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tv   Up W Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  June 6, 2015 5:00am-7:01am PDT

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paying final respects to beau biden. all right. good morning thanks for getting up with us this saturday morning. in delaware at this hour. family and friends of the bidens are preparing to pay their final respects to beau biden, the former attorney general of the delaware. the son of the vice president.
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much more on that in just a moment. this morning, new sexual abuse allegations against dennis hastert. we'll be getting a lot into that in just a little bit. hillary clinton is hammering republicans on voting rights as she gets ready to launch the next phase of her campaign. and a motorcycle rally in iowa starts the next phase of the republican race for the white house. we begin this morning with the difficult day ahead for joe biden and the entire biden family. the funeral mass for his son, beau who was himself a rising plal star. the former attorney general of delaware. he said he want today run for governor of delaware. he died one week ago at the age of 46. the funeral is set to begin later this morning in delaware. two and a half hours from now. it will be hard in wilmington delaware. we will be carrying it live here
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on msnbc. president obama is expected to deliver a speech. we are live outside that church. if you will please set the scene for us what we can expect today. >> reporter: well steve, good morning to you. this is really the culmination of what i would say has been a very emotional week. especially the last few days for not only the biden family but also the entire state of delaware. i spent time here last night. people i spoke to the bidens and delaware are intertwined. it's been remarkable to see how much they've been willing to pay their respects. standing in line for hours. we're in this working class italian catholic neighborhood where the church is. people pulting up american flags making sure their lawns are tidy. looking wonderful for the dignitaries that are coming in today. as far as the funeral goes it starts at 10:30.
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we'll have three speakers. that will honor beau biden's life in the military. then we'll hear from president obama. and then you have his brother and sister, ashley and hunter. that will be beau biden the family men. you're touching on the three areas of his life. expect it to be extremely emotional. going through the program, you have a lot of essential tenants in having catholic funerals. the cardinal is expected to be here as well. and the father from georgetown university. heavy on the catholic symbolism within the service. we expect this to go for two hours. president obama did work on the eulogy throughout the week. >> he is live for us thanks. we'll be checking back with you
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throughout the morning. we turn to the new allegations of sexual misconduct against the former speaker of the house, dennis hastert. he was charge said last week that alleges he agreed to pay $3.5 million to someone from his hometown so that person would keep quiet about alleged prior misconduct. now, a montana woman has come forward to abc news and the associated press claiming to be fbi interviewed her last month about hastert. she says her brother, his name was steven reinboldt. he told her before he died in 19 1995 that dennis hastert had molested him. hastert was the wreckling coach and teaching in yorkville from
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1965 to 1980. that was his life before he became a congressman and eventually speaker of the house. a friend and class mate of reinboldts is telling abc news reinboldt confided to him about this in 1974. >> thee talked about his relationship with denny hastert and said it was sexual. i was flabbergasted. >> that friend adding he believes there was more than one sexual encounter. >> i said what do you mean? he said, well we would do things sexually and it would sometimes start with a massage. we didn't go much further into that. >> for more on this i want to bring in a washington bureau chief of the chicago sun times. one of the aspects of this woman that came forward, the center of
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the alleged victim going forward saying she tried to go to the press a decade ago. she says she tried to go to the press back then. but we're hearing about it now. do you know why that is? >> well both abc news which broke the story, and the associated press said that they were -- they knew her and contacted by her. abc talked about it in their story. they said they could not corroborate the claims back then. and apparently the story just could not be given birth at the time. there wasn't enough out there for them to feel comfortable going with t. now having said that that doesn't necessarily preclude her from voluntarily do other things people do to call attention to situations. press conferences, press releases et cetera. but this is different now, steve. because her comments come in a different context, and that is the indictment. where the indictment talked
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about some misconduct happening when denny hastert was a high school teacher and wrestling coach. since then, individual a, that's one. and two more people have been identified that alleged sexual abuse. >> we should say other outletsvilleoutlets have identified a third person as someone who has covered washington while dennest hastert was at the peak barney frank was on the air saying how surprised he was. he never would have expected anything of this nature with dennis hastert. is that true for you as someone who watched him up close or was there some inkling there was something off? >> nothing of this nature. now, what he's really charged for as you know is not following the law as dealing
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with big cash withdrawals and lying to the fbi. if he was in some legal jam because of deal ing with transactions or his lobbying practice, i would have said we're used to this happening. the sexual misconduct component, for -- the allegations are predatory abuse of conduct, going so far back. this is something that's obviously, to me kind of a unique fact situation. this goes back. he taught in high school between 1965 and 1981. years before he became speaker of the house. >> it's an amazing story. dennis hastert the former speaker of the house is due in court next week to answer to the charges. it will be the first time we'll be hearing from him. >> no one has seen him since the indictment. >> thank you for the time this morning. we appreciate that. >> thank you. okay we're going to turn now to what might be the first big
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fight of the 2016 general election. hillary clinton directly calling out her possible republican opponents by name in a speech on voting rights. >> texas former governor rick perry signed a law that a federal court said was actually written with the purpose of discriminating against minority voters. he applauded when the voting rights act was gutted. and said the lost protections were out dated and unnecessary. in wisconsin, governor scott walker cut back early voting and signed legislation that would make it harder for college students to vote. in new jersey governor chris christie vetoed legislation to extend early voting. in florida, when jeb bush was governor, state authorities conducted a deeply flawed purge of voters before the
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presidential election in 2000. today republicans are systematically and deliberately trying to stop millions of americans citizens from voting. what part of democracy are they afraid of? >> this is hillary clinton very intentionally picking a fight with the biggest names in the republican field. in other words there's a lot to be gained in politically and not that much to be risked. this comes as the next phase of her campaign is taking shape. hillary planning to hold her major rally in new york city this time next weekend. one week from today. the campaign is billing it as an vent for thousands. the first formal rally of her campaign. former president bill clinton and chelsea expected to join her that day at that speech. for more on this let's bring in today's panel. we have republican pollster and msnbc contributor and victoria
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also an msnbc contributor and political science professor. so we heard hillary clinton there, calling out these republicans by name. that was on thursday. yesterday those republicans had a chance to respond, let's play their -- some of their responses first. >> you know in ohio we have 27 days of early voting. okay. 17 days a couple hundred hours. and in new york the only early voting, there is none. the only voting that occurs is on election day. what is she talking about? i like hillary, i got to tell you the idea we're going to divide americans and use demagoguery, i don't like it. >> she doesn't know the first thing about voting rights in noournlnew jersey or any other state. she want an opportunity to create voter fraud around the country.
