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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  June 4, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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physical nightmare. it's a moral failure. i want to speak to the millennial just a moment. this massive debt passed on from our generation to yours. this is breaking of a social compact. you deserve better. i'm going to offer a responsible plan to fix the entitlement system and stop this from your generation. [ cheers and applause ] those americans dround ss drowning in personal debt can't live up to cost of living. i came here today to say i hear you. i know you face rising health care costs, rising child care costs, skyrocketing tuition
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costs, mounting student loan debt. i hear you, and i'm going to do something about it. to families with children on food stamps to those living in poverty, workers underemployed and giving up hope of finding a job. i hear you. you are not forgotten. [ cheers and applause ] i'm running to be your president. for small businesses on main street, those struggleing toeing to get by targeted by dodd frank, i hear you. you're not forgotten. your time is coming. the american people they see this rigged game where the
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insiders get rich middle class pays the tab. there's something wrong when the dow is near record highs, and businesses on main street can't even get a loan. since when did capitalism involve the elimination of risks for the biggest banks while regulations strangle our community banks? capitalism is not corporatism. it is not a guarantee of reward without risk. it's not about wall street at the expense of main street. the reason i'm running for president, i know for certain our country's best days lie ahead. there is nothing wrong in america that a change of leadership won't make happen. [ cheers and applause ] we're just a few good decisions
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away from unleashing economic growth and reviving the american dream. we need to fix a tax code riddled with loopholes, sends jobs overseas and punishes success. we have the highest tax rate in the western world. it's time to reduce it bring home jobs lift wages for those working families. you realize by the time this administration has finished with its experiment in big government, they will have added almost 600,000 pages of to the national registry. on my first day in offers, i'll issue an immediate freeze on pending regulations from the obama administration. [ cheers and applause ] that same day, that same day i will send a congress a comprehensive reform and rollback of job killing mandates
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created by obama care dodd frank and others. [ cheers and applause ] agencies will have to live under strict regulatory budget ss health insurers have to earn the right to your money rather than washington forcing you to hand it over. on day one, i will also sign an executive order approving the construction of keystone pipeline. [ cheers and applause ] energy is vital to our economy. i might add to our national security. on day one, i will sign an executive order authorizing the export of american natural gas and freeing our european allies from dependence of russian
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energy supplies. vladimir putin uses energy to hold our allies hostage, so here's our message. if energy is going to be used as a weapon america will have the largest arsenal. [ cheers and applause ] we'll unleash an error of economic growth and opportunity. we will rebuild american industry. we will lift wages for american workers. it can be done because it has been done in texas. [ cheers and applause ] during my 14 years as governor, texas companies created almost one-third of all new american jobs. in the last seven years of my
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tener texas created 1.5 million new jobs. without texas, america would have lost 400,000 jobs. we were the engine of growth because we had a simple formula. you control taxes and spending, implement smart regulations, invest in educated work force, and stop frivolous lawsuits. texas now has the second highest high school graduation rate in the country. [ cheers and applause ] it had the highest graduation rate for african-american and hispanic students. [ cheers and applause ] we led the nation in exports including high-tech exports. we passed historic tax relief. i'm proud to have signed balanced budgets for 14 years. [ cheers and applause ]
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we not only created opportunity, we stood for law and order. there was a crisis at our border last year. the president refused by invitation to see that challenge we faced. i told him mr. president, if you do not secure this border texas will. [ cheers and applause ] because of that threat that was posed by the drug cartels and transnational gangs, i deployed the texas national guard. and the policy worked. apprehension declined by 74%. if you elect me your president, i will secure that border. [ cheers and applause ] homeland security begins with
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border security. the most basic compact between a president and people to keep the country safe. the great lesson of history is strengthen resolve, bring peace and order, weakness and isolation invite conflict. my first act as president will be resend any agreement with iran that is their request to get a nuclear weapon. [ cheers and applause ] now is the time. now is the time for clear sided proven leadership. we have seen what happens when we elect a president based on media acclaim rather than record of accomplishment. this will be a show me don't tell me election where voters
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look past the rhetoric to the real record. the question of every candidate will be this when have you led? leadership is not a speech on the senate floor. it's not what you say, it is what you have done. [ cheers and applause ] we will not find the kind of leadership needed to revitalize the country by looking to the political class in washington. i've been tested. i've led the most successful state in america. i have dealt with crisis after crisis from the disintegration of space shuttle to hurricanes katrina, rita, ike, crisis at the border and first diagnosis of ebola in america. i have brought together first
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responders charities and people of faith to house and heal vulnerable citizens dealing with tragedy. the spirit of compassion demonstrated by texans is alive all across america today. while we've experienced a deficit in leadership among the american people there is a surplus of spirit. [ cheers and applause ] and among our great people there is a spirit of selflessness that we live to make the world better for our children not just ourselves. it was said that when king george iii asked what general washington would do upon winning the war, he was told he would return to his farm and relinquish power. the monarch replied if he does
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that he will be the greatest man of his age. george washington lived in the service of a cause greater than self. [ cheers and applause ] if anyone is wondering if america still possesses the character of selfless hero i'm here today to say yes. i'm surrounded by heroes. they're in all generations. [ cheers and applause ] they're all different generations. they're woven together by the same thread of selfless sacrifice. they're heroes like mike thornton survived ambush in vietnam a, made it back to safety of a water rescue only to find out his fellow team member had been left behind presumed
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dead. mike didn't leave. he returned through enemy tire retrieved lieutenant norris who was still alive. then he swam for two hours keeping his wounded teammate a float until they were rescued. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] heroes like marcus latrell. he survived a savage attack on the side of a mountain in afghanistan losing teammates. he is not just the lone survivor to anita and me he is a second son. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] taya kyle who suffered the deep
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loss of her husband chris, an american hero. when i think of taya kyle i think of a brave woman that carries not just the lofty burden of chris's legacy but the grief of every family who has lost a loved one to the great tragedy of this war or its difficult aftermath. [ cheers and applause ] anita and i want to thank taya for her tremendous courage. america is an extraordinary country. our greatness lies not in our government but in our people. each day americans demonstrate tremendous courage, but many of those americans have been knocked down. they're looking for a second chance. let's give them that second chance. let's give them real leadership. let's give them a future greater
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than the greatest days of our past. let's give them a president who leads us in the direction of our highest dreams our best dreams our highest hopes, and our greatest promise. thank you. god bless you. hi everybody. i'm thomas roberts at msnbc headquarters in new york. you've been watching breaking news coverage of rick perry announcing he is back in it for 2016. making this announcement in addison, texas. perry's declaration makes him the 10th republican to formally declare for the white house. much of the speech we've been watching here live was dedicated to his 14 year record as the longest serving governor of texas. however, as a if to steal some of perry's thuner this morning the bush team announced they'd make their own 2016 announce m. that is going to come a week from next monday on june 15th making bush the 11th gop member
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officially in the race. msnbc casey hunt is on the ground inside the event in texas. talk about the rebranding of rick perry from 2012 to 2016. >> reporter: well thomas this bid is clearly quite a bit about redemption coming back from the series of mistakes that basically were disastrous campaign of 2012. excuse me. perry doesn't want to be remembered for many of us remember him for in 2012. this is rebranding him particularly as a veteran. that was a serious focus here. you can see a the backdrop behind me. he was flanked on either side of marcus and morgan latrell. that's an authentic connection he has with many veterans. he also branded himself as a populist if you heard him ding wall street a little talk about
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working americans. that's a message we've heard some other republican candidates use, marco rubio for example. it's something perry lived. he talked about coming from texas wearing home sewn clothes and things. that's a way he's looking to go ahead in his campaign. >> he wanted to speak to millennial. this is a wide field for republican candidates. how does he emerge this late many the game with any name recognition? >> reporter: the question is a, is he going to make a major mistake to kill this candidacy in the cradle? or whether or not he's going to make an appeal one voter at a time in the retail politicking early states particularly iowa. that's what you see him trying to do. i've been on the campaign trail with him several times over the
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course of past couple months. he's not getting much press conference. he's shake-- press coverage. he's shaking hands one by one. the question is whether he can step into the spotlight and handle it and come out in the end at a place he feels respectable. >> he's likable. how hot is it in that hanger where you are? >> reporter: it's extremely not here. texas in june. they're trying their best. they've got massive air conditioners back here. everybody who's here is tealing the heat a little bit. >> power through. i'm going to ask you to stick around. abby huntsman, james moore. great to have you both here. abby let me start with you.
