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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 5, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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he said would be found. she's the lady standing on the left with the super big smile. don't quit. come back. it's friday june fifth. right now on "first look" extreme weather heading into the weekend for parts of the country. we'll show you what's in store. officials say america may have been hit by the largest cyber attack in u.s. history and guess who's behind it. a machete, taum hawks, knives and a huge amount of ammunition. plus a big night for steph and lebron leaves to overtime. and free donuts. it's national donut day. good morning everyone. the warning from emergency management was simple and
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frightening. stay off the roads and seek shelter. near denver a weather emergency, and a tornado on the move. it's one of two confirmed to touch down but that's not all. there was another threat hail. listen to that. you can hear it coming down hard. add flooding to that and it kept rescue crews from getting a better idea of the damage. several homes were ripped open. lightning also lit up the sky and it's not over. storms are expected to continue this weekend. this morning the obama administration is scrambling to assess the impact of a massive data breach. it is believed to have originated in china. as many as 4 million current employees could have been affected. tracie potts has the latest. >> the employees will be notified starting monday.
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notes notices are going out and while the government is dealing with it on these end, they think these individuals need to take precautions. >> reporter: names, social security numbers, birth dates of up to 4 million employees possibly hacked in what the obama administration calls the worst cyber attack ever. the target? the office of personnel management, opm which provides security clearances for 90% of federal workers. >> because opm is the agency that holds security clearances that's giving a potential enemy like china very valuable information. the u.s. thinks china is behind it. the embassy denies that. the u.s. says the hackers used a vulnerability that the u.s. wasn't aware of until now. >> it's important we ramp up our
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efforts to go after foreign hackers and threats. >> reporter: the government is urging employees to watch their bank accounts while the fbi and home lapd security try to determine just how big this attack is. they're breathing a sigh of relief this morning because the covert identities of cia agents were not compromised and there is new reaction this morning from the foreign minister of china just this morning saying that the u.s. accusing them is irresponsible and unscientific. >> okay. to be continued. that's for sure. thank you, tracie potts. there's been a major victory for the pink pill some are calling female viagra. it is the first drug of its kind on the market designed for females. they say there's still safety
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concerns about unexpected fainting. the fda generally follows the recommendations of the panel. we are getting our first look at the arsenal of weapons a white house fence jumper had inside his car. he made it deep inside the building before he was finally taken down. chris jansing has more. >> reporter: these are the weapons white house fence jumper brought to washington the day he scaled the fence. a machete, numerous noois and a huge amount of ammunition. this is described in chilling detail in a sentencing report. >> is the secret service had to categorize the threat this is a very serious situation. >> reporter: once he got inside the white house, he was carrying this knife with a 3.5 inch knife. this is where they would find his car and all the weapons about 15 minutes in that direction is the white house. but it was not his first run in
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either with police or the secret service. an even more threatening arsenal was found when he was pulled over last july. high powered rifles a sawed off shotgun and a map with the white house highlighted. he was sentenced to 30 years in prison but it was suspended. >> the defendant did not have enough of a criminal record and frankly no one was injured during this incident. >> reporter: this time prosecutors are recommending three years super vised release after prison time. temporary metal spikes have been clamped an at the fence. but still no permanent fix. >> chris jansing reporting there. this morning a horrifying pattern in colorado is raising the question would be there a serial sniper on the loose. the latest victim was shot dead while out for a walk. two weeks ago a man was killed
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while out riding his bike and before another man shot in the neck. the first two shootings are connected and they're looking into this one as a possible connection along with random blown out car areas in the area. a plumber on satin island just won a $136 million power ball jackpot. he won on march 14th but he didn't check the ticket until recently. >> i took tickets and i checked them on the computer and i saw that they matched. i tried to breathe in and nothing would go in. i thought i was having a heart attack. i really grabbed the ticket figuring they'll find it in my hand and then i finally exhaled. >> that's a great story. he plans to split the lump sum with his son. the third leg of the triple