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>> she wants this fight. she called them out by name because she knows we'll be playing clips of her responding. if she wants clips of her making that speech. what is the game she sees? >> especially by doing this speech in texas. she's taking the fight to the republican party. she's naughtot only doing it on out their turf, she's calling them out. she's forcing them to defend themselves. she's forcing them to defend themselves in their states defend their party. because it's the party that's been doing this all over the country. politically it's a brilliant move. for her base it's a brilliant move. also just as an american it's a brilliant move. because the ideas that she put forth -- governor kasich called her out because there's no early voting in new york. one of her proposals is to have at least 20 days of early voting nationwide. she's forcing them to have a
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conversation on something she cares about on her terms. >> the issue specifically in the speech she raised and proposal she put out were across the board early voting. all 50 states. also saying automatic registration for all voters when they turn 18 years old. when you look at those policies in the speech i imagine those are fairly popular. >> they are. i think it's interesting with kasich kasich, two wrongs don't make a right. so new york doesn't have the early voting that other states do, she would like to see that expanded. what i find very interesting is how democrats are going into offensive. if you remember two, four years ago. democrats were scrambling republican legislator were coming at them from everything side. she said i'm not going to let you do it. we are drawing a line in the
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sand and we're going after you. >> with the republican response to this it's interesting to me hillary clinton in that speech one thing she didn't say or talk about, that is voter id. that's something a lot of these republican governors and legislators have gone pushing. i don't think it's an accident. if you put this up on the screen, you ask people this question, do you think you should show an id before you vote. it's very popular. it's three quarters there,ing 77% say yes. it feels like there's an intent in her speech i want to talk about voting rights. these are the terms i want to talk about. and this is not an area i'm not comfortable with. is there an opening for the republicans to turn the tables? >> i think they can say this is 100% about politics. while her own home state mentioned, where is the criticism of the democratic lurn leadership? she's making it about politics. fair enough. this is an issue that there's an
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interesting body of political science research that shows turned out voters who feel that voter id and things like this are keeping them from the polls have had a backlash. >> that happened i think ohio was the perfect example of this. the black vote in ohio in 2008 was 11%. the overall. in 2012 it was 15%. turnout soared among african-americans even as that early voting theory shrank. >> this isn't an issue where her taking these stances will win her voters. at this point in the race is she focused on trying toner to energize her base. i think this is not about having an opening salvo. >> i disagree.
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i think she's going after this because back in 2012 -- was it 2012 when the secretary of state of pennsylvania said we have this voter id law which will keep people from the polls and hand mitt romney the presidency. that's why democrats are going after this. that's why hillary clinton is going after this. and, you know voting soared in ohio because one thing as an african-american i can say this one thing you do not tell an african-american around election time is you can't vote. because they will stand in line for as long it takes to make sure their voice is heard. especially in 2012 because they wanted to have president obama's back. i think with hillary clinton talking about this this is a part where i will agree with you that politics comes into play. the african-american community at least is hoping will have her back because she's going after an issue that the democratic party cares about, but especially african-americans care about.
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>> we talk about the importance of turnout. the decline of swing voters everyone knows what side they're on. it's about getting your side out. so this is a case -- you look at the politics hillary clinton does have some motivation there. ahead, the republican presidential hopefuls quick to respond to hillary clinton. largely silent this week on one of the most talked about cultural stories in the world. we'll show you. iowa senator joni ernst pulling our her motorcycle. we'll go to iowa with a report on that straight ahead. you need 48 hour odor protection that goes on clear for no white marks. new secret outlast clear gel. bring us your aching and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again, with aleve pm.
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your chief of staff clares as me would you be the ideal candidate? >> i think any of the 30 republican governors would be
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the ideal candidate. >> come on try a different way. >> i love to be president. i'll see it live of the harley-davidson motor company. >> wisconsin governor scott walker finally getting the opportunity to run for president of the united states and president of the harley-davidson motor company at the same time. his bickg break will be coming in iowa as joni ernst's annual ride. this is always the most creative gathering yet of presidential candidates. there's a pig roast and a motorcycle rally. scott walker will be there, ben carson, carly fiorina, lindsey graham, mike huckabee and marco rubio will also be on hand too. walker the only candidate actually planning to join with ernst on that motorcycle ride from des moines to boon later this morning.
5:22 am
she did offer a lift to another candidate. >> i did this with marco rubio on the floor of the senate the other day. he said, well, i don't ride. i said you can ride on the back of mine. >> and msnbc's casey hadn'tkasie hunt is traveling through iowa. i want to ask if you took your motorcycle to get to the camera shot today. i will ask you this looking at that list of attendees, the candidates who are courting joni ernst and she's very popular with the grass roots republicans in iowa. jeb bush not there today. not courting joni ernst with the rest of the candidates. we're talking about is jeb bush going to be writing off iowa. is this another sign of that? >> i think that it's part of the overall strategy here. i mean i think for bush getting into the middle of this trying to do just one of the pack that's here with psychoticscott walker pickrick perry.