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all this together can that emerge through this crowded field? >> he is a man of service. he's an authentic guy. i argue he's probably out of the bunch so far. the most likable. anyone who meets rick perry says you can't put want to hang out with the guy. he's the one you want to get a beer with. watching that announcement i got to meet his family last go around. we'll wonder how things play out now that things are different.
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we all looked at each other knowing things would be different after that. there's a lot to speak for. longest serving governor. texas companies making up a third of the american jobs. there's a lot to like there including him himself. >> let me talk to you about what the facts are no one is perfect. >> big negatives. >> he's under federal indictment on allegations of abuse of power while governor. that makes him distinctive. that's the booming lone star economy that's now stumbling. there's the 2012 debate performance abby brought up. that can be summed up saying oops. can he rebrand?
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>> i don't know. the elephant in hanger is the indictment. it's been tossed out, before the appeals now. even if this gets tossed out down the road it's going to get appealed. i don't think the indictment goes through the primary process. he's dealing with the notion his party will nominate him even with the indictment hanging over his head. the larger issues is the perspective. the difference between what he describes in texas and reality is a bit disturbing. he takes credit for shutting down the border. mexico shut down the border in the south with guatemala. immigrants started coming. on top of that a, we have the highest number of uninsured. this involves the highest number of low income jobs in united
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states of america. if you're underemployed in texas, there's no support whatsoever. it's not the promise land that he paints it to be. i love texas. i'm living my life here. i'm dedicated as a lot of people are to making sure the truth gets out so we can tell the accurate story about what's happening here. >> let me go back to you in texas and show everybody the polling. it's not kind for perry now. we look at national polls. he's eighth and a tie for 12th there. what is it going to take for those numbers to rise? >> reporter: well thomas probably going to take significant implosion at this point on part of candidates above. when you talk to perry advisors and i've been talking to many all morning, they'll acknowledge the top tier is jeb bush scott walker, a marco rubio. once you get past that, it's all more muddled. it's not clear any of those candidates have a path to
10:22 am
nomination. potentially chris christie should he overcome the challenges he has. are people like santorum huckabee carson plausible ultimate nominees? those are questions that have to be answered. they say of that lower tier or second tier even perry has a good a chance as any to have a path to winning the nomination. >> we're going to move forward and see a the performers and contenders are. it's going to be made clear soon. >> perry was the favorite guy. it's amazing how quickly things change and how important first impressions are. >> he did a nice job getting off to a fine start in his announcement and getting through the power sweating we saw it was making you and i sweat here on the set. >> charlie is on to something. >> i really like saying the
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title on television. thank you for joining us. you can catch abby coming up at 3:00 p.m. eastern this afternoon. developing in boston the family of the man shot and killed by police will speak for the first time in three hours. raheem is at the center of a foiled terror plot in boston. we're getting details of what he was planning. he told two other people he planned to behead a victim in another state but changed his mind to attack police officers in massachusetts instead. according to law enforcement officials, the original target was pamela gellar. gellar organized last month's drawing mohammed contest in texas. some called the plot a fantasy. here's what gellar had to say. >> they're coming after me for violating the sharia and blas fa
10:24 am
my laws. >> what are we expecting to hear from the family coming up this afternoon? >> reporter: good afternoon. the family released a statement in advance of this press conference saying they're calling on local and muslim communities to remain calm. they have said they have retained an attorney. law enforcement will be showing them the surveillance video as police approach rahim. they will show the family this video before it's released to the public. that's something they've promised to do. we'll likely hear the family's reaction to that. as you recall, rahim's brother reported on facebook he was shot three times on his back while on the cell phone with their father. local and religious community leader who is have seen that video say that is not true. he's in fact shot in the front three times and not on the cell
10:25 am
phone at that time. >> we have 24/7 surveillance on him. we were focused locally here. >> reporter: that was the police commissioner speaking about their belief that rahim was not serious about targeting pamela gellar as he was about massachusetts law enforcement. according to these court documents he planned to attack them at random no specific police officers or law enforcement agency is listed in those documents. back to you. >> sarah in boston for us. thanks. joining us now is darnell williams, president and ceo of the urban league of eastern massachusetts who was part of the community leadership that saw the surveillance video
10:26 am
provided by police. good to have you here. explain to all of us what you saw and your reaction to it. >> thank you for having me on. i'll try to be as brief as possible but as thorough as necessary. we were invited to see the video so that we would have a basic understanding. the video was somewhat of poor quality for first. when we saw, it was narrated through the steps of what transpired. so we can say the suspect coming from one end of the parking lot walking across the parking lot to a particular point. when he got to another set of a point, he was behind a tree. his view was obstructed. three officering made approach to the suspect to have a calm conversation or engagement as they would call it. two other officers from two vehicles that were parked
10:27 am
already in the lot also left their vehicle and started moveing towards the suspect. it appeared three officers on the video started to back up from the suspect. then we can see on the video screen where the officers arms were in a position for fire. then we see the suspect go down. now let me be real clear to your audience. we could not see from the quality of the video if there was a knife or any weapon in his hand. we were told there was a recovered from the site. from the video we saw it was inconclusive could not tell. we would have to wait until the
10:28 am
investigation was completed. it appeared the firing was to the suspect's front not to the back. it did not appear he was on a cellphone. it did not appear he was backing up. he was the aggressor when three police officers are backing up there's a threat or something of a person to cause a police officer to retreat. that's what i did see and can confirm. >> this is an unusual step to have the police working so closely with influencers and community leaders like yourself. here's what the commissioner told the "today" show about why he took this step. >> there was uproar after that. we had community leaders in. we showed the video. we thought it was important to show that video.
