblt sinking.
9:48 am
joining me now for our daily fix from the washington most chris cillizza and anne. you've been covering hillary clinton on the road non stop as have i. these polls in terms trustworthiness. >> every candidate that has high numbers at the beginning falls to earth in some way. she had a number of things going on. she was secretary of state not considered a front line political position. had sky high faif rablt ratings while secretary of state and for a while afterwards. what's remarkable is in the last two months fall has accelerated and flipped. as she said in the introduction she went from 49 -- 46 favorable to 49 or 45 unfavorable in two months. so that's a pretty major swing.
9:49 am
also the cnn poll out today which shows 22% change in her favor blt over two years which is quite a long time quite a big drop. that's the thing she's got to be watching. >> and again chris cillizza these are early warning signs for her if it comes down to general election so far. bernie sanders is making end roads in terms of online support and support among some demographic groups. >> he's shown andrea he'll be a credible alternative. at the same time unless she stumbles badly, i don't think we're talking about sanders being all that competitive. i think 52% don't view her as honest and trustworthy. as she goes forward in the general election that's a hard thing to solve.
9:50 am
>> thanks to both of you very much. we do have breaking news now. so to interrupt the fifa president is resigning despite the recent re-election amid this scandal. craig is monitoring this as they make the announcement today. we're going to hook up with craig in a moment. the bottom line here is that seth blatter after just winning re-election, he is stepping down. let's listen. >> this is why i've taken this decision. i would like to thank everyone who has always supported me in a constructive and loyal manner as president of fifa and who have done so much for football. i repeat what counts most to me
9:51 am
is the institution fifa and football around the world. the thank you very much for your kind attention. >> craig, now we see that obviously the pressure after the re-election and talk of more legal action against others not indicted yet. >> andrea this is beyond surprising to folks following this ir to this story. a very different blatter we've seen over the decades. he's been described as arrogant in the past. not taking questions news conference we should note. this resignation comes a day after it was revealed that his top lieutenant, a man by the name of jeremy varki. so called secretary general of fifa. really blatter's right hand man. he's been connected to $10
9:52 am
million in suspicious transfers. he was named in the indictment. he has not been charged. this was revealed yesterday. there were some surmising the proximity to all of this with blatter became too much. again, as you noted, re-elected on friday which surprised a lot of folks who do not follow soccer closely, did not surprise a lot of folks who are familiar with the inner workings of this organization. this is very very substantial. blatter announcing saying many part before we picked up the news conference. he said fifa needs profound restructuring. spent time talking about the restructuring the organization needed. the mandate he had been given. one of the reasons he was stepping down because he says he didn't feel all folks who could help turn around the organization were on board doing just that. that's what he said. it remains to be seen over the
9:53 am
next few hours or so. we'll get information about what precisely led to blatter stepping down. at this point in the past week or so we've seen a number of vice presidents in the organization indicted yesterday. it revealed the man who was chief of staff has not been indicted just yet. there are a lot of folks asking questions about the $10 million that was transferred from fifa accounts back in early 2008. three separate transactions totaling $3 million. seth blatter said he's convening congress to elect the new president. that's where we stand now. a major announcement in the sporting world. >> in fact to take it back a step here there was a suspicious $10 million payment back to the south african football federation before they were after warded the world cup back in 2010. denials all around of that
9:54 am
money. that's still being look into. there are a lot of other shoes here to drop. >> yes. lots of folks thinking and surmising one of the reasons we're watching this resignation that some at upper levels of fifa have a good sense of what's about to happen. >> and just to recap some of the things to be said before we came on he said we need limitation on mandate and terms of office. that's a new position. i have fought for changes. efforts have been counter rekted.rekt ed -- counter reacted. i'll be in a position to focus on profound reforms. for many years we have called for reforms. these are not sufficient. claiming he's going to have a role although that's very much in doubt. he said i have especially no concerns about my person indicates he doesn't think he's in legal difficulty and claiming
9:55 am
fifa's interests are other dear to me. he's taken this decision. that from seth blatter after being defiant a week ago. now a complete turn of events. >> different tone all together. >> it's very interesting to hear blatter play the role of victim to a certain extent. >> thank you so very much. secretary of state john kerry now undergoing surgery in boston after breaking his leg two days ago while biking in france. he called into the counter isis meeting he was supposed to be attending in paris. sarah is outside and joins me now. we haven't heard whether that surgery has been completed. sarah? >> reporter: as of ten minutes ago andrea the secretary was still in surgery. about four hours total now. he's operated on by the same doctor that traveled over to europe following the accident to monitor kerry on the return trip
9:56 am
back here to boston. like you said he was on that conference call this morning according to the state department. he was up at 4:00 a.m. to take part remotely in the conference combatting isis. in his remarks, he called the group a bunch of thugs who used terror torture ri to claim land. we'll hear how long his recovery will take once he's out of surgery. >> thanks for the update from boston. that does it for us. a very busy edition of "andrea mitchell reports." thanks for being with us. followle online facebook and twitter @mitchell reports. "msnbc live" with thomas roberts is here next. fshz and that became our passion. to always build something better airplanes that fly cleaner and farther on less fuel. that redefine comfort and connect the world like never before. after all, you
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top level officials were busted and paraded out of hotel rooms in sheets and handcuffs, what would happen to the man at top? he was re-elected as president to fifa. moments ago we learned fifa president seth blatter once considered untouchable is stepping down from his position. there will be a re-election. you could knock people over with a feather when we heard this. it was only days ago we heard he was ushered back in and vintage seth blatter in his acceptance speech. >> with regards to his tone after asked question after question about the 14 top ranking fifa officials who were indicted last week 14 indicted. it took what happened yesterday apparently to force him out. let's start with