5:23 am
that was an quite after offer that joni ernst made to marco rubio. he was someone who came in really early for joni ernst in 2013. people around her privately say he's somebody that has stood out to her. we still don't know if she's going to endorse oint this caucus process. she could if she wanted to play a more visible role. it's not clear she won't want to play sort of establishment step back and be the person that can court everyone you know not knowing, who is going to come out on top in the caucuses. >> this is from the des moines register, the largest paper in iowa this morning. it's an article that has the former chairman of the republican party in iowa saying he thinks the national party is chipping away after a very important role of iowa. he's citing two things in particular. one is that the first debate coming up in august the number of candidates participating will be capped at ten by national
5:24 am
television network. the other is the iowa straw poll the traditional event, looks like that's in danger of going away. i've been hearing this talk in the last week about republicans in iowa being nervous about their role not being what it normally is, is there anything to that? >> i absolutely think there is something to that. that story walks through a lot of it. the concern on the straw poll for example is at this point there's a competing event in atlanta, a lot of the marquee candidates won't be here. the straw poll has been a way to winnow the field. it's less that winning the straw poll will send you to the top and more that if you show poorly it does not bode well for you. that's part of the reason why the candidates are avoiding it. the state party in iowa has brought that on themselves. they felt it was spending too much money and putting too much pressure on the candidates. they have kind of walked it back. it does show you how the international party is in some
5:25 am
ways concerned about the role that iowa plays in the overall nominating process. this is a state that historically has pushed the field to the right, obviously, evangelical conservatives play a significant role and have been the person that succeeded in that straw poll. there is a lot of concern that focusing it, starting it here is something that ultimately hurts the party in a general election. is it pushing their candidates to the right. is the is it someone they're going to have to win other? the story walks through the fact that republican leaders here in iowa used to be able to negotiate directly with the tv networks to host debates in iowa. there were handful or a number of debates in iowa in 2012. i covered a lot of them. there's probably only going to be one this time because leaders are trying to control which states set debates. there is the issue of delegates. after ron paul gamed out the
5:26 am
delegate process and created a cur curfluffal in the primaries. he went in and said you don't actually have to vote for romney or santorum on the convention floor. you don't have to be on the convention you should come for me. that created a problem. and the rnc said no way we're going to rewrite the words so you have to abide by what voters say. all of that could weaken the role of the caucus this time around. >> let me bring the panel in here in new york and take a straw poll of my own. who is going to miss the iowa straw poll? >> i'm done with iowa. i am so done with iowa. 50 years ago iowa made sense. it was representative of the demographic for this country. i pulled out my little census fact check. only 30% of african-american. 5% are latino. that is not our country. if we look at the demographic
5:27 am
for our country going forward, iowa is becoming less and less relevant. i'm done with it. i'm ready to go on to super tuesday. >> iowa is a blue state. it's not just a conservative -- >> it's a partisan thing. >> i would like to see a lot of states play the roll. to the extent that iowa is still has a roll in helping to winnow the field. it's been interesting to watch the candidates have to go to the state fair and eat the fried food and meet people. i like in a way that there's pressure on candidates to not just do big mass media things. they have to go meet real people and talk to them about issues. i think as long as they're doing that in a variety of different states that's good. think about the straw poll in '12. you had some who did not do very well and that knocked him out of the race. >> i would say that proves the
5:28 am
uselessness of iowa. >> i'm done. >> if you can win it you can win it and still go nowhere. >> it does seem -- >> there's a difference. >> two tracks have emerged where there's the candidate of the base and that's who iowa seems to vote for and then there's the candidate of the establishment and that's the new hampshire. you have huckabee winning, mccain winning. anyway thanks to msnbc's kasie hunt for joining us. have fun at the motorcycle rally and pig roast. still ahead, is this any way to win the white house? the presidential candidate who wants americans trading their pounds and miles for kilometers and kilograms. what the heck are those? the water shed moments, they have lost the culture wars. that's next. it needs to be earned... every day... using wellness to keep away illness... and believing that a single life can be made better by millions of others. healthier takes somebody who can power modern health care... by connecting every single part of it. for as the world keeps on searching for healthier... we're here to make healthier happen.
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soul searching for social conservatives. the wide spread acceptance of jenner's evolution was a reminder they are losing the culture wars. across social media blog and talk radio this week conservatives painted an apocalyptic view of american. >> conservatives and republicans are the new weirdo and cooks. that is part of the political objective in normalizing all this marginal behavior. if less than 1% of the population is engaging in it, it's marninalized behavior. >> if you want one snap shot of how morally twisted, how morally confused how morally bankrupt
5:33 am
we have become all you got to do is take a look at the cover of "vanity fair" magazine. >> they are always conservatives don't believe science. this bruce jenner still has y chrome zones in every cell of his body. do not tell me he's a girl. it's real. it's a mental illness. i don't think we should be celebrating it and laughing about it. >> joining us now is robert costa, national political reporter for "the washington post." he wrote that article i was just reading from. i mean we play sort of the moroutlandish reactions we saw from the right. the thing that was most striking to me. when you look at the republicans that are out there running for president, the most prominent voices, you weren't hearing that this week. i'm thing back to 2003 or 2004 when massachusetts legalized gay marriage i'm republicans george bush karl rove they jumped on that as a big issue.
5:34 am
the opposition to gay marriage. the bruce jenner thing happens this week and you don't hear that reaction. it seems like a big transformation. >> it samajoris a major evolution of the republican party. you didn't have any anger from republican candidates. but even as republican candidates respond with muted -- in a muted way or almost silent. it's like the republican family party still has some frustrations with how the culture is moving. it's like these candidates are at a thanksgiving table. and one part of the family is not fan of caitlyn jenner. they may have their own views, they're fine with it. the kids know the country has moved on. they're not going to engage because they know the base has a certain opinion. >> is there a way you can live with tension within your family.
5:35 am
at another point this will come to a head. i'm thinking of what's coming up here. the supreme court ruling on gay marriage potentially making it legal in all 50 states. it's a question of how would the republican respond to that. which of those two forces would prevail. would it be the old guard saying we have to fight this or would it be that sort of the new guard for lack of a better term saying let's just let this go. >> you nailed it in your pam. there's a feeling among the top tier republican campaigns that iowa has waned. they remain in a bunker mentality. the supreme court is coming up with decisions. and they this was going to be a battle of legal issues and legislative issues with the religious liberty laws. now because transgender issues are at the top of the american scene, we have republican realizing that caitlyn jenner is not the first issue that will be coming up. >> let me bring in you're a republican pollster.
5:36 am
you've got a client out there running for office how do i take about this how do i talk about caitlyn jenner? >> i think it's a big difference about having to come out and talk on a legal ruling a policy that's out there and having to comment on a magazine cover. i for one, welcome caitlyn jenner to the republican party. we need more conservative women. so you know i'm personally -- hey this is great. i don't think or expect every single political leader to have to have an opinion or come out and say something. the polling is different on things like the issue of marriage equality where polling has shown a dramatic shift in just the last decade and the number of people who say they know someone who is gay or lesbian has increased. the percentage of americans who know someone is transgender is low. this is an issue where i'm advising a candidate i'm saying
5:37 am
i don't know that you have to weigh in on this unless there is a public policy issue that you as the president of the united states would have to take on. >> i've been trying to figure it out. it's clear where the country is on gay marriage and how it's moved so dramatically. when it comes to transgender issue it's not something that's been fleshed out in politics. >> it hasn't. the country has been engaged in a very vigorous debate. basically since the stone wall riots of 1969 about the lg and b and lgbt. we've had this conversation about what it means to be lesbian or gay in this country. what it means in terms of civil rights and making this can't more whole and more pure in terms of its ideals when it comes to lgb. the t has always been silent. it's been silent because it involves a difficult and uncomfortable conversation for a lot of people and not just straight people. there are a lot of people in the gay community, particularly gay
5:38 am
men who have issuewise transgender. when you have somebody like caitlyn jenner who comes out and says i'm transgender, and deal with t. she's forced this nation to finally start talking about the t in a way it hasn't done pretty much ever except within the last maybe year year and a half. with laverne pots the actress from orange is the new black. the first time a transgender person had been on the cover of time magazine. we started having this conversation. when you have a cultural icon a sports icon like caitlyn jenner who goes through the transition. she's beautiful, she's wealthy. forces everyone to not only talk about it but to take it seriously. >> right. this is the moment i think when people are starting to think about this for the first time ever. robert costa, i want to thank you for getting up this morning.