10:29 am
i made a commitment to the community that we would do that in all our cases. >> do you believe that commitment is met with this case and others? are you using your voice to make sure people in and around boston know what happened here? >> absolutely. this is the second case we did that. commissioner has kept his word that we saw the video from the boat shooting. obviously we're not going to have video in every situation. whatever evidence the commissioner can provide to us or give them community feedback and also respect the investigation process. i feel comfortable that the commissioner and chief will keep their word and honor that. with community partner, civil rights leaders, clergy and community activists at the table. >> president and ceo of the urban league of eastern mass i appreciate your time. >> thank you as well for having
10:30 am
many. emotional day in delaware where the public is viewing beau biden. that's the public viewing you're looking at being held. vice president mourning the loss of his son beau biden passing away at the age of 46 after suffering from complications of brain cancer. the biden family arrived at legislative hall for the viewing arm in arm. so the funeral will be held saturday. president obama will deliver the eulogy. we're looking at pictures taking lace of the viewing. we're going to be back right a after this. wow. sweet new subaru, huh mitch? yep. you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in
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developing news to pass along from the pentagon. more than first revealed have been put at risk over the live anthrax shipping mishap. the reported number of live samples shipped are from the military lab is growing to 52 research labs the pentagon says across 18 states along with australia south korea and canada. anthrax is shipped in small viles capped by rubber seals. that's though the the only layer of protection as the defense department explained. >> we put it in a zip lock bag and close it up as another layer of protection for anything that leaks. as another layer of protection we provide absorbent material. we wrap it up and put it into another container again as you see, another seal to make sure nothing can leak. we put it in another box.
10:35 am
>> jim is the pentagon correspondent. does the pentagon expect this mishap to grow more now that the cat is out of the bag? >> that's what defense officials said yesterday. their prediction came true today. they added one more lap in rhode island. that makes 52 labs in 18 states that have received suspected live anthrax shipments. they're angry at how this wasn't caught sooner? they went back ten years and found where this occurred. why did it take ten years to discover the problem? >> jim is at the pentagon. thanks sir. a fallen ex fifa official is warning sock per fans scer fans for
10:36 am
the avalanche of information he's going to expose. he says he's fearing for his life but that's not going to stop him. he was indicted in the fifa bribery scandal but determined to bring down those that quote brought down his demise. jim bob and michelle duggar are fame add parents of-- famed parents of 19 kids. they are coming to defense of how they handled reports of their son's inappropriate touching of girls. four victims were their own daughters and another one from an outside family. >> as parents we felt like failures. >> appearing on fox news, jim
10:37 am
bob and michelle talked to us about when their son came to them with the news. >> he was crying. he said he inappropriately touched some of our daughters. >> the problems continued. >> after the third time he came to us where we really felt like you know what we have done everything we can as parents to handle this in-house. we need to get help. >> according to the police report obtained through the freedom of information act, document later sealed per court order, josh duggar confessed to his father three times over the course of a year. march 2002 july 2002 march 2003. it's that delay that concerns some. >> josh duggar should have been removed from the home. he should not have been allowed to stay there. >> after the third confession the duggars sent josh to a
10:38 am
training center for boy who is made bad choices. >> for days and days i was saying josh has done some very bad things. he's -- he's very sorry. >> the duggars say the training center worked. josh returned home and they had him speak with a state trooper. he was not charged. duggars said they never felt obligation to tell authorities sooner. the law allows parent to do what's best for their child zblchl why. >> why do a reality show five years later? two of the duggar daughters also spoke out. >> they don't have a right to do this. we're victims. they can't do this to us. >> that was nbc joe friar
10:39 am
reporting. we're going to ask one of the nation's leading experts about this in the next hour. we're asking viewers to weigh in on our pulse question of the day. if you were the duggars, would you report your child? we're going to give a peek at what's taking place. 89% so far are saying yes, they would report their child. if you have an opinion on this let us know. pulse is live. see how the sonsresponses change. hillary clinton is about to call out republican rivals and put everything front and center on the 2016 ballot. cameron crow has a lot to say about the backlash of his latest film. four miles of the coastline remain closed because of these
10:40 am
disgusting tar balls washing up on shore. it's unclear yet whether the toxic tar is coming from santa barbara county. you'll recall santa barbara county where the may 19th oil spill put out 21,000 gallons of oil into the pacific. we're back after this. ♪ ♪ hp instant ink can save you up to 50% on ink delivered to your door so print all you want and never run out. plans start at $2.99 a month. right now, buy an eligible printer and get three months of free ink with hp instant ink. available at participating retailers. the most affordable way to print. hp instant ink. behold the triple taste of toaster strudel. 100% gooey. 100% flakey. 100% icing.
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. each day americans demonstrate tremendous courage. many of those americans have been knocked down. they're looking for a second chance. let's give them that second chance. let's give them real leadership. let's give them a future greater than the greatest days of our past. let's give them a president who leads us in the direction of our highest dreams. >> all right. he's officially in.
10:44 am
that was former texas governor rick perry declaring his run for presidency. he joins a long list of republican hopefuls. will they or won't they? perry won't be the last to make announcement. we want to show you save the calendar of how june is looking. lindsey graham on the first, lincoln on the third and rick perry today. next on deck jeb bush on the 15th and newly announced overnight donald trump tweeted he'll make announcement june 16 th. louisiana governor says he'll make his own june 24th. on june 30th or john kasich will officially declare according to "the washington post." the others we're waiting for that may announce wisconsin governor scott walker who will formally announce after working on the state budget in june.