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crown is for tomorrow. the winner of the kentucky derby and the preakness is looking to make history. we are live at belmont park new york. good morning, jeh. what do you think the chances are of american pharoah winning the triple crown? >> reporter: a lot of people think they're very good. a lot say this is the year we could see it. three to five odds for american pharoah. quiet out here cool breeze. a really nice morning at belmont. we expect to see american pharoah take a final gallop around the track this morning and tomorrow it's the run at history. >> he's happy. he's enjoying what he does. he's a very happy horse. >> reporter: but really what's there to not be happy about? >> coming to the finish american pharoah has won the kentucky derby. >> reporter: after dominating wins in the derby and preakness,
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american pharoah comes to new york has the latest super horse with a chance to win racing eegs biggest and most elusive prize, the triple crown. >> it's one of the toughest things to accomplish in all of sports. >> reporter: since afir ma accomplished it in 1978 a few have fell short at belmont. the longest race of the series. >> we doesn't know he has to go an extra distance. we'll surprise them. >> reporter: this is the longest any of the horses have or will ever run. the distance that separates really good horses from the greatest of all time. and if american pharoah can get to the finish line first, he will be one of the greatest of all time running against what is a tough field but also the mounting hype and pressure that comes with trying to grab the
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elusive third jewel in the triple crown. should be a tremendous time. >> i think they're excited about the fifth post they got the start. thomas roberts will go one an one with american pharoah jockey as he prepares to go for the triple crown. that is live with thomas roberts at 2:00 p.m. eastern. and tomorrow nbc is the only place to be to watch the belmont stakes. live coverage of the race begins at 4:30 eastern. let's get down to business with landon dowdy. good morning. >> good morning to you. the markets are awaiting today's big economic news the monthly jobs report. hiring is expected to be about the same as april with roughly 225,000 jobs created. and unemployment at a 7-year low. the jobs data would help dictate whether the fed may hike interest rate this is week. and walmart has separate centers
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for customers that ordered groceries online. and amazon hired the minions. the company started sending boxes for the new minions movie. it's the first time they've displayed ads from an outside company. >> love these minions. thank you so much. in sports game one of the nbc finals. cavs taking on the warriors. regulation was not enough. we go into overtime. missing shots, the warriors go on a 10-2 run in overtime. the warriors win it. the 2014 world series champions visiting the white house yesterday. this is the giant's third time in five years visiting president obama. the players say it never gets
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old. they presented the president with a personalized jersey a signed basableeball and aprovable for a third term. >> and we thought today it was only fitting that today he bring your base to you. a third term, perhaps? >> no. michelle will not allow that. >> well nsa leaker pens a scathing op ed following the battle over wiretapping. details next.
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welcome back. looking for a nice weekend but we have some problems this morning. a lot of heavy rain has fallen overnight in kansas. around lawrenceville, drenched. some areas getting as much as 4 to 5 inches of rain. we're looking pretty nice up and
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down the east coast. some ugly days in the mid atlantic region. still clouds to deal with but slowly warming it up. in the weekend, some strong storms. nebraska and iowa on saturday with a storm system kicking up. possibility of isolated tornadoes. very warm in oklahoma and texas. maybe a stray shower or storm in d.c. on saturday. it's not going to pour and by sunday very nice up the east coast. the worst weather is chicago into ohio valley. the belmont stakes and that race taking place around 6:50 p.m. on saturday. a light breeze. sunny. couldn't have for a nicer forecast. >> thanks, bill. senator john mccain has asked the pentagon. this comes after reports that the department of defense paid the nfl for tributes that honored american troops.
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police in florida are looking for a man who allegedly took photos up a woman's dress without permission. he was caught on a surveillance camera crouching down and reaching his hand under her skirt. edward snowden has written an op ed for the new york times. it's titled the world says no to surveillance. he writes in a single month the nsa's invasive call tracking program was declared unlawful by the courts and the public. and it's national donut day. dunkin' donuts are celebrating. it's worth checking your local mom and pop donut shops to see if they're participating as well. a selfie taken by an isis soldier proves deadly and how
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the gop is headed for their own version of the hunger games, next. wish your skin could bounce back as quickly as it used to?