5:39 am
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there's a lot going on this morning. let's get caught up on some of the other headlines making news. let's start with something truly horrible here. this is a life threatening injury happening last night. it happened to a fan at a baseball game at fenway park at a boston red sox game. she suffered a light threatening injury when she was struck in the head with a broken bat. a fan said she bled a lot. a lot. i don't think i've ever seen anything like that. the woman was carried out of the park on a stretcher. this is being described as a life threatening injury. it's one of those things -- you go to a baseball game for three hours of fun, family fun, and
5:47 am
you're so close to the field. you think something might come into the stands. >> this is a freak accident. you hear stories about, you know balls flying into the stands, people trying to catch them. they get knocked in the head. a broken bat? look i pray for the victim here and hope she survives. judging by that quote, it doesn't sound very good. >> apparently at major league baseball changed the procedures to seven years ago that they were concerned about bats going into the stands. they changed their procedures. there hadn't been an instance like this. one fan in the history of game about 45 years ago was killed by an errant object. >> are we going to see shields be put up? if something like this happens again is major league baseball going to say we need to take measures. >> you have netting to a certain amount. maybe you expand the netting or
5:48 am
something. this is in politico "new york times" is denying that american bridge the democratic superpack was behind a rubio report yesterday. "the new york times" reported that there was this -- marco rubio and his wife and their traffic record. 17 traffic tickets going back to 1997. four for marco rubio. 13 for his wife. then there was this talk from the conservatives, this came from a democratic opposition research. it was fed to "the new york times" and the times says no. the whole thing is remarkably city. >> this is good news for marco. they're coming after him. this means he's popular. the more they come after you, the higher up. >> if this is what they got. >> this is the sort of story you want to have come out. because now there is not a single voter out there in america that is going to say, gosh, i would have voted for marco rubio, but those parking tickets, those speeding tickets -- there are a lot of voters in the republican party who don't like the mainstream
5:49 am
media, they're really skeptical of the "new york times." all of a sudden he's a victim of them coming after him. and -- >> i got to say, you talk about, this is comes a month or two after we heard the story about hillary clinton has not driven since 1996. we know that rubio drives his own car. at least we get that. much more to come throughout the show. still ahead as we continue why florida may not offer much of a homefield advantage for jeb bush has he has been banking on. is rick and perry's hot and sweaty start for another run for president getting a cool reception. that is next, stay with us. at the shelter, no one wanted benny. so i adopted him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up i was afraid i would have to give him away. i took tylenol at first but i had to take 6 pills to get through the day. then my friend said, "try aleve." just 2 pills, all day. and now, i'm back for my best bud! aleve. all day strong.
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5:52 am
george washington lived in the service of a cause greater than himself. >> get that man a towel. a hot and sweaty start to recick
5:53 am
perry's candidacy. he announced his run for the white house in thursday. he is outside the top ten gop candidates in the latest washington post abc news poll. and that means that he is at risk of being shut out of that critical first republican debate in august. now, perry's current underdog status is a far cry as his roll as a front runner in the 2012 race. that is a campaign that turned into a utter catastrophe for perry who is haunted by his infamous debate gaff. perry and his team are convinced that if he was overestimated but ill repaired four years ago he is the opposite now. underestimated and readier for the challenges that a presidential campaign presents. let's talk about perry with the panel. let's hear from perry in his own
5:54 am
words. nbc talked to him a while back saying why would it be any different this time than last time. >> one of the errors that i made was in not being prepared. you know, i was a little arrogant. and that had as much to do with my demise as a candidate at you know, forgetting the third agency of government. >> our resident texasen on the panel. i know we talk about there are two guzillion candidates running on the republican side. it's wide open anything can happen. i still have a hard time how a candidate can get past all the problems rick perry all four years ago. all the terrible memories that live in voter' minds. i have trouble seeing it. >> it's going to be difficult. and some folks say he knows
5:55 am
that. the word on the street is he is going forward with a rebranding campaign. >> new glasses. >> new glasses, no more boots. that's one thing we be been noticing noticing. this way you will erase the oops moment. he can go into his speakers bureau and selling books without that moment. >> reputation enhancement. >> he's the new rick perry. the thing is he is such a good retail politician. he really is. i was so unimpressed with his speech earlier this week. he went on and on and on and had no real central message. he was very negative. he was very negative toward president obama. i think the american public is done with that. >> he's going after the republicans now. they may not be so done with that. >> look in terms of image enhancement here if rick perry doesn't get in this debate we're talking about something happening less than two months
5:56 am
from now. he's out of the top ten. if he doesn't make the top ten, he doesn't qualify for the event. >> he has to put ideas on the table. getting into debates, going on shows where he can build up his prefoil prefile. erase the memory of 2012. americans like a come back. they know he was there in 2012. they know he made mistakes and was goofy and weird at points. he's in it again y. have to agree with his own assessment he was arrogant four years ago. he wasn't prepared. he sounds like somebody -- even though his speech was meandering and all over the place -- he sounds like somebody who is much more serious this time about going forward. >> these debate -- there are certain things we can't forget. nobody is going to forget saying you're no jack kennedy. no one is going to forget reagan. who is going to forget three things and oops.
5:57 am
>> then governor bill clinton gave the convention speech saying who is this guy. four years later where was he? who was he? >> in conclusion and everyone erupted. >> rick perry will be hobbled by marco rubio. perry perry's strategy was going to appeal to the tea party, my path is through the middle. then you have marco rubio come in he can do that and he's younger and shinier and has more money. that's why rick perry is hobbled from the beginning. once marco rubio threw his hat into the rick i knew rick perry -- >> it's not like they don't have other options this time. more on rick perry obviously as the campaign unfolds. we'll be running next to wilmington, delaware to the church where beau biden will be remembered this morning. another full hour of news and politics. and live coverage of that funeral later this morning on msnbc, stay with us.