10:45 am
according to "time" new jersey governor, chris christie told that he'll announce as well. there are others saving the date as we look at candidates taking jabs at the democratic front runner hillary clinton. >> sometimes in our country's history i probably wouldn't be the right guy. >> i'm the only person on the political ticket that faced the hillary clinton machine. i did it repeatedly. >> hillary clinton is more likely to get us involved in another war than most of america, republican or democrat. >> hillary clinton is in texas today. next hour she's expected to give a speech in houston on the importance of voting rights. texas is one of nine states who's voting laws are no longer the view of the u.s. government. that after the supreme court found the heart of the voting rights act section 4
10:46 am
unconstitutional in 2013. msnbc joy reid joins me now. let's look at the map. generally speaking there are four categories. you have the states with district photo id rules, those without district photo id rules and those with both. we expect clinton to come out swinging hard against photo id. is she going to be able to get the turnout level, the enthusiasm from diverse voters like president obama did? >> hillary clinton is certainly trying. a lot of her messages wherever she's gone around the country have been tailored about young people and women and about people of color. her message today is going to be the same targeting. what she's trying to emfamilyemphasize those you showed hit young
10:47 am
voters voters of color and women. texas is the perfect place to do it. they have the strictest voter restriction rules, i guess you could call it on the books. >> the other state everybody wants is is florida. we look at florida, strict laws there that increased the turnout. people were mad about what it ent meant. could we expect that in 2016? >> states rushed in to pass laws aimed at reading of civil rights groups reducing the turnout of minority voters. it produced a backlash. people were more determined. i think it was determination to re-elect president obama as well. i think the more laws restrict the more angry people get. they're not always successful. people in texas have a hard time getting this. >> i want to show you a poll
10:48 am
that hillary clinton is under water when it comes to a trust fak tomorrow. we have -- trust factor. take a listen. >> any time you're running for office at local level or any level, trustworthiness is major concern of voters. seeing those poll number it should be concern to her. those poll numbers and that perception of untrustworthiness, you cannot sweep away. >> is that a big problem? how can you be a great candidate but not have the voters trust you? >> in the future what hillary clinton needs is trust of democratic voters. she has to get the nomination. if you look at people she's running against. former republican governor of rhode island not sure he can challenge her for democratic votes. what democrats are looking for is elect blt. i think hillary clinton looks
10:49 am
like on that. >> that is important. >> i'm terrible at metrics. >> i am too. >> we've got to learn. >> yes. joy reid great to have you. thank you so much. a lot more ahead the next hour including the hope, history, drama wrapped up in the triple crown attempt at the this weekend's race. >> a picture is worth a thousand words. this photo is worth $5 million. >> you're going to love this piece. it will have you on the edge of your seelt. what are the odds government regulators are red light to green light a lobido enhancing drug for woman. that's right ladies. don't change the channel. we'll be right back. to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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four people in mississippi were charged with a crime and could be facing james time. get this -- for cheering too loudly at a high school graduation. seriously this happened.
10:53 am
one proud mom says her son was whisked out of the auditorium simply for shouting "you did it, baby," when his sister's name was called. linda walker says it it was a privilege for author applaud for her -- for her to applaud for her daughter. the superintendent says outburst in the past have been disruptive. this year he decided to get tough. - -he said every family has the right to hear their child's name called. of all those charged, they are expected to go to court next week. can we hear from the dog pound? that's what it was like when i graduated. no one thought i could do it. developing now, the fda hearing arguments from a drug company that want to get the so-called female viagra pill into the hands of consumers. the fda has already shot down the pill twice, prompt something women's advocates to cry foul and accusing the government of sexism. sprout pharmaceuticals saying that the female libido pill has shown significant results in women with low sex drive. the company says the fda is largely ignoring women's sexual problems. joining subcommittee maggie fox
10:54 am
senior -- joining me is maggie fox, senior health writer. we have a women's campaign called points to -- i want to do-not-call -- so-called even the score. that's the campaign. and it points to the difference between how many male drugs are out there as opposed to any for women. so how does the fda respond to that? >> well the fda itself's true there is definitely a need for something for women. the fda recognizes that there's something called hypoactive sexual desire disorder which means women who don't have any other medical conditions all of a sudden stop wanting any kind of sex whatsoever. the question is whether this drug fixes that and whether it fixes it in the way that's safe. there's been advocates standing up for the past hour saying, please, we need something some kind of help. critics saying, you know, the company hasn't actually shown that this drug fixes the problem and fixing it safely.
10:55 am
>> when we talk about the fda, they're saying it does reject claims of gender bias. as we look at medical science, we know that roughly 1/3 of women do report having a low libido. this drug was tested on more than 11,000 in the clinical trials. it's been turned down twice before. how does the fda explain that away when there's clinical trials to back it up? >> the fda says they're not clear clinical science it back it up. they went to the company and said, you have to prove this does something. the company's come up with two scales that it says shows that the drug works. it's subtle though. the effect are very subtle. they have something called sexually satisfying experiences. it goes from kind of one sexually satisfying experience every six weeks to maybe one a month. it's a very small effect. on the other side, this acts on the brain. like other drugs that act on the brain, it makes women sleepy
10:56 am
makes women faint. one woman had to go the hospital. there are also questions about breast cancer. >> maggie, okay. very interesting is. maggie fox, senior health writer for thank you. more coming up. he is doing it again, the oops man that we know as rick perry. he did poorly in the debates in 2012. he is out to rebrand himself. we'll take you back to texas where rick perry did make it official that he is in the race for the white house. plus the family of usaamah rahim holding a news conference as law enforcement officials question someone in providence in connection with that terror plot investigation. and the duggar parents break their silence over their oldest son josh's incest allegations. we'll examine the question of sexual assault in a family in our next hour. we ask you to keep weighing on. the pulse is live the question today -- if you were the duggars, would you report your child?