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we can't ignore the big story everyone is talking about. it's upsetting. self-denial and really refusal to accept the consequences of actions. 19 and counts. by which i mean the number of candidates in the 2016 presidential race. >> got to love jon stewart. it is time for scrambled
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politics. welcome back to the party, rick perry. he made his presidential announcement in front of a crowd of veterans and spoke about the military and the economy. and his buzz feed pointed out he has his own country rap song now. ♪ >> there you heard it. perry is the tenth republican to declare and only the top ten will be allowed to be in the debate. this now has a hunger games type feel. it was one of the well you don't say moments at an energy and congress committee hearing yesterday. they were discussing a deal having to do with nutrition when a congressman made this confession. >> i don't think i've ever in my menu life looked for a calorie
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numbers on anything i've consumed. and i bet that -- i bet i'm in the majority of americans. this is the perfect example of an nanny state. >> i don't know. i read them. from defense tech koirg, u.s. air force targets and destroys isis hk building using social media. they discovered a photo and comment of an isis member online. they figured out where it was posted and bombed it less than 24 hours later. what do miss piggie have in common with a judge? they kpemly fied the spirit of feminism. the first look cute photo of the day, that is the child of one of the president's advisors and that is going to be framed for the rest of that kid's life.
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look at that. and chafee announceing he'll be running for president but he may not have a chance against hillary clinton. >> even his shadow doesn't seem to be taking him very seriously. take a look at this. look at that. you see what i'm saying? >> and that is your morning dish of scrambled politics. i'm joined now by kevin cirilli from the hill. that was a good one. >> happy friday. thanks for having me. >> happy friday to you. let's talk official. how does rick perry's official jump from the gop shake things up? how is he going to be a different candidate the second time around? >> a lot of us in washington are talking about weather he will be able to actually move pass the gas from his last campaign. they insist he'll be able to
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move beyond that but that being said, he's trying to position himself as someone who is able to bridge the tea party with the more moderate ring of republicanism. it will be interesting to see how he does it in such a crowded republican field. a lot of folks that i talk with view him as a dark horse candidate to other top tier candidates like jeb bush and scott walker and marco rubio. >> okay. do you think rick perry is likely to be among the top ten gop participating and for those who don't end up on that stage, is it game over? you have to whittle it down somewhere. >> that's a great question. really, the first cut off in this is the top ten to get on the stage for that debate. do i think he will be able to make that threshold? i think he does have a strong chance to be in the top ten. if he doesn't or other candidates who do not, there's a side show debate broadcasted
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onlun, and so i think when you have this many candidates "the new york times" hit it on the head with this hunger games people. i think it will be quite difficult for the top tier candidates to stay on message because we live on such a viral media culture where they'll be able to launch side show campaigns. we could have a situation where there's a different winner in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina which means we're in for one heck of a super tuesday. >> the fact that he is under indictment, how is that going to play into his candidacy? do you think voters care or are they aware outside of texas much? >> i don't think so, and i think that even a lot of top democrats have come out and said that indictment wasn't something they were even taking all that seriously. i don't expect the indictment to play that seriously into this. >> okay. good to see you on a friday. have a great weekend. >> you too. >> just ahead hundreds gather to
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remember the vice president's son, beau biden. those details ahead.
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on saturday president obama will deliver the eulogy of beau biden. on thursday mourners gathered at delaware's state senate chambers where they received friends and colleagues. beau biden died at the age of 46 on saturday after a long battle with brain cancer. he's behind his wife and two children.
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♪ >> if i've mentioned one word this was an extremely sophisticated attack. that points to a nation state. we have extraordinarily vulnerable and this is just the latest in a series of wake up calls that we've had during this past year. it's time for us to act. it's time for us to pass a cyber security law, and it's time for us to better protect the critical infrastructure which this nation depends upon. >> hacked. the data of millions of american federal workers breached and the u.s. government suspects chinese hackers are to blame. and rick perry makes his case
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for another presidential bids. and jimmy kimmel hits the streets as new yorkers battle it out over the east coast, west coast rivalry. you won't want to miss it. this is "way too early." ♪ >> good morning, everybody. it's friday june 5th and welcome to "way too early." shocking disturbing and troubling that's how some lawmakers are describing one of the largest data breaches ever for the u.s. government. here's what we know right now. up to 4 million current and former federal employees are being told that their personal information may have been stolen. at this hour the fbi says it's investigating how and why the breach


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