5:58 am
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6:01 am
. president obama set to eulogize beau biden. all right. thanks for staying with us this saturday morning. president obama is preparing to leave the white house for wilmington, delaware. he'll be giving a eulogy for beau biden, the son of vice president joe biden. we'll have live coverage of the funeral later this morning on msnbc. will florida make or break jeb bush's hopes to be president, especially with another floridian in the race. another candidate for president who would have americans trading pounds for
6:02 am
kilometers. is today the day that history is made that american pharaoh breaks the losing streak. we begin this hour in wilmington, delaware. that's where family and friends are gathering to pay their respects to the late beau biden. the funeral for the former delaware attorney general is about to begin about an hour and a half from now. president obama is going to be delivering the eulogy. family members expected to speak as well. we'll bring you the whole thing as it happens right here on msnbc. beau biden an iraq war veteran dying of brain cancer at the age of 46. one week ago today. the vice president and his family holding a public viewing yesterday in delaware. more than 1,000 people honoring beau biden thursday as he lay in staet at delaware state capitol
6:03 am
in . your dedication and love for him and what we all want for our own families. >> if i mention one word to say one word beau anywhere in this state, everyone would know immediately who i was talking about. >> beau knew how important it was to be present for hallie and his kids. he never told me how he came to know that. i suspect he knew because he saw his dad do it for him. >> during the years i met with beau, i never met a more thoughtful. conscious or caring person. msnbc contributor and former congressman patrick murphy a fellow iraq veteran knew beau biden personally. he joins us from outside the church. you knew beau biden. tell us a little bit about the relationship you had with him,
6:04 am
the man you knew. >> sure steve. you know, beau biden was one of us. we both ran in 2006. he was running for attorney general, i was running for the u.s. congress. we both won. we were both in the army. we had a lot of folks in our generation who served in the military and got involved in politics. beau was the best of the best. he was so sincere. he was a family man. and when you look at it steve, i mean beau biden, you know he's a guy that had it all. he was an ivy league graduate. law school. worked in the department of justice. joined the military when he didn't have to. was one of that less than 1% of america that had served in the longest war in american history. served in iraq. has a wife and two little kids. served there in harm's way. and he just defined selfless service. and for many of us in iraq and afghanistan veterans he was the best of our generation.
6:05 am
it's heart breaking. >> the pictures we've been seeing the last few days of joe biden and his family. just heart breaking. you think about the close relationship that joe biden had with beau biden. that moment they shared at the democratic convention in 2008. you think about the tragedy that preceded this in the biden family with beau biden's mother dying, his sister dying. joe biden's first wife dying in that car crash in 1972. a lot of people looking at the vice president this week in -- i don't know the right word, marveling in how he's endured so much. >> it's hard to talk about. when you knew joe biden as a senator and vice president, his most proud moment when he would light up was talking about his family and his son and talking just about, you know about public service. talking about his family and especially beau. beau, the guy was the best.
6:06 am
i mean everyone whether they were democrat or republican, everybody respected him. because he was a straight shooter. he was thoughtful. he was so brilliant and just a good sincere person. and i know it's breaking the vice president and the family's heart. his wife and his two little kids. i will tell you, those of us who knew beau like i did really knew just a soldier to soldier, knew someone who had your back every step of the way. that looked out for the little guy. and, you know it's america's loss knowing that we lost one of the favorite sons. >> you're outside that church where the funeral mass for beau biden is to begin less than 90 minutes. msnbc will have live coverage of that mass of that funeral including the eulogy that will be delivered by president obama.
6:07 am
beau biden in addition to being a fast rising politician an iraq war veteran. let's reintroduce our panel. we have msnbc contributor and a columnist with washington post and a political science professor at the university of texas. so president obama will be on his way to delaware very shortly. you think about this relationship between joe biden and barack obama. and i think what we're seeing and hearing in the last couple weeks these are two men that have grown very close. these are two families who have grown very close and the president taking this very hard. >> you saw the picture of i believe the vice president being sworn into office with dr. biden, his wife and son, beau there. and in the background was president obama. looking at joe biden with this smile on his face this smile of what i took from it was warmth
6:08 am
was, you know, look at this great moment. my friend we're back at it. there's a relationship between the two of them that has grown strong. stronger through the president's two terms. joe biden, if you look at all of the problems if you will between the president and congress, whether it was the debt ceiling, whether it was something with taxes a few years ago, the person who the president sent to capitol hill to work out the deal is vice president bidepenn. he is essentially. for the president to go to delaware to be there for his vice president and also for his friend someone he has lunch with every week. to deliver that eulogy says a lot about the president's respect for the biden family and the president's respect for the vice president himself. and a lot about the president's respect for beau biden and what
6:09 am
he meant to the vice president, to that family and to the country through his service. >> that is a relationship that we have watched evolve. we've watched the obama biden relationship, i can think back to the earliest days of the 2008 presidential campaign. they're running against each other for the democratic nomination. biden talked about barack obama being the first clean articulate presidential candidate. it evolved from that rivals on the campaign trail in 2008. they team up for the general election. >> very rocky relationship at first. to a very close one. we know that traditionally, presidents and vice presidents don't necessarily have very close relationships. here we do see that. my heart just breaks when i see these images. it's sad -- >> i don't mean to interrupt you. we want to show we have
6:10 am
president obama and his family getting off this -- looks like they're getting off of -- joint base andrews, his mother-in-law is with him getting off of marine one. his daughters there on their way to that funeral. please continue. >> it's moments like these where we put politics aside. we have seen a number of republicans come forward and express their grief and express their gratitude to the biden family. and you think, maybe we could have this in normal times, too. it's not in these times of crisis and suffering that we see both sides come together in washington. i wish we could go back to this being the new normal. >> it is -- i feel like joe biden, there's this like the onion, the satire website has main joe biden a punch line. i know he's been a punch line. ted cruz says you say the name
6:11 am
joe biden people laugh. i think this might be a moment when people are looking at joe biden, the guy is 72 years old. he's been in politics for so long. i think respect for him has grown a lot this week. >> he's given speeches there's a line he sometimes uses that has stuck with me. which is in politics you know we can question each other's positions, we can question whether one another is right or wrong. we should never start with questioning each other's motives. we should start with the position that the person on the other side of the table is a good person who wants good things for the american people and has a good heart. i believe that's part of why joe biden has been the sort of vice president that can be sort of deployed to help navigate some of these trickier political situations on behalf of the white house. because there is that level of respect. there is a sense that joe biden is going to walk into the room and question your positions if you're a republican and not your motives. i think that's a large part of why you see folks who are grieving alongside of him over
6:12 am
the loss of his son. >> the thing tomorrow about joe biden. you talk about the two sides dig their heels. joe biden has tried to reach out personally to people on the other side. i remember he went and delivered and spoke at the funeral for strom thurmond he went down to south carolina and gave a eulogy at the funeral. my thanks for patrick murphy taking a few moments with us. lots more as we bring you live coverage of the funeral of beau biden. sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage.
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now i didn't think i was going to be back up here again. because, frankly, i thought that jeb was going to suck all the
6:16 am
air out of the room. it just hasn't happened. now hit on jeb. >> that was ohio governor john kasich on thursday in new hampshire taking a swipe at jeb bush as he telegraphed his own presidential intentions. quote, it just hasn't happened for jeb. that's what john kasich was saying on thursday. it's true that what once seemed like a commanding advantage for jeb bush in terms of money, and resources, in terms of the advantages of his family name. all of that has turned into a big challenge for the former florida governor who is expected to announce his candidacy one week for monday down in might mean. recent elections florida has become the make or break state in republican primaries. it's where arizona senator cemented it in 2008. and rudy guiliani staked his campaign and lost.