10:57 am
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11:00 am
this hour, add one more to the already crowded republican presidential field. >> i came here today to say i hear you. >> former texas governor rick perry announces his bid for the white house again. how will perry 2.0 be different? also ahead, the thwarted plot to attack boston police. new revelations today about what the suspects were planning. plus -- >> affirm's got a nose in front as it comes on to the wire. >> that was the last triple crown win nearly 40 years ago. jockey victor espinoza hoping to end the streak with american pharaoh this weekend. we'll look back at belmont's history this hour. we do want to start with new developments in boston. in about two hours from now, the family of usaamah rahim will speak publicly for the first time -- excuse me. >> if you were the duggars --
11:01 am
>> for the first time since rahim was killed. after he was stopped for brandishing a military-style knife. authority plan to show the family the video of the shooting. meanwhile, court documents show that rahim talked about beheading a victim in another state. law enforcement have identified that person as pamela geller. she's the one who organized last month's draw mohammed contest in garland, texas. one official called it a fantasy, and the police commissioner agreed with that. >> i think it was more along the lines of wishful thinking. you know, but we had 24/7 surveillance on him. we were monitoring potential target. there was some mention of that name. we were focused locally here. >> joining me from boston msnbc's sara daloff. will the video remain sealed
11:02 am
because of ensuing charge? >> reporter: in the past investigators have released the video at the end of their investigation, something they discussed yesterday when they made the decision to show it to that first group of civilians, the community and the religious leaders. tell not be released to the public before it is shown to the family which is expect ded to happen today. you'll recall that the group of community and religious leaders. shown that video because police said they were worried that rumors would grow and tension will continue to escalate if they did not involve the group to tell the public what they saw. rahim's brother posted on facebook shortly after the shooting that he had been shot three times in the back. those who saw the video did agree with police that he was shot three times in the front. as for the family they also released a statement in advance of that press conference just a little bit ago calling for the local and muslim communities to
11:03 am
remain calm. we're told they have also retained two attorneys at this point. >> the court documents mentioned this third person involved in the plot. we know david wright was charged yesterday. what do we know more about this third person? >> reporter: this person has been questioned by the fbi since tuesday. this is the person when you're reading court documents that's referred to in the conversation that occurred last sunday on that beach in rhode island during inclement weather. the confrontation between this person david wright, and usaamah rahim, he at this point -- it's important to note -- has not been charged with any crime. >> we know the police commissioner talked about the fact rahim was under 24/7 surveillance because of threats in the area. do they still consider it within the boston police department that they have viable threats with a plot? >> reporter: they consider the threat viable. when you're reading through the text messages and the transcripts of some of these
11:04 am
phone calls, they are speaking a lot of time in code. the fbi believes that they were -- they knew what these guys were saying. that the threat level of continuing to escalate against boston p.d. they tracked rahim's movement for a variety of ways text messages phone calls. physical presence as well. and they were there watching when he ordered thosely large knives off of they intercepted the package beltwayed it eded -- x-rayed it and allowed it to be delivered. they were following him for two weeks according to documents. >> thanks. we turn to politics. last hour, rick perry making it official. yes, he is back and in it for 2016. >> today i am running for the presidency of the united states of america. [ applause ] >> the former texas governor spoke at length on the strong texas economy that he oversaw. he also took a few swipes at
11:05 am
president obama as well as iran and vladimir putin. joining me from texas, more than political correspondent casey hunt. casey, it did look a little warm this there with rick perry a little sweaty in this hangar. tell us how he did. so how he different in this presentation than what we saw when he unveiled himself for 2012? >> reporter: yes, everyone was a lot sweaty in this airport hangar, actually. there are several giant machines in the back labeled "port-a-cool." it didn't quite get the job done. perry was not the only one. but you know, more broadly, i think this is a rebranding that they start good a year ago. it was what the glasses were about. it was about study groups, he brought groups down to study up on these thing. it's about how she's shown contration say, you know i was arrogant i didn't do enough to campaign. he talked about his back problems publicly. that started a year ago. this is the new phase of the per rebranding, him talking about
11:06 am
himself, particularly as a veteran. that's something he feels authentically and something beneficial politically. veterans do vote. they're an important constituency group especially in many states. he has an authentic connection with them. it's also populist. if you listened to his speech you heard him ding wall street something a lot of republicans don't go out of their way to do. he did focus on that message that some others in the republican party have been touching on. the idea that he should be out for the working class. >> and we just got this in. a statement from senator ted cruz who wrote about the perry announcement. "governor perry is a friend and patriot, as with all the candidates who have announced. he will bring --" what is that? "dynamism? dynamism. easy for me to say. let me put on my glasses. talk about that helping people rebrand themselves. maybe that will help me thursday
11:07 am
prompter. "dynasim and vision to the race that will serve to make the republican party and its eventual nominee all the stronger." do you think cruz means that? >> cruz has been gracious in welcoming all of the candidates into the race. he's one of the few that put out the welcoming statement every time there's been a new candidate. you know cruz and perry in particular are head to head in texas, a state that's important in many ways for the fundraising that goes on here. the question is whether or not cruz perry, and also jeb bush because his family is firmly rooted here, which will come out on top with the big money. i think perry commanded a lot of it when he was governor. he raised an astonishingly large amount of money in the first initial weeks of 2012. i think his advisers were tafming down expectations now. they say he will have to run a cleaning campaign. it will be interesting to see which of the texas titans comes out on top. >> casey hunt, who's getting
11:08 am
wild applause there in addison, texas. thank you very much. a programming note -- >> reporter: yes doing an interview. >> "morning joe" will have an interview with presidential candidates continuing tomorrow. that's where former governor rick perry is going to join joe and mika coming up tomorrow on "morning joe." 14 and counting now that rick perry and lincoln chafee launched their campaign. four republicans announcing. and more now from jindal and billionaire mogul trump. with one white house available, the candidate must know their odds are not good. is the presidency the real goal for everyone on the sfls who's in it for to win it? who's in it for the fame, book deals, and benefits of running? joining me to talk motive and means is msnbc's own steve kornacki kornacki. thank you for help meeting sound out that word there. >> sure. >> i appreciate that. let's talk about who's in it. we have rick perry who's back.
11:09 am
other newcomers in lindsay graham and lincoln chafee are. they contenders or contenders. >> rick perry would have fallen into the contender category at the start of the last cycle the start of the 2012 campaign. we can forget there easily but when he first jumped in in the fall of 2011, he jumped to the lead of the republican field. he was ahead of mitt romney. what happened is he stumbled so epically on the campaign trail, his reputation took a hit. a lot of people look and say well, why is he running? certainly on some level he sees a scenario. a wild year. maybe there is a scenario for perry. a more realistic answer to the question of why rick perry's running now. the answer twhub this say chance to redeem himself. the guy you remember from the fall of 2011 who couldn't remember the three things that were on his platform, that's not who i. . -- who i am. i'm more substantial. i look at four candidates who i think -- you look on paper they
11:10 am
have the ingredient of what it takes to put it together. i put bush there, rubio there, walker there, and if he gets in kasich, governor of ohio i put them in a separate class. >> those are the obvious con tenchds s tenders, is there anyone who can emerge in case somebody implodes? >> sure. first of all chris christie comes to mind. he should be in the contender category. he should be somebody who has the potential to bring the republican party together. he's got the issue of the bridge scandal that's been hanging over him and really killing him politically for two years. if he could tranextend that overcome it -- transcend that, overcome, it i could put him in the category. i don't want to write off rand paul or ted cruz. it's tough to see them getting the nomination but not playation significant role in terms receive they peeling off one of the votes from a candidate that has a better shot at the nomination. another example would be lindsay graham, south carolina senator. hard to see him winning the nomination. not at all hard to see him
11:11 am
winning enough votes in his home state in south carolina to disrupt, for instance, jeb bush. jeb bush's path to winning south carolina. a lot of graham voters would probably otherwise be with jeb bush. >> more than's steve kornacki thank you very much. dynamism the characterization of making vigorous progress. catch one steve kornacki here. that is the word for the week for me. we want to switch gears and take you to dover, delaware. and show you a live picture of the public viewing that's happening now for beau biden. he passed away last saturday after battling brain cancer. a really emortgagetional day for the biden family. it was earlier they arrived at legislative hall for beau's viewing arm in arm.