6:17 am
new gingrich came in with a huge head of steam after winning south carolina and he then unravelled as mitt romney won the state and firmed up his grip on the republican nomination. florida, the state where he was governor for eight years is critical to jeb bush's hopes next year. but he's got two problems on that front. the first one, marco rubio. his fellow flor iden. polls show him tied in bush in florida. there's a new twist. the calendar just getting to florida with his campaign intact may end up being a very tough task for jeb bush. to show you why, let's take a look at the big board. let's start by taking a look at the calendar. the primary calendar for next year. february is where the action will begin. this will look familiar to you. four states going that are protected, walled off from all the other states. iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, you got nevada. but take a look closer. at these four states. we've talked earlier in the show
6:18 am
about all the trouble that jeb bush is already having in iowa. very hard to see him getting a breakthrough in iowa. easy to see him having a bad showing in iowa. you move to new hampshire, a state that was good to his father many years ago. jeb bush doing a little better in new hampshire than he is in iowa right now. you look at the polls, he's at 15%, 16%, 17%. new hampshire by no means a shoe in. south carolina, again, that's a state where you get a much higher evangelical share of the elector electorts. it's trouble for jeb bush because marco rubio is well-organized in florida and lindsey graham south carolina senator, he stands to get a fair number of votes if he stays in the race in south carolina. those votes could be coming from jeb bush. south carolina another problem for jeb bush. nevada, very bad news this week for the bush campaign in nevada. they had been counting on getting nevada changed from caucus, which is a more
6:19 am
activists conservative electorate. that bid failed this week. you could see jeb bush having trouble just in these four states. take a look at what happens next. traditionally florida would be the next contest. not so in 2016. this is where the calendar quirk comes in. the new rules set up two dates. march first is when they can hold a caucuses. the next key date is march 15th. march 15th is the first date, according to these new rules from the republican national committee that a state can hold a primary or caucus and have that primary or caucus be winner take all. florida will get 99 delegates next year. they want to award the state to all 99. they can't schedule their primary before march 15th. in march, the next slide, can we
6:20 am
take -- there we go. march first, these are all the states now that are going to be coming before florida. the next is march eighth. then you finally get to march 15th. and even on march 15th florida will be sharing that day. ohio is also looking to move to march 15th. for jeb bush just to get to his home state he's counting on so much and where he's neck and neck with marco rubio. he's got to get through a lot more than candidate have in the past. that's a tough road for just about -- jeb bush. still ahead. a live look from inside the wilmington, delaware church. you're seeing that right now. that is where mourners are gathering for the funeral of beau biden. more on that our special live coverage of the event will begin at 10:00. ♪ ♪
6:21 am
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6:24 am
you are looking at live pictures right there inside the church that is st. anthony church in wilmington, delaware. that is where just over an hour from now a funeral mass is to begun for beau biden, the former attorney general of delaware. the son of vice president joe biden. msnbc will have complete live coverage of that funeral. our coverage will begin at 10:00 a.m. it will feature a eulogy being delivered by the president of the united states, barack obama. he is on his way to that church right now. and back to wilmington, delaware outside the church we'll go to msnbc's chris matthews. hardball host chris matthews. he joins us now. we've been talking about it this morning. this is a week where a lot of people have been thinking about joe biden all the tragedy in his life. this just the latest. and i think a lot of respect for joe biden this week that maybe a lot of people are discovering
6:25 am
for the first time. >> well i think first of all, here in delaware he's been the senator here since 1972 since he was elected at the age of 29. and beating an unbeatable income bnt bnt. it was an event in '72. all these years he's been a senator. he's always lived here. he stayed and lived here every night. this is his parish. this is a regular neighborhood here. and so his connection to the people of delaware especially wilmington have been pretty much like neighbors rather than big shot senators or vice president even. so i think that's the mood -- also, this state is not as traditional or torrential or angry in his politics. they have a tradition after you win an election and the winner and loser drive together in a
6:26 am
car in a spirit of friendship and civility. that was what happened after joe biden pulled that upset back in 1972. it's a different environment than what you're used to in the rest of the country. >> we were talking about this on the set a few minutes ago, the relationship between the president and vice president how that has blaumossomed in the last eight years. there is such a closeness between them that the president we're told when he heard this news, he volunteered. he wanted to be there delivering this euloyg. he's been writing it apparently, all week. >> i think it's interesting, his physical presence just as the senator and then vice president was home here every night in wilmington wilmington, all those years going back to '72. the president and vice president
6:27 am
work a few feet from each other. the vice president's office is right there next to the oval office. and so he once told me, the vice president, he was in there five hours a day. at least for a period of time there. i think he always plays a public role. the president is a cool customer. whether you like him or not, he's cool. and biden's hot. in a way, joe biden's been his sort of his connection with most regular people. in the way that i grew up with johnny carson ed mcmahon. ed mcmahon made carson seem like a regular guy. joe biden is regular guy. i wouldn't call president obama a regular guy. biden was sort of his connection to regular people mpt biden would be the one that would make the calls to the senators who were having a problem. a lot of times he is the one that solved the problem by making the call.
6:28 am
he's one of the boys if you will. the president is definitely not. i think he's played that public private and political role that was very much a compliment to this president and has been and will be. >> so much tragedy in joe biden's life losing his first wife back in 1972 his daughter back in 1972. the closeness between joe biden and beau biden. losing his son who had a promising political career in front of him at the age of 46. you look at joe biden in almost gregarious public personality. you match that up with the tragedy he's been through. it's amazing how he's endured. >> yeah, and there's a couple of things there. one is it's very much like the kennedy family although they were enormously wealthy and the bidens are of moderate means. the kennedys lost kathleen a son-in-law, they lost john they lost robert. yet they were a celebrated
6:29 am
successful family amidst all that tragedy. and that's the same way with joe biden. even though he came into office with all that tragedy he was a successful political figure. it's like tragedy sprinkled with success. like the kennedys. it's a very difficult life to put a bottom line on and say was this a good life or a bad life. it was all of it. it was all of life and death. all those years. it was all there. of course, very irish, too. the irish get death. they do. and it's very important part of life if you're irish catholic to understand the role of death in your life and what's to come. it's a very big part of the way you look at things. >> and chris, we're also getting word that former president bill clinton his wife hillary clinton, they're also going to be there today. they'll be attending. that relationship between the bidens and the clintons joe biden and the clintons have
6:30 am
been awkward the last few years with joe biden, he was always wanted to be president. he's been blocked out by hillary clinton. what's that relationship like? >> well, first of all, they're friends. i think that's real. i don't think it's complicated like it may be with other relationships. i think joe biden is a friend of hillary clinton's and bill clinton. i think that's a simple relationship. they're buds. i think the fact that hillary clinton has been seen as the front runner from day one in a republican sense now, in a democratic sense, it's her turn as you said boxed out joe biden. but i think when he went into the vice presidentancy i never got a sense he thought about it as a preparatory role that he was -- almost like dick cheney. it was your last big role in public life rather than a precursor of something to come. i don't think joe biden looked at this way, a step toward the presidency. i don't think he did.