11:12 am
>> ready, step. forward march. >> the casket arriving as we're seeing. today the house of representatives passed a resolution honoring beau biden. biden being an iraq war vet and former attorney general of delaware. the funeral is going to be held over the weekend on saturday. president obama is going to be delivering the eulogy for beau. next a surprising new twist in a very old case. a judge granting a new trial in the killing of d.c. intern chandra levy. ahead, a far-reaching religious freedom bill in north carolina. couples could be denied a marriage license for nearly any reason. plus this -- >> 12 years ago, we went through one of the most darkest times that our family's ever gone through. >> breaking their silence, the duggars addressing the molestation accusations against their oldest son. today, we're asking in our bing pulse question if you were the duggars, would you report your child? weigh in, the spuls live.
11:13 am
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11:16 am
developing news from washington, d.c. a judge has granted a new trial for the man convicted in the 2001 killing of intern chandra levy. he was convicted in 2010 after -- and given a 60-year sentence. his attorneys asked for a new trial claiming a key witness gave false or misleading testimony. now we want to bring up to speed on the latest in the investigation into the brutal murder of a prominent d.c. couple, their son, and housekeeper. police are focusing on this man now, 28-year-old jordan wallace, an assistant and personal driver for mr. savopoulos. he's the man police say delivered a $40,000 ransom to the multimillion-dollar home and
11:17 am
lied about some of the details initially. wallace has not been charged with any crime in connection with the case. 34-year-old darin wint remains the only suspect charged in the murders. newly unsealed documents reveal police believe the killer or killers forced their way into the mansion, breaking a window pane and a set of french doors on the side of the home kicking it in. now a shoe or a boot print is visible on the outside. police now searching for the footwear that matches that print. joining me on the phone is robin ficker, he has represented wint on several cases in the past. explain us to, do you think the boot print on the back door belongs to darron? >> absolutely not. they're finding this print three weeks after you had at least 50 firemen running in and out of a burning home. investigators all wearing boots. people were frantic with the fire trying to determine iffin
11:18 am
was dying inside. i think this is really a stretch to find this three weeks later. >> mr. ficker you meant with wint this weekend. what did he tell you? >> he didn't kill anybody. he's innocent, this has been a hit, this has been an inside job. they ought to start looking at all the civil litigation. mr. savopoulos' father was involved, it engendered feelings. they should look at mr. fig row awho was married to the -- figueroa who was married to the deceased housekeeper in this case, who had been in the country a short time. they had just bought a great big house in -- in central america that she paid for. they ought to look and see if they had a criminal record or insurance policy on her. there's lots of places they should look. >> but mr. ficker what did
11:19 am
darron wind provide -- you're providing red herrings you that would provide in a courtroom to provide reasonable doubt. but there is evidence, and wint did go on the run. what's his explanation for that? >> he didn't go on the run. i spoke to an attorney today who -- he called at 4:00 a.m. the morning he was arrested trying to get legal advice. he was trying to turn himself in the morning he was stopped. i might add that this nonsense now that they're claiming they found a couple of specks of blood on his shoe that he was wearing a week after the murder. they're determining the dna of that blood now an additional two weeks later. that's pure nonsense. they won't even name the victim whose blood it was. they won't name the officers saying that's p.r. provided by
11:20 am
the u.s. attorney's office. that's the red hearrring here. >> his dna was also found on the pizza crust in the house matching blood found on a shoe he was wearing at the time of his arrest. you've been hired by the family. what is the family saying? >> look at the time lag on the pizza crust. we know when the pizza was delivered outside the home we know the murders occurred 12 hours later. so he would have had time if -- if indeed that was his dna, to drive up to new york and back twice. there's a huge time gap there. just because my dna is left in your studio at a certain time and a crime is commit thursday 12 hours later doesn't mean i committed it. i have been retained by his mother, two sisters, and brother to represent him. they are going down to talk to him. they are distraught. they don't believe he's capable of killing anyone. he has a 14-year-old daughter. there were five sisters and four
11:21 am
brothers. a large family lots of kids. he would never harm a child. >> you would say that your client's son was in the home then because the dna was found on the pizza? you would say he's inside the house? >> no. didn't say that. you said that. evidently, you're presuming him guilty. i'm presuming him innocent. he doesn't have to prove anything. he doesn't have to prove one sthij. they have to prove him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. and right now they are saying that there were lots of people involved here y. haven't they come one anybody else? why haven't they arrested anybody else in three weeks? they've got his head on a totem pole. they think that will satisfy the public. >> robin ficker, attorney for the family of darron wint. thanks. ahead, the investigation into tamir rice's deaths handdeath -- death handed ever to prosecutors. i'll speak with the rice family
11:22 am
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plans start at $2.99 a month. right now, buy an eligible printer and get three months of free ink with hp instant ink. available at participating retailers. the most affordable way to print. hp instant ink. so last october, madison put together a string of performances that i think is pretty hard to believe. i'm not talking about his locker room celebrations. [ laughter ] >> 25 years old and is already one of the best pitch increase post season history. for his career he's 4-0 with a .25 era in the world series.
11:26 am
last year he set a new world record for post season innings pitched. of course, there's game seven, which is what kids in their back yards dream about. madison comes in from the bullpen on just two days' rest -- >> hearing the president welcoming the world series champs the san francisco giants to the white house to honor the team for their 2014 world series victory. also there paying tribute to the giants. i think we have video from this earlier where we see willy mccovey and willie mays both on the stage in wheelchairs being helped up as they got up with other teammates from the giants. this is the third time the giants have been welcomed to the white house, having racked up through world series wins in just five years. they get to enjoy face time with the president before traveling to philadelphia for their next game. they got the black and orange. that's true. they've got nothing my baltimore orioles. yeah.
11:27 am
the same colors black and orange. the nba finals tip off tonight. cleveland versus golden state, lebron james versus stef curry. trying to bring one to the hometown curry's first appearance in the finals. he may have competition for the spotlight, his daughters, riley. -- his daughter riley. >> daddy -- >> i know, hold on one second. >> be quiet. [ laughter ] >> she is very cute. kippoff at 9:00 p.m. now we bring you to some backlash in the world of entertainment. we've got the writer/director, cameron crowe, coming under fire following accusations of white washing his new movie "aloha." he cast emma stone as the lead explicitly written as half asian in the film. in fact, all the main characters are white even though hawaii where the film takes place, is mostly asian and pacific islanders. they see this as an outrageous erasure of the asian american experience.
11:28 am
the filmmaker behind "jerry maguire" posted what some call a weak response on his blog writing, "i offer a heartfelt apology to all who thought this was an odd or misguided casting choice." "aloha" came out friday. many are already saying bye-bye to it. tore is host of "the cycle" and joins me talk that about the what some call sorry/not sorry apology. do you gets the outrage? >> i totally get the outrage. the consistent portrayal of people of color by white people when there are many actors of color who could do these sourtsrts of roles is insulting, boring. works to the story that people and actors of color are easily marginalizable. it doesn't matter, you are secondary, are you another. white people remain primary in the story and in the casting choices, even when hawaiian folks are available. this is an island full of asian
11:29 am
folks, hawaiian folks, they couldn't find one -- the movie is filled with white characters actors. they couldn't find one to represent the actual hawaiian character? that doesn't really make sense. >> it shouldn't really be failing on emma stone's part. she's a great actress. people love her. she's getting caught in the cross hairs of casting -- >> she did the job that she was asked to do. i don't look to her to say, hey, i shouldn't be playing this role. i take a look cameron crowe, the casting agents, the studio. you know "entertainment weekly" said it best. accepting emma stone as asian american requires magical thinking. i blame everybody else, not emma stone, for this terrible choice. he should be apologizing, though, for the low quality of the movie. that is the number-one problem here. >> i know. "aloha" didn't get the best reviews. and then it's got this on top of this. toure, see you next hour on "the cycle." appreciate you joining me. 3:00 p.m. eastern for "the cycle" with the gang all together. hail, back after this.
11:30 am
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11:33 am
one phase in the tamir rice investigation is complete. tamir rice being the 12-year-old that was shot and killed by police last november after plague with an air soft -- playing with an air soft pellet gun. police say it was indistinguishable from a deadly firearm. county sheriff handed over his report to county prosecutor tim mcginty yesterday. an assistant for the sheriff says the report does not reach any conclusion as to whether or not the shooting was justified. joining me now is attorney for the rice family, walter madison. mr. madison, how is the family reacting to the latest development? how are they doing? >> well they're concerned. it's bittersweet. we're moving from -- transitioning from investigative phase to this prosecutorial phase. however, recent events would have the family look at the situation with a very bleak forecast. >> as we talk about the bleak forecast we have this incident
11:34 am
coming -- after we've seen a lot of incidents, a string of cases involving young black men. and last month in cleveland, we had officer michael brelo acquitted in the death of two unarmed motorists. grand juries declining to bring charges in cases in missouri and new york. do you fear for your clients that this will happen in cleveland for tamir rice, as well? >> certainly, and it calls for the real need for reform. the grand juries are not designed to be an exculpatory body. individuals do not have a right to go before the grand jury presenting experts witness testimony, defenses that may be available at a trial. grand juries are clearly and exclusively designed to see what information you have to substantiate improbable cause. what we've seen as of late is this deference, bending over backwards to give police officers this extraordinary amount of deference that the private citizen doesn't receive.
11:35 am
it at a question of fairness and patently unconstitutional. >> earlier the judge declared part of the civil rights lawsuit filed by the family. how are you taking that into other legally moving forward? >> i think actually what the judge did was, he ordered the police officer to answer the complaint. what he resolved by saying the 60 days is that they have 60 days to respond to the discovery which is the evidence that substantiate our claim or seeking to substantiate our claim. i believe the judge is sensitive to the individual rights of the plaintiff because the judge acknowledged that this is the only part of the process that they can control. nay have no control over the secret grand jury process which is at the sole discretion of any county prosecutor. >> wall continue to to follow the case and see how it unfolds there for you and tamir rice's family as you move forward
11:36 am
legally in cleveland. thank you. we turn to the religious freedom bill threatening marriage equalities -- equality in north carolina. it would allow officials to recuse themes from performing marriage if they objected religiously. this could include performing same-sex weddings or interracial wedding, as well. there was no movement today. earlier this week the state senate overrode governor pat mccrory's veto of that bill. we have a professor of law at syracuse university, also the co-editor of "loving v. virginia: in a post racial world." good to have you here. explain, do you think lawmakers are trying to cloak something that is unconstitutional with religion? >> absolutely. it's a complete blurring of the line between church and state. and this is also a rule not of laws but of men and women. and in north carolina, it's really strange, as well because you could marry your first cousin in north carolina. then if you have these magistrates who want to refuse these interracial marriages or same-sex marriages still there are all these other marriage
11:37 am
that are completely legal. you could marry your cousin. >> as we look at how the country has advanced since the unanimous decision from the supreme court in loving vs. virginia, a 2013 poll shows 87% of americans approved of black/white, interracial marriage versus 4% in 1958. obviously we see a sharp rise that's happened year after year. how far have we come when we see bills like this pop up? >> it reminds you of where we were and the past point of history. always has marriage as the center of all of the culture wars. that's where the state approves how they see people relating to each other before it was we didn't want to see people of different races. now it's people of the same same sex. >> more than five million marriage are interracial, making up one in ten marriages between straight couples. and yet there appears to be still existing this underlying presence of race sglimp.
11:38 am
>> absolutely. when there's a combination of racism and homophobia, it's a bad situation. when we have people who are able to make decisions based on their own personal prejudices, based on religion, we don't know where that's coming from. >> you would think this would be a slam-dunk in north carolina for it not to happen? >> absolutely. other states passed laws like this. this takes it that much further because it allows them to say we allow religion to use it for any type of marriage not justice same-sex marriage. >> syracuse university professor, great to see you in person. thank you. the duggars addressing the molestation charges against their oldest son, josh. >> we were shocked. we were just devastated. i don't think any parent is prepared for a trauma like that. >> we want to know what you think about the duggars' reaction. the pulse is live. we're asking in the bing pulse this question -- if you were the duggars, would you report your child? weigh in.
11:39 am
also healed -- >> heads apart affirm's got a nose in front as they come on to the wire. >> that was the last time the horse won a triple crown nearly 40 years ago. will american pharaoh break the streak? [whirring drones]
11:40 am
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why try? at 62,000 brush movements per minute philips sonicare leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before. innovation and you. philips sonicare. jim bob and michelle duggar the parents on "19 kids and counting," are defending their son josh in an interview with fox news that aired last night. they also described the trauma of learning that their oldest son molested young girls, daughters in their own household, four of them. >> josh came to us on his own. he was crying and he had just turned 14. and he said that he had actually improperly touched some of our daughters. and it was -- >> we were shocked. i mean, we were devastated. i don't think any parent is
11:43 am
prepared for a trauma like that. >> so the parents said that josh had confessed three times about improper touching, and that's when they finally decided to seek outside help. i want to warn you that what you're about to hear may be difficult. >> there was a couple more time that he came and told us what he had done. and we were devastated. all these -- again, this was not rape or anything like that. this was like touching somebody over their clothes there were a couple incidents where he touched them under their clothes. but it was like -- a few seconds. >> dr. fred berlin is director of the national institute for the study, prevention and treatment of sexual trauma. dr. berlin, thanks for being here. obviously we have not walked a mile in their shoes. however, the duggars keep putting out there that it was a mistake. in your professional opinion, do you think the parents are in denial about the seriousness of what josh is alleged to have done? >> well, i want to be careful.