6:31 am
he may have. i think having talked to beau in the old days not that long ago. i'm sure they were thinking what hilly hillary clinton's plans were. i'm sure that was in their thinking before the health tragedy emerged in the last reason months when all of a sudden politics was dropped as a consideration. i believe that. >> all right. msnbc's chris matthews outside st. anthony church in wilmington, thank you for taking a few minutes. i appreciate it. more on the funeral of beau biden. the mass begins less than an hour again. we'll be carrying the services live on msnbc. we'll be right back. what about a "win-win-win"? pick up the limited edition metallic droid turbo by motorola. water-repellent. up to 48-hour battery life and ballistic nylon back. that's your first "win." plus, it's only on verizon. the #1 network. there's your next "win." now for final "win." get $250 when you trade in any smartphone.
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audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites. the federal government has decided for the sake of international uniformity to trade in our yards for meters. our miles for kilometers and our pounds for kilos. converting to the metric system
6:35 am
gradually, eventually finally. >> well finally has yet to come all these years later. when it comes to doneconverting the united states from the english to the metric system. many have tried to do it and all of them have failed. nearly declared presidential candidate lincoln chafee he announced his candidacy this week. he says he is hoping that he will be the one to finally succeed. >> earlier i said let's be bold. here's a bold embrace of internationalism. let's join the rest of the world and go metric. i happen to live in canada. and they have completed the process. believe me it's easy. it doesn't take long before 34 degrees is hot. only myanmar, liberia and the united states aren't metric. and it will help our economy.
6:36 am
>> lincoln chafee's odds of getting the u.s. to finally embrace the metric system are probably as long as lincoln chafee's odds of being the next president of the united states. it's been 40 years since president gerald ford signed the metric conversion act. and 33 years since that law was repealed. america seemingly no closer now than it was then to going metric. our next guest says that's a good thing. he is the author of the book whatever happened to the metric system. how america kept its feet. and he joins us now. i was listening to listen chafee saying let's be like canada and europe is not usually a winning message. is that the problem? is that why we've resisted? we don't want to be like europe and canada? >> you know that's not really it at all. basically, every country that ever went metric did it kicking and screaming. it took something like 70 or 80 years for it to be truly adopted in france which is where it was
6:37 am
invented. in brazil when they tried to introduce it there were four months of riots over it. a lot of it has to do with the fact we are an ininterrupted democracy for 200 years. >> let me give people a little taste. what life in america would be like if we were metric. how would this be different? for instance m&m's eight mile would be 12.87 kilometer. the angry inch, that would be head rig and the angry 2.54 sent meters. the longest mile the longest 0.1 meters. six feet under, would have been 1.83 meters under. my favorite you go to mcdonald's you get the quarter pounder with cheese. forget that it's the .11 kilogramer with cheese.
6:38 am
>> on paper i remember learning this school. we learned this in school and we were told it's so easy. everything's based on tens. our thermometers, 32 degrees is freezing. that's arbitrary and the metric system is zero. it's much simpler and there is still resistance. >> degrees, the celsius isn't the system of science which is kelvin. having negative degrees is irrational. there is no such thing as negative heat. it's not -- it doesn't really have much to do honestly with what makes sense and what doesn't. what drove the metric system to becoming an international system was commerce. and capitalizism. if that made sense the ten hour clock would have gone forward, too. >> lincoln chafee says look by the way, this is good for the economy here is there any evidence that the united states economy would benefit from this? >> i mean, would our economy be better if we got rid of like
6:39 am
bilingual, you know, packaging, would we save money? getting the french and spanish off of packaging? manufacturing -- there was a big push in the 70's. what is ironic one of the big anti-metric actives in the 20's and 30's when there had been a push for america to go metric was lincoln chafee's grandfather. i don't know, you know if there's any drama there. but the -- that was when there was a big push and that's when ford signed the act. all our manufactures went pretty much metric. it's kind of like our operating system is metric and it's just our user interface is what's the old customary measures. >> here -- want to go metric by any chance? or are we happy with feet and yards? >> i'm good. >> i like it. we're different this way. it's okay. >> yeah. >> american exceptionalism. >> i never got it in school.