11:44 am
i don't have any way of knowing that. there are situations that are very serious, and parents may deny. there are other situation that's shouldn't have happened. an adolescent made a bad decision but have learned a lesson. there's no pre-disposition to do it again and don't repeat. there's a tremendous spectrum. not knowing the situation up front, i don't want to guess with respect to that question. >> so in regard to your work, you conducted a study of 300 patients. only 3% who fully complied with treatment to we'll do any type of sexual abuse offense or molestation re-offended within five years. 18% who did not receive treatment re-offended within five years. what do you say to people who try self-monitor or self-police for someone that they suspect is capable of that? >> first of all, the study you quoted was with adult sexual
11:45 am
offenders. there's compelling evidence that the overwhelming majorities of boys that engage in these behaviors as adolescents do not go on to continue down the same path as adults. as a professional i would certainly hope that any youngster in that situation would be properly evaluated. the idea that everybody needs treatment is simply not true. if you're a drunk driver who's also an alcoholic, you better get treated because you're likely to repeat again. if you're a drunk driver who had one too many at the christmas parties, you may learn a lesson you're very little risk of ever doing it subsequently. we can't have a one glove fits all approach. certainly he should have been evaluated. whether he did or didn't need intensive treatment, i can say certainly the evidence suggests that he's turned his life around. he's a public figure. no one else has come forward indicating that this has happened since that time. >> doctor, what would treatment that you would recommend for a juvenile that came forward to their parents and admitted to something like this? what would you professionally
11:46 am
suggest? >> first i would day doo a careful assessment. of course -- i would do a careful assessment. of course, if there are victims, one needs to reach out, have them provided any assistance they might need. part of my advice is to see if there's a pre-existing vulnerability. is this a young person who's sexually oriented toward much younger children. there are adolescents who are aware that at 14 15 or 16 they're repeatedly attracted to 7-year-old 7-year-olds, not kids their own age. that will require a different treatment. there are kids who make bad choices and are confused sexually. there's nothing to think that something about their sexual make-up would lead hem to do it again. i would advise the family monitor them. perhaps someone can guide them to make sure they're dealing with their sexual needs in a healthy and appropriate way. they wouldn't be in need of intensive, long-term psychotherapy. that their wouldn't be some deep-rooted problem that's going to cause them to perhaps do this again. >> dr. fred berlin thank you for your time today. i do appreciate it.
11:47 am
and for our viewers out there, if you or someone you know has been a victim of child abuse reach out to your family physician or local mental health facility. also, please report any suspicion of child abuse to the authorities. the safer society is also a resource for anyone concerned that he or she may touch a child inappropriately. you've heard all the discussion today on the duggars including the one we just had with dr. berlin. we're asking our viewers if you were the duggars, would you report your child? we want to have a look at the pulse now. it's been live for the past two hours. and how you've been responding to our question today. the pulse is revealing that overwhelmingly most people are saying that they would report their child. 92% saying yes, they would. 8% saying, no. so the pulse remains live throughout the hour. head to join in on the conversation there. your opinion does matter. and it is a question where your vote matters for sure.
11:48 am
as we go to break, here's a look at some of the other stories that caught our eye. imagine getting through a high school graduation with 20 valedictorian valedictorians. happened. the organization teens met and exceeded the school's high bar to receive the honor. to be valedictorian they all had to score straight as in regular classes and take at least four ap classes as well. some said family legacies pulled them away. others wanted to be the first to graduate. later this evening miss piggy who is known for her ego and violent fits of range, she joins women such as sandra day o'connor who have been honored by sackler center. long-term love interest kermit by her side. how do you travel when you r worth $20 million and your name is american pharaoh? like a boss. forget economy and first class, this is how you go when you're a thoroughbred jetting around.
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american pharaoh is on a quest to do what no other horse has done in nearly four decades -- baseball becoming a triple crown champ. saturday he gets that chance at the belmont stakes. this is new video that our producers went to belmont park and got footage of american pharaoh being hosed down and groomed. some say it will be a cinderella story for american pharaoh and his owner to win on saturday. it wouldn't be the first fairytale to take horse racing fans by storm. >> head, apart. affirm's got a nose in front -- >> the thrilling finish of the 1978 belmont stakes which saw affirmed become the 11th horse in history to claim horse
11:53 am
racing's triple crown. it's been 37 years and 13 attempts since, yet no other horse has been able to pull off the elusive feat. >> approaching the 16th pole. an upset. >> there is going to be an upset. >> will not win -- >> sunday silence take the lead and looks to the triple crown. >> down the stretch, and it's easygoer -- >> silver charm has lost the lead. touch gold will deny him the crown. >> some thaempt at racing immortality weren't even close. then 1998, real client's bid was anything but quiet. >> real quiet is taking the lead. he's coming to the eight pole 20 years in the waiting. one furlong to go. here comes his rival. victory gallop. as they come to the final 16th imploring real quiet to hold. on victory gallop a final surge. it's going to be very close. here's the wire -- it's too close to call!
11:54 am
was it real quiet or was it victory gallop? a picture is worth 1,000 words. this photo is worth $5 million. >> no horse has ever lost the triple crown by less. >> charismatic not going to get it done. it's a photo finish and the triple crown will go unclaimed for the 21st year in a row. >> and war emblem's quest for the triple crown -- he did not break alertly. war emblem was off. >> war emblem has given way! no triple crown for the 24th year. >> funnyside doing his best but dropping back. >> empire maker has won the 135th belmont stakes. >> in 2004's test of the champions, smarty jones had the crown jewel in his sights. >> smarty jones edges the stretch to the roar of 120,000. the whip is out on smarty jones. it's been 26 years, one furlong away. bird stone is an upset -- coming
11:55 am
to the finish. can smarty jones hold on? here comes bird stone! bird stone surges past -- bird stone wins the belmont stakes! >> here's a shocking wire-to-wire win in the belmont stakes. 38-1, the triple crown will remain vacant once again. >> in 2012 i'll have another was next but was scratched due to injury. >> a devastating skrash. >> i'll have another is -- scratch. >> i'll have another is retired. i'll have to wait for another day. >> that brings us to last year and the story of california chrome that wasn't meant to be. >> california chrome laboring. here's the wire. it's a photo finish that goes to tonight tonalist. >> off the board, california chrome, the triple crown remains a 36-year memory. >> wow. we are excited for our special coverage of the belmont stakes
11:56 am
coming up tomorrow. my exclusive sit down interview with victories pin ocean ies pin oezespinoza. american pharaoh's jockey hoping to take him to the triple crown. do you feel confident that american pharaoh and you are the team to do it? >> well, it's been, like you said, been such a long time that i never seen triple crown before in my life. >> such a nice guy. catch our full exclusive interview with american pharaoh's jockey tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. eastern. love that guy. that's going to wrap up things for today's show. thank you very much. keep the conversation going on social media. "the cycle" up next.
11:57 am
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