6:40 am
i just never got it and i never will. >> if i hear anything in metric i convert it to english. let's cut out the middle man and stick to english. we turn to belmont for a preview for today's belmont stakes. how likely is that potential to be realized? the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours. anoro ellipta is the first fda-approved product containing two long-acting bronchodilators in one inhaler. anoro is not for asthma. anoro contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. it is not known if this risk is increased in copd. anoro won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden copd symptoms
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star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo. as they arrive at the top of the stretch, real quote is taking the lead. he's coming to the eighth pole. here comes his rival. victory gallop as they come to the final 16th. imploring real quiet to hold on. victory gallop a final surge. it's going to be very close. here's the winner. it's too close to call. was it real quiet or was it victory gallop a picture is
6:44 am
worth a thousand words. this photo is worth $5 million. oh no. history in the waiting. on hold. till we get that photo finish. >> and that right there is the closest we have come in 37 years to history being made. that was real quiet, a horse in 1998 got to the belmont stakes war with a shot at winning the triple crown. he lost. another horse has a shot at history and the triple crown. american pharaoh has won the kentucky derby, has won the preakness. today will be the overwhelming favorite at belmont park in new york. a race will be here on nbc later tonight. to preview that shot of history. that american pharaoh is taking. let's bring in nbc sports horse racing analyst. he joins us from the park out there on long island. thank you for taking a few minutes. i feel like we do this every
6:45 am
year. a horse wins those first two races, we get excited. we do groousinterviews and the horse loses. is today going to be any different? >> we're in the midst of the longest drought in triple crown history, steve, with 37 years. you know and there is so many pit falls along the way. it's so much to ask of a race horse. the three races, in the five weeks, i know i haven't answered your question. but i do think finally after all this time in the 12 previous attempts in horse whose have won the kentucky derby and preakness. he's bread to run well at this grueling mile and feel distance. >> you mentioned the quirk of this race is that distance a mile and a half. i don't think there's any other horse race run in the country
6:46 am
throughout the year that's that long. that makes it the test of champions because of that. >> it's so rare. you know you rarely see mile and a half racing anymore in the united states. it's much more common in europe and on grass. so it's another reason of why we've gone this long without a triple crown winner. horses not weekbeing designed to thrive at a mile and a half. it goesback back to the blood and breeding. american pharaoh has the right pedigree to thrive. his sire was kentucky runner up. his grandfather who won the belmont stakes in 2003. empire maker. with so many of these horses who don't have to blood and pedigree to survive and win at a mile and a half. i think american pharaoh does. >> the longest drought in triple crown history. before this there was a drought
6:47 am
from 1948 to 1973. then all of a sudden you had three horses win the triple crown in five years. now we enter into another drought. is that a fluke of history that that that happens? is there something else going on in horse racing that's made it this long. >> in the 70's you had arguably the greatest horse that lived in '73. seattle slew who american pharaoh has been compared to. they just won after the next after the next. at the time people were saying it's not that heart. spectacular bid was supposed to win the triple crown in 1979. here we are 37 years later. >> the first one i remember was in 1987. i didn't know it would be 28 years we'd still be talking
6:48 am
about it. you say today is the day. you can watch that race later on nbc sports. thank you for taking the time. appreciate it. minutes ago president obama left the white house to attend beau biden's funeral that is set to begin in little more than a half hour. we'll go live to wilmington rafrs. in the nation, we know how you feel about your car. so when coverage really counts you can count on nationwide. ♪ love ♪ because what's precious to you is precious to us. ♪ love is strange ♪ just another way we put members first. join the nation. ♪ baby... ♪ ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪
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6:51 am
there's a lot going on this morning. let's get caught up with some of the other headlines making news with today's panel. let's take a look for our first headline, to "the new york times." george soros. remember that name? the democratic legal fight against the republican past voting laws is being funded largely by the billionaire philanthropist. he has pledged $5 million for this effort. the attorney leading the lawsuit works with the clinton campaign. we were talking about this earlier in the show. hillary clinton making a big issue of this this week. the other part of that is there are legal challenges to a lot of these state laws. george soros bankrolling them.
6:52 am
>> we know when the supreme court ruled on the voting rights act, the fight was over. i think a lot of people said okay, we're going to throw in the towel, that's it. we're going to have to give into the new regulations, but i think we see with the clinton motivation and now george soros coming into the fight that it's not done and that it's not a said deal. so i think this is something we'll see continuing on well into the election. >> also because congress hasn't done anything to sort of fill in the hole that's been left by the supreme court decision. >> here's another one from "the huffington post." kristen might have something to say about this. new rules could impact political polling. later this month, the fcc is going to vote on a proposal to curve robo calls, but the effort to curb unwanted telemarketing could affect political polling, which is done by phone. pollsters are asking for an exemption to the new rules. what happens? >> a lot of things happen. all of these sort of robo polls
6:53 am
would either go away or be severely harmed. >> so all these polls that we have out there, how many of them are robo calls? >> here's the thing. it will affect all of the polls. it won't just affect the robo polls. so those have always been -- some people debate whether they're good or not. but the gold standard is you've got a live interview or calling people randomly across the country. that will be harmed by this regulation because it will prevent people from having a computer dial the phone number and hand it over to a live person. you won't be able to do that either, so you'll have to have a human typing in all of the numbers over and over which right now, predictive dialers make it so that when nobody's picking up the phone, they're still able to get, you know, 800 voters on a phone in a night or two. >> a little step back in time. >> or move into the future. online polling. >> a lot of issues with that maybe. this is from "the washington post." ben carson's campaign faces
6:54 am
turmoil amid staff exits in super pac rivalry. four senior campaign officials of ben carson's presidential campaign have resigned since he formally launched his bid. they have yet to be replaced. two super pacs designed to help carson are competing directly with carson's campaign for donations and volunteers. carson's associates describe a political network in tumult. on paper, you want to treatdon't want to treat him as a serious candidate, but he's in first place. >> you can be somebody who's extremely smart and competent in one area, but really struggle the first time you're trying to put together a presidential level operation. i think that's what we're seeing. >> shades of newt gingrich in materially days of 2011 here. as we've been reporting this morning, the biden family and their friends are gathering in wilmington, delaware, for today's funeral mass for beau biden, the former attorney general of delaware, the son of
6:55 am
the vice president. luke russert joins us again live from wilmington. we've been looking at pictures from inside the church, where it's filling up. we've seen president obama, on the way looks like they're pretty close to getting ready to go out there. >> yes, we just received word that president obama has landed in wilmington and he is currently en route via the presidential motorcade. and of course he is going to be eulogizing bowe biden, specifically touching upon beau biden's public service as attorney general of delaware. beau biden will also be eulogized by the general who will talk about his military career and his brother and sister hunter and ashley who will talk about beau biden, the family man. this is really the culmination i think of three days of a lot of emotions here, not only in wilmington, but all across delaware. the biden name is so intertwined in delaware, not just politics but day-to-day life. folks in delaware are very proud of the bidens. people i've spoken to in this tight knit catholic
6:56 am
neighborhood, they have their american flags flying, their lawns are being kept neat and tidy and they just say we miss beau. we want to send our love and prayers during the family. it's going to be a catholic funeral. ava maria, eagles wings, be not afraid. i was struck by one of the readings that was selected from the book of wisdom. reading specifically about not the quantity of years of a life but the quality of a life. and that's sort of the message that we're going to see from this service, is that in his 46 years, beau biden was able to do a lot of extraordinary things, from serving his country, serving his state and family. so expect that to be the theme of the day obviously with a lot of emotion and heavy hearts. >> luke russert outside that church in wilmington. appreciate the update. we'll be back with you in just a little bit. we also want to say thanks to kristen for joining us. victoria, you are sticking around with me as we get ready for live coverage of the funeral of beau biden.
6:57 am
a reminder that we will be back here tomorrow morning for this show sunday morning starting at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. for now, though, we're not saying goodbye, because i've been mentioning, coming up right on the other side of this break, we are going to be break with msnbc's live special coverage of beau biden's funeral, including president obama's eulogy. keep it here. be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky.
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serious allergic reactions and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. >>visit and talk to your rheumatologist. humira. this is a body of proof! good morning once again. i'm steve kornacki here in new york this morning. msnbc is bringing you special coverage of the funeral for former delaware attorney general and son of the vice president beau biden. services expected to get under way just 30 minutes from now. beau biden died last saturday a week ago today at the age of 46 